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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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now al-jazeera is investigative unit goes undercover to expose for the revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state and just 0 investigations the cyprus papers on the cover. al-jazeera. hello i'm right about this and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes media and azerbaijan accuse each other of violating a cease fire. within minutes of the truce coming into effect. taiwan's president calls for dialogue with china and a national day speech but warns it should be on equal terms. and warnings of pandemic fatigue as several countries report record levels of new corona virus
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infections. and 2 weeks after hosting a so-called super spreader event donald trump is set to host hundreds of supporters at the white house in his 1st public appearance since contract in the disease. i'm going to get your oscar with your sports jamie butler puts in a performance when he vacation at the miami heat beat the l.a. lakers to keep the n.b.a. final say reason light. but it's only been in force for a couple of hours but already armenia and azerbaijan a recusing each other of violating a cease fire that is featured region of normal how to block the truce was announced by russia on friday following 10 hours of talks and evolves exchanging prisoners and the bodies of those killed in the conflict hundreds of people have died since fighting flared up at the end of last month. well armenia and azerbaijan went to war over going to qana but between 19911994 now the contested region is
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internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan but the majority of the people living in these red areas are ethnic armenian these parts are controlled by armenian forces many as there is were displaced during the war in the 1990 s. the so-called line of contact separates armenian forces is the line in green here now the majority of fighting has been happening on either side of that line now we're going to get the latest from sin and cos you know in tathagata azerbaijan 1st let's speak to bernard smith who's in stockholm accounts in there going back. just to tell him talk us through what the reaction has been there in the hours just after the announcement of this is fine. well rob the foreign minister of manias zora. he said
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that the process of achieving the cease fire was rather difficult he called it the local media in armenia and he's calling it a humanitarian ceasefire essentially established to allow the exchange of prisoners and to allow the exchange of bodies between the militaries of both sides but the form is that the profit priority for us was to put an end to what he called this aggression and he said it was unique because azerbaijan actions have support from turkey. now. the ceasefire came into effect a couple of hours ago there are already reports that it's been breached to what level and to what extent isn't immediately clear although we have been told by the authorities here in nagorno-karabakh that the has been shelling of a town called had dropped to the south this might be relevant because yesterday when azerbaijani president. was speaking on television to the nation he said
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they've taken that town but they haven't and that's why maybe why there is shelling of it going on from the azerbaijani side that's the only thing we can assume from that and the might have been some of the smaller breaches along the line of contact in step and it's been quiet since the cease fire came into effect we've not heard of the air raid sirens we haven't heard of any shelling immediately where we are but a thanks very much indeed for that reporting to us from savannah thank you very much let's go to city of course you're live is live for us in tot. he said i'm just talk us through what the reaction has been on your side. well rob currently we have no reaction from the officials yet about this temporary cease fire we have no idea how long it will last but there's a perception among everyone that it may last up to 72 hours which is not actually
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very welcomed by the azaria people because they believe after 30 years that they have their lands have been occupied by armenian forces this is the 1st time they have the upper hand they have a military with power with more sophisticated weapons at least they have a military back then they didn't have so they believe that a long truce or a long temporary cease fire would only help our maintenance to build up its positions and maybe get some new weaponry from there are large countries there is a perception among the civilians who have been mourning there for their soldiers that have been killed since september 27th and for the 1st time in their history they believe that they are very strong and especially as every jump presidents earlier today said that you know this is a historical victory for us our own then by using the military force they were able to bring our mania to a negotiation table and he said the 1st step of
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a solution to the school to his military then it should be a political process and now we are in a town called. where i am is is an id peace settlement actually there are 34 buildings and more than 6000 people civilians were living here they were all people who were displaced from the going on in the 9090 s and this compound was actually built by the government for them to settle down but since the beginning of the conflict in september 27th this area had been also targeted several times and most of the buildings are damaged and those people say that we are already displaced and now we are displaced again and just one last thing minister of defense. and the pay radio off as any minute they destroying a tank throng we don't know we caught mayor fly when it was found but it's a clear message from the as a military that we are stronger than you to. sit in thanks very much indeed send
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him christiane the reporting to us from john i want to bring in matthew bruce in istanbul he's a former u.s. mediator of the go on account of a conflict and he's currently a senior fellow at the atlanta council we appreciate your time so thank you very much indeed in terms of the cease fire that we're seeing at the moment you've seen a lot of these particular related to nirvana caught a back it is realistic to say that no cease fire ever comes into effect with full sation of activity on either side there is always a period isn't there when the truce is a non-story to be gains and the fighting whatever that is gradually kind of dies away is that what we're seeing here. i hope so robin thanks for having me i hope so yes it's absolutely correct that each side right when a ceasefire is being implemented and sometimes a little bit after they try to get as much merging all advantages they can before the terms actually kind of solidified i think that this this cease fire is more
