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tv   Exiled  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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in america through i'm feeling great about your one humanity is not a political statement it's a scientific like imitation the final presidential t.v. debate live on al-jazeera the. arab. news the. now i'm fully back in doha with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera a new ceasefire between armenia and azerbaijan is now in place to humanitarian truce came into effect at 20 g.m.t. after an attack on the as eerie city of ganja which killed at least 13 civilians this is the 2nd attempt to stop nearly 3 weeks of violence they have been fighting over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. bernas smith is in armenia capital yes on. this information about the nature says come from the armenian side it is the armenians that have been pushing for a ceasefire in the last few days is the armenians that have been losing territory
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to these areas is areas have taken now we understand territory that is essentially in the buffer zone between the go on or care about. this is territory that armenia has controlled since the 1994 ceasefire armenia considers it a buffer zone a security zone but it is as airy territory for the last 26 years at least both sides armenia and azerbaijan are supposed have been negotiating the future of this territory as well as nagorno-karabakh now it's the armenians it's the armenians who say that this is a security in a buffer zone is the azeris say that after 26 years nothing has been done there's been no solution there's been no resolution as to what to do with this territory and so with turkey support they have been moving militarily and they have succeeded in taking territory and the armenians and foozie oust them to push for
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a ceasefire domestically here in armenia the government under enormous pressure because of a large number of casualties in terms of soldiers because of the loss of territory so it seems that the armenians have now with. brokered now the cease fire even though the previous one wasn't formally. formally over and now we'll have to see if this one holds and they can go into talks. yes reza donald trump is campaigning in 2 swing states he's now in wisconsin after a rally in michigan the pressure is on as his democratic challenger joe biden is leading in many national polls with just over 2 weeks before the election john hendren has more from washington. he won by a whisker last time around by winning those great lakes states pennsylvania ohio michigan wisconsin he definitely needs i mean he's talking confidently to the
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crowds saying that they are they're doing well but he is definitely on the defensive he recently toured did rallies in states like florida georgia and iowa all states that the republicans should have locked up by this time and he is behind by about 12 percentage points in the polls interestingly when he was in michigan he was criticizing the governor gretchen whitmer for her strict crackdown on covert 19 ironically as he was doing so he was skirting the policy that she had set limiting outdoor crowd sizes to 100 by calling his rally a peaceful protest with people wearing few masks and doing a little social distancing there as he said as he chanted that as he said that she should be quote opening up schools and opening up this state the crowd chanted lock her up now a familiar chant a trump rallies. and women's marches have been taking place across the u.s.
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against president they're protesting against his speak for supreme court justice amy connie barrett if confirmed she would replace ruth bader ginsberg who died last month in lebanon protests as of march to mark a year since the start of mass anti-government demonstrations there calling for a complete overhaul of the political system iran says it doesn't need to go on a weapons buying spree after a u.n. arms embargo expired it was lifted a spot of the 2050 nuclear deal with world powers despite strong opposition from the u.s. which withdrew from the deal and french prosecutors say he the suspect who beheaded a teacher near paris was a teenager of chechen descent the school is believed to have received multiple threats after he showed a controversial image of the prophet mohammed stay with us on the.
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bulldog i can do you want to. kill the land reform. but i'm. going you're going to file
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a war like. my. dog. my name out. there how that was how mother that. was i was in august 2017 and the burmese military launched a large scale security clearance operation and that drove out to close to 800000 children women elderly people and babies across the border from myanmar to neighboring bangladesh and this was happening in my own country.
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this is the largest camp of genocide survivors and today's world this is the embodiment of the burmese genocide and its impact its felt across the border embankment based in the form of the world's largest camp. or thought that i will be lighting up there. that i love about a foot in my bed with me and i didn't. go what i did with. the how hot i don't want to get out of it they didn't either then how to modify their status how to call that love i'd had a boy they could live in the muslim brotherhood that are loaded for. bear and therefore that's their money i have one vote and the set is that of a. but i'm going to
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magically. question the world that i am by the fundamental. military in what i'm beginning 1000000 on among them and i think. there are. 29 are nearly beat or he will go to quit a job. we need to be many. who got a. name out of my country it's
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a patchwork of different ethnic communities living across different regions of the countries about twice the size of england and about 50000000 people. 2. we became a nation state as a result of the empire itself towards the end of the 2nd world war in $194748.00 about the time india was partitioned we regain our independence and before we were just a cluster of feudal kingdoms. number 10 downing street making burma an independent state outside the british commonwealth. maybe not any good live that xing laws and by ukrainian.
