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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2020 7:00am-7:30am +03

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an occupation. but what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. i'm not here to clear that we've won. but i am here to report the count is finished we believe we will be the winner. democratic contender joe biden flips to battleground states to take him a step closer to the white house. the whole romney watching al-jazeera life my headquarters in doha also coming up donald trump demands a recount and files lawsuits in key states as his path to victory now it's. also the outcome of the election hinges on 4 states where many postal votes are being
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tallied. in other news the u.n. calls for an immediate deescalation intentions as ethiopia's prime minister calls in troops into the tikrit province following an attack on a military base. welcome to the program democratic candidate joe biden has extended his lead in the closely fought race for the white house after flipping michigan and wisconsin which donald trump now only won 4 years ago by now has a projected total of 264 electoral college votes while donald trump has 214 now remember that the magic number to become president is 270 here in yellow you can see the state still in play nevada in the western georgia and north carolina in the south and up here is pennsylvania donald trump has launched a legal action in several states over the votes still being counted. let's look at
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georgia 1st in extremely close race bear donald trump's initial lead has been certainly falling now it's just over $30000.00 votes and thousands of absentee ballots are still to be counted we're expecting more data in the coming hours but what might help joe biden most of the remaining votes are from atlanta and its suburbs which generally lean towards the democrats over north carolina well it's one of several states where trying to claim victory but the results are still too close to call here mail in ballots postmarked by election day still accepted until november the 12th and we're still waiting on pennsylvania the state where joe biden was born doubletons leader shrinking and the remaining male ballots are mostly from the democratic leaning cities of philadelphia and pittsburgh and the suburbs giving biden a good chance of catching up well trump's filed a lawsuit here too calling for an end to the counting of mail in ballots and then
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there's the valar to where biden is now really in the lead now the western state has 6 electoral votes more numbers are expected to be released on thursday well joe biden is urging his supporters to be patient insisting he's on track to victory shortly we'll get the latest from our teams across the u.s. but 1st particle hain wraps up development so far former vice president joe biden projecting confidence he will be the next president and he may have taken a step closer he sociate a press declaring he's won the state of wisconsin and michigan given him more electoral college votes and an easier path to that you 70 that will get him to the white house and now after a long night of county it's clear that we're when you know states to reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency i'm not here to that we've won but i am here to report the count is finished we believe we will be the winners.
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but u.s. president donald trump is demanding a recount in wisconsin after falling short by around 20000 votes even his most ardent supporters doubt that will change anything former wisconsin governor scott walker tweeting out a recount in 2016 trump's numbers went up by 131 and the counting continues in the states that will decide the election with state officials asking for patience give the public servants the opportunity to do their job and what i will tell you is that karen pennsylvania we're going to follow the law and we will respect the will of the people and the crop her victory will be certified based on who got more votes the president is suing to stop the counting in some states his surrogates saying falsely that the election is being stolen to win for a republican to win here how many votes we have to be at 400000 is not enough with 80 plus percent counted i think there's only 14 percent of the vote to go if
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you think we're stupid you think we're false the president is complaining on twitter they're finding biden votes all over the place in pennsylvania wisconsin and michigan so bad for country to be clear they're not finding ballots but counting ones that come in on time according to state laws. and there is a question about whether the postal service run by a trump loyalist interfered in getting ballots delivered on time define a federal judge's order tuesday to do a sweep for ballots they refused potentially leaving hundreds of thousands not counted the one thing this election has clearly shown america is a nation divided it really does seem like people live in 2 different realities given like the news they consume and we did surround themselves with so i i not bad surprise that a lot of people decided to vote again for a president who has brought us to where we are with several cases winding their way
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through the courts as the votes are counted and america and the world waits to see who eked out a win in this fractured country patty calling out to 0. well rob reynolds is standing by to discuss nevada in a little while we also have a white house correspondent kimberly health at a washington d.c. but 1st let's cross over to mike hanna who's in joe biden's home state of delaware quickly the vote count obviously isn't tell you know when it has been really declared and yet legal challenges are beginning and it's trump's camp that really is making the 1st move but we hear biden's camp is also on the move. yes well as been responding now i must point out as well is that biden's campaign has had a boiler room as a cause of lawyers it has spent the last few months building up of this resource of lawyers who are being destroyed to contest all the republican claims in
