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extrapolate that across the country and the spread of coronavirus it appears. he wants. a country plunged into mourning 3 people are dead after a knife attack in nice president calls it an attack on france. though i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program just hours until a one month national lockdown france goes further than most european countries as it works to control the coronavirus. landslides triggered by a powerful typhoon in vietnam the rescue is race to find dozens of people still
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missing. and native american communities face significant barriers to voting but in this u.s. election they play a key role. france is now at its highest terror alert level and thousands of extra police have been deployed across the country after 3 people were killed in a knife attack in the riviera city of nice visiting the scene shortly afterwards french president emanuel described it as an islamist terror attack and an attack on france it comes just weeks after the murder of a history teacher and also at a time of growing anger around the world on defense of secular values and his campaign to limit what he called extremism they've achieved to reports. a place of worship now a crime scene inside not to don basilica the congregation had been praying when
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a man armed with a knife attacked them 3 people were killed one of the victims a woman was to capitated according to the police another victim was a churchwarden she the most but i still imagine him i still see lighting the candles and now i'm thinking he's not there anymore. he's been influential we are always with him he's always there he spends a day that he shares his life yeah he's not someone who comes and goes witnesses say the attacker shouted. during his attack he was shot by police near the church and is now being treated in hospital for his injuries. working for the police we are hurt to once again see that our city is taken like this i want to tell the families of the victims of this barbaric attack that everyone in the community is by your side i want to say that we can no longer with the laws of peace in our
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country wipe out islamofascism within hours of the attack the french president emmanuel macro visited to see. yemen to miss you ladies and gentlemen once again our country has been hit by an islamist terror attack once again this morning 3 of our compatriots in nice in this not to die by silica and very clearly france is under. the sun to think if we are attacked it is for our values for our taste for freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any mind of terror to coopt i say it with great clarity once again we will not give in. france has now raised its state of emergency to its highest level. we revolted with what's going on is an attempt to take france hostage with regards to its muslims will not fall into this trap we will not fall into this trap. as part
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of operation sentinel the number of troops patrolling france will more than double from the present 3000 to more than 7000 pres the mark all said that this would ensure that all places of worship will be safe. the attack comes to weeks after the murder of school teacher samuel petit in a paris suburb he had been decapitated after showing caricature of the prophet mohammed to school children to illustrate a lesson on freedom of speech and secularism. prime minister zhang custards says the government's response to the murders in these will be far implacable and immediate david chaytor al jazeera niece well there is more information emerging about the suspected attacker french authorities have said that he arrived in nice by train from the italian city of bari he then changed his clothes before walking to the not true. at the time of his arrest he was carrying
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a document from the italian red cross in the name of the 2 new zealand national born in 1909 initial investigations have shown that this is indeed his identity or over the person concerned is a known international fingerprint database and is also unknown to the intelligence services or the attack in nice comes as france continues to grapple with the question of what role islam should have in a traditionally secular society country has the largest muslim community in europe but earlier this month some someone made to feel unwelcome when the president declared a fight against what he called islamist islamist separatism but it's myth as our reports. islam is in crisis the world over france's president declared at the beginning of october in a speech when he announced his intention to fight what he calls islamist separatism young nothing islam is an idea with this radical islamism this is the central topic
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so let's talk about it and give it a name there is a desire openly stated a methodical organization which aims to break the rules of the french republic and to create a parallel order with other values nurturing a different organization for a society separate is that 1st but with a final goal to take complete control. like ron's rhetoric prompted objections from several muslim leaders and commentators. said question of illegal secularism in france is practically a religion and it's the strictest secularism even in the western context mccrone his mistake was that he talked about separatism in the plural but in his speech he only talked about islam and he kept talking about islam and that offended muslims 2 weeks later teacher samuel patty was decapitated outside his school in a lesson on freedom of speech he'd shown his students caricature of the prophet mohammed the 47 year old history and geography teacher was then posthumously given
