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taxes it is certain that it is the demographics that are driving that push toward democrats with more latinos more 1st time voters and young voters turning out in large urban centers like houston and the other cities in texas in support of biden and the democrats this year that wasn't enough to push him over the edge it was trump's fire wall of fervent supporters in the texas vast countryside that enthusiastically turned out he depended on them he said he was going to have a tremendous victory in texas well they gave him that victory but looking forward this trend toward democrats with the growing suburbs here in texas that is undeniable and so certainly texas with its $38.00 electoral college votes at stake will be possibly the prize to capture or both parties in elections going forward. with the latest from houston in texas thank you. but still to come here on al-jazeera. hobson cold last rounds as the country heads into
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a 2nd lockdown to try to try to drive down the coronavirus cases. it's getting colder for an awful lot of people in western and northern europe now this is the cold front cause it doesn't look much from behind it a bit of a clue from the shape of these clouds these a shower clouds over the water which indicates cold air above cont'd convection now most of the rain from it is going to be shot it's been hitting denmark recently is on to the coast of norway and then look at spain and portugal in fact revolving just the west of portugal another building area of low pressure which means a circulation of persistent rain heading into was portugal remember the flooding for a month or so ago around lisbon that could happen again so that's an active area where
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everybody else is enjoying the sunshine for pretty cold mornings and even by afternoon we're talking about the low teens if you're lucky for virtually everywhere except of course being around the mediterranean to clear the eastern med which again for the next 2 days going to be fairly wet it's been sundry with hail and significant rain for southeastern turkey cyprus lebanon and it stretching down a little bit through the coast of syria and it's going to be this general area that continues to get wet weather as it spreads slowly in changing the feel of the weather throughout levant in the next day or so was tensions dropping and the winds picking up jerusalem is just one example down to 16 degrees. but. since 2013 wish the world innovation summit to health has gathered health care leaders practitioners and understand just together to larry interact and engage with innovative organizations. this year wish will
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take place spiritually under the banner of one world our health. register now wish dot org dot q.a. . our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel there whether it's east or west africa people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on the more obvious lifting and inspiring stories people trust on jersey and to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and unbiased way and of an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of it all.
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hello time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the race for the white house is still too close to call just minutes ago joe biden won the key battleground state of wisconsin the results from 6 states are still outstanding but that hasn't stopped donald trump from falsely declaring himself the winner despite votes still being counted. all the from campaign has announced that has filed a suit to halt the vote counting in the state of michigan just hours after saying they would request a recount in wisconsin joe biden leads both states by less than one percent has been tweeting throughout the day with return labeling at several of his comments as disputed and might be misleading. so let's speak to aaron call now he's director of
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debate at the university of michigan and joins us live via skype 1 from the city of navi thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so whether it's by twitter or in his speech or really he's been insinuating it for weeks and months so we do see the president casting doubt on the validity of the results where do you think this is going to end up. i think it's going to be a lot of noise but i don't think there's going to be a big tangible impact given the likely margin in some of the states you mentioned wisconsin michigan pennsylvania will be potentially tens of thousands of votes and not be able to be overcome by a recount or things like that but clearly there are going to be litigation and in all the eyes of the nation the world will be on a roll those states for at least the coming weeks because it's worth reminding our international audience that this is more like 50 different elections as opposed to one generally a national election like in other places so when come talks about going to the supreme court is that accurate to what all of this have to be done initially at
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state level exactly 3 court is the last remedy in the judicial branch that started at this level one and the from campaigners are engaged in that they filed a lawsuit in michigan. or claims a level to stop the counting and then again and try to get more of their observers into it and then depending on how that goes they could be brought to me earlier or it could be appealed up to either the. state supreme court federal court of appeals that eventually supreme court so it's not a one stop shop of the supreme court like that but it that's something else again what would happen over weeks or even months i mean you say weeks and months we've had precedence before in 2000 for example and between gore and bush they go on for weeks but what other precedents do we have for this getting tangled in in the legal process for as you mentioned potentially months. yeah that's
