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on and. if you want to help save the world. to your own. 'd the end. to a week to go until the u.s. presidential election and record numbers of americans are casting their ballots early in. the ad. to. play watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the battle also ahead a bomb blast kills at least 80 people and injures more than 100 others at a religious school in pakistan calls for peaceful elections in tanzania after violence and the arrest of an opposition leader in is ands of arms and sudan ethiopia and egypt are expected to restart talks on the controversial miles down
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projects that president donald trump warns could lead to military offerings. to the ad. with exactly a week to go before the u.s. election there's been a surge in early voting partly due to end despite the coronavirus pandemic more than 63000000 americans had voted by monday night stats 1000000 more than all early votes 4 years ago national polls are giving democratic contender joe biden a solid lead although it's a lot tighter in some battleground states but the coronavirus pandemic continues to overshadow the campaign infections a surging with some states concerned about the lack of hospital beds nearly half a 1000000 cases have been confirmed in the past week alone with more than 225000 deaths since a pandemic began stock markets in the u.s. so their biggest one day drop in a month on monday as concern. grose that failure to contain the outbreak will hurt
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speak anomic recovery a rescue package remains held up in congress with democrats and republicans deadlocked over the details and speak to committee how good our white house correspondent who joins us now live so one week to go kimberly into election day the polls opinion polls not looking good for donald trump what's his strategy with just 7 days to go. you know we know his strategy is to attack these so-called blue wall yet again what does that mean it means that in 2016 he flip states that typically have voted democrat those battleground states we always talk about and they voted republican so he's counting on that happening again and the signs are worrisome for donald trump in some of those battleground states where it shows that his rival joe biden the democratic presidential nominee has a lead so we know that dumb trouble believing the white house shortly he will be going to some of the midwestern states where he needs to win in order to win
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reelection for his part his rival joe biden the democratic presidential nominee started to fill somewhat comforted as his lead is continuing to be solid going into areas where there is a little bit of vulnerability including the u.s. state of georgia today that's where donald trump has made some headway with african-american male voters as so joe biden will be speaking to some of them in order to try and not only maintain the lead but also to make sure that some of those demographics that are so important to a democratic win state firmly in his category kimberly's 63000000 americans and counting have already voted early how will it change the voting poppins. well what we saw over the weekend and this is another worrying sign for donald trump is the enormous number of young people that are voting this time around as compared to 2016 when
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a lot of them weren't too excited about either candidate and stayed home but that's not what we're seeing this time not only is voting surging among the young demographic but most of them are reporting that they are leaning demographically or rather democratic so this is not good news for donald trump now we've talked about the impact of early voting and the krona virus somehow we've seen those numbers surging past 63000000 in terms of those early mail in ballots but now a lot of the in person voting starts this is critical for donald trump even if he's behind in the polls he is trying to keep up voter enthusiasm he needs his supporters to get to the polls in the next 7 days and the problem is where many of them are is where covert cases are rising in terms of infections thank you for that committee how cats live at the white house. well the u.s. president's victory 4 years ago was partly due to the upset in the usually
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democratic state of michigan to be reelected next used a donald trump will need to win in the states non-drug counties such as mccomb in the suburbs of detroit some of the voters there have been explaining to him just here is john hendren which issues on their mind. mccomb county in suburban detroit is auto country it's also home to the reagan democrats who switched parties in 1980 to vote for ronald reagan and after voting twice for barack obama it switched again in 2016 devoted republican donald trump. mccomb county which sits between 2 great lakes lake huron and lake erie is scenic patriotic middle class and overwhelmingly white in the last election trump resonated here in 2016 pledged he would not cut medicare medicaid or social security very different from other republican candidates and i think that combined with a lot of his appeals to white identity politics really i think really appealed to
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a lot of people in mccomb county trump inspires tributes on land and water and a rare devotion among supporters to the greatest president we've ever had in my lifetime he has made so many promises and he's kept more promises that he's made which has never happened ever as i believe in his policies he's gotten the job done so far he's pro-life he's everything i believe in. the 2020 election will test whether he's still popular here despite the coronavirus and an economic collapse has democrat joe biden's campaign workers canvassed the county early drained out our camera for more he leads trump handily in recent polls what's changed is this mask. the epidemic here has been very difficult we have lost over a 1000 people to call with the president doesn't have a plan doesn't pretend to have one he wants more people to die joe biden will have
