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tv   Fault Lines Pandemic In Prison The San Quentin Outbreak  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm +03

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just one day when they were in them and they independently of all the politics i asked the us to think about the people and we need the situations resolved no matter which party wins the election. analysts say donald trump is ratcheting up sanctions on cuba in a bid to secure votes from cuban americans who fled from fidel castro's communist rule about 1000000 are registered voters in the key swing state of florida in a tweet cuba's foreign ministers that the sanctions would hurt cuban families the new rules won't come into force until the end of november meaning there's still time for western union and the government to come up with a new business arrangement with nonmilitary companies. as of now western union employees have not had any news that they're going to close or anything no information has arrived yet we only received news that everything was very normal until further notice it's not yet clear whether western union will be able to keep
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its 400 offices across cuba open beyond november 27th raising fears among many that they'll be out of pocket if they can't get health from abroad and they sue. votes are being counted in terms of area where president john mica fully is hoping to secure a 2nd term the opposition claims the vote was unfair following a campaign that was marred by a crackdown on dissent after an sawyer reports. arran samwell came early to cast his ballot in the capitol dome he's one of 29000000 times in the end who registered to vote and hopes his voice will count. i have to vote and exercise my constitutional duty to elect their leaders that i feel is best suited to bring development my province and maybe change. is in the semi autonomous region of zanzibar here they get to vote for their own president he says he wants a better life regardless of who he will be people who they want to world peace
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secondly they want improvement for those who aren't employed there they want things to be easy they want infrastructure to be in place they want healthy services but allegations of election fraud by some opposition candidates are worrying many a lot is at stake in this election opposition leader. appears to be preparing to contest the result he alleges widespread irregularities and threatens to call for mass action the electoral commission has responded by saying the opposition is trying to cause trouble and tanzania's should not be drawn in some analysts are saying that this is not transparent or credible. things like this of police using force of protesters and increased government restrictions in the run up to the poor have also caused a variety there's been a large number of restrictions on. their key groups that would
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facilitate free and fair elections over a. very long period of time which is sort of intensified in the past few months leading up to the law. with voting complete tanzanians attempts as their way to the resolves it could take days to come through and then this is a man the i want to reach of it that we maintain peace because there is life after the election. voters here say they want but beyond that they also want a free and credible outcome catherine saw al-jazeera it with al-jazeera let's just bring you up to speed with events in the southern french city of nice within the last few hours 3 people are reported to been killed in a knife attack there at a church in nice one of the victims a woman was reportedly capitated. several other injuries reports say that
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the the suspect was quickly arrested president mccraw has announced that he will be going to nice and m.p.'s in the french parliament have observed a moment of silence of the french antiterrorist prosecutor's department says that it's been asked to investigate the incident. once again 3 people reported killed in a knife attack one of the victims a woman is reported to have been decapitated details still coming in we'll bring you more as and when we get them but stay with us here on al-jazeera. strayer is under pressure from the united nations to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 years old to 14 aboriginal and torres strait islanders peoples make up more than hoff of western australia as youth detainees the out
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sirrah program want to one east of to give has been given rare access to the criminal justice system in western australia the state with the highest rates of indigenous incarceration bruce reports. adams only 13 but he's used to hardship he's parents were addicted to drugs and took their own lives so you know harmless he was jailed last year after he was caught breaking into houses when i 1st went there to try to act tough. luck it was. what things did you say that you think a kid should be subjected to. a lot of 10 year olds can bass from 16 year olds. that's sad. when. adam and all western australian child offenders end up inside the banksia hill youth detention center in the state capital of perth tiny hassle is in charge of the prison system
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here i think what you have to understand is it's the last resort and people that are here the young people and they are young people here primarily for quite dangerous offenses and the government has to protect its citizens. many youth inmates grow up in poor dysfunctional communities in remote corners of western australia like the kimberley local outreach workers say putting them in detention is not the answer i have seen so many kids they sent to paris where i don't believe that should be the case they should be somewhere in the kimberley's. not traumatised a striker is under pressure from the un among others to raise the idea of criminal war sponsibility from 10 to 14 because it's largely indigenous children who are being arrested and incarcerated. senior sergeant neville repairs been a police officer in remote indigenous communities since the 1980s he says there
