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now. we're entering. the. less than 24 hours after a missile attack killed 13 civilians in the as area city of ganja a new humanitarian ceasefire comes into effect between on media and azerbaijan. hello i'm ari i'm was in london with al jazeera also coming up on the program. protest his return to the streets of lebanon a year after mass demonstrations shook the country but failed to produce sweeping reforms as new covert $1000.00 restrictions come into force in poland and france
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and gloom urkel urges germans to stay at home. was easier than voters reward just into our decisive coronavirus response putting her on course for a rare outright majority. welcome to the program in the last 2 hours a new humanitarian ceasefire has come into effect between armenia and azerbaijan it comes a week after russia brokered a cease fire which failed to stop the fighting in the disputed new kaurna car about region it also follows a missile strike on the as area city of gunja which killed 13 civilians 2 of them babies hada abdulhamid reports now from baquba the capital of azerbaijan. it was a city asleep when the explosions ripped through the quiet of the night and ganja
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people here were already on edge their hometown has come under fire several times since the conflict was reignited 3 weeks ago. this attack was the most devastating so far so. we've been living in fear for days we couldn't sleep at night we hid but that was no use we're suffering a lot i wish we were dead but our children would have to live without us we believe in our state and president may god give us back our back. about an hour drive from the disputed region of the corner car bomb that azerbaijan and armenia are fighting over i mean at 1st denied it had the long range capability to hit. but then in a statement it said that there were several as syrian military assets in and around the city that were legitimate targets here and back president ilham called the attack a crime against humanity and revenge will come under battlefield
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a few hours after the attack in ganja announced his forces which are backed by turkey have taken control of more villages in physically south east of nagorno-karabakh one of 7 regions surrounding the un clave occupied by armenia since 1904 many here believe it's time to areas return under. our history is our future and we can't leave this problem to our kids. and we need to help them to my a relative's been living in that. region and i know how they suffer and they've been living in the as a refugee for the years here in baquba and so this is the can't leave this problem for the our future future our generation next generation we need to resolve it now the capital of nagorno-karabakh stepan occurred was hit
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on friday a few hours before the ganja attack this was also not the 1st time that civilians came under attack there at least 600 armenian soldiers have lost their lives since september 27th as a virgin hasn't made public the number of losses among its ranks but the toll among civilians is mounting a new humanitarian ceasefire is underway this one brokered by france to u.s. and russia but has already indicated is only temporary and it will continue its offensive to retake the occupied territories. and i shares bernard smith is in the armenian capital yerevan he has more on the new cease fire . this is the 2nd attempt at a cease fire after armenia has lost ground on the lives of more than 600 armenian fighters azerbaijan has reclaimed territory that armenia has controlled
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since the ceasefire 994 this is territory that armenia considers as a security or buffer zone between azerbaijan and nagorno-karabakh and over the last more than 26 years as a in armenia are supposed to be negotiating the future of this territory as well as the final status of nagorno karabakh azerbaijan will say that after all these years of talks overseen by france russia and the united states there's been no solution to what to do with this seize territory that armenia controls on the go in a car back so as a job with turkish support has been moving militarily to take this land and this enormous pressure on armenia because of the advances azerbaijan has been making to seek some sort of a ceasefire and to move on to negotiations well care to stand new prime minister and acting president has promised parliamentary and presidential elections are next
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in the next 3 months part of was freed from jail by supporters during protests after allegedly raped parliamentary elections earlier this month he sat down with alice trafford and said the charges he was facing or politically motivated they're . part of the there is a kurd saying that false words travel faster than truth those people who are saying i'm a bad person that i'm connected with criminals and negative forces are saying that because they are scared the truth is that i'm going to fight against these corrupted schemes and i can see in the next 3 months there will be a lot of changes there will be presidential and parliamentary elections i will prove nothing by words but by real interventions that we are going to change and provide open and transparent elections. fair elections depend not only on the central election committee but on the corrupted interest of president or prime ministers of the past we are looking for new ways to break this institutionalized corrupted system we will fight against those who buy or sell the votes new
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legislation we are pushing forward might put violators behind bars for 2 years we're looking at amending the laws everything starts from the top so it's important that high officials are not corrupt. well exactly a year ago a protest movement started against the political elite in lebanon which sent shock waves through the nation since then the country has seen 2 governments an economic crisis and devastating explosion in beirut now tens of thousands of protesters have been back out on the streets marking the start of those anti-government protests but as a new honda reports from beirut there's still no sign of reform despite the deep crisis. the determination to fight for political change is still alive. it's been here since what some lebanese call
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a revolution was born. somewhere and as our says she hasn't left the streets economic hardship was what triggered nationwide protests it turned into a revolt against what many call a corrupt ruling elite that has been in power for decades. we're not going to stop before. these people in power just leave and so we will make sure basically that the. so we we do this change and pushed down. in any way because we will not go back to before over 70 in the leaderless and spontaneous movement was a turning point in lebanon's history sects came together in this divided society and for the 1st time people rose up against their leaders in traditional strongholds but the numbers weren't enough they were up against the sectarian based power sharing system this bridge one of the capital's main arteries came to