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france's highest honor the late john donner memorials were held nationwide and at some of them in solidarity the caricature is where again show at the same time the government unleashed a crackdown on muslims accused of extremism carrying out dozens of raids this paris mosque was closed for 6 months because the a man had put on facebook a video of a parent angrily criticizing samuel patty more than a 1000 people use the mosque. new says this but exact among the young don't quite get it they know they belong to a culture and then all day on french t.v. channels they see a type of ostracism of this culture so when you slam is talked about they don't hear the word radical radical islam for them all day here is islam and they're offended demonstrations have taken place around the world as muslims criticized his comments about islam and the repeated showing of the car to see more are expected
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on friday in france on friday a month long covert lockdown will start it my only bring a pause in the threat of further violence burnet smith al jazeera paris. just 5 days to go until the u.s. election a record breaking 80000000 americans are already cast early in person or mail in votes setting the stage for the highest voter turnout in u.s. history president all trump and his democratic challenger joe biden have been holding competing rallies in the battleground state of florida biden held a socially distanced drive an event in stark contrast president trumka spoke to a crowd of thousands of supporters many of them not wearing masks florida is of course crucial for the president's reelection campaign and his path to victory becomes near impossible without it and joins us live now from miami of course you have to be cautious about how much we how much importance we place on the polls
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nonetheless what do the numbers reveal about the state of play in florida. well the numbers reveal that it is an incredibly tight race within the margin of error showing democratic candidate joe biden with a slight edge but this is a crucial state for both these candidates it's the biggest battleground state in the country with 29 electoral college votes you know this state has not voted for the winner in decades so that's why all the candidates are spending so much time here and people like barack obama but the messaging from both campaigns is essentially not changing apparently or reportedly close advisers to president trump are urging him to talk about the economy because the last set of figures being quite good but instead he's talked about that in tampa for just a few minutes before going on to his rival and talk about how this nation is turning a corner of course in front of a crowd of thousands who are wearing masks on the other hand the optics with the
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joe biden campaign a completely different everyone is wearing masks they're standing 6 feet apart and his messaging is look as president on day one i will start to tackle this coronavirus straightaway putting mandatory mask orders in place so the messaging is just not changing despite the fact that trump is being told look talk about the economy don't keep bashing your rivals it puts off people like suburban housewives who may be vital to president trump's reelection so i think that's why you're seeing this state being peppered by both of these campaigns because it is so important and the last point i want to make is demographically this state represents the entire nation you have to think of florida as a kind of micro shrunk down version of the entire country and very rarely does the state get it wrong that's why every vote here is being sought after so hard all right thanks very much from miami and.
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well as the number of crowd of virus cases across europe rises the president of the european commission has added 256000000 dollars war chest will be made available to assist countries struggling to cope but speaking in the last hour she had a serious warning as well about the need for immediate action it is very serious numbers of cases are rising numbers of hospitalization are rising number of death are rising not as fast fortunately because we understand better today how to treat covered patients and how to deal with the disease but the spread of the virus will overwhelm our healthcare systems if we do not act urgently or governments across europe have been forced to take drastic urgent action the spanish region of catalonia is shutting its borders for 15 days while germany's
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announced a new month long lockdown for next week and as natasha butler now reports from paris people in france are less than an hour away from tightening restrictions savoring a last coffee on a cafe terrace in paris before a new knockdown in france the prospect of another month in dawes fills the students with trepidation. big 71 we have lots of exams there will be delayed now so i'm not sure what will happen next it's so make me panic it's not just the young that are anxious to go away but other people deal with. this measure will be dramatic for many it's more isolation and it'll probably last until christmas for single people the elderly students it'll be very difficult to cope. with it but some people have chosen to leave the city while others focused on last minute chores many have mixed feelings about the shutdown. i understand the law down and i support it
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but the economy needs to go on and right now we don't know how the future will be french president emanuel mark crawl says the knocked out is necessary to stop the 2nd wave which could be more deadly than the 1st but some say it will be a disaster for the economy and the government should have done more to prevent the health situation from deteriorating so fast in parliament france's prime minister defended the government's handling of the pandemic. we knew that the 2nd way was possible even probable and we anticipated but the fact is no country look around us had were seeing they would accelerate in such a sudden and. rising infection rates have forced several european governments to tighten restrictions and defend their choices spain's catalonia region closed its borders while germany announced a new lock down and so dynamic rate a few factions will overload their intensive care units in just
