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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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be the hero the world needs right. washington. 0. 0 i marianna my 0 watching the news hour live from london coming up a country plunged into mourning 3 people are dead after a knife attack in nice president calls it an attack on france. just hours until a one month national lockdown goes into effect france goes further than most european countries as it works to control the corona virus also coming up landslides triggered by a powerful typhoon in vietnam rescuers rice to find dozens of people still missing
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and native american communities face significant barriers to voting in this u.s. election could they play a key role. hello welcome to the news hour france is at its highest terror alert level and thousands of extra police have been deployed across the country after 3 people were killed in a knife attack in the riviera city of nice visiting the scene shortly after french president emanuel mark on described it as an islamist terror attack it comes just weeks after the murder of a teacher and in a time of growing anger around the world mark calls defense of secular values and his campaign to limit what he described as extremist islam while the attack began at around 8 am local time that 0700 g.m.t.
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at the church of not today in the center of nice that's where 3 people were killed it's around a kilometer from the sea front prominent his own play where 86 people died in a truck attack in 2016 we now know more about the man police believe was behind days attack those details in a moment 1st though we bring you this report from david. a place of worship now a crime scene inside not to don basilica early on friday the congregation had been praying when a man armed with a knife attacked them 3 people were killed one of the victims a woman was to capitated according to the police another victim was a churchwarden. i still imagine him i still see lighting the candles and now i'm thinking he's not there in. goodness we are always
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with him he's always there he spends the day that he shares his life yeah he's not someone who comes and goes witnesses say the attacker shouted. during his attack he was shot by police near the church and is now being treated in hospital for his injuries. working for the police we are hurt to once again see that our city is taken like this i want to tell the families of the victims of this barbaric attack that everyone in the community is by your side i want to say that we can no longer with the laws of peace in our country wipe out islamofascism within hours of the attack the french president emmanuel macro visited to see. yemen to miss you ladies and gentlemen once again our country has been hit by an islamist terror attack once again this morning 3 of our compatriots in me said in this not to die. and very clearly france is under. a new son to think if we are attacked it is
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for our values for our taste for freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any mind of terror so i say it with great clarity once again we will not give in. france has now raised its state of emergency to its highest level. we revolted with what's going on is an attempt to take french hostage with regards to its muslims will not fall into this trap we will not fall into this trap. as part of operation center the number of troops patrolling france will more than double on the present 3000 to more than 7000 president said that this would ensure that all places of worship will be safe the attack comes to weeks after the murder of school teacher samuel petit in a paris suburb he had been decapitated after showing caricature of the prophet mohammed to school children to illustrate
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a lesson on freedom of speech and secularism prime minister. says the government's response to the murders in these will be firm implacable and immediate david joins us live now from nice any more information about the man thought to have carried out the attack david. yes we are getting some more details this time from france's chief antiterrorist prosecutor on this 21 year old tunisian apparently entered italy via lampedusa was then seen in bari and the next time he was seen was just around the corner from me arriving here this morning at the railway station he was seen on video surveillance he was seen to change his clothes and then he got down through the the percentage not saddam behind me around about 830 this morning and stayed there for half an hour or
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so before actually launching his attack will being what was described as a knife a 17 centimeters long he the cafeteria did one of the women and a churchwarden was also slashed and another woman was badly stabbed and died later in a cafe where she had crawled trying to get help and now the police also revealed that 4 armed police tried to approach this man they 1st tried to taser him that didn't work apparently and then he started approaching them shouting allahu akbar and that's when they decided to open up that's when they shot him managed to get him taken to hospital where he's being treated but a lot more details are now coming out giving us some idea how long this man has been planning this attack and exactly how he got here thanks so much david chaytor
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with all the latest from nice. of course the attack there comes as france grapples with the question of what role islam should have in a traditionally secular society country has the largest muslim community in europe but earlier this month someone made to feel unwelcome when president declared a fight against what he called islamist separatism al-jazeera and its many reports islam is in crisis the world over france's president declared at the beginning of october in a speech when he announced his intention to fight what he calls islamist separatism young not islam is an idea with this radical islamism this is the central topic so let's talk about it and give it a name there is a desire openly stated a methodical organization which aims to break the rules of the french republic and to create a parallel order with other values nurturing a different organization for society separate is that 1st but with
