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a reporter to and hailed. the local governor. also held in. kathleen's. still ahead on al-jazeera. the president resigns and the prime minister is now in charge we'll look at what comes down to us. and the political toll deepens inside herself to alex there is investigation into us citizens. who we've got some wet weather rain clouds gathering across central parts of china big massive cloud here down towards the southwest of course that's where we had our tropical storm recently moving across northern parts of the loss of cloud there into central china come out into the east china sea pushing over towards japan
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we'll see some wet weather coming back in here as we go on through sas day big and heavy downpours so the day temperatures struggling to get to 13 celsius saturday there in tokyo we got plenty of wet weather to ensue southeast asia the philippines the same some flooding recently received heavy downpours once again 122 millimeters of rain here a little area cloud here just into the south china seas and that was like another tropical storm developing now pushing sway to the central parts of vietnam heavy showers where we already have the flooding into northern parts of vietnam where weather is set to continue over the coming days you've also seen weather of course into central parts of india harder about $13800.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours that's what it looks like on the streets west the weather over towards the western side of india as well out west the weather well not just way up towards glitterati over the next couple of days there's another disturbance pushes out into the arabian sea.
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keeping law and order is a primary function of any state. when protecting the people became police brutality a domestic incident became a global lock. in a country torn apart by racial inequality. can americans find a leader to unite them. follow the key issues of the us elections. on al-jazeera. assessments if american public opinion feels betrayed by social media platforms off to november. would be this because as if you believe that there corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break the law informed opinion. anyway the protesters aren't going anywhere either puts a bullet with a revolution. in depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's
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really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. the. door to the al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump and his white house challenger joe biden have been quizzed by the public turned rival televised town with salad and they were asked about issues ranging from the coronavirus to conspiracy theory supreme court tantrums find out since. crowds have defied a ban on gatherings and before the protest ended peacefully in heavy rain the government issued in months the powers to end months of demonstrations. the world
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health organization says the number of coronavirus deaths in europe could be up to 5 times higher by january if containment measures on stepped up france germany in the u.k. among countries tightening restrictions on tests to infection. and the pandemic has disrupted and e.u. summit in brussels european commission president. abruptly left the talks on broad set of to discovering she'd been in contacts with an infected person the meeting itself was centered around trade including tricky negotiations on fishing rights and has this report. a deal but not at any price the message to britain from e.u. leaders in brussels on the brits that we are united and determined to reach an agreement but not at any cost a new agreement on our future aleutian ship would have to be based on our mandate
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in particular or any terms to the level playing fields fisheries and developments fishing is one of the most divisive issues in the trade negotiations for decades fishermen in the u.k. and you have shared waters but the u.k. says it now wants to control access to it sees the e.u. says that would destroy its coastal communities on a gun in those circumstances but our fishermen we sacrifice to price it it's a choice made by the british people so preserving access to british waters for our fisherman funny a good compromise for a fisherman and i'm talking for all of the countries in europe who are concerned including france is an important point in these discussions. often the e.u. used by exit negotiators said compromise was possible on fishing and other issues but more time was needed the u.k. said it will issue a formal response on friday making it on clear whether it will take up the e.'s
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offer of a new round of talks next week the kids too. the u.k. is a totally sovereign country and we respect this just as the u.k. must respect our own autonomy i think that between the parties the u.k. and the e.u. that have autonomy and sovereignty in a respectful fashion we can build a framework of transparency and trade but you can. be sure this summit talks on breaks it would prefer than usual perhaps because the focus was elsewhere several you can trees are battling a 2nd wave of coronavirus reflected unexpectedly by the abrupt departure from the meeting of the e.u. commission chief i have just been informed that a member of my front office has tested positive to covert 19 this morning i myself have tested negative however as a precaution i'm immediately leaving the european council to go into self isolation the pandemic has battered the blokes economy and the health crisis is clearly far
