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tv   Al Jazeera World Suez The Yellow Fleet  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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on al-jazeera i want you to know our day she is going to defeat is terrible china virus as we call it there is no place for hate in america you are feeling great out of about your worry mask is not a political statement it's a scientific recommendation the final presidential t.v. debate live on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera nigeria's largest city is under a 24 hour curfew in a bid to end the week some protests the indefinite restrictions in lagos came after a police station was torched and demonstrations against allegations of brutality there very nearly 2 weeks of protests against a controversial police anti robbery group which has since been this found that often addresses in the capital of. a lot of people are not following it especially
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in the lucky zone this is home to millions of people we understand that there are pockets of protesters still on the streets protesting and demanding that the demands be met and there is also a very very serious traffic jam on that road it's usually a very difficult situation at this point in time when people close and work but it's made worse by the destruction of course by protesters on the streets of lechi and violence we've also heard from the president of the senate asking the president to please address the nation apart from that there is information coming out of equities still in southwestern nigeria which. declares of 24 hour curfew beginning from 10 pm local time and this is a state where a week ago schools resumed and now only in the day the government announced that
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schools will be shut and then a few hours later they're now talking about imposing a 24 hour curfew in the state so we expect to see more of these measures being taken by state governments earlier the capital here has and now wants to ban on street protests however that did not stop the protesters from carrying out their protest on the streets of a buddha the fiance of murdered saudi journalist. the saudi crown prince in the u.s. the lawsuit alleges mohamed bin sound man ordered has killing at the saudi consulate in istanbul 2 years ago shipwrecked hansie is in washington d.c. . there seem to be 2 main goals as was suggested in what we just heard that is one to get a court determination in the us saying that mom had been solomon was directly responsible for jamal khashoggi death but also to get more information about the death there's still so much that we don't know we do know that authorities in the
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us of made the determination that muhammad been summoned had bought some direct responsibility for the death of jamal khashoggi but what is that information the u.s. government isn't releasing it and so what they're hoping is that in the discovery face of this phase of the civil lawsuit more documents will have to be produced by the u.s. government other governments around the world as to exactly what evidence they have which led them to the conclusion that there was as official responsibility for jamal khashoggi death and they feel that they have jurisdiction here in the u.s. to push the civil suit because of the that there is the victim's accountability act i believe it's called which which allows allows for us and all u.s. citizens in the u.s. to file civil suit in u.s. courts against those working for a foreign government deemed to have been committing torture when all other local remedies have been exhausted but also because they say this was a plan that was hatched and actually carried out on u.s. soil that that the efforts to lure jamal khashoggi to the consulate in turkey
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happened on u.s. soil and this was to have an impact on the political discourse in the united states because democracy if you had just set up his organizations they feel that they have standing and they filed they filed the suit. google says it is considering filing challenges to a u.s. government competition lawsuit the country's justice department says the tech giant thankful to be broken up accusing it of maintaining a monopoly over online searches and that for tyson. around 3000000 people in one of britain's largest cities will be moved into the country's tightest level of coronavirus restrictions on friday but manchester's move into tear sri rules comes this fight the prime minister failing to agree a funding package with of regents male those are the top stories it is stay with us al jazeera world that is coming up next that i'm going to have more news for you and half an hour thank you for watching by. 'd the.
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was having an experience which i'll never forget i was 19 years old at the time. and it was quite a surprise to find myself in russia in the middle of a war the front seat literally. numbers weren't there but the parents i worry don't know i. know there's a worry in times really it was a worrying time for us. not knowing and. if when when we're going to get out and it was very worrying for the parents as well or you know. their sons or husbands and all that was going to come out because of the way the war was going but once it was over there's just a waiting game. during this conflict there was a bit of anxiety because if you're in the middle of a war trapped there you don't really know which side accidentally could hit your
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ship so it's quite scary times and it wasn't a glorious place to be obviously with when you see a conflict like that and you watch it on the televisions or on the television or film wall. glorious book to be honest it is not it is completely horrific. we don't know if the israelis are going to push further from where they stopped on the sinai side further into egypt well we don't know alls we know is way stuck in there like trapped animals. what would happen who knows. nobody could tell us. that's what we have to live with. it wasn't a present as you were no way but you you couldn't go anywhere couldn't do anything . just to carry our. hearts and.