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a final goal to take complete control. like ron's rhetoric prompted objections from several muslim leaders and commentators. of polls suggest individual secularism in france is practically a religion and it's the strictest secularism even in the western context mccrone his mistake was that he talked about separatism in the plural but in his speech he only talked about islam and he kept talking about islam and that offended muslims 2 weeks later teacher samuel patty was decapitated outside his school in a lesson on freedom of speech he'd shown his students caricature of the prophet mohammed the 47 year old history and geography teacher was then posthumously given france's highest honor the late john donner memorials were held nationwide and at some of them in solidarity the caricature is where again show. at the same time the government unleashed a crackdown on muslims accused of extremism carrying out dozens of raids this paris
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mosque was closed for 6 months because the a man had put on facebook a video of a parent angrily criticizing samuel patty more than a 1000 people use the mosque. but exact them all the young don't quite get it they know they belong to a culture and then all day on french t.v. channels they see a tape of ostracism of this culture so an islamist talked about they don't hear the word radical or radical islam for them all they hear is islam and they are offended demonstrations have taken place around the world as muslims criticized macro's comments about islam and the repeated showing of the cartoon more are expected on friday in france on friday a month long covert lockdown will start it may only bring a pause in the threat of further violence burnet smith al jazeera paris. much more still to come on this news hour from london
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a crackdown on dissent or separatists plots indian police raid journalists homes over kashmir and an opposition candidate is arrested as allegations of fraud in tanzania's election grows the results could still be days away. just 5 days to go until the election in the u.s. a record breaking 80000000 americans have already cast their vote early though in person or 3000000 voting setting the stage for the highest voter turnout in u.s. history president on all trump and his democratic challenger joe biden have been holding competing rallies in the battleground state of florida and held a social distance drive an event but in stark contrast president trump spoke to a crowd of thousands of supporters many of them not wearing masks florida is crucial to the president's reelection campaign it is part of victory becomes near
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impossible without it and it gallagher joins us live now from miami and i think the the race in florida really is a tossup business particularly close compared to some of the other swing states. it is i mean the last time i checked the polls the democratic nominee joe biden had about a 4 point lead but there's a 3.8 percent margin of error but this is the biggest battleground state as a court 29 electoral college votes florida always pays a big role in any presidential election so that's why you're seeing these candidates coming here day in and day out week in week out we had barack obama here last week camelot horace's been here mike pence has been here of course president trump has been in tampa today but the messaging from both campaigns couldn't be more different you've got president with these huge rallies with no one wearing masks and joe biden doing completely the opposite thing with people circled off
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everyone is wearing a mask and this close to the election it's difficult to know whether either of these candidates are going to change people's minds given that more than 80000000 people have already voted but it shows you just how important this state is they're both scrambling for every last vote because as you said for president this is a vital state he needs to win florida if he wants to get reelected for joe biden there are other paths nonetheless both candidates are fighting hard here in the sunshine state. thanks very much with all the latest from man landing there andy kalika. well the native american community comprises of a small but important group of voters some analysts saying that those in the swing states could have a major impact on the election that many of facing a rising number of obstacles when they try to cast their votes well brunell's explains. on the vast and remote stretches of the navajo nation where people live in isolated communities there is keen interest in the presidential election. voted
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early so that we can see. how important kony should joe is a nurse and has seen firsthand the devastating effects of colored 19 on the reservation according to the u.s. census bureau there are about 6800000 native american and alaska natives in the u.s. but native voters could have a disproportionate effect on the election in several important swing states the native american vote at least in 7 battleground states could actually sway the election one way or the other many native americans believe president donald trump has treated them disrespectfully as when he used a white house ceremony honoring navajo world war 2 veterans to attack one of his critics democratic senator elizabeth warren they call or pocahontas. who turned the suspects the culture other native voters oppose trump's decision to
