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3 people 3 people in a church in nice the attacker of course has been taken into custody he is so a lot of and we understand a terrorism investigation has been launched i nice of course is no stranger to attacks with a series of them over the years 4 years ago a truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating best see the 86 people were killed and hundreds of others were injured now in 20153 soldiers guarding a jewish community center or stands by a knife wielding attacker he was sentenced to 30 years in prison and in 2316 people were injured in a bomb blast at a local government office that of course is just a selection of the attacks that we've seen in nice but of course bernard smith in paris we are of course are trying to piece together more information about this
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attack that happened today 3 people have been killed what more can you tell us baronets. information on this attack is still coming in it happened now just 3 hours ago local time happened at 9 o'clock or just before 9 o'clock in the local time when there tucker we understand and to church in the center of nice armed with a knife he attacked people in the church killing 3 people one woman was decapitated one of the victims according to the mayor christian stroh's either says one of the teens appears to been the churchwarden the man says the attacker was shouting allah akbar during the attack and during the attempt by police to arrest him he was shot during that. time by the police he survived and is
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being treated in hospital other people were also injured in the attack now we are being told that french president money or macron is heading down to nice to the scene of this attack the church in the center of nice on the southern french coast the area around it has been sealed off by armed police. and. this of course is coming a week or so after another attack which shocked the nation with the murder of a teacher. who was we understand who was beheaded as well that attack was very shocking we saw the rallies and the nation coming together to condemn it now of course we understand that one of the individuals killed in this attack today
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was also beheaded sister a chance it would appear that this looks like a a copycat incident but this is certainly feeding insists this sense of unease within fronts that the movements. yes this comes after the murder of samuel patsey a teacher who was walking home from school when he was attacked by an 18 year old on the street near the school he was also decapitated by his his killer and his murder follows complaints that were echoed emphasised on social media that the teacher samuel party had given a class on france's secularism and laws on freedom of speech and to illustrate this he'd shown the class cartoons caricature cartoons of the prophet muhammad which many muslims found offensive and they started amplifying their anger on social
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media amplified their anger and it seems that is this that provoked this 18 year old to travel some 50 kilometers from where he lived to this paris suburb a murder a teacher that the brutal nature of the murder sparked national outrage and national outpouring of. anger really towards the killer of the teacher there were demonstrations in support of some of the party and he was given france's highest honor of the late john donor posthumously by president macron so it's in that context. that what has happened today has happened and we're also hearing as well now there's been a sus protect potential killing of a suspect in near avignon in the southeast of france in provence this attack near ivan yawn was when a man we're told by the police was threatening passers by with a knife and eventually he ended up being shot and killed by the police as he also threatened the police. the attack i should also say in nice has prompted this
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statement from the french council from for the muslim faith the representative strongly condemning the attack and they say this representative says as a sign of the mourning in solidarity with the victims and their loved ones i call on all muslims in france to cancel or celebrations of the holiday of mollett and this is today mollett is the commemoration the celebration of the birthday of the prophet muhammad short call from the french council for the muslim faith that muslims not celebrate our birthday today as an act of solidarity with the people murdered not a damn church in nice. we have heard bernard say this is well i'm just trying to carry no we've had the attack the killing of samuel bed see this attack in nice where the killer. bar the attack in ivan your.
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earlier where again police are saying that the person they shorts was threatening passers by and so it's an alarm bar this is all coming after the french president weighed in with some comments about its stream is a minute islam and how islam these is a shake up as it were which is certainly provokes some reaction not just within fronts but internationally this is turning into a much larger debate is it not in islam does seem to be somewhat in the focus. well before the murder of samuel potsie emanuel had given a major speech on islam where he had called for he said that islam needed and unlike similar to the enlightenment that went that christianity went through many hundreds of years ago and that was seen by many muslims as as patronizing as somebody who's not of muslim faith telling them what their religion
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needed and mcconnell also spoke. a promised rather crackdown on what he called islamic separatism and this is the attempt by some he sees it to impose conservative islamic beliefs over the republican secular beliefs of the french state that provoked a lot of debate not just in france but elsewhere as you say and in the wake of that we had this murder on samuel samuel patsey now he's under pressure because he has been seen as not being tough enough. on terrorism as they call it now he faces a presidential election in 2022 the pressure on mccrum is coming from the right particularly the far right and it's likely that markham will end up running out running off again against marine le pen the leader of france's far right national front party so in that context many people see he has been he has given the speech
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where he's singling out aspects of conservative islam that are not compatible with the how he sees it the secular values of the french state so it's on background that in the context of that background we can see these attacks and the challenges francis had within its different communities to integrate the values that french state enforces in terms of separatism taught from from school on wards and the need a smack on himself said in his speech to allow people to practice their religion freely and observe. religious faith without interference and well regardless of whether it was a defensive move by mccrone or not it certainly has thrust the issue front and
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censor and we can expect to hear more from politicians like penn on this if it seems bernard that once again. islam is being is being brought to the fore in france and i guess in the middle of this are france's muslims how have they been reacting to this because you mentioned there we have had him coming out to say. for respects he will cancel these celebrations. here numerous times this is not compatible with the faith of islam but it seems that they are caught in the middle of this once more how have they been reacting to all of this. well i think we spoke to people in the wake of the murder of samuel patsey for example there was a mosque in a paris suburb that was closed for 6 months because the m.m.