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than just a temporary lull it's more than just a humanitarian ceasefire if you look at the actual terms they are the 1st point is about exchanging corpses and prisoners but the rest of the terms the 3 other terms are all about looking into the future and restarting the negotiating process so it doesn't sound like at least president putin expects that there's going to be a more serious fighting we had some very strong statements from the israeli president on friday what has given us a bias on the confidence to take this action because at the moment it doesn't seem to fear retribution from anyone. yes and the answer is that azerbaijan was winning militarily it was using relying heavily on chris asian strikes using turkish an israeli drones against high value armenian military assets like air defense systems tanks artillery and are mean it really doesn't have the electronic warfare or defense capabilities to stop these attacks so azerbaijan knew it was
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steadily marching forward and had momentum on its side and i think buck who was sensing that maybe you know one was growing desperate as evidenced by the attacks on civilians that seem them was just describing you know around bad intel tar and other parts of azerbaijan so he was the military facts on the ground gave gave president aliyev confidence and i have to say yes sometimes reporting is excellent and i think what president aliyev saw was it was going to be very risky and costly to try to recover all of us by john's loss territory militarily and now azerbaijan can negotiate from a position of strength there was an outbreak of fighting back in july across the line of contact which we reported on at the time. this latest amount of this latest round of fighting hasn't really or shouldn't really have come as a surprise to everybody but in your opinion what provoked the attacks that we saw in july that led up perhaps to this full scale assault that we're seeing.
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yeah i mean in july by the way the attack was actually somewhere else about 300 kilometers from from from this location in it so that was along the international border between armenia and azerbaijan so back then i mean you know you couldn't speculate on each side why it happened to me i can't imagine azerbaijan would ever want to see clashes where the occurred in july because that's far away from the barn a car or a box far away from the other occupied azerbaijani territories but right where all of the international infrastructure passes meaning oil and gas pipelines a fiber optic cable rail line a highway and so that's it's unlikely unlikely azerbaijan want to see fighting there and us are unlikely azerbaijan would want the fighting to spill onto armenian territory because in that case and armenia can invoke the collective security treaty organization and then bring russia into the fighting so it you know but lot
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of people have speculated some someone on the nano was a budget on the side provoke that fighting i don't know i don't have the information the armenian side says well precisely because it's not in house or by john's interest for the fighting to be there maybe azerbaijan tried to provoke armenia the bottom line is though it really doesn't matter because you know the tensions escalated i think yasser by johnny's side just decided over the course of a subsequent month and a half that armenia had given up on the negotiating process so the tension was high and once the fuse was ignited along the line of contact pandora's box was opened and that's what you've seen of president putin was trying to close down doors box i was having to back at the background to this this conflict and it appears that the only time there was any relative calm with regard to these 2 were going to cut about was when the soviet union dominated armenia and azerbaijan given not circumstance is it actually realistic to believe and you've been part of the negotiations that there was a way of finding a solution a long term solution to this. so there is actually so in january of
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2009 the event president of armenia. and current president ilham aliyev agreed to something called the basic principles i won't go into all of them now but they provided with a compromise solution that was mutually acceptable at least to the leaders of the countries those basic principles are very unpopular among the populations at large but. both leaders saw that this was really the only realistic way to go forward in the basic idea is you delay until that distant future a settlement of the final legal status of nagorno karabakh give it an interim an ambiguous legal status today and then return all the the 7 surrounding azerbaijani territories to us about johnny control so that the displaced persons can return so prime minister pushing yun repudiated that formula over the last year but in today's ceasefire agreement what you see is that both sides have agreed to return
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to negotiations on the basis of those basic principles so that's a big political cost a question yun but to me it's the greatest hope that maybe the 2 sides now in this new geo political environment will return to what they had preliminarily agreed 11 years ago and maybe finalize the agreement now always good to get your thoughts on this we have really appreciated meetings because i thank you very much indeed thank you rob great to be with us honor. but more ahead on the news hour including. that the state of emergency in her stands capital fall in disputed elections parliament is due to meet to find a way forward. losing ground fires and deforestation are rapidly shrinking brazil's amazon rain forest. and the world's 2 top tennis players book a place in the french open final jones going to show you how they did it a short. time