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a few weeks from now all of this shows us that at the start of the cold season we are in a dramatic situation it affects us all without exception my girl says that the impact of france's lockdown won't be known for a few weeks it's due to end at the start of december but many people are resigned to a last thing much longer if the situation doesn't improve the butler al-jazeera paris now to a story we've been following today aid workers saying that more than 50 people have died and dozens are missing in central vietnam after landslides triggered by a typhoon tough and more love is one of the most powerful storms hit vietnam in 2 decades heavy winds ripped the roofs off more than $50000.00 houses and millions have been left without power florence louis reports. typhoon malaria is one of the worst typhoons to hit vietnam in 20 years it lashed the central region with heavy rain causing floods and setting off landslides hundreds of soldiers have been
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deployed to the worst hit areas to help and search for missing people in the media we must reach the landslide the fastest way 1st sending more soldiers before we can get the big machinery that we have to reach there by all means including using helicopters this village is blocked off and bulldozers and excavators are being used to open a road to fishing boats also sank off the coast of vietnam as the typhoon approached this region is still recovering from floods that killed more than $130.00 people and destroyed hundreds of houses earlier this month in a series of storms aid agencies say relieve resources will be pushed to the limit the government says more than $50000.00 homes have been damaged and millions of people left without electricity and more heavy rain is forecast to fall in central vietnam in the coming days florence al-jazeera. i said i had for you on the program
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an opposition candidate is arrested as allegations of fraud in tanzania's election results could still be days away. and have britain's main opposition party throws out its former leader after a port finds his failing is that anti semitism the right. hello we have not seen the end of some pretty vicious spring storms that's one lot going offshore leaving brisbane behind the hail showers here the development may well play take place 3rd the size note sydney's looking fine on friday but to the west in new south wales and almost into adelaide this potential for some pretty big showers his same is true in victoria sydney's weather on friday a late shower true and then stormy weather quite possibly on saturday less so on
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sunday temperatures are rising and falling a little bit not extraordinarily but the fact that it's mostly over caustically to the south and then into a city and east victoria means it's very spring like as weather is fairly wet weather at the same time i stood over it but persis dropped 10 degrees it was 36 in the forecast for friday there is still quite weather in the station that we're waiting for winter's yourself with the exception of what's happening in the west pacific gurneys is the latest tropical spinner to slowly increase in intensity it had towards the philippines but if you're in japan and not on the north coast where the shariat look cool little bit of the sun's out the sun is out also for the korean peninsula and most of china is particularly pleasant weather at the moment in hong kong. in a struggle young aboriginal children as young as 10 being arrested and locked up in
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the 1st of 2 special reports one o one aced investigates the stradley is indigenous to incarceration process on al jazeera. al jazeera where every. welcome back to the main stories now 3 people have been killed in a knife attack in a church in the southern french city of nice several others have been injured
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president emanuel says the incident is an attack on france. and the alarming surge in corona virus cases in european countries is forcing governments to take drastic action spanish region of catalonia is shutting its borders for 15 days and a month long national lockdown will be imposed in france from friday. and of course it's just 5 days to go to the u.s. election a record breaking $80000000.00 americans already cost their ballots though president donald trump and his democratic challenger have been holding competing rallies in that crucial battleground state of florida. all staying in the u.s. and the native american community comprises of a small but important group of voters some analysts say those in swing states could have a major impact on the election many a facing a rising number of obstacles when it comes to costing their ballots rob reynolds has the story. on the vast and remote stretches of the navajo nation where people
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live in isolated communities there is keen interest in the presidential election. voted early so that we can show how important kony should joe is a nurse and has seen firsthand the devastating effects of culvert 19 on the reservation according to the u.s. census bureau there are about 6800000 native american and alaska natives in the u.s. but native voters could have a disproportionate effect on the election in several important swing states the native american vote at least in 7 battleground states could actually sway the election one way or the other many native americans believe president donald trump has treated them disrespectfully as when he used a white house ceremony honoring navajo world war 2 veterans to attack one of his critics democratic senator elizabeth warren they call or pocahontas.