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of the mosque published on social media a facebook video of a parent of one of the children a party school complaining about this class and the complaining and angry that his child had been shown these caricature was of prophet mohammed now putting that video online the whole mosque was closed down has been closed down for 6 months and people who attend that mosque will tell you that they feel that they're all being punished for the actions of a very few and and again many of france's muslims feel they're being put on the defensive. because a very tiny minority people use the excuse of their religion to go out and commit these horrific and brutal murders and as again most or anyone that we will speak to will tell you that there is nothing in their faith that allows for this sort of murder and it's not the muslim faith that they practice or the muslim
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faith that they believe in so many but many people nevertheless feel put on the back fought on the defensive by the actions of less than a handful of individuals using their religious faith as an excuse to commit these murders ok bernard smyth they're bringing as the very latest from the french capital thank you very much. well the presidents of the french national assembly has addressed parliament members calling on them to observe a minute of silence for the victims of that nice attack and their families. reno the bomb dear colleagues we've just found out is the prime minister was speaking that an extremely serious attack has taken place and nice and that according to fragmentary information that i have at least one person has been killed possibly more i'm talking in the conditional as i don't have more
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information whatever happens i'm asking you in these tragic circumstances to observe the minute silence in solidarity with the victim or victims and all of their loved ones. if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera we are bringing you that continuing coverage of that attack in a church in nice 3 people have been killed in a stabbing attack the the attacker has been taken into custody we're also learning of an incidence in the french city of having your own police say they shot a man after he threatens members of the public with a knife we're also hearing that a man has been arrested in jeddah in saudi arabia after stabbing a guard at the french consulate there according to the state's televisions 3 separate incidents in just one day let's speak and i'd say yes of the artsy he's the head of the justice and liberties for all committee and is
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a civil liberties activist good to have you with us here on al-jazeera i've just listed 3 separate incidents. in all of those incidents that the attacker has been shades and god is great it's. assuming a man saw of islam there what was your reaction to that. well enough 1st reaction is a set of questions to which oh so far we have no answers so we are unsafe in churches restaurants concert tours or transportation and the list goes on now we are in a country that has implemented must surveillance the government said we need to monitor all conversations on the internet we need to be able to predict the terrorist attacks we need extra means or for the state to to prosecute any person preventive justice to put people under house arrest them in ahead of the time the need to act and yet this is happening again just one week after the the beheading
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of summit but what's going on with this country's counterterrorism are just listen and this country's counterterrorism strategy so to quote again the domestic intelligence themselves of the repression based mugger is a complete failure i can bring you here this book from. 40 years of failed concerts there isn't an it we're not asking ourselves why is this happening to us and what this keeps happening again and again and again and what are we going to do now just stay at home and don't go out and just do nothing about it this is these are really serious questions and the government yet again would fail to address this question by saying what is not working within the counterterrorism framework of that makes these attacks happening again and again so is it is this a failure on behalf of the francis police and counterterrorism then why do you think this is happening why do you think people are picking up knives and running it's a church isn't killing people. well the why so far nobody is answering because they
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keep getting these people or what are we going to are these people in there we'll get them on their motivations when are we going to able to act ahead of time and we put these things from happening i mean i woman was beheaded inside the church that mean these people have nothing sacred there is nothing there are no more you know budgets for them and this is up and again one week after a teacher was beheaded so not the 1st news that we address these questions and say what or how we failed and why are these people a people are talking to us know a church you know saw this beheading today 750 people got killed in mosques or across the muslim world why can't you can adults and see that this ideology has been spread and that we lost so for the budget of ideas because again these keep happening again and again and we keep dealing with these are these attacks are separate from one another they are not apparently and as you just mentioned that 3 attacks happened today so how many how many more attacks before we start wishing i
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was right that you approach it it's not working we're going to do no brim with things that get at them you are responsible because a man did that like it happened in need after some good but you for example honestly this is really a disaster for france really a disaster and for us asking the government when are you going to start asking serious questions and stop beating around the bush when it comes to a fair counterterrorism strategy so so when it comes to trying to find out the motivation behind this you said yourself these attackers clearly hold nothing sacred so we understand that the attack. has been taken into custody we know one of the individuals behind the batticaloa sack he was taken into custody but refused to talk so which is suggesting the government's investigation is seeing in the sense that what would you say is a step forward to understanding why people go to these lengths to kill others. well so far the government has plenty of means to investigate on this individual interrogating him trucking or his communications for the past year to say the least