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a number of states and now the head of that particular unit close adviser to joe biden insisting that the lawyers are there to ensure that every vote is counted in order to achieve this they have got to come to the campaigns being waged by the trump administration and the trump campaign along with various state republican committees who brought a number of these cases now we're talking about literally hundreds of cases have been brought by various trying factions in various states dealing with various matters ranging from the time at which votes are counted the period of time that they can be counted to allegations of intervention by biden supporters in the actual counting process now judges and courts in many states have been throwing these cases out on a regular basis and another close adviser to joe biden contending that most of these actions have no basis whatsoever and are in fact stupid as he puts it he
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recalled he pointed to the case of michigan for example where trump lawyers called for and hold to the count not that particular stage says biden's lawyers biden was ahead in that particular state so by it being the count that would confirm a biden victory so certainly there is a huge amount of legal action going on across syria state some more intense than others but it's something that the biden campaign clearly has planned for joe biden himself making very clear his belief that every vote must be counted he's staying away from the legal for a he's leaving all the work to his lawyers but he's phrased. in the reference of the constitution a few hours ago making a speech at the convention center here he repeated the phrase we the people we the people we the people making very clear that all of this was happening within a constitutional system legal actions can go on but in the end what mattered was to
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protect that system and the votes that were cost within the confines of a constitutional system that is the bedrock of this country my kind of thanks for the update month for forests and wilmington delaware let's cross over to a white house correspondent kimberly how could watching all of the events unfold from washington d.c. and obviously the trump team really not accepting these results and we expect you know obviously a lot more to be said in the days ahead that's right you see there behind me the lights in the white house have now gone dem but all day they have been burning as the president with no public events on his schedule making no public appearances we understand working the phones peeking with various governors around the united states trying to understand why this vote is so close and what he can do to ensure that his ballot support will pull him ahead now even though arizona has been called
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by some networks and organizations here in the united states for joe biden the trunk team still believes there is hope that they can claw that back they also are looking fairly closely at the u.s. state of georgia believing that if they can win those 2 states there still is a pathway that would allow donald trump to not be just a one term president but there is also a growing resignation that this is becoming an increasingly daunting task and while the president is still fighting many in his campaign are starting to lose some hope. for the moment thanks to the update can we help get our washington and washington d.c. correspondent thank you rob runnels or joins us now on the other side of the us in los angeles we're going to talk about nevada in a moment rob we were discussing a little while earlier protests that are ongoing in arizona do we know anything
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else. well yes we have a little bit more information about that so hale the group is small trump supporters but get but growing they are gathered outside the building in phoenix where the county officials are counting the votes people in the crowd some of them have been seen and photographed and sent out on twitter carrying firearms they are shouting through bullhorns chanting slogans praying and singing and generally demanding an end to the counting of the vote there in phoenix in that county the largest in the state of arizona which is somewhat baffling because if they were to succeed they would actually be to president trump's disadvantage because he's behind joe biden in arizona so if they stop counting the votes then joe biden would take the state and the president would
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have no chance whatsoever of catching up with a building is surrounded by sheriff's deputies there have been no violent incidents nor any arrests that we're understand that some of the demonstrators tried to enter the building on the pretext of claiming to be journalists they were challenged and asked to show their credentials of course they didn't have any so then they were told to stay outside so it's. a situation that certainly bears watching but as i said there's been no violence thus far and cool so the state that everybody seems to be focused on at the moment is nevada because it could hold really the keys to the white house. yes the jackpot to. make another another gambling pun nevada is still too close to call joe biden is leading there by less than $8000.00 votes about 0.6 percent of the
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total there are tens of thousands of mail in an absentee ballots still to be counted most of them are from the area around las vegas las vegas is the largest city in area in and it is considered a democratic leaning area so these votes are coming as mail in ballots which generally we've seen across the country have been biden voters casting their ballots by by mail or by dropping them off in the ballot boxes so that tends to favor biden and again it's generally democratic leaning part of the state so that also would would tend to favor joe biden the officials from that county say that they are planning to make an announcement on thursday morning and will release some new vote totals there that may clarify the situation but for now in the silver
