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louis missouri we cannot absorb this number that people have to suffer in this way it is a mix of all refugees tell you on how to 0. the week to go until the u.s. presidential election and to break it numbers of americans are casting their ballots early. to a. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to full also ahead calls so peaceful elections in tanzania after violence and the arrest of an opposition leader in zanzibar a bomb blast kills at least 8 people and injures more than 100 others at a religious school in pakistan secretary of state michael bell says the u.s.
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and india are working together to confront threats posed by china as the u.s. times defends deals with new delhi. at the at. the end thank you very much for joining us with exactly one week to go before the u.s. election there's been a surge in early voting partly due to end despite the coronavirus by demick more than 63000000 americans have voted by monday night that's 4000000 more than all early votes 4 years ago national polls are getting democratic contender joe biden a solid lead although it's a lot tighter in some battleground states but the coronavirus pandemic continues to overshadow the campaign infections a surging with some states concerned about the lack of hospital beds nearly half a 1000000 cases have been confirmed in the past week alone with more than 225000 deaths since the pandemic began stock markets in the. way saw their biggest one day
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drop in a month on monday as concerns grow that the failure to contain the outbreak will hurt the economic recovery and rescue package remains held up in congress with democrats and republicans deadlocked over the details that speak to our white house correspondent kimberly how kid can be so 7 days to go until the election opinion polls not looking good for donald trump what's the trump campaign strategy as it makes its closing pitched a vote. yeah well couple of things 1st of all they are touting this success of donald trump and keeping a campaign promise from 2016 to make appointments to the supreme court donald trump as of last night with the swearing in for any kone barrett making 3 appointments to the high court something that we've not seen since ronald reagan the other big thing that they are touting is the law and order message in other words what needs some of those suburban women voters and this is a message that appeals to them so he is continuing to underscore that he will bring
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law and order arguing that democrats brings social unrest on the streets but you're right there is no doubt that the polls are not looking good for donald trump and this how's the. democratic campaign on a bit of the offensive in terms of going into areas like georgia today where they believe that donald trump has made a little bit of a foothold particularly with male voters of color and as a result they are trying to counterbalance as you say the democratic campaign on the offensive former president barack obama have been stumping for biden in harris in florida florida of course is generally conservative leaning in 2020 who knows where it's going to go is obama support a good thing for for the biden campaign. absolutely it's a good thing you have to remember brock obama is one of the most charismatic campaigners his or oratorial skills are certainly 2nd to none and far beyond the
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capabilities of joe biden his vice president for 8 years so this is the area of a great battleground in terms of florida it's a key state that donald trump wants to win it's also the state where donald trump lives so it's getting under donald trump skin the fact that barack obama is campaigning in his backyard in fact the president tweeting just now i'm happy that fox news is that is the president's favorite network is playing barack obama's rally he criticized it calling it a fake speech for biden a man that he could barely endorse because believe he was also i prepared many millions of dollars in taxes of russia what that means the bottom line is you could hear the helicopters taking off donald trump delayed his departure by about 30 minutes and we think it was because he was watching barack obama on t.v. in florida that pivotal battleground state there's no question that this campaign is nervous thank you very much for that can believe it at the white house.
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where we now had to another battleground region of america about the midwest which is key in this 2020 u.s. election we speak for john hendren was in chicago for us to midwest of course very important swing states in the midwest donald donald trump how to gudrun i mean he did well in the midwest 4 years ago have things changed or does a president still have a hold on the midwest. well donald trump is behind in the polls and playing defense and that's exactly where he was in 2016 around this time he turned that around and he's hoping to do it again by appearing over and over in these midwestern swing states west time trump won
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largely by flipping a number of democratic leaning states across the midwest he won in pennsylvania michigan and wisconsin those were all upset victories and in ohio that was a one state he was expected to win last time around here he's going to have to win in those states again this time at least get a majority of them even if he wins some of those other big states like florida and last time he did it by winning in rural areas but also in suburbs the cities are pretty solidly democratic territory so we went to michigan and we went to a suburban county that's known as kind of a bellwether it voted for barack obama and then it voted for donald trump it's called mccomb county it lies between 2 great lakes lake huron and lake erie we put together a story after talking to voters take a look. mccomb county which sits between 2 great lakes lake huron and lake erie
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is scenic patriotic middle class and overwhelmingly white in the last election trump resonated here in 2016 pledged he would not cut medicare medicaid or social security very different from other republican candidates and i think that combined with a lot of his appeals to white identity politics really i think really appealed to a lot of people in my home county. trump inspires tributes on land and water and a rare devotion among supporters to the greatest president we've ever had in my lifetime he has made so many promises and he's kept more promises that he's made which has never happened ever as i believe in all his policies he's gotten the job done so far he's pro-life he's everything i believe in. the 2020 election will test whether he's still popular here despite the coronavirus and an economic collapse has democrat joe biden's campaign workers canvassed the county early