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needs to be change it's a hard balancing act to create the victims happy and also the paper tried is should be paying cash or either that 10 years or veitch i don't think so. i don't think so. in july the national government deferred a decision into next year to possibly raise the i.g. of criminal responsibility so at least until then a straddling children will continue to be locked up through ambrose out jazeera western australia. if you want to see that investigation in full make sure not to miss part one of the young black and behind bars it is 1st a 20 to 30 hours g.m.t. on thursday the 2nd part as on november 5th a democracy activist in hong kong has been charged with the session of the china's
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controversial national security law which critics say stifles dissent so he chong faces a 10 year sentence if convicted of trying to separate hong kong from mainland china the 19 year old was also charged with money laundering and conspiring to publish seditious content south korea's supreme court has upheld a 17 year prison sentence for former president lee myung bak he appealed his original 15 year jail term for a multimillion dollar fine 2 years ago for bribery and embezzlement and of course added 2 more years to his sentence for receiving bribes including from the industrial giant samsung he also denied stealing funds from a company he secretly of its let's just remind you of the breaking news this hour police say that 3 people have been killed in a knife attack in a church in the southern france city of nice one of the victims
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a woman was reported to have been to capitated official say that the suspect was quickly arrested following the attack but there have been other injuries out a serious but it smith is on the line with us from paris what more do we know how did this unfold. major it happened at about 9 o'clock local time in the not shut down church right in the center of nice thoughts about an hour and a half ago now since it happened when we understand that the man with a knife. entered the church and started attacking people in the church killing 2 people and leaving others with injuries according to the interior ministry and there are reports that one of the people who was killed was beheaded those initial reports coming from some politicians who've been talking about what was happening
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down there. but it's the man who attacked these people he was told pretty quickly arrested he's clearly himself been injured in some way because he is now in hospital according to the government here so he's being treated in hospital some sort of injuries but we do know that 2 people have been killed as a result of this not attack inside the not today. in the center of nation several people injured and reports that one of those people who was killed balls beheaded adrian just remind us the context of this it follows weeks after a teacher was killed in a similar fashion. in france. yes this comes after the murder of daniel patsy a teacher who was killed on his way home from school in a paris suburb samuel petit had been giving
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a class. teaching children about from france's culture of secularism and each shown cartoons of the prophet mohammed to this class this angered some of the parents and of the consequence of that to may anger that it created a chechen immigrant's. murdered the teacher as he walked home school beheaded the teacher then prompted a more widespread crackdown from the french all parties on what they call islamic extremism this included closing a mosque the 6 monks in the paris suburbs and also threatening and arresting people who had been on a on a french what was watching list the terror watch list so it was amidst this atmosphere of well i guess some rising tension in france that this attack happened in egypt today. reports say the 3 people being killed in this this knife
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attack but in white wine these. no particular reason why it would be nice is another major french city of course but no reason why nice would be singled out more than anywhere else. you know france has a large and diverse population oil all over the country living of course mainly in maine in these major cities no particular reason why it would be nice though it's just as. just as mixed any other major french city and many still early to say why. this attack a wall so why he chose this particular moment to attack and why he did it in me but we expect those details to come out in due course and french president emmanuel micron is heading down that we understand today with c n n p s paying their respects
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a moment of silence we hear that president mccall will be traveling to nice what will be the reaction to this do you think. well i think already after the murder of samuel petit there was a move by the president of france by president mccollum to stumbling. to defend all french secularism the attack the murder of samuel katz he was called widespread horror in france it was a brutal and horrific attack this man was beheaded walking home in daylight from school and of course there was widespread widespread revulsion over that but it prompted the crackdown and prompted the french president to speak more forcefully about what he called these sort of elements of islam conservative islam but he is
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had previously spoken all the problems previously about this attempt to sort of subvert the secular secularist nature of french society which many aspects of france many corners and hold extremely close so i expect that you'll have my crown talking again about the importance of secularism in france and about how they must make more to ensure enforced is the word sameness on the line but for a moment to be just remind anyone watching what we're talking about here police say that's 3 people have been killed in a knife attack in a church in the southern france city of nice one of the victims a woman was reportedly capitated several other people are reported to have been injured local officials say the suspect was quickly arrested as you heard about it saying that he has probably been injured in the tank he's receiving treatment in
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a hospital france's anti-terrorism body says that it's looking into a knife attack. the lower house of parliament suspended the debate on new coronavirus restrictions and held a moment of silence for the victims but of course that's happening just. 24 hours or so before the country heads back into into lockdown for. coronavirus. you talked about about how politicians will react in the country what about ordinary people or. will they feel safe. after this. well i think france is already like the rest of europe enjoyed a long spring lockdown a time to bring coronavirus infection them control it exploded again here in france
