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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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it's simply to exert leverage against the u.k. you know negotiations for free trade agree with a new deal on the cards is it game over within the e.u. finally breaks it down to 0. 0. you're watching the news our life from a headquarters in delphi and the navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes. as a state of emergency is imposed in kurdistan's capital biscay a former president says there has been an attempt on his life. talks begin in moscow to resolve the worst fighting between azerbaijan and armenia and decades but the as
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a repressive and says he will not compromise. corona virus infections keep raising in europe but spain declares a state of alert in the capital and germany warns of tougher measures. the nobel peace prize for 2022 the world food program un agency wins the 2020 nobel peace prize for its global efforts to fight hunger and starvation. i'm joined again with the sports and 12 time french open champion rafael nadal closes in on this year's final game paris. hello thanks for joining us we begin in kurdistan and nation gripped by political uncertainty so a former president's back says there's been an attempt on his lie. his car was
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reportedly shot out on the streets of the capital bishkek well the current president sir and by june because of has ordered troops into the capital to enforce a state for emergency they'll enforce a curfew in tight security that will last at least until later this month just hours earlier jim because of dismiss the government's he also said that he will resign but only once a new dates has been set for elections let's bring in charles stratford for an update he's joining us from. gets to the politics in a moment but 1st what is the mood like now that the state of emergency has come into effect. well we've just had an update actually another indication of the chaos here despite the president announcing the state of emergency a couple of hours ago we've now had a statement come through has been made by the. parliament saying that parliament has to vote on the state of emergency in order for it to be legal we understand
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that an emergency session of parliament will be held tomorrow to do exactly that it's expected that the state of emergency will be voted for and that emergency session will also include discussions of of the prime minister candidates now we already have a prime minister in this country somebody who apparently was voted in in a parliamentary session earlier this week. a person who other opposition supporters say was illegitimately voted as pm and as we will inevitably talk about has been causing. so some say some serious problems in the capital over the last couple of days but as i say this these mixed messages from from the government. in terms of when this state of emergency starts is just another example of the fact that there doesn't seem to be anybody in full control of this country at the moment
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you could argue that it is certainly the opposition are putting pressure on the government to follow the kind of legal parameters that this country is proud of setting up in recent years but yeah as i say in the last few days the chaos that we've seen on the streets seems to suggest that all those legal parameters seem to be falling apart so charles no sign then that the crisis is close to being resolved. absolutely not let's back to the new prime minister for example this man power of what we witnessed this evening in the square was in many ways the realisation of the worst fears of a lot of people in this country was voted in as i say in an emergency parliamentary session last week however other opposition groups say that there were not enough m.p.'s present at that meeting to make him his vote as being the prime minister
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legitimate now he has said in recent days that there is a council revolution being mounted implying against him he says he is the only legitimate president and the seating in the square just before the shooting incident we have no idea of obviously who pulled the trigger of that but certainly there were calle succeeds as groups of his supporters came up from the prime minister's building which is just off the square barged into the large crowd of other opposition supporters and basically commandeered control of the stage and there were some scuffles and a lot of the other opposition full opposition supporters fled the square. to power supporters say that he is the man for this country he was freed by them in the chaos immediately after the elections those protests we saw last week he was
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serving a living year jail sentence for kidnapping he is very popular here with a lot of people especially those living in the countryside he's described as a nationalist leader we strong object nationalist ideas uses a lot of popular is slogans but the big fear as we go forward now and this is one of the reasons why we see the state of emergency we understand being imposed is because of potential clashes between japan supporters and other opposition supporters of other opposition groups so yeah yet again another very worrying evening in bush right thank you for that update from his cock. to moscow now where foreign ministers of armenia and azerbaijan are holding talks to resolve the week's long border conflict over and. it's the latest effort to end the worst flare up in violence between the 2 nations for over a quarter of a century well our media as leaders says he is ready to resume peace talks but the
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as a repressive it seems to be backing a military solution to the conflict for now sinan kosovo who is live in azerbaijan where the president has just addressed the nation but 1st let's talk to journalist alexander a story out of it should go for it she's live for us in moscow on the russian mediation efforts and here's the thing russia is really walking a tight rope when it comes to these mediation efforts as it has ties to both countries so what role is russia playing and what is the expected outcome of the talks currently taking place. well it is you said that they're walking a very thin line here having good relations with voters or media and as a bit john but they think that is actually working in their favor as a mediator and this is what they say they want to do mediate to mediate to ceasefire and back to the negotiating table between armenia and azerbaijan now it