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from over you leaders will be all too aware there should they fail to agree on a deal with the u.k. before the december 31st deadline the economic turmoil will only get worse natasha bottler al-jazeera paris. democratic vice presidential candidate. all in person events 2 members of her campaign team have tested positive sense been addressing supporters remotely paris and white house hopeful joe biden have tested negative and the u.s. 9 states have seen record numbers of infections as a country just words $8000000.00 cases that's in line with a cross country rise during october this month half the 50 us states have reported their highest daily increases in new cases. a wave of demonstrations has erupted across venezuela angry citizens of flouting lock down
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restrictions to demand an end to chronic shortages nearly every area of life has been affected from electricity and water to fuel and household supplies to as a bow ports. they begin spontaneously in small cities across when his. brutus like this one are spreading throughout the country people demanding access to basic goods like food water electricity and gas for cooking. protester mary missler says over $1000.00 families here in las vegas just outside caracas have been without gas for 3 months. in the heart of policy i look at me see the police come here to try to force us to lift the protest but nobody comes to solve our problem they come and tell us they will try to solve it but they don't do anything we will continue protesting is the only way we have. and they are not alone they have been over 7000 protests in the country in the past month yes that
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was enough on us and i like that you don't have gas and there are power cuts every day without that we cannot cook that's not right for a country like we have lost our dignity. years of corruption mismanagement and economic sanctions have decimated the oil industry this opec's nation main source of income the government is finding it difficult to provide gas water and fuel to its people because infrastructure is crumbling across the country a months long coronavirus lockdown is complicating the economic situation even further for many it's too late for protests they're seeing a future across the border and even the worsening conditions in neighboring colombia have forced many venezuelan migrants back to their homeland others like the edis coleman atis are determined to try their luck in minnesota i don't believe in the union whoever's living in venezuela doesn't live off
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a salary they live off the people send them from abroad that's a reality for venezuelans my children know that when we have to use a bathroom we go to the bushes and we sleep on the floor if we're out on the highway we always try to be a checkpoint to be a little protected by the police and guards the united nations says that over 5000000 people have left the country in the past 4 years people responding to a dire economic reality and wanted someone to stay. and fight for a better future others decide to move on. the u.n. is describing a prisoner swap the 2 in yemen's warring sides as a milestone and hopes to end the 5 year war more than a sow's and prisoners are being exchanged as possible deal 1st agreed in 2018 as being seen as a trust building measure and at reviving peace talks. a
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long awaited moment in yemen prisoners held in captivity for years read in the largest prisoner exchange between the warring factions the deal was brokered by the un in 2018 but never implemented but this time who feel rebels and the government representatives set aside differences hoping the swap could lead to thousands of detainees being liberated in the future. the implementation of this agreement will build confidence and indeed momentum by demonstrating a simple truth that peaceful dialogue. between the parties and deliver the road to peace. it was a carefully arranged operation saudi sudanese and government detainees boarded
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a plane that took off from who the hell son our airport their destination airport in saudi arabia are the same time who 3 rebels were transferred from say yoon airport in southern yemen to sana'a any delay could have jeopardized the whole agreement there is one very important element in this we need to place. it's taking place why the conflict is ongoing most of the time real detainees happen at the end of a calm not during. and i think we should stress this and now be take it as a positive step i think they've done something really hard a separate prisoner exchange took place on wednesday brokered by oman the deal allowed more than 200 heard these stranded in a moment to return home in exchange for the release of 2 u.s. citizens detained by the houthi the rebels also sent back the remains of
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a 3rd american who died in captivity. citizen was living working in yemen and. was in prison for a $199.00 days 2 years and 6 months in solitary confinement. and it was hell really hell bad bad experience and i think. his majesty some fun for his assistance in getting us. out. the u.n. held the prisoner exchange as a milestone it's hope is to convince feuding parties to restart political talks to end the war in yemen. un envoy martin griffiths faces a delicate task ahead encouraging the parties to do just that.