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a record of the best example from 2000 that's something the florida courts before the supreme court of then eventually the supreme court if there is a time line there the recounts in many states they have to be completed within a month there is a safe harbor provision usually december and then the electors meet in january the inauguration the january so there's not much that i. did that will be extradited back in but we see recalcitrance in the q. and something election there was a recount side of the earth party candidate after one of the south and it didn't go anywhere with turnout and local retaliates and like michigan other wisconsin we had recount but that's you're talking about 300 votes maybe that could be changed if you're under arrest now the margin in the sense that you're 20000 so you say a recount is nowhere near where needed to make a tangible difference in the overall result do you think that these accusations you know since the veil the knowledge of voter fraud and potential delays could shake the faith that americans have in the democratic process. girly i mean
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a country is very divided and there was a lot of conversation about. before the work. they do even if you end up losing his guy and i'm going to order. you know you're so old all of the parents and out they are and so so yes. make it very difficult so they have the sorry joe biden presidency under a cloud like this it will get received question certainly not where you want to start and then also it will call at all issues between the parties to try to reach compromise on one of our 4 dysplasia and other things like that. the way to try to get the country for many years and called the director of the bay to the university of michigan joining us live from the city of navi sir thank you for sharing your expertise with us thank you of course. ok let's take a look now at some of the worlds of the stories now the results of trials for
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a promising coronavirus faxing should be available by the end of this year and the production is set to be delayed the scientists leading the joint project by oxford university and the drug from astra zeneca told british m.p.'s he was optimistic that there would be results in the center he said doses of the vaccine were already being made but out of $100000000.00 ordered by the u.k. only $4000000.00 will be delivered by the end of the year. meanwhile england goes back into lockdown in a few hours for 4 weeks jonah holism london and says there are concerns about how much the country's economy will suffer. well take a look at the scene behind me this is for a street soho central london the scene pretty much tells its own story low footfall the optimism of the summer long long gone there will be a surge in a short while after work as people turn up to enjoy perhaps their last night of of eating in a restaurant or having a drink in a pub under the existing restrictions of course for the next 4 weeks before this
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lockdown comes into effect at midnight until as you said the 2nd of december the mood among traders here i've been speaking to someone talked about an air of panic there are lots of people apparently who don't believe that this lockdown will be lifted in 4 weeks time as the government has promised that it will need to be extended into the immediate run up to christmas this is a time when hospitality and retail do much of their turnover for the year and the extension to this lockdown would spell real real trouble more of course than is already on its way remember this is something the government said would not happen boris johnson had rejected the advice of his own scientific advisory group in the middle of september just last week he said a national lockdown would be disastrous for the country then a whole slew of pretty scary new figures came out last week that thousands upon thousands of new deaths hospital admissions rising to their april peak by the end of november if nothing is done and the government forced into well just the latest
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really embarrassing u. turn as it battles again to combat a resurgent covered 1900. charla hall in london there will occur the virus is having a lot of side effects around the world and denmark is actually going to call its entire herd of mink after a corona virus mutation found in the animals spread to humans the prime minister there metaphor there except announce that up to $17000000.00 mink will be killed she said the cull is necessary to rule out the virus mutation losing any risk to the effectiveness of a future vaccine health authorities found of the virus strains in the mic showed that decreased sensitivity against antibodies. go to kenya now the president there has extended the country's nightly curfew to contain a surge in corona virus cases who announced the measure will last until the 1st week of january their rate of infection shot up to 16 percent in october 4 times
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what it was just a month earlier the health ministry had raised concerns that a revival of political meetings would have been among the causes of the virus is spread. still to come on al-jazeera this news hour tensions escalating in the ivory coast as president allison what celebrates winning a 3rd term in at the speech of.
