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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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plate that others cannot fire still going on the way they tell the story is what make it different. al-jazeera. over there i'm having our heads in and this is the al-jazeera news are coming to you live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes turkish rescuers search for survivors after an earthquake that killed more than 2 dozen people. armenia releases video it says shows azerbaijan using the weapon white phosphorus near a civilian area. voting is underway in ivory coast's to opposition candidates
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a boy caught in the votes and calling for civil disobedience in farewell to the original double 07 the scottish actor so sean connery has died at the age of 19. and in sport tennis world number one novak djokovic has suffered a shop defeat in vienna the serbian star was knocked out in the quarterfinals by a player ranked more than 40 places below head. but 1st to turkey were rescue workers are still searching for survivors in the city it is mere after a powerful earthquake parts of greece also felt the effects of the magnitude 7 quake on the aegean sea at least 28 people in or have been killed and hundreds more injured simcoe see all the reports from the city it is mere. this is the aftermath of
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a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. many buildings and as her province collapse within seconds killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds others were buried alive this woman was pulled out of the rubble 17 hours after the earthquake. there are similar stories throughout our province. here a mother waits nervously near a collapsed building halting greste teams find her missing daughter she says she was working at a dental clinic when derth quake struck the hood i don't know until the dentist had a couple of workers with him maybe she's there we're waiting willing we will have good news most of the collapsed buildings were apartment blocks if they were both to my nieces my uncles my grandmother and my family lives here including my daughter several families live here and we're waiting hopelessly. we're told the
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concrete and all and columns in this building are very weak despite the structure being green force 4 years ago it's been less than 24 hours since the earthquake which gives some hope to the victims' families but the longer the search goes on the more difficult it's will be to find anyone alive. there have been more than 470 aftershocks since friday's earthquake people in this region of turkey and in nearby greek islands have been a warrant this could bring further damage. the turkish red crescent has sent tents beds and food to the region but the pandemic and the need for social distancing could add yet another challenge to this disaster. well let's cross live $37.00 and he joins us from a collapsed building in the city of sin and it's been just a shade more than 24 hours since that devastating earthquake struck the area how
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much progress have the officials in the area made when it comes to reaching survivors. well so far we know that 17 buildings were collapsed and in 9 of them search and rescue operations have been completed and now the rescue teams are working in the other 8 buildings and to rescue those people the survivors who are trapped under the rubble the building behind me is called the result of a building of a apartment building there it's was this 8 story building it was reinforced the structure was reinforced and there were at least 60 flats in this apartment building and also a dental clinic and since the morning search and rescue operations are continuing highly here partially they are bringing out 3 of the inside were trapped under the
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rubble but there are also some. some bad news as well because some of the people were have already died after the earthquake from time to time to search and rescue teams are calling for silence in order to be able to receive a signal of life which is a voice from any possible survivors it is still under way but i have to say that the building despite it was reinforced before it seems to be a very weak one and when you speak to the operational syrian the rescue teams and other experts all they say is that it's not the earthquake but the building that kills people and this is one of the examples where the weeks fracture week colquitt week iran element. in the column system of the building which caused collapse of the building and that left dozens of people under the rubble well it's quite striking sinan because in the short behind you we can see other buildings the
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residential buildings as well that are still standing and turkey as we know was a country that's no stranger to buildings of question. earthquakes rather so questions will have to be asked at some stage why is a building in an earthquake prone area collapsing like this because surely even if the building's been reinforce they should have to comply as it would some sort of cool that means you can put 60 apartment buildings and there are 65 and there with children elderly all these people living in a structure like that. exactly exactly this is a problem that everyone is questioning right now as you have also said that. turkey has suffered many earthquakes including a huge one that hits is met then is stumbled back in 9099 and in 2000 and.