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green like controversy oil and gas pipelines on native land many demand stronger efforts to end extreme poverty and low life expectancy on reservations and recognition of sovereign treaty rights joe biden and kamel harris have met with native leaders to discuss these issues of concern i think that you will see more participation of native americans throughout the united states but many difficulties stand in the way of native voters some states with voter identification requirements won't accept tribal i.d.'s others require voters to provide a street address which most native americans on rural reservations don't have there are few polling places on reservations mail in voting is difficult because reservation post offices where most people pick up and send their mail often are closed or have limited hours of operation and are also few and far between on the
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navajo nation. in order that the the medium for a person to check their mail is 38 miles a marathon and a half so there's nothing in the meal that makes it easy for native americans native voter advocacy groups are suing in several states to force more voting access on reservations and less unequal treatment compared to other voters no one really understands like what we're going through the original people of this land determined to have their voices heard on election day robert oulds al-jazeera. old john echo hawk is the executive director of the native american rights fund he joins us of a skype from boulder colorado thank you for taking the time to speak to us how would you describe the mood in the native american community would you say that people are motivated and galvanized to vote in this election in
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a way that perhaps they haven't been in the past. yes i think so we try to notice to all of these efforts different parts of the country to. limit our ability to vote so that i think really motivates us to turn out because if they don't want us to vote there must be something going on so i think we'll have a larger turnout than usual we're hearing in rob reynolds report there about some of the obstacles to voting id registration or certain i.d.'s not be accepted what can you tell us about voter suppression in relation to this community. weller's different things happening in different places some of which the you know the are d. other places it's been the registration other places it's been not what they called about harvesting or or ability for or communities to get together and round up the
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votes and then take them over to you know the polling stations and turn him in and they're trying to limit that too because a lot of our people don't have the transportation necessary to deliver those ballots it's just a. product of the remoteness of some of our indian reservations. when we hear about obstacles to voting we often. there is a debate about the way it's impacted african-americans latinos perhaps why do we not hear very often about the the way it's affected your community well we're oftentimes. feeling invisible because we're we're the smallest of the minority populations here in the united states and that oftentimes we just don't get the attention that we need we just kind of get forgotten about but we're still here and we have treaties with united states
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government that we want to have honored in forced how is your particular struggle different from that faced by all the much in my scripts any less well because we're we're basically sovereign nations with treaties the other minority groups do not have treaties do not have this political relationship with united states government like we do we have our own tribal governments they're on a par with state governments and federal governments how the minorities do not have those governments. well mentioning the idea requirements and some people have been some native americans have been denied the right to vote because of that now what about mail in voting because i know you are saying that it's difficult for people to vote because they are in difficult to reach remote areas now how how does i mean how does mail in what voting work then if i suppose they can't receive mail.
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addresses does it mean people have to travel to post offices or various places yes all of those problems are caused by the remoteness you know the postal service just isn't that good times are you know there's no no deliveries in a timely fashion just it's not. you know the same for maybe people on richard variations that i consider oftentimes remote well thank you for taking the time to speak to us about this john echo hawk executive director of the native american rights fund thanks for having me now rising infection rates a for several european governments to take drastic action the spanish region of catalonia is shutting its borders for 15 days while germany's announced a new month long lockdown for next week and as an attack reports now from paris people in france just hours away from tighter restrictions savoring
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a last call feel in a cafe terrace in paris before a new knockdown in france the prospect of another month in tools fills the students with trepidation. exactly when we have lots of exams that will be delayed now so i'm not sure what will happen next it's so make me fanny it's not just the young that are anxious to get laid the other people deal with. this measure will be dramatic for many it's more isolation and it'll probably last until christmas for single people the elderly students it'll be very difficult to cope. with like some people have chosen to leave the city while others focused on last minute chores many had mixed feelings about the shutdown. i understand the lockdown and i support it but the economy needs to go on and right now we don't know how the future will be. french president emanuel macro says the knocked out is necessary to
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stop the 2nd wave which could be more deadly 2 than the 1st but some say it will be a disaster for the economy and the government should have done more to prevent the health situation from deteriorating so fast in parliament france's prime minister defended the government's handling of the pandemic. we knew that a 2nd wave was possible even probable and we anticipated but the fact is no country look around us had to seen it would accelerate in such a sudden and brutal manner there corker. rising infection rates have forced several european governments to tighten restrictions and defend their choices spain's catalonia region closed its borders while germany announced a new knockdown. and is going to dynamic rate a few fictions will overload our intensive care units in just a few weeks from now all of this shows us that at the start of the gold season we are in a dramatic situation it affects us all without exception my girl says that the
