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al-jazeera. has. ready. this is a fraud on the american public this is an embarrassment to our country donald trump falsely claims election victory and disputes some results even as votes are still being counted for his rival joe biden says he still believes he'll win and is currently $32.00 electoral college votes shy of outright victory. alone barbara starr you're watching i'll just 0 live from london also coming up votes are still being tallied but the trump campaign is already demanding
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a recount in one crucial battleground state. and the military escalation in northern ethiopia 'd as tensions between the government and local groups threaten to spill across the border. it's 19 g.m.t. that's 2 pm in the eastern united states and the race for the white house is still too close to call the results from 7 states are still outstanding and most could go either way while counting polls for the night in some states wisconsin has continued that's where we are expecting results to come from next in the last hour the trump campaign announced it will request the recount there we're also expecting to hear from trump's democratic challenger joe biden soon he's urging his
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supporters to be patient insisting he is on track for victory well this is how the race is stands at the moment a winner will only be confirmed when they reach $270.00 electoral college votes hundreds of thousands of ballots still need to be counted with results unclear in the key battleground states of michigan georgia and pennsylvania but that hasn't stopped donald trump from falsely declaring himself the winner despite votes still being counted he's threatening to go to the supreme court something that biden steen said they are ready to challenge. this is a fraud on the american public this is an embarrassment to our country. we were getting ready to win this election frankly we did win the solar. wind through our goal now is to ensure the integrity. for the good of this nation this is a very big moment this is
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a major for order nation we want the law to be used in a proper manner so we'll be going to the u.s. supreme court we want all voting to stop we don't want them to find any ballot said 4 o'clock in the morning and add them to the list the president speaking earlier there were let's go live to alan fischer in washington d.c. to get a clearer idea of what's happening so we heard the president there threatening to go to the supreme court actually in the past few minutes we've heard that the trunk campaign has filed the suit in michigan to stop the counting of ballots there what more do we know what's the significance of this. world just to be absolutely clear what they're asking for from the courts is that they get access to this site where they're actually counting ballots they say that members of the campaign have not been able to access the number of sites where the ballots are being opened they want to make sure that they can be there as well know when the states set up these
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polling places there's normally people from both parties it might just be that there's no one from the trump campaign who is actually in the room when it happens but presumably that will become clear because they're moving to the courts within the next couple of hours we've also had in the last couple of hours as well that the trump campaign has demanded a recount in wisconsin we were told that joe biden was ahead there probably somewhere in the region of $10000.00 votes that's within the margin of error one percent so that titles the campaign to ask for a recount they have 3 business days to do that but they're doing it they see immediately and there are some 13 days for the state to carry out a recount now that can either be a fool recount or a partial recount we should get some information from there but obviously donald trump flagged weeks ago that he was going to use the lawyers in trying to win this election he said that if he didn't when then it was being stolen from him something
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that almost retracted when he spoke to party workers and in front of party workers in arlington. on tuesday the day of the election but it's clear that he thinks that there's some sort of fraud going on in hasn't offered any evidence of this at all he's retreated a couple of people have since deleted tweets when they have talked about 128 percent of votes that have been phone went for joe biden who is that possible they've century attracted that but don't tom stoppard up on his his twitter feed followed by millions of millions of people as we know so this isn't just going to be decided in the in the ballot box it's going to be disabled in the courts as well so at least 2. actions that we knew of from the trump campaign and we can probably expect the perhaps another one the trump campaign planning a news conference in philadelphia in but 90 minutes time and it trump is going to take the lead on the along with his wife a lot of trump both 2 senior figures
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a lot of time senior figure in the trump campaign eric trump of course the son of donald trump and we expect that they will announce that they're going to look at the way the votes are being counted in pennsylvania as well a state that the trunk campaign said by their estimates they should be winning by about 40000 votes and of course 20 electoral votes there and still no result what do you think the likelihood is then that this could drag on with the recounts and challenges to the counting process bearing in mind that we don't actually even have the official results now for several very key states. exactly we're still waiting for results from georgia from north carolina from wisconsin from out of sooner from 'd michigan. and so and of course from pennsylvania so there's a lot of growing still to cover a lot of electoral college votes still up for grabs certainly there will be recounts in some of these places we've already seen that in wisconsin if it's tight
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. one of the the parties think that they have been treated fairly if they think they need to get a judge to intervene. all of them have got very high profile very expensive lawyers on the payroll have had since very early in this campaign built up those legal teams in the days as we approach the election so it's almost certain that some of them are going to be used. on official with the latest there from washington d.c. alan that we will of course be touching base with you again in the coming hours for the moment thank you. now the biting campaign adviser bob bauer has defended the voting process and says americans should have faith that all votes will be tallied at some point here rise before the supreme court with a novel proposition that ballots that were lawful be cast by eligible voters but not get counted by the time donald trump wanted them counted that somehow they