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opened 150 years ago to connect the mediterranean with the red sea the suez canal is a remarkable engineering achievement. however one a vent in the storied history of suez remains largely untold how in 196714 cargo ships unwittingly sailed into war not to emerge but another 8 long years. those manning the ships were neither prisoners nor hostages most came and went every few months but they did succeed in building a baritone community like no other. with their ships left in splendid isolation and unable to leave the suez canal bay stablish their own unofficial micro nation complete with traditions sporting competitions and even postage stamps. they try to make the best of the
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situation in the great better late a particularly wide section of the canal so-called because of its high salt content . the merchant seamen were not remotely experts. on the conflict into which they landed theirs was a world of engines and curves and ropes navigation was their strength and war was alien to them yet they found themselves surrounded by the bitterest of enemies in a confrontation that was none of their making. as months turned to years their cargo ships became covered in fine desert sand which from a distance gave the flotilla a distinct yellow color as a result of the vessels became known as the yellow fleet. and now mr new city immense.
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stood on its fight off its year host of ships north and. of to your tent and you must start. north soon. to preach much as mccord's jihads cries of off on a 9 indian on from the near in. ones or let staff. in mission as a continent confront dollars and bid on $980.00 who has come out. 5 to 8 inter chief dive or home from karachi. the last ones old mina aden yemen or noid and petroleum name was a branched off name diesel fuel oil on an involved and a target before you. become bia for my getting. industry.
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good kind will go to the front of his old vida fonda djibouti. descend in dish dryer as can bogart. in djibouti no truly on a cause of god to shrug it off to borrow. one viewer must know off. before via bunch of to come. become bunch of judeans and. what's worse doing as well as cannot find. this a bit as. in djibouti muslims are not merely conscious. out to. my name is shawn dring i was an able seaman on
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and the poles. which was a british cargo ship which predominantly sailed to australia new zealand from the u.k. . taken general congo there i'm bringing back vegetables fruit meat back to the u.k. was basically wrong. on this particular journey. we had been out. to australia and. back for the united kingdom. we left fremantle to cross the. indian ocean and come in through aden. they cannot. when we arrived at the.
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southern end. the vessels were more outside on a convoy of 14 ships would commence the next day 1st slice through a little bit a lake and then we would progress the journey through to port site which is roughly a 24 hour journey on not mourning. on the convoy began to move into the base a late. this was the cold war a time of great tension between the superpowers of east and west rumors intelligence and espionage with occurrences of the day. and on the 13th of may 967 soviet intelligence warned of an imminent attack by israel the attack they said might begin on the syrian front where israel had assembled troops.
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egypt which at the time had a defense agreement with that syria now lies prepared for battle. these were extremely tense times in the region a decade earlier in 1956 research crisis had seen israel invade the sinai peninsula part of egypt in a conflict that drew in the world's major powers. a large number of egyptian ground forces across the suez canal and dug in of the sinai peninsula israel's response was to put its own army on to a state of alert. 11 years later on the 22nd of may 967 egypt closed 2 israeli ships access to the straits of tiran a strategic waterway leading to the port of elat in the south of israel. the next
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day in egypt also close the entrance to the gulf of aqaba to all ships carrying the israeli flag as well as to international oil tankers bound for a lot of the rhetoric between both sides ramped up and war appear to be imminent. but to crewman on a brief supply stop in aden now part of yemen the geopolitics of the middle east. we're not uppermost in their minds. on the way home from the far east we bunkered we stopped in aden and bunkered there to pick up fresh water in oil and we picked up some supplies there as well. during this time the 6 engineer and i decided we were asked the chief if we go ashore just for a last minute bit of shopping before we go into the suez canal and at the red sea. as a result of that we were on shore and we met
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a couple of british soldiers marines and they were on patrol and they said to us i think you to a better get back to ship because it's going to kick off around here we didn't really know what that meant so we went back to the ship. anyway we finished bomb queen in aden with the oil and water and supplies and we headed up the red sea i think it was before we went up there at sea or join this time we had a meeting with the ship's officers and the captain and they knew something was going wrong but they said should we carry on they took a vote whether they should carry on up to the suez canal or turn around and go back round. the bottom end of africa however where my personal vote was carry on.