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1112 there was another one that is turned province and just at the beginning of 2020 the another anatolian is to not told instead to was a basically even when you look around here you see that the new structures that have been strongly built are standing up and some of them even do not have any cracks on them but apparently the all the thing system that was in that was inactive after the 999 earthquake didn't work properly either this building behind me is that to be around 25 years old which is a pretty old boasting but apparently the. relevant authorities are not doing their best to hold it its structure the health of the building ok said and live from is smear in turkey thank you for no. armenia is accusing
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azerbaijan of using volatile white phosphorous munitions in the going to cut about the ministry of foreign affairs released this video saying civilian areas are nearby where white phosphorus is considered an incendiary weapon and its use is respected under international law because the fire is difficult to extinguish it sticks to flesh making burns much more severe well meaning is prime minister has asked russia for help in its conflict with azerbaijan say forces have made advances toward some locations in the disputed border region after talks in geneva and the collapse of the 3rd ceasefire the 2 countries have apparently agreed not to deliberately target civilian populations we're covering both sides of this story for you will get reaction out of us or by john shortly from hoda abdel-hamid in the capital baku but 1st let's get the latest on these allegations from reach out and in yerevan rory both sides have agreed not to attack civilians but the use
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of white phosphorus is apparently ok what was going on. while the other is the white phosphorous allegation is one of several that have come from armenian authorities today just a few hours ago from. the the prime minister who office you can see across the square behind me and he tweeted out that despite the agreement reached not to target civilians and civilian infrastructure since the early morning as about john as resumes the bombing of shushi panic hurts azerbaijan's leadership is not capable of fulfilling its own commitments and the civilians of nagorno-karabakh are its main enemy and now he was referring to bombardments of the towns that are just mentioned cities as well in the go and i care about. the marketplace main marketplace. came under fire with rockets or shells pretty
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early this morning other attacks happened as well as the. prime minister been saying this was specifically what's the degree that they weren't going to do in geneva just yesterday the meetings are also saying as we've just heard in your introduction there the. white phosphorus has been used in the wooded hills. karabakh. this according to the armenians is contravention of international law now the international law surrounding white phosphorous is that it is illegal to target areas in which civilians might live it is restricted when it comes to targeting military positions in that it's considered. basically you're not supposed to use it if there are less inhumane munitions that you could use instead
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anyway this is the accusation that the armenians be making towards the us by johnnie's that they are breaking international law and using something that should not be used. in yerevan thank you well let's bringing the view from. for a. very serious accusations there from the armenians. responds to this. well this is have said right from the beginning then those accusations were groundless and now just a few minutes ago. a president who have only ever has actually tweeted that armenia has used this white phosphorus in the wooded in the woods i rounded the town of show which means. and rory was just talking about this
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i mean i was saying that. now earlier in the day the ministry of defense also said that it had intelligence that armenia had moved white phosphorus. with the aim of creating a provocation now accusations have been going in both directions about who is doing what and who is actually breaking international law. from the azerbaijani point of view. there since billions that have been targeted. let me just attack was in bar death few days ago 21 people died in that attack in the human rights watch issued a statement on friday saying that indeed. it's in that attack now as if i just said that using exactly the same cluster bomblets as nagorno-karabakh something that john refuses but when he comes to do. so
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far as ever john has the highest prize is. about 91 people killed in the attack in barga and then you know. that happened in a few weeks ago. also to come on this new siren clearing. we'll tell you about the deal that will mean sudan counts receipts in the u.s. courts plus we'll have the sports and we'll tell you about the major league baseball manager is getting a 2nd chance cheating scandal almost ruined his career. that police in france have arrested asserts suspects links to thursday's knife attack in the 3 people were killed in the attack on a church the 3rd suspect was apparently presence police searched the home of
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a 2nd man lengths in this case on friday well authorities have identified the 3rd victim of thursday's attack a 60 year old french national. she was at the church to pray well david chaytor is following the story for us from nice david just tell us more about this 3rd individual he's been arrested in connection with the stabbing attack what more do we know about the investigation as it stands. so far the police have been very reticent to release any details but we do understand so far the barest outlines not only have we got a 47 year old man who's in custody we had a 35 year old man who was arrested here in east by members of the police antiterrorist unit and then a few hours later they picked up another man
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a 33 year old man who was an associate of the 35 year old man that is all we've got but clearly the police here are looking for any network that much to be behind giving help to the to the knife man who courses in hospital unconscious in a coma called 6 bullet wounds in him. and it's surrounded by the police and doctors so that's all the information we have on that but we have also had of course a lot of tributes here behind me at the basilica as well as a few incidents of scuffling i must say were police were forced to intervene that's because there is beginning to be some sign of the division between the communities here in france and here especially in nice caused by this attack the brutal attack inside the basilica but there also for the 1st time senior members of the muslim community here across france are speaking out against the violence and we can hear