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don't count anymore he will be in for one of the most embarrassing defeats a president ever suffered for the highest court of the land well jim allen joins us live now from wilmington delaware which is of course a joe biden's home state so already complications a legal challenges which we just heard the biden team will and is responding to but so far what is it looking like the pathway for biden to reach the 2070 electra $270.00 electoral votes looks like right now. well there's a number of pathways when we're talking about the 7 states that are still technically in play that haven't been confirmed there is the 3 midwest ones which are probably the easiest ones for him to reach if you were to win them in terms of the numbers when we're talking about pennsylvania accounting for 16 electoral votes we're talking about michigan similarly 16 and wisconsin which seems like he's won it because the fact that the trump campaign is calling for
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a recount would assume that at least has been called in the favor of by them initially that's 10 that gives you what 161632 another 1042 would technically bring him to that to 70 but there are other routes as well we're talking about georgia still being in play although trump seems to be in the lead there it's less than half a percentage point so even closer than wisconsin from that perspective we're looking at. nevada that is still in play and i result in a it seems that the associated press here has called it in favor of biden and saying that you know senator mccain the late senator mccain had the last laugh in the sense that because he was such a critic of trump's divisive policies that that's helped by the in store on that blue so there are a number of policies and i think that is where the trump campaign is getting the confidence in the calm approach that they seem to be. taking through this votes
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counts where they're saying that you know time will essentially prove that biden has been voted as the next president particularly considering that's as the numbers go in terms of the popular vote joe biden has now received the largest number of votes that any presidential candidates in the united states history has ever received which of course reminds everyone of you know how strange perhaps you could say the u.s. electoral system is where that is not the key issue i mean you mentioned bad things coming out of the biden team what are we hearing about that only how they're handling i guess the the trump reaction to some of the results but also perhaps you know that even if they do win it will still be a narrow victory. for sure i mean the messaging that's come out of the biden camp is you know a complete contrast to that that's come out from trump trump's one has been one where he is costing doubt over the electoral process where he's accusing his
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opponents of vulture for voter fraud where he's claiming that are either ballot papers are magically appearing or miraculously disappearing and essentially it is costing a lot of suspicion over the process whereas biden through his campaign chief she's come out and said that this is. you know the america americans rights to practice their democratic or to express the democratic voice through the elections must be protected and this is really a continuation of actually what was the central message in the closing days of the pre-vote campaign where they said that this was not a choice simply between trump and biden but this was actually a campaign and election day whereby americans had to come out and protect america's democracy they say that trump through the past over the past 4 years has eroded u.s. democracy now they're saying he's costing even more doubts on the process and this
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is something that they cannot let this happen what's very important is to look at the language and the specific words being used by trump as far as the biden camp is concerned when trump talks about you know voting has to stop there is no evidence that anybody is costing the ballots the voting ended late on tuesday when ballots were closed what is happening is counting those ballots so what he's actually also as far as the biting compas concerned and we heard there from the sound bite just before me what trump is actually also is for voting to stop being counted something that would usually be unheard of and somebody you know if he was happening in any other country people would be you know pointing fingers at the holes in that country's democracy well this is. the united states of america century is meant to be you know the most powerful democracy allegedly in the world you have its president now essentially demanding officials to stop counting votes and that is something that is obviously
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a lot of people here in the biden camp but it's something they say they will ensure doesn't happen. with the latest from delaware for the moment thank you ok well now let's go to john hendren who is live in lansing for us in the battleground state of michigan of course michigan 16 electoral points all eyes there electoral votes all eyes on michigan and wisconsin let's start there any news coming out of that key state for both contenders. well we're told the secretary of state is continuing with the count here there are about 100000 votes to be counted and we're told they're being careful and cautious to ensure that there is an accurate count those votes are expected to be in urban areas. and possibly some early voting so we expect those to lean toward biden if that is correct that would not alter the outcome of the current state of
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affairs here in michigan but of course then you have the administration saying that they are filed suit to stop the counting and they say they've done that because they want to observe the counting they have not been given full access to the county that should not affect how the count goes but it gives them the opportunity to do what the bush administration did in 2000 and that is the bush v gore election when they were able to challenge individual ballots look for signatures that didn't match look for in that case they were the famous hanging chads or any mistake on the ballot that would allow them to disqualify it and drop the numbers of their opponent in this case joe biden and of course and you've got the trump administration's challenge in wisconsin as well where they say they want a recount the campaign says that the president is within his rights to demand