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symbolize the bottle it is near the square where our tents were burned because we want to literally bunnies together there's a poll that 70. is a way to connect everyone together the bridge was a frontline between those calling for change and supporters of security and parties protecting the status quo. the largely peaceful movement face a counter revolution the ruling elite called the protesters foreign agents security forces clamp down hard on gatherings they made arrests and there was intimidation i was called to occasion this is one of their ways to put the devolution down their thinking scared i think to do with saying. meanwhile the economy continues to collapse people are hungry and more signal to
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poverty politicians who have blamed each other for the crisis are promising much needed reforms but they 1st the to agree on a new cabinet the government resigned after the explosion of beirut ports in august that killed 200 people it was blamed. by officials. there is no conscience there is no responsibility there is no accountability and as you can see now life continues on for them and they're back to their old ways as if none of us exist that is why people have returned to the streets they insist on being heard their peaceful resistance wasn't able to remove those entrenched in power but they are keeping the resistance a life of their own the route. well several european countries have reported at record numbers of coronavirus cases testing has been increasing since earlier in the year but there's also growing concern the health systems will be overwhelmed if the infection rates are not brought under control france italy the czech republic
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ukraine poland austria and the netherlands of all recorded their highest number of infections in a day since the pandemic started in iran the death toll there is poss 30000 after fatalities spiked their highest ever levels in recent weeks as the u.s. election is infections metallics he's a rising and crucial swing states these include iowa minnesota pennsylvania ohio and wisconsin as well as michigan where president trump has been holding a rally and more restrictions have come into force in france and poland as well with a 9 pm curfew beginning in paris and other cities and poland closing gyms in secondary schools and he has more now on the situation across europe. in belgium the coronavirus crisis is deepening. and restaurants are closing for a month as infections double every week belgium follows from city imposing a nightly curfew and doctors have warned of a shortage of intensive care beds within weeks the german chancellor prays for her
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government's handling of the 1st wave of infections tell germans to prepare for hot days ahead as the number of cases that rises steadily each bias us cling macnow hop i ask you to refrain from any trick that is not absolutely necessary from any celebration that is not absolutely necessary and know that this not only sounds tough but in individual cases it is a severe sacrifice but we only have to do this temporarily and we ultimately do it for ourselves. infections a soaring across europe with around a 100000 new cases a day and the continent power brokers seem increasingly powerless on saturday the austrian foreign minister alexander shall amber confirmed he tested positive for the virus raising fears an e.u. meeting he had tended on monday may have been a so-called super spreader event the belgian foreign ministers also gone into isolation with suspected symptoms. it comes a day after 3 e.u.
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leaders including the prime minister of finland were forced to drop out of a brussels summit as a precautionary measure most future meetings will now happen remotely more than half of england's now under tougher code it 19 rules in london and other areas a ban on households mixing inside including bars and restaurants came into force on saturday as the capital moves from being at moderate risk to high risk in the government's 3 tier system the county of lancashire in the northwest moves to the top tier very high risk meaning no socializing outside the household bubble and the closure of bars or restaurants but the mayor of manchester that you case 3rd largest city is resisting the toughest restrictions warning of dismal consequences for the local economy. the new restrictions are all part of the government's localise response in dealing with the rising infection rate design so the problem is the boys johnson to avoid the misery of a full national law but given that 28000000 people half the country are facing
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these new restrictions for many it's already beginning to feel like 1. 0 london. so happy for you on the program president donald trump said it to battleground states in 2 al is an effort to boost his election campaign. and tie protesters defy at government crackdown and transport shutdown tens of thousands marching against the prime minister. we got some rather lively showers pushing across the southeast of australia at the moment the hospital system circulating away here police through the tasman somewhat the weather coming in behind us some cooler as well behind cold front so that's
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going to sweep its way through 1415 maybe 16 celsius for melbourne and for hope woman there in adelaide there's some wet weather on that front as it makes its way across sydney just 23 degrees sunday afternoon 40 back to around 21 by the time we come to monday but at least it will be turning somewhat dry and brighter drive right across a good part of australia where we will see want to 2 showers over towards that western side of south australia the cloud in the rain that's making its way towards new zealand turning disappointingly wet and windy here but the temperatures not faring too badly it has to be said temps not fancy baddy now for japan but we have got wetter weather now in the process of pulling out of the way drier skies come back inside on sunday will see temperatures getting up to a pleasant 20 celsius a better end to the weekend in this is similar pictures to go on into the early part of next week might just catch to the fos out the japan nothing much to speak of meanwhile is fine and dry across the korean peninsula lost much of china but
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a few showers down towards south. rewind return. would update on the best of our geezers documentary. renditions inside libya's prison when the rebels came to tripoli their ransacked all sorts of buildings associated with gadhafi it was and the office of spy chief at best understand documents which revealed the collaboration between british and libyan intelligence services on al jazeera.
