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it's responsible. to make a person some pointed out break on the jersey to. france and shock as a knife attack or kills 3 people at a church at nice they say the crime scene was a vision of hope. my. them can get al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. president says it's an attack on fronts as tensions rise of his comments on is. in paris french m.p. stand for a moment of silence in honor of the victims. also ahead strict restrictions are imposed across europe as the resurgence in infections affects everyday life all
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over the continent. 3 people have been killed in a knife attack a church in the french city of nice several others have been injured the attacker was wounded by police and is in custody in hospital with reports. a place of worship now a crime scene inside not a dumbass silica early on friday people have been praying when a man armed with a knife started to attack them 3 people were killed one of the victims a woman was decapitated according to the police another victim was the church's warden. but i still imagine him i still see lighting the candles and now i'm thinking he's not there in. we are always with him he's always there he spends the day that he shares his life here he's not someone who comes and
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goes witnesses say the attackers shouted out o. akbar he was shot by police near the church in central nice and is now being treated in hospital for his injuries. but we are heard to once again see that our city has taken like this i want to tell the families of the victims of this barbaric attack that everyone in the community is by your side i want to say that we can no longer with the laws of peace in our country wipe out islamofascism france's national assembly held a minute's silence as news of the attacks came through. we revolted with what's going on is an attempt to take french hostage with regards to its muslims will not fall into this trap we will not fall into this trap. this attack comes 2 weeks after the murder of school teacher samuel petit in a paris suburb he had been decapitated after showing caricature of the prophet muhammad to schoolchildren to illustrate a lesson on freedom of speech and secularism france has now raised its state of
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emergency to its highest level prime minister john key aspects says the government's response to the murders in nice will be firm implacable and immediate bernard smith al-jazeera paris. president and i am a con is a nice he's called the incident an attack on france. so don't give me the film of the absolute it's a firm message that i want to share today and it's equally a message of unity in france there is only one community the national community i only want to tell all of our citizens no matter their religion whether they believe or not we must at this moment unite and not cede to the spirit of division i know that all of our citizens are profoundly shocked by what has happened and therefore i call for unity. nice is no stranger to attacks 4 years ago a truck was deliberately driven into a crowd celebrating the steel day 86 people were killed and hundreds of others were injured 20153 soldiers guarding a jewish community center were stabbed by
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a knife wielding attacker he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. in 2316 people were injured in a bomb blast at a local government office peter allen is a journalist in paris he explains how these attacks are being perceived. i have. covered a lot of these terrorist acts in paris and indeed in need some in power the moment of the today's terrorist atrocity is in need they are absolutely bob with us everybody condemns them but you have got to be able to discuss those terrorist attacks in one context and the nature of the way 5 to 6000000 or 20 muslims are treated as well and at the moment as an appalling conflation of the to decide dear if you speak out against attacks on islam and the many muslims who live in atlanta you're somehow supporting people
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that madmen who go around beheading people and this is the huge problem with it all so yes there's shock and outrage we all condemn this vile terrorism but on the other i don't think there's a nice appreciation of how muslims feel and plans about these constant attacks on their religion and this portrayal of muslims through the charging up ahead of the cartoons i keep coming back to these cartoons because they are very high profile at the moment as somehow being kreta less in outside a society just figures there to be not a lot that if you put any other social group in that position and said the government is going to support these attacks on you it will be an up. and alarming surge of coronavirus cases across europe is forcing governments to take drastic action politicians in spain have voted to extend
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a state of emergency for 6 months it gives regions the power to impose their own restrictions as winter threatens more infections germany is also headed towards a national lockdown lasting all of the event that chancellor angela merkel is warning that intensive care units could fill up. and. the dynamic of this race of current and fictions will intensive care units in just a few weeks from now all of this shows us that at the beginning of the cold season we were in a dramatic situation it affects all of us without exception and france is imposing a month long national lockdown from friday with no one allowed to leave their homes except for essential reasons. has more now from paris people in france facing another month of lockdown at least because what we understand from the head of france's scientific council is that that lockdown could well be extended the french president says that he hopes that people will at least be out of their homes by the end of year holidays but whether that happens no one really knows because