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the same thing happened with some good but he's you know assassin he was reported more people are times and the government failed to address these multiple reports so not all the state has one the the but sort of i guess human rights and civil liberties and the right for privacy know maybe maybe they have the means to find out what happened and we know these measures that have been implemented did not prevent these attacks and now it's on the government to literally enter or get this person and maybe connect the dots between the attacks in the 9 was the worst of the attacks in the muslim world because again we see that must have been attacked multiple times in egypt alone over 300 people got killed in a mosque in this you know region and nobody but the connection today with what was happening in the church the a bit of what we have to defend the french president he's not responsible for attacks that happen in egypt's mosques the end times of how france addresses this and what france should be doing move on the flag with response or not the problem is that we think that that's at home and don't connect them with that with what's happening abroad the ideology behind it that's even the same you know the same time
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we have you know i keep saying it over and over again these attacks will take care with them shouting a lot but they know exactly what they're doing refer to their piece the destruction of the great zone we want to shut brother and turn oppression against muslims and these governments from my call fasold on sarkozy except what they ought to do exactly that they don't talk to us the why and how of these attacks and then look for a scapegoat to shift to divert public scrutiny from the from the faders i'm going to quote again john brennan we can't quote him and islam would have this he said it would be 15 of the attacks in paris are a must it intelligence failure we could have learned from got yet we haven't and we have plenty of documentation saying that 40 years of counterterrorism in france have things that do you think that honestly so i guess i'm sorry to cut you a d. do you think the french counterterrorism is overstretched and do you think that they are perhaps monitoring too many people or they are monitoring the
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individuals they should be what were the kinds of terrorism forces be doing if they have all these tools available why are they missing the most dangerous individuals . 2 problems rose underneath 1st he destroyed the national network of a domestic intelligence what you call the general intelligence they also knew more genial he destroyed that and after re rebuilding the so-called national tensions with it you see are and so 2 clowns emerged the if you clowns or cycles each and the previous ones and the 2nd problem again is that this intelligence is getting way too much information with this must have been and they can't possibly process everything so that said in 20142015 despite the snowden revelations that we need to monitor everybody so you can't monitor everybody's you know details and wanted to and then process them there is way too much information so they put the whole country under musser venice and there are unable to present information they're
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getting and the example has been given a week ago we suddenly had plenty of people we pointed the men and general domino when he was asked the national assembly refuses as the question we have a system called pharaoh's to which people can report and then report you know accounts that are showing what they called behavior that dangerous one it has happened multiple times including by muslims this time again musser various fit again is because the state is getting way too much information domestic intelligence is a mess guys are fighting one another agencies are not working with one another and what was being put into the shed light in under under the lights after 911 that agencies were wired to one another not sharing information except what is happening again fronts so how many more lives before we start what asking the real questions about them and this person i'm afraid to say 5 years ago these terrorist attacks are the new normal i couldn't even imagine that this would take place in the church and it got out you know a subtle does more i think transportation and honestly this is
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a disaster and i fear for the months to come for france yes or no at sea that joining us by skype thank you very much indeed for years. yes and your analysis well earlier i spoke with the chair the the founder of the security risk consultancy terror risk she says controversy surrounding recent comments made by the french president about the muslim religion may have increased the risk of an attack we had will receive any alert regarding the possibility of a similar are attacked in front not an inference also you know the french interest of roads that every embassies or forces the world french words don't forget that we have also a very special a national context and 1 the impact of the leader read the bitching of the challis of those caricature but also. to the
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president's position regarding the supreme community and how to fight against radical islam in france so that has created a very big diplomatically the understanding will be many many countries not that many opinions but also governments in the arab world specifically but also in asia there is some purpose. also some biker and so on i mean such acts and actions show that there is let's say a kind of ungar in the muslim opinion that doesn't mean that has created the head back of course but i mean is that some people are while living in france that 1 the court may have been influenced by certain radical discourses against france