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a look at headlines now. as in 24 hours after a missile killed 13 civilians in the as area city of gunja armenia says it's agreed to a humanitarian truce with azerbaijan russia brokered a cease fire a week ago but that failed to stop the fighting over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. and all the headlines protesters of marched in lebanon's capital beirut to marking here says the start of anti-government protests thousands also held a vigil at the ground 0 august massive explosion at the city's port and several european countries have reported a wreck or daily numbers of coronavirus cases treating france italy austria and the netherlands more restrictions of also come into force in france and poland.
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so 17 days to go before the election donald trump is holding campaign rallies in 2 different states just 2 hours apart right now he's addressing a rally in the swing state of michigan before heading to wisconsin for another rally and the next alah the pressure is on with his democratic challenger joe biden leading him in many of the national polls trump also attacked a member of his own party and sas off to audio emerged of the republican senator criticizing the president's 2 constituents in nebraska more than 22000000 people have already cast their ballots for the election so john hendren joins us live now from washington and in the closing weeks of the campaign john president on old trump clearly on the defensive we see him campaigning in and visiting states that he won comfortably 4 years ago. yeah that's right until recently he was really on the defense he was campaigning in states that he should be handily ahead
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in including florida georgia and iowa now he's taking on those battleground states that he won by a whisker last time and needs again to win this time that includes pennsylvania but also the 2 states where he is right now michigan and in wisconsin where he is about to go for the next rally crossing lake michigan in order to get there he's due there i believe in less than an hour and i was in wisconsin just a day or so ago and the proliferation of trump signs in the rural areas tell you that there is still enthusiasm for this president who after all won those states last time around but he's behind in every major national poll by as much as 12 points he is behind in battleground state polls including in michigan and wisconsin so he's battling his way back there and he needs to win those states desperately and right now it doesn't look like he's doing so but he told journalist bob woodward that the way he won last time was in the last weeks of the campaign by aggressively campaigning and rallying he thinks that's what's going to get it done
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for him right so i mean is it about. i guess the question is whether making these decisions based on the fair of losing those crucial battleground states or whether it's more just about making sure that it is a galvanize enough to head out and vote. well he's trying to rally his base this election shows record numbers of people are planning to vote whether they do voter or not is not clear of course and he's trying to get them out there as you mentioned 22000000 people have already voted so this is an election with a high amount of interest he's trying to generate people right now joe biden seems pretty comfortable he took the day off comolli harris is quarantining because members of her staff tested for covert 1000 although she tested negative biden did tweet out of viral video though in which he showed trump in state after state
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saying if he didn't win that state he wouldn't come back biden posted that video with a one word caption that said simply promise so biden feels comfortably ahead there are a spike in covert cases across the country and that tends to help biden because poll after poll shows people trust biden more when it comes to the pandemic thanks very much john hendren and washington. thousands of demonstrators have also been marching in washington d.c. to protest over president trump supreme court nominee and call for his defeat in the election or than $400.00 women's march the taking place across the country in the u.s. capitol itself crowds made their way to the supreme court in protest against the nomination of conservative judge amy carney barrett if confirmed she were placed late justice with bader ginsburg a liberal leader and feminist icon a nomination is expected to be approved next week. we go to thailand now where tens of thousands of protesters have been out on the streets for a 4th day despite police shutting down major roads and public transport in the
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capital ban on public gatherings and a crackdown on friday fell to stop the protesters who are demanding new elections and curbs to the monarchy tony chang reports from bangkok. anti-government protesters in bangkok defied an emergency decree from the police crackdown the night before to come out into the streets again on saturday undeterred by police moves to shut down the center of the thai capital they split into 3 groups to the north east and west of the city they gathered and called for the government to step down on the monitors to reform earlier in the day the police announced the public transport to the center of bangkok would be stopped and roads closed anyone found to be participating in the protests they said would be arrested and charged with. we have been constantly telling them that gatherings are prohibited because the legal it doesn't matter whether the protests a peaceful or not they're considered illegal. but the police were
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outmaneuvered again mobilizing on social media the protesters just reassembled elsewhere this group of engineering students had come prepared for trouble after seeing the water cannon and other police tactics the night before. there are rumors that the police would arrest people right away without forming a line or pushing us or dispersing us they will arrest us amaury so i prepared these. as night fell rumors swirled of an imminent police crackdown. the times the crowds looked last with many of the leaders already detained but the message to the government remained clear that they wanted to step down the protesters who have now been out of 4 nights in a row each night strong opposition from. the expected crank down have never came in the protesters didn't push their luck after all keeping the