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impact of france's lockdown won't be known for a few weeks it's due to end at the start of december but many people are resigned to it lasting much longer if the situation doesn't improve the al-jazeera paris meanwhile the university of oxford here in the u.k. is trying a test it hopes can identify asymptomatic coronavirus carriers within minutes it's hoped the research will lead will help identify infectious people spreading over 1000 without actually knowing it scientists are rolling out the tests in the university community to assess how best to use the rapid test if they work results might be used by the u.k.'s n.h.s. test and trace system meanwhile scientists from astra zeneca and oxford university are in the last stages of producing a vaccine to protect against co that 19. well be more deadly pandemics in the future if we don't change the way we treat nature this the the stark warning from the united nations biodiversity panel the also authors of the report say there are
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up to 850000 viruses which like the corona virus exist in animals and could cross over into people driving that risk of the same human activities that fuel climate change and biodiversity loss like wildlife poaching and the carrying a forest scientists say cove in 1000 is the 6th pandemic since the spanish flu of 1918 and all outbreaks were created by human activities. well now we go to vietnam where a worker say more than 50 people have died and dozens are missing in the central part of the country following landslides triggered by a typhoon typhoon most powerful storms to hit vietnam in 2 decades heavy winds ripped the roof off more than $50000.00 houses and millions have been left without power florence louis reports typhoon is one of the worst typhoons to hit vietnam in 20 years it lashed the central region with heavy rain causing floods and
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setting off landslides hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to the worst hit areas to help and search for missing people. we must reach the landslide the fastest way 1st sending more soldiers before we can get the big machinery that we have to reach there by all means including using helicopters this village is blocked off and bulldozers and excavators are being used to open a road to fishing boats also sank off the coast of vietnam as the typhoon approached this region is still recovering from floods that killed more than 130 people and destroyed hundreds of houses earlier this month in a series of storms aid agencies say relieve resources will be pushed to the limit the government says more than $50000.00 homes have been damaged and millions of people left without electricity and more heavy rain is forecast to fall in central vietnam in the coming days florence al-jazeera. at least 140
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refugees and migrants have been killed after that boat capsized off the coast of senegal a vessel caught fire shortly after leaving the town of my bush to spain's canary islands on saturday about 60 people were rescued by senegalese and spanish navies and fisherman the international organization of migration says the incident was the deadliest shipwreck recorded this year buckley dombey air is the chief of mission for the i.o.m. in senegal and says the pandemic has forced many people to attempt the sea crossing . we believe. number of people. is related to the sucked. under leak. road. closed super road border the last mile. or 294 are still
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migrant. or group we know that. west african road is a north route that was. years 2006 and we have. this rule. much wealth that i had for you on this news out from london what happens when the money dries up how the pandemic could hurt the families rely on the wages of migrant workers will have that story also britain's main opposition party throws out its formal leader after a port finds his failure has let semitism thrive. helena
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october 1st we wet in windy city later that's in the vineyard to its name in the northwest of you this hump of cloud beautiful representation of a bit of a kink in the weather so that usually means rain is going to need to be reaching norway and denmark and trailing off into poland during friday a brief respite to the what has been wet and windy weather for the british isles as more gathering here france ticks ok as well same is true of spain and the stormy weather in the gene is now sitting in the western part of the black sea affecting remain here and turkey in particular some pretty big fishes thunderstorms there is the hint of cold weather on the high ground in remain you may seen that go through there but typically this is not colder this is drawing of air from the atlantic another storm is building up on saturday affecting the western part of scotland in particular glasgow's forecast gales developing still fairly breezy or windy for those sunday and monday. now if we jump away from that things are much more quiet
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and consistent with the season there are very few showers now in west africa just catching maybe the south coast the concentration is further south and the breeze out of the interior means it's still particularly warm in places like new york chart. in nigeria life you see beats on just one to use a name for a boy is one of you is a guy who writes i do not to know all i need to be junk that is followed in. my nigeria that is suck up my nigeria is your development manager this person is this is my nigerian. my nigerian on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks there was never much out of out which choice chileans