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once president says he's willing to hold talks with china if they're on an equal basis speaking at national day celebrations so in one said she's open to quote meaningful dialogue with beijing and hopes regional tensions be resolved peacefully a speech comes at a time of increased tension with china that's boosted air force activity near the island in the past few weeks beijing has been angered by growing u.s. support for the self-governing country. but as long as the beijing authorities are willing to resolve an attack in ism's and improve relations parity and dignity maintained we are willing to work together to facilitate meaningful dialogue we are committed to upholding regional stability but this is not something taiwan can show to alone it is the joint responsibility of both sides . rosedale feingold's a political risk analyst he said sighing and one's offer for talks on equal terms
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won't change china's stance on taiwan. for the taiwan government in the people of taiwan they don't want to be treated as if they are a constituent part of the people's republic of china a local level government they don't want to have negotiations under the framework that is demanded by china which was a framework that this government which was 1st elected in 2016 has rejected your one sentence or a few words in the speech are not going to really change anything that china does. with military exercises or insisting on taiwan accepting that it has a local government kind of status and it's not an independent country while there are certainly a worry here in taiwan that obama style policies would return under a but abiding administration which really was to encourage taiwan to talk to china
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and to do so under the framework that the chinese government had proposed which again is something that the current government in taiwan has rejected so certainly there is some concern from the taiwan government and i think parts of this speech had that concern in mind and it's trying to position taiwan for how it's going to present itself in front of a new u.s. administration or even if the president trump is reelected and you know the possibility that current policies will continue as well so definitely some strategizing there from the tyrol government on police have arrested 9 people suspected of helping pro-democracy activists who attempted to flee to taiwan but doesn't activists have been held in the southern city since then since all this and they were intercepted by chinese authorities their families held a protest on thursday accusing the police of lying about the circumstances around their capture. and in neighboring macau
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a world press photo exhibition featuring images from hong kong's antigovernment protests has been shut down without explanation the show's organizers expressed regret over the closure of media reports suggest it could be because of political pressure from beijing the city's press association says macau is facing a worrying episode of erosion for freedom and expression an exhibition showing images of the chinaman square massacre was banned earlier in the year ok let me take you know to north korea state to television there is broadcasting footage of a large military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the ruling workers' party a much anticipated event has been held in the cattle pyongyang that's thought to have taken place early morning and then it comes in the deadlocked nuclear talks with the u.s. robin wright is live for us in seoul rob this is coming at a time when relations between south korea and north korea are still somewhat tense
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and it is a big show of force according to these pictures that we're seeing here. absolutely this is been longer expected there's been mounting speculation about this whole event in the days leading up to this this is a very important day of course 75 years since the founding of the ruling workers' party of korea north korea tends to celebrate the 10th or 5th anniversary of these big events with big military parades like this there were a lot of speculation of that we were going to see live pictures north korea has in the past broadcast these parades live on the north korean media and releasing those pictures to the world all day we have been waiting to see any indication that we were going to get a feed of pictures that this event a taken place lots of rumors started to swirl throughout saturday that in fact they some sort of rehearsal or maybe the event itself had taken place in the early hours
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of saturday morning and now we see in fact that was the case this is very unusual north korea i think it's probably the 1st time north korea has staged such an important parade as this in the early hours we don't know quite why they've taken this decision to do that possibly maybe it's something to do with covert as a way of keeping down the controlling the crowds who are watching this parade we do know from the pictures we are seeing that people are in attendance they are watching and interestingly all the people who are marching none of them asked it seems they are not keeping social distance north korea of course claims famously that it hasn't yet recorded a single case of covert 19 is very proud of that fact and holds it up as a as an example of why isn't the bold leadership of kim jong un and the north korean leadership. rob of course the parades like this are very often
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used as a demonstration of military powers that we've seen in the past protection from north korea when they have put their blood scare missiles the military technicality technical ability on show and of course the timing is interesting isn't it because again we're only about a month away from the u.s. presidential election. absolutely we're waiting to see later on in the parade that's when we normally start to see the hardware out come the tanks the guns and of course north korea's fayned ballistic missiles or different sort of missile weapons systems rocket launchers and the likes now in the past of course we have seen some of the controversial longer range intercontinental ballistic missiles that it has been testing of course in 2017 bringing the whole korean peninsula almost to the verge of an open conflict and the last big parade that we saw that was back in 2018 those were some of those larger missiles work conspicuous by their absence they were only showing us not some of the newer