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everyone has been watching over the past few weeks the cases the new cases of current affairs infractions rise exponentially we've seen on some days more than 50000 cases a day some experts say that could actually be around a 100000 cases a day if you count people who are asymptomatic so the french president says this meltdown is necessary to try and stem the further spread of the coronavirus he says so that the smoke don't be a little bit different than the one at the beginning of the year in march and april in the schools will remain open have the children from the age of 6 will now have to wear masks and school at the moment is only from the age of 11 and some industries can stay open so factories and building and construction industries like bassem public services will be able to remain open nevertheless it will still be very strict for most people they must work from home as much as possible and in terms of whether they can leave the house or not only one hour a day probably within a want to
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a perimeter so very tough times ahead for many people here in france. mexico's president has criticized the lockdowns in europe calling them a thorough tarion on their manual lopez obrador says european governments are treating their citizens like children his comments came on the day mexico passed 90000 deaths linked to the current a virus is enough i have to tell you in our story that it's a little 3rd period by the u. authorities by the government with all due respect on the part of those who opt for this confused sign of faith in people that's putting yourself above as with already and seeing citizens as children they don't understand crime of ours cases a climate across the u.s. with the presidential election just days away half a 1000000 cases have been recorded in the past week with 26 states reporting their record numbers it continues to dominate campaigning mike hanna reports from washington joe biden the merges from the voting station having cast an early ballot
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joining his opponent donald trump who voted in florida last week they're not the only ones 6 days out from election day a record 70000000 americans have cast their votes early amounting to half the total number of ballots recorded in 2016 why didn't chose to stay in his home town holding a meeting with health professionals to discuss the ongoing pandemic. shaking his head at what he heard and afterwards lashing out to the president he contends has given up trying to contain the pandemic seems like he just doesn't care much about it and the longer he's in charge the more reckless he gets it's enough it's time to change. reports emerging during the day indicate that president trump and his advisers were seeking political capital out of the pandemic as far back as april in a recorded interview with journalist bob woodward jarrett cushiony reveals that his
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father in law in his words was getting the country back from the doctors question was referring to donald trump's insistence on ending the lockdown as soon as possible he was tweeting support for anti lock down protests at a time that americans were dying at the rate of some 2000 a day cushion a says he and trump focused on what would help the president on election day by their calculations he contended trump would be seen as the open up president which would give him a boost in the polls and on the campaign trail president trump continues to insist this too much focus on the coronavirus and rails against the mitigating measures health experts insist on under biden's cruel and centers lockdowns countless americans will died from drug overdose. deferred medical care
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alcoholism we're going to open up pennsylvania we're going to open up north carolina and open up california and open up. the pandemic has dominated the selection process like no other subject and ultimately this vote may well turn into a referendum on how well or help badly the sitting president has responded mike hanna to sarah washington. still ahead on al-jazeera the foreman leader of britain's opposition labor party is the stand it in the scandal of anti semitism passed. i voted early so that we could show how i'm going to fighting for the right to vote we'll hear from some americans who say about being neglected.
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hello winter is playing with a phony father was a child there is some snow for against and snow forecast but is not much significant planned around for the most part so enjoy your weather the humidity is coming down even in hong kong and in taipei you don't see much snow on this forecast chart because up here at the moment but he has briefly touched and is returning to places far away from harbin as you can see here with rain just drag itself to the south however the station our go down to the active weather in sas china symbol of a is no longer identifiable as a storm goni is the latest ones before the west pacific is heading directly west to water philippines it may well follow exactly the track of malarkey it is like to a land to land in the philippines on sunday until that point rain some of it means coast widespread showers in malaysia and indonesia this is correct it's the time of
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the this is just more active than is usual running up the bay of bengal we have got enhanced in the rain over me and ma and chennai is in its wet spot as well so $133.00 millimeters in the last 24 hours but rains going south into town now to the rest a towel now to i'm probably sri lanka. since 2013 wish the world innovation summit for health has gathered health care leaders practitioners and researchers together to larry interact and engage with innovative organizations. this year wish will take place but actually under the banner of one world our health. register now wish dot org dot q.a. .
