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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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at least on al-jazeera understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is another matter when you. use in current affairs that matter to you. the. al-jazeera. hello i'm convinced this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes france in shock as a knife attack at a church in east kills 3 people. president says it's an attack on france as tensions rise over his comments on israel. and paris french m.p.'s stand for a moment of silence in honor of the victims. and europeans face more coronavirus
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restrictions as the resurgence in infections effects in everyday life all of the continent. underscore the man in charge of african football says he will seek reelection it is aiming to stay in the job despite being the subject of an ethics investigation by the world governing body for. we begin with breaking news out of france 3 people have been killed in a knife attack at a church in the southern city of nice several others have been injured the attacker was wounded by police and is in custody in hospital but it's with reports. a place of worship now a crime scene inside not a dumbass silica early on friday people have been praying when a man armed with a knife started to attack them 3 people were killed one of the victims. a woman was
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decapitated according to the police another victim was the church's warden. but i still imagine him i still see lighting the candles and now i'm thinking he's not there in. the we are always with him he's always there he spends the day that he shares his life yeah he's not someone who comes and goes witnesses say the attackers shouted out o. akbar he was shot by police near the church in central nice and is now being treated in hospital for his injuries. but we are heard to once again see that our city is taken like this i want to tell the families of the victims of this barbaric attack that everyone in the community is by your side i want to say that we can no longer with the laws of peace in our country wipe out islamofascism france's national assembly held a minute's silence as news of the attacks came through. we revolted with what's
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going on is an attempt to take friends hostage with regards to its muslims will not fall into this trap we will not fall into this trap. this attack comes 2 weeks after the murder of school teacher samuel petit in a paris suburb he had been decapitated after showing caricature of the prophet muhammad to schoolchildren to illustrate a lesson on freedom of speech and secularism france has now raised its state of emergency to its highest level prime minister john key aspects says the government's response to the murders in nice will be firm implacable and immediate bernard smith al jazeera paris. well president obama kaunas in these he has called the incident an attack on fronts so don't get me says the film absolutely it's a firm message that i want to share today and it's equally a message of unity in france there is only one community the national community i only want to tell all of our citizens no matter their religion whether they believe or not we must at this moment unite and not cede to the spirit of division i know
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that all of our citizens are profoundly shocked by what has happened and therefore i call for unity david tacey joins us now on the line from near the scene in nice david so the attack happened around 9 am this morning it's just gone for the afternoon there have the details about exactly what happened become more clear. still not basically we know that the night man got into the basilica when a service was going on and then he used his knife keep capitated woman and then the church warden and another woman he chased into a cafe nearby and she died of her when she when the knife as well the police sort of managed to get hold of the attacker. 12 minutes after the pacifica presented by him they shot him during his arrest and they're now at his bedside he is in police custody he is still alive he shouted. from his bed to the police
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offices and you get to hear exactly what they've learned from his interrogation you can do that interrogation or start it and it will of course be vital for president michel who's in the city to have a briefing from the police to find out exactly what they know about the man's background and who could have aided him in in his attack on the basilica the biggest catholic church here in the very center of nice but only a few 100 yards away from the attack here 4 years ago on the crowd to a sort of great scene still day when a truck ran into them injuring killing several dozen of them so it's a huge sort of reminder to me to hear that time in the morning time past 9 the police sirens and the police response to this attack they didn't know what
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was happening they were out in the streets trying to get some shopping done the last walk with that children before the test you lands tonight comes down tonight for the rest of the month a whole month in lockdown here in france a double crisis for the people of missing facing that lockdown facing. being in a city where they feel now so vulnerable we had a little earlier bit of what time any mccaughan had to say tell us about what else he said when he addressed the people there and nice and what measures have been implemented in tens of security but the most the most important thing he came here for was to show that he was on the scene he was actually trying to control this crisis trying to work out this got the most most of all 1st and foremost to express sympathy for the loved ones who lost these victims in the attack while
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the prayer in the church main and the catholic church main the basilica here in needs that was a very important point but also to make make it very very clear that he felt this is the values of the republic of the country itself that were under attack and that the country no matter what creed or religion they came from must unite to coalesce around those values of france and to make sure that the sort of attacks do not cause more divisions and in the course more attacks this is the vital thing he was saying but of course his mare. was saying that this essentially was. an islamic fascist attack and he was more or less saying that this would this would be putting the city on a war footing so that was too aggressive for