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missiles they were working on and that were of course came at a time when the relations had seen a thaw there was speculation about whether north korea or in the united states were going to hold talks so the north koreans held back on any provocative showing of weapons systems that would anger the united states at the moment of course a lot of speculation about whether they will do the same again they do not want to try to interfere with the run up to this election it seems they almost a taking a position of wait and see i think they would probably like to see donald trump reelected it suits then they think they see mr trump as being their best bet of getting some sort of relief from sanctions and wouldn't want to do anything to upset that so it remains to be seen whether they will show any of their more controversial hardware that they're working on such as submarine launched a ballistic missiles that we know they have been developing over the past few years
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but also i think importantly it at this time they are suffering from an awful lot of problems they have the ongoing sanctions the isolation caused by covert 19 and basically cutting themselves off from the world the impact of devastating typhoons and rains over the summer that have affected harvests so this is a way i think. north korea's showing to the world but also showing to themselves that young earned the kinda honesty is very much still at the helm still very much in power rob just as you were talking there we're seeing pictures of kim jong un emerging flanked by 2 senior military officers he's appearing before the crowd now on to the stage where he is probably going to be reviewing the military hardware certainly the march past that you were talking about earlier on right for now thank you very much indeed the world health organization has warned europe to take decisive action to curb soaring coronavirus infection rates it's urging countries
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to limit large gatherings or expect tough lockdowns i know it's not necessarily what people want to hear but that is it it is still sad to see many countries in europe experiencing a rapid rise in cases and governments to have to take decisive action in order to try and shut down the transmission poland is reported a record rise in new delhi infections with more than 5300 confirmed on saturday new restrictions have come into force it's not mandatory to wear masks outdoors at all times. prime minister much is more a vet a wants to avoid a 2nd full lockdown which he says would be our worst case scenario poland has recorded more than 121 fires and over 1000 cases a nearly 3000 deaths so far. now break is also worsening in russia nearly 13000 cases were confirmed on saturday its worst daily figure in the 1300000 people
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have been infected and almost 23000 have died in france the number of infections has risen by more than 20000 and that's the highest rate since the pandemic began hospitals in paris of moved into emergency mode after an increase in the number of patients in intensive care. for the 4th day in a row new cases in the czech republic of hit record numbers more than 8601 faction's were confirmed on friday the government's ordered sports and cultural venues to shut for 2 weeks well donna dawson is a psychologist and personality behavior specialist she's joining us on skype from london it's good to have you with us one of the things that appears to be materializing after months of the pandemic is so-called pandemic fatigue how would you define pandemic fatigue. a kind of where you resignation about here we go
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again when does this ever have an end we never actually recovered from the 1st wave completely before we were thrown into the 2nd wave. you know people are just fed up now i think by age group and by occupation you can see the differences amongst older people and those who are more conservative and law abiding there is this kind of wary resignation well we've got to do this for the common good and we may not like it but we've got to do it but we're starting to see more dissent amongst younger age groups and that age group is expanding beyond 30 i would say 17 now up to about 3540 we've course we've had university students going back to a situation where they're in lockdown in their local dormitories they're upset that they're not getting the education they're paid for they're paying rent and they're not allowed to really make use of the facilities around them we've got self-employed business people particularly in the hospitality sector who are now starting to rebel quite loudly because they don't feel they're being listened to
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we've got local leaders all over the country who feel that the national government . the conservative party members are not listening to them they haven't liaised with them so what we seem to be getting is a lot of very unwell thought out legislation that keeps changing backtracking needs to stop and explain themselves and of course what's gradually eroding everything apart from time is various ministers who have themselves not upheld the the rules so people are thinking well you know this one rule for them one rule for us so there's an awful lot of dissent going ringback on at the moment i don't quite know where it's going to end but most of it seems to be focused on not having a good tracing and tracking regime and i think the old message of you know we must do this for the n.h.s. is starting to wear thin i think people are starting to say well if we've all got to. the n.h.s. why don't you make the n.h.s. stronger rather than putting the onus on us so there's
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a lot more thinking now about what's actually being asked of us and whether it's possible to continue doing it you know christmas is coming up people are worried whether they're going to be able to see their families or even their friends the rule of 6 what does that mean does it mean 6 different households now it seems to me just to there's a lot of confusion and i think people are saying what is the message we're waiting on monday for a new set of messages which seems to reflect the traffic light system of red green and amber that's going to apply different rules to different groups of us so i just hope we all understand it and we all want to do it yeah right now it's a lot of confusion apathy rebellion and weariness i understand that you're obviously you're talking specifically about the situation in the u.k. but we're seeing of course the same thing because it is essentially human nature isn't that we're describing here being spread across the world in it but it's interesting though isn't it that people are getting to the point where they are