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is 1st the direct talks between the minister of foreign affairs officer john and. with a lot of russian minister of foreign affairs as a mediator or facilitator of these stocks they've been talking. alone for hour and a half an hour now ahead of the storks what kremlin announced they're going to be about is actually quite minimalistic the kind of demands or negotiation points if you want and that is basically a cease fire long enough to exchange prisoners and colac to the bodies of both sides of people that died since the beginning of this conflict now ahead of this head of the storks the prime minister for i mean any question yon a said is that as you say armenia wants to resume the negotiation process but recently he also gave an interview in which he said that i mean you're still thinking about recognizing and what not quite a bar has an independent state and he thing is that if other countries would
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recognize that could lead to peaceful solution which is something that we know is not acceptable for that azerbaijan. xandra story and i bet you got for it thank you very much for that update from moscow let's now get an update from sin of course of a goose is joining us from judge if you're that's in azerbaijan where the president had been speaking earlier on what was the takeaway message. well there in apparently azerbaijan presence and how my lear want to show that he has a strong hand in this conflict. that erupted in september 27 after 30 years in this conflict and it being the week saw it 30 years ago now was our baby john has a proper military army they have the more sophisticated weaponry compared to our many and of the 3 and they have the international support as the un risa lucian's and other international organizations are on
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a bridge on side saying that armenian forces are or could buyers in the going up and at jason 7 regions basically azerbaijan presents that they don't want blood they don't want war but. the process showed that only military solution can be can solve this problem he made a call to armenia as for prime minister nicolas saying that you said a couple of days ago and are going to cut about is many and lend and now are you going to say the same thing in moscow because if you say this if you claim the go no go to bar as an army or soil then we will not come around the table and we will not negotiate basic those are big guns for condition is that. also based on the international research international organizations armenian forces withdrawing from the guernica bar and adjacent 7 or
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a alms as they called regions that have been occupied by armenian forces so far there has been some takeovers of some villages in those areas but there is not a full victory for us john but in how my live announced that this is a historical moment and this is a historical victory for us our vigilance history there were a few important things that he said one of them is that there he said they're talking about start to school i don't i don't are going to. guys in a status quo they're talking about conflict line he means the area between the occupied regions and so we destroyed the conflict and they're talking about new cool tech guys there will be no new content that's basically he said that i have the upper hand and this address to the nation of course really was an address to his own nation trying to prove that their efforts there were warthe it but of course how the diplomatic talks will end this is what we are going to see if we
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hear a statement from moscow yeah we'll have to wait and see and we will of course take that statement live if and when it happens for the time being said of course although thank you very much for that updates once more heard on the al-jazeera news hour including donald trump looks to get straight back on the campaign trail after his doctor says it's safe for him to resume public engagements. and a 4 year kidnapper deal a french aid worker is released as part of a waiter prisoner exchange in mali. in sports le bron james and the l.a. lakers are chasing glory in the n.b.a. finals against the miami heat that story's coming up a little later. but 1st the united nations world food program has won the 2020 nobel peace prize for its efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity around the globe it's also been
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credited for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict zones and preventing the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict the world food program's chief david beasley says the award is an incredible recognition of the u.n. agencies work in more than 80 countries around the world. i mean this is the 1st time in my life i've been speechless like i mean this is unbelievable talk about the most exciting point in time in your life is the nobel peace prize it is because of the w.t. family they're out there in the most difficult complex places on in the world with us war on fleet climate extremes it doesn't matter they're out there and they deserve this award and wow wow wow wow i can't believe it so that was the reaction when somebody f.p. let's bring in our diplomatic editor james meigs he's joining us from the united nations so firm recognition of the work the organization does so relevant james
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amidst conflicts and a pandemic. yes i have to say before we had the announcement from oslo there were people saying that maybe it was going to be the world health organization given the dominance of covert 19 this year that of course would be a very controversial choice right in the middle of that spat between the u.s. and china with the u.s. pulling out of the w.h.o. instead it's another part of the u.n. family the w f p that has got the award again. they have a role which involves operating in some of the most troubled some of the poorest parts of the world areas affected by conflict and work that has been so affected by coded 19 this year because they have to deliver food to those that need it all around the world and of course aviation and shipping networks have been disrupted by the pandemic so they've had a logistical challenge part of the w.s.p. does all the air transportation for the u.n. part of the w.p. called the u.n.
