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tv   Witness On A Knife Edge  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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is fascism returning to italian post fascism in the family it makes me sick this letter. i found. on al-jazeera. play an important role protecting human. ringback face. the counting continues in the race for the white house joe biden has just taken wisconsin from donald trump but the president is the man ding of recount. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up closer to victory joe biden says he still believes he'll win and this currently 222
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electoral college votes shy of an outright victory. this is. in the america this is an embarrassment to our country. donald trump has falsely claimed election victory and this is the speech and the results even as votes are still being counted. in other news a military escalation in northern ethiopia as tensions between the government and local groups threaten to spill across the border. it's 20 g.m.t. that's $33.00 pm in the eastern united states and the race for the white house is still too close to call with 5 states still outstanding within the last hour joe biden has won the key battleground state of wisconsin the term campaign announced
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it will request a recount there it's also filed the suit to hold the vote counting in the state of michigan and we are expecting to hear from the trump campaign and joe biden very soon he's urging his supporters to be patient insisting that he is on track for victory. well let's take a look now at how the u.s. election picture looks right now joe biden has 'd moved closer in the past hour to that magic total of $270.00 electoral votes for the white house adding the 10 electoral college seats from the state of wisconsin but the man from his campaign is already demanding a recount in that state has filed a lawsuit to try and stop the counting of votes in another key swing state michigan the results are also unclear in georgia and pennsylvania both could be key to the white house. now all of this the fact that the results aren't actually finalized yet has a stop donald trump for falsely declaring himself the winner of the spite the votes
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not being counted still he's threatening to go to the supreme court something that biden's team has said they are ready to challenge this is a fraud on the american public this isn't an irishman to our country. we were getting ready to win this election frankly we did win the solar. was our goal now is to ensure the integrity. for the good of this nation's is a very big moment this is a major fraud or a nation we want the lord to be used in a proper manner. so we'll be going to the u.s. supreme court we want to or voting just. we don't want them to find any ballot said 4 o'clock in the morning for the. let's go live to alan fischer
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in washington d.c. allan since we last spoke 10 more electoral votes for joe biden coming from wisconsin so his path to victory seems to be getting shorter but president trump not really letting up what's the picture like right now do you think. joe biden needed to win wisconsin with that he'd say his efforts for the white house really would have just fizzled away getting those 10 electoral college votes is important not only because it's 10 electoral college votes but they also believe that if they win wisconsin there's a good chance that they will also win michigan and certainly according to the polls that we've seen they're ahead there as well as far as getting the other votes well the campaign believes that they're going to win pennsylvania the campaign manager says they should win it by about 40000 according to their calculations and they're also seeing the arizona which is being called by a number of news organizations for joe biden is actually in dispute and they
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believe that they will wind up by about $30000.00 now add to that you've got nevada to date to clear and also pennsylvania which is very tight indeed you can see that both sides really want one of those big states now joe biden can do it with pennsylvania but really donald trump needs it and he's got to do it but we might not get a result from there until at least friday so that complicates everything as well what is interesting is with the wisconsin declaration the trump campaign immediately logged a call for a recount which they were entitled to do it was in one percent margin of error so there will be a recount the 3 days to large that request of the state now has 13 days to carry out that recount but those in the biden camp see that's not going to change the result or wait and see because that's what recounts are all about ok so the trunk campaign can ask for recounts within
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a one percent margin but what about trump's threats to go to the supreme court if they were to go down that route how would they go about it. well wisconsin is the only place where the term campaign has launched legal action in the last couple of hours that actually launched it in michigan as well. because they say that the campaign was not given access to a number of places where the counting votes were the opening ballots and they've gone to the court to see all counting should stop until they are given this access and not only that they're allowed to review some of the ballots that have already been checked donald trump has said yeah he could go to the supreme court he can immediately go to the supreme court even if you're the president you don't get to immediately go to the supreme court this is going to be raised any issues he's got is going to be raised in a lower court they've got to decide if the trump campaign doesn't like it and if they don't then you can guarantee that the biden campaign will this could end up in
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a tit for tat all the way up to the supreme court it's then up to the supreme court to decide if they want to hear the case or pass it off to the lower court and just say remember what they said yeah that's the ruling as far as we're concerned donald trump has been very vocal about using the courts to win the election he said that if he didn't went through the normal means then that mean it been stolen from him and he would go as far as the supreme court that is why just over a week ago yes it was just over a week ago that he confirmed. as the next justice of the supreme court you remember he said he wanted all 9 justices on the court because he believed that with a 63 conservative majority it was more likely to rule in his favor if any any cases from the election ended up at the supreme court well guess what it looks as if that might actually come to pass here which is supposed to be a fitting end a continuation to a presidency that's been tumultuous from day one and because of that