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a clip now of one of the senior muslims the president of the muslim council in the city of arounds let's hear what he had to say tribute mass last night. the christian brothers and sisters our dearest thoughts after this abject attack which plunges us into fear and astonishment that we can then with force and firmness terrorism and fanaticism will not succeed in destroying our precious links and our deep will to build together a united national community united and multi-faith. so there is a very clear support for all the christian communities and for the the fear and the vice and the violence a call against the violence very clear stand but of course it to goes against what we've also been hearing here on the streets of nice from local councilors local politicians they've been calling for
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a change in the constitution so that france can fight what is being called a war against islamic ideology and another politician was saying that essentially there should be a french guantanamo so these are very unfortunate statements there's got to be a chance to try and calm the divisions within france and with this community and nice and that's what everybody is attempting to do now back to you ok david chase there in this thank you thousands of protesters have turned out in pakistan's largest city to condemn the french president the rally in karachi follow a similar process in the capital islamabad on friday there's been angry protests across several muslim countries after emanuel micro defended the right to mock religion and failed to crack down on what he calls radical islam. while the french president sat down with al-jazeera to discuss the wave of anger he says he understands the frustration in some muslim countries but the work of independent
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publications in france does not represent the theories of his government's. welcome paulison to monterey i understand the sentiments being expressed and i respect them but you must understand my role right now it's to do 2 things to promote calm and also to protect these rights the countries across europe are trying to contain the rise in corona virus infections colds recorded nearly 22000 new cases and it's in the field hospitals are being set up to deal with the influx of people falling ill it recorded its highest increase in daily infections on friday at more than 31000 cases the russian has reported more than 18000 you coronavirus infections nearly matching friday's record high school says there are not enough doctors to cope with a growing number of cases greece has become the latest european country to impose
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widespread restrictions by mr korea course mr tarkus says most bars and restaurants will have to coles for november a nighttime curfew will also be expanded and british media outlets are reporting that a new locked in england's may be brought in as soon as next week primus abortion johnson is expected to announce the new measures which could include the kosher of all but essential shops all gatherers of or all are just and lecturer at lancaster university in england he says restrictive measures are not effective in dealing with viruses. tastings that main sleep volleyball and certain limited situations for instance tasty stuff in hospitals and so on and for a great control or wards them and care homes but the problem is scaling it up to population level. when case numbers are rising rapidly test interest works best for viruses that have. low on the members which of course it doesn't it has
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a high number it works best for viruses that have long incubation period it's again covert has quit short incubation period and also because it's a risk but it should by this the number of potential quantizes oh it was that high if i'm coughing at the back of a bus then possibly the entire passenger would on the bus are potentially contacts so these are the reasons why we've never in the past try applying taste a trace to respect a tree by a so great we don't use it during normal seasonal flus in the went to the even when of a severe as they had a few years ago we haven't used it for previous flu pandemics but during january and february there was a great enthusiasm for testing trace as the principal means of ac from pandemic and it's no feely clear that overall testing is very valuable as i said in some limited circumstances it isn't going to be
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a general solution for emerging from an. the united states has agreed to restore sudan so rule immunity meaning it cannot be in american courts in return sudan will settle existing legal cases including for the 1998 bombing of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania khartoum has agreed to pay some $335000000.00 in compensation for that attack last week the white house removed from its state sponsors of terror list as parts of a normalization deal with israel let's bring in june as horner who's in nairobi is the deputy director for the horn of africa and senior analyst for sudan at the international crisis group gets happy with this just spell it out for of years because these are complex to. be sued in the courts state sponsor of terror list what exactly does this deal mean for c. done and what does it mean for the people of sudan and what are they getting for
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this 335 $1000000.00. sure thanks for having me but i think it's very important to you know it all off the top and that sounds. foreign sovereign immunity have as not yet been been restored and as and has not yet been told all of the state sponsor of terrorism list that is a subject to a 45 day period that would occur on the part of the 45 day period after president trump has notified congress. and intention to do lists congress then has $45.00 days to to protest no proposed test it seems forthcoming but that wouldn't essentially put sudan at i think about the 7th of december where their actual delisting at and then lawrence on immunity can can then be applied but that also has its own political equation marching to d.c. to your question though you know the benefits are you know 1st of all there is a promise see that these benefits will flow very quickly and early to to sudan
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sudan's economy is in in a genuinely part of a state and urgently need support but s.s.t. is not the avenue for that. if you know primarily you know the short term bounce percentage is largely in many ways reputation that really taking all risks for sudan has been you know compounded by 30 years of oil to crack take a regime of omar al bashir with all of the attendant human rights abuses and conflicts accusations that go with it and so there's a reputation component kept sudan from receiving a lot of foreign direct investment and financial attention from the rest of the world it seems like that that you know further than that you know as part of this role of her equation are that includes normalization of israel alongside the state sponsored terrorism rescission there is scope for 'd an increase in aid from israel from the united arab emirates and from the usa but those deals are still being worked out and then finally there's a real scope for expects that i think debt relief which is really what's in fact