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drained out or there were 3 more he leads trump handily in recent polls what's changed is this mask the epidemic here as been very difficult we have lost over a 1000 people to call the president doesn't have a plan doesn't pretend to have one he wants more people to die joe biden will have a plan that will fix this code so that we can try and get back to normal life what has also changed is a growing political conflict within the state. democratic governor gretchen whitmer as aggressive pandemic response led armed protesters to force their way into the state capital and it led to the arrest of 13 militia members who allegedly planned to kidnap or in trump has been fanning the flames you've got to get your governor to open up your state. trump is definitely playing defense he's spending the day in michigan in wisconsin and in nebraska nebraska is
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is solidly republican state although almost always votes for the republican candidate and those other 2 states are states that he has won last time around meanwhile joe biden is playing off and he's in georgia that's a state republicans generally win so he's trying to expand the map and trump is trying to hold on to those states that he has won but there is bad news in a new university of wisconsin poll that suggests that biden is actually expanded his it lead that he's as much as 9 points ahead in wisconsin 8 in michigan and 7 in the state of pennsylvania we have talked to pollsters though who say it might be much closer than they expect opposed to come close the candidates to come closer together before election day even though $66000000.00 people have already voted but they also say there are some shy trump voters that may not be represented in these
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polls that may not talk to pollsters and therefore 'd trump might have one to 2 percentage points more than we are seeing in those polls but from what we're seeing right now that still won't be enough thank you for that john hendren reporting there live from chicago and 3 of our series touring some of the battleground states in america's midwest john hendren reports from ohio a very much a swing state in 2020 to find out what matters to voters. here on al-jazeera. in other world news now the african union is calling for peaceful event is to be held in tanzania as it prepares to hold presidential and parliamentary elections with a semi-autonomous islands of zanzibar the leader of zanzibar as main opposition party was arrested but has since been released and 5 people who took part in protests were reportedly shot dead by police they fired tear gas and live i mean nation demonstrators who say ballot papers have been pretty mocked ahead of the vote it's . still ahead on al-jazeera. in
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a week and was. a county barrett is controversially sworn in as the new u.s. u.s. supreme court justice shifting the court further to the right and will tell you why a new abortion law in poland has triggered mass protests across the country. remains remarkably warm in the levant good cider western saudi arabia as well and that's despite what's developing in the mediterranean which is story whether through greece which head towards turkey is a gentle breeze drawing down the goals that attempt has a coming down slowly doha's its 30 or 30 over the next day or 2 the month is sheriff he ran across the coast of amman and others across from rains on his way to
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the horn of africa there is slightly more rain in somalia the sort of few showers in south sudan but mostly we're to the south of that now in uganda tanzania drought the rift valley and focusing rather more on come rooting get bombed and touching north and i go this is normal this time the year as the sun comes out and the monsoon trucks come south so you get more or less sort of right look at issues for cars actually dry one little bit inland you will get a few showers south of this and we see in again a lot of war in botswana and south africa's 5 degrees 10 degrees above the average that tends to build showers not certainly been the case around johannesburg in the tank and possibly the so to swell not in the forecast beyond that things remain quiet and warm jo'burg indeed says it's 32 the average is 24.
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frank assessments if american public opinion pieces betrayed by social media platforms after november what would be good because cautious and if you believe that there horowitz into our democracy one obvious solution is to read from an informed opinion look at checkers don't go anywhere the protesters aren't going anywhere either it's a bullet with a revolution if you poke all in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. and watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories one week to go until the u.s.
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presidential election and a record 63000000 americans have already voted at the call a virus pandemic continues to cast a shadow over the campaign with me any half a 1000000 new infections recorded in the past week the african union is calling for peaceful elections in tanzania police on the semi-autonomous exams of our region killed 5 people who took part in protests alleging ballot fraud ahead of wednesday's vote. and the news a bomb blast in a religious call in northwest pakistan has killed at least 8 people more than 100 others were injured when a device was detonated as students gathered for lessons victoria good to be has more. up to 500 students were packed into this room when the bomb exploded. they were listening to a lecture by a prominent scholar at the jimmy is a very a religious school impish hour that could eventually out a budget it was 8 o'clock in the morning the teacher was giving
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a lesson which is heard a big bang in all the students are running here and their. police say the bomb was hidden in an abandoned bag in the main hall pakistani an afghan students teachers and other members of staff are among the dead and injured several are in a critical condition police expect more faith teletubbies. the injured were taken to the city's main hospital where relatives gathered waiting for news of. the attack comes days after pakistan's intelligence service wounded armed groups could target public buildings including religious schools across pakistan prime minister imran khan condemned the bombing. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack the pakistan. taliban condemned the bombing and denied involvement the group has targeted schools mosques and the military since 2001 when pakistan supported the us invasion of afghanistan but these dives are on the gunman.