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a lot of people or some commentators were expecting a landslide from joe biden it doesn't look like we're getting that has there been any soul searching between political commentators in the us as to why there hasn't been that landslide. well at the moment there could holding off with criticism because they want to see how the presidential race pans out but you're right there's going to be a lot of questions asked about the democratic campaign why it didn't cash in and what it sees as the wash president in modern times someone who has oversaw the death of 230000 americans because of covert who was responsible for the collapse in the economy who they've described as racist to describe this sexist he said that his father does own business interests while he's been in the the white house and yet with all of those criticisms we can see that there were still people who looked at donald trump and decided yeah i want another 4 years of that so there will be
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questions about how the democrats run the campaign and whether or not they have to move away from establishment candidates you've got to look at hillary clinton you got a look at joe biden now both of them have won the popular vote or certainly at the moment joe biden is winning the popular vote and in fact has gained more votes no than any other candidate in american political history but it still hasn't been enough to win where the democrats need to win at the moment so that's all up in the air so i think the democrats are going to take a deep breath we're going to wait to see how this result pans out and then they might start asking the questions that they need to ask what is interesting of course is that here we have donald trump someone who said that voting by mail was dangerous that it could lead to to fraud that there was a big problem with it and now he's going to the courts to get them to stop counting the votes that are coming in by mail every attorney general in every state that has spoken so far and the states are still to the clear have said that every single
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legally cast a vote will be counted and so it's going to be difficult for the supreme court to rule against that donald trump is going to have to come up with some sort of complaint that outside the law and at the moment with all he's tweeted about and all the said in the last 3 weeks he's given no real examples of any fraudulent activity. with the latest on all of that from washington d.c. alan thank you. well we mentioned wisconsin flipping from time to by that in the past hour let's go to another crucial swing state to battle let's join john hendren who is live in lansing for us in michigan so michigan very much part of that rust belt one of those states that whoever wins needs to win and also a state where the tram campaign is trying to stop ballot counting tell us more. that's right this is one of those blue wall states the 2 went for obama flipped for donald trump and then now apparently is leaning toward joe biden the trump of the
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trump campaign has said that they want to stop the counting because they haven't been able to observe it they want to go in there and watch the counting as it happens we just saw a statement from the attorney general here who said that the counting was done appropriately and they say they have not seen this suit from the campaign but that everything has been done properly here in michigan meanwhile we're told by the secretary of state that there are about 100000 votes left to be counted many of those are from wayne county that's where detroit is largely black heavily democratic kamel areas went there on election day to try to drum up more votes and they expect that turnout was between 50 and 55 percent now if you hear music behind me that's because i am aptly in front of every vote counts rally here people are still campaigning here in wisconsin nearby the president has asked for a recount i want to point out that in 2016 there was
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a recount when hillary clinton lost there and the total change was $131.00 votes in favor of donald trump here in michigan hillary clinton lost 510000 votes 0.2 percent and she did not challenge that outcome but the green party candidate in the court decided that because she had such a poor showing that she they would not be intitled to a recount so these recounts can be pretty standard they can make very minor changes but then we've all seen the bush gore 22000 situation where very many votes were challenging ultimately the supreme court did stop the counting in that case so we don't know whether this is going to be a minor case with just a few votes change in the end or whether it'll be another situation like that could go that could go on for weeks or months but we. oh the challenges on for the trumpet ministration in both of these states states that are likely to put joe biden at or over the 270 electoral votes he needs and we'll have to see that john
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hendren with the latest there from lansing john thank you now we are expecting joe biden to speak shortly from his home state of delaware by then campaign adviser bob allen meanwhile has the fan that the voting process and says americans should have faith that all votes will be counted at some point here rise before the supreme court with a novel proposition that ballots that were lawfully cast by eligible voters but not get counted by the time donald trump wanted them counted that somehow they don't count anymore he will be in for one of the most embarrassing defeats a president ever suffered for the highest court of the land well jim joins us live now from wilmington in delaware again as i mentioned that's joe biden's home state we are expecting to hear from joe biden very soon what what what can we expect him