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keeping sudan's economy down because they are so. our. arrears do a lot but it makes it impossible for them to get on top and then to be able to be eligible. so this is the usa this is the 1st step in a long process then for sudan to start pulling the country back together and putting on a more stable economic fitting but it ties into all of this appears to be the fact that if you look at it from observers points of view it seems like this is part of a deal in order to normalize relations with israel you have this 335000000 dollar price tag here you know in the grand scheme of things it's a lot of money but in terms of a country's bottom line may not be but which you say this is a price worth paying for the normalization deal with israel are the sudanese likely to get value for money from this. i mean the short answer is yes but but that the
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timing and the manner in the way it that this has happened is really what creates the controlled risk of discord on the ground in sudan you know the sudanese themselves feel that this has been it imposed and has been presented as a quid pro quo for sudan when 1st of all sudan does not deserve to be on the list and this delisting pushes were long overdue by years and and also there's this sense that you know i think if you ask sudanese and i've just come back from several weeks and see that if you are sudanese about their sentiments about normalising that israel there are hardliners who will be you know opposed to this and will think that this is anathema to them but you know the bus majority of people are much more concerned about the economy and they see the link between state sponsored terrorism rescission and normalization of israel and you know hopefully some bounce for for the economy so you know had this been done in a much more sympathetic way by the u.s. allowing this you need to perhaps even more deliberate and consult you know the
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population about this question they might have had the same they were likely to have the same outcome but it was more that it was the imposition that has upset people and made so become a point of mobilization for some sunnis who are themselves just incredibly frustrated by the economic state ok jonas hart great to get your think your views on this thank you so much for joining us there from nairobi. at the original james bond shown connery has died at the age of 90. accurate. the scottish actor was the 1st play the character double 7 in 1960 he went on to win an academy awards 2 batters and 3 golden globes was knighted by queen elizabeth in 2000 for his services to film an honor he called one of the proudest days of his life and let's get more on this from british cultural commentator
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richard for fitzwilliams joins us now from london richard he was the 1st james bond was he the greatest. i think he was the general bar to hold the most impact in the public mind. you could say well that mindless but certainly not all the slick popular very lucrative films dr no the 1st from russia with love goldfinger and sound of war which is in fact the most successful of the all time you had james bond the exotic locations the gadgets the bond markets as the wind was cold and also some are just stubbornly of the sun paul bond girls coloring was a rush task deeply complex individual his attitude to women certainly and i think should trail of james bond was a sense of a sudden astute dinosaur to quote judi dench as they mean one of the subject when
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bond films evil a world figure because of his role in james bond yes well he was known for james bonds and he pretty bonds that you could argue was all of his time but he also had a prolific film career that spanned decades i remember going to see him in the cinema when he was that indiana jones i mean it's also is about his career with the length of his career which was really rather significant. oh it was amazing i mean he had a remarkable career sean connery was the nearest i would say the scottish to 20 to 21st century now national hero he was very good at playing rough tough adventurous who did the sins of man who would be king he did the civil wind of the law. first might help sid it's all written one to read of tony burke to
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his are still winning of born son. hopper in the untouchables it has to be said his lavish actually was voted the worst accident ever. being mary poppins but he was a street person who got a new recognisable but people thought they could relate to him i mean he grew up in an edinburgh tenement he was on the navy he was on he came up the hard way you could play rough tough role brilliantly and the scots love him for it say he did a big impact outside the film as well you mentioned that his educational background see grew up a working class chap and the tenements of edinburgh but he did tend to focus on that didn't they providing opportunities educational opportunities for youngsters and of course a big big supporter of scotland so controversially perhaps scottish independence. oh absolutely so i'm in
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a sean connery believe in the scottish national party who was $24.00 and it was absolutely standard sort of terribly because at the behest of the labor party's duchess extra dollar joe his knighthood which john donne should leave was deserved given the his overall pretty amazing international profile was actually held up i mean that was disgraceful these days and given for example his controversial interview with barbara walters about treating women might seem that he would be regarded somewhat as a a figure who was very much of a very tough upbringing in a very different era but there's no doubt one of the wives of war presences in film history has now passed on hand and he years and out of the arab remarkable actor he wasn't see a much loved much loved actor particularly from my home country of scotland's he
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will be missed but he lives a he leaves behind a significant cultural impact to many many fans and he thank you very much indeed richard fitzwilliams talking us through the fantastic career and life of sean connery. sake a quick break for the weather here is that britain. hello there we've got some rather wet weather on the cards for to pad as we go into the early part of next week for the time being a slushy 5 and dry clear skies nice little ridge of high pressure keeping things settled at the most of sunday this wetter weather will come through the korean peninsula south korea easing across the sea of japan sliding its way over towards the pad it will be rather heavy at times to western and southern parts of japan before eventually it's over the mountains and on towards the eastern side of honshu further south we've got a couple of systems to watch out for this little clutch of storms here that is a developing typhoon and we already have