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so they're. working. and women. more than 1000 students were at the school when the bomb went off police say most of those killed were young people in their twenty's victoria gate and be al jazeera. a united nations delegation has made its 1st visit to several camps in syria said li province in years that follows a russian ass right that killed at least 17 turkish backed rebels in the region on monday russia and turkey back opposing sides in the conflict the syrian special envoy at the u.n. is urging cooperation between moscow and uncorrect to end the syrian conflict diplomatic editor james space reports from the united nations the u.n. special envoy gap pedersen has told the u.n. security council he's worried about the situation in northwest syria where there's
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been a deterioration in the security situation with an airstrike it's believed it was carried out by russia opposition fighters about 50 of them were killed and then retaliation from opposition groups who've been shelling syrian government positions he believes it could destabilize the situation where there has been for some time a shaky truce these dynamics come to the rubble the previous calm achieved through positive russian turkish got gratian cooperation which already faces junctions even that joint patrols have remained stalled for all models i appeal both to russia and turkey to or to contain the situation. there is one bit of good news coming out of it live and that's reports from the local media saying that there's been a visit by un humanitarian delegation to the province the 1st of its type in 1000000 years however the humanitarian picture in the province and across syria is
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not good at all cope with 19 cases going up winter is coming there is the fear of further shortage of food in the area and the u.n. says there's a problem of bring in food a and medical supplies because there is now only one authorized border crossing from turkey into syria sudan ethiopia and egypt are expected to resume negotiations over a controversial dam project on the river nile after a 3 month suspension the african union mediated talks follow the u.s. president's warning that the project could spark military action from egypt ethiopia has accused donald trump of inciting war after he said egypt might blow up the dam. u.s. secretary of state is calling for closer corporation with india to confront threats posed by china both nations are experiencing straight relations strained relations with beijing and now the u.s.
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and india have signed a defense back to share military technology and classified satellite data elizabeth reports from new delhi. u.s. secretary of defense marcus spoke was welcomed by a god of auto in india's capital. just one week before the u.s. election he and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei all landed to sign the 4th and final defense agreement between the 2 countries a deal which has eluded previous u.s. administrations during our meetings these last 3 days we have reaffirmed the united states' commitment to a comprehensive and forward looking defense partnership with india. the basic exchange incorporation agreement or becca as it's known will allow the sharing of military technology maps and classified satellite data and it comes as relations between nuclear neighbors india and china are at their worst in decades in june 20 indian soldiers and an unknown number of chinese troops were killed in clashes in
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the valley along the disputed border the 1st military deaths in 45 he is this morning we visited the national war memorial to honor the brave men and women of the indian armed forces who were sacrificed for the world's largest democracy including 20 they were killed by the p.l.o. forces in the valley. united states will stand with the people of india as they confront threats to their sovereignty and to their liberty. india's external affairs minister was more careful with his words about china as talks to his all the border disputes the ongoing a multiple of world must a multiple law to shop as its basis analysts say china is wary of the strengthening alliances in asia china. as a confirmation of a conclusion that i think they have already drawn because they will see this is a combination of other factors like the formalization of the lord the security
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group which just moved in this month but u.s. diplomats praised the so-called quad lines between india the us japan and australia before countries will take part in joint naval exercises next month 3rd to cement in the us and india's defense relationship and that of the quad alliance something analysts say will further antagonize china elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new delhi. ronnie's have been held across pakistan to show solidarity with the people in indian administered kashmir october 27th is known as black day or what many call the forced occupation of the jungle in kashmir valley was one i was at one of the rallies in that. crowd boggart on have been mocking ready. edwarda 947 b.n. 40 came and told me
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a rally and died 144 and prevent. the partition plan under a great majority muslim area for their fallen on project on the main right. i've read through several wars and the people of kashmir and foghat on are telling the international. anything that is relevant u.n. resolutions must be i dare to ve been talking to leaders from the kashmiri community most of the ones on the indian side or in indian administered kashmir and under incarceration most of them are in bad health and there are concerns about grave human rights violations india has carried out its own propaganda and its narrative against pakistan against the citizens of jammu and kashmir we obviously see them marking the martyrs of freedom as militants and it is not going to die out i believe she will face me. flashpoint for world war 2 in my belief
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and if india does not attack them from their atrocities then there is a huge price to pay for the indian forces and india said every day and a lot of stories are being told and people are being killed and you know them being losers of what is the point of war. in europe like the goal of a new relationship does not apply the international community must lead to a role to avoid and to avoid a nuclear holocaust and so. there are grave concerns about natural human rights violations by indian security forces and indian administered kashmir this is a day for pakistanis and just made it across the world to send a message to the outside world that this is a dangerous right case which are now dragging china has read after india they walk article 378 is a crisis that needs international attention and if you ask the question really they