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seeing no benefit in staying at home and maintaining the restrictions and as a result they appear willing to put themselves at risk their loved ones at risk their friends at risk simply to be able to go outside how do you break that cycle how do you get people to reinvest and make them realise that this is actually a severe life dependency reallife dependent risk that they're taking if they actually step outside their door. this is a very difficult one because unless you know somebody who had somebody in your family infected it doesn't seem real anymore it seems to be out fair affecting of the people and i think the message about protecting your loved ones if your loved ones haven't been affected again you're wondering whether it's actually going to affect you at all and what happens then is you begin to minimize in your own mind
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you begin to see it as something that's not that serious that if you get it you could recover and that if you are sensible you can avoid it now that's the plan on everybody else thinking the same way and of course that's not happening and i think we we have to keep reinforcing the message that this is real that it could happen to you or to anyone you could be anywhere and you could pick it up and not know it and this is the problem there are a lot of asymptomatic people in our society that are going around not knowing they've got it until they've been tested so i think we have to reinforce that message that you could have it and not know it and you could be spreading it and not knowing it so this is why you've got to be careful for yourself for your loved ones for those around you i think we've lost interest in the wider community to some extent but you know we still have to hold that message that it's your loved ones your mother your sister your brother your uncle it could be affected it's the only way to do this and i think we just need to keep showing on the news that there
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are 'd consequences for having this illness you know the young may think that they can get away with it but there are still young people getting seriously ill and we've got something now called long cove it which means you are you live with the after effects of covert for a much longer and there are lots of worrying symptoms that we're only just starting to discover and we don't know the full term consequences of donna dawson we appreciate your expertise in this thank you very much indeed for joining us on all jazeera thank you you're welcome. the top u.s. infectious diseases expert has called the unveiling of the president's nominee to the supreme court super spreader event at least 11 people who attended the ceremony last month of tested positive for covert 19 doctors have given approval for president donald trump to hold public events as he recovers from the virus is set to address supporters of the white house later on saturday but on 25 she says everyone including trump needs to follow health guidelines it disturbs me when i see that no matter who is doing it when you have congregate settings that have no
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man in a situation particularly if it's indoors that is asking for trouble and that is something that is contrary to the things that i and my public health colleagues have been saying for some time now you've got to avoid those situations and it doesn't matter who you are away you or everyone should be avoiding those types of situations well donald trump is given his 1st on camera interview since testing positive for the coronavirus his 2nd debate against joe biden has been canceled after trump refused to hold it virtually kristensen him reports. i don't lot of people appearing on his favorite news channel president donald trump was yelling positively i feel really really strong and a lot of people don't feel that way sometimes for a while he credited a still experimental antibody treatment for his speedy recovery from corona virus are you tested i heard you i heard you said you were going to test again today have
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you been retested. i have been retested and i haven't even found numbers or anything yet but i've been retested and i know i'm at either the bottom of the scale or free. that's not likely to appease his critics. who question his plans to host crowds for an event on the white house lawn on saturday less than 2 weeks after his diagnosis. it was shortly after this event in the rose garden that he and several people who attended tested positive. president eager to get back on the campaign trail is also planning to hold a rally in florida on monday that's despite that 9 people who attended this rally in minnesota on september 18th have tested positive for the chronic virus 2 of them firing hospitalisation out mr president but as for the debate scheduled for october
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15th that's been canceled by the commission sponsoring it after the president refused to do it online instead of a new person or so re president trump clearly attempting to project strength and health while his democratic rival joe biden portrayed the president's decision not to debate as weak saying he was dodging voters who would be asking the questions and must decide between the 2 in less than 3 weeks kristen salumi al-jazeera it's time for the other his role. i felt malice hurrican delta made landfall likely still during the hours of daylight but 6 o'clock local this is yesterday in louisiana and it's now gone inland which means it's lost most of its power and that was fairly started as a category 2 hurricane when it came across this is lake charles has some damage is done about half 1000000 people are still without power. of course is still debris from the last hurricane hit but this is well inland now the winds are no longer a problem that down to about 45 kilometers rather remaining risk assisting tracks
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slowly northeast winds is the amount of rain it will still drop up to $250.00 millimeters there was a risk from the storm surge reached right through to new orleans and the pearl river delta but that's also subsided now we've yet to see what the result was now this is the forecast rest of the day and overnight as it moves up through arkansas touching mississippi then towards tennessee the rain spread quite a long way ahead and to the east of circulation we're no longer be relevant from the point of view of winds now this even at this stage should give $151.00 to israel and rush up towards d.c. which is coincidentally about the same amount of rain that's coming into washington state all atar iraq low later on sunday and into monday. so i had all just. by thousands of protesters in chile i'm great i'm fed up with the government . on the top of a razor on the way to the next round of the m.p.l.
