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president nicolas sarkozy will face trial and corruption charges will bring you the latest november onal jersey. at least 10 killed and dozens more injured after a bomb attack as a religious school and pakistan. however i missed on the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up strengthening ties with india the u.s. secretary of state seeks to close a military cooperation in the face of growing regional influence from china. in the. alley where any kind of virus is controversially sworn in as the newest
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u.s. supreme court justice shifting that court fat to the vice. and a surprise discovery on the moon how do you know war so it could be just the tonic for manned missions. and we begin in pakistan where an explosion has killed at least 10 people including children that blast happened at a religious school in the city of pasha at least 70 others were also injured well our correspondent as watching all those developments for us from the capital islamabad come on just tell us what happened here. well 1st of all it's important to understand that this particular attack took place just on the outer fringes of fish shot which hit the bridge at the provincial capital on ring road the explosion taking place and side march which also acts as
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a religious school at that time there were koran lessons that were underway according to preliminary investigations a person carrying a bag full of explosives walked in. time day wise we're told now with 5 or 6 kilos of explosives at that bomb going off during the lesson we're also told that the number of wounded is now over $100.00 most of the under treatment in what's printed in pre-show or particularly the lady reading such but there are and there are fears that the death toll could rise because some of these students who were badly wounded well kemal of course ariel say isn't a stranger to attack can you talk us through some of the context here. yes in fact. you could dollar bond.
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buy a bug it's gone. from. the army pushed them across the border into a vonage don and they have been involved in deadly. have the islamic state regain. their tribal regions along the border. to bring some of these that drag so it will be interesting to see where that they get dollar bond. but that of course would be dedicated to a group. splinter group of the day to get. to a very volatile situation for us watching developments from islamabad thanks come.
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on now 2 people have been killed after a car bomb exploded near an afghan special forces unit fighting is ongoing in the eastern city of cost afghan afghanistan's interior ministry says $25.00 others were injured in that attack including 9 civilians no group has yet claimed responsibility. now the u.s. secretary of state and the defense secretary are both in india seeking to boost military cooperation might pump aon market expected to sign an agreement expanding military satellite information sharing their stop in india as part of a 5 day asia trip aimed at strengthening strategic times to try to counter chinese influence there well let's speak to our correspondent elizabeth product she's in the indian capital new delhi for us is just a week out from the u.s. election compare an esper in india that really underscores the importance of this trip talk us through what's topping the agenda here.
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the importance of this trip also underscored by the fact that this is the 3rd time in 3 years and $28.00 team that the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are missing of the indian counterparts and it is defense that is very much top the agenda with defense deals being signed the 4th and final of a series of defense deals the last one which was outstanding has been signed between the 2 countries allows them to share high and military technology maps and sensitive satellites and now this is something that the previous congress government that was in power and india never signed because it was worried about giving up something of its strategic or ptolemy by doing so but the mo d. and trump administrations the ones that much closer. to see eye to eye more i think when it comes to defense and the decision to expedite this deal was made when prime minister when president trump rather was in india in february and analysts say
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given how much india is increasingly buying u.s. defense equipment especially for its if force it was only a matter of time before it signed this deal there's also talk of another deal on maritime security also being signed so this trip very much about solidifying the already strong defense relationship. plenty of talk of increased chinese influence in that area we've seen these heightened tensions over the last few months between india and china and in addition to that mr modi clearly has a raft of other challenges to deal with how is the u.s. message on china likely to be received over there. well it will be received very well here we had briefly from secretary of state who said that you know this is a great day for 2 great democracies to cooperate amid a pandemic and also to discuss what he called the chinese communist party's threats to freedom and security this signing this defense deal at
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a time of an all time low in relations between india and china you know the 1st deaths along the border in nearly 50 years and it's coming at a time when india and the u.s. also part of something called the quad alliance that involves its trade and japan and we've seen the announcement off upcoming naval exercises between the 4 countries the 1st military level engagement that's taking place between the 2 countries that's coming up shortly that's an alliance that really china is seen as a balance to china's power and pacific region it's one that china has accused of of using cold war tactics and as a india correspondent in new delhi with all the latest thanks so much as. main opposition party says 3 people have been shot dead by police during pre-election protests there they're reportedly killed on the island of pemba police