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a custom michael he wanted to tom things down he wanted to share the same grief that every else in the city feels and to make sure that the country unites but stays on guard and stays very carefully on the lookout for more incidents of this kind. ok thank you david chase there on the line from nice let's talk more about this but its myth is live for us in paris bernard can you talk to us about the context the timing of this attempt why is it such a sensitive time in france. well this attack today nice comes almost 2 weeks after the murder of a school teacher samuel patsey he was murdered on his way home from school he taught out in a paris suburb he was attacked by an 18 year old in the streets and had his had to cut off now for that summer party had given a class to some students
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a lesson about france's republicanism values secularism and the separation of church and state and about freedom of speech and in that class it shown them caricature was the student's caricature of prophets muhammad to illustrate freedom of speech this offended some children particularly their parents who whipped up via social media anger towards the teacher criticizing the teacher for showing these cartoons that seems to have been the trigger to send this 18 year old man 50 kilometers from where he lived to near the school to murder the teacher it was a shocking and brutal attack brought out spontaneous demonstrations of sympathy and support for the teacher across france and similar taney asli a crackdown directed by president to money or macron on certain groups of. muslim groups are viewed by the state as extremist individuals who have been on
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watch lists have been rounded up and arrested and for example a mosque in a paris suburb where the mom had released her put online a facebook video of the criticism of the teacher because he did that the mosque is being closed down for 6 months and those sorts of actions for example the closing of that mosque have been criticized by others in france is muslim community saying they're all being tarred with the same brush that mosque that we visited that was closed down as a 1000 worshipers now they've got nowhere to go for the next 6 months why they ask are they being singled out when they are not the people who. published these videos so there has been this rising. i think perhaps increasing tension in the last couple of weeks over how much you can get away with using freedom of expression to show these cartoons while respecting and understanding people's needs to practice their own religion ok so those increasing tensions domestically what about
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internationally though there have been you know some diplomatic spat going on haven't there well in muslim majority countries particularly in the middle east and some in in southeast asia that have been boycotts of french products in some supermarkets french products have been taken off the shelves and particularly there was criticism of france from turkish president type one who criticized emmanuel after the murder of samuel petit for this crackdown on muslim groups turkey today has been very quick with other countries to condemn these brutal murders and turkey did condemn the murder of samuel patsey although it was criticized at the time for being slow to do so so there has been universal global condemnation of these attacks but also the kremlin for example has condemned the attacks and it says it's wrong to kill but he says
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but the kremlin has also said it is wrong to insult religion too ok thank you for that bennett smith there live for us from paris. several world leaders were quick to comment on the attacks in the east turkey's foreign ministry strongly condemned the attack offering solidarity despite a uncas running diplomatic spat with paresis bennett just mentioned tweeting in french and then in english u.k. prime minister abbas johnson said he was shocked to hear the news adding that the u.k. stands steadfastly with france against terror and intolerance the vatican said it is a moment of pain in a time of confusion terrorism and violence can never be excepted on where i'm from is a journalist and research associate at the center for islamic studies at so us university of london she joins us by skype from london thank you for your time i read in a piece you wrote. in the wake of sun your party's murder and on the government's
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response talking about how french nationalism is nothing new but it is very towards a form of ethno nationalism should have us all sounding the alarm do you think that this attack will cement the trajectory that france is on. well 1st of all i think that these conversations which though the line that you're alluding to is about an article referring to the fallout of these tools of incidents in terms of the wider civil rights and civil liberties of muslims in france which have been. the issues of discrimination have been raised by you know international organizations such as amnesty international and many others. france is facing multiple fires and sometimes when you are faced with one very large fire with right now obviously as people are being attacked and killed that becomes the focus there is a there are the fires which have been burning for a while now and that is a shoot as i mentioned of civil liberties when it comes to france's masoom
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minorities now the problem is you know this isn't the right time to have that conversation because the really and truly the focus needs to be on ensuring that people are not being killed in the street and that is i think fully understandable at the same time these instances cannot be used to silenced very legitimate concerns from a community that has seen. all changed in many ways we've seen a state of exceptionalism that was instated after the 2015 paris attacks with so many people. you know detained. or arrested with very little justification is necessary because of exceptions being made to what would otherwise be the rule of law so i think my point my point in that piece in my point i guess more broadly is that there are much wider issues of discrimination against france's muslim
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population which do need to be tackled which otherwise can potentially feed into a narrative that's exploited by extremists it's very difficult to have that conversation right now and i would add to that the the additional issue is that some parts of. government at the moment are using. these incident incidents to further marginalize the missing community by tarring them all with the same brush ok you talked about the government's response to the murder of some your party and wanting to keep the focus you know today least on these attacks that happened in nice to that end how or what do you make of the government's the government's response and its efforts at tackling of radicalization and trying to ensure that people feel integrated that integration is happening across communities . so i think the government's response to some in friday's killing