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to say. well barbara there is a motorcade that's pulled up just out of shot but just outside the hotel where the company has set up we're not quite sure where the motorcade is coming to pick him up and take him to the stage or whether it's going to take him to his home for him to give that statement but was expected is maybe more of what we have been hearing since biden took to the stage late on tuesday night early wednesday morning where essentially struck a confident tone that he believed he was on course however he underlined the need for everybody to be patient and to wait for every vote to be counted his supporters would say well that confidence is a reflection of the fact that he believes they believe that he will win those calling for votes to stop being counted would exemplify less confidence in their
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ability to get the votes needed what is for sure however is that there is a stark contrast between the messaging that is coming out from team biden versus that this coming out from the president the president has been costing doubt not just on the results that are coming in the projections but also just on the entire process talking about these random ballots that are either disappearing or appearing talking about voter fraud and that's something which a lot of people are essentially just you know taking with a lot of shock because ultimately what is being discussed here isn't just the presidential race but the very essence of the system the rules of the united states of america and the fact that the u.s. claims to be the world's most powerful democracy wife that democracy is having holes poked into its by the president's and him demanding that people who cost that their votes early are the buying camp says is something that they will not stand
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for in fact they called it a naked attack. oh we seem to have lost. he was speaking to us from wilmington in delaware ne was telling us about how the biden campaign is replying or responding to the thinly veiled threats and then exactly realize then that sort of by donald trump to go to the courts to double check or get recounts for the results as they are coming in we're also expecting to hear from joe biden assuming will of course take him live when he starts speaking in the meantime let's speak to and gallagher who joins us live now from miami in the southern in florida the south of the united states now another southern state georgia is very key and surprisingly could actually flip to biden what's the latest
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on the counter there. well the count is still ongoing but here's the bigger picture it's neck and neck between biden and trump just a few tens of thousands of votes separating them but there's an important factor here and that is that it's about 200000 absentee ballots yet to be counted 2 things we need to bear in mind absentee ballots tend to go for biden and it's where these ballots are maybe really crucial they are in the area the biggest city in the state of georgia lots of african-american voters in there who tend to use those absentee ballots so it may tip in biden's favor let's put things into perspective the last democratic presidential nominee to win that state was bill clinton back in 1992 i've been going to that state for about 15 years covering politics and it's been solidly red for decades so this is playing a pivotal role especially for the biden campaign we had 7 states in play biden
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needs to it may now be 6 states of biden indeed did get wisconsin so with 16 electoral college votes this could really be vital for joe biden the former vice president so trump would love to hold on to georgia it's been red for decades it may flip blue officials in the county say they are urgently counting those final 200000 absentee ballots and expect to have the results in the next few hours so whether it flips or not i guess the fact that it's really close to significant in itself as you mentioned in a state like georgia so what would be behind this a change of heart from a lot of the people there. well i think the same issues that are affecting people across the nation the president's handling of the covert 19 pandemic and in georgia in particular i think racial relations because what we've seen happening in georgia over the past few months is the death of a mob. a young black man that was jogging through
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a neighborhood and was allegedly tracked down and killed by 2 white men incidentally the district attorney who oversaw and really messed up that case in the 1st place lost in this election so that's pretty significant too i remember we saw all those black lives matter marches and atlanta we saw those pictures of those 2 young black teenagers being ripped out of their car by the police so it's those kinds of incidents and remember donald trump says i backed the police we don't need police reform i am the president of law and order there are a lot of african-americans in georgia who just don't like that kind of talk and when they see a young man getting gunned down in the street for simply jogging for being black that plays a role so changing demographics changing attitudes towards how this country should tackle race relations and of course joe biden come to saying look racial inequality systemic racism is something that we will tackle that's not something the president will talk of he doesn't think it's even an issue so those may all be facts is
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playing out not just in georgia but across the entire country where those 16 electoral college votes for joe biden really pivotal at this moment in time and we expect those results as i said in the next few hours definitely have them live here on al-jazeera and to galileo with the latest from miami florida andy thank you. and speaking of states that may flip will be called anyway just over an hour ago joe biden was the clear and the winner in wisconsin taking the state from donald trump let's go to tasha go name she joins us now from madison in wisconsin so how much of a surprise is this result at pascha. well this was always expected to be a very tight race but for the democrats this is really a story of a come back party in 2016 president trump was the 1st republican presidential candidate to win wisconsin's 10 electoral votes in more than 30 years
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he won the state by about 23000 votes now it appears he lost the state by about 20000 votes so as the absentee ballots came in overnight in konoha milwaukee and green bay the democratic party chairman here in the state said that there was no clear path for trump to win he says that voters who didn't like being suppressed rose up organizers worked magic despite trump personally leaning in a trunk campaign manager is saying that there needs to be an immediate recount and he's saying without any evidence however that there are several irregularities in counties in wisconsin now in the state you do have as a candidate the ability to request a recount if the margin between the 1st 2 candidates is less than one percent and