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ethiopia has begun military operations in the north of the country amid an
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escalation in tensions there the local government in the t. gray region has been accused of attacking federal troops local authorities though have dismissed that accusing the prime minister of plotting conflict a 6 month state of emergency has been declared by the federal government welcome web is in nairobi in neighboring kenya he explains what has led to the tension. was due to hold nationwide elections in august but they were postponed the central government said because of covert 19 grain regional government said that meant prime minister. and his government were no longer a legitimate. regional government when they had organize their own region elections in september the central government didn't accept the results of that election so we already had a situation where these 2 or thirty's weren't recognizing each other the central federal government and threatened to cut funding to the region it's also
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significant that the majority of ethiopia's armed forces are stationed in the to great region including most of its tanks and its heavy artillery the regional government has said that part of the military known as the northern command has defected to its side to the central government refutes that certainly any split within ethiopia's large military along with a line militias already on that side do pose a very high risk of a very dangerous civil war and now the reason for so much of the military being based in that part of the country is because of decades of conflict between ethiopia and neighboring eritrea and now that conflict was finally resolved 2 years ago when prime minister came to power he was even given a nobel peace prize for ending it so now we have a situation where eritrea is allied with the central government in addis ababa
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a conflict between. and to great could see eritrea being drawn in on this about as side risks spreading the conflict around the region and destabilizing the whole of the horn of africa. well and they have a son is the senior ethiopian analyst at the international crisis group he says tensions between the gray and the federal government have grown steadily since september well this is the culmination of the political disputes that emanated from the prime minister coming to power in 2018 the anti-government protests before that and then the t.p.a. left a great ruling party the loss of power during the transition and that resulted in yes very toxic politics different accusations big thrown about for example we had in the great regions that they were unjustly their officials were unjustly accused of various crimes then there was the creation of a national party and that puts a great out of power at the federal level and left them just in power the regional
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level then when we had the election delayed this year due to cop it 19 and the t.j. left obviously oppose that they went ahead and run their own regional election and that meant we have this very stark constitutional dispute with the federal government and it's a great government accusing each other being unconstitutional the problem that we have now is that the parties have not been talking for months instead we've had a deteriorating political situation that is now escalated into conflict so it is wrong to say that talks are by any means on the table but it is absolutely right to say that talks any form of talks is absolutely imperative it all be an active must embrace dialogue they must draw back from this conflict which threatens to be devastating and all of the g.o.p.'s international african partners and further afield must put pressure on all ethiopian political parties to step away from conflict. it's go back to our top story now here is how the u.s.
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election picture looks joe biden has moved closer in the past hour to that magic total of $270.00 votes for the white house adding the 10 electoral college seats from the state of wisconsin but all in trump's campaign is already demanding a recount in that state and his father lawsuit to try and stop the counting of votes in another key swing state and that's michigan the results are also unclear in georgia and pennsylvania both could be the key to the path to the white house. now from all we can go back speaking to our political and social analyst jason nichols who has been joining us he joins us live now from washington d.c. via skype good to talk to you again so we've had the news of arizona now going to. 2 biden just the paint the picture again of what you think is going on not just with the presidential votes for crucially something we're not
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really talking about congress senate and the house what's that looking like. well right now it looks as though republicans are going to keep the senate democrats are going to keep the house and maybe add 5 or 6 seats but you know one of the things that we're going to see is that we're going to see a lot of divided government and which means a lot of washington gridlock so even if biden is able to pull this out there probably won't be a whole lot that gets done at least not major initiatives same thing with trump so it's going to be frustrating i think for the american people regardless of the end of the outcome of the senate races democrats had how i hopes of taking in iowa race and they ended up losing they wanted to take a michigan race with susan collins and they ended up losing. it looks like probably the races and there were 2 races in georgia and they look like they're both headed for runoffs so this is not necessarily
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a good day for democrats in terms of the senate they thought that they could possibly unify the government take the executive and the legislative branch doesn't look like that's going to happen right now looks like republicans are holding strong in the senate going to keep a large majority but in order to get things passed you also need 60 votes in the senate and they're not either party is close to that and said it majority leader mitch mcconnell who democrats one point had a hope of. unseat getting one of his seat back you know handily so it looks like we're going to have a lot of gridlock moving forward a lot of major initiatives that both parties and both presidential candidates promised are not going to get done. i mean joe biden the promise that he could be the unifying candidate the person the prop the country together it doesn't you know regardless of what the result is it doesn't look like he'll be able to do that now