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was of course highly problematic actually and in many ways i mean we heard government ministers talk about you know coming down hard on people who were completely disconnected from the investigation we heard from your correspondent there about certain organizations being closed down often with very little evidence put forward i mean by city which is one of the organizations that was dissolved yesterday by the government. the had had messages posted on it social media now this is normal as is what i think the largest charity or certainly one of the largest charities in france i know that it has a charity that looks asked over $600.00 people who are dependent on them for for food it being a charity and so many people within that organization so that will though there have been mistakes made in as much as there were retreats of messages were
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completely inappropriate and i think have been contested internally but to dissolve the organization on that basis felt for many people within that quite excessive the other organization is of course the committee this is the committee against islamophobia in france which is the largest. phobia organization it's really a human rights group which you know the government has quite. pointedly referred to as a thorn in its side in the past and it's not very clear at the moment why this particular organization is being targeted we know that the father of one of the girls from some in fact is classed although she didn't attend class on the day the caricatural as was shown had complained to her dad had died had then raised a complaint with the secy yes for islamophobia i've spoken to them they say that they hadn't even processed that complaint by the time the man. was undertaken
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so they're also in the firing line the sense of course is that the community is being come down upon quite hard i think is is as i said an extension of the fact that the nor the role of exceptionalism that's been stated since 2015 which which essentially means that parts of the interior ministry do not have to provide the sort of evidence you are usually required to provide for arrests for entering people's homes of putting people into house arrest. i have been doing that for a while so so this is a situation in which there was already a a body of let's say frustration and discontent with the government's handling of these incidents and i think the latest response from the government where we're hearing very much about this idea of coming down hard. which is not always clear who that message is directed to and certainly for some in the community it feels
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like that net is being cost too widely thanks so much for your analysis miriam francois there a journalist and research associate and center for islamic studies. this is no stranger to attacks 4 years ago a truck was deliberately driven into celebrating the steel day 86 people were killed and hundreds of others injured in 20153 soldiers guarding a jewish community center was stabbed by a knife wielding attacker he was sentenced to 30 years in prison and in 2316 people were injured in a farm blast at a local government office well earlier we spoke to yasser last t. he is the head of the justice and liberties for all committee and a civil liberties activist he told us the french government's counterterrorism strategy has proven time and again to be a failure. we are in a country that has implemented must surveillance the government said we need to
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monitor all conversations on the internet we need to be able to predict the terrorist attacks we need extra means or for the state to to prosecute any person preventive justice to put people under house arrest in a ahead of the time the need to act and yet this is happening again just one week after the the beheading of summit but what's going on with this country's counter-terrorism it is listen and this country's counterterrorism strategy so to quote again the domestic intelligence themselves of the repression based mugger is a complete failure i can bring you here this book from. 40 years of failed concerts there isn't and yet we're not asking ourselves why is this happening to us and what this keeps happening again and again and again and what are we going to do now to stay at home and don't go out and just do nothing about it this is these are really serious questions and the government yet again would fail to address this question by saying what is not working within the counterterrorism framework of that makes
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these attacks happening again and again when the why so far nobody is answering because they keep getting these people or what are we going to are these people in there we'll get them on their motivations when are we going to able to act ahead of time and we put these things from happening i mean i woman was beheaded inside that church that mean these people have nothing sacred there is nothing there are no more you know budrus for them and this is happened again one week after a teacher was beheaded so not the 1st nice do we address these questions and say what or how we failed and why are these people a people are talking to us now a church of you know saw this beheading today 750 people got killed in mosques or across the muslim world why can't you connect the dots and see that this ideology has been spread and that we lost so far the budget idea because these are again these keep happening again and again and we keep dealing with these are these attacks are separate from one another and they are not apparently and as you just mentioned that 3 attacks happen today. so how many more times before we start
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wishing i was right that you approved it's not working we're going to do no good muslims are good that you are responsible because the men did that like it had been needed after some good but you for example honestly this is really a disaster for france really a disaster and for us the truth is asking the government when are you going to start asking serious questions it and start beating around the bush when it comes to a fair counterterrorism strategy. coronavirus cases in european countries is forcing governments to take drastic action the spanish region of catalonia is shutting its borders for 15 days its main city bus alone is one of spain's hot spots with a shutdown of bars and restaurants is being extended a study in britain says new infections are doubling every 9 days government ministers are under pressure to impose a national lockdown in germany chancellor angela merkel is defending her
