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on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. hundreds of lives lost in 3 weeks of fighting with a shaky new truce be respected by azerbaijan and armenia. hello i'm sam is a there and this is a live from doha also coming up back on the streets people in thailand defy threats by police to shut down protests against the government. attend selection in guinea after months of unrest and accusations of hate speech. by united nations arms embargo on iran expires this by the efforts from the u.s.
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to keep it in place. we start with the fighting between armenia and azerbaijan there are claims the latest attempt to when the violence is faltering just hours after it began both sides are accusing each other of violating a 2nd russian mediated ceasefire in the space of a week it was established the day after the there is said 13 people were killed in a missile attack in the city of ganja more than 700 people are estimated to have died so far in the fighting in the occupied region of nagorno-karabakh of the remote mountainous area is officially part of azerbaijan and it's been controlled by ethnic armenians since the end of a 6 year war in 1994. i mean it is in ganja as a very john with the reaction to the cease fire from there but there's not much
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belief in that you many tarion ceasefire was in the hospital a short while ago where you had still do did of the attack on saturday which killed . 13 people and then i asked the people there would you think this cease fire is something good and most of them said we don't believe that they will be a ceasefire oversea from their point of view pointing the finger idea me and saying that you know they they are following the news and they have heard at the statements coming out from the ministry of defense here but who's saying that they had been several violations from jeremy inside according to the ministry of defense the armenians trying to get back into food and your brain which i choose a region southwest of nagorno-karabakh south east rather of nagorno-karabakh that has yuri's claim basically under their control now and now we're hearing also some
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news of still also to ministry of defense of some shelling going on further north in the region of us back so certainly people are following that they say that they have been the victims of an attack that happened during a supposed cease fire that was a 1st ceasefire that was also brokered by russia a little more than a week ago so they don't believe that this one will actually hold or burn and smith is in armenia as counseling out of on with more. there isn't a lot of optimism the ceasefire will hold but there is a lot of pressure on the political leadership here in armenia because the losses in the casualties their suffering and suffering now 675 dead armenian fighters that's the latest figures from the defense ministry and they're losing territory to azerbaijan armenia is losing territory that it is controlled since the end of the
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war in 1994 this is territory between the go on a karabakh in azerbaijan but armenia says it needs a buffer zone a security zone between the ears areas and those living in karabakh though that area supposed to been talked about in the last 26 years over talks overseen by moscow paris and washington d.c. but nothing's happened i mean is there is say they've had enough and that is why with turkish support trying to take this part of this land militarily and they accept succeeding in doing so i mean you're also says today that with this ceasefire it tried to reach an agreement with the azeris and the red cross to arrange for the handing over of wounded soldiers armenia says that even this. areas have rejected this prospect of this option we haven't heard any response from these areas yet on. thousands of protesters have gathered in the thai capital
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bangkok for a 5th day they've been rallying in defiance of a government ban dozens have been arrested calling for the prime minister to stand down the monarchy to be reformed and the new constitution he's formed those spawn 20 acts of violence tony chang is live for us in bangkok and judging by the scenes behind you tony looks like people are still turning out right. just. in another part of central bank. side of the city. there is universe to campuses. so i think they have shown very clearly that they can still attack the numbers after the crackdown on friday night where the police used. over to riot police out to use water cannon with chemical laced water in scenes that i think surprised many thais. but they are still coming
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out they came out yesterday despite the fact that a lot of public transport was shut down in central bangkok the same thing happened today. the police repeated their threat that anyone turning up at these protests would be arrested and charged but still they come still are attracting numbers and still you know people are very actively engaged in those 3 goals you mentioned the ousting of the government the new constitution reform of the monarchy but also they want the protest leaders to be released many of those things. and they want them alone without charging for harassment for those people involved in the protests to stop the crowds look quite big from the pictures at least from the angle where looking at tony how much support do we have any idea how much support do they actually have. all they are getting a pretty broad base of support not just from those people coming from outside we've
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seen tony celebrities for example who traditionally are very wary of getting involved in thailand often complicated political scenery in addition to a lot of these people are young people we've seen people turn 80 in one case hey paul fan web site managed to raise more than $30000.00 in 24 hours and some of that money's been spent we've seen it on safety goggles and helmets which have been distributed to the crowd there are sounds systems which have been used in the past. and i think it illustrates that there is a lot of support not just for the people who are coming but for people who are watching at home and i think the fact that people saw high school students. gauged in what had been a very peaceful protest being very forcibly dispersed was you know the big mo is certainly being gained by the student protests and that's