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humanitarian air service and i'm told that right now if you actually look at the number of planes they're operating or chartering w.s.p. is probably the largest airline in africa this is an award for all their work and all of those who work for the w.s.p. not for its director general but he's the man who will pick up the award you saw him there david beasley the executive director always goes to an american and he was appointed in 2017 a former republican governor someone who's known to be close to president trump and someone who himself got covert 19 early on in the pandemic he's proved himself very forthright and passionate leader i think you saw the comments where he was literally speechless when he 1st discovered this but i suspect you're going to hear some very eloquent words and strong words from him when he picks up the award on december the 10th all right said james thank you very much for that update from the
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united nations so why is the world through programs are all so. just to pick up on some of what james has been saying for months it's warned the world is on the verge of a hunger pandemic due to conflict disasters economic crises and of course now covert 19 it says the number of people facing hunger could nearly double that's by the end of the year from 149000000 to 270000000 africa is the worst affected 22000000 people suffer food shortages in the democratic republic of the congo more than 4000000 in northeast nigeria and 3.3 people 1000000 people that is in burkina faso here in the middle east 20000000 people are suffering a food crisis in yemen this as lebanon faces its worst ever economic crisis in latin america more than 5000000 venezuelan migrants are experiencing food insecurity but due to a shortfall in funding the piece says it's hard to make cutbacks to its global food
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aids let's now bring in young egland he's the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council council which is a humanitarian agency working with displaced people all around the globe he is joining us from oslo thanks very much for your time with us so you of course have partnered with the w a p what is your reaction to this when. it's a great nobel prize for 2020 world food program is is totally fundamental to our humanitarian operations around the world is not only the the biggest of of the humanitarian organizations it is also the one providing a lot just very often for the rest of us the air transport the convoy the telecommunications the logistics in general so they play a vital role in now mortality morbidity man
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nutrition being down in emergencies the humanitarian work that i know well from having course the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs of the united nations humanitarian work is much more efficient and effective now than it was say 10 years ago and it is in the large part thanks to the world food program rates but with these challenges particularly of this year with the covert pandemic you've just been outlining that there are there are ground logistics there air transport other services have been affected how has that actually impacted your work as well. well we have 15500 people working in the norwegian refugee council all of these these worst crisis and conflict of the globe where all over africa for example and there we have been experiencing tremendous problems for a long time we couldn't bring people out of the areas of poor or duration. people
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but now that the world food program has gotten their air operations working again we can do that and we're scaling up all scaling up world food programme and i see we're all scaling up because needs are exploding i mean they are doubling the virus is carob by worse it's even worse. so sure konami melt down among the poorest among the displaced all over the world tens of millions of people who had a little income before the pandemic has lost their. most most of these families have cut meals already they are planning to not send the children back. to school because they cannot afford it i mean it's it's a tremendous crisis and we need the leadership of the world food program but we also need to live in
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a chance to come to our relief with increased funding and how significant is the fact that this is a nobel peace prize that has gone to the world food program because we're learning time and time again that there is a link between food security and security around the world. you're so right i mean when people are starving there is instability there will be great movements of people that will be hyped for the media resources that are left that will be you know herdsman against pastoralists parmesan etc so. by increasing production and increasing aid we can. conflict what we're doing more and more is is securing livelihoods it's not enough just to feed people you know. from one day to the other we need to get
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back food production livelihoods so the u.n. world food program and asked in a non-governmental organization have become much better and better but again we need more resources i mean the richest g. 20 have given trillions of dollars and euros to themselves there have been a pittance to the poorest nations. i guess you need to lead by example right when you see countries like the united states. pulling back its funding to humanitarian organizations. are you optimistic that you will get these resources and this funding and that you're making an appeal for. what we're hopeful actually be you the united states is the biggest is the biggest donor by far to the world food program in this area the u.s. is the lead done but no indeed i must say the there is too
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little funding for the time being and i fear now that parliament. governments are sitting and looking at the national financing and thinking. this was a tough year so the budget for 2021 needs to be cut across the board and we can especially cock corn assistance america 1st russia 1st the 1st europe for us. that would be a disastrous approach world food program has just told us it could be close to 300000000 people hungry issues. we haven't seen such a challenge in a generation or so so this is the time where we were quite thing to to get countries to understand that it is in their interest with the international solidarity all right yan egland we thank you very much for speaking to us from oslo