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fired tear gas and live ammunition at protesters who said ballot papers had been pre-marked ahead of the vote on wednesday when tanzania and the semi autonomous sounds about to hold presidential and parliamentary elections. now donald trump's pick for the u.s. supreme court justice has been sworn in any kind of back took the oath of office at the white house shortly after the senate confirmed her nomination her appointment gives that top court a large conservative majority and fisher has more. 30 days after her nomination him equally valid became the one justice on the u.s. supreme court they held an event at the white house. so. the initial ceremony was a super spreader event for covert $1000.00 with many attendees including the president contrite thing the virus that didn't deter president donald trump who wanted a political victory so close to the election this is a momentous day for america for the united states constitution and for the
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fair and impartial rule of law the speed of the process is upset democrats they say the choice of a new justice should have been left to the next president may win this vote but in the process you will speed precipitous decline of face in our institution our politics the senate and the supreme court you will give in already divided an angry nation. a fresh outrage the democrats tried to bring public pressure to stop the vote the argued there were more important things they argued that the republicans wouldn't even consider a democratic nomination for the supreme court in an election year 4 years ago but the reality is the democrats never had any real power to stop this nomination going through a lecture and have consequences and what this administration and those republicans for it has gone is an exercise of power that was given to us by the american people
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let me corny but it will replace justice ruth bader ginsburg who died last month her appointment solidifies a 63 conservative majority on the court but she insists she will not take her own views onto the court the oath that i have suddenly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences democratic presidential nominee joe biden says if he wins the election he'll look again at how did you decide branch of the american government operates we're just a group of serious voters of color from a number of ideas how we should proceed from this point on having no been sworn in just this county but it starts working immediately exactly what the republicans wanted alan fischer al-jazeera washington.
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home president donald trump's victory back in 2016 was due in part to an upset and they usually democratic states russia go now to win in 2020 he'll need to secure the voters in the larger counties there one of those the detroit suburb of mccomb county his home to mainly middle and upper class communities john hendren visited some of the voters there to find out what issues they're concerned about. mccomb county in suburban detroit is auto country it's also home to the reagan democrats who switched parties in 1980 to vote for ronald reagan and after voting twice for barack obama it switched again in 2016 devoted republican donald trump. mccomb county which sits between 2 great lakes lake huron and lake erie is scenic patriotic middle class and overwhelmingly white in the last election trump resonated here in 2016 pledged he would not cut medicare medicaid or social
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security very different from other republican candidates and i think that combined with a lot of his appeals to white identity politics really i think really appealed to a lot of people in mccomb county trump inspires tributes on land and water and a rare devotion among supporters to the greatest president we've ever had in my lifetime he has made so many promises and he's kept more promises that he's made which has never happened ever as i believe in his policies he's gotten the job done so far he's pro-life he's everything i believe in. the 2020 election will test whether he's still popular here despite the coronavirus and an economic collapse has democrat joe biden's campaign workers canvassed the county early drained out our camera for more he leads trump handily in recent polls what's changed is this mask. the epidemic here has been very difficult we have lost over
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a 1000 people to call that the president doesn't have a plan doesn't pretend to have one he wants more people to die joe biden will have a plan that will fix this code so that we can try and get back to normal life what has also changed is a growing political conflict within the state. democratic governor gretchen whitmer as aggressive pandemic response led armed protesters to force their way into the state capitol and it led to the arrest of 13 militia members who allegedly planned to kidnap or in trump has been fanning the flames you've got to get your governor to open up your state. for donald trump to win again in 2020 he will almost certainly have to win michigan and to do that he will likely have to win right here john hendren mckown county michigan. and in poetry of
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a serious touring some of those battleground states in america's midwest john hendren reports from ohio very much a swing state to find out what's measuring devices there that's wednesday right here on out is there. well still ahead for you. i warning from the wild health organization not to give up the fight against the coronavirus as the trump administration is accused of waving the white flag. had i was about to get stormy as i was in the eastern atlantic that massive cloud there is the remains of hurrican epsilon that will eventually turn itself into a real big storm and it will throw its weight against the british isles what extent is influence into much of western europe in the mean time snow that's already formed on the alps has stopped for the sun's come out might be good beautiful white
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ground in the rain or down 3 of your attic and focusing just south of italy and heading towards greece that could be a pretty vicious circulations ahead in towards athens for example on wednesday same times windy rainy for the british isles the low countries and france quite quiet for much of central and eastern europe and relatively mild in a good part of scandinavia but the snow maybe coming into norway or sweden but in the north athens forecast reflects that circulation so you got thunderstorms lucky on wednesday fairly windy as well least gusty was temperatures are still relatively high most of north africa is fine and dry you've still got showers in the gulf of guinea one or 2 in west africa but not that many the concentration this time the air is going south so we're talking about cameroon government but still a chance in the south of nigeria.