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being at a day that created without it at all who. muslim rangers. would just be started independent or separatist movement men are to go on mars that is acted out on my does that. for you going to her that variable is your mother part of mother part of her there are hundreds out there moreover the when there are hindu started fighting the government there were no walls for several years and then at the time when they reach an agreement and they stopped fighting. promised that no as citizens they would be recognized as native most liberal. but of many other than that would you not cannot own did. not fall under going to their god the bottom are after on his own been doing a little of their own wisdom with all the other thought on of theirs that don't know they are saying they are that i don't mother want to fall under i don't have
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no never did and i was on monaco would get it when i did the divider cause i don't want out i do you or our mom would you mind were you one of that demands was bog us for the land which is undeniable the bible brought us things of this. you know i had to 2nd the program. and i feel like you know you can do a lot. oh mother. mother. how you only. want.
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a minute where we learn you got a. learning going on. on learning english on monday so my new day. in 1962 the army to follow. in a coup did it and general knew when he would see if he did a. pretty 6 years politically and economically he was a failure there when i had an idea that that man would be goodness they would look like him he wanted people not to look like indians and he didn't like muslims he done like christians. so he 1st started by expelling for another meaning all the west and and during the british time and egg ne win turn to the issue of
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the who has this distinct muslim population that where so far officially recognized as an ethnic community they were in step pretty general can you vote for a new winds into military intelligence in his book discovered as early as 1966 the burmese military started to see that will hinge or as a problem british government kick on line to go up. but over any applegate ave. on the discounted recall ave colapinto my the beauty beating the now larry who are going to go by and by golly they're back on the we're not it . part of them coming. that claim was that there were many illegal immigrants from bangladesh because there was a war of independence square on they started a military campaign which resulted in over $250000.00 oranges escaping
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to bangladesh that was the very 1st wave of aid of the hinges that have been the 1978. is a quite young i still remember. the shooting by the mr. henderson family and then later everybody laughed this is called operation. drug operations we left i was very young and i was in a basket. 'd and my another sibling was put on the other bus my father carried i was crying my hands and legs were very like finger. salute in the 978 wave was the direct result of centrally
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organized. expulsion organized by the central government in rain who. i still remember this dream of the people every day is really a chance of anders of. 9 without. man or titian the hydration. after by literally agreement with us and. when we return there i see the only. house is calm very gentle. i think there when have no choice because the international community had proof that these people came from he proceeded to essentially cat what the nazis did to the jews in 1938 his legal advisers come up with the citizenship law they intention
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was to make sure that. we're no longer entitled to either basic rights or citizenship rights anyone who had not resided in burma as natives by 1824 they could not be entitled automatic burmese citizenship. then and then a man and a man i am not. a money now and busy and congo is driven to be their money and. i know what it is. now that is impossible because. in the pennants came and i mean for the a and whoever had been living in the country before god. many of the people in myanmar not only their rowing during the british period that not have any paper so they were need to but they were forced li framed as bengali
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migrants. are on among a lot of movie the law are early as are most. that the good guys are there going on there and others are not. mostly young the. go on and. on their grandfather you know on the other the neither of which are rude to. go away the most. of the day by day in head i do r.c. . on the so than to go beyond tired out the 100 or even. armed robber want to go down with the lord but. i also live on a move that doesn't perceive in with the one or. the law was brought in as a weapon of persecution the law wasn't pursued as
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a as an initiative to establish his unship the law was coded to primarily prosecute the rangers and to destroy and franchise them as an ethnic community now mom when as in the pendants it was one of the richest countries and sounds of asia and by the time they were in. that office it was one of the poorest nations in the whole one of the biggest mistakes and they were dead it was not and 987 may when had made all the big bank notes. $100.00 all those big no it's illegal he just declared that all the money was what less so everybody said our family become bankrupt and that all the money is around $1000000.00
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not at all it will get a lot of emma any muscly similar general what they did when i needed it. at the time of 988 i was raising i was. originally a straight comedy general secretary. country though some democratic president. so it was totally from bring on all this course including prime minister. military government and students joy in democracy movement protesting or tested for democracy when the whole night in whole day shouting democracy democracy democracy all the racist all the religious we had together and. all this business we had to get us there was no any conflict in between any other. interaction.
