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it took the family months to build their brick house and less than an hour to see it get demolished. the grisly attack in the french city of nice leaves 3 people dead president krol raises the national security alert to its highest level. l.a. why money in sight this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. for the lockdowns about to begin as rates of corona virus infection spread throughout europe. only 5 days until the u.s. election campaigning is in overdrive as both candidates try to hurt us.
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we look at the crucial role native americans could play in deciding the when and. we begin with new details about what happened in the moments leading up to an attack in a church in the french city of nice where 3 people were killed france's chief antiterrorist prosecutor says the attacker was a tunisian border man who arrived in paris earlier this month with an italian red cross document he traveled to nice train before changing his clothes and then walking to the church he's now in custody resident in monument cross called the incident an islamist terrorist attack it's brought to the government to raise a security alert to its maximum level. those day's attack follows another this
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month a teacher in paris was beheaded days after showing cartoons of the prophet mohammed to some of his people's president micron's defending france's secularism and the right. david chase who reports from nice. a place of worship now a crime scene inside not to dump a silica the congregation had been praying when a man armed with a knife attacked them 3 people were killed one of the victims a woman was to capitated according to the police another victim was a churchwarden she the most but i still imagine him i still see lighting the candles and now i'm thinking he's not there anymore. we are always with him he's always there he spends the day there he shares his life here he's not someone who comes and goes witnesses say the attacker shouted. during his attack he
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was shot by police near the church and is now being treated in hospital for his injuries. but the priests we are hurt to once again see that our city is taken like this i want to tell the families of the victims of this barbaric attack that everyone in the community is by your side. i want to say that we can no longer with the laws of peace in our country wipe out islamofascism within hours of the attack the french president emmanuel macro visited to see. miss you ladies and gentlemen once again our country has been hit by an islamist terror attack once again this morning 3 of our compact it's nice in this not to die. and very clearly france is under. the sun is a day if we are attacked it is for our values for our taste for freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any mind of terror
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to coopt i say it with great clarity once again we will not give in france has now raised its state of emergency to its highest level. we revolted with what's going on is an attempt to take french hostage with regards to its muslims will not fall into this trap we will not fall into this trap. as part of operation sentinel the number of troops patrolling france will more than double on the present 3000 to more than 7000 president mccall said that this will ensure that all place of worship will be safe the attack comes 2 weeks after the murder of school teacher samuel petit in a paris suburb he had been decapitated after showing caricature of the prophet mohammed to school children to illustrate a lesson on freedom of speech and secularism prime minister. says the government's response to the murder is a nice will be for implacable and immediate david chaytor al-jazeera
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nice. the world has recorded more than half a 1000000 new coronavirus infections in a single day marking a new threshold in the worsening pandemic but it's rapidly rising infection rates that are forced several european governments to take drastic action the spanish region of catalonia is sussing its borders for 15 days while germany's announced a new month long lockdown for next week tighter restrictions have also just come into force in france. has the latest from paris. savoring a lost coffee on a cafe terrace in paris before a new knockdown in france the prospect of another month indoors fills the students with trepidation exactly what we have lots of exams there will be delayed now so i'm not sure what will happen next it's so make me panic it's not just the young
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that are anxious. people with. this measure will be dramatic for many it's more isolation and it'll probably last until christmas for single people the elderly students it'll be very difficult to cope. but some people have chosen to leave the city while others focused on last minute chores many had mixed feelings about the shutdown. i understand a lot and i support it but the economy needs to go on and right now we don't know how the future will be. french president emanuel macro says the lockdown is necessary to stop the 2nd wave which could be more deadly than the 1st but some say it will be a disaster for the economy and the government should have done more to prevent the health situation from deteriorating so fost in parliament france's prime minister defended the government's handling of the pandemic. we knew that a 2nd wave was possible even probable and we anticipated but the fact is no country
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look around us had to seen they would accelerate in such a sudden and brutal manner rising infection rates have for several european governments to tighten restrictions and defend their choices spain's catalonia region closed its borders while germany announced a new lockdown. and so should the dynamic rate of infections will overload our intensive care units in just a few weeks from now all of these shows us that at the start of the cold season we are in a dramatic situation it affects us all without exception mike ross says that the impact of france's lockdown won't be known for a few weeks it's due to end at the start of december but many people are resigned to a lasting much longer if the situation doesn't improve natasha butler al-jazeera paris mexico's president has criticized the lockdowns in europe calling them authoritarian under as money a low pairs obrador believes european governments are tracing their citizens like