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government's decision to impose a nationwide restrictions starting in november and so should be nomic incident in the dynamic of this rate of current infections will overload our intensive care units and just a few weeks from now all of this shows us that at the beginning of the cold season we are in a dramatic situation it affects all of us without exception and france is imposing a month long national lockdown from friday with no one allowed to leave their homes except for essential reasons ok for more on that let's go to natasha bottler who is live for us in paris so since there's a few people behind you are people out in about preparing for this lockdown. yes i mean people are sort of outside in the shops doing a bit of last minute shopping having a coffee on a cafe terrace trying to enjoy being out before they go into meltdown that it will begin at midnight here in paris the french time and from then on i will be for
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weeks basically of people being urged to stay at home unless they have a very good reason to be outside you can go outside if you have to do essential work for example if you are a doctor in a hospital or a teacher because some schools will continue to be open but otherwise you are expected to stay at home will be quite strict as it was in march april and may here in france where you will need a permit to leave your home and you have to stay within this one kilometer perimeter the french president has said that this is absolutely an essential move because the cases of courage of ours have been absolutely spiraling upwards in the recent days exponentially we've seen some days where they've been more than 50000 a day some experts say it's actually probably more likely double that number because so many people are asymptomatic or simply haven't become tested and what the french president says is this is one of the only ways to really break this so-called 2nd wave and to try and stop it in its tracks the thing is
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a lot of people we've spoken to said look they accept that this is necessary to ease pressure on the hospitals or medical workers who have already worked so hard in the beginning of the year and continue to do so however many people are just simply fed up with the dragging the idea of another month indoors they will not be easy and they're starting to wonder why the government has allowed the country to really reach the situation again why just 5 months of the local last lockdown always being forced to stay at home again some people saying that perhaps the government has not anticipated properly the situation. ok there's the situation in france we mentioned earlier spain in germany give us in a situation report if you like for the rest of europe. yes well europe i mean a similar situation across many european countries as they face this 2nd wave many leaders of european governments are saying that the 2nd wave is likely to be far
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worse than the 1st they are urging people to be a lot more careful in germany we saw the german chancellor put in place a lockdown light it's been called in germany if you like it will start on november the 2nd on monday and. bars restaurants swimming pools that kind of things will be shots however schools will be open locks are light because shops will be open but people be limited on going inside the german chancellor saying look the situation is extremely critical we must break this 2nd wave we must look after people in germany is one of the countries the fed a lot better the 1st time around again in spain more measures more structures being put in place the government there voting to extend the public health state of emergency and it's only doctors warning that i.c.u. beds of filling up so across europe we're seeing governments put in more strict and harder restrictions of course they are trying to balance constantly this desire between protecting people's health and the economy ok i think that ultimately their
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life for us in paris. the u.s. labor department is reporting a significant decline in the number of people claiming unemployment last week 7 151000 americans applied for jobless benefits the lowest weekly total since the onset of the pandemic back in march still more than 7 and a half 1000000 people are receiving unemployment but that figure does not include those not eligible for the benefit the official unemployment rate now stands at 7.9 percent down from a high of nearly 15 percent in april it's unclear whether it is actually a sign of recovery large companies continue to announce layoffs but on wednesday boeing said it will cut $30000.00 jobs by the end of next year. you can be hunkered joins us live now from washington d.c. kimberly so we have coronavirus numbers in the country by the polls the country going up companies announcing more job cuts but the job loss numbers continue to go
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down what's going on there. well what's going now i mean is you know sort of similar to another number that you didn't talk about the that is making headlines here in the united states and that is the historic jump in the g.d.p. of the last quarter up 33 percent what i think it indicates as well as those numbers of jobs going down is what donald trump has been selling on the campaign trail and that is that he is trying to reopen the economy allow people to get back to their daily lives and so this is a major campaign promise on his part and he's contrast to get to that of a doom and gloom prediction if joe biden gets elected that his plan is to shut down the economy for an indefinite period of time much like we've seen happening in parts of europe and that this would have a negative impact on those numbers so what we're seeing is this message being delivered by the 2 candidates 2 very different and contrast messages that we should
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also point out that when it comes to joe biden and one other thing that he started to talk about a little bit as these numbers continue to be good for him in terms of the national polls and his solid lead is he's now kind of tempering expectation about what he can do on day one as president if he does win the election in terms of turning the pandemic around he's now saying that he'll look at science but don't expect to turn things around with the flick of a light switch so this is certainly an interesting message from a president or rather a presidential candidate that has repeatedly criticized donald trump's handling of the pope at 19 pandemic here in the united states. can really trump wanting to tell these numbers on the campaign trail about what's what's the latest in terms of campaigning both candidates on the ballot today. yeah well what we can expect from the candidates as they are hitting the campaign trail yet again is for a frenetic pace to pick up between now and november 3rd and that will really be in
