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tv   Al Jazeera World Rim Banna The Voice of Palestine  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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i mean between those major. scientists a calling for strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without it the situation will finally get worse. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. this is all just there i'm done with a check on your world headlines armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a 2nd ceasefire which began just a few hours ago more than $700.00 people on both sides have been killed during nearly 3 weeks of fighting with the jaime doesn't ganja azerbaijan with reaction to the cease fire from their. well there's not much belief in that you many tarion ceasefire was in the hospital a short while ago where you had still do did of the attack on saturday which killed
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. 13 people and then i asked the people there would be do you think this cease fire is something good and most of them said we don't believe that they will be a cease fire over the sea from their point of view pointing the finger idea minion saying that you know they they are following the news and they have heard at the statements coming out from the ministry of defense here back to say that they had been several violations from jeremy inside according to the ministry of defense the armenians trying to get back into food and your brain which i choose a region southwest of nagorno-karabakh south east rather of nagorno-karabakh that as ury's claim basically under their control now and now we're hearing also some news of the sit still also to ministry of defense of some shelling going on
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furder north in the region of back so certainly people are following that they say that they have been the victims of an attack that happened during a supposed cease fire that was a 1st ceasefire that was also brokered by russia a little more than a week ago so they don't believe that this one will actually hold bernard smith is an armenian us capital you're of on with more. there isn't a lot of optimism the ceasefire will hold but there is a lot of pressure on the political leadership here in armenia because of the losses in the casualties that they are suffering now 675 dead armenian fighters that's the latest figures from the defense ministry and they're losing territory to azerbaijan armenia is losing territory that it is controlled since the end of the war in 1994 that is territory between the go on a karabakh and azerbaijan that armenia says it needs as a buffer zone
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a security zone between the years areas and those living in karabakh though that area supposed to be talked about in the last 26 years over talks overseen by moscow paris and washington d.c. but nothing's happened i mean is there a say they've had enough and that is why with turkish support trying to take this part of this militarily and they accept succeeding in doing so i mean you're also says today that with this ceasefire it tried to reach an agreement with the azeris and the red cross to arrange for the handing over of wounded soldiers armenia says that even this. areas have rejected this prospect of this option we haven't heard any response from these areas yet. thousands of protesters have gathered in the thai capital bangkok for a 5th day they have been rallying in defiance of my government ban they're calling for the prime minister to stand down the monarchy to be removed to be reformed excuse me and
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a new constitution police warned will respond to any acts of violence. in a n. zer voting in a tense election that follows months of unrest nearly 5000000 eligible voters are choosing between 12 candidates including the incumbent president alpha condé and his longtime rival down and yellow. voting is underway for the presidential runoff in the self declared republic of northern cyprus turkey backed prime minister erson tar is running against incumbent president mystified in favor as reunification of the south a u.n. arms embargo on iran has expired after 13 years it was listed as part of the 2050 nuclear deal with world powers the us withdrew from the pact in 2018 and its voice strong opposition to any easing of sanctions there remain in foreign minister divides the reef welcomed the development calling it a win for regional peace and security. today to the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera world is coming up next.
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a. home story started around christmastime in 2002. and i asked an old friend sue hayes cudi. in jerusalem if he could help me.
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to find a woman who can scan sing lullabies on this album. he said there is one woman that you should meet her name is it him down. i'm sure she can sing beautiful a lullaby for you. and we went with his small blue car up the hills to galilee i had never heard about him but not before. i had no expectations except that i trusted so hated because he is a friend he knew his sense of quality i met him and she was there with her 2 twins they were babies and we went into a small room where it was quiet not we couldn't hear the traffic from outside of her small flat in the bedroom where i sat down and she sat on a chair and i put my microphones there the father took care of the twins and she
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was going to perform the 1st little boy and that was a moment i never forget. it really touched my heart deeply when she started to see you all there. at that moment.
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and i had the recording became beautiful and of course it's on this album that that we made that is called the advice from the axis of evil. and. after we came i came home i recorded one more song of rims and we compiled this song ya'll and mark why lie. to our luck with the deer with the coyote but i mean this and the reach and sing it who made it you have to get to believe on this song and when you least expect soon afterwards. there's still a mile all slow i'm a bad. lot but in there as say i make the shuffle in a few modernist mattie him better finally how well is she still a mile
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a mile it's men nor you have but you can guess at that as c.d.f. had no matter. as you. as. we had already worked for 5 years together but no she wanted to make
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a children so she said to me that my 1st album in palestine was a children's on. and i'm famous for singing children's saws she complained about the quality of those 1st albums the recordings were not so good so she wanted to rerecord all the salts on the new album and then we made a prelude blossoms which is her children's of them and her idea was to bring these songs into the refugee camps in and around palestine and i got the sense of port again from the norwegian church aid to do so and they are. made it possible for us to print a number of copies and to go together with him to refugee camps to give them for free to the family for us. was. our.