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who you can people. around you. need money to. do when you are limited value we do g salmoni. but do it achieve any money. you have in my to send your money now the name of. that plan and sun city had some popularity people began to know about her and she formed a national league for democracy only in there she gave us another nominators rather . than relying on the we don't say it the new york city hitler you get it i mean as a general time. management of the mostly nick leeson when the
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took over in 88 september 80 they allowed us to form party and they promised that. they were. free and fair and the ball i do the job but he was so i believe the problem is that there was my money men don't mistake you for. the role hinges were already mocked population for persecution when they decided
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to participate in democracy uprising when they decided to support aung san suu kyi and national league for democracy in the eyes of the burmese army they became heavily guilty before they were veal team for simply existing now they were expressing their political supposed to look for sun sujit and all the polity and all the and all sides hoochie where the seen as the greatest threat to the military they began to institute measures to essentially make the life or rule hinge or in their own areas. impossible. and. in. mansour. not like us about put. aside all was essential even the burmese equivalent of s.s.
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. sakae was the execution i got out of money well got added. i don't he might the guy you got by listening he knows that divan mom i win 20 who evidently i'm going to drink anyway live it every week. every human need in human within so you know. you already are the kind you are in now maybe. this way i miss you don't miss in the radio all kinds of like a restrictive measures were put in place severe restrictions on physical movement started to extort money any little body who knew how it would do nguyen would have you on to your we know you're not going to need as we. would have behind these that i don't know how to let you know how. why
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why what the laws are that i mean i love her yet even if i was wrong so i beat it if you want it there's that much heat it goes into a little bit and i don't know what i'm ok other thought of then when i don't like my last load i was marked by learned that they are the. whole lot of them go home one. day a customer the noise the population worst extracted forced labor to build the mill that the military who are coming oppressed seeing their kindness and in their. time and oh. daddy machine and no matter how long that obama. will have at it and bought our child how to handle whom i know my local kin unit was the guy in charge of institutionalizing killings and destructions of the route to the point that your community would be wiped out in europe should be prosecuted
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for not simply qualms against humanity for genocide. and who had been. i was taken to or military are forced. and our serially beaten are. far not on a plane in force they were saved. and following days i decided to live to make 20 over. in 1992 the burmese military operations in northern reclined state trigger another exodus and this time according to the military intelligence to just takes about 2 170000 rangers fled the country. but in 2007 konami situation was so bad that the monks decided to come out to
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protest and everybody was very happy because they felt. there was somebody that would take. care of the people i don't mean. by not a. said he and the your kind are gentlemen the ahmadiyya your mother was in the. amongst throughout the history had been seen as a force for good rising up against the british cruel rule against the japanese fascist occupation or the burmese army used repression against the majority buddhist population monks were always on the right side of history they were always supporting the people. are either not going to be bang on you can. pick them out with the dogs are very
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odd it i don't get it joining a tongue or not of a machine. and that was when the military realized that the monks they had to be control to. the army sent truck loads sold military commandos 200 so british monasteries. hundreds the monks fled the country and thousands of monks when she gave.
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everybody to wash up and did not think that the need to share what crackdown in the mines and that's where the crisis of confidence. so the military the side that that they needed to change about when you do so we. will be a veto and he become i was only a c.s.e. we were taken maybe. mr lee kuan yew us being gone it can only be camero out military god i'm in military government sort of. gotten out of gandhi my type of. civil government similarly in government and you know by. a position body i was it embodied you. baby nick quick on you when nobody.