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state nevada joe biden is clinging to a narrow lead but of course we'll come back to through the day as we get more news from nevada and of coals from the region that rob reynolds thank you. now the state is staring down along the counting period in the battleground state of pennsylvania that's kristen salumi explains. the vote count continues around the clock at the philadelphia convention center behind me even as president tran attempts to shut it down and protesters take to the street demanding that all votes are counted as more votes are counted his lead is getting narrower and narrower the republicans would like more monitors inside to be watching these ballot counts that's what they are suing for they've also asked to be heard by the supreme court which could weigh in on a state supreme court decision that allowed pennsylvania to continue to accept and its mail in ballots up to 3 days after the election as long as they are postmarked
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by the election here in pennsylvania the governor of the state tom wolfe a democrat has accused the president and team of partisan attacks he says that the count will continue slowly and accurately so that everyone is heard but it could take a couple more days. you'll visit with me so rob a reminder of our top stories the democratic nominee joe biden is pulling ahead in the race for the white house he's now won the state of michigan giving him 264 electoral votes just 6 shy of the $270.00 required biden said that he was confident to secure enough states to win the presidency but the top campaign is far lawsuits to stop vote counting in michigan georgia and pennsylvania calling for a recount in wisconsin and it's also looking to intervene in the supreme court case
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to stop pennsylvania counting votes up to 3 days after the election. and the count absentee ballots continues in battleground states like pennsylvania georgia and arizona it's a time race in nevada. do a job biden has a very small lead charles moore is a republican political strategist joins me now on skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us again this morning on the program obviously there will be viewers who are just shooting in will not be aware of what's happened in the last few hours including the potential legal cases that the tribe wants to make again certain decisions on the vote count was your reaction to this. well again president trump and the republican party have made it very clear that they want all that are legal to be counted and all of those that are illegal to not be counted and going through this process now requires both sides have election
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observers in place to be able to make those examinations and i'll make those determinations the truck campaign is sent in turn is to all the states where we knew this would be going on this process was planned we knew that we would not know the answer on election night so this is part of a well coordinated exercise to ensure that all legal votes are out so why then is this dispute ongoing study from the president's camp that from for weeks and for months he's been stalking about voter fraud double voting voting by post and then voting in person really trying to lay the groundwork that the postal vote is and will always be invalid what's the strategy behind that. well the criticisms of the flaws and deficiencies that we've been seeing on come from actual evidence we're seeing postal employees who are discovering caches of uncounted votes we're seeing some of the employees who have just started you know cartons of
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mail that have had ballots in them and then we also know that you know our postal service is as having issues right now about delivering mail until every mail accurately and on time the system was not designed to have this much of an election pumped through the mail system voting by mail is not our it's not a problem i vote by mail by absentee ballot i request that ballot if that sense next to let out but the default is always going into the ballots into the ballot box and the voting centers and because of covert 19 there was a very aggressive shift to doing all mail in ballots this instant is just simply not designed to handle that kind of capacity and as a result of that we're seeing you know some of the safeguards that exist for in person voting are completely thrown out with mail and only voting and that's where the concern is coming from in terms of those that consistency that you're talking about and have yet to you want to be proved in a court of law what will the colts be looking for when it comes to evidence when it
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comes to hard evidence because they can't really act. just a suspicion or an accusation that they need the evidence to be able to make a purely strategic and unfair judgment. well part of this again is just arguing the law as it stands the republican party and donald trump doesn't actually have to show any kind of harm that's that specifically happened as a result they just have to show that the election officials are counting votes engine system with the law and that's what a lot of what's going on right now is trying is being in place starting to file some of those initial lawsuits showing the inconsistency in the votes that are being counted so again this is about not just counting every vote this is about counting every legal votes and that's what the president is trying to get in problems we'll see what happens charles lawrence thanks so much for joining us from washington d.c. . the donald trump and joe biden are the 2 oldest presidential nominees in american