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the spotlight in the u.s. state of florida this is a critical state for donald trump if he hopes to win the presidential election it's a must win really so what we're going to see are dueling rallies taking place in this state and specifically in tampa florida we also know that the u.s. president is going to head to north carolina and again what we expect to see in the coming days is the president particularly holding as many as 11 rallies in the 48 hours prior to november 3rd ok thank you for that can really help of the live from the white house we're staying with the u.s. election the supreme court has rejected a republican bid to limit to when mail in ballots can be received in 2 key swing states pennsylvania and north carolina it means votes posted on november the 3rd can be counted for several days afterward president trump has regularly attacked mail in voting making claims of ford without any evidence. so come here
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on al-jazeera pushed to their limits medics and they're going to cut about are appealing for international help as another cease fire breaks down fast. i voted early so that we get shown how important it is to. fighting for the right to vote for either biden or trump we'll hear from some americans who say they are being neglected. the point and it's one of north america as high as 5 are rising drivers has problems in texas and he's here with that story. the arabian peninsula and the levant less so turkey the weather is quite quiet at the moment though it's turned stormy in the igi and thunderstorms of the turkey
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could produce a bit of flash flooding and there will be some increase in the cloud running from the eastern med over places like israel and syria as a result temps will drop a bit but is still above where they want to be caught in the wars because the rain is gone sciences that's for circumference the horn of africa which means rain in the form of showers probably thunderstorms in somalia but usually causes some flooding but mogadishu looks drawing now and in the forecast the showers are reappearing in south sudan's they've just gone north a little bit the general trend should be taken south with the sun of course and then the heaviest ingeborg now actually come south again it's been fine dry and warm for the last couple of weeks and it still is but there's an increasing cloud pretty obviously running stream to maybe in the western side of south africa that will bring some rain through port elizabeth and nearer the coast of south africa but if you come inland a little bit you get to the walk to gutting travelogues at 36 degrees for example johannesburg has been above average for
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a long time which is 24 you're back down to normal on sunday. southbound of the economic heartbeat of a thriving brazil but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing isabella is just one of thousands looking for a place to call home with no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. do you find a latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines the escape from countries the misty but we don't feel safe with you setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions my blackberry model as is my whole being out there weaponize international film makers and world class journalists tell us how and why the textile and fashion industry is
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a major force of polluters bring programs to inform and inspire news on al-jazeera . the all the the all the all. watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour 3 people have been killed in a knife attack at a church in the southern french city of nice several others have been injured in the attack was wounded by police and is in custody in hospital. french president emanuel is in nice he announced that the number of soldiers deployed to protect against attacks will be doubled to 7000. the lower house of parliament suspended
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a debate on new coronavirus restrictions and held a moment of silence for the victims. were silly in said jock is a political scientist she joins us by skype from thank you for your time so there is of course this spat going on right now between turkey and france president trichet one saying needs a mental check for his comments calling islam a religion in crisis what do you think this latest attack might do to turkey france relations. yes actually we have just very story i'm very sad for the friends it's very sad to see that innocent peoples killed. by this kind of terrorist attack but the problem actually that we are just seeing especially in france prison mccrone is just trying to prepare the next election
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and try to get the vote of last year which is. you know this is enough for you some of the partying friends yes you want to just prevent to radicalization and trying to establish a new internal police he for the prevention of the koreas ation but the problem is actually all his police actually that they're that he's leading the problem is much more. related to the discrimination of the muslim community than integration of muslim community actually the problem of europe the problem of france is the integration of muslim community and they just with this holy see and actually what the france is leaving is the result of provocation of the president in a manner an american as you know you just mentioned that that is. actually
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a problem a crisis inside of it but it is not the prayer of french president to mention this kind of if this kind of problem inside of is not news that catalytic he's a christian leader and not a muslim need there to talk about this issue and actually there is a real confrontation between the prison of the arab wrong and prison but the the problem. it's very easy to see that. islam and the muslim community is used for preparing the next election for getting diverse of radical. islam some of the people from france and it's very there is a problem actually in france that they cannot resolve they're just trying to you know dad just trying to create the call think that. playing with the fire actually
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isn't so you so you believe this form a quote and his response. is all about getting reelected if we can talk about the international fallout though i mean is there a growing divide now between france and the muslim world we have seen protests in recent weeks but not only about today but in recent weeks. across parts of the muslim world is that likely to get worse with france on the street. yes system 911 you know that. is always targeted by the western countries there is no problem with that massacre and not seen communities and muslim countries is not responsive to terrorist attack and a word there is no air radicalization of islam there is that musician already cali's him which is quite different we're just trying to explain that.