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thank you. he was president donald trump is trying to arrange a campaign rally for a saturday night in florida doctor says he has now completed his course of treatment for corona virus and that by saturday it will be safe for him to resume public engagements president is expected to take another covert 1000 test on friday his campaign appearances work after he was hospitalized last week. you know the doctors today don't think i'm in great shape i mean you know. but i'll tell you it's a region around it. but i think i'm going to try doing a rally on saturday night if we can we have enough time to put it together but we want to do a rally in full are probably in florida on saturday night what we're doing is probably that test will be tomorrow and the actual task is to do really test all the time but they found very little infection in a virus anyhow i don't know that they found it and i didn't go into it greatly with
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the doctors but i will say it is absolutely is ok because he ballots. clearly absentee ballots are fine and now the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives is looking to introduce legislation that questions whether donald trump is even fit to serve in office nancy pelosi says that trump may be in an altered state and his judgments impaired because of us there always has been taking for covert 19 palosi is move is being taken under the 25th amendment it's unlikely to succeed as it needs a major already vote in the republican controlled senate plus the support of the vice president this is not about president trump he will face the judgment of the voters but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents this bill honors the duty by stress of creating
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a standing commission. of top former executive officials and medical experts selected in a bipartisan cameral way a president's fitness for office must be determined by science and fair let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly halkett she's joining us from washington d.c. so what happens next when it comes to this proposed legislation and what's been the reaction to all of this. well the reaction has been purely partisan those that don't like donald trump think it's a great idea and those that support the president think it's ridiculous i think that you have to really look at the timing the bottom line is there has already been an attempt by house democrats to impeach the president it failed in the republican controlled senate this very same congress member that is unveiling this legislation with nancy pelosi tried the same thing back in 2017 and it also
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failed and the bottom line is the american public has the opportunity they have a choice and the 2020 presidential election has essentially become a referendum on donald trump's presidency that is just a little more than 3 weeks away so you've got to scratch your head and wonder why nancy pelosi is doing this now is this just an effort to get under the president's skin is this is once again the opportunity to point out the fact that the president hasn't been particularly forthcoming about when he contracted cope at 19 when his 14 day quarantine period ended and did he travel well he was contagious none of this has been answered by the white house and so this is nancy pelosi using her political might as the person in line to the presidency after mike pence to remind people of that to remind voters that the president hasn't been honest but she also isn't being particularly honest herself because she knows introducing this that
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this is not going to be successful and it's nothing more than symbolic. committee health and thank you very much for that update from washington. now let's look at how the last few days have actually played out trump tweeted on october the 2nd that he and the 1st lady had tested positive for covert 19 just hours after his close aide hope hicks he's later transported to the walter reed military hospital out of an abundance of caution the rose garden ceremony for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett is quickly identified as the possible super spreader event and despite mixed messages about the president's health he returned to the white house on monday he told americans not to be afraid or dominated by the virus or the white house outbreak has now affected more than 20 people the administration is facing mounting criticism that it failed to impose proper safety precautions like masks and social distancing while with $25.00 days to go until the u.s. election trump is struggling in the polls against joe biden the democratic nominee
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has a nearly 10 point lead over the president's in the latest national polling average holes at the individual state lever also looking good for a bite in real clear politics has him ahead in the top battlegrounds states of florida michigan pennsylvania wisconsin north carolina and arizona speak to steven rogers he's a member for the donald j. trump for president's advisory board he's joining us from nutley that's in new jersey thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera are you worried about how far the president is in the polls. well i've got to tell you i did some research myself and i went back to the 2016 polls at this period of time and they mirror each other so i'm not putting any credibility on those polls we went through this before but i can tell you traveling around the country and i've actually been the pennsylvania a couple weeks ago wolf to wall trump signs all over that state so i'm not too concerned and i don't think the president is too conservative you know i didn't
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really go through this before because 2016 was a very different times to what is happening right now and most americans according to polls are disapproving of the way the president has handled the coronavirus pandemic so it is a different situation well it's different in relation to the issues at hand but it's not different in relation to the issues that people are really concerned about that look they are concerned about the virus of course they are however they're more concerned about their quality of life their income their savings safety law and order what i'm saying is that the american people aren't waking up in the morning talking about the virus whether he's wearing a mask or not a mask they're talking about their future they don't want to socialist government they want to capitalism government and they want to be safe and secure right they might not be talking about that but what they are talking about and what they want is a credible white house and a president that they can trust and the criticism towards the president and his