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turned the suspects the colts or other native voters oppose trump's decision to green like controversy oil and gas pipelines on native land many demand stronger efforts to end extreme poverty and low life expectancy on reservations and recognition of sovereign treaty rights joe biden and kamel harris have met with native leaders to discuss these issues of concern i think that you will see more participation of native americans throughout the united states but many difficulties stand in the way of native voters some states with voter identification requirements won't accept tribal i.d.'s others require voters to provide a street address which most native americans on rural reservations don't have there are few polling places on reservations mail in voting is difficult because reservation post offices where most people pick up and send their mail often are
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closed or have limited hours of operation and are also few and far between and the navajo nation. in or that the the medium for a person to check their mail is 38 miles a marathon and a half so there is nothing in going by mail that makes it easy for native americans native voter advocacy groups are suing in several states to force more voting access on reservations and less unequal treatment compared to other voters no one really understands like what we're going through the original people of this land determined to have their voices heard on election day robert oulds al jazeera at least 140 refugees and migrants have been killed off that boat capsized off the coast of senegal a vessel caught fire shortly after leaving the town of bush to spain's canary islands on saturday about 60 people were rescued by senegalese and spanish navies
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and fisherman the international organization for migration says the incident was the deadliest shipwreck recorded this year well we spoke to his the chief of mission for the international organization for migration in senegal he says it's a pandemic that's forcing many people to attempt to see crossing. we believe. the big number of people who are working. is related that with the fact that the. census. 99 under mc. road or been closed several border to us now and. the port unity 4 of some migrants that you use. or groat we know that road west african road it is a north wrote it went that was jewels in the. years 2006
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and we are seeing that that piece of road being you will stick it. now to tanzania an opposition candidate has been arrested as concerns over the credibility of the country's elections the us says it has serious doubts of irregularities a concern also shared by the opposition the vote has already been marred by complaints of restricted internet access and fraud catherine so i reports on this now from nairobi and neighboring kenya. this was the seat moments before the main opposition presidential candidate. was arrested. just called for mass protests in tanzania semi autonomous island region citing widespread regularities in wednesday's paul was heading to the town square when police intercepted him and other party leaders protesters who had started gathering
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also it is passed. up as phone video shows for the most part streets remained empty and many shops closed people are afraid of a violent confrontation with security forces pulling claims of police shot and killed several protesters in another island ruling party presidential candidate dr hussein we were later declared winner with 76 percent of the vote by the electoral commission on the mainland where president john mcafee is up against opposition candidate to lisa marie more problems lisa says he's election agents why denied access to thousands of polling stations police forcibly removed. the opposition has made widespread allegations that some ballot papers were pre-marked ballot boxes stuffed and that police intimidated those who dat question inconsistences in the process what happened yesterday is not an election it is
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a fraud it is an electoral fraud of a moderate to that is unprecedented in. and history. the palling in many parts of the country yes the big. players. which cannot be described as visions for free fair and credible elections these are calling for mass action and has international bodies such as the african union the european union and the un not to recognize a poll there led to a commission denies there regionally gay sions saying the opposition just wants to start trouble interestingly where the presidential results will be announced residents have mixed reaction about the election and calls for demonstrations from the new york want to. visit action is not political really beings who are not already doing the. i'm afraid i'm hoping the results should be respected the
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top prison finish the group projects he started 5 years ago opposition leaders say the only option for tanzania and to have their voices hard is to join mosque portis while yes once the results are announced by the electoral commission they cannot be challenge in court catherine al-jazeera nairobi what protests have been growing in poland after last week's near total ban on abortions demonstrators rallied in front of the polish public television station building in horse all countries constitutional court ruled that abortion will only be accessible for women in extreme cases which includes rape or incest the prime minister accused protests as of attempting to destroy the nation promising to defend what conservative see as an unborn child's right to life. now dozens of bodies from the month of fighting in nagorno-karabakh have been exchanged by armenia and azerbaijan the handover was
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a brief pause in hostilities as the latest ceasefire appears to have failed in a corner car but doctors have tried to move patients from a hospital instead panic which came under heavy shelling azerbaijan is accusing armenia of killing at least 21 people in a missile strike on the city of baghdad. meanwhile elsewhere in better roost the president there is replaced his interior minister with the police chief who led the crackdown on anti-government protesters in the capital minsk alexander lukashenko also appointed a former head of the k.g.b. security police as one of 2 new aids around 16000 data russians have been detained since location because disputed reelection in august which opponents say was wrecked now britain's opposition labor party has suspended its former leader of the failings to tackle anti semitism a report found under german corbin's leadership jewish party members suffered how recent and complaints were ignored carney to kiss thomas at the release of the
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report from britain's equality watchdog was a day of shame for labor but coleman says he was not part of the problem which he says has been overstated and if after all the post all the grief and all the evidence in this report there are still those who think it was no problem with out to some of them that the labor party but it's all exaggerated or if. but frankly you are part of the problem to a do you should be no way to the labor party either or another bit of news from the u.k. oxford university is trying a test it hopes can identify asymptomatic coronavirus carriers within minutes it's hope that research will help identify infectious individuals spreading covert 19 without knowing it scientists are rolling out the tests in the university community to assess 1st how best to use the rapid test if it turns out that they work results might be used by the u.k.'s n.h.s.
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test and trace system meanwhile scientists from astra zeneca and oxford university are in the last stages of producing a vaccine to protect against cove in 19. a look at the main stories this hour before we go france is again coming to terms with a deadly act of violence which the country's president has described as an islamist attack a man wielding a knife beheaded an elderly woman and then killed 2 other people in a church in the riviera city of nice several others have been injured president emanuel says the incident is an attack on france. we're going to miss you ladies and gentlemen once again our country has been hit but islamist terror attack once again this morning river compared to its tell him east.


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