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there are real responsible of this attack is not the islam is that the muslim countries there is a terrorist organization behind this it's important that. for friends to just try to understand what's behind this terrorist attack what they can program to it the real problem is not to getting responsible the muslim community to try to indiscriminate the muslim communities actually there is a real nice understanding of islam there is a real misunderstanding of islam. and the muslim community and it's very important for friends for european country for western countries to trying to get at dialogue with the muslim communities trying to understand why there is a problem between actually there's no real program in fundamental problem
6:40 pm
between the muslim and western countries there is an artificial program which is created by certain. xenophobe certain your assists particularly purpose in europe are getting divorced for getting attention as you know actually there is a rise of. susan rice so it's another top 40 c. in europe which is very dangerous for for going into great to actually and this is why i think it's important for the french president for print president trying to find a common ground with the muslim communities muslim countries and trying to understand what's happened actually because does seem just the general is trying to do away with his message today of trying to send out a message of unity but of course we will keep an eye on that in the days and weeks to come thank you so much for your time we have to leave it there still unsettled talk there a political scientist live from we appreciate it. thank you very much for. dozens
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of bodies have been exchanged by our media and azerbaijan as the fighting over the disputed region of not going to cut a buck and a 2nd one they had over was a brief pause in all still issues the latest ceasefire appears to have failed the city of stepanek out came under heavy shelling from as they are forces as well john accuses our media of killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens in a missile strike strike rather on the city of by the talent's has the latest from the armenian capital. well they're going to care about. the defense ministry there is updated its military death toll. by another $51.00 casualties on the battlefields now they seem to be losing roughly that amount of people every day at the moment so the current total stands at $1119.00 since fighting erupted on september 27th the authorities there say that stepanek at the
6:42 pm
main city and shushi 2nd city also came under attack from azerbaijani forces using. multi launch rocket systems and there have been a couple of injuries in attacks on the cities there the my armenian defense ministry is also said that it shot down one of these turkish made by reactor drones these are the the this is a piece of technology that are being taken here huge and devastating toll on the nagorno-karabakh an armenian fight is now the diplomatic movement of the day is the foreign ministry foreign ministers of both as a by john and armenia are meeting in geneva with the co-chairs of the o.s.c. group now that is the platform by which negotiations are going to going to go karabakh have been undertaken for many years now but clearly the president of
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azerbaijan has no faith left in that platform he said as much in recent days and this fighting is evidence that he has run out of patience with the o.s.c. the minsk group. the valerie's in president has replaced his and terry a minister with the police chief who has led the crackdown on anti-government protesters in the capital minsk alexander lukashenko also appointed a former head of the k.g.b. security police is one of 2 new aides around 16000 better versions have been detained since its disputed reelection in august which opponents say was rigged. let's get more now on the race for the white house and native americans are a small but potentially important group of voters particularly in swing states and many are facing obstacles and casting their ballot for bread don't reports. on the vast and remote stretches of the navajo nation where people live in isolated
6:44 pm
communities there is keen interest in the presidential election. voted early so that we just show how important kony should joe is a nurse and has seen firsthand the devastating effects of culvert 19 on the reservation according to the u.s. census bureau there are about 6800000 native american and alaska natives in the u.s. but native voters could have a disproportionate effect on the election in several important swing states the native american vote at least in 7 battleground states could actually sway the election one way or the other many native americans believe president donald trump has treated them disrespectfully as when he used a white house ceremony honoring navajo world war 2 veterans to attack one of his critics democratic senator elizabeth warren they call or pocahontas.