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administration and those around them is that and you heard this from kimberly just a moment ago they have just not been forthcoming nor honest about the health of the president and the most basic question when do they actually test positive for corona virus so this is a white house and a president with a real credibility problem 3 weeks ahead of an election. well i'll agree with you that there has to be a a time line that all of us need to know and i don't think there's any question about that but i would suggest to you that if president trump had the cure for cancer the democrats socialist would find some reason to blame him the fact that a matter is the man's accomplished a lot of people are now pretty it's pretty safe and secure with regard to his administration and i believe as your reporter by the way that report was very accurate very very good as your reporter stated the people who make that decision on november 3rd and i believe they will decide for donald trump but how can you say people feel safe and secure i mean this is
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a president when he came out of the walter reed medical facility he dismissed the virus he said this i quote when you catch it you get better basically ignoring the fact that there have been more than 210000 americans who did not get better and who died from the corona virus. well there is a little bit of a question with regard to those statistics and some governors and i believe in florida they're doing an audit as well as other states i've got to tell you what did they really die all of them died from the virus or preexisting conditions you see there's a lot of narratives out there without complete and accurate information and again not minimizing the crisis but sclera least stating that a lot of people are jumping through hoops trying to bring the president down with incomplete information very very curious to see what's the auditor done in each state just exactly how accurate those steps are with the american people are standing with their president believe me i'm on the ground out here not just
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because i work in his campaign but we've even spoken to democrat conservatives who as of yesterday said with regard to nancy pelosi 25th amendment issue anough is enough right but when you say the american people are standing behind the president surely you must be referring to his base because there are a lot of undecided voters out there what do you think the impact of the past couple of weeks and the events surrounding the president is going to have on these undecided voters i believe that the undecided vote voters are concerned about as i stated their quality of life their public safety every single police union for example across this country indorse president donald trump and those police unions are are are primarily democrats and undecided so when you look at how the people in this country are getting behind them because of the issues they're concerned about primarily law and order their safety their pocketbooks etc they are concerned about
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the virus but they want to wake up in the morning know that they have a job and they have a bank account all right stephen rogers we thank you very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera always a pleasure thank you. coming up on the news hour in just a moment my london's bridges have become symbols of political swan but squabbling between local of 40 is on the government and the houston astros power their way into the next round of major league baseball's playoffs joe will be here and she'll have all the action in sports. but. still plenty of hates across the middle east not great surprises there but heat is just easing down a touch as we go through the next couple days because unless the weather pulling across to the cloud here maybe i was towards the black sea will break down polls in
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the west and yesterday she was coming a little lighter as you go on through the weekend and a few showers into northern parts of iran these are in the process of easing but to talk about the temperatures 37 celsius there in doha folding back there was a chilly 33 pleasantly warm 33 celsius there as we go on through sunday but fun to drive right across the middle east plenty of showers across central parts of africa some bigger showers today just sinking further south was through zambia into was in bob way for a time you see some west of weather just around angola over towards the rift folly and just notice some wetter weather across southern cape pushing across the eastern cape as we go on through saturday now that cloud of rain at all not just well little further north with as we go on into sunday shall is just moving into could parts of southern botswana well all the pasta south africa could see some localized flooding from time to time she was returning to was in bob i know them parts of my
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exam big wi-fi and dry. the river nile is a vital source of substance to the countries and flows through this normal thing called on who can lay claim it was built like this is a good given the resources we found both agreed but with this comes a destabilizing rivalry the country suspicious of each other's intentions in the battle for control of the river transporting food and consultation was not often included counters because of some i'm no longer fear struck a little bit on al-jazeera. playing rewind return. with updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentary. it was nice. to meet a man for his goal is his millions and millions of dollars and people's money