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and in and in the rest of. and in the rest of europe so most people will from tomorrow really be staying at home anyway italy to be much quieter out on the street to france people are supposed to be working from home a possible travel is supposed to be limited you need to station a document to explain why you are outside your home from tomorrow only specific reason to be allowed out the shopping exercise. and work you have to go to work so there is a i think certainly they'll be more. again at the brutality of the tax and and a lot of incomprehension again. why this is happening and this is the challenge france was facing after the murder of samuel cattiness a challenge he faces again and this challenge you faced after the attacks on the back to clan charlie hebdo magazine a real incomprehension as to why this is happening in
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a real challenge for france to try. to try and address the issues that are causing these attacks and. if it is found that the this attack is indeed linked to the murder of. samuel party in the aftermath of that the controversy that has a risen since then how will all of this impact upon france's muslim community well i think of course. the people who are prepared to carry out these attacks are then the smallest of the smallest. minority. and the problem is that when we spoke to people after the attack on samuel patty. particularly muslims practicing muslims in france people begin to feel like they're all being tarred with the same brush or they're all being targeted simply because of their religious faith and the difficulty for france france but. is trying to integrate
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a perhaps 10 percent of the population is estimated to be muslim although france doesn't officially count people's religious affiliations but it's an estimate to be about 10 percent of the population the difficulty is. trying to rate trying to prevent these attacks while not alienating of a significant proportion of the population. but i just take us through once again what we know about what happened today this all began at around 9 am local time in france yes. yes it began at 9 o'clock. in the morning or maybe just before when the attack armed with a knife entered the church not right in the center. didn't you understand attacking people who were inside the church one of the people who was killed we are understanding from reports from politicians was beheaded.
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seriously injured 3 3 tucker we're told was in arrested very quickly after. seems to have some sort of injuries because he's being treated in hospital and french president manual micron he'll be traveling down to meet. sometime today to the scene of where this attack took place but a moment many thanks indeed let's speak to where money will do poorly he joins us on the line from tbilisi he's usually based in france but happens to be there at the moment he's the president of the institute. for the european perspective and security good to have you with us what's your reaction to this attack. of course it's a dreadful situation. i have to say someone expecting unfortunately a new attack after the attack which targeted a french professor a few days ago the minister of interior shot them or now
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a few days ago. and was very high and calling for more protection schools more protection. protection cultural centers and put a nuclear. attack is the worst period possible. to. relook the country putting more pressure on resold. and in the future putting more pressure on the pretty from the security forces i have to say of course that the symbol of the city which has been targeted needs after. 4 years ago attack the 14th of july is very symbolic as well it's a city in which the mayor. puts a lot of means to protect the citizens arming the local police and by the way these were the forces who intervened in the 1st very rapidly so again it's
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a situation which is a sort of will be as symbolically striking as the beheading of the french professor a few days ago in a context in which france is under pressure france in a way putting a lot of call masses under attack after the call of boycotts of its products around the world and of course the ongoing and very 'd conscious between france and turkey or fueled by the opposition between president again and press not to mention the queen as our correspondent was saying today is a very very very small minority of people who would even dream of carrying out an attack such as this of what what will the knock on effect . on france's muslim community. but of course the french muslim community is under high pressure has been under high pressure can to beginning of the attack in 2012 and the spreading of these attacks in 2015
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symbolically the last very very act. the heading of process of some of it was a 100 attacks in france with a certain number of attacks and have been prevented by the cyclical forces. and of course can come to ration 'd 320 french and coincidence and been killed by terrorists attacks in france in 2012 so there was a huge pressure on the muslim community of course and has your present take to mention it is of course a minority there are 22000 people who are on the list for radicalization of signs of potential radicalization among which 4000 are foreigners and there is an ongoing debate it had started or it has restarted with the beheading of it at the summit becky people are calling for them to be expelled from france this is one of the reason why they have that now was heading from headed to moscow to discuss with the
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minister of interior among which a lot. of cause and this would put more pressure on the incapacity or maybe even more. not so rapid response the minister of interior to take into account that are in charge and this is something which would be fueling political opposition $22000.00 people a potential threat to the nation. and do you think this this incident will force. a rethink by president my craw. i think present mccomb has put a lot of. pressure on our speaking is a national m h 2 president. saying that is would be more harder on radicalism as it has been in the pot calling for a modernization of each of the cultural and.