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would make but now it's official the chileans will be writing a new constitution details coverage through 14 and 15 year old students amongst those facing charges for prosecutors both complicity in a terrorist assassination in-depth reports from around the world and while it was the biggest gathering and month the numbers were not what they used to be last year . welcome back you with the news hour live from london a look at the main stories now 3 people have been killed in a knife attack at a church in the southern french city of nice several of those have been injured
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president emanuel says the incident is an attack on france. an alarming surge in coronavirus cases in european countries is forcing governments to take drastic action the spanish region of catalonia is stressing its borders for 15 days and a month while national lockdown will be imposed in france from friday. and at least 140 refugees and migrants have been killed off their boat capsized off the coast of san diego a vessel caught fire shortly after leaving the town of my book the spain's canary islands on saturday. warn our top story now the attack which has left 3 people dead in the french city of nice i'm now joined by dr miriam francois she is a research associate for the center of islamic studies at so us university of london joins me now over skype and of course miriam this comes just weeks another horrific attack coming just weeks after the beheading of history teacher samuel
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patti how would you describe the public reaction in france. i think it's as you might expect i mean it's widespread to shock horror a sense that you know we're going through this again as a nation it's been many years now of repeated attacks targets i think of very much designed to create a sense of shock. and a star up on the lying we might say schisms within french society so it's a little bit like groundhog day and it's another tragic event for the nation to be grieving throughout a time that's already as you might imagine very difficult process going into lockdown from this evening and so it is there's a lot of a lot of emotions running high you mention how it could possibly create more tensions around secularism or the tension between secularism in islam in france
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what about the political response particularly the way we have emmanuel president a monument categorize what's happening. yes so i think obviously whenever these events happen and we know that france is being targeted by individuals whether or not they're loosely or close to connected to groups remains to be determined we still know very little about the profile of the most recent attackers but obviously we know that the targets tend to be quite symbolic we're talking about churches were talking about of course a man who was in the case of some entity connected to the charlie hebdo cartoons as well recalling of course the the surely have their trials are happening in france right now so these are rule kind of flashpoint issues and critic he. was a president had a house the role of kind of leading the nation through this period and and helping
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people decipher what this all means and i think what we've seen. in several speeches that he's given recently is a certain moves towards a more hardline response is pop some my anticipate given what's been happening 'd but certainly the idea that there is a problem of what he calls islamic separatism so not just a problem with terrorism but a form of what he calls separatism that he refers to as some funding in terms of cultural activities even referring it to sporting activities and so there is a sense that there's you know within the government a perception that there is a problem within france's muslim community needed here france's interior minister referred to the attacks as coming from the enemy within which a lot of people will have read as a not so subtle reference to the muslim community and we know that this is
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happening within a wider climate in which my band who is reenlist pen the leader of the far right parties needs herself a politician youngest member of the senate. he recently was given a tribune in whole which is one of the most read papers in france basically to articulate something very similar to what the interior minister was saying the idea that there is some sort of a 5th column that needs tackling within france and so there is a climate that has been developing it hasn't just come out of this attack but which unfortunately for some people feels like a sort of capital capitalization for extremists perhaps on both sides thank you very much appreciate it dr marion francois now newspapers in n.g.o.s are among locations raided by indian authorities alleging kashmiri separatist activities and national investigation agency seize documents and devices at the
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homes and offices of journalists and prominent activists has been criticised as a crackdown on dissent of indian rule in the disputed territory but authority said that funds were being collected for secessionists purposes as both branom is in delhi with reaction there. we're outside the offices of a charity organization called the charity and lions it's one of around 20 locations which have been raided by india's national investigation agency over the past 2 days now residents of the neighborhood have told us that the street was filled with police officers a little bit earlier in the day the national investigation agency says the raids are in connection with what it says a so-called n.g.o.s and trusts raising money in india and abroad for charitable activities and then using that money for what they say separatists a session of activities in indian administered kashmir the raids began there on wednesday there were $9.00 raids and indeed in the one in the southern city of