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cherish being taken in for their whole lives for my money and the agent down a drain and $1.00 day on al-jazeera. you know. how they were going to top stories on the al-jazeera news hour there's been an attempt on the life of the former president kurdistan back of his car was shot outs in the streets of the capital bishkek the current president soren by jim because of his order troops into the capital in a bid to end the un rest. talks are getting underway in moscow between the foreign ministers of armenia and azerbaijan it's the latest effort to end the ongoing
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conflict over the disputed region of now gorno care about. the united nations world food program has won the 2020 nobel peace prize for its efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity around the globe the u.n. agency says its works in providing food and supplies during the coronavirus pandemic had gone over and above the call of duty. coronavirus infections have continued to surge in europe and are also on the rise around the world the johns hopkins university tracker here shows the total of confirmed cases is now well over $36000000.00 more than a 1000000 people are known to have died while more than 25000000 have recovered italy has recorded more than 5000 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours it's the 1st time since march the country was the 1st in europe to be hit by covert 19 it has the 2nd highest death toll in the region with more than 36000 fêtes ality in
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germany the chancellor angela merkel announced that soldiers on public health experts will help local governments fight the pandemic new social distancing and contact tracing measures are being introduced and at least 11 large cities many cities have now reached a critical level of 50 new infections per 100000 residents. and spain has declared a state of alert in madrid as the region deals with a resurgence in coronavirus cases the move which will last 2 weeks been opposed by reason or for it is to say it will hurt the economy nearly 5000000 people will be impacted live to martha herero to give us an update on the situation in madrid marta over to you. yes as you mentioned today the spanish government has declared these 15 days state of emergency duck down and will affect nearly 5000000 people living in madrid city and 8 other
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neighboring cities all these people will see how in the next 2 weeks the lives will be limited this is an area has got nothing to do what we saw back in the in march this is not going to be a strict lockdown but people will be see their lives limited people won't be able to leave their homes unless this is strictly necessary which means going to deduct to go into work going into to buy groceries also social gatherings have been limited in private and public places to groups of up to 6 people and the most important story also bars and restaurants have to close by 11 pm and reduce the capacity of 50 percent on the most important is that madrid residents will be able to leave the city they won't be able to exit or people would won't be able to come in this has been the main challenge of spanish government that has been rushing to to declare this a state of emergency as spain is facing
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a longer week and on monday is a bank holiday so the main target of the spanish government was trying to contain to retain all those patents residents not letting them out to go to other regions and spread the corner virus for these reasons and his government has deployed nearly 7000 police officers that will be controlling and monitoring all these movements we already so right blokes in the exit main exits of madrid in the train station i'd also in madrid in madrid airport all right martin thank you very much for that update from madrid. me and mars reporting at least the fellows in corona virus infections a day case numbers have been soaring since mid august after the country appeared to have avoided the worst of the pandemic it now has more than 22000 infections and 535 fatalities just a month ago it had fewer than 10 deaths scott seidler reports. officials declared
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an all out war on covert 1000 as the number of cases continue to steadily increase in yang gone myanmar's largest city in the country 2nd wave that started in august new infections and deaths are increasing faster than anywhere else in the world yangon's a stay at home order is in its 3rd week a member of the yangon code 900 control committee says their hospitals are struggling to keep up a city of 7000000 it only has hospital beds for 8000 will be managed in terms of covert 9000 management we have to imitate china they control group and very systematically to get things back off to the outbreak that's why we have to imitate them myanmar has one of the world's most underfunded health care systems most people initially seek care at fever clinics run by volunteers from american banks and. depending on the situation we used to refer to suspected quantifiers patients to hospital in the 1st 3 months until the earlier days of the 2nd week but now we
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can't wait for them to the hospitals anymore as there is no room critics say that the decision to push forward with the nov 8th election in the shadow of the pandemic favors the ruling party led by on song suchi human rights groups in the main opposition party have urged election officials to delay the polling the requests were rejected the general election is just a month away we don't see any safety preparations as a citizen and a voter i'm afraid of going to the ballot as i'm afraid of the potential crowd the mbo 2020 app was launched to provide candidate information the head of the election commission saying it was a way to help voters amid the coded 1000 restrictions but some rights and democracy groups have criticized the app for its inclusion of categories listing the candidates race and religion and labeling rohingya candidates as bengali. but for now in addition to the growing concern about the safety and accuracy of the election the people of yangon are waiting to hear when it's safe to go back outside scotland. the african union has lifted its suspension of mall the which went into