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spiritual communities and therefore calling for very. precise. actions taken from the muslim community which of course church knows and criticism debate which is the very act in france was not there should be more pressure put on the. community leaders of all the spiritual leaders to take its time to say that they must of course. work on the fight against the engine. come from islam for example or the impact for an entrance in a certain number of mosque president. and when mr winter john i know already decided to close that's what the number of body count must must have been close
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a few days ago so the climate in france is very very hard and it will put more and more pressure on the government on one side on the spiritual community on the other and of course on the politicians which will take the occasion to say that the mccomb must 1st take in consideration the fact that the french do not feel secure. precisely because there has been a certain number of the sites like doing that to what extent does an incident like this play into the hands of politicians like the reign of pan. i think it will fuel not only marine le pen. explain all mobilization because i think there is a white spray of politics to this content and political a political claim that this government has 1 taken this situation sufficiently
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seriously and because this is a situation back speech last president has experienced. the 1st terrorist attack which. focused more on problems on its political external policy in the middle east of course is ancient as i mentioned the fact that the priest terrorist attack in france could not wait for the 2012 wanted no heart attack during that nicolas sarkozy doesn't see the 2015 attacks during fall so don't spread and see but let's say let's say or at argue that women are my cool. try to push aside not taking so christian creed or not take 'd important as example he corrected because he wanted to to put the issue on the sort of. governance of islam in france nicolas sarkozy created the confrontative council for french muslim women in mccall waited
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a lot of the speech that she pronounced calling for a law against separatism was only presented only to have a job and the law is not yet voted so they will do next aeration on the debate whether or not we should have a law on extremism how to fight but it isn't on. which is precisely what some are. our game just to mention separatism and not mention this is also an ongoing debate between the hardliners the looked at on one side and. some other politicians who do not want to focus too much on exams i'm hearing that there will be in part on the muslim community and it's all so how do you think this is going to develop over the next few days now that the debate that you're talking about with the country just about to go into another lockdown. what this because he is
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the 1st the 1st pressure the 1st impact is on the security forces there in france 250 security forces and 150000 policemen 100100000. but if you call it they will be more and more under pressure as they have to fight on 2 pillars or fight 2 wars in a war in a way the fight against terrorism again bay has been very precise and accurate information on the fact that a certain number of targets were. has been revealed and this is why should i not mention the fact that schools must be more protected after the beheading of a professor and of course unfortunately attacks on symbolic areas such as a church about the need 'd for the symbolism of that mention and there will be more and more pressure because the lockdown is under the authority of the police as they have to assess the fact that whether or not it is it is it is
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a fight so there will be i think a political game putting sort of putting an emphasis the paradox of the question michael holmes decision to put the country under lockdown and therefore mobilize a certain number of police and security forces while some would argue they would be more useful to control or to assess or to assure the security officials of such a number of potential terrorists. the control areas of terrorist attacks. ok emmanuel joining us i do beg your pardon thank you so much indeed for joining us here on al-jazeera my name is helen more here dean and i'll be continuing this special coverage here on france $24.00 we are on al-jazeera id beg your pardon you are with al-jazeera just to see a quick recap for viewers joining us now we are following that breaking news where
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3 people have been killed in a knife attack at a church in the southern french city of nice several others have been injured in that attack the city's mayor has said this is a terrorist attack let's cross live now to al-jazeera bernard smith he joins us live now from paris bernard just give us a sense of the timeline how did this on rule this attack that we're learning about it's happening in the city of nice more details coming in at the moment but it happened now at about 9 o'clock or just before 9 o'clock local time that's just over 2 hours ago we understand many from what the mayor of nieces christiane straw see he says that it seems the.


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