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the playoffs jones going to be here with the actual story. playing. the rhythm our vital source of sourced to the countries it flows through this new thing called on who can lay claim to. this and god given the resources we found for it but with this comes a destabilizing rivalry the country suspicious of each other's intentions in the battle for control of the record transponding seen consultation was not often included hunters because what's on the field struck a little bit on al-jazeera. examining the headline that said to me business wire is going round and they watch it on the news and i think if i was the communal kid for unflinching journalism how relevant is the debate here in this day and age how would you characterize the protest movement i would say the 3 observes they are waking over the nation sharing personal stories with
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a global audience. explore an abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera. you're watching i'll just remind of our top stories this hour armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a cease fire in the disputed region of narrow back the tears came into force around 2 hours ago hundreds of people have been killed since fighting flared last month. taiwan's president says she's willing to hold talks with china if they're on an equal basis speaking at national day celebrations and citing when he says she is
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open to meaningful dialogue with beijing and hopes regional tensions can be resolved peacefully. north korean state t.v. is broadcasting footage of a large military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the ruling workers' party the much anticipated event comes amid a deadlock nuclear talks with the u.s. . troops have been ordered into the capital of kyrgyzstan after days of chaos over last week's parliamentary elections the results have now been declared invalid and the president is promising to resign but he's also declared a state of emergency which parliament will vote on later charles trafford reports from bishkek. afternoon on friday. began filling up with supporters of various opposition parties. presidents are in by june because of said he will resign after a new cabinet is voted by parliament but many protesters here want more than the
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angry with politicians who they accuse of years of corruption and economic mismanagement. many want a whole scale change of what they describe as an old guard leadership that has failed this country and rig the elections by buying votes and they are angry with this man southern japan who they say was illegally made prime minister after he too was freed from jail by supporters in the protests. as a full member of parliament but was serving 11 year jail term for kidnapping as opposition supporters of various parties chances in the square a group of his supporters bonce through the crowd of fools and stones will hold many people fled. the situation in the square himself 10 minutes ago it was peaceful that'll change when supporters of the new prime minister. play mean there were clashes or they've now taken control of the statue on a facility that holds as the other has a secret but
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a few for the majority the rest is just what the supporters insist he is the legitimate prime minister. this video appears to show the moment a gunman tried to assassinate cubist arms former president almas back at them by of resist that was only hours before he had appeared for the 1st time in public since being freed from jail by supporters during protests over last week's parliamentary election results. some boy who was jailed last year for corruption was unhurt in the attack the central election committee an old sunday's election results of the widespread vote buying the opposition says pro-government parties were most to blame since then kyrgyzstan has descended into chaos. trying to feeling nobody explains anything to us and totally confused by the situation there is
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a great sense of our certainty it's been days now and people are afraid i don't want violence. president jeenbekov has declared a state of emergency which will be voted on in an emergency parliamentary session on saturday he says it's necessary to prevent armed confrontation between rival groups many people here say their country is on the brink strafford al-jazeera bishkek. as a current correspondent covering central asia at radio free europe is joining us on skype from prague good to have you with us on let me ask you about this parliament meeting that's supposed to be happening later on so the parliament is expected to vote later on a state of emergency that the president has declared it seems as though that might not actually be possible because there doesn't seem to be anybody charged at the moment. you know well that's true although i you know i would point out it's a gay there or the military is in the center of
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a. military is also. any but this needed an arm and so it looks like somebody is actually starting to get a grip on what's going on it's unclear what the chain of command is though that. the protesters as mentioned in his package were saying that they're angry about years of corruption and economic mismanagement it says how worrying is it though that over the last few days we've also seen a significant upsurge in the number of criminal gangs and criminal entities that appear at least to be trying to seize parts of power in the country. oh this is a very worrying that well you know that he mentioned. that suzanne it was another person who was freed from jail and he has a long history of making trouble in kyrgyzstan not just the us but it was all taken earlier trying to overthrow the government you know the role of organized crime in
1:42 pm
the elections was was already out there and being ordered around 2 months out of all there were suspicions that there's. like the mother even family who were allegedly controlling a huge part of the economy kyrgyzstan were also back in the 2nd in kyrgyzstan party the party that did really well in the elections and was accused repeatedly in the weeks leading up to elections of buying votes so the fact that they were able to come out so strongly in the vacuum of power in the last few days is worrying to a lot of people equally worry you know a lot of it won't carry sound was the only counter to that seemed to be supporting old guard politicians like almost the bible is also free from prison you know people were hoping that someone new would come forward and show that maybe a mantle of leadership then you know as of yesterday they were faced with with 2 rather bad choices one of supporting a group which seemed to be backed by criminal elements or the other or supported an old guard had been in effect in governing the country we were talking
1:43 pm