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if you do request a recount you're going to pay for that unless again there's a margin between the 2 candidates of less than one quarter of one percent recounts in the state are not unusual actually in 2016 the green party candidate didn't request a recount she paid 2 and a half 1000000 dollars and it shifted only about $300.00 votes but it's clear that the trump camp is planning to ask for a recount and is not pleased with the outcome trump had really hoped that he would be able to count on wisconsin voters to put their weight behind him he did. pain aggressively in wisconsin he campaigned anti-lock down message bear in mind that wisconsin among the states in the us is having a horrible resurgent of coven 1000 cases it's in the red zone considered in the red
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zone by the federal government recently a field hospital had to reopen in the state to accommodate the number of pandemic cases and it definitely i'm sure was an issue for voters biden on the other hand had campaigned that he was the person to get the pandemic under control there like many states wisconsin did have legal challenges coming into election day the supreme court had said that unlike what it had planned the state of wisconsin was not going to be able to continue counting absentee ballots 6 days after the election even if they had been postmarked by election day and the reason for that as i just mentioned is that we're in the midst of a pandemic and there have been delays with the u.s. postal service but the supreme court with its conservative majority struck that down they said that the state officials here did not have the right to make those kinds of decisions about the election that that those decisions were up to the
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state legislature it's worth mentioning that the state legislature here is dominated by republicans with a democratic governor so that is another thing that was sort of in play here so we can definitely say that the story of wisconsin is not over but for now there is a bit a rally here at the state capitol right up here behind me there's going to be another rally at 5 30 pm and what we're hearing from people is even if biden has won the work is not over. it's going to aim with the latest there from madison in wisconsin which let me just remind you again has just been called for a bite in the. thank you. now for more on all of this we can speak to political and social analyst jason nichols who joins us again from washington d.c. via skype jason always good to talk to you and the question i am there in wisconsin was reminding us all that of course the u.s.
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is a country in the middle of a of a pandemic if kovac hadn't happened do you think we would be talking about that sort of knife edge final between the biden and or and trump or do you think that covert plays a big part into why biden is you know potentially has won but certainly is doing very well we'll come back over that certainly exposed a lot of failures in trump's leadership and a lot of his statements and half truths and failures to protect the american people i think sway people who are in the middle many people saw a moment of economic prosperity prior to the pandemic and they were unsure whether they like donald trump where they didn't like donald trump but this really pushed people over the edge they saw the 230000 americans lose their lives they've seen everything shut down they've seen their businesses shut down they've seen our
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economy suffer our children are not going to school and a lot of this was preventable people out there is there are studies that say that had he shut down. the governor the me and shut down things 2 weeks earlier when he knew because he stated that he knew that this was an airborne pandemic that this was going to be really serious in the. interviews that he gave to bob woodward if you'd shut things down 2 weeks earlier we would have had 54000 fewer deaths yes but he didn't he failed the american people he failed to protect us and i think that really weighed upon people and made people go out and vote him down i mean yes i don't see the pandemic you know i'm speaking to you from europe or most countries now i've gone into a 2nd lockdown so i lot of bad decisions are made all of the world when it comes to pandemic to the pandemic but obviously the economy is and always has been key in
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all of this what do you think had the major impact on the way that people voted do you think it was economic reasons which were linked to the pandemic do you think it was more cultural or do you think that for some people on both sides it really was viewed as an existential threat and that's why we've seen the record turnout that we've seen. well i think i think it's all of the above i think one of the things that donald trump is done is that he chipped away at a lot of our our norms a lot of our institutions the state department our intelligence community our military he chipped away at all of those and destroyed a lot of relationships with those communities and i think that was part of it but i think the fact that we had months and months of violence months and months of uprisings over racial justice and he did not try to bring us together he further polarized us i think that many americans got to
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a point where they turned out to vote even people who were disaffected in earlier elections decided that donald trump was the next essential but we don't know you know i mean it's difficult i know it some of the questions may be a fact as we don't exactly know what the result is and what the breakdown of all the votes is but certainly from having spoken to many republicans in the past few months and many of them actually see biden himself and the democrats as an existential threat to them should biden become president what do you think he could try and do to convince them that he really is president for the entire country well i think that those people you spoke to are probably hard core trump supporters because joe biden and i'm someone who is you know i will admit that i'm farther left than joe biden but joe biden is very much a centrist many of his policies throughout his career have been more on the right the reason that we have a joe biden not you know he's the nominee is because of the fact that if we don't.