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bengal looted they have continued today indeed in this meet again and here in delhi a number of offices of n.g.o.s and newspapers and in offices of prominent human rights activists have been raided they include the former chairman of the delhi minority commission now a prominent politician member has condemned the raids he says that they're a vicious crackdown on dissent and members of the people's democratic party have been detained and even minister. for protesting against the raids. now an opposition candidate has been arrested as concerns grow over the credibility of elections in tanzania the u.s. says it has serious doubts over irregularities which is also shared by the opposition the vote has been mobbed by complaints of restricted internet access and fraud catherine so reports now from nairobi and neighboring kenya. this was the
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seat moments before the main opposition presidential candidate. was arrested. hamad had just called for mass protests in tanzania semi autonomous island region citing widespread regularities in wednesday's paul was heading to the town square when police intercepted him and other party leaders. protesters who had started gathering also it is passed. up as phone video shows for the most part streets remained empty and many shops closed people are afraid of a violent confrontation with security forces pulling claims that police shot and killed several protesters in another island ruling party presidential candidate dr hussein we were later declared winner with 76 percent of the vote by the songs of electoral commission on the mainland where president john mcafee is up against opposition candidate to least 2 more problems lisa says he's election agents why
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denied access to thousands of polling stations police forcibly removed. the opposition has made widespread allegations that some ballot papers were pre-marked ballot boxes stuffed and that police intimidated those who dat question inconsistences in the process what happened yesterday is not an election it is a fraud it is an electoral fraud of a moderate to that is unprecedented in our history. palling in many parts of the country yes the big. players. which cannot be described as visions for free fair and credible elections this is calling for mass action and has international bodies such as the
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african union the european union and the un not to recognize a poll there led to a commission denies the regional gay sions saying the opposition just wants to start trouble in the rest of the presidential results will be announced residents have mixed reaction about the election and calls for demonstrations for the new york want to. visit action is not political we need beings who are not already doing the. i'm afraid i'm hoping the results should be respected the top prison finish the group projects he started 5 years ago opposition leaders say the only option for tanzanians to have their voices hard is to join mosque portis while yes once the results are announced by the electoral commission they cannot be challenge in court catherine al-jazeera nairobi. now america's top diplomat is continuing to criticize china on his tour of asia secretary of state might pay 0 called on indonesians to take
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a stand against china's treatment of muslim we describe the situation as the greatest threat to religious freedom during an address to indonesia's biggest islamic organization also vowed to cooperate with indonesia over its dispute with beijing in the south china sea jessica washington is an indonesian capital jakarta . and then he spoke to them and told them that he believes in tunisia is a model for the. shows how different religions can live in harmony and he used the example of what is happening in china. as the greatest threat to religious freedom and group of moderate muslims to consider what is happening to the ethnic minority . and he did say that he acknowledges that has made efforts to attempt to describe what is happening in. as counterterrorism. efforts. to
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seriously consider. truth for the most. country human rights abuses against the. don't really get that much attention and that's clearly something that secretary. ari know i know that the chinese government has tried to convince him to be. here these arguments are just to do this search of hearts. look at the facts listen to the tales of the survivors and of the families this is part of the secretary of state. a very brief trip through. now and he did meet with president. and this is part of the u.s. efforts to try to contain chinese influence here in this region but indonesia has
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a long history of having aligned foreign policy what that means. positive relations with both china and the u.s. . now the impact of the coronavirus on the world's economies has already been devastating but it's only now becoming clear how it's going to hit people relying on their relatives abroad money sent home by migrant workers is set to drop by 14 percent by next year in comparison to the situation before the crisis this is according to the world bank in bottomline line terms that's a drop of $978000000000.00 in total for this year and next year and it's all said often to families in developing nations the steepest drop will be in remission says sent to countries in europe which will fall by 16 percent this year money sent to sub-saharan africa will drop by 9 percent which is for cost to increase food insecurity and poverty there will dilip ruffa is the lead economist for migrant and
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remittances at the world bank is also head of the global partnership on migration development joins us now from washington by skype as we were hearing there's going to be a particularly serious impact on africa tell us more about the way in which the pandemic is affecting the people's ability to send money to relatives back home. thank you well. as soon as the crisis hit and we know that there was a lockdown the abrupt lockdown cessation of economic activities a lot of people couldn't go to what they put unemployed or for lowered their earning struck they got stranded many migrants actually part stranded in foreign places they couldn't go back home because there were no classes possibilities so many of them couldn't even send money home even if they had the money and the family needed it because the money transfer companies were also closed they were