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a problem was the police around here at the other protest sites for the last 2 nights they have stood back however one imagines that as these protests do gain momentum and some stage there will be a further current all right thanks so much tony chang going ians are voting in a tense election that follows months of unrest nearly 5000000 eligible voters are choosing between 12 candidates including incumbent president alpha condé and his longtime rival danny and the al this is the 3rd match up between the pair 82 year old condé insists his attempt for a 3rd term is legal opposition says it violates the constitution skip more on the 2 main candidates then incumbent alpha condé has been in power since 2010 he's 82 years old he leads the rally for the guinea in people party condé is backed by the
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ethnic group and he's faced mass protests for the last year people are angry here amended the constitution allowing him to run for a 3rd term in office the main opposition candidate is so delhi and the allo he leads a party called the union of democratic forces of guinea his support base is drawn from the largest ethnic group for lani a necklace hark is following the election from dakar in neighboring senegal. there's certainly an eerie tense calm this morning as people head out to take part in this election following a divisive campaign i mean amnesty international just released a statement calling on the government to protect all during this election and earlier in the week during the campaign the united nations office for the prevention of genocide came out with a statement announcing its alarm with the violence that has taken place not just in
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the campaign but throughout the year during the referendum and throughout this 10 year that has been in guinea that lead up to a running to a 3rd term a u.n. arms embargo on iran has expired after 13 years it was lifted as part of the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the us withdrew from the pact in 2018 strong opposition to any zing of sanctions iranian foreign minister zarif welcomed the development calling it a win for regional peace and security also jabari has more from. the iranians have said even though they've reduced their commitments gradually over the past year since the u.s. left the agreement they are still very much committed to it and the europeans have said they are in the same position given the restrictions imposed on them by the united states the u.s. has imposed a series of sanctions on iran's oil and banking sector making it very difficult for
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the european signatories of this deal to do business with iran as they would have under this agreement this is one of the main obstacles that is in place at the moment but they iranians and the europeans have said this spite all these obstacles they are still committed to this deal and even though it looks like this agreement was very much dead over the past few months this embargoed being lifted is going to be seen as a move that this there is still some like in this agreement and there is hope that this will last. the u.s. has been trying to reimpose the ban on iran since august but failed to convince other countries including members of the un security council our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the united nations. the arms embargo against iran was 1st put in place in 2007 the decision to lift it this year came back in 2015 as part of the iran nuclear deal in return for rum giving up its nuclear weapons
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capability one of the things iran got was a lifting of the arms embargo the ability to sell and buy weapons now the u.s. didn't like that idea at all the trumpet administration which pulled out of the iran deal and that's why the trumpet ministration trying to trigger something called snap back in fact they claim that they did trigger it in september that was a clause in the iran nuclear deal that said that any one of the participants could force all international sanctions to snap back in place the problem for the trumpet ministration is the rest of the international community and the vast majority of the security council say snap back has not taken place i can tell you diplomats here tell me that the lifting of the arms embargo they think will not have a great deal of effect they don't think iran has much money its economy is bad to buy and many weapons anyway they say they're much more important date coming up is
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the 3rd of november u.s. election day joe biden if he's president says he'll come back into some sort of iran nuclear deal president trump though has made it clear he doesn't want to deal and the future if there is a president trump for a 2nd term is much more uncertain. still ahead of al jazeera we hear from the taliban or say recent violence in afghanistan the word derail peace talks with the government and curfews close restaurants and new limits on gas. rings 0 battles rising cope with 19 cases. of. aloe daily showers are the thing in a good part of japan the moment in fact you could even argue it's more like proper rain this looks like a linked system back to china and yes it does in the forecast to you but it's not
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producing heavy rain not for the most part anyway and the sun should be coming out of most of honshu and it's out anyway for a good part of china there is still on the western edge to clean sichuan rain developing and now you can see snow started big surprised to see snow and just confirming it's there in the high ground west of us children do is also there in mongolia that is winter trying to work so we were as you can see all those subzero robots are back up to 18 harbin this will be a big sea sore event into eventually the winter weather gets pushed in the south of that you're following the line the ragged line of the monsoon trough so as the indian monsoon the station has it all trying to go south but would be interruptions a big circulation here which will try and develop into a tropical depression treating a lot of rain and pradesh we've seen flooding recently in hyderabad and then add to sea in the arabian sea that's a potential circulation which will probably bring a bit of rain to the coast of arabia but with the exception of that of course
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things are quite quiet in arabia at the moment. frank assessments if american public opinion pieces betrayed by social media platforms after november what would be good for cultures if you believe that there corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to read from an informed opinion . because don't go anywhere the protesters aren't going anywhere either it's a bullet with a revolution. in depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. move. you.