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a recount because of the closeness of that election i should note that here in michigan in 2016 trump won by a margin of less than 10000 votes the margin is currently significantly larger than that hillary clinton did not challenge trump on that but the president has proved to be a litigious character and he is has vowed to bring in lawyers on every aspect of this election and that appears to be what he's doing in the few states that we've gone away used to be the democratic blue wall that is the wall of states from pens . of a new to minnesota they voted for barack obama and then switched to vote for donald trump in 2016 so we'll see how that bears out we expect a count here in michigan today on wednesday if that count is not stopped by the lawsuit and we also expect the numbers the final numbers to come out from wisconsin or at least some some verifiably authentic and meaningful numbers that
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will tell us who is ahead in both of these states but those suits those legal actions could delay the results in both states absolutely john hendren with the latest there. from lansing in michigan thank you well for more on this let's speak to political and social analyst jason nichols he joins us live from washington d.c. via skype sir thank you so much for joining us here lots to talk about of course the full results haven't yet come but 1st of all if i can get your reaction on this breaking news that we've had in the past 20 minutes or so that donald trump is filed a lawsuit in michigan to stop the counting of ballots in the presidential election to gain meaningful access as they say what do you make of that development well it's not surprising donald trump is the type of person who wants to win at all cost and in this case is the cost of our democracy here in the united states and there's
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a major inconsistency in what they're asking for they want to stop people from voting or words used to stop the counting of votes in michigan and wisconsin but continue the counting of votes in arizona and nevada where they think that they will close the margin which i don't think is going to happen i think the margin in arizona but look arch. i think but is up for grabs but i still believe their job i'm going on this race in my opinion is pretty much decided i think the people have spoken i think that joe biden. would be the winner but the president's legal action is going to continue he's going to keep filing lawsuits he's going to keep delaying this in hopes that it goes to the supreme court where he has put 3 justices out of 9 on the court himself so he thinks that somehow we they will be able to reverse the will of the american people and our system we see that joe biden is winning if not only the electoral college but also winning in the popular
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vote by a larger margin than his predecessor hillary clinton so this is really about destroying our democracy to me it's really a travesty that we're going to see this probably in the future where people try to litigate a lections rather than let voters decide and so it's really disappointing in my in my view i suppose you know if we just look at the election results as they are now and you say you're confident that biden will win the certainly as a route for him to achieve those 270 electoral points but certainly not the landslide that the biden campaign and many other people in the united states were hoping for and only after a pretty controversial presidency by a president but also a pandemic so what do you think i don't know if we can say what wrong but why do you think that biden then achieve that landslide well i think it is possible he
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could still in electoral landslide if he takes north carolina and takes georgia which your vote very much possible north carolina is less possible but georgia the remaining. votes are. surrounds atlanta which is largely african-american and largely democratic this could be an electoral landslide but let's just say that it isn't i still think that donald trump is tapped into something that has been around in america for a very long time and that is our issues with race and our other social issues and people he's been able to make himself out to be a victim in a way that has tapped into a particular demographic in america that feel that they're being victimized by the changing demographics in our country by more african-americans more latino's
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the fact that. people are getting rights they are. it what america's going to look like in the future and jason nichols apologies for having some problems with the skype connection but let me just share some breaking news with you and get you to react to it and we're getting it from the associated press agency saying that joe biden has one wisconsin this event just coming into us now your reaction. it's not a surprise you know last night it did not look good for joe biden i think the pollsters were very worried because pollsters had joe biden winning wisconsin by 7 or 8 points it was significantly tighter than that but still in the end wisconsin goes to joe biden i believe michigan goes the job i now believe arizona and new mexico and arizona and nevada go to joe biden which means he wins the election but
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again republicans are going to try and litigate this and take the power to decide who is the president of the united states out of the hands of voters and put it into the hands of the elite judges and that's really troubling for our institutions moving forward. jason nichols a political and social analyst thank you for joining us joining us from washington d.c. and let's just repeat that breaking news story that we have had in the past few minutes that joe biden has won wisconsin which is one of the rust belt states 10 electoral votes so a key one for the 2 candidates to win while the midwestern state of minnesota has been reliably democratic for generations and this election was no different in a year that saw the state at the center of the black lives matter movement joe biden won by an even greater margin than hillary clinton in 2016 at the reports
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from the capital city minneapolis. minnesota have maintained their almost 50 years of voting for a democratic presidential candidate the state's 10 electoral college votes have gone to biden trump had been hoping to flip minnesota because in 2016 he lost the state by less than $45000.00 votes he'd hoped is in tylox down prolog in order message would resonate with voters concerned about the violence and looting in the aftermath of the george floyd while in custody of the minneapolis police department he thought that message would resonate particularly in rural predominantly white areas of the state that constituted about a 3rd of the population biden on the other hand said that he was the man to get the pandemic under control that a national healing needed to take place with regard to race relations and concerns about police brutality needed to be addressed something that surely resonated here