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we see in this context. emmanuel d.p.'s the president of the institute of european perspective and security he says authorities must have been expecting more attacks. to dreadful situation but i have to say as someone expecting unfortunately and you attack after the attack which targeted a french professor a few days ago the minister of interior shot them in a few days ago said the practice and the quest was very high and calling for more protection schools more protection of churches multiplication of cultural centers unfortunately this attack happened in the worst period possible offenses in that attack it to leak and trying to the real uk the country putting more pressure on results in the future putting more pressure on the police and the security forces i have to say of course that the symbol of the city which has been targeted needs
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after. 4 years ago attack the fortune to fight is that recent public and well it's a city in which the mayor. puts a lot of to protect the citizens arming the local police and by the way these were the forces who intervened in the 1st very rapidly so again it's a situation which is a sort of. as symbolically striking as the beheading of the french professor a few days ago in a context in which france is under pressure france in a way putting a lot of command is under attack after the call of boycotts of its products around the world and of course the ongoing and very 'd tension between france and turkey or fuelled by the opposition between president again and press not in many i'm a clue. carol let's get more now from our bernard smith he joins us
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live from the french capital paris bernard brewer of course. here's continuing coverage of this attack in these 3 people have been killed and the attacker is in custody what more can you tell us about this is there any more information being released by the authorities. information is still continuing to come through this attack happened at 9 o'clock local time it's now $1230.00 so 3 and a half hours ago since the attack we understand entered the church not saddam church in the center of nice nice and attacked people in the church warm woman was decapitated and 2 other people have also been killed by this man with a knife and others injured the mayor of nice says it appears that one
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of the victims was the churchwarden he's described it as a terror attack was his christian ostrosky the matter of need saying it was a terror attack they tucker was shouting allah akbar when he went into the church scuse me he was shot by police reasonably near by i don't understand the exact location of where the attacker was shot as police tried to arrest him shot and injured he's still alive and he's being treated in hospital french president emanuel macron is on his way to nice that was after the france's national assembly had a minute's silence earlier today at a meeting it had been holding it was in session earlier today. bernard so this is certainly another attack to rock france because we have. been covering in recent days another shocking it's tight in france where a teacher was beheaded that didn't take place that long ago did it what more can
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you tell us about this. well the we have the murder of samuel patsey history and geography teacher who was also decapitated by an 18 year old wielding a knife as he walked home from school in a parish in a paris suburb he had been killed it seems because he had given a lesson on secularism and freedom of speech in france and in that lesson as an example of freedom of speech he'd shown caricature was of the prophet mohammed to the children this offended some on the parents of some of those children got increasingly agitated online on social media social media advocate i'm pleased that anger and it seems that because of that provoked this 18 year old to travel
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some 50 kilometers from where he lived to the school in the paris suburbs and murder this teacher the murder of samuel petit sparked white national outrage on spontaneous protests mr pattie was given posthumously of the legal legend on air by french president emmanuel macron at a ceremony at the sorbonne university and in the wake of that there was a crackdown in france on some individuals that the the french said were on terror watch lists there was a threat to expel some people who were already in jail for various offenses and there was one mosque in paris was also closed for 6 months because the m.m. of that mosque had was one of the people who'd put on social media this video by a parent complaining about the teaching of the the lesson the samuel petit had given power now this is of course a very tense time in france tensions of course there with.
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the well with the miss them community really add because they may feel that there be. unfairly targeted because of the actions of a few. that we've already had the attack in this this morning we understand there has been another attack in or and attempts attack in avignon. french president zuma you know micro will be heading sudanese will be very keen to hear what he has to say but certainly. an awful lot of tension happening in france right now what can your microphones say to try and reassure people living in the country right now because we are seeing wave after wave of attacks and this is must be very very troubling for people living in france right now.
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emmanuel markram we already had given an address to the nation. last night on wednesday night explaining why it's necessary for france to go into a 2nd lockdown as the country's battered by a 2nd wave of covert like everywhere else in europe to vote was already on top of the agenda here but before the murder of samuel patsy emanuel macron had given what was in the end of very controversial speech about what he saw what he described as the challenges that islam is facing he was calling for an enlightenment of islam much like a christian and lightsome and several 100 years ago and he wanted to crack down on islamic separatism this was what he sees an attempt by some conservative people to inspire impose conservative islamic beliefs over the french republics traditional beliefs of said.


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