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a full blown typhoon making its way towards the philippines clearly say the eye of the storm on this one it's a super typhoon it is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane winds of around 275 kilometers per hour looking at gusts of around 350 kilometers per hour so damaging winds huge waves usual suspects storms causing problems floods from the very heavy rain that we are going to see moving across central parts of the philippines as we go on through sunday and on into monday terrific amounts of rainfall making their way through here and it will gradually head towards fit. here without to serious still to come on the news hour we'll take a look at why the latino votes is so important in the upcoming u.s. presidential elections and we'll have the sport for you where the ugandan and world champion runner rick king so when more golds far will be here with more on that story later in the show.
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dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the on the ground realities of back in the news coverage what's the lay of the land there challenging assumptions and the official night listening post on out is iraq. november on al-jazeera. who will be the next president of the united states join us for extended coverage of the u.s. elections on november 3rd and full of. all hail the lockdown explores the complexities of our global response to the coronavirus pandemic could a proposed traffic scheme threaten one of the world's most famous heritage sites we'll report from stonehenge up front returns with emmy award winning journalist richelle carey she'll cut through the headlights and be rigorous debate and former french president nicolas sarkozy will face trial on corruption charges we'll bring
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you the latest november on all jersey. the all. they say is al jazeera quick reminder of the top stories for you this hour rescuers in turkey are searching for earthquake survivors in the city of is mir the magnitude 7 quake and the genes say brought down buildings and triggered tidal waves in turkey and greece at least 28 people have died it's armenia is accusing us or by john of using the chemical weapons white phosphorus in a go in a crowded bar it's restricted it's under international law as a by john has dismissed the allegation and the original james bond sean connery has
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died at the age of 90 a scottish actor was the 1st supplier carries her double 7 in 1960 to 98 spy queen elizabeth in 2000 for his services to film and on or he called one of the proudest days of his life. and the number of early a mail in vote in the u.s. state of texas has now passed the total number of votes cast there during the 2816 election 3 days ago more than 9000000 texans have already voted and it's the 2nd states after hawaii to break its records across the country more than $85000000.00 people of forces are they setting the u.s. on course for its biggest turnouts in over
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a century well alan fischer joins us now live from washington d.c. allan just 3 days to go and with so much at stake neither candidates will be taking it easy this saturday will. well we've been talking about their selection for almost 4 years or more so from the moment donald trump was sworn in and believe we're now in the last 72 hours of rallies and insults and that's what's going to happen we're going to see both candidates hitting the campaign trail that's a step up for joe biden he was in 3 states yesterday that's the most he's done throughout this campaign how unusual is that and he's going to be doing more campaigning on saturday is in michigan with former president barack obama has all bore someone who can still electrify a crowd don't trump well he's got 3 rallies in pennsylvania because as far as the trump campaign comes it is all going to come down to pennsylvania they think they're pretty secure in florida they think they're going to when they're they
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think that in the key counties they have enough votes bank and so while they will give some attention to florida over the next 72 hours pennsylvania for them is the ball game and not just pennsylvania but northeast pennsylvania because they think a couple of counties there could sway the vote so donald trump is going to spend a lot of time there over the next 72 hours we also know that donald trump is very superstitious and he is trying to recreate what he did in 2016 he is criticizing joe biden on a regular basis he's saying that he should be locked up but the biden's other crime family all the course of things he said about hillary clinton back in 2016 at his final rally is going to be in the same place he held this final rally back 4 years ago believing that that was a good omen for him then and will be a good omen for him no but one of the poor saying well the stretching the lead for joe biden nationally but as i've often said when we do these these moments. calls
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our votes still depend on what happens with people milling in their votes and also turning up on november the 3rd here's the thing that's concerning the democrats they think that there is going. to be a problem with counting some of those votes that some of these battles will end up in the courts and we might not get a clear decision on november the 3rd but if you speak to other democrats they believe the huge tarnow that you've been talking about not just in texas not just in alaska but across the country indicates that there is something significant happening in america and they want to believe that that means a blue wave that donald trump is going to be swept out of office and the democrats could can take control of the senate well all that happened. well we should have an indication in about 72 hours fingers crossed alan fischer that live from washington d.c. thank you very much for that as well there are 32000000 eligible voters of
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latino descent in the u.s. they're political and could nations the very is they don't vote as a single bloke's different cultural backgrounds economic status and even religion play a role and they will cast their votes well reynolds reports now from los angeles. for decades democratic party strategists have seen left tino as a kind of sleeping giant ready to rise up flex their political muscle and turn republican states like texas and arizona democratic there are millions of latino voters this year we know will be the 2nd largest voting bloc behind. white voters so there are millions of latino voters who do vote and to the extent that millions of latinos vote it's worth trying to understand their political behavior but not as members of a single my teano voting bloc latinos are diverse the u.s.