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you know oh the alternative was burning. jason nichols i'm so sorry we're having problems with jason nichols skype line from washington d.c. political and social analysts they're telling me why joe biden was chosen effectively to be the candidate because he is a centrist we of course still don't know whether he has won we do know that he is a little bit closer to that magic number of 270 electoral votes but the votes are still coming in and we will bring you the latest results here on al-jazeera as we get them still to come though we are going to be looking at some of the day's other stories including england's pubs called last rounds as the country heads into a 2nd lockdown to drive down the coronavirus cases.
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dissecting the headlines in the midst of a let's start with some of the ground realities of. what's the lay of the land. the official night. listening post on al-jazeera. this. is. my night before. my nigerian women are strong we. my my dear on al-jazeera. do you feel validated in some way is a type of performative activism. let's go back to specifically you calling donald
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trump a white supremacist the lights are on there's nowhere to hide join me richelle carey is up at the front questions to my special guests and challenges. it is such a great talking political debate. front row times on al-jazeera. in part 2 of especially best to guys you want to win a s.b. that's western australia's only youth detention center and travels to the remote outback towns where many of the indigenous inmates come from. on al-jazeera a journey of discovery. which is the kochi of a letter not seen germany addressed to my grandfather 0. traces of family links back to the regime of benito mussolini the nonspecific is fascism returned to atari and poultry freshers in the family it makes me sick this letter
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alone and i found it. on al-jazeera. consciously or is here it's a report on the people often ignored but who must be heard how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense but are possible eyes and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like palestine libya yemen the stockholm region and so many others who go to the who make me up 1st we care we stay.
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welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the race for the white house is still too close to call within the last hour joe biden has won the key battleground state of wisconsin the results from 6 states are still outstanding but that hasn't stopped donald trump from full sleep the clearing himself the winner despite votes still being counted and the from campaign has announced it has filed the suit to hold the vote counting in the states of pennsylvania and michigan joe biden leads michigan by less than one percent but is trailing pennsylvania by more than 6 percent. that the results of trials for a promising coronavirus facts scene should be available by the end of this year but production is set to be delayed the scientists leading the joint project by oxford university and the drug from astra zeneca told british m.p.'s he was optimistic that there would be results in the center he said those of the vaccine will already
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be made but out of $100000000.00 ordered by the u.k. only $4000000.00 will be delivered by the end of the meanwhile england is used to go back under lockdown in a few hours for 4 weeks joanna hall is in london and says there are concerns about how much the country's economy will suffer. well this is so ho central london the streets pedestrian eyes the tables out on the streets as they have been since the summer but the optimism of the summer feels a long time ago instead the sort of gloom of a winter lockdown is setting in now it's due to begin at midnight tonight and run to the 2nd of december people are out and about on the streets enjoying the last opportunity for them to have a plate of restaurant food or a drink in the bars the mood among traders what i've been speaking to some business owners here one said there was an air of panic about a lot of people simply don't believe that this lockdown will be lifted as promised by the government in 4 weeks time that it will instead have to be extended raising
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the prospect for businesses of lost revenue all the way up to christmas and that's pretty appalling of course for them remember this is a lockdown that the government denied would ever happen so there would be no 2nd national lock down indeed boris johnson just a week ago said that such a thing would be economically disastrous having rejected calls by his own scientific advisory group to do just this in september but then a slew of new modeling and numbers came out last week pointing to the worst case scenario being acceded hospitalisations reaching the peak levels that they were in april by the end of november if nothing was done thousands upon thousands more deaths in the weeks and months to come and that of course persuaded the government to perform a u.-turn let yet another you turn in this long battle against covert now of course a resurgent virus going into winter. then mark will call its entire herd of mink after corona virus mutation found in the animals spread to humans prime minister
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mehta frederick center now nz that up to $17000000.00 men will be killed she said the call is necessary to allow the virus mutation posing any risk to the effectiveness of a future vaccine health authorities found the virus strains in the mink showed a decrease the sensitivity against antibodies. that kenya's president has extended the country's 90 curfew to contain a surge in corona virus cases to announce the measure will last until the 1st week of january the rate of infections shot up to 16 percent in october that's 4 times what it was just a month earlier the health ministry had raised concerns that a revival of political meetings could have been among the causes of the viruses spread. ok let's go back to our top story and that is of course the u.s. elections and the various. legal challenges that now we are seeing come from