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in minneapolis in the st paul area which launched the largest protest movement in american history even before election day minnesotans were engaged in early voting that began in mid september 1 point 9000000 votes were cast in 2016 at a rate of 74 percent more than 74 percent minnesota had the highest voter turnout in the united states. well let's go to the southern united states because there are some states there now that are still up for grabs let's speak to and the gallagher who joins us live now in miami now georgia one of those 2 states what's the latest on the counter there. well 7 states were at play it now seems there are a 6 and biden if my math is right needs to win 2 of them which makes georgia
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potentially pivotal now at the moment we've got about 93 percent of all votes counted trump has the very slightest of margins but here's the rub about 200000 absentee ballots haven't been counted yet now why is that important while a because absentee ballots tend to focus on the democratic side joe biden and secondly where all those ballots while they tend to be in the metropolitan area of atlanta that is a majority african-american community so you could easily see those 200000 'd votes the most of them going to joe biden remember this is a state where racial inequalities played a big role we saw all the murder of a model earlier this year when he was allegedly tracked down by 2 white men jogging through a neighborhood now georgia shouldn't even really be a play a republican nominee i mean a democratic nominee hasn't won there since the early ninety's it's now become another battleground state just like texas even though that went to trump just like
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arizona as well because of those changing demographics now the officials in georgia say the counting of those 200000 votes should be completed by the end of wednesday and there are 16 electoral college votes in the state so that is now playing an extremely pivotal role for the biden campaign and andy you sort of hinted at it there that the significance the importance of what a biden win enjoy would have tell us more and especially you know if you can win in georgia what it would mean for the rest of the united states. i mean i've been going to georgia for probably 15 years to report on various different political stories i never thought i would see in my career that state go from red to blue and that is what is potentially happening here that is perhaps a reflection of how president trump has handled a covert 19 pandemic but perhaps more so the changing demographics just like we see in all these states that are now going from red to purple to potentially blue large
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african-american community especially in the atlanta area we saw huge protests in atlanta this year of them of those pictures of those teenagers being ripped from their car for doing nothing so that may well have played into this because donald trump is backing the police he's saying i'm the law and order president and meanwhile joe biden and camilla harris is saying look we want to tackle these kinds of racial inequalities this kind of systemic racism particularly with the police and you have to think that is playing a role in a state that is traditionally very red indeed so that is what's happening in the state of georgia 16 electoral college votes stake and we are within hours of finding out just who in those $200000.00 absentee ballots which way that will go but at the moment it's neck and neck between biden and trump and those $200000.00 votes that are being tied related right now are crucial and the galley with the
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latest there from miami and the for the moment thank you. let's go to the show castro she's live for us in houston though heidi you were in texas because many people sold that actually that state could slip to buy a didn't a but another very interesting state has just called for biden at a result that perhaps his biggest win so far. that's right arizona is really a change in the political landscape of that state looking to blue as al-jazeera has declared in its support for joe biden and not only that but having now elected 2 democrats to represent the state in the u.s. senate and that in combination hasn't happened in over 70 years in arizona i should add that arizona's governor has been tweeting for people to be patient before declaring the official winners of the presidential race or any race for that matter
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on the ballot but if you look at the returns coming in though only about $100000.00 or so votes separate joe biden the leader from donald trump those outstanding both that are so have still to come in there for the most part coming from democratic leaning counties in arizona which is why al jazeera along with associated press has declared it for biden and that is a significant advantage for biden going forward in his pathways to potential victory here because with 11 electoral college votes having arizona under biden's column that gives him him as a significant boost it's also interesting what exactly got the state to ship to blue you know there were some predictions that the demographic shifts would help in that and certainly they did with latinos and immigrants voting in favor of the democratic party but there were also surprises showing that of voters in arizona
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over the age of 65 favored joe biden. that may have been driven by their disenchantment with trump's handling of the coronavirus. and heidi i mean is as we mentioned you are in texas predictably i guess stayed red but explain to us what the dynamics where they are and why it's becoming effectively a head of state. well that's right it did stay red but only by 6 percentage points that is the margin of victory that president trump has over joe biden here in texas and that's significant because typically. the republican presidential candidate in this deeply red state would win by double digits we saw trump's victory already narrowing that margin of victory narrowing in 2016 when he won by 9 percentage points over hillary clinton here in texas and we see that trend extended to today and here in texas it is certain that it is the
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demographics that are driving that push toward democrats with more latinos more 1st time voters and young voters turning out in large urban centers like houston and the other cities in texas in support of biden and the democrats this year that wasn't enough to push him over the edge it was trump's firewall of fervent supporters in the texas vast countryside that enthusiastically turned out he depended on them he said he was going to have a tremendous victory in texas well they gave him that victory but looking forward this trend toward democrats with the growing suburbs here in texas that is undeniable and so certainly texas with its $38.00 electoral college votes at stake will be possibly the prize to capture or both parties in elections going forward but as you castro the latest from houston in texas heidi saying q. so to come here i'll just 0.


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