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a plan that will fix this code so that we can try and get back to normal life what has also changed is a growing political conflict within the state. democratic governor gretchen whitmer is aggressive pandemic response led armed protesters to force their way into the state capital and it led to the arrest of 13 militia members who allegedly planned to kidnap or in trump has been fanning the flames you got to get your governor to open up your state. for donald trump to win again in 2020 he will almost certainly have to win michigan and to do that he will likely have to win right here john hendren zira mccomb county michigan and in part 3 of us harry storing some of the battleground states in america's midwest john hendren reports some ohio very much a swing state in 2020 to find out what matters to voters that's coming out wednesday on al-jazeera. in other world news a bomb blast in
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a religious school in northwest pakistan has killed at least 80 people more than 100 others were injured in the shower when a device was detonated as soon scattered forecasts that terri gave him the reports . up to 500 students were packed into this room when the bomb exploded. they were listening to a lecture by a prominent scholar at the jimmy is a very a religious school impish our could even start out a budget it was 8 o'clock in the morning the teacher was giving a lesson we just heard a big bang and all the students are running here and their. police say the bomb was hidden in an abandoned bag in the main hall pakistani and afghan students teachers and other members of staff are among the dead and injured several are in a critical condition police expect more faith tallaght. the injured were taken to the city's main hospital where relatives gathered waiting for news of. the attack
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comes days after pakistan's intelligence service wounded armed groups could target public buildings including religious schools across pakistan prime minister imran khan condemned the bombing. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack the pakistani taliban condemned the bombing and denied involvement the group has targeted schools mosques and the military since 2001 when pakistan supported the u.s. invasion of afghanistan starts out on good government runs. so they're. working. on the 1000 students were at the school when the bomb went off police say most of those killed were young people in their twenty's victoria gate and be al jazeera. the chairman of the african union is
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calling for peaceful elections to be held in tanzania as it prepares to hold presidential and parliamentary elections with the semi-autonomous islands of zanzibar late the lido zanzibaris main opposition party was arrested but has since been released and 5 people who took part in protests were reportedly shot dead by police they fired tear gas and 9 ammunition at demonstrators who say ballot papers have been pretty mocked ahead of the vote early i spoke to david makali who's an observer at tanzania elections watch he says is elections are far from being free and fair. possible of course the environment or the level or the group the playground her is not liberal 'd both in terms of the institutions which are governing or managing this election as well as the conduct of the security agencies are in the run up to the selection a lot over a period of the opposition have been constrained by the actions of the state
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through the police especially there is a been stalked movement of the main opposition leader to listen has been stopped a couple of times and this was a raise a lot of concern about the fairness of this election but most or the bigger question was the disqualification of a lot of the candidates that were participating in this election. from the position which has created a lot of fear that of course this election is not be fair and free is voting on the ballot semi-autonomous silent as well they're voting in a national election but also at the local level and we know that van de bar has a history of election related violence contested polls by the opposition in stand by also usually very very strong do you think the ruling party can succeed in taking control on the island well that of course is that is a have the ruling party and he's tried its best to control that particular island has happened every election i mean in 2000 the election was extremely violent and
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a lot of people. we're hoping that this time tomorrow there will be no violence but there are very serious indications that they could be well it's because the determination by the ruling party to take over the island when they are going to very strong opposition because actually that's where the opposition is strongest in this election. still ahead on al-jazeera. in a week and was there. any coney barrett is controversially sewn in as the newest u.s. supreme court justice shifting the court further to the right and we look at how this chinese online payment firm hopes to shatter records honest. hello throwed east asia things according down there is there are 2 extremes as one
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developing winter up in the far north east and in the south china sea as a tar figure which will probably catch the south coast a giant but in between the 2 far from a spreading finger of cloud rain which is coming to virtually nothing it's enjoyed will sunshine that the exception is going to be the north west coast of honshu and hawkeye there was snow on the mainland you get a cold check of wind coming in she's still 17 degrees in sendai and 20 odd in tokyo and that's reason was lower back through china as well but hong kong will catch the edges of the showers just certain from the south china sea until very sickly breeze sets in and then humidity drops a bit and the skies tend to clear now so the active in the south china sea there is a typhoon more of it's a big typhoon this one a major one moving fairly quickly it's going to make the coast of vietnam as a landfall in the dark hours and that's tonight and as it's coming in was such force and strong winds we've seen for a while now the damage is potentially quite high evacuations are taking place at
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the moment it'll fall apart during certain moods westwood's through thailand beyond that standard practice through malaysia and indonesia scattered thundershowers. since 2013 wish the world innovation summit for health has gathered health care leaders practitioners and researchers together to larry interact and engage with innovative organizations. this year wish will take place virtually under the banner of one world our health. register now at wish dot org dot q.a. .