a moment ago about the role of the military in this just describe to us how significant that is because it seems at the moment that the military as you were talking about the military is on the streets it's not done anything yet it is guarding government buildings one would imagine that the situation here is the same situation as there is in other countries in the region that it is the military's loyalty that is essentially going to decide who emerges from this in control of the country is that fair. well that would be a pretty fair statement you know again it's on there at the military for the moment says that they are absolutely neutral on this and they are just there to keep order and protect the lives and well being of the citizens you know again the process that brought them into the capital and on the outskirts to guard them on a bill that was not entirely clear so for the moment they are neutral it is significant that there is of course this is the 3rd time that i have problems in curious and there was a revolution in 2000 there was a revolution in 2010 and we did not see the military entering the capital like that
1:44 pm
guarding the parliament building and presidential residence was look to special police troops to do so the fact that they would listen to the military shows that there are some want to stake in this much more seriously and they're trying to send a message all the participants and all the factions in kyrgyzstan that they won't be a lot at the center and where the last day or 2 or 1st probably or from radio free europe or appreciate it bruce thank you very much indeed. protesters in chile are demanding a new constitution and an end to police brutality has been mounting after a video emerged last week that appears to show a teenage boy being thrown off a bridge by a police officer america editor of the sea in yemen is at a demonstration in central sun thiago. and it's back. to the scene at bellevue that began here in the last year for 38 feet the last of the devastated was. taken by
1:45 pm
a policeman. show the things. that political capital that probably i came because things like that cannot continue i'm also here to fight for the changes that chile needs. the president said must m.p.'s is the key public order is now his number one priority since. the security of our citizens is essential for freedom and quality of life is in this. but we need to keep my protest to russia to. be rightly still keep the back. seat here not by the month or so despite the state of emergency declared at the start of the condemning which makes it illegal. for tests they have mouse with police or on the border to happen in tear gas. earlier the attorney general told the president that stronger signals
1:46 pm
needed to be sent following the death threats against the prosecutor who ordered the arrest of the policeman who is accused of attempted murder for throwing a demonstrator over the bridge just the basics of the matter is that the. first 3 of the. that. that's why. brazil's amazon rainforest is experiencing its worst fires in a decade environmental activists say president jet also not his environmental policies are to blame on a can you not hear of reports from rio de janeiro. brazil's amazon rain forest is shrinking by the day. last year it lost 10000 square kilometers to fires land grabbers and loggers this year it may lose even more according to new
1:47 pm
data just released by brazilian space agency. during the 1st 9 months of 202076000 fires tore through the rain forest the most for that period in a decade are all over brazil's worst deforestation record was in 1905 when 29000 square kilometers of the amazon was destroyed we had managed to reduce that number to 4000 square kilometers in 2012 but since then destruction has been on the rise. illegal logging and mining are problem but the main culprits are cattle ranchers who set fires to clear the land for pasture. indigenous activists amandla from the set out in a way tribe blames president also matters right wing government for easing environmental restrictions. i became i then knew that the fires make me very sad because we're losing so much territory if the forest goes we will die. president
1:48 pm
bush so natural says he's doing everything he can by sending the military to put out fires and helping indigenous people fight the covert 1000 pandemic he says n.g.o.s are exaggerating the destruction and he's criticizing us democratic presidential candidate joe biden for saying during his recent debate with president donald trump that brazil should face repercussions if it fails to protect the amazons. biden seems to wants to break up their listen to between the met states and brazil because of the amazon we know that some countries have interest in the amazon and we have to dissuade them from doing this by having our armed forces ready. but fires are still out of control in the rain forest and in brazil. anti-man the world's largest wetland pointing at risk endangered species. brazil signed the paris agreement to fight global warming and promised to reduce deforestation by 80 percent this year but we are very far from that goal in order
1:49 pm
to fulfill its promise brazil should have a limit to deforestation in the amazon to less than 4000 square kilometers but according to a implicit latest data by the end of december it will probably have destroyed 3 times that amount monica and that i'll just 0 rio de janeiro still ahead on al-jazeera when you know more money goes from. telling. the world heavyweight boxing champion writes a column to mock mental health day that's coming up with joe in sports. frank assessments if american public opinion pieces betrayed by social media platforms after november would be because if you believe that there are corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break up informed opinion lucas said
1:50 pm
his dog anyway the protest is going anywhere either it's a bullet with a revolution. in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. stories of struggle stories of achievement. from opposite ends of europe contrasting past and stories of arab refugees seeking a new life abroad. al-jazeera world travels to austria and sweden meeting refugees and those who welcomed them. a place of refuge. and nichols told on al-jazeera. oral .
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ice time the sport is joe thank you very much the l.a. lakers could have been celebrating a record equalling 17 and be a championship by now but miami heat spoil the party on friday jimmy butler was the style for them in game 5 of the finals keeping his team's chances alive pizza stomach has the action. to pull over top of the village and be lebron james he was one win away from winning the n.b.a. championship with a 3rd different team the lakers were in a back number kit to own a kobe bryant who passed away in january and james had never lost an n.b.a. finals game when a victory would ensure the title is nothing. like i think. apparently no one told jimmy butler the 31 year old was in sublime form on friday at disney world in orlando but like contributed $35.00 points as part of
1:52 pm
a triple double that also included 12 rebounds and 11 assists to put that into context it is only the 3rd 40 point triple double in finals history says leaving the forward with nothing left in the tank. that's. a loss for a lot. 'd one oil. this is the position i like this one more to get. the lead changed several times throughout the game but in the end miami's 111108 wins and sure his back legs teammates are still in with a shout of winning the heat 1st n.b.a. title since 2013 and you're going to make. it or. just want to do that in a jar with 3 and was able to. make one more point i was able to make tonight.