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the campaign christmas salumi joins us live now from philadelphia kristen tell us a little bit more about what the term campaign is threatening or promising to do. well this justin the campaign of president trump has just stated that despite no incomplete results here in pennsylvania that they're actually declaring a victory in pennsylvania this again despite no. projections of a win for major networks or edison research which calls these races in the in the united states here they say that they have more than a 1000000 and a half ballots still outstanding to be caught this comes also on news that the campaign is taking a series of legal actions to try to stop the vote count here in pennsylvania. they are calling what's happening here in the state a a scheme to disenfranchise republican votes that's from
11:38 pm
a press release from the trump campaign the lawsuits that they are filing have to do with intervening in the extension of mail in ballot receipt here basically the state decided to allow votes that were received after election day to be counted as long as they were postmarked on election day itself as long as they were received before friday this decision was upheld by the pennsylvania state supreme court republicans sued trying to take it to the supreme court the supreme court before the election said that they did not have time to make a decision on the case but they left open the possibility that they could do so after the election so now the trump campaign saying that they are moving to advance that cause now i should point out that the number of ballots that this could impact is relatively small but given that this is shaping up to be such
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a close race here in pennsylvania clearly the campaign is fighting for every ballot and we know that the mail in ballots which are the. latest to be counted are expected to skew heavily for vice president joe biden and so they are attempting to stop that from going for it another legal action being taken by the trump administration that we're just hearing about is this a get more access for republican vote ballot excuse me to get more access for poll watchers republican poll watchers as the ballot counting is going on it's happening at the convention center across the street from me here in philadelphia and at other locations across the state the republicans are claiming they don't have enough access to to monitor this counting and because of that they want the count to halt until there is meeting full transparency so
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a number of legal actions taken place by the charm campaign here in pennsylvania which is likely to be crucial for either campaign to declare victory absolutely with its 20 electoral votes a christian salumi with the latest there from philadelphia a christin thank you and i just want to remind the viewers that we are expecting to hear from a joe biden any moment now will of course bring it live will be interesting to see what he will say about the various legal challenges or recounts that the trump campaign is asking for so still to come also on al jazeera tensions escalate in the ivory coast as president allison what celebrates winning a 3rd term in at the speech of.
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if he has begun military operations in the north of the country amid an escalation in tensions there the local government in the t. grade region has been accused of attacking federal troops but local authorities of the smiths that like using the prime minister of plotting conflict a 6 month state of emergency has been declared by the federal government welcome web is in nairobi in neighboring kenya he explains what has led to the tension. ethiopia was due to hold nationwide elections in august but they were postponed the central government said because of covert 19 to grain regional government said that
11:43 pm
meant prime minister ahmed and his government were no longer legitimate to gray in regional government when they had an order organize their own region elections in september the central government didn't accept the results of that election so we already had a situation where these 2 or thirty's weren't recognizing each other the central federal government and threatened to cut funding to the to gray region it's also significant that the majority of ethiopia's armed forces are stationed in the to great region including most of its tanks and its heavy artillery it's a growing regional government has said that part of the military known as the northern command has defected to its side to the central government refutes start certainly any split within ethiopia's large military along with the grain aligned militias already on that side do pose a very high risk of a very dangerous civil war and now the reason for so much of the military being
11:44 pm
based in that part of the country is because of decades of conflict between ethiopia and neighboring eritrea and now that conflict was finally resolved 2 years ago when prime minister came to power he was even given a nobel peace prize for ending it so now we have a situation where eritrea is allied with the central government in addis ababa a conflict between. and to great could see eritrea being drawn in on this about as side risks spreading the conflict around the region and destabilizing the whole of the horn of africa. davison is the senior ethiopian analyst at the international crisis group he says tensions between gray and the federal government have grown steadily since september. well this is the culmination of the political disputes that emanated from the prime minister coming to power in 2018 the anti-government protests before that and then the t.p.s.