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to the a to. welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera one week to go from the u.s. presidential election and a record 63000000 americans are already voted by the core of our spend demi continues to cast a shadow over the campaign with nearly half a 1000000 new infections recorded in the last week and to an explosion at a religious school in pakistan has killed at least 8 people more than a 100 others were injured in the city over the showering and the african union is calling for peaceful elections in tanzania police on the semi-autonomous islands of sanzenbacher importantly killed 5 people who took part in protests at m h ballot fraud ahead of wednesday's us. sudan ethiopia and egypt are expected to resume negotiations over
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a controversial dam project on the river nile after a 3 month suspension the african union mediated talks followed the us president's warning that the project could spawn military action from egypt ethiopia has accused donald trump of inciting war after he said egypt might blow up the dam ethiopia builds for grand renaissance dam on the blue nile which is the source of most of the nile's waters in egypt and sit down downstream depend heavily on it and fear that there was a surprise could be put at risk if you o.p.'s says the hydro power the dam will produce is essential for his economic growth our low is a senior lecturer in law at kiel university in the u.k. says dispute among the 3 nations should be solved without foreign provocation. the video new rule intervention by the u.s. president calling on egypt to blow up a very important national project in. a country. house to go to the
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commotion so the president also would love to who is also the chairperson of the african union announced it that is option all talks today the parties are talking there really the question of whether or not the sea countries in particular if you have been egypt would agree the kind of call outstanding issues depends again in way that of this this 2 parties negotiate in good faith and a spate of cooperation and the brotherhood the issues that are in dispute between the 2 countries that issue that of significant importance to bose both countries fields according to a discount of schedule the initial stage of the really being done without any reduction to the floor whatever but there are also other issues such as for example the nature of the argument between discounters he took a he's hesitant to enter into a binding agreement that is had since for example to have
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a dispute resolution mechanisms that is international it once for example and off we can debate disputes with the regime and that it gives once the time an orthopod position to sort of. a set of torah in that in the event of a dispute between the 2 countries. a united nations delegation has made its 1st visit to several camps in syria's italy province in years it follows a russian airstrike that killed at least 70 take us back rebels in the region on monday russia and turkey back opposing sides in the conflict a syrian special envoy at the u.n. is urging cooperation between moscow and ankara to end the conflict diplomatic editor james space 3 fourths from the u.n. the u.n. special envoy garr pedersen has told the u.n. security council he's worried about the situation in northwest syria where there's been a deterioration in the security situation with an airstrike it's believed it was
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carried out by russia on opposition fighters about 50 of them were killed and then retaliation from opposition groups who've been shelling syrian government positions he believes it could destabilize the situation where there has been for some time a shaky truce these dynamics can arrival the previous calm achieved through possibly russian turkish got gratian cooperation which already faces junctions given that joint patrols have remained stalled for all models i appeal to both russia and turkey to arrive to contain the situation there is one bit of good news coming out of it live and that's reports from the local media saying that there's been a visit by a un humanitarian delegation to the province the 1st of its type in 1000000 years however the humanitarian picture in the province in across syria is not good at all covert $900.00 cases going up winter is coming there's the fear of further shortage
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of food in the area and the u.n. says there's a problem of bringing in food a and medical supplies because there is now only one ortho rise to border crossing from turkey into syria. donald trump speaks for the u.s. supreme court justice has been sworn in any county barrett took the oath of office in a late night stand money at the white house shortly after the 2nd from the nomination her appointment gives the top court a large conservative majority alan fisher has for. 30 days after her nomination him equally valid became the one justice on the u.s. supreme court they held an event at the white house so. that. the initial 70 was a super spreader event for covert $1000.00 with many attendees including the president contrite thing the virus that didn't deter president donald trump who wanted a political victory so close to the election this is
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a momentous day for america for the united states constitution and for the fair and impartial rule of law the speed of the process is upset democrats the see the choice of a new justice should have been left to the next president may win this vote but in the process you will speed precipitous decline of face in our institution our politics the senate and the supreme court you will give in already divided an angry nation a fresh outrage the democrats tried to bring public pressure to stop the vote the argued there were more important things they argued that the republicans wouldn't even consider a democratic nomination for the supreme court in an election year 4 years ago but the reality is the democrats never had any real power to stop this nomination going through elections have consequences and what this administration and those
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republicans. is actress of. the power that was given to us by the american people let me corny but it will replace justice ruth bader ginsburg who died last month her appointment solidifies a 63 conservative majority on the court but she insists she will not take her own views onto the court the oath that i have suddenly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences democratic presidential nominee joe biden says if he wins the election he'll look again at how did you decide branch of the american government uproots they're just a group with serious charges of dollars of a number of ideas how we should proceed from this point on having no been sworn in just this county but it starts work immediately exactly what the republicans wanted