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hour from. off to my not immortal resident. less than a month afterward sipping was barred from the straits of tiran israel launched a series of attacks on egypt and positions triggering the $96076.00 day arab israeli war which drew in not just egypt but also syria and jordan it was monday the 5th of june 1967. i was on the watch when all of a sudden we had an amazing noise of
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a jet engine and as we looked up. we seen a formation of sri fighter planes coming across from the sinai side just above must fight and flew between ourselves the last 4 ships to sri planes crossed they immediately climb to high altitude and as we looked at them they began to do what we now know was a means of blowing up the wrong way at the airport or the air force base.
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we could see it was less than a mile and a quarter way out than oculus we watched the jets bombed a long ways 1st and then they israeli warplanes which were parked all by the anger's was then attacked those 3 awful nation of 3 israeli jets one state dropped their payload they came back across just towards sinai again again very very low on must high seas and then across battle the sinai no sooner had they gone done another wave of survey came in and did exactly the same and we watched these formations over the next. a couple of dollars every 4 minutes 5 minutes they would be common across do an option is what's damages sacred
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to the egyptian air force base which they literally obliterated. oh all. while the war was going on who. we just just saw everything that was going on because it was only a mile from the airport so we saw the planes we saw were very thick so let me know at times we stayed out on deck and we was just watching the the battle going on shore saw it round rand is mayor and the surrounding areas we
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watched her with a trace of bullets code red bullets we could hear water like the explosions gharyan and also but the catalyst there was said to us you know you play should be careful so we still watched it so we really didn't sleep much when i was 6 days. 6 days after the war began mr aziz ceased israeli tanks and troops attacking egypt's sinai peninsula reached this it was canal israeli troops stood in the eastern side of the waterway gyptian forces were massed on the western side in a standoff that gave both control of traffic on the canal. the egyptians reacted by
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closing the suez canal their goal was to physically prevent israel from having access to the canal so all ships were scuttled to make the canal impossible passenger ships would be allowed to complete their journeys but cargo vessels could go no further than the great better lake there they were instructed to drop anchor and wait for further developments this decision brought together 14 ships of different flags for british 2 west german 2 polish 2 from sweden. friend one czechoslovakia and one bone garion and an american vessel war and politics and wittingly assembled the young fleet. we became trapped because we. very soon afterwards within a matter of days that a dread of been sunk it seemed to us training open or close on it at the northern
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entrance and as we understood it the that probably done the same thing to the south of us so the idea of us making in the scape something like that sunny to the south seemed too good to know that there was probably no possibility whatsoever. there was news subtle enough a geisha as there was no indefinite no telephone tone and like that and it was days the only thing that we had was that the mean ship's radio but you could communicate all over the world with. that business logged out by the egyptian authorities to stop us using that because let's face it we could possibly have sent in a lot entered nation as to what was going on so we bombed allowed to do that and to
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stop us from doing the we had a policeman and boarded ship and his job was to look after the interests of the egyptian authorities and ensure that we did not use the trade you. shortly after we were there the captain of our ship thought we do need to get in touch with these other people and he made it his business to get in the lifeboat because the light boat was our taxi we lowered the ship's like guy who got in our taxi and went right to all the other ships and suggested to those people where to make the best of this up we possibly can. and the all agreed that this would be a really good idea from following on from that then they came up with another a number of unique ideas as to why they could best improve life for everybody on the lake. when if the lifeboats manned by one of the officer aboard the ship went to the israeli side and i think that they were taken assured by the israelis and
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sent back to london so at all costs we stead of the israeli side but there was an occasion and the early days when women died that a memo came from the egyptian side to say that any of fish any of the boats sailing side the perimeter of the ships in the canal will be shot upon. couple of months past we've been told that the international red cross were trying to talk to both parties egyptians and the israelis. about what they could do for the crews who were trapped. the captain had decided that if we could keep push kalitan crew on board. then the rest of the crew could be repatriated. and the egyptian authorities and the israelis authorities
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allowed an air corridor or from athens through to cairo. i was one of the skeleton crew of the young man i was 20 was a seaman an old captain's function that. any advances that they can now would open we just needed sufficient crew to man the vessel and take it out to port side on the mediterranean side. i didn't really. understand or appreciate what the dangers nice of being at that point i just saw all ok and he only started on up on no money to i haven't got children or older you know yet it should be me that stays here for forever or however long it takes for this conflict to end i had no idea it was going to end up the way it did.