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shut down so those who had bank accounts they could send money those who did not they could not even send money now with the sort of. when the bill is a bit of a reopening and the stores are open and people are getting back to jobs in the 2nd quarter per quarter if left begin to send money home so we see a sharp drop in 2nd quarter of this year remittance flows to developing countries that is kind of slowly but surely and gradually recovering and that's said by 2020 in a place that would be a drop of about 7 percent in the make us close to developing countries and other 7.5 percent drop in 2021 you know the worst is that of a sharp drop in recovery will be a more gradual. downturn in the mean time slows and any chances are truly a lifetime bans are yelling yeah i mean so from what you're saying it's going to be
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there are going to be a sudden bounce back it's going to take some time to recover just put it into context for us how important our mission says when it comes to alleviating problems like poverty child labor for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and spending on education and things like that. you see remittances are truly sort of dollars for racked with care as we say you know my going to send money home in fact that my girlfriend in the 1st place because they wanted to help the family back home they want to escape unemployment and poverty and then send back money so that the family can eat maybe centuries and to school and started in a suspect or go to hospitals for mothers as well as children as well as old people so they make ancestral had a lifeline to poor people and poor countries last year and i'm a contest where about 550000000000 dollars this year we're expecting them to still to be larger than the space of all larger then the funding of investment flows to
12:46 am
have nothing countries and more than 3 times the size of the shell is going to developing countries in smaller countries like the or maybe even haiti or afghanistan somalia then we just can be as much as or 40 percent of the national income of the country so that gives us a sense of the order of importance how important that i mean that's like playing for the economies of the poor people and what measures could that be taken in a host countries what sort of interventions could that be to support migrant populations and facilitate that ability to help that their relatives and families back home the most important. pain that. we could do in host countries is to improve access to banking for money transfer companies who may not have bank accounts as well as to my clients who may not have
12:47 am
access to bank accounts and by doing that they will be able because as a lot cheaper ways a positive ways efficient ways of sending money home that would help them that also means that families back home who may not have banking access they also need access to banking but more importantly the main enabler of remington says is employment and incomes is by myself unemployed or is that earning set falling they cannot send money home and that is the real risk during a crisis during this crisis might lend more vulnerable to unemployment and earnings loss than medieval people and if we can. somehow support migrants and include them in various government policy responses in the host countries and also in the receipt the recipient countries for me to send in countries for migrants then that would enable them to right through this crisis
12:48 am
thanks very much later thomas like an admission says that while bank. i see a time thank you. so ahead on the program we're looking at how school lunches have helped highlight inequality in the u.k. made was by the corona virus pandemic.
12:49 am
because you've been speaking this hour about the number of coronavirus cases in infections and deaths rising across europe will the president of the european
12:50 am
commission has been speaking out saying that a 220000000 euro war chest will be made available to help countries that struggling to cope speaking in the last half hour though she had also a serious warning that immediate action is needed it is very serious numbers of cases are rising numbers of hospitalization are rising number sort of day of death are rising not as fast fortunately because we understand better today how to treat coverage patients and how to deal with the disease but the spread of the virus will overwhelm our health care systems if we do not act urgently now there's a growing divide between northern and southern england over the economic response to the coronavirus local lock downs and forth across much of the north as cover 1000 infections continue to rise and is under simmons reports from manchester
12:51 am
city's at the man the more help from westminster. the north of england has long been the pole relation to the self in its economy and welfare with cove it hitting hard ahead now that the rest of the country it's open the gap even wider might just as initial refusal to move into the highest level of restrictions led to a standoff with central government over funding it's resolved now but are reframing it's. this is the north of england has consistently lost out. consequently it's created an entrenched. descent to the north can be measured by the industrial scale of voluntary food distribution for the poor. there's a lot of children that just simply live in poverty is an issue that skyrocketed throughout the u.k. highlighted by the social media campaign run by manchester united football and marcus rushford he grew up in poverty rushford efforts to persuade the government
12:52 am