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alan fischer al-jazeera and washington the fatal shooting of a mentally ill black man in the u.s. city of philadelphia has led to violent overnight protests the 27 year old victim was later identified as walter wallace the police reportedly asked him to drop a knife after which they shot him several times security cars and dumpsters were set on fire as we struggle to contain the crowds. saying in the u.s. a major wildfire is burning its way through parts of orange county in southern california more than 60000 people have been force evacuated as powerful winds continue to help spread the blaze fire and rescue officials say the wildfire covers an area of more than $2700.00 hectares of forests. now i new study by the researchers in the u.k. is gushing whole fat so-called herd immunity to over 1000 can be achieved usually anti-bodies having a short shelf life researchers from the imperial college london found the number of
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people testing positive for anti-bodies has fallen by 26 percent since last on was eased over the summer the study hints that immunity appears to be fading and there's a risk of catching the virus multiple times scientists say herd immunity can only work if iran 50 to 60 percent of the population has protection against the virus so it can no longer transmit efficiently dr christina aitchison is one of the authors of the react to study report she says it's too early to say a vaccination will provide people with longer immunity these are so do not necessarily mean munity arising from x. nation would be short lived or we would see immunity from vaccination behaving in the same way as it does from natural infection a good back to the may well be back to the natural immunity we just don't know we're waiting the results of some of the some of the trials going on that does need further research in terms of whether that nation will provide longer immunity it is
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possible that people might need a boost of actually like we do for other infectious diseases if the vaccination does appear to be short lived so you know i appreciate the stuff this isn't good news but equally it doesn't mean bad news in terms of vaccination and immunity from vaccination going forward. bangladesh is an ages muslim nation calling for a boycott of french products the growing protests come after a french president who was recent controversial comments on islam it follows the beheading of a french teacher osho and cartoons of the prophet muhammad in. the u.s. secretary of state michael bell is calling for across a corporation with india to confront threats posed by china the u.s. and india have signed a defense bank to share military technology and classified satellite data and as a run of reports from new delhi. u.s. secretary of defense marcus spoke was welcomed by
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a god of auto in india's capital. just one week before the u.s. election he and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei all landed to sign the 4th and final defense agreement between the 2 countries a deal which has eluded previous u.s. administrations during our meetings these last 3 days we are firm reaffirmed the united states' commitment to a comprehensive and forward looking defense partnership with india the basic exchange incorporation agreement or becca as it's known will allow the sharing of military technology maps and classified satellite data and it comes as relations between nuclear neighbors india and china are at their worst in decades in june 20 indian soldiers and an unknown number of chinese troops were killed in the clashes of the valley along bit disputed border the 1st military deaths in 45 he is this morning we visited the national war memorial to honor the brave men and women of the indian army forces who were sacrificed for the world's largest democracy
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including 20 there were killed by the p.l.o. forces in the go one valley. united states will stand with the people of india as they confront threats to their sovereignty and to their liberty. india's external affairs minister was more careful with his words about china as talks to resolve the border disputes the ongoing a multiple of well must of multiple law to show as its basis analysts say china is wary of the strengthening alliances in asia join. as a clown for. a conclusion that i think they have already drawn because they will see this is a culmination of other factors like the formalization of the war the border security group which just met and talked to earlier this month but u.s. diplomats praised the so-called quad lines between india the u.s. japan and australia the full countries will take part in joint naval exercises next
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month the cementing the u.s. and india's defense relationship and that of the quad alliance something analysts say will further antagonize china elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new delhi the chinese payments company and school says its share sale will be the biggest stock market flotation in history the tech firm behind china's largest online payments form has spice its share launch at $10.30 each that values a company at around $34000000000.00 for $1670000000.00 of its shares if all goes well the launch will surpass the previous record set by saudi arabia's around code last december at around $29000000000.00 and group is owned by one of china's richest men jack ma and is expected to begin trading shares on the hong kong and shanghai stock exchanges next month duncan clark is a chairman of b.d.a. china an advisory firm serving investors in chinese technology and consumer sectors
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he says the and will bend his online payment system pay have transformed personal finance. it's very much focused on not only young users but young users love it because it's a game of fight there's lots of games you can play imagine your bank having a gaming at the. but also it's accessible to all and deeply for investment you know helping chinese consumers to grow as a phone away from the traditional put money in the you know the foreign bank and by proxy and this is introducing them to a whole new range of financial products it's really an innovation engine for the future i don't know try to actually it's more innovative than you would think is that the government is taking more risks than we see in the last partly because they know they have to make changes they've been trying to deregulate and get things going to allow people to save last and spend more and find critics and you know they have state owned banks that really control the financial sector and they're allowing technology to kind of push reform where policy and so they are more innovative than we give credit you know this this balancing act between the
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private sector and the public sector is very interesting and all the big theme today in china is domestic demand for goods and also these shares as well of course as international investors who want to buy and the chinese economy which is really one of the few in the world to be growing given how they've handled recently the break. now again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera one week to go until the u.s. presidential election and and its record 63000000 americans have already voted but the coronavirus pandemic continues to cast a shadow over the campaign with nearly half a 1000000 new infections recorded in the past week i have correspondent kimberly hockett has. talked about the impact of early voting and the crowded virus and how we've seen those numbers surging past 63000000 in terms of those early mail in ballots but now a lot of.


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