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but yemen is now more divided than ever the iran backed her thesis control most of the north the saudi backed government is losing ground and secessionists backed by the u.a.e. in the south whitening to declare a state of their own. as a president says his army will take all of the government cutbacks major regions unless amina agrees to withdraw within a specified time frame and comments have further dashed hopes that a mosque mediated ceasefire could bring an end to the conflict and 600 people have been killed since 5 saying over the disputed region for account last month. well it's been the scene of conflict since the early 1990 amenia says nagorno-karabakh must be an independent states while azerbaijan says its territory cynical so looks
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at how the spicing is affecting azerbaijan's minority groups. this is where the jewish community gathers in azerbaijan 2nd largest city ganja there are 150 jewish families who live here and call themselves mountain jews a reference to their origins and their carcasses this was the place where they prepared for the festival of show men outside us on october the 10th but a rocket hit a school board and across the street from them that morning they say they're not scared to come here in crowds because they fear their city has become a target who are throwing the media since that day we haven't been sleeping through the night we're watching our every each other i have a bunker in my house i gather my neighbors so all of us are safe we've been sleeping with our clothes on with piled up some supplies including our children's clothes if i had to say your essays as a reason armenians had lived in peace until the fight for negron
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a car bought began in deny $990.00 s. she say's people's ethnicities and religion was never an issue here really is it why don't we used to be all together at festivals weddings funerals but some of the armenians change suddenly we're not fighting the armenian people but the fascists. jews account for less than one percent of us our beaches population after $10200000.00. the jewish community here like other azerbaijani citizens has been uncomfortable since the rockets hit here remaining as of the rocket also causes damage in the nearby buildings windows were broken we had to cancel our gathering our children are scared. before armenia and azerbaijan attained their independence from the soviet union in 1991 there were 390000 our millions who lived in as our including the 145000 in nagorno-karabakh but the latest offer showed that a ses there are 120000 armenians left in the country figure say
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160000 as there is from our mania had to escape back to azerbaijan and a further 800000 were displaced after iranian forces or cuboid their 7 cities around the horn occurred about in dooly ninety's. my main churches have been preserved as historical structures in our survey john but they are not open for service locals say the remaining are many of us here do not like to reveal themselves and some of them have even changed their names many iranians and as it was say they have lived in the sense in peace before but the last 3 in a case have been years of dispute and conflict some say quite existence is still possible if our big john has control of the car about the others a pause that argue that there has been too much killing and suffering because all of altitude i mean get us a bridge on. kurdistan's prime minister has assumed the powers of the president
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after the country's leader resigned sad adopt out of only became prime minister wednesday and he was in jail until last week kurdistan has been gripped by political turmoil since a disputed election earlier this month telstra reports from biscuit. celebrations on the streets of the cutest capital bishkek after the presidential run by jean bekoff resign. becomes after more than 2 weeks of chaos in a country that has seen 2 other presidents forced out in revolutions in the last few. weeks but i do it you just people are ruling the country and we got rid of them and inshallah now everything will be fine we are happy we won the race. jeenbekov and pro-government parties are widely accused of rigging the op show with the 4th parliamentary elections. the central election committee a no the results and has called for
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a rerun of the poll. but the man seen is finally forcing the president's resignation the new prime minister's son there are part of is considered by many as a threat to what little remains of this country's fledgling democracy to powerful been serving an 11 year jail term for kidnapping. before he was freed by supporters during recent post-election protests. his supporters now want parliament to be dissolved he's loveable which is what the yank guard people are happy now we're calling for 120 lawmakers to make a statement today to be a self dissolution of parliament because people don't want them here they want to do your part of to take power and start working because they only support him. we're not making this that is just hours after president jeenbekov resigned the parliamentary speaker who along with prime minister to carve was voted into office in recent days refused to take up his role as acting president the parliamentary
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speaker's refusal to be interim president gives acting presidential powers to the new pm so there japan or of a man many in this country oppose the political crisis and deep on certainty that kyrgyzstan has suffered in recent weeks is not over yet charles trafford al-jazeera bishkek israel has approved the construction of thousands more illegal homes in the occupied west bank that brings the total number of homes approved to almost 5000 over the past 2 days the palestinian leadership has condemned the move and so far as time settler homes have been authorized since israel suspended plans to unexposed in the land as part of a deal with the u.a.e. . saudi arabia's foreign minister has suggested the normalization of ties between the kingdom and israel is unlikely any time soon there's been speculation about
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whether saudi arabia will follow in the footsteps of fellow gulf countries the u.a.e. and bahrain speak he's a washington based think tank prince faisal bin for handouts wood said the main focus of peace efforts should be to restart talks between israel and the palestinians. i believe that the focus now needs to be on getting the palestinians and israelis back to the negotiating table in the end the only thing that can deliver a lasting peace and lasting stability is an agreement between the palestinians and israelis if we don't manage to achieve that we will continue to have that festering wound in the region we have committed to the. process of peace peace we see is a strategic necessity for the region part of that is an eventual normalization with israel as envisioned in the arab peace plan as envisioned even what the kingdom proposed in 1800 says so we have always in vision that normalization would happen