1:53 pm
the braun enco still lead the series 32 i don't have another opportunity on sunday to wrap up the lakers 1st championship since 20 taylor thank you. peter stanford al-jazeera. australian open champion if it hadn't and polish teenager take will face one another in the women's french open final in just over 2 hours time meanwhile on the men's side while no one knows like djokovic has pushed all the way in the semifinal by step finalists it's about us djokovic who won the 1st 2 sets and was on course for a routine win but the greek refused to lay down sebastian tremendous determination to find his way back and force it aside in straight sets. however he had hardly any energy left on the serve easily won the stage set $61.00 step. he was also fighting for his 1st grand slam final so of course there was a lot at stake for him and he was motivated to try to turn the match around which
1:54 pm
which he did very well but you know in the end i think he ran out of gas and that's when i stepped it up and you know use my opportunities when they were present in the 5th and close out the match in a great fashion. it sets up the final that most tennis fans wanted to see 12 time french open champion rafael nadal will be judged which is a potent doubt easily took care of argentina's diego schwartzman 636-3764 what was his 993 win at roland garros. to win the games there go you have to work a lot and you have to play well for for such a long time and that's what i did today no i think i i played. with the right there. in the most of the moments of the match and especially in the direct i finished the match playing playing well one of the greatest new yankees pitches of all time which he forward has died at the age of 91 ford 1st appeared
1:55 pm
for the yankees in 1950 he went on to become the franchise leader in wins with 236 in total in 16 years with new york forward help the team win 6 world series titles or ford's old seam could have used his skills from those days on friday they went down to one into the tampa bay rays in game 5 of their divisional series match up it means the rays move on to the american league championship series against the houston astros. that was hands down the greatest moment i've been a part of in baseball. there's been some great want of what that meant to this team how we got there that match up pretty special you know a lot going into that game but for mike you to come back there in that situation and just come up as big as you possibly could then you confirm that n.f.l. game against the arizona cardinals will go ahead on sunday after all of the players and staff tested negative for kobe 19 the game is turned into doubt on friday when
1:56 pm
one of their players returned a positive result which turned out to be an error the league has had to postpone a number of games after multiple teams have had cases of coronavirus. a couple american champions brazil were in top form on friday as they thrashed bolivia in their world cup qualifying match for berto for the mean you scored twice in a 5 new routes in sao paolo it extended their winning streak at home to 43 victories in 55 matches meanwhile 4 time world champions germany will it to get back to winning ways later in the nations league their last 3 internationals have ended in draws in a tough group that includes spain on saturday they take on an under-strength ukraine in kiev the hosts have lost 14 players out with the coronavirus so injury the ukraine will have up to $21000.00 fans cheering them on later but the stadium allowed up to 30 percent of its capacity south korean goal for say young came late at the halfway stage of the women's p.g.a.
1:57 pm
championship in pennsylvania she did 6 of her last 9 holes leaderboard has got a bit crowded at the men's tour event in las vegas a 5 way tie at the top of the 2nd round there and last week's went to sergio garcia also kept up the pressure this eagle in the 6 left in 2 shots off the pace. it's world mental health day a subject that's close to the heart of boxer tyson fury the 2 time heavyweight world champion spoken openly about his struggles with depression and addiction and has now written a poem to raise awareness you know more one. hell of. a collaborative mental health campaign a hussein man away to write the poem in titled you're not my best friend he hopes it will help tackle the stigma which stops sufferers from seeking help. or that is useful for now have will feel later joe thanks very much indeed laura karl is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories and what madison thanks for
1:58 pm
being with me by. what was described as the world's longest long down the largest exodus since the creation of independent and dia and $947.00. experts believe india is still at a stage of infection but the long down has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate from 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with
1:59 pm
a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the recent mass movement of people will accelerate the spread of the kowtowing to juarez from india cities to its rule hot . when a few pins rose and forced them all to prosecution from power the new administration ainsley through an ambitious program with political reform. but 2 years on. people in power are asked whether the country's diverse ethnic interests will ever reconcile. the battle for ethiopia. cyprus a european island openly offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al-jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that reveal a murky passport by investment scheme obviously for. now
2:00 pm
al-jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriote state al-jazeera investigations the cyprus papers on the cover. i mean here and azerbaijan accuse each other of violating a ceasefire and are going to come back within minutes of the truce coming into our facts. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a show of force north korea celebrates its ruling class in 75th anniversary with a massive military parades. taiwan's president calls for dialogue with china in a national day speech by.


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