11:45 pm
the great ruling party the loss of power during the transition and that resulted in yes very toxic politics different accusations big thrown about for example we had in the great regions that they were unjustly there officials were unjustly accused of various crimes that there was the creation of a national party and that puts a great out of power at the federal level and left them just in power the regional level then when we had the election delayed this year due to top it 19 and the t. get left obviously oppose that they went ahead and run their own regional election and that meant we have this very stark constitutional dispute with the federal government and it's a very government accusing each other of being unconstitutional the problem that we have now is that the parties have not been talking for months instead we've had a deteriorating political situation that is now escalated into conflict so it is wrong to say that talks are by any means on the table but it is absolutely right to say that talks any form of talks is absolutely imperative all it can act is must
11:46 pm
embrace dialogue they must draw back from this conflict which threatens to be devastating and all of the g.o.p.'s international african partners and further afield must put pressure on all ethiopian political parties to step away from conflict. ok let's go back to our top story here is how the u.s. election picture looks right now so joe biden has moved closer to hitting that all important 270 electoral college votes winning the state of wisconsin he did that in about the past hour or so double trump's campaign though is already demanding a recount in that state and as for the lawsuit to try and stop the counting of votes in pennsylvania and the michigan there is also are also still unclear in georgia and pennsylvania both could be key steps on the path to the white house well eric haver league is a professor of political science and public administration at the university of
11:47 pm
north carolina at charlotte he joins us now via skype sir thank you so much for joining us here on out jazzier we've been talking about how the u.s. is a divided country but really looking at these election results it's clear just how divided it is what do you make of them oh absolutely the electoral college vote if it breaks down the way it looks like it will put by exactly 270 votes which is the minimum number to be president. you can't get more divided than likewise if you look at the breakdown within states it's urban areas voting for the democrat rural areas voting overwhelmingly for the republicans and the suburban areas the democrats who were break strongly for them. only weakly for them so a very divided result it's hard to know exactly you know what the final result will be it does look good for biden but of course
11:48 pm
a lot of key states still need to be called but do you think this is more of a trump loss than a biden victory. the election really has been a referendum on trump it's not unusual in the united states for elections to be a referendum on the incumbent but trump has been such a forceful personality dominating the media kind of wanting the election to be about him and biden really said his campaign up to make the election a referendum on trying to do so in many ways that's exactly what it is people reacting strongly to their perceptions of whether they liked or disliked the president's leadership style you speaking to us from north carolina now north carolina has actually been called as a state of the trump is leading the air but relatively nearby georgia still in the south of the united states that looks like it could actually flip the biden are you surprised by that and what do you think the the sort of the motivations of the band
11:49 pm
that makes there are. you know we saw a late shift in the polls in georgia towards biden. in many ways that it was one of the few states where we saw any movement or any momentum for either candidate whatsoever so the fact that it's close is not terribly surprising. but you know close isn't good enough whether biden can get there's last few votes to get over the hurdle is really the key and i think it would be fantastic for him to get to georgia so we don't have a winner of the electoral college with a bare minimum $270.00 votes pennsylvania would be another state that assuming buying wins michigan would give him a little bit of a buffer and that donald trump has had a pretty controversial presidency and there's many republicans that even though they voted for him may not necessarily endorse everything that he has said and done in light of that why do you think there hasn't been or we haven't seen so far
11:50 pm
a landslide for joe biden what do you think republican voters or some independents don't quite like about him or or the democrat establishment. yeah i think it's less about biden but the trump campaign purposely argued that biden would be a quote unquote trojan horse for the more socialist agenda of bernie sanders and other american politicians so many republican voters stayed home or stayed with the party despite their doubts about trump because they thought the democrats were even worse and that suggests a real problem for the democrats going forward that you're they're losing traditionally working class voters who. have been democratic supporters for a long time because those voters don't think the party stands up for them anymore or doesn't speak in it in messages that really resonate with them anymore and
11:51 pm
trump for all his faults they think is a at least trying to advocate for them and in sticking up for them. around the world the u.s. has always been seen are stark and seen as a beacon of democracy that the sort of leader a vote of western liberal democracies around the world how damaging that message do you think that idea of democracy is with americans themselves both because of the divisions and also because of these legal challenges that we are seeing crop up. i think it's incredibly damaging when the americans themselves don't trust our institutions and question the basic foundation of democratic elections it's very hard for us to hold the harm we're around and ask other countries to have democratic elections if we struggle to apply them fairly ourselves.