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on the back you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour 3 people have been killed in a knife attack occurred a church in the southern french city of nice several others have been injured your tackle was wounded by police and is in custody and hospital. french president 20 mcallen has visited the scene he says the number of soldiers deployed to protect against attacks will be doubled to 7000. surge in corona virus cases across europe is forcing governments to take drastic action france and germany are about to introduce a nationwide lockdowns people will only be able to leave their homes for essential reasons. britain's obvious issue of
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a virus he has suspended former leader jeremy corbett after he downplayed a report that found evidence of anti semitism in the party during his leadership says he was not part of the problem and that it had been overstated the investigation by britain's equality watchdog found jewish party members suffered harassment and the complaints were ignored current leader care starmer says the report is a day of shame for the labor if after all the pain all the grief and all the evidence in this report there are still those who think there's no problem without the summit as i'm at the labor party but it's all exaggerated or a thought. but frankly you are part of the problem to a jew should be the labor party either the barca has more now from london. it's a huge blow for people who supported jeremy corbyn throughout all of this and the big blow for the man himself who's led the labor party for 4 and
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a half years against 3 successive conservative governments of david cameron to rescind mayor boris johnson until dramatically losing the election in december against boris johnson partly as a result of of course his handling or brakes and partly too because of the scandal surrounding allegations of anti-semitism within his party that prompted this investigation by the equality and human rights council and those reported back that the labor party was responsible for on lawful acts of rassmann to discrimination against jewish members of the party of politically interfered in the complaints process hear him self is not accused of anti semitism but as the leader of the party essentially overall responsibility fell to him he responded though to this report saying that it was dramatically overstated for political reasons and that's put him on this collision course with the new leader of the labor party kiran starmer who has now suspended him it means that jeremy corbyn still
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remains an m.p. albeit an independent one but considering he's been an m.p. since the early 1980 s. a significant blow to him and a clear indication that secure star wants to take the labor party in a new direction breaking from the past the baton rouge and president has replaced his in terry minister with the police chief who has led the crackdown on anti-government protesters in the capital minsk and found the go also appointed a former head of the k.g.b. police as one of 2 new aides around 16000 people have been detained since and has disputed reelection in august which opponents say was rigged. dozens of bodies from the month of fighting. have been exchanged by armenia and azerbaijan the handover was a brief pause in hostilities insolation cease fire appears to have failed the city of stepanek us came under heavy shelling from as air forces as
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a by john accuses armenia of killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens in a missile strike on the city of by the. challenge has more from the armenian capital. well the nagorno-karabakh sees the defense ministry has updated its military death toll. by another $51.00 casualties on the battlefields now they seem to be losing roughly that amount of people every day at the moment so the current total stands at $1119.00 since fighting erupted on september 27th the authorities there say that stepanek at the main city and shushi 2nd city also came under attack. from as a by johnny forces using. multi launch rocket systems and there have been a couple of injuries in attacks on the cities there the defense ministry has also said that it shot down one of these turkish made by iraq to drones these are the
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the this is a piece of technology that are being taken here huge and devastating toll on the nagorno-karabakh an armenian fight is now the diplomatic movement of the day is the foreign ministry foreign ministers of both as a by john and armenia meeting in geneva with the co-chairs of the o.s.c. the minsk group now that is the platform by which negotiations are going to go to go karabakh have been undertaken for many years now but clearly the president's of as a by john has no faith left in that platform he said as much as. in recent days this fighting is evidence that he has run out of patience with the r.s.c. the minsk group. counterterrorism police in india have carried out nationwide raids in connection with the separatists an indian administered kashmir the national investigation agency task force searched the offices of charities newspapers and
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prominent human rights activists elizabeth problem has more from new delhi. we're outside the offices of a charity organization called the charity and lions it's one of around 20 locations which have been raided by india's national investigation agency over the past 2 days now residents of this neighborhood have told us that the street was filled with police officers a little bit earlier in the day the national mr geisha agency says the raids on connection what it says a so-called n.g.o.s and trusts raising money in india and abroad for charitable activities and then using that money for what they say are separatists a session of activities in indian administered kashmir the raids began there on wednesday there were $9.00 raids in india in the one in the southern city of bengal looted they have continued today indeed in this meet again and here in delhi and number of offices of n.g.o.s and newspapers and in offices of prominent human
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rights activists have been raided they include the former chairman of the delhi minority commission now a prominent politician member of the has condemned the raids he says that there are a vicious crackdown on dissent and members of the people's democratic party have been detained and indeed administration capital for protesting against the raids. aid workers in vietnam said these trusty people have been killed and dozens of missing after a powerful typhoon calls landslides and remote areas local authorities say at least 12 fishermen have been killed too far away reports. typhoon malaria is one of the worst typhoons to hit vietnam in 20 years it lashed the central region with heavy rain causing floods and setting of landslides hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to the worst hit areas to help and search for missing people in the media we must reach the landslide the fastest way 1st sending more soldiers before we can
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get the big machinery that we have to reach there by all means including using helicopters this village is blocked off and bulldozers and excavators are being used to open a road to fishing boats also sank off the coast of vietnam as the typhoon approached this region is still recovering from floods that killed more than $130.00 people and destroyed hundreds of houses earlier this month in a series of storms aid agencies say relieve resources will be pushed to the limit the government says more than $50000.00 homes have been damaged and millions of people left without electricity and more heavy rain is forecast to fall in central vietnam in the coming days florence al-jazeera antigovernment protesters have staged a rally in the thai capital bangkok to renew calls for political reforms demanding the government resign a new constitution and changes to the monarchy have been holding demonstrations for
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months the state of emergency imposed in response to the protests has been extended until the end of november u.s. secretary of state has described the chinese communist party as the biggest threat to religious freedom he was speaking during a visit to indonesia jesco washington has more from jakarta. my apologies we seem to not have that piece from jessica we are going to move on now to the u.s. where the supreme court has rejected a republican bid to limit when that mail in ballots can be received in 2 key swing states heads of idea in north carolina it means votes posted on november the 3rd can be counted for several days afterwards. saying with the u.s. election and native americans are a small but potentially important group of voters particularly in swing states now many of phasing obstacles and casting their ballots reports. on the vast and remote
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stretches of the navajo nation where people live in isolated communities there is keen interest in the presidential election. voted early so that we can show how important kony should joe is a nurse and has seen firsthand the devastating effects of colored 19 on the reservation according to the u.s. census bureau there are about 6800000 native american and alaska natives in the u.s. but native voters could have a disproportionate effect on the election in several important swing states the native american vote at least in 7 battleground states could actually sway the election one way or the other many native americans believe president donald trump has treated them disrespectfully as when he used a white house ceremony honoring navajo world war 2 veterans to attack one of his critics democratic senator elizabeth warren they call or pocahontas.