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the u.s. says obviously going through weapons that make like the rest of the world the economy is going through a difficult time again like most of the world what reaction has there been then to this still undecided election when it comes to the markets. well we've seen a little bit of market volatility and i think we're going to see even more market volatility moving forward but i think one of the things that keeps the in check is the fact that the speculators and the people in the market understand that we have divided government so there won't be any major fish school initiatives on either side there won't be any major shifts one way or the other i think it also is noteworthy to understand while some of the trouble people were making the argument that the market would suffer with the biden victory 77 percent of business leaders supported by and also biden's plans his economic plan
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by moody's mood he said that they would add $7000000.00 more jobs and raise household income by $4800.00 and his climate change plan would add more union jobs so with those kinds of economic gains the market is going to react to that positively and so i think that this idea that there was going to be this market depression something that donald trump was floating out there is proven to be false it's going to be false the market is going to hold somewhat steady through a biden victory and will also do so under a truck victory so i think the market is going to stay where it is worst all trying to get through this pandemic but with the pandemic we've seen some positive movement forward in our economy here in the u.s. were about a 3rd of the way back so i think there's positives on either side no matter who wins this election except that for several i guess for members both in the
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republicans and the democrats they really see the opposition as almost an existential threat which perhaps explains why what we saw was a record turnout. election how do you try to heal that rift in the country that is going to remain regardless of who wins and by how much. well i'll tell you this in 2008 it seemed as though barack obama was a super hero and he promised to unify the country and here we are 12 years later and we are more divided than ever i don't think joe biden is going to heal those wounds that we have and particularly we have a conservative media ecosystem that keeps throwing out these kind of divisive red meat comments to their base that get their base more riled up and angry we also have people who are worried about racial justice people who are worried about
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climate change and those are issues that we don't seem to be coming closer together on and i think joe biden is a better leader for america and he will heal some wounds but i think we're going to remain divided for the foreseeable future we're not going to be either the united states of america and if you need to see that and look at these election returns where we are pretty much 5050 in a lot of major states across the country so i think that the idea that one person will be able to heal this nation unless we get a resurrection of dr king or some incredible figure from the past i don't see it happening jason nicole's political and social analyst joining us from washington d.c. thank you. take a look at some of the day's other tensions are still running high in ivory coast after the president was the clear the winner in saturday's election there dozens of
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people have been killed before and after the poll with confrontations between police and protest. reports. days after the reelection of president alassane ouattara. the supporters take to the streets with a victory dance was the mood isn't the same among the opposition many oppose what continued in power saying his bid for 30 years and constitutional while ivory coast has a limit of 2 presidential terms whatever has assisted a new constitution in 3 to 60 allowed him to run again the homes of key opposition figures have been surrounded by police after some announced a transitional council saying they would prepare for a new election the government called that and are front to constituted authority. on monday the opposition issued a statement setting up a transitional body in the face of such a serious situation it is important to strengthen security and ensure that there
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are no surprises the government said it deployed at least 35000 security personnel across the country for the vote at least 9 people were killed in fighting between political supporters and security forces on election day according to local authorities dozens were also reported killed in election violence. the opposition has denounced the latest actions by security forces and say they will not give in to intimidation says that dichotomy not do these unjustified nighttime armed attacks by elements of our forces bear witness to a serious setback toward democracy and an unacceptable abuse of law and individual freedom. on tuesday night the convoys of 2 cabinet ministers were attacked and some people reportedly killed raising fears of more violence more than 3000 people have crossed into neighboring countries fearing the outbreak of post-election violence
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similar to that seen in 2010 and 20 level the united nations office of the coordinator for humanitarian affairs says at least 2600 people and i would liberia and it expects more to follow in the coming days i may decrease as it is here. now ford has announced its recalling roughly 375000 explorer s.u.v.s in the u.s. due to a faulty part the car maker issued a statement saying it was aware of certain crashes and 6 injuries linked to the problem the recalls relate to the rear suspension tolling this component can corrode and eventually fracture leading to a driver potentially losing control of the vehicle the fault was found after a prior recall. right you can find that much when everything that we've been covering on our website of course the latest on the us election you can see that latest line biden winning it was called saying trump seeking a recount we also have an interactive map where you can get the very latest and all
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the results in a few minutes of my. business later.
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business later. a journey of personal discovery. which is the copy of a letter germany addressed to my grandfather zeros barbara 0 traces of family links back to the regime of benito mussolini and asks his fascism to italian political pressures in the family it makes me sick this letter. i found.
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on al-jazeera. play an important role protecting it when ringback. the counting continues in the race for the white house joe biden has just taken wisconsin from donald trump but the president is the landing of recount. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching our ally from london also coming up in closer to victory joe biden says he still believes he'll win and this currently 222 electoral college votes shy of an outright victory but. this is of. the america. this isn't a.


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