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will tell you that they will not stop their struggle until the achievement of the self-determination of the people of kashmir. in thailand supporters of the king have rallied in the capital bangkok they are against recent calls to change laws that shield the king from public scrutiny anti-government protesters have been stepping up demands for the prime minister to resign and for the more naki sorry for. any united states a major wildfire is burning its way through parts of orange county in southern california more than 60000 people have been forced to evacuate as powerful winds continue to help spread the blaze fire and rescue officials say the wildfires cover an area of more than $2700.00 hectares are forests and saying in the u.s. the fatal shooting of a mentally ill black man in the city of philadelphia has led to violent overnight protests there but he shot and killed a wall to wall a sop to yelling at him to drop his knife demonstrators said police cars and
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garbage bins on fire 30 officers were injured during the unrest. donald trump speak for the u.s. supreme court justice has been sawn in any coney barrett took the oath of office in a late night ceremony at the white house shortly after the senate confirmed her nomination her point man gives a top court a launch conservative majority alan fischer reports. 30 days after her nomination him equally valid became the 9 justices on the u.s. supreme court they held an event at the white house. the initial ceremony was a super spreader event for covert 19 with many attendees including the president constructing the virus that didn't deter president donald trump who wanted a political victory so close to the election this is a momentous day for america for the united states constitution for the fair and impartial rule of law the speed of the process is upset democrats the see
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the choice of a new justice should have been left to the next president may win this vote. but in the process you will speed the precipitous decline of face in our institution our politics the senate and the supreme court you will give an already divided in angry nation a fresh outrage the democrats tried to bring public pressure to stop the vote the argued there were more important things they argued that the republicans wouldn't even consider a democratic nomination for the supreme court in an election year 4 years ago but the reality is the democrats never had any real power to stop this nomination going through a lecture and have consequences and what this administration and those republicans for has done is actress of the power that was given to us by the american people
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about it will replace justice ruth bader ginsburg who died last month her appointment solidifies a 63 conservative majority on the court but she insists she will not take her own views on to the court the oath that i have soundly taken tonight means at its core that i will do my job without any fear or favor and that i will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences democratic presidential nominee joe biden says if he wins the election he'll look again at how the judicial branch of the american government operates there just a group of serious questions a scholar of a number of ideas how we should proceed from this point on having no been sworn in just this county but it starts working immediately exactly what the republicans wanted alan fischer al-jazeera washington. protesters continue to demonstrate in
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poland following last week's near total ban on abortions a ruling by the country's constitutional court means abortions may soon be legal only in extreme cases including rape or incest made rocker reports. defending what demonstrators say are reproductive rights opposition m.p.'s brought protests to the floor of poland's parliament on choose day chanting this is war. thousands of joint daily marches across the country in defiance of coded 19 restrictions in the capital warsaw streets were blocked bringing traffic to a standstill. i am so sorry i need to fight for my daughter's future i cannot imagine not being. if follows last week's ruling by poland's constitutional court that abortions in all but a few cases are legal the move paves the way for the governing rightwing law and justice party to approve
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a fireable terminations even in cases of fetal defects and when there is no chance of survival outside the womb abortion will only be allowed in cases of rape incest or where there's a threat to the mother's life poland's prime minister promised to defend what conservatives see as an unborn child's right to life. some of the price for the roads of pollicie depose the freedom of choice truly is a fundamental thing that we should all agree that in order to have this freedom of choice one needs to be a life the one who is dead cannot implement one's right to freedom of choice. for the moves led to fears about a possible rise in illegal procedures how stubborn you can you see just how bad this law will not to crease the number of aborted foetuses what it will do is put women's lives in danger because they'll be less prenatal screening it will put children's lives in danger too because they will not be tested 3 prenatal screenings. on sunday activists disrupted church services across the country
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poland's predominately roman catholic church strongly opposed to abortion wields enormous influence on the musette the country even further apart from the european mainstream e.u. leaders have accused the polish government of violating shared standards for years and a rolling back of democratic reforms demonstrators have promised many more days of action leave al-jazeera. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera one week to go until the u.s. presidential election and a record 63000000 americans have already voted by the coronavirus pandemic continues to cast a shadow over the campaign with nearly half a 1000000 new infections recorded in the past week committee harkat has more from washington we talked to.


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