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ah as protests rage across america more black lives are lost despite promises of police reform faultlines hears from those demanding justice the truth countability transparency that's what i desire from the city i desperately need to change i have no faith in a situation that needs to be reminded not to help the moment of reckoning racism and police in america on i just eat up cyprus a european island open offering citizenship to those who can afford it in august al-jazeera made global headlines with the cyprus papers confidential documents that reveal a murky possible by investment scheme promise for. this is that this is. now al-jazeera as investigative unit goes undercover to expose further revelations that go to the heart of the cypriot state i'll just hear investigations the cyprus papers on the cover a lot of the crimes of my colleagues on the love god we are the ones grappling the
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extra mile they are the media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. hello again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera a new humanitarian ceasefire between armenia and azerbaijan is now in effect it follows violence over the disputed region of not cornel kind of back at previous shows reached a week ago failed to hole its u.s. reson donald trump is campaigning in 2 swing states is now in wisconsin after rally in michigan the pressure is on as his democratic challenger joe biden is leading in many national polls with just over 2 weeks before the election john hendren has moved from washington. he's been playing defense all across the map in florida
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georgia and iowa he's been campaigning those are all states that he should have handily in his column by now but national polls show him behind across the u.s. the latest poll i saw said 12 percentage points behind joe biden and he's also behind in key battleground states those include michigan in wisconsin the 2 states that he's going to now so he has been aggressive there speaking very much like he's on the steroids that he was on just days ago when he tested positive for the coronavirus standing in front of the air force one showing people that he's back and women's marches have been taking place across the u.s. against president that protesting against his pick for supreme court justice amy connie barrett if confirmed she would replace rules bader ginsberg who died last month in lebanon protesters have marched to mark a year since the start of mass anti-government demonstrations that calling for
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a complete overhaul of the political system. french prosecutors say the suspects who beheaded a teacher near paris was a teenager of chechen descent the school is believed to have received multiple threats after the teacher showed a controversial image of the prophet mohammed to students an arms embargo imposed on iran 13 years ago has expired it was left to a spot of the 2050 nuclear deal with world powers despite strong opposition from the u.s. which has withdrawn from the pact political tensions are simmering in guinea a day before a crucial presidential election sunday's vote is the 3rd matchup between president condi and his longtime rival selu dalen giallo opposition protesters say 82 year old con days attempt for a 3rd term violates the constitution i have more news for you after exiled.
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the constitution of 2008 drafted by the military to legalize them perpetuate its stay in power stupid leads back to the military is above the law the minister who for his museum of defense. has. governed by the generals in the military allocated 25 percent of the parliamentary seats to itself and if you want to change the constitution to remove to move the troop then you have need to more than 75. you cannot get more than 75 percent of the votes because the military has $25.00 seats and their influence is. still formidable the obama. in 2010 the military.
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actions nobody believed that the military was really going to change so they went ahead and held the elections and you know surely they won the lens slide and they were in power and then 10 days later on san suchi worst release. they were allowed her to run in the byelection in the world with him from the prison and she is now one of the medical units and. we hope that this will be the beginning of the you here now where there will be more emphasis on the role of money we ever hear. the military were so completely shocked that the end of the party remain extremely popular. as the country started to change within the military there were some who can't it was going too fast so they menu fracture the ranger crisis.
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it started with the story of a buddhist woman being raped and killed by a group was the pictures of the murder victim spread by information ministry when 5 what has not been proven is that this woman was raped. after the woman had raped and killed and. so will this stop and about muslims as centers kill them and retaliate. before to learn 2 of the why didn't know about it in her silent process to destroy the people. you had knocking the rights you. christ arresting killing also raping
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but nobody in the homes. and running a started. the rakhine villages were organized by whom is a more difficult question letters were received by village administrators prior to the violence they were told that all kinds of villages needed to supply power to the operation buses came to pick them up on the morning of the 8th and 9th in june we think thousands of people probably we talked to some of the people who were bussed down they said they were given free food when they arrived and they were told where to go some were told to go and burn down the ruins of villages and others were told to block escape routes. and if. the. moment. they were only.
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at it. in the bottom other than that it divided by the audit. so you as a devout thought developed a lot of. money lost with the live there was also is no doubt over a lot of the other mothers is that the good of my dad most of the dead muslim woman exe you would live modern day to day and had them i would imagine. now than any other man was bhutan ali baba and a bunch of we didn't get a dime of it. the mind the mom but my mother we. did as a model i didn't one you know got the new them were they had a my i watched of the judge not sure i really darling what i thought of it that m.
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rated m. will do it even divided evenly. and i'm there for more than we will begin. with a man on a model along with on my own i don't. know . are only there i got a call the mongrel i am one of them my one i love wearing the very last 2 of it. but. what am i going to let him go i wonder what i have got i'm going to. bother my horror i don't move. one thing about this very little.