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streets for 4 hours they packed up and drifted home but their point of been made that they can and they will continue to fight and it seems there's little the old torches can do to stop them tony chang al-jazeera bancorp well new zealand's prime minister just into our turn as kind of a tree in the country's general election giving her 3 more years in power the labor party has won more than half the seats in parliament an unprecedented result for could see her govern without any coalition partners as victoria gate and now explains. this and are done has much to celebrate not only has she won a 2nd term as prime minister she's on course to lead her party to a historic victory if she does it will be the 1st time since new zealand adopted a proportional representation voting system 24 years ago that a single party has won a majority in parliament now more than ever is the time to keep going to keep working to grab hold of the opportunities that lie in front of us so little state
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forward to give power who are people not proud to let her. but it was a bad night for the opposition center right national party judith collins who only took over the party's leadership 3 months ago said the scale of the defeat is sobering the national party will take it will reflect it will take time to reflect and we will review and we will change. national will reemerge from this loss a stronger disciplined and more cañete to passy. some of the dense form a coalition partner in new zealand 1st failed to pick up a single seat ending the career of 75 year old deputy prime minister winston peters who was elected to parliament more than 40 years ago he blamed cave at 19 for
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drowning out every other issue this election was widely seen as a test of our handling of the pandemic the government took early action to control the outbreak including announcing a nationwide lockdown when there were only 102 confirmed cases she will say one international praised the handling of a mass shooting last year by a white supremacist targeting 2 mosques in christ church and her quick action to ban semiautomatic guns and assault rifles voters in the selection of also have been deciding on 2 referendums the 1st on euthanasia if approved it will give new zealanders who meet the criteria the option of legally requesting help to end their lives the 2nd is about whether to legalize the use of recreational marijuana the results will be announced at the end of the month are done so-called go hard go early approach to cave in $1000.00 has helped her win a landslide victory but she faces many challenges ahead new zealand's buddhism still shot its tourism sector is suffering and some economists are predicting
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a long recession after the strict lockdowns in uncertain times the new zealand. is the leader best able to get them through victoria gate and be al-jazeera. but libyans adding to the polls on sunday to elect a new president last year's vote plunged the country into political turmoil but we delayed as across latin america and then calling on the government to ensure a free and fair election this time to raise above has our report. medical looking forward to voting on sunday he's a butcher in bolivia's capital of us he says that the election could be crucial in helping fight racism against indigenous communities in this landlocked nation oh my . i will vote for ever more dollars party so there is no racism in believe you know we are struggling financially but it will more dollars gave us people with no studies an opportunity to evolve he's feeling resonates among millions of
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indigenous bolivians and is what gives rhys at a say the former finance minister under morales and now mass candidate a chance to win the presidency. but not everyone agrees there are many who fear a comeback of a woman alice party to power they say while in office the mass was off and try to hold onto power for far too long. with says it's time for change get in touch with me and my family want something different we are poor but we need a better believe a bolivia that moves forward to it was struggling with us fred of govan $1000.00 and the political strife cost by what international observers say was a fraudulent ballot last year that prompted more or less resignation and plunged the andean country into chaos was since then bolivia has been ruled by u.s.
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backed conservatives anyone yes while everyone else has remained in exile in argentina tension between both sides remains high and poses a big test for bolivia's democracy. even though polls suggest the possibility. a 2nd round analysts say a solid win by whomever gets the most folks is the only way to ensure a peaceful transition are minora. of the difference. though that is too small the country will become. terms this increases the possibility of conflict. or thought he say all measures have been taken to prevent the possibility of fraud and ensure a transparent election for future political stability. now health officials say that the latest ebola epidemic in the democratic republic of congo is under control countries not recorded a case for 16 days the latest outbreak was declared at the beginning of june in the
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remote northeast 53 people have died since then previous epidemic which broke out in the east in august 2018 was the deadliest in the country with more than 2200 deaths so it's much more here on our web site al jazeera dot com plenty of comment analysis that but also some live streaming to. in the last few hours a new humanitarian cease fire has come into effect between armenia and azerbaijan this a week after russia brokered a cease fire which failed to stop the fighting over the disputed nagorno-karabakh region less than 24 hours ago a missile killed 13 civilians 2 of them babies and the is area city of ganja azerbaijan is accused of war crimes for deliberately attacking civilians a charge on media denies more than 650.


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