to provide food for children join the school holidays in england failed but nationwide businesses large and small along with shoppers are donating food and money it leaves boris johnson's government on the back foot although he says improve social benefit payments will provide for the poor on the ground charity workers working with rushford say the government isn't doing enough reflecting as a charity worker of over 30 years experience myself i am worried that perhaps the government is depending on the charity sector to you know fill the gaps that's tiny bit too much and that actually what we really need is more centralized leadership in fortune 1000 and boris johnson is facing pressure from within his own party $54.00 m. pais from right across the north of england have formed an action group many of them won seats from labor in last year's election and they're saying that the government looks set to break its promises of a levelling up of the north-south economic divide. in warrington
12:53 am
a town where the highest restriction level was imposed this week again the focus is on deprived areas the number of children in need of food support has risen by more than 20 percent we're in the 21st century with the 5th richest country in the world and we can't feed our families i feel very very angry at times we all stand together had been a successful clarion call of the government in the height of the pandemic it worked then but not now andrew symonds al-jazeera manchester or in other news from the u.k. britain's opposition labor party has suspended its former leader over failings to tackle anti semitism a report found that under jeremy corbin's leadership jewish party members suffered harrison and complaints were ignored the current leader care thelma said the release of the report from britain's equality watchdog was a day of shame for labor leave park has the details from london. it's
12:54 am
a huge blow for people who supported jeremy corbyn throughout all of this the big blow for the man himself who's the labor party for for half years against 3 successive conservative governments of david cameron to reset may of boris johnson until dramatically losing the election in december against boris johnson partly as a result of of course it's handling of bricks and partly too because of the scandal surrounding allegations of anti-semitism within his party that prompted this investigation by the equality and human rights council and those reported back that the labor party was responsible for on lawful acts of harassment of discrimination against jewish members of the party of politically interfered in the complaints process here him self is not accused of anti semitism but as the leader of the party essentially overall responsibility fell to him he responded though to
12:55 am
this report saying that it was dramatically overstated for political reasons and that's put him on this collision course with the new leader of the labor party kiran starmer who has now suspended him it means that jeremy corbyn still remains an m.p. albeit an independent one but considering he's been an m.p. since the early 1980 s. a significant blow to him and a clear indication that sakia star wants to take the labor party in a new direction breaking from the past. now it's lights camera but slightly less action for one of the biggest film festivals in asia which is currently under way in south korea organizers have been forced to scale it down because of the crime and demick as rob rattles reports from both sun and he sent him as a relying on technology to adapt to the new reality of cove it. it could be the way we all go to the movies in the future minimum interaction with anyone else from
12:56 am
the snack machines to getting your tickets this cinema group says its customers like dealing with technology rather than other people. they have told us the new digital experience is fun and interesting so we're working with this digital trend to introduce other you know patience despite a 70 percent drop in business cinemas here have managed to stay open while most worldwide have not and the annual blue sun film festival was able to be held big movie releases like peninsula a sequel to a popular zombie film have gone ahead while globalise blockbusters have been delayed all gone straight on line 30. people have become more familiar with trimming services on online platforms which shows a new generation of audience could emerge. cinemas have been fighting back with the introduction of multi-sensory and multi screen technology heavily invested in ever
12:57 am
more sophisticated movie theaters cinema operators are looking at innovative ways of getting audiences back such as streaming live events from using concerts to video gaming the aim to exploit the big screen experience that smaller screens of hand phones and laptops contact. however we watch what we watch is also likely to change. has the number of moviegoers dwindle it's natural for studios to move away from blockbusters to safer and more manageable productions they know can be successful an industry looking to keep its customers safe and itself in business robin fried al-jazeera busan south korea. well that wraps up the news al but i will be back in a couple of minutes with another full bulletin for you a roundup of the day's top stories including of course the latest developments from france coming right up.
12:58 am
5 g. internet technology game changer or global threat i don't want to be a human lab rat activists. the. conspiracy theorists engineers and world leaders this is only the beginning. are going fiercely over control over the latest wireless technology the truth about 5 g. on al-jazeera. southbound on the economic heartbeat of
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a thriving brazil but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing isabella is just one of thousands looking for a place to call home with no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. do you find a latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researchers say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus
1:00 am
appears far wider than anyone thought. a country plunged into mourning 3 people are dead after a knife attack in niece president calls it an attack on france. though i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program just hours until a one month national lockdown france goes further than most european countries as it works to control the coronavirus. landslides triggered by a powerful typhoon in vietnam a rescue is raced.


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