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over of injury once their villages were burnt down were funneled into what is now the comp complex where 122140000 injured are basically imprisoned. there are concentration camps detention. it's not intercommunal violence this is the berm he stays organizing and watching over the destruction of wreckage of villages on the rounding up of hundreds of thousands are injured into camps it was instigated by the government controlled press where they had front page news about the danger of muslims the rape and murder of posts by muslims and this was to create a kind of juicy upon the rakhine buddhists to protect themselves against the press
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oppressed which is invented and propagated by the burmese state. riemannian all the taleban and i gave him a fair they he did topple fair they he devoted to you yeah. well i mean and i mean much on him and now here in uganda you got 240. 5 year bang and you got maybe you know how though you know things. i mean if you have the know. them on an hour. where no one will let you go. who won't do you may not do you mono a mono bit i'm only on the body in the mind of my one yeah. well when a. full. moon tell me that if. the
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in the other people. who want to. remove. money the rally leave it in water they can let it. in 2015 november the burmese military held another round of general election and the own son suchi national league for democracy one in a landslide and you know that the whole country was euphoric and believe 50 he won nearly 80 percent so they could both support to as well as anybody sustain.
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but he must tolerate so far the army working together with them. i willingly or unwillingly. but don't some general election to be a whim and then be any most candidates. same only a lot you can say to my one the. only open mic you know me could have been the scene i'm good now made pivotal to pm but a new bin is for the most senior you met and then d.n.a. you name is me so now you've got a new and i assume you know the money a pool india. and them was in you a my unique kind isn't suited to. c.s.c. .
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it's only recently that the government started using bengali to identify their own and people you mean the people who are known to the world as a royal. bill one of them a self to be call right yeah that's why we have to call them rings. but actually it's not. so wrong. it's actually wrong to use the word bengali they are not from bangladesh they're from the till it did come on now not. just citizenship a strategy what specific timeline has been developed to move forward the national
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verification process i don't have to get economics about it was it. sort of got to how it was you know i did that in my stead if. i would have done i would do this but i said i was on my yes and some list in communities that their leaders have decided that they are not to join in the verification process when i'm busy. they had been notified that they're going to don't want to go to. put out we would appreciate it if all of france could persuade them to join in the process because you have nothing to lose by the national bird for creation car is a car which allows you to say that you have now become part of the national verification process what is the process there is no such process but this is a process which needs corporation from all communities the muscle bearer for cation
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card is of pressuring the hinges to legally identify themselves as foreigners so that they legally won't be under the jurisdiction of the burmese government. quite like this idea that is our god i believe that you know us eka have got us not a kilo to get in done and how do you shut out his big shot of how do you ever going to have 2000. and 11 call of money out of nothing. bet on a lot. their refusal to sign us led the military to decide that either you've got to get i or we're going to kill your if you don't sign what i did on yeah right now you know go to a play of trial and i will do not to. run but in the end and nowhere did. i
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know i don't know but i'm i'm going to give you the. money in the national mother early on you're doing so much on my. body your thought on all the good. but all of the usual burma's military ok even the sounds true that paktika is never a pact that they would attack the population and that's what happened with her and . then going to the will there with d.d. mm on the ship but i'm getting rather like. being in what i'd call but i'm in the top on the. not on. these in the now i'm on a horse who lives in another world. and i know and didn't know. what then. got about in what i do the hostility me out of being the. i mean the.
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new one then whatever royal josh didn't like these e's. and then jewel there with the mama she would rather not like. it out in the exhibitor when she. got a new job at her but. a cool. being in it but then to my home i need that any critical media you know john that any friend pointed out she did. that any. the game that got them open it no good so we met a genius a reader got it she did. anything in.
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2007 and then the 2300 force and all the troops and there were combat troops there were not under a garrison true. whether we shall be brought in conscious helicopters from which they would fiery weapons and the artillery rocket launchers we have reports from the crime but they were told officially by the military but they needed to leave in the few days before the 25th the bogus this was in preparation for the genocidal attacks but how about later on in august last year several months. seemingly quiet and peace on the 25th of august 3rd you police outpost as well as the regimental headquarters in downtown zob village where i
4:49 am
jacked by armed groups the security forces have been instructed to phone may show to avoid collateral damage and the farming of innocent 7 civilians we have never been soft on human rights in this country. but i do know how difficult it is static over the other one thought i would but. rather that the military. mind under the. and you got it right i think what i want to say. it out of the money headline my husband did the thing at the beginning.