6:45 pm
turned to suspects the colts or other native voters oppose trump's decision to green like controversy all oil and gas pipelines on native land many demand stronger efforts to end extreme poverty. the end low life expectancy on reservations and recognition of sovereign treaty rights joe biden and camila harris have met with native leaders to discuss these issues of concern i think that you will see more participation of native americans throughout the united states but many difficulties stand in the way of native voters some states with voter identification requirements won't accept tribal i.d.'s others require voters to provide a street address which most native americans on rural reservations don't have there are few polling places on reservations mail in voting is difficult because reservation post offices where most people pick up and send their mail often are
6:46 pm
closed or have limited hours of operation and are also few and far between and the navajo nation in or the the medium for a person to check their mail is 38 miles a marathon and a half so there is nothing in going by mail that makes it easy for native americans native voter advocacy groups are suing in several states to force more voting access on reservations and less unequal treatment compared to other voters no one really understands like what were going through the original people of this land determined to have their voices heard on election day robert oulds al jazeera. known baer is a professor at the he c l a department of sociology and co-founder of the us and did in his diocese sovereignty didn't work she joins us by skype from the northern shayan indian
6:47 pm
reservation southeast in montana thank you for your time as we had there from our correspondent there are obviously many many difficulties obstacles for a nation vote is give us your take how major all these obstacles. oh you know voter suppression is alive and well across indian country on our reservations and we're seeing it especially in light of the fact that you know most of these states have gone with mail only ballots on my reservation for example we will have know in person precinct on our reservation on election day individuals will have to drive 60 miles one way to the courthouse to vote and this is you know across you know montana our reservations are very we're all the same goes for wyoming south dakota north dakota in these states with fairly small populations the american indian population is
6:48 pm
a very key demographic there are strong democratic voting block in the indian vote will sway elections and has in the past and it stands to do so this year but we are seeing active voter suppression. we have been talking about how american indian communities have been hit hard with some of them and been hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic how then do you see covered 19 affecting the native vote oh it's had devastating impacts you know we have lost so many people across indian country in my community for example we were losing one person a day to cope with 1000. that fear of disease transmission has really seeped into get out the vote efforts it sat really seeped into county commission election commission's who have decided not to come to reservations out of this fear and so you know we are seeing an impact from cope with 90 and it's resulting in the denial
6:49 pm
of the political rights of indigenous peoples to vote you have said that the system is not broken it's actually doing exactly what it's designed to do. absolutely you know people talk about a system that is broken that is preventing people from to voting but in the case of indigenous peoples it's doing what it was intended to do you know my grandfather was born in 1923 when he was born indians did not have the right to vote the right to vote did not happen and tell 924 this is not a historical you know this is a reality the reality this is a contemporary situation that continues to impact us today and so the system of preventing indigenous peoples from voting has very long groups but but it's
6:50 pm
active right now and we're seeing it across across our reservations we really appreciate your time we'll have to leave it there disagree because don baer there an assistant professor at u.c.l.a. department of sociology thank you don't cost on the fairness of wednesday's presidential and parliamentary elections in tanzania we didn't election observers have criticized the arrest of opposition candidates and the government's decision to shut down the internet before and during polling day is also concerned about reports of civilian killings on zanzibar as islands of pemba and and good job. at least $140.00 migrants a fair drowned off the coast of senegal the deadliest shipwreck this year according to the un's migration agency the vessel caught fire and capsized in a set of gulls coastal town of st louis on saturday was bound for the canary islands some 60 people have been rescued. britain's opposition labor party has suspended former leader jeremy call but after he downplayed
6:51 pm
a report that found evidence of anti semitism in the party during his leadership coleman said he was not part of the problem and that it had been overstated the investigation by britain's equality watchdog found jewish party members suffered harassment and that some complaints were ignored carlita kissed alma so the report is a day of shame for labor if after all the polls. all the grief and all the evidence in this report there are still those who think there's no problem with anti-semitism in the labor policy but it's all exaggerated or off. but frankly you all part of the problem to a jew should be no way to the labor party either still ahead on al-jazeera in sports too close to search the world series when there is now the subject of a big baseball investigation.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