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frank assessments if american public opinion is betrayed by social media platforms after november what would be good because if you believe that there horowitz into our democracy one obvious solution is to break up informed opinions look at checkers don't go anywhere the protesters aren't going anywhere either it's ability to get revolution people to call in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. hello again i missed all that's remind you about top stories here this hour an
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explosion at a religious school in pakistan has killed at least 10 people including children more than 100 others were injured in the city of shelling. the u.s. secretary of state and the defense secretary are in india where they're expected to sign a military pact and sponsored a 5 day asia trip aimed at strengthening strategic ties to counter chinese influence. on the u.s. supreme court has a new justice barrett was sworn in after the republican controlled senate approved her appointment this means the top court now has a conservative majority of 6 to 3. the united nations is warning that the humanitarian crisis in yemen is getting even while with tens of thousands of children at risk of dying unicef says a 5th of children under 5 in southern yemen that's half a 1000000 are acutely malnourished the number of children in need of treatment has
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increased now by nearly 10 percent this year compared to last the u.n. says it's the highest level ever recorded in southern yemen and it's warning that 98000 children are at high risk of dying when we can speak to felipe to a male he is the unicef representative in yemen and he joins us now from sanaa felipe hall for a 1000000 children with acute malnutrition and that's just in the south that we often hear these aid terms used and i really want to have us to understand what does a cheat malnutrition look like in a child. well the show in the dudes noted recently in the job is just putting the i thought the after is. has also this ball expects own our own children that we usually talk about the $1000.00 gold fund that kind of start at the 9 months of pregnancy and all that nutritionists specially if you manage the senate that particular age. of all
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ready damage to the brain and to the cognitive capacity of the choice later on so it's absolutely terrible big not only puts a lot of children at risk of dying but really who is there to choke development the tremendous of course as you said. this silly that was just. published in the analyses that was just released showing creasing the increasingly anomaly trends of mentation in yemen with a 50 percent increase over the walls all sorts mathematician which is the. tradition and that's in the grease that's almost 100005 who even today they don't receive the oceans treatment our 3 score. 25 is also taking a look at some of the funding figures for yemen and i see as a value this month the u.n. has actually only received 1300000000 for yemen i mean that sounds like up and it's
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only 40 percent of what the u.n. said you needed last year it was 3600000000 that i know that food and health service has already been thrashed can you talk us through the impact that's all having there on the ground. no absolutely the lack of bonding has. been many many an assistance programs which were great seeing those who called police. many christians actually were in yemen of course to. placing a dangerous combination of staff which are new to me it's got it's incomplete and the economy. all these killings it's a very practical of course. factors that all need to be addressed as a package of itself mentioned to address the situation you have brought. and quantity of food. behind the community people this is like.
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a response to infection that and you. know immediate access to clean water institutions and you know. for instance all this combined with the lack of funding which doesn't like to be many programs has actually pushed an already extremely vulnerable population and it's those. to the point if i meet with the. turnout there the unicef representative in yemen we wish you all the best . from santa thanks for being with us here on out assassin. thank you very much. well it has now been one month since fighting broke out between armenia and azerbaijan a 3rd humanitarian ceasefire came into effect on monday but it's already in jeopardy the 2 sides have been fighting of the disputed territory of not gonna care about which is part of as a bridge on but controlled by ethnic armenians i don't have any reports from in
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getcha here in azerbaijan. it's here to cemetery that one feels the human toll of this war this man has lost his best friend for them it's a son husband and father who is gone and 1st had been a better more it's a neighbor she saw grow up. i come here every day to pray for them they became artist for us they're in the army to protect us there are villages we know them we've seen them and they died for us to stop the armenian occupation. this war has cost as eerie lives but it also has seen the army take back territory from armenian control at least 65 civilians have been killed so far this side of the conflict the number of soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield is unknown but with each day that passes the number increases and with the anger among people here but they're also proud of their army drones have given the years to
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azerbaijan's military was taking a huge toll on armenian soldiers this injured armenian volunteer came to pay respect to his commander and a commander son both recently killed in a drone strike. after treatment i'll go back because we have to continue our commanders unfinished business we have to defend our borders we are not attacking now we are defending the whole world sees what is going on i mean is says about a 1000 soldiers have lost their lives so far hundreds of rounds are fired in this direction on a daily basis here in azerbaijan this city. darter has become a focal point for me as fire power across the contact line similar scenes in a corner. but the war is also reaching those living outside of the conflict zone. the amiriya live and his wife were for it she was a piece of shrapnel from a round that landed nearby both from let choosing an occupied area which as it was