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as the guns fell silent what to do with the 14 cargo ships stranded in the middle of the canal became a problem that neither egypt nor israel was willing or able to resolve. the sailors on board seemed destined to be power minutely marooned in this isolated desert waterway communication with the outside world was tightly controlled with radio calls restricted to medical emergencies. the ship's owners made a decision to rotate the crews so after 4 months or more each merchant seamen would be replaced even though there was little work to do apart from basic maintenance all the sailors continue to receive their food wages.
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coming up in part 2 the yellow fleet crews devised different ways some quite ingenious to improve conditions on board. the we had a lot of big games being held in mexico $968.00 a thing and so the polish ships decided to of a many a lympics and of course they are gonna start that whole off all sorts of things. he began with war and to put it just here i got shot i felt all i felt like i was that a documentary filmmaker once granted unconditional asylum contrasts his experiences with those seeking refuge today and intimate you know of the consequences of the policies of to tanks is really unnecessary and all this misery they cannot absorb this number that people have to suffer and in this way it is
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a loss of refugees tail on out to 0. remaining eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera nigeria's largest city is under a 24 hour curfew in a bid to end weeks of protests the indefinite restrictions in lagos came after a police station was torched in demonstrations against allegations of police brutality the country's police chief has also ordered the media the ploy meant of anti of riot police squads across all of nigeria their video of the 2 weeks of
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protests against the controversial police and t.v. robbery group which has since been disbanded after an address is in the capital of . we understand that there are pockets of protesters still on the streets protesting and demanding the demands be met and there is also a very very serious traffic jam on that route it's usually a very difficult situation at this point in time when people use that word earlier the capital here has and now wants to ban on street porters however that did not stop the protesters from carrying out their protest on the streets of a buddha. the fiance of murdered saudi journalist. suing the saudi crown prince in the u.s. the lawsuit alleges that mohammed bin salomon ordered killing at the saudi consulate in istanbul 2 years ago the lawsuit claims that murder was ordered to stop the washington post journalist from speaking out for democracy in the middle
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east. google says it's considering filing challenges to a u.s. government competition lawsuit the country's justice department says the tech giant may need to be broken up accusing it of maintaining a monopoly over online searches and advertising a california based firm says the lawsuit is deeply flawed it says people use it because they want to not because they're forced to. around 3000000 people in one of britain's largest cities will be moved into the country's tightest level of coronavirus restrictions from friday but manchester's move into tears 3 rules comes to spite the prime minister failing to agree a funding package with the region's mayor meanwhile italy's prime minister has ruled out a national lockdown as cases rise there but 3 regions have already added new measures. why there's a top stories al-jazeera world continues next that i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in just under half an hour i hope you'll join me then apply here
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the yellow fleet was a convoy of merchant ship stranded in the su is cannot but the 967 arab israeli war to survive their crews lived in the cargo of food this ships were carrying. we dead another bundle of things that we all of edible stuff that we heard us cargoes on the ships remember the ships came from all of the funny stuff. that come from you know vietnam hong kong full of pins that come from a shell here in the world loaded with all sorts of goods and about the same time as i was there out of the companies the ship that said look the whole this cargo is going to be a construct of total loss it will not be used again you know those things like
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robot and t. i mean there's thousands of tons of tea and cases of the there's thousands of tons of rubble and bales of all of that but the stuff that was. good for us in the canal we were told that we could use so we had other ways snoop around and in the hutchinson we had found all sorts of books is full of clothes you know like some one of the ships had been to vietnam and it was full of photos and prolongs the shelley and chips they were all full of frozen meat can alarm and stuff like that so we didn't go we didn't go short with this you know the way they were all the stuff was handed dry and bellyache you know so that was really no problem at all when. if your ship if you was on. the american ship as an example and you