it's time now for what has andy thank you so much ken while barcelona's acting president costs are scarce as the club is ready for a fresh start it follows josep maria bottom as resignation as president earlier on this week also acquits in the aftermath of his fall outs with stop lionel messi who wanted to leave the club during the close season and 20000 club members has signed a motion to remove him from power and elections for points a new president will happen within 90 days and no previous board members will be allowed to stay on interim look at. the world i think it is appropriate to see that
6:54 pm
there will not be any members of the previous board we think it is appropriate and necessary for the future i think transparency is very important now because that is what we want to be with all of you our cup competitions in france have been suspended until december due to a surge in coronavirus cases in the country the top 3 divisions of men's football and the women's top flight can continue asking international football matches and all games being played behind closed doors france has just started a 2nd national lockdown which will last until at least the end of my them but. now the man in charge of african football ahmed ahmed has confirmed that he will stand for reelection as caf president next year and won a vote to take on the job in $27.00 scene but he's currently the subject of an ethics investigation by football's world governing body thief and last year fifa temporarily took charge of african football to try and speed up reforms off in football writes a gary al smith says a man's hold on power is an unlikely one. the feeling that i might have not been in
6:55 pm
control of compositing dead honestly since the face the was given the job i mean i was there at the elections and if you'll be our way he was given the job and you got the sense that he was always going to be your stock got caught president indeed he has said in many quarters that you know he was only going to staple one to him which is why many people who do what african football religiously have been surprised that he's running for the 2nd but you know how politics is i mean he has been given that nod of approval all the about 4 to 6 different african countries and he says that is why he is going for it don't forget that in the past year a lot of countries will feel indebted to him as administration because of the ready he was able to ensure that the got some money in this difficult period when almost every industry in the world 'd football inclusive is looking for money to keep themselves 'd buoyant for the other countries who do not throw your support behind
6:56 pm
him i think is just a case of you know being known aligned at that moment or 'd looking to see if anybody else would rule the out in the race but i suspect that for the moment a lot of countries even those who have not publicly declared his support for a med will be looking to to support him come next march in the polls now major league baseball is investigating the behavior of world series when it just in tone of the l.a. dodgers star received news of a positive test for coverage 90 midway through wednesday's decisive game he was withdrawn from the action and placed in isolation but then decided to return to the failed to celebrate his team's series victory over the tampa bay rays in a statement the l.b. said his decision put everyone he came in contact with out risk when he was on the front so the rest of the team back to los angeles after that when no other player tested positive for the virus during the playoffs with games played at neutral
6:57 pm
venue's all seems like failing the impacts of the pandemic it's estimated the league lost more than 3 $1000000000.00 during the season. another joke which is on course to finish the year at the top of the world rankings into the quarterfinals at the vienna rope enough to beat some poor court in straight sets rafa nadal be the only player he could overtake in this off the rankings but it just goes on to win this title that he's guaranteed to head into the new year as the number. one of motorsports highest profile drivers had a bad day at the texas motor speedway nascar star bubble wallace in the number 3 car head knocks out early in his latest race is the only bike driver in this series and next season wallace will be joining a new team being launched by basketball great michael jordan. i punch most for throughout the day but that aside we're looking and thank you for that and. that is the news i don't go away though i'll be back and just wanted with more of the day's
6:58 pm
news and i'll just. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the
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world needs w.h.o. making healthy a world for you. to everyone. as donald trump been good for america everything is in disarray the media of course take every bit of bait that they can to demolish the fact that america has been a force for good in the world. from the american people get inspiration from him and the other half cringe your weekly take on u.s. politics and society that's the bottom of one of america's worst coronavirus outbreaks in the prison happened in california after infected inmates were transferred from one facility to another no ventilation when those are welded shut everyone is breathing the same air all of the time every day for a week straight then these alarms it's called man down man down man down man down all day all night for plans asks who is responsible. to make in prison some quentin
7:00 pm
outbreak on a. france in shock as a knife attack and kills 3 people at a church at least they say the crime scene was a vision of horror. there in condell this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president says it's an attack on fronts as tensions rise of his comments on is. in paris french m.p.'s stand for a moment of silence in honor of the victims. also ahead strict restrictions imposed across europe.


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