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turned the suspects the colts or other native voters oppose trump's decision to green like controversy oil and gas pipelines on native land many demand stronger efforts to end extreme poverty and low life expectancy on reservations and recognition of sovereign treaty rights joe biden and kamel harris have met with native leaders to discuss these issues of concern i think that you will see more participation of native americans throughout the united states but many difficulties stand in the way of native voters some states with voter identification requirements won't accept tribal i.d.'s others require voters to provide a street address which most native americans on rural reservations don't have there are few polling places on reservations mail in voting is difficult because
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reservation post offices where most people pick up and send their mail often are closed or have limited hours of operation and are also few and far between on the navajo nation. in or that the the medium for a person to check their mail is 38 miles a marathon and a half so there is nothing in voting by mail that makes it easy for native americans native voter advocacy groups are suing in several states to force more voting access on reservations and less unequal treatment compared to other voters no one really understands like where a group or the original people of this land determined to have their voices heard on election day rob reynolds al jazeera. the bear is the co-founder of the u.s. indigenous das's sovereignty network she says new mail and voting rules make it more difficult for indigenous people to vote. voter suppression is alive and well
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across indian country on our reservations we're seeing it especially in light of the fact that you know most of these states have gone with mail only ballots on my reservation for example we will have know in person precinct on our reservation on election day individuals will have to drive 60 miles one way to the courthouse to vote and this is you know across you know montana our reservations are very rural the same goes for wyoming south dakota or north dakota in these states with fairly small populations the american indian population is a very key demographic there are strong democratic voting bloc and the indian vote will sway elections it has in the past and it stands to do so this year but we are seeing active voter suppression people talk about
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a system that is broken that is preventing people from to voting but in the case of indigenous peoples it's doing what it was intended to do you know my grandfather was born in 1923 when he was born indians did not have the right to vote the right to vote did not happen and tell 1924 this is not a historical you know this is a reality the reality this is a contemporary situation that continues to impact us today. colombian police have fought with indigenous families who refused to follow eviction orders riot police were sent to clear around 600 families from the amazonas region one of the poorest in the country. government workers in mexico have unearthed 59 bodies from unmarked graves the discovery was made to go on a hot told state where drugs gangs battle for control the commission which searches
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for missing mexicans says a tip off was received about the graves 2 weeks ago. at least $140.00 migrants have drowned in what the u.n. is describing as the worst shipwreck of the year 60 others were rescued off the coast of senegal the vessel caught fire off the same thing from st louis on saturday bound for the canary islands there's been a major increase in boats trying to reach the spanish territory in the atlantic around 400 migrants have already drowned this year doubts are being cast on the fairness of wednesday's presidential and parliamentary elections and tanzania regional observers have criticised the arrest of opposition candidates and the government's decision to shut down the internet before and during polling day is also concerned about reports of civilian killings zanzibaris islands of pemba and groucho a democracy activist in hong kong has been denied bail after being charged with
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secession under the national security door imposed by china tony chung faces a 10 year sentence if convicted of trying to separate hong kong from mainland china the 19 year old was charged with money laundering and conspiring to publish seditious content the former student activist leader was arrested $2.00 days ago close to the u.s. consulate. watching al-jazeera a reminder now of your top story 3 people have been killed in a knife attack at a church in the southern city of nice several others have been injured the attacker was wounded by police and is in custody in hospital france's anti-terrorism prosecutors have taken over the investigation president among them a corn isn't nice he's called the incident an attack on france so don't get me upset it's affirming.


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