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has seen waves of migrants from different latin american and caribbean countries and it's that diversity that makes their politics and priorities different about one 3rd of let tino's tend to vote republican the differences between national groups is really just the 1st thing you could say about the diversity among latinos i mean there's a wide class the 1st of the there is some highlight their religious backgrounds as the main driver of their politics trumps appeal to let's you know voters tends to focus on the thriving pre-planned demick economy every cheap war for hispanic americans at 47 months then joe biden is 47 years that message resonates with latinos like republican activist anthony cupp asa i think he's done. a phenomenal job former vice president joe biden needs let teano votes in swing states like nevada arizona and florida we can't make this we can't do it without you on his
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argument centers on trump's mishandling of the colbert 19 pandemic and the high latein no death toll that's 40000 latinos nationwide 40000. 30000000 people lost their jobs 3000000 latinos lost their jobs to see a salinas lost her job when the economy tanked now she's volunteering for biden i'm trying well yes i'm scared that i am not going to get my life back scholars say let tino's want candidates to show they care about their communities and he is definitely early and sustained engagement a new poll shows about 2 thirds of let you know voters think biden will do a better job than trump on key issues including the coronavirus as always the big question is about true and out how many latino voters will vote early by mail or in person on election day the answer to that question could determine who wins
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the battle for the white house robert oulds al jazeera los angeles well let's get more on this night from lydia kemeny low in san antonio texas she's the presidents of the southwest also registration education project that's the oldest let's see no votes at registration nonprofits in the united states good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour we've heard there from the group reynolds that lets you know voters do not vote since one block but they can play an important role in these elections how do poor since a role will they play in this election see think. the latino electorate is going to determine the outcome of several states in the midwest for michigan wisconsin north carolina well naturalized in the midwest but they will be a part of the deciding factor why they are not the largest voting bloc or elect or
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electorate in those states they will add that and they will more damage already of them will vote for biden i would argue florida is the complicated state because it's different communities and not only cuban in venezuela is but puerto rican him puerto ricans are not 100 percent democrat there's also many kinds but i would argue that about 55 percent of the latino electorate that turns out to vote will vote for buy. in arizona and georgia and texas are i think are the new strategy for those who want to take the white house because it's 65 electoral votes it's now they're now toss up state and texas and at least on a loan 25 percent of the share of the road in those states is that the no and texas while it's very conservative and very red and up until yesterday or the other day that the cook report called it a toss up state it was
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a super deep red state 71 percent of the electorate that's let the you know voted for for hillary clinton in him now 2016 so i think that the latino electorate will make a big difference it's all about as your read also i believe said or your other anchor said. turnout turnout turnout and at the end that we let senior members of sites cut you off there you're speaking to us from texas with just been hearing about record breaking numbers of people voting in early voting in texas how much of that you think is the end to the left teano community and i motivates e.g. you think they are so torn i'd say in these states like arizona like texas which of traditionally been quite conservative states. well the the latino electorate in texas has not been outraged at all in this cycle it's very limited but because of cold back and 0 tolerance and the racial injustice they are self motivated that's
4:45 pm
the state that has the large though strong is biggest historical so voter suppression and the war suppression continues in texas with coal they were not allowed to vote by mail like other states so those are the kinds of issues that texas is facing in spite of that the record number of the 9000000 the turnout 2 thirds of those that turned out to vote so far seem to be either new voters or voters that stayed home in 2016 and a good portion of them will be latino are that the you know we haven't we don't have those records yet but i can tell you from experience if that's what's going to be it will be about 25 percent of the share the vote therefore that they will decide the outcome of texas and so on i was went from a red state to a competitive state and there's a lot of resources being spent there and they also have an extraordinary border suppression but they too that at the most in that state and communities that are working and are pretty sure that about 25 percent sure that will be that they know