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didn't have any fresh fruit because you could get skinned scabby if you don't it and then the issue is you're stuck in this ship in the middle of the lake with the song belt down all the time so your captain would have spoke to my captain and said look can you send some can you give me some of your cargo because we can't miss it's about sustaining life so we will go and open the hatches down below open the fridge is get out for carcasses of lamb go and open the fridge goes to where all the apples weigh it 4 boxes of apples on it pays to get them all. canned fruit you know which have been produced in australia in camden nj to ship it back to you to europe till you get. a lifeboat would be down in the water basically to its goals what we would put in to take to your ship to give you
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and then you would want to thank us for that. so you would say well look the only thing i go is whatever take that back. and that should change you can change. your mind on the can all after a couple years they yet cargoes within the holes of the ships was deteriorating and in particular on the ships had to come from australia they had they had frozen food disk it was costing a lot of money every day to keep the phasers going to keep the stuff coal they also had lots of things like poles and children and they realised that you know there was a limit as to how long they can afford to keep this these these color goes beyond
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reasonable condition the dead atsic far a mission to try and ship those are colossal on the daleks ondrea and get them shipped from there but there i understand that they actually authorities would not follow the dolphin. so the decision was made to try and get rid of that stuff we had there with no option but to dump a lot of the side special fed the fish if nothing else you know. as munster did 2 years maintaining those ships became increasingly difficult temperatures in summer would touch 50 celsius while winter desert nights could be bitterly cold engines needed to be regularly serviced ready for the eventual day
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when the ships would be released fuel supplies were also limited with no prospect. of replenishment. the far more throws a. shift in stunt. that motivates on my vehicle was law on the voyage on the thus far as i was governor so if i'm striking father 'd on the other. the little bit of use of a shift in stunt. my father gave me ones of either. the most amount of test of muscle i can. the so will sit on the also for the job at all for those of us on the ballot helps at least. on the end descends on figure living as on some calm. victory for the machine it doesn't leave just one then the how's the form
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come to us of a thus far the 50 say oh it was a very heated moment i'm odd and i go. i'm saying if on the part of i'm going to be mostly the mother if the months i get outside i'm still does i'm going to the a cut in the house the phone then that come out of a snow. my responsibilities and board the ship were to ensure that all the electrical apparatus and electronic operatic on board the ship was kept and 1st class working order because we expected to be either sick and anyday. so had we gone to another port from the canal the ship's deck officers would have expected all the electronic equipment electrical equipment to unload the cargo so even though we were in the
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canal i still had to do what we then called routine duty to ensure that everything was checked that it was working and it was in good order. with little to do apart from maintaining the vessels the crews could only look on at events around the. israelis continue to occupy the sinai peninsula and despite a widespread condemnation from the international community showed no signs of leaving. over the next 3 years clashes continue to east of the canal some involving aircraft and heavy artillery along the ceasefire line in the sinai both sides suffered casualties in what became a political stalemate. at this time the suez canal remained closed to all traffic in both directions. while heavy clashes continued
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in the region east of the canal the world was focused on global politics the cold war was at its height and the fate of 14 ships stranded in a white section of the su is canal was not an international priority. the plight of the yellow fleet had slipped off the news agenda months dragged on and the 14 ships remained a dying company great britain make the crews realise that their best option was to create a spirit of international cooperation and a stark contrast to events in the wider world friendships were formed as well as the great to better and make association which. we were very much a community because there were only 27 people on board our ship and many of the other ships had we just screwed like that the company didn't have a full compliment which would have been about 70 personnel on board a ship but we were down to 28 though it was necessary then to make friends with all