11:52 pm
professor eric haeber league professor of political science and public administration at the university of north carolina in charlotte sir it's been a pleasure talking to you thank you for sharing your views and expertise with us thank you absolutely. now looking at the day's other news tensions are still running high in ivory coast after the president was the clear the winner in saturday's election thousands of people have been killed before and after the poll with confrontations between police and protesters admitted to his reports. days after the reelection of president alassane ouattara. the supporters take to the streets with a victory dance. the mood isn't the same among the opposition many oppose what continued in power saying his big forethought was unconstitutional well i because there's a limit of 2 presidential terms whatever has assisted and you could see 2 she did $3.00 to $60.00 allowed him to run again. the homes of key opposition figures have
11:53 pm
been surrounded by police after some and i was to transition of council saying they would prepare for a new election the government called that and our front constituted authority. on monday the opposition issued a statement setting up a transitional body in the face of such a serious situation it is important to strain then security and ensure that there are no surprises the government said it deployed at least 35000 security personnel across the country for the vote at least 9 people were killed in fighting between political supporters and security forces on election day according to local authorities dozens were also reported killed in pretty election violence. the opposition who denounced the latest actions by security forces and say they will not give in to intimidation says that dichotomy not do these unjustified nighttime armed attacks by elements of our forces bear witness to
11:54 pm
a serious setback toward democracy and an unacceptable abuse of law and individual freedom. on tuesday night the convoys of 2 cabinet ministers were attacked and some people reportedly killed raising fears of more violence more than 3000 people have crossed into neighboring countries fearing the outbreak of post-election violence similar to that seen in 20102011 the united nations office of the coordinator for humanitarian affairs says at least 2600 people and i would liberia and it expects more to follow in the coming days i'm a decrease algis here. the son of brazil's president has been charged with corruption prosecutors allege that flavio also nat'l skimmed the money off the top of the sat staff salaries when he was here visionary state lawmaker the well known scheme it commonly known as the end of resilin allegedly ran from 2007 to
11:55 pm
2018 also that a denies the crimes several other members of the president's family are being investigated for corruption this by the fact that he ran on an anti corruption platform one of the greatest footballers in history diego maradona has had successful surgery on a blood clot in his brain in argentina the 1906 world cup winner is now recovering in hospital it's the reports. diego maradona during a crowd like a lead he can't even while lying in a hospital bird friends governor outside a private clinic in bonner sorrows to cheer is named after hearing surgery to remove a brain clot on his brain had been a success. you. don't know if they did the surgery last approximately one hour and 20 minutes minutes to remove the chronic subdual hema thomas successfully diogo coped very well with the surgery and he was awake very well. the doctor
11:56 pm
said the caught was likely caused by an accident but that marathoner does not remember what happened it initially been admitted to hospital in la plata on monday with anemia and dehydration but as things turned more serious he was transferred firm urgency surgery marathoner is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time and almost single handedly led argentina to the 986 world cup he may not have played for 23 years but it's clear how much he still means to the country in a lot of it boy the people's player the one that gave his life for the white and light blue shirt diego is the icon among argentine football players the best of all times. marathoner is currently the coach of argentinian club. he looked frail at the game on friday his last public appearance on what was also his 60th birthday he also left before half time which raise questions about his
11:57 pm
health there have been messages of support from around the football world napoli the italian club where he spent 7 years tweeted this picture with the hash tag strength diego and a message to you from the real madrid coach the nadine's the dan a fellow world cup winner. we all know the kind of person he is and the player he was i wish things go well for him but that is all we wish for him and his family. because the fans continue to chant his name outside hospital doctors say marathoner will remain inside resting in his room for at least 48 hours david stokes al-jazeera. ok let's just take you now to wilmington in delaware you can. see the podium is ready and we are expecting joe biden that to speak any time now we will of course bring that to you live be interesting to see what comments he has to the various the requests for recounts that we have for come
11:58 pm
out of the truck campaign that is it from me and taylor will be here in just a few minutes with the latest on the u.s. elections they without a single thanks for watching. hello the harvest is underway bumper harvest in new south wales it might temporarily have to halt as this cold front is on its way through and it's a bit more active than that might suggest significant rains going through victoria
11:59 pm
new south wales heading towards sydney it's already dropped the temperature in melbourne by 15 degrees compared with a couple of days ago for carson city will see a sudden drop in temperature but it's the wind will be most noticeable with that right in the wind on the coast tends to whip up the surf as well really surround the bank that's going to be coastal new south wales a benefit in that southerly breeze anyway all the way up to the border with queensland leaving behind cooler weather was sunshine. cool words used to describe pursed despite the showers it's been up to the go thirty's and it's there again and that's during friday. the change of seasons slew in the east and parts of asia north of the equator although the active weather at sanya tare food drifting over water probably not affecting even the philippines the next few days we haven't got much ingress of winter it's sunshine for most of japan the korean peninsula and china but there is something trees in the cloud in the western side of china asked for india well if you're in chennai or south wales or in sri lanka it's going to be
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wet. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and you are in tehran this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up the counting continues in the race for the white house joe biden is about to speak these are live pictures it's just taken wisconsin from donald trump but the president is demanding a recount inching closer to victory biden is just $22.00 electoral college votes
12:01 am
shy and outright victory but. this is a flaw. in the american. this.


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