4:46 pm
and they do not like the serial tolerance and the attacks on that you know community so significant number of voters in arizona will also vote for by a very fascinating to see the outcome of the selection then it's fascinating to see the impact that latino voters could have thank you so much lydia camarillo of there joining us from san antonio texas now iraqi security forces have reopens a bridge and cleared to hear square in baghdad's protesters had been come for over a year to mountain top politicians step down well $24.00 people have been arrested some on a full team reports from baghdad. republican bridge in baghdad was opened for the 1st time in a year you can see the traffic once again going over the bridge at least in one direction and of course this bridge had a lot of significance in the protest movement it was the main front line between security forces who protected the green zone on the other side of the bridge and
4:47 pm
the protesters and you can see here the charred concrete blocks that marked the main barricade where protesters faced off with security forces and just a few days ago there were clashes on top of this bridge with protesters throwing molotov cocktails at security forces injuring over $200.00 in the span of just a few days and of course the security forces also responding with tear gas and stun grenades also injuring several protesters now the security forces now control tahrir square which is just at the end of the bridge and we understand from the security forces that they were able to enter the square without any opposition after they negotiated an agreement of the demonstrators came to your question or argument this was done in coordination with the protests and through direct amounts for them for the security forces to be present in the square as well as to revive and return the life in reconstruction in this area into reopen the shops the peaceful protesters reported some gangs to the security forces who targeted the protesters and security forces and who were engaged in drugs kidnapping and
4:48 pm
stealing and i repeat this happened in cooperation and support with the help of protesters. since the morning security forces have been removing all of the current in various square some of the protesters told us that they agreed to do so citing disillusionment with the lack of the result achieved by the protest movement one year on and also to prevent what they call infiltration by various armed groups and parties who attempted to hijack this protest movement but others told us that they did not agree to remove their tents but that they were forced to do so we shall have samir our reaction will be peaceful you don't have the noble goal we fought for if you did you will not remove my 10 by force if you want me to take my tent down fulfill my demands and i will leave known. terry a square is a recognizable compared to october 25th when thousands of people rallied here to commemorate the 1st year anniversary of the protest movement but this operation
4:49 pm
effectively ends the demonstrations and what remains to be seen is whether demonstrators can now organize to contest the elections scheduled for june 20th $21.00 to achieve their demands voting is under way in ivory coast presidential election for new campaign more inspiring violence there are 4 candidates including the incumbents are son ouattara to secure a 3rd term and seen pre-election violence which is laughs at least 30 people that greece is following developments for us from a. how is that for progress in. well in many parts of ivory coast the voting have been been largely peaceful president alassane ouattara voted just a few hours ago and immediately after he said he's proud of what this country to
4:50 pm
its current democratic state is and warned that. the process should not be destructive he was in particular referring to opposition leaders who called for a boycott and disruptions of the electoral process he said that would not be nice what of what ivory coast needs now is peace he particularly drew the attention of the youth and asked them not to be manipulated but that is not to say that the election went on peacefully throughout ivory coast there were at least a dozen incidents recorded across the country this my to is confirmed by the election commission who said the commission has made some remarkable progress in addressing some of the issues at stake some of the items or places election places that have been destroyed so currently the election process is going on and vote will close or voting will close in the next 3 and a half hours or so so basically it's been progressing largely peaceful in many parts of ivory coast but again there are incidents recorded as expected because of
4:51 pm
the call for by court of bottle boy court as well as campaign of civil disobedience as demanded by some opposition leaders other ok i'm a digital life or as from a bridge at thank you that sounds and is to lead an opposition party say they will not recognize the election results after presidents john fully was declared the winner and say there's been widespread irregularities and to mounting a new votes be held according to the national 10 smuggle fully 112 and a half 1000000 votes in wednesday's election on his main challenger less than 2000000. still to come here on al-jazeera have quit the sport for you and a rough day at work for the world's best tennis player all the action from the piano can come out after the break.