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back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now does that by john are accusing each other of violating a 2nd ceasefire which began just a few hours ago more than $700.00 people on both sides have been killed during nearly 3 weeks of fighting protesters are once again gathering in the thai capital bangkok thousands of people have been rallying in the find of a government back to calling for the prime minister to stand down form the monarchy and the new constitution. canadians are voting in a tense election that follows months of unrest every 5000000 eligible voters are choosing between 12 candidates including incumbent president afrikander and his longtime rival solo delhi and. a car bomb has killed at least 12 people in central afghanistan dozens were injured in the city of call in the
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capital of or province no one has yet claimed responsibility 8 afghan security officials were killed in a taliban attack in conducive province with taliban says recent violence in afghanistan were talks with the government some of binge of aid has been monitoring developments in qatar. tens of thousands of afghans have been displaced in the last few weeks as fighting has intensified between the afghan government and the part of the taliban insisting that it is trying to retake areas that it had a vacated front of the gun people and saying that it has been launching defenses offensives only against those areas where checkpoints have been established where reinforcements have been sent and where it has come under attack by the wire night creates or airstrikes on the other hand the afghan government says that it is the taliban who have been launching an offensive and it is it shown by the united states efforts to try and stop them with its strikes as when earlier we spoke to
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the spokesman of the afghan taliban who says that this will not derail the peace process as the violence and talks can continue side by side but for lasting peace in afghanistan both sides will have to show unflinching commitment. we refused to say there is no progress there is but there are problems and as i said disagreements on key issues as you know there are still meetings between the committees and we hope that at the end we will reach a solution and let's keep this in consideration this is a major step and it's expected to be a difficult process this happens all over the world when there are negotiations starting a dialogue is never easy there is some progress and then there may be some slowdown and in many cases talks come to a halt these issues are quite normal and we hope that the disagreements we have on the key issues will be solved very soon god willing talks have continued between not just the taliban and the afghan government but interlocutors off peace with the taliban as well as the u.s. government we've seen that the u.s.
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lead diplomat trying to mediate between the government and the taliban saying that all sides are going to try and make sure that there is a reset of the violence all elements of the agreement which was reached with the taliban are going to be implemented and all sides should reduce the violence there has been reassurances by the taliban as well as the afghan government that they are going to scale down attacks to try and protect civilian lives fighting is under way for the presidential runoff in the self declared republic of northern cyprus turkey backed prime minister cast his ballot in the kosi on sunday morning he's running against incumbent president. who favors reunification with a south cyprus has been divided since the 1970s new zealand's prime minister just send says sure look to form a new government within 3 weeks of a party won an unprecedented victory in national polls on saturday it got big
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enough support to govern by itself the 1st time any party has been able to do that since a new system was introduced in 1996. i think they were endorsing the work we've done on covert already and i do think they were inducing the plane we have to go forward there are some areas that we do want to create conway's we want to make sure that we can on things like bit like sea wage small business lines those things that really aid out economic recovery quickly we will need to expedite voting in bolivia's presidential election is set to get underway in just a few hours security forces have been deployed in anticipation of possible unrest an election last year plunged bolivia into political turmoil president even more as one that vote resigned and went into exile shortly after allegations of electoral fraud argentina are celebrating the birth of her own ism it marks the 75th anniversary of protests calling for the release of imprisoned politician
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domingo peron went on to the presidency is wife became a controversial figure home and abroad from one of. the reports. truck and bus drivers health workers teachers and social activists took to the streets to mark 75 years since the founding of the peronist movement they mostly stayed in their vehicles wearing masks to respect measures to fight the current 19 pandemic it was also a demonstration of support for the government's handling of the crisis. i believe that the strength being shown by disco men by the president and his team will be enough to solve the stray sion which has been a complicated. thousands more people participated in the specially created online site it was the 1st major show support for president fernando since he took office last december and he was a meeting we face with a debt crisis then followed the coronavirus and. we've got to support the president
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to defend our rights that's what his government is doing and defending health and education and work. today is important because we're all patternist does because be a law unto paid on and if we turn to people if it is the one who will free us from the oppression of the previous government the president for non this is also apparently missed governing on the populace those sometimes divisive principles inspired by the former president's a military officer one better on his flamboyant 2nd wife that has a veto more than 60 years ago. today's protest was an illustration of that division countering the frequently growing opposition rallies against the government's handling of both the economy and the pandemic not just in street rallies or of fundamental parts of arkansas and political life this one has been adapted to take into account the measures to fight covered 19 but it's no less passionate and noisy