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but we also need to have a palestinian state and we need to have a palestinian and israeli peace plan that will we have strongly believe that the focus now should be on getting the palestinians and israelis to the table and i believe. you know everybody is committed to trying to find a way to achieve. the speaker of the parliament dimitri series has resigned in the wake of the cash for citizenship scandal now as their investigation found senior politicians were willing to sell separate hospitals to convicted criminals and scheme was run to attract financial investment in exchange for citizenship the government has abolished the program now from nic i can see he has david harrison. who's been another dramatic development in cyprus where the speaker of parliament demitra serious has announced his resignation now as the senators have been hanging on for a couple of days but we seem protests outside parliament on 2 successive nights and his name is the one they were calling for to resign was
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a serious did not admit any wrongdoing he still maintains his innocence but he was a key figure in al jazeera a documentary which revealed him to be agreeing to help a chinese criminal obtain an e.u. pos port the last couple of days and also seen him being something of an object of ridicule with mean showing him holding now a notorious glass of red wine and winking at the camera there's a saloon wrist insists that he will be proven innocent when the attorney general's investigation is complete but for now it's another scalp for the people who say that this man is corrupt despite his objections and that he has to step down and for more on the investigation you can watch the cyprus papers on the cover at 12 g.m.t. on friday facebook says it's stepping up the fight against mis information and interference ahead of tanzania's upcoming election and he relaxed and a reminder will be introduced to the top facebook and instagram feeds when polls
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open on october 28th official facing information will also be shown. still ahead on al-jazeera. argentina emerges to a new normal after 7 months of coronavirus lockdown we'll have the latest on when i say. i was taken to prison just now that i was barely drink one yes or just me on monday when the father of my daughter i did not hear. when parents are imprisoned the government doesn't have any plan for the should be left behind so this shouldn't need food they need shelter they are searching for love. my function is to see that this should be no prisoners are also given another chance to live
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for making them which it is because they're not a party to the crimes committed by their parents when i finally get to that place to build a home for these children and they see them become somebody used to form even the society fending for themselves. to give me satisfaction. to move. the world. to me. something moles and football 2 of the fundamental elements of arjen time life have returned with tight restrictions the relaxation in rules comes even
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a scope of 19 infections and deaths continues to rise in the reports from witnesses . it was a tentative reopening a limited number of shoppers mosques one at all times cinemas a restaurant still closed it comes after weeks of pressure from business owners calling on the authority to relax the rules. it was very hard because depending on the shops would last around 20 to 30 percent of the 2 months and thousands of thousands of jobs. after a 7 month knock down a bit mother's day one of the busiest shopping periods of the year just around the corner people were keen to leave their homes in the market and there must be another letter that we are very excited tickets to we wanted to see how the reopening is calling what was going on with the people and also to get out of the house a little bit i think it's good that they're opening because many workers depend on the shopping center. has one of the highest number of infections in the world more
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than 900025000 deaths they're reopening before it's totally safe to do so but before these huge multimillion dollar enterprises go under with massive job losses the big question though still remains what is the great a risk to kill a virus or further economic devastation. domestic football is also back the 1st division kicking off at the end of this month after a 7 month break stadiums will remain closed to fans but struggling clubs hope action on the pitch will generate some income off it. i doubt it i think it was time to reopen the shopping malls as the stores are open everything has to begin to be more flexible. some students are returning to school national flights and long distance bus service is a resuming albeit like everything else with restrictions it's a slow return to normal activity but with the pandemic store raging and the fully
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functioning society still some way off. one osiris. that's it for me. when i think of my nature i think of potential when i think of what a shot i think what will be what is not i think all the old people need to do to get control to the island and i'm going some for that they come to. tell me it's impossible i think as a challenge. the reason a child can include all. the money is being sold and this is my jam. my nigerian on al-jazeera.
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in an exclusive talking mentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not of war to defeat israel this is a war that opened the way for the films of the final episode of a 3 part series explores the impending threats of 2 global superpowers i don't
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cover as why the our busy lady conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond. the evolving it be demoed situation in europe raises great concern the w.h.o. bourne's cope with 19 deaths in europe could be 5 times higher by january as the continent struggles the 2nd way. while argentina relax its restrictions despite also facing rising debts and infections. down in jordan this is not a 0 a liar from doe also coming up donald trump and joe biden appear in rival question and answer sessions on the night they were suppose.


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