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effect after president's car kato was ousted by military leaders in august this comes 3 days after the west african regional bloc eko us announced a lifting of sanctions that been put in place because of the crew the sanctions included border closures and a ban on commercial trade and financial flows but not basic necessities drugs equipment to fight coronavirus fuel or electricity a french aid worker who'd been kidnapped somali and held hostage for several years has returned to her country sophie petron and was welcomed by president emmanuel michel she opposition politician say were among several people who'd been released as part of a prisoner exchange deal between are in groups and the mali and governments and house about there is in paris with more. so if you patron in this small in stature a woman 75 years old walked down the steps of the plane and she was greeted by
6:44 pm
a man of the french president bush she soon turned towards a group of relatives who are waiting there for her among the grandchildren and she just fell into their arms and they will hug each other for a very very long time in fact the french president just kind of had to stand aside he had planned to make a speech but in the end there was such emotion and it was a real moment of reunion between this former hostage and her family that emanuel decided not to make a speech in the end he put out a tweet instead and just saying you know welcome back to sophie. now she had spent nearly 4 years in captivity she was abducted in 2016 in december by armed groups in the northern city of galle where she had run an orphanage and she'd known molly very very well she had lived there for years and obviously he has said since that she she loves the country very much in fact she considers it in many ways
6:45 pm
a home and what's interesting is she said that once she's caught up with her family and friends here one of the things that she really wants to do is actually go back to mali and visit the children in the orphanage and resume some of her work. there are an integral part of london's infrastructure but the city's bridges have been facing closures and repairs the historic river crossings are showing the wear and tear of their age but without them functioning properly entire areas have been left cut off and isolated funding the repair has also brought up other problems reports. this is a bridge that leads to nowhere in the leafy london suburbs it's supposed to connect it has become a symbol of political squabbling between local authorities and the government the daily commute resembles an obstacle course with children and parents are bumping into each other over railway lines through on little woods with no social
6:46 pm
distancing and if it's been raining this is what they face. not just school children here affected elderly residents have doctor's hospital appointments on the other side of the bridge and simply can't get there having to do 2 hour bus journeys or pay 50 pounds for a taxi which had to get to essential services from this 19th century cost and construction. to the 1970 steel and concrete formation of london bridge behind me it would appear that the city's famous river crossings are in a state of disrepair even london's iconic tower bridge had to close for 2 days recently because of a hoax with its drawbridge mechanism now the hours between local and central government authorities still can't figure out over who exactly is responsible for a pairing that the british transport secretary has since launched
6:47 pm
a task force that he assures will be decisive quick and take steps that will be good for commuters good for residents and good for business but many remain wary of central government's big promises to repair essential infrastructure the complex and difficult part which is working out how you restore a mid 19th century cost or a bridge or draw realty to do that has be worked out great cost him with the of the best projects which in the world but you have to then have the money if only central government has the money. but they haven't until 2 weeks ago even engage if they have met all but that happened all foolish but they could have made a year ago the usable stone are also being blamed the government reduced local authority budgets by up to a 3rd in urban areas that has left its mark on infrastructure all over the country and the pandemic has only worsened matters buried underneath this story is the fact
6:48 pm
that you know it's used in britain and moved mary you whose transport authority is lost was you. amounts of revenue because 90 radically reducing passage of. a national guard has kind of resources a. group this can bridge the many crossings along the river thames are critical to connecting the british capital the question is will the public puss be generous enough to stop london's bridges from falling down. al-jazeera london. coming up on the. message gets this country's journey to the next world cup off to a winning start stories coming up in a moment with. i
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don't time for the sports is with joe thank you very much terrain while it's men's semifinals day the french open so it will start in paris where rafael nadal is an action the 12 time champion is facing argentina's diego schwartzman on his favorite surface for a place in sunday's final he took the 1st 2 sets and down one the last 3 grand slam titles at roland garros. since then he's also taken of course the 2nd set but it's also all square in the 3rd and later while no one novak djokovic will take constant pharmacist's a pass in the other semi will have to wait a bit longer to see the shoe mark and a return to form when no one bats off to make the son of 7 time champion michael
6:51 pm
had his f one day be called off because of bad weather she was set to drive in the 1st practice session at the nerve a ring at of this weekend's eiffel graham prix but as you can see fog and rain made it too dangerous for both practice sessions to go ahead she america who leads the formula 2 championships says it will be worth the wait 20 finally gets on the track . of a c. i would have loved to be able to go out and drive my goals always been on and you know it is it is doing that that's where yeah you know my dreams obviously so for me now it's to focus on you have to season to try and finish is not high enough to see what the future holds will depend on how the series is common and also yeah to see how different teams evaluate my my season so far. the los angeles lakers could clinch a record equalling 17th and be a championship title later on friday standing in the way bron james his old team the miami heat pizza senate looks ahead to game 5. 1 win away from
6:52 pm