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children his comments come on the same day mexico passed 90000 deaths linked to corona virus. for a 2nd straight day iran has reported another record coronavirus death toll $415.00 deaths were reported in just 24 hours and health officials have warned the worst is still yet to come as winter approaches iran is the worst affected country in the region recording almost 600000 infections. well just 5 days to go until the u.s. election president donald trump and rival joe biden happened trying to win over the swing states of florida with competing rallies they remain neck and neck in the race for the sunshine state's 29 electoral votes biden told his supporters if florida goes blue it's over while trump had some positive economic news to share
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share resounds he has. before the pandemic struck donald trump wanted to run for reelection touting what he said was a strong economy as a sign of his successful presidency and on thursday he finally got some numbers to boast about record breaking g.d.p. growth of 7.4 percent in the 3rd quarter. we created the greatest economy in history and now we are doing it again so you know that hack that beautiful that make america great again right we're going to make it new and make america great again again and again. we did it now we're doing it it again my 1st lady wants to do it again but as always the numbers don't tell the whole story yes there's been a rebound as the economy reopened off to look down i'm government stimulus was felt however the u.s. economy is still 3.5 percent smaller than it was at the end of 2019 by
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comparison during the 2008 great recession the economy contract at 4 percent plus with rising cobra hospitalisations on the threat of future look down if you expect the economy to continue growing at such a pace the u.s. is leading infectious disease expert once again contradicted the president's repeated claim that the u.s. is rounding the corner we will start to approach what we call normal i don't think francis that it's going to be at a level where people are going to feel like there are no public health measures to be implemented until we get to the end of 20215 days left folks also campaigning in florida on thursday joe biden this election is the most important one you've ever voted in what is your 1st or tan ladies and gentlemen the heart and soul of this country is at stake right here in florida. up to you you hold the key . if florida goes below it's over. biden has
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a narrow lead in florida winning the state's $29.00 electoral college votes would make victory for much harder a majority of ballots cast here will be by mail or early in person voting and unlike other swing states florida is already counting votes received authorities say they expect 90 percent of ballots to be counted before midnight on election night so even if a national result takes days florida should be one battleground state with a result with a conclusive or not relatively quickly she average hansie al jazeera. the u.s. labor department is reporting a significant reduction in the number of new people claiming on employment benefits last week 751000 applied for assistance the lowest weekly total since economic shutdowns began in march still more than 700000000 people all receiving unemployment benefits and many more jobless people on eligible to receive them the
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official unemployment rate now stands at 7.9 percent down from a high of nearly 15 percent in april with coronavirus infection surging large companies continue to announce layoffs on wednesday boeing said it would cut $30000.00 jobs by the end of next year and white house correspondent kimberly hellcats has moved from washington d.c. . the historic jump in the g.d.p. in the last quarter up 33 percent what i think it indicates as well as those numbers of jobs going down is what donald trump has been selling on the campaign trail and that is that he is trying to reopen the economy allow people to get back to their daily lives and so this is a major campaign promise on his part and he is contrast to get to kind of a doom and gloom prediction if joe biden gets elected that his plan is to shut down the economy for an indefinite period of time much like we've seen happening in parts of europe and that this would have a negative impact on those numbers so what we're seeing is this message being
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delivered by the 2 candidates 2 very different and contrast in messages that we should also point out that when it comes to joe biden one other thing that he started to talk about a little bit as these numbers continue to be good for him in terms of the national polls and his solid lead and these now kind of tempering expectation about what he can do on day one as president if he does win the election in terms of turning the pandemic around he's now saying that he'll look at science but don't expect to turn things around with the flick of a light switch so this is certainly an interesting message from a president or rather a presidential candidate that has repeatedly criticized donald trump's handling of the cove in 1000 pandemic here in the united states still ahead on al jazeera raids are held on newspapers are not the homes of activists in indian controlled kashmir and what critics call a crackdown on dissent. argentine police affect hundreds of homeless families
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through shelters they lose their jobs in pandemic lock downs. a little bit of a cold. lost in a few shows which might feel like they're at the wrong season this is for northern parts of honshu and hawk harder because there is quite cold but they will be range as long as possible highest ground is cooling down a little bit in tokyo but it's fine looking weather as far west as you can see this some cloud a few spots of rain in western china but in places like hong kong this is a drop in humidity was a pleasant time of the year winter is still a rhyme it's a long way north yet to show itself in sas china sea the actions died down and i'm alive is going across thailand's a 1000000 martin house the right but we've got another storm to watch out for is making progress in the western pacific into the philippine sea and they will hit
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the olens the philippines probably during sunday elsewhere widespread showers and thunderstorms which is correct for this time of the year so whilst well our in-house is the reigning me in my china is the place to get wettest in the last 24 hours in india that rains now leaving children going sars was to parts of time allowed to carola and surviving but the rain that's been well produced here in the east of the bay of bengal will move north into bank the dish and the east india. to the vast soviet era to make manufacturing back. with a decades old. and recruited by an outsider. and the fusion of western style management and socialist worker values appears destined