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last. week. in terms. of. the. beat. down. beat. down. by that guy this is our francisco a singer songwriter dreams of making a mock. although. a world away a famous you tube artist works in secret. of
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a chill connection spark some magical collaboration. presenting princess shore. witness on al-jazeera. in countries like mine people have been killed. we in the united states have privatized the old public function for this was a deal with saudi arabia things were done differently saudis and other arabs when they came to britain for being told to help the path bombs deal's off you will rumsfeld was meeting saddam isn't that interesting there are a shadow on al-jazeera. 'd held for. over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied their right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent mahmoud hussein his crime journalist. to demand more new truths and boy solidarity with all
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detained journalists sign the petition. 'd free news saying. you are the. this is al jazeera i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a 2nd ceasefire which began just a few hours ago more than $700.00 people on both sides have been killed during nearly 3 weeks of fighting protesters are once again gathering in the thai capital bangkok where thousands have been rallying in defiance of a government ban they're calling for the prime minister to stand down reform of the monarchy and
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a new constitution tony chang is at those protests in bangkok. they have showed very clearly that they can still extract the numbers off that the crackdown on friday night where the police used a riot over the riot police out to use. as a cannon with chemical laced water in scenes that i think surprised many thais. but they are still coming out they came out yesterday despite the fact that a lot of public transport was shut down and central bank of the same thing happened today. the police repeated the threat that anyone turning up at these protests would be arrested and charged get a n. zer voting in a tense election that follows months of unrest nearly $5000000.00 eligible voters are choosing between 12 candidates including the incumbent president alpha condé and his longtime rival selu del and yellow. holes have opened the middle of the presidential election security forces have been deployed in anticipation of
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possible on rast an election last year plans bolivia into a political turmoil president ever moralist did win the vote but resigned and went into exile shortly after allegations of alex oral for all of the. un on zimbardo on iran has expired after 13 years it was lifted us part of the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers the us withdrew from the pact in 2018 and its voice strong opposition to any easing of sanctions there raney and foreign minister zarif has welcomed the development calling it a win for regional peace and security for millions of migrant workers in india who suffered during coronavirus lockdowns have received a special tribute at a hindu festival an artist in kolkata designed a migrant themed marquee to recognize the workers who lost their jobs in cities and were forced back to their villages the news hour is up in 30 minutes time it's back
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to al-jazeera world next. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to school supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatment and a vaccine working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the woods and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.-h. and making a healthy a world. for you. for everyone. i
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i'm out of the room to listen in fun name call something funny because they is above out and saying almost seedy. then it was a. mendoza. and he. said to me things at the end of the in the i'm not a one man dog bit although i was the odd i love a little can't be down but numbers can equal bad. be a financial stock about an ordinal fought off unless it is iata 11 adults tend to down big numbers but see the full band how the then young enough shots of. the philosophy of them and then with don't them show up on the log on to bed early what o.c.i. close thought ikea was the art of. the of can the theater. with
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good. because. you i miss you from the crowd of my whole. name can buy for. us and ask if you can reconstruct how they are. and have. was had i. have bet the winters are. gonna to fall on. like in one of the following list that will enough see now that i. seen that shit line the last year i will let. alone would feel now how it. is highly hard to top it off vietnam their large number now. they are
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me and i've not had. another thought. i. mean i didn't as and. with beer. beer. with a candle it's like the laurel of. bodies or if you sat on the. limb and be and. notice how the shaft in the middle of the sadhana 30 allam to come up that actually daddy in the battle of the lamps out on. it allows us to funnel steam settle down deals is just.
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a little moment all me to learn how. i shined a hamster the half. had the feel of it all in one column. and henry libby atilla the hardest deed to him stud deal harmed with her live feed. that mash up when had the matter. of me have a model for limb of the law training her with the law to know the number. one in more than as yet be fairly. here and those. are. then we can arrange to seth and i want my money in the who won't if you use him how the machine into. your fight and your poems and the way you performed them will be
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an inspiration for new generations of palestinians and people from many countries in the world everywhere the fight for freedom goes on. your memory will remain in power and peace forever through your songs and through the example you show to all of. these that i wrote and i signed it to be your true friend and i made i asked bill us onto g.-d. to. i know she bit.
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me. 2
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and like i want to know how to catch one of their. paths. how do you think their behavior. but i have. family i think that i'm. going to have hokum our day when my how. no i am a little somebody he can't clear. the stand if it's another book or truck over and i. remember. for stuff like. fish just hadn't been. for the of. the. nagaland i am mammals would lead one to live a fulfilling the finance bill equal and bob in the but has no see if you will see
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it or his momma when he make the law i was a butler see mr vickie with the thing that got the queer you missed me when nothing on the lookout was. college in that city. and. stranded at 8 long years on the su is canal. creating their own community and economy the washing up president bush used to go when you al-jazeera world tells the tale of 14 cargo vessels accidentally caught up in the arab israeli conflict it was quite
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a surprise to find myself in russia in the middle of a war through the sailors whose ships survived the desert sand it's the yellow fleet on al-jazeera. hello a southerly wind is blowing up more on top to cast through patagonia and eventually towards europe where you don't see much there but you will pick it up 1st of all this breeze this big circulation is as high pressure in the southern hemisphere this is a cold front going north was there we've had hard temperatures near a quiet government here 21 today and santiago as well but they're both about to be
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knocked back a bit because this cold air is coming up behind the cold fronts a month ago gets briefly warm as you can say but focus wise way back down to 30 you have just 22 says quite a big change in the atmosphere north of that still quite warm in essence yarns are representing paraguayan and there are plenty of showers there are 2 in west of brazil up in the caribbean gulf mexico this sort of area we might have something developing chest up here that could end up being hurrican epsilon but for the time being going to master pratt over the palmers which should turn into quite heavy showers potential flash flooding in bahamas southern florida and cuba and possibly further satyrs well in the u.s. but a touch of winter is going to snow in new england and also in minneapolis the air is colder but not severely so just yet.
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vying for the code did not take kindly asian americans suffering an epidemic of violent attacks and abuse. one to one east meets the new generation fighting back on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. live. there watching the news hour live from the headquarters in doha i'm debbie navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of lives lost in 3 weeks of fighting with a shaky new truce be respected by azerbaijan and armenia. the legal protesters in thailand defy police threats to shut down anti-government
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demonstrations the prime minister is offering a way out it's. a tense election in guinea on.


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