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but i wasn't going to she don't want to tell a false 1000000 no no no don't. assume the kalandia could have went out on her then the hell am part of the fact they are very. i guess who doesn't ask for another nickel and when i see that article again. eleanor you know. they had the money to tired of it. and i'm using her head in the new little one as he has the money by your. turn and i'm one that is not my astronaut who went too far and took a little over one of the. 2
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i don't know how to bear with a lot of they will never make of anyone. 1 well not about it. was a day when i'm going to get a dozen or so hours on house on saddam has been going to get in my mind of course i'm going to know when it doesn't i've got a. hold of some heart disease i'm up to find of to limit the call of some of the more tolerable i want to get them out of my not out of god don't talk to august. you know i want to. have nothing on the line as it was always in the love what i
4:52 am
thought of the law we might only like. what on earth i thank you for the. love mother love mother don't love mother again look at. my part i didn't see the but. it's all there. god love that i do.
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not under. him to walk when you want to forgive i wouldn't and would lose all that . or not. miss i mean you're. not you are not generalizing on his. part as a mother manning memoir for a memoir for my memoir had a boy or had a black friend how i like. my different. from the someone. quite a bungalow nanny and. fact that. they're doing ok honey one. thing led to growing money and then i knew if. i write out.
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what i will normally have out of then your theory on where. i don't go by as they write about a more whether they're 500. 1 i don't know i don't have a unit of 5 there was another one that boy. more you know that your father gave. up for and thought a lot of the file and it had it. been winning again very very well.
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french fire fire the right hand you were killed by the military during that time. i was moving on the head of the military he called it unfinished business. the business being the destruction of the royal injure. a man doing job well. for you and me and then hollywood blown off. how do you love him alive luanda i what. no. television i well. i don't have the young in iran in the modern on a boat i do bomb i want to go there growing garden i thought of reaganism. cologne
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whatever. but i've been to both her mother thought about them and i cannot on a. very . long vanish own room. line does. and why. that has. to hang the. arctic on me than a blind as i am michel. how that has. led. and why and how that as i am. and why. that i has that and then to hang the.
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arctic on me than a playing as i am michel. has that as the fan. we have something of a wintry blast setting in across western parts of canada at the moment and that's diving its way down to normal areas of the u.s. you can see this ought to care which is getting pulled right in across the plains out of the prairie's sinking down into central pos behind our cold front here ahead
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of that is largely fought a dry high pressure in charge acts as a lid on the atmosphere so with decent susi some decent spells of sunshine there is that cool weather at minus 3 the top temperature on saturday afternoon for calgary colder still as we go on into sunday minus 7 the high at that stage that will sing its way a little further south was not too far away i'm from california still very much on the warm side temps just still getting up into the high twenty's that in l.a. no sign of any useful rainfall coming in here the race sleet and snow when there's been a fair bit of snow in sioux were basically into alberta out of sync this way down across the mountain states some heavier rain just sliding through kansas missouri easing towards the central plains of the us across the midwest so much whether there is that dry weather over towards the eastern seaboard we'll hang on to that until we get into the early part of next weeks and what's a weather making its way towards the appalachians a few showers doubts was the southeast showers there for florida.
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but. we understand the difference is similarities have cultures across the land sentimental value taking out just to. bring the nice and current affairs that matter to you. line for the code 19 pandemic asian americans suffering an epidemic of violent attacks and abuse. one a one a streets the new generation fighting back on out 0 he began with war and the good it used to be a cultural a full of folk like i was that a documentary filmmaker once granted unconditional assign and contrasts his experiences with those seeking refuge today and intimate you know what the consequences of the policies of detainment is really unnecessary all this misery
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they cannot absorb this number that people have to suffer in this way it is unacceptable and refugees taher on al-jazeera. think. after missile attacks and more killing another attempt at a truce azerbaijan and armenia begin a humanitarian ceasefire. so this is al jazeera live from doha for the battle also ahead women in the us come out in their thousands against donald trump as he tries to rally crowds into swing states this. one here on from the start of a protest movement demanding.


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