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the other ships with the american ships and the swedish ships and the polish ships and the other british ships so it was very important that we got in touch with then and made a good relationship with them. not long after the ships arrived they stopped at us but the call that they got it but only association the concept was developed by one of the masters of the blue funnel ships and the muscle of the swedish ship cholera and they thought this would be our good idea to set something up for the welfare of the crews and just give them something to do. i was contacted by mr jim starkey who was
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a captain on at one time on board the port of a cargo and he suggested that we all should get together to form a group called the great better lakes association. which i was very happy to join and in joining that i got there a nice tie with a little lanka round it in the 14 ships which were very proud of and i got a badge for my car and regular correspondence from all the people who'd been in the lakes at that time. anyone could join the g.b. ellie anyone who went to the canal and indeed over the years i must have been like about a 1000 people who had been out there. and they were all invited to join the g.p.l. that was diplomats and those agents of us all sorts of people you name them a lot lots and lots of the media crews come out to have to interview and especially
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with senior politicians and then the senior politician has created good did time for us to cana. have a horror of the other things that we didn't like can things that both like to see changed a damned these questions nobody went to the head a government and you can look it up we got an unsound from a lot so and so a lot since you know it was quite good not to speak to. the g b l a continued through the time that their ships were stuck in the canal and those whole sorts of things organized via through that medium we had a limp big games being held in mexico 960 to think and so the pool ships decided to of a many ellen pics and of course they are gone i guess that that whole lost hole saw something.
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below but as i feel like the i give my nod because i have the most of us mountain and thus the 10 through them gives out some of the. want to avoid it i will. i'm going to come on mom. from giving people hope you bosy good as a family of us others get them. that's what i was going. on for you did it's a fluke of the hero medallion. and the cup is about mythology not myth of the from the of the of of the humans a go none of you have one go under but there's money to be moved on up with the other tomorrow on the medallion given i'll supply goes on. to some people will
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remember i decided i was put on 3rd goat people not able. to put out in front of it. when they started this g b l e mail home with a little bit difficult at times for the crew on there developed some stumps the idea was that we did not belong to us real but didn't belong to egypt who had a community on a road and this was trying to set an identity we had a little in stamps and over the years it was hundreds of those stumps developed by the could use they were made initially just drawn by hand and the cadets on the ship would quit color them in their various colors with felt and bands would have a hand and after that they're not known my time we had we did them either on
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a piece of a little linoleum all we did them on like i don't know is a robot with a cut that they could stop them on to the ship and those stops were sent on to the mail going back to the u.k. and they became quite international a new one and i clicked item because of the fact that some of those stamps went just white america shelia all of them britain germany france using those stamps which were homemade we would never show any show off if the mail would go home just using those. so there's 2 other ways we did it we put on egyptian stamps as well along with our own stamps and the egyptian authorities would find those and send them on them gyptian postal authorities or we would put on a g b l e stamps and then give them to do a crew member who was going to germany and the states whatever and he would push
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them at home. fast forward 6 years egypt and syria decided to launch a 2 fronted coordinated attack to regain the territory they lost in 1967. the arab israeli war of a tobar $973.00 saw egyptian forces crossing the suez canal and re entering the
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sinai peninsula shipping companies had been denied access to the suez canal watched events unfold with interest. with egypt in control of both banks of the canal they saw positive signs that the waterway would after 6 years of closure finally be reopened. sailors in the 14 ships of the yellow fleet could only watch on hoping the canal would be reopened and their ships finally allowed to complete their journey however escape from their desert seclusion would take time engineers spent 2 years removing sunken barricades at both ends of the canal 80 years had also taken their toll on the ships and for the majority traveling under their own power would prove impossible only with the help of tugs and cranes could they be moved the exception was the 2 german ships on the 7th of june 1975 they started their engines set