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than in previous years. the president rounded off the day with a speech at the trade union headquarters calling on argentines to work together to overcome the country's problems not seen what they've been rightly or more they've been around you we're born from the love of her own on a veto we feel the love of the people here there is no hate or business here what we have is the desire to raise argentina once and for a lot of. the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in argentina 25000 people dead more than 900000 infected with businesses closing in on employment and homelessness right. the coded 19 virus is also highlighting stop historic divisions. the 010 cyrus has been violence in haiti as people very independence day and to government protesters blocked roads and set fire to times in the capital port au prince police used probable it's against those calling for president was it to step
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down sort of as more. the use haiti's independence day to protest once again against a government would started off with a conical like countless fear and soon turned violent. police use rubber bullets and tear gas against the demonstrators calling for great region and noise to step down protest is built roads and set fire to toys in the capital port au prince they started protesting last year against corruption management aid money and a rise in inflation the majority of haitians live in poverty the president has been criticized for his handling of the current virus can damage and denies allegations of corruption one of the you know i mean the street to demand justice for the underprivileged masses that is my demand we're from the poor suburbs we're saying that we can no longer live like this we're out on the streets to demand justice. in response to the unrest noise called the unity as he marked the 214th anniversary of
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the death of haiti's 1st independent leader john judge deciding. today or battles for peace we ask for union i tell everyone in the opposition or in the government today the future generations expect something from us stay expect a change those changes can come in reform cultivates he has been in political crisis is well known moyes has been in power since 2017 but because nations nativity lections not held in october last year there's been no parliament in september moyes announced the formation of a new provisional electoral council opposition refused to participate and rejected its legitimacy so with no parliament sitting why is has been governing by presidential decree since january giving him in homes powers but i was the place where fighting for the respect of the laws of respect over constitution february 7th 2021 this is the end of the constitutional mandate for him we say we were
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removed from power before them today is a day for a national mobilization. a government which assassinated the head of the judiciary and a student inside a university is a criminal government a transition is inevitable we ask the international community to help us in this battle for the last transition. the international community has called for an end to the political impulse and for a parliamentary election to be held as soon as possible the government's planes violence and the pandemic so delays to the election that was meant to be held near the un is accused of failing to protect people against human rights violations with arms gangs controlling around a 3rd of the country in june the president announced a legislative election in december but the opposition has called for a transitional government instead failure to hold elections before mazes term officially ends could leave hate scene without
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a leader or parliament. al jazeera. now rescuers are searching for at least $22.00 soldiers have been buried by a landslide in viet nam they are believed to be trapped under rubble of their base it was destroyed by rock on earth coming down the mountain a bath heavy rain has caused several landslides in recent weeks along with widespread floods. new coronavirus related restrictions have come into force in parts of france belgium and poland countries across europe have hit new records for the number of daily infections the fokker reports from london. in belgium the coronavirus crisis is deepening. the restaurants are closing for a month as infections double every week belgium follows from city imposing a nightly curfew and doctors have warned of a shortage of intensive care beds within weeks the german chancellor prays for her
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government's handling of the 1st wave of infections told germans to prepare for hard days ahead as the number of cases there rises steadily it's my 1st cling know how i ask you to refrain from any trip that is not absolutely necessary from any celebration that is not absolutely necessary and know that this not only sounds tough but in individual cases it is a severe sacrifice but we only have to do this temporarily and we ultimately do it for ourselves infections are soaring across europe with around a 100000 new cases a day and the continent power brokers seem increasingly powerless on saturday the austrian foreign minister alexander schellenberg confirmed he tested positive for the virus raising fears an e.u. meeting he attended on monday may have been a so-called super spreader event the belgian foreign ministers also go into isolation with suspected symptoms. it comes a day after 3 e.u.
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leaders including the prime minister of finland were forced to drop out of a brussels summit as a precautionary measure most future meetings will now happen remotely more than half of england's now under tougher code with 19 rules in london and other areas a ban on households mixing inside including bars and restaurants came into force on saturday as the capital moves from being at moderate risk to high risk in the government's 3 tier system the county of lancashire in the northwest moves to the top tier very high risk meaning no socializing outside a household bubble and the closure of bars or restaurants but the mayor of manchester the u.k. 3rd largest city is resisting the toughest restrictions warning of dismal consequences for the local economy the new restrictions are all part of the government's localised response in dealing with the rising infection rate design so the prime minister boris johnson to avoid the misery of a full national law given that 28000000 people half the country are facing these
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new restrictions for many it's already beginning to feel like 1 may have mark al-jazeera london millions of migrant workers in india who suffered during the korean a virus lock down have received a special tribute in do festival an artist in kolkata designed the migrant themed marquee to recognise the workers who lost their jobs in cities and were forced back to their villages it's part of a 9 day celebration which as the hindu warrior goddess daughter. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a 2nd ceasefire which began just a few hours ago or $700.00 people on both sides have been killed during nearly 3 weeks of fighting protesters are once again gathering in the thai capital bangkok.


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