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for a car crash. the russian. witnessed documentary on al-jazeera. the . you're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour french authorities say the man who killed 3 people in a church attack in nice was a tunisian who arrived in france from asli carrying a toddler in red cross travel document president in the new micro house raised the security alert in the country to its highest level. european leaders are reintroducing strict measures in response to rising coronavirus infections france
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has gone into a month long national lockdown and spain's catalonia region is shutting its borders for 15 days. president donald trump and his democratic challenger joe biden have been holding competing rallies in the battleground states of florida just 5 days to go until the u.s. election a record breaking 80000000 americans have already cost in person all mail in vote. more now on our top story the attack and nice comes from grapples with the question of what role islam should have in a traditionally secular society the country has the largest muslim community in europe but some have been made to feel unwelcome after the president declared a fight against what he called islamist separatism and smith has moved from paris. islam is in crisis the world over france's president declared at the beginning of
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october in a speech when he announced his intention to fight what he calls islamist separatism . not islam is not with this radical islam islam this is the central topic so let's talk about it and give it a name there is a desire openly stated a methodical organization which aims to break the rules of the french republic and to create a parallel order with other values nurturing a different organization for a society separate is that 1st but with a final goal to take complete control like ron's rhetoric prompted objections from several muslim leaders and commentators. suggest individual secularism in france is practically a religion and its the strictest secularism even in the western context mccrone his mistake was that he talked about separatism in the plural but in his speech he only talked about islam and he kept talking about islam and that offended muslims 2 weeks later teacher samuel patty was decapitated outside his school in a lesson on freedom of speech he'd shown his students caricature of the prophet
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mohammed the 47 year old history and geography teacher was then posthumously given france's highest honor the late john donner memorials were held nationwide and at some of them in solidarity the caricature is where again show. at the same time the government only to crack down on muslims accused of extremism carrying out dozens of raids this paris mosque was closed for 6 months because the mom had put on facebook a video of a parent angrily criticizing samuel patty more than a 1000 people use the mosque nooses this but exact among the young don't quite get it they know they belong to a culture and then all day on french t.v. channels they see a type of ostracism of this culture so when you talked about they don't hear the word radical radical islam for them all they hear is islam and they are offended demonstrations have taken place around the world as muslims criticized macro's
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comments about islam and the repeated showing of the car to more are expected on friday in france on friday a month long covert lockdown will start it my only bring a pause in the threat of further violence burnet smith al jazeera paris 3 politicians from india's governing b j p policy have been shot dead in indian administered kashmir police have blamed the attack on rebels fighting against indian rule in the disputed region newspapers and nongovernmental organizations have been raided by indian authorities alleging miri separatist activities the national investigation agency seized documents and devices from the homes and offices of journalists and prominent activists has been criticised as a crackdown on dissent authorities say funds were being collected this is session is purposes it is better per annum isn't delhi with the latest. we're outside the
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offices of a charity organization called the charity and lions it's one of around 20 locations which have been raided by india's national investigation agency over the past 2 days now residents of this neighborhood have told us that the street was filled with police officers a little bit earlier in the day the national investigation agency says the rates are in connection with what it says a so-called n.g.o.s and trusts raising money in india and abroad for charitable activities and then using that money for what they say separatists a session of activities in indian administered kashmir the raids began there on wednesday there were $9.00 raids and indeed in the one in the southern city of bengal looted they have continued today indeed in this meet again and here in delhi and number of offices of n.g.o.s newspapers and owns and offices of prominent human rights activists have been raided they include the former chairman of the delhi
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minority commission now a prominent politician member has condemned the raids he says that there are a vicious crackdown on dissent and members of the people's democratic party have been detained and indeed administration capital for protesting against the raids. and artillery attack by regime forces in syria has killed at least 5 people in southern italy the shells struck a residential area on monday russian a strike targeting a militia camp the province killed at least 78 rebels at live falls within a deescalation zone forged on the cease fire agreement in march between. more than 1000 palestinian olive trees have been destroyed in israeli occupied territory of the last 3 weeks this is according to un report its log 19 incidents of israeli settlers disrupting local farmers peace marches normally accompany