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al-jazeera world goes inside the kremlin military wing of hamas gaining access to key players and previously unseen footage on lest we create a different political reality a must win both stronger it may need to do its work with new shifting regional alliances we are asking the palestinians to meet the challenge of peaceful coexistence what next for gaza and the palestinians gaza thomas and the middle east on al-jazeera. the. pool. is over the sport is for a few so much the tennis world number one novak djokovic has suffered
4:53 pm
a major upside in vienna the serbian star was knocked out in the quarterfinals by the player ranked number 42 in the world lorenzo's in a go italian thrashing jock itch in straight sets 6261 it's only the 3rd match shot which has lost this year i'm going to go to has ever beat a top 10 player faces britain's daniel evans next. new zealand thrashed australia in the opener of the trying nations and in doing so they retained the bledisloe cup for the 18th straight season the all blacks ran out 435 winners in front of more than 25000 fans in sydney the tri nations which also involves argentina replace the rugby championship with south africa withdrawing from the annual competition due to player welfare concerns a major league baseball manager whose career was almost ruined by a cheating scandal has been given a 2nd chance former houston astros manager a.j. she was suspended for the 2020 season has been named as the next manager of the
4:54 pm
detroit tigers 46 year old who was in charge of the astros in 2017 when they won the world series were later accused of stealing the opposing team's pitch science to help them win the championship the answers were fined $5000000.00 for the scheme . there's a clear message of that's part of my story and part of my career it's not a part of of of the players that i'm going to be managing and my i'm sorry that they're going to have to deal with it in that and then again that we're going to have to talk about it but that is our reality because wrong is wrong and it was very wrong and i'll make sure that everybody knows that i feel responsible because i was the manager and it was on my watch and i'll never forget it a brawl erupted in a football match in china earlier on saturday. deleon pro and challenge him players clash towards the end of their 2nd leg chinese superleague at playoff time they hadn't sent didn't saw the ref hand out 3 red
4:55 pm
cards and former liverpool boss rafa benitez whose deleon pro side lost 32 on aggregate q.c. opposing of time wasting tactics and blame the brawl on that and women's middle distance running has been overshadowed recently by the ban on female athletes with high testosterone levels while it sidelined a number of top competitors runners such as uganda's holy man a coyote have taken the opportunity to step into the spotlight. chemical shack has more. cari is the reigning $800.00 metres world champion and she's only the 2nd ugandan woman to win a gold medal at the wild athletics championships after daucus 15 years ago in finland. has written her own story in a country known to produce long distance runners who used to think that maybe we're
4:56 pm
. going to have maybe champions and we don't. expect even uganda was when we did these things and 19th place finish of the 27000 wild athletics championships in london did not deter her determination to succeed she stayed focused to finish 4th at the 2018 african athletics championships in nigeria in front of how was south africa's caster semenya the 2 time olympic champion has been banned from running in the 800 meters for refusing to take medication to control her naturally occurring distance to run level it was so amazing competence was she was a good friend and. would pray and. she kept on motivating us telling us that things are possible. maybe sometimes you can as.
4:57 pm
a matter of training so many years absence from the track has must simply changed the 800 metres landscape for nakai this was a life changing opportunity and in doha. jumping ship she grabbed it with both her hands and the rest is history we've the 2020 olympics postponed to next summer dreams of a meadow in tokyo i mean target is to. have become champions and maintained it. continues to be banned from competing in international events and her absence has created a platform for new faces to emerge what's becoming the new normal for media distance running at international events. kampala uganda. ok and that is all your support for now hala back to you thank you so much further well that is it for this news our bid to keep it here on al-jazeera and be back
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with you right after the break with more of the latest about. keeping law and order is a primary function of any state. law protecting the people became police brutality a domestic incident became a global opera. in a country torn apart by racial inequality. can americans find a leader to unite them. follow the key issues of the u.s. elections. on al-jazeera. think of some of the biggest companies in the world today all of them big tech with algorithms that they call them all that we use them the more data we produce where in the midst of a great race the data and big tech companies are on the checks and cars are rising on a wealth of information and we are the commodity and the 2nd the 5 series be re-examined
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is where the corporations are colonizing the internet like american power of big tech on a. 5 g. internet technology game changer thread i don't want to be a human leverage activists. to conspiracy theorists engineers and world leaders this is only the beginning are going fiercely over control over the latest wireless technology the truth about 5 g. on al-jazeera. al
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jazeera. that. turkish rescuers search for survivors after an earthquake that has killed more than 2 dozen people. of the i'm alamo he'd seen and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up our media releases video it says shows azerbaijan using the weapon white phosphorus.


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