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john says its army is about to retake. you know. life was very good luck in spring was amazing the nature is beautiful we didn't need anything we grew our own food we were self-sufficient here life is very difficult i can't wait to go back but it's impossible to live together anymore they stole our lives we can't believe them anymore. they have been 3 attempts to impose a humanitarian ceasefire all have been unsuccessful the war has become a matter of survival for media and for azerbaijan it's about restoring a historical right good at that hamid al-jazeera. now the u.s. state department has approved the sale of more weapons to taiwan congress has a month to object to that deal for coastal defense missiles beijing has warned it will sanction any american companies selling weapons to the island at that it
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considers chinese now president trump is insisting the coronavirus will go away as he campaigns in key battleground states ahead of next week's election but cases continue to surge across the country and with no economic stimulus package in sight stock markets took a tumble on monday and gallica reports. with all eyes focused on the presidential election it's easy to overlook the economic suffering caused by the coronavirus pandemic in texas food banks like this one in houston seeing a sharp rise in the numbers of those in need of help voters may be out in record numbers casting their ballots early and many are dealing with more pressing issues and we've depleted our saving may have had to do with last week we taped over our light bill company because we can't afford to pay the light bill it was away from the reality of a crippling pandemic president trump continues to claim the us is turning
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a corner and the virus will soon be gone i had it and here i am is administration's facing sharp criticism louder now the trumps chief of staff conceded they are not trying to control the pandemic still with just days to go the president is urging supporters to make their voices heard get your friends get your family get your neighbors and get your coworkers and get that hell out of out play god you know what it's going to be all over the country not just adventure of it you know it's going to be a great read where there are a lot of god all of the show on wall street a metric the president often uses to point to his success stocks plunged investors fearing rising cases of covert 19 and inaction on a stimulus package to boost the economy a growing cautious over the past week the number of coronavirus cases is averaged
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close 270008 day in more than 20 states outbreaks a reaching record levels as winter approaches the messaging from both campaigns isn't changing the stakes are. full of vice president joe biden also in the crucial battleground state of pennsylvania says the president's covert claims are. dangerous and irresponsible the bottom are to now top is the worst possible president or possible 1st try to guess it is a pandemic i don't think you just tell your don't have any idea what to do or you just don't hear many of already made up their minds who is best to deal with the crisis and 60000000 voters have already cast their ballots the closing days of the campaign will see the candidates focus on battleground states that could decide who wins and a gallica al-jazeera miami florida now nasa says it's found evidence of more
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rain how does a caster has more on the discovery in a somewhat crazy and its significance. scientists already knew water is present at the moon's frigid pulls the could the hydrogen detected on the moon's sunlit surface also be water the answer yes was a surprise discovery made by now says stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy or sophia for short sophia is a modified boeing jet with a telescope aboard equipped to detect the chemical signature of h 2 a water scientists pointed sophia at the moon's largest crater visible from earth as a test what sophia saw astounded them. individual molecules of water by being on the phone but. if you were to gang up all those molecules of water it would be about well the water.
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hole. needed already huge big. lot of. flowing love wired and. nasa says this lunar water is nothing like the water on earth it doesn't pool because each molecule is incased in a protective shield possibly glass the finding comes from a brief snapshot here olding many new questions but the question is can astronauts women and men on the surface actually extract this water harder to get their inhabitants by perhaps the water molecules come from micrometeoroid or solar wind or maybe the moon has more water beneath its surface that emerge from promote will cain opes now says it's preparing to send drills with the next generation of rovers and in 2024 will send humans back to the moon before humans will be doing.
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it here all. the. frozen water known to exist on the moon's shadow surface is difficult to reach if the water on the moon's bright side is more easily accessible it may help sustain more human missions or even an outpost researchers say the next step is to use sophia to look again for longer and at a greater area and that the possibilities on the moon are tantalizing castro al-jazeera washington. address is al jazeera and these are the headlines an explosion in pakistan has killed at least 10 people including children the blast happened at a religious school in the city of pasha and more than $100.00 others were injured. in islamabad with more according to preliminary and rector gay.


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