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a northerly course and set sail for hamburg with their cargo of metal and minerals in doing so they set a record for the longest sea shipping voyage in history 80 years 3 months and 5 days. ship or digger. this. from an old when the hardware of the minster learned. of their not been mind these 1st in mind. to be divided ship so forth or below it and then by did visit some of. the seen can of them see if those male. niemand of them shift gears in. the radar in. the visits on the sun's thought. when the bomb most of. the
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new overpass. of the 5th again. nothis klein a poor father dies it made a forward star as he made it with that i mean if it were over because of the machine and spring of 05 or and or alice. a year. or newest bought or new or into god the new are it won't be a done. deal does the shift of fabio i'd've on by did. turn complet seachtain. work before he gave me tyrone does that ensue is going out for a game go to india sort of stuff over it and wonder and cindy visits the indian
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foreign visits room for the not been to in 50 minutes or learned. the different your listeners in the us from the of stand by giving. your number one on dancing via the could follow advantage of. these again making fun mention. in fun at. on the society of course is festivities in our lives and faced fit to be focal or vivid and for good reason. doesn't because after one hour says stores that has one so i'll buy it via the divine tryphena how is it part of. the list the new with the new. the new with the new. with.
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the it with. the. the. lunar. the the. the the. with the the with. the. with the. the. the the. the. the. little and the and.
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the. the. the the the the the the. when i come back whole they say. as can now never left my mind edwards says had such an effect upon me that it became part of my life the experience that i had on the lake and they carry it through every day every week and every year somewhere in my mind i would think all my time and it's those canals and mostly it is very very good at the experience for a young person of 23 years of age to be and such a dangerous environment. to turn the dangerous environment into one where we could
11:56 pm
have recreation and to a certain extent enjoy sounds voice an experience not to be missed and i would not mess been there so those cannot under any circumstances 2 either greatly to my life and i think it helped to make me as a person. from
11:57 pm
fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and in fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generation breastpin pioneering future energy. and i was more rain to come in western australia but not quite the sundry stuff
11:58 pm
that the satellite picture shows has recently been that now that's gone east now is falling apart is more cloud and disappointing but surveying occasional showers i think there was a strong even affecting perth a bit of the same in victoria but not very much more significant as in new south wales and then more so getting queen's and weather tend to edging towards brits been for the end the weekend probably the weekend as well the sun's come back out in melbourne or about 20 degrees by thursday in adelaide beachy by 6 those lights be running by the end of the day. there's a slow change of season in the north of china this is winter sitting here but it's staying a long way north at the moment and in the forecast topping gets you 16 degrees with rain as young sass was from the korean peninsula and then off shore most to china is still enjoying a bit of late summer early autumn warmth the temps in the low twenty's typically but there is cold air around harbin dropped to 6 degrees a high temperature long day now the wettest weather is in vietnam across in their
11:59 pm
charts the bay of bengal this circulation not kowtowing to a tropical psycho but it will produce a lot of right now for me and their future for bangladesh. when i think of my life i think of potential when i think of potential i think what it is not i think of young people literally taking control to the island and on being something that they come to. tell me it's impossible i think to the challenge . the reason the challenge that they're going to alex. my name is mendacious on and this is my jam. in my mind on al-jazeera. the latest news international crisis group but using the government that in danger in social media there's by allowing the exploitation of natural resources details
12:00 am
covering the borders of the new prime minister claiming there was. no doubt sacred soul of the stocks in from around the world yes a drought speak economic crisis right unemployment soaring nation and not growing empires that. the. the. al jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes curfews are imposed in 2 nigerian states in response to massive nationwide protests against police brutality. the fear and.


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