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palestinian landowners to protect harvest back to say that's not been possible because of covert 19 attacks on agriculture or frequent occurrence in the occupied west bank palestinians say israeli authorities side with the settlers during land disputes. we are prohibited from entering this land without prior coordination we are prevented from plowing it because it's a little bit far from the house the settlers planted it they bring livestock to it in an attempt to control it so we are here and we will work is to harvest the olives only to find out we were sure we had olives but nothing there barely any olives left on the trees the only olive harvest season is last for us is year there is no olive season. it appears that the u.s. is pushing ahead with the sale of f. $35.00 jets to the united arab emirates the state department has notified congress that approve the deal which could be worth 10000000000 dollars senate and house
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committees have the rights review and block weapon sales israel initially objected to the sale of the jets but has since withdrawn its concerns back to the race for the white house now native americans are a small but potentially important group of voters particularly in swing states but many are facing obstacles in casting their ballots brunell's has more. on the vast and remote stretches of the navajo nation where people live in isolated communities there is keen interest in the presidential election. voted early so that we can. how important kony should joe is a nurse and has seen firsthand the devastating effects of colored 19 on the reservation according to the u.s. census bureau there are about 6800000 native american and alaska natives in the u.s. but native voters could have a disproportionate effect on the election in several important swing states the
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native american vote at least in 7 battleground states could actually sway the election one way or the other many native americans believe president donald trump has treated them disrespectfully as when he used a white house ceremony honoring navajo world war 2 veterans to attack one of his critics democratic senator elizabeth warren they call or pocahontas. who turned the suspects the culture other native voters oppose trump's decision to green like controversy oil and gas pipelines on native land many demand stronger efforts to end extreme poverty and low life expectancy on reservations and recognition of sovereign treaty rights joe biden and kamel harris have met with native leaders to discuss these issues of concern i think that you will see more participation of native americans throughout the united states but many
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difficulties stand in the way of native voters some states with voter identification requirements won't accept tribal i.d.'s others require voters to provide a street address which most native americans on rural reservations don't have there are few polling places on reservations mail in voting is difficult because reservation post offices where most people pick up and send their mail often are closed or have limited hours of operation and are also few and far between on the navajo nation. in or that the the medium for a person to check their mail is 38 miles a marathon and a half though there is nothing in voting by mail that makes it easy for native americans native voter advocacy groups are suing in several states to force more voting access on reservations and less unequal treatment compared to other voters
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no one really understands like where a group or the original people of this land determined to have their voices heard on election day rob reynolds al-jazeera. argentine police have a victor hundreds of families from of a concealed in the city of go nneka many people had built shelters there after being hit by the pandemics economic downturn series of reports. thousands of police officers stormed the town of get a new guy in the province of one of the order was to remove squatters that had taken over land illegally. land grabs have increased in recent weeks in argentina adding pressure to the government of a lot of the for a man this which is already struggling with an economic meltdown and the covert 1000 pandemic. people mississippi advance by the police by throwing rocks at police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets no no look with what they are
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attacking us told us this man they said this was a pacific eviction and they were attacking us with everything they have. protesters say they will go back at night and take over land once again earlier this year thousands of families came to vist piece of land to build their homes they claim they had lost their jobs and that they had nowhere else to leave this is an example of the enormous crisis that exists in argentina today and economic crisis that has been exacerbated by the pandemic the police came here removed those families by force they set some of the houses on fire and they say that they won't allow them to come back and they come again because of that i now we were asked was living in an improvised shelter with her 4 children one of them 9 year old more enough oil assets that she never expected the police to remove them by force and at the moment
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donna i don't know where i'm going to go now i don't have a place to live i came here because i can't pay rent we have to choose whether we rent or we eat. for 2 months the authorities have been negotiating with squatters and offer them money for them to leave. but many claim that the money's not enough for them to find a place to live. only wants to be allowed to recover some of his belongings. this is very hard came here because we didn't want to depend on anyone from here will have to go back to the street. poverty and unemployment figures have soared in recent months president out of the farm and this has increased cash handouts to assist the board i but argentina is dealing with its own financial troubles and authorities claim there is not enough to help everyone knew. but he said war. when a stylus only 6 people are dead and millions are without power after hurricanes hit
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the southern united states it made landfall in the state of louisiana as a category 2 storm on wednesday and is leaving damage through several states as it moves northeast many fear this could impact voting in next week's presidential election season is the 5th hurricane to hit louisiana this year breaking state records. this is al jazeera these are the top stories french authorities say the man who killed 3 people in a church attack in nice was a tunisian who arrives in france from mrs lee with an italian red cross travel document president and.


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