glory basketball superstar le bron james is won 3 n.b.a. titles victory in game 5 for his team against the miami heat who make it thaw and an n.b.a. title with a 3rd different team. having their desperation. coming to a cause our guy and. now senators always. amend their choice after you know having that mindset that it's. become challenge and chatter you know. you know mom i said and the moment they're going to moment and that's going to granite but they all fall from being a one man team anthony davis schooled 66 points in the opening 2 games of the series to go along with these 23 rebounds and there is an added incentive for the lakers in january 1 of their legends kobe bryant lost his life in
6:53 pm
a helicopter crash los angeles have already appeared in a black mamba kit is attributes of bryant's in game 2 wood is that they will wear the outfit again in game 5 as for the heat they have won the n.b.a. championship 3 times but not since they themselves had le bron in their ranks miami style men is arguably jimmy butler he knows it's all or nothing now for his team i think it's pressure i think is just. words. when a well. but he's had injury problems and i've had to make do with al gore and drug to hurt his foot in game one the odds are stacked against miami they trail l.a. 31 in this best of 7 series being played at disney world in orlando and only once before in the history of the n.b.a. has a team come back from 31 down so when the finals and that team the 2016 cleveland
6:54 pm
cavaliers had le bron james in their ranks peter stammered al-jazeera the 2017 world series baseball champions the houston astros a 3 to this year's american league championship series korea hit this 3 run homer as the astros bt oakland athletics $11.00 to $6.00 on thursday this is the 4th year in a row that history will play in the american league championship series and if they can win that one they'll be off to the world series. the relation that i hear in a club out and there i mean boys been a long tough row but you know we're halfway there and so. you know i'm thankful. and happy but still got some happiness left to get the new york yankees or tampa bay rays will play the astros in the next series new york state alive against tampa bay with a 51 win on thursday it means this series will go to a deciding 5th game on friday it's. over in the national league can be
6:55 pm
los angeles dodgers have swept the series against the san diego padres a big $123.00 win ensured a 3 nothing series trial judges are on their way to the national league championship game for the 4th time in 5 seasons hoping to go one better than last year when they were beaten in the world series. the dodgers will take only atlanta braves in the national league championship series atlanta saw off the miami marlins 7 nothing to also complete a series sweep the braves are on their way to the league championship series for the 1st time since 2001 so far these guys are too young to even know this history but i don't and it's just it's just it's just amazing you know i think since 2001 we finally got past this point so a lot of these guys don't know much of the history in that clubhouse but now we get to sort of our own and hopefully it's a good run for us the n.f.l. is backing to keep it season on track the league has been forced to postpone 2
6:56 pm
upcoming games after a coded 19 outbreak among players and staff and multiple teams the denver broncos will now play the new england patriots on monday all the buffalo bills will face the tennessee titans on cheese day postponements follow positive results among the patriots and chiefs as well as the titans who have seen the most positive test of any franchise in the league with 23 the lakers told teams of violating safety measures could result in forfeited gains. argentina got their well cup qualifying campaign off to a winning start a penalty in the 12th minute from messi gave you one victory over ecuador at home it was argentina's 1st full international match in almost a year south american qualifiers have been pushed back twice since march because of the current virus pandemic. you're a guy be chilly $21.00 in their game to go top of the group on goals paraguayan drew with peru and later brazil take on bolivia but neymar is
6:57 pm
a doubt for that game after picking up a back injury in training. meanwhile the world cup host cats are also host all remaining asian champions league games from november the asian football confederation move the east asian group matches from malaysia the a.f.c. champions league have been suspended back in march because the global pandemic cats are already host of the matches in the west zone early this week iran's persepolis advance to the final in an as yet undecided venue. all right that's all useful for now will have will feel later during our address thank you very much sir for of that while britain's largest ballet company is back on stage after a 7 months absence take a look. at the royal ballet in london a streaming a performance online the last major ballet performed was in march just days before prime minister boris johnson shut down the british economy and told the country to
6:58 pm
stay at home thanks for watching we're back in just a moment with more news on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and she raises approaches to continue with a number of cities across the united states when people need to be heard in the council a real boy and really fought on the corners were destroyed and about 80 percent of this land al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar is it that's going to solve the problem of flow to bring new moon to new documentaries and light.
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when you feel pins rose and force them all to cross the cruise you from power the new administration ainsley through an ambitious program of political reform. but 2 years on. people in power whether the country's diverse ethnic interests will ever be reconciled. the battle for the seal pick up on. the remote kingdom of the tongue has become known for its decision in this. one a one east explores how this national goal inspiring the younger generation on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. well every week. as a state of emergency is imposed in kurdistan's capital bishkek a former president says there's been an attempt on his life. water al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. also coming up talks begin to moscow to resolve the worst fighting between us and armenia and decades but the as a repressive and says he will not compromise coronavirus and saxons keep rising and
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europe spain declares a state.


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