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history and that means their running mates have become more important than ever mike pence and camilla horace couldn't be more different from their politics to that personalities mama june june possible senator harris and vice president pence thank you for being here when vice president mike pence and senator kamel harris took to the debate stage in october viewers around the world witnessed a study in contrasts but when you see with the american people have done over these last 8 months hasn't worked that's a great disservice to the sacrifices the american people of may so let's talk about caring about the american people the american people have to sacrifice far too much because of the incompetence of this administration on the republican side 61 year old vice president mike pence who over the past 4 years has proven himself president donald trump's most loyal ally known for his opposition to abortion the former governor of indiana is an evangelical christian and champion of the religious right. critics say pence has been
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a driving force in the trumpet ministrations efforts to roll back protections for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people before being chosen as trump's running mate in 2016 pins had openly questioned some of trump's policies after joining the ticket though pins transformed into an adept 2nd in command who always defer to his boss because thanks to your leadership from early on not only are we bringing a whole of government approach to confronting the coronavirus we're bringing in all of america approach even as head of the white house coronavirus task force pince wouldn't let the news that members of his team had tested positive for covert 19 keep him off the campaign trail. continuing to campaign for trump even as public health officials criticized the decision greetings and america on the democratic side 56 year old senator kamel harris the daughter of immigrants from jamaica and india harris in 2016 became the 1st south asian american and 2nd african-american
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woman elected to the u.s. senate where she represents the state of california in 2020 as the democratic vice presidential nominee she became the 1st woman of color to be included on a major party's presidential ticket that i'm here tonight is a testament to the dedication of generations before me women and men who believe so fiercely in the promise of equality liberty and justice for all known as one of the toughest interrogators in congress harris has repeatedly used skills honed during her tenure as a prosecutor and a former attorney general of california while questioning trumpet ministration officials during harris's short lived presidential campaign critics questioned her shifting positions on policy issues and her record as a prosecutor but as a barrier breaking running mate to joe biden harris an advocate for racial and social justice has proven popular. with supporters applauding harris's pledge to
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offer a path to citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. in the final weeks of the campaign members of harris's team also tested positive for colbert 19 after learning the news harris temporarily stopped travelling a bracing reminder that for america's 2020 vice presidential candidates differences in politics policy and personality could not be more stark. and. let's move on to the other top stories a heading that lands across the world and the u.n. is calling for a deescalation of tensions and ethiopia's northern to grey region to the central government launched a military operation prime minister. cuse is the region's ruling party of attacking federal troops and says they must be destroyed and he soon reports. it was business as usual in the ethiopian capital but many here are on alert as an armed conflict simmers in the north of the country but to conduct and i say even yes i
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love me but we're not people who fight and kill each other therefore i personally feel that the 2 great and federal governments should solve their differences through dialogue and negotiations and prioritize the interests of our nation. under good chaos creates a perfect opportunity for robbery our country needs peace i'm now sick of this in a very disgusting time i'm telling you the truth the prime minister met launched a military offensive in the northern tigray regional accusing the opposition led local government of attacking federal troops and looting their assets in the regions ruled by the to grey people's liberation front or t p l f yes the ghats today the apostate ethiopian as stabbed ethiopia what makes this attack one of the most shocking attacks is that it is viewing the ethiopian national defense forces as a foreign army i declare that we will do all we can to shame and destroy this force
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. be declared a 6 month state of emergency integrate and shut down electricity phone and internet services there. in a statement aired on to great t.v. a regional government spokesman accuses the nobel prize winning prime minister of cowering the people of to grey into submission by force tensions between the 2 sides escalated in september went to gray went ahead with regional elections despite a ban from the federal government. postpone the polls citing the coronavirus pandemic but the t p l of says he delayed them to stay in power. the t.p. l.f. dominated if the european politics were more than 3 decades and says abby squeezed them out of the federal government when he came to power in 2018. analysts warn the conflict into gray could turn into a civil war. the stabilization and the fracturing of the military is too great an office is based in too great they may not.
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leadership so this could lead to. crises. greater than all of that. the u.n. has called on both sides to deescalate tensions and find a peaceful solution to the dispute the secretary general underlined the importance of stability for it and the horn of africa a region with a long history of border conflicts and political unrest and they sue out to 0. englanders back under lockdown to curb a 2nd wave of quote virus infections it's a move the prime minister promised to avoid but as john hall reports the country is better prepared this time round. not long ago you could get a haircut and a cocktail at blade clubbing in london so a concept that proved so popular the owners were about to open a branch in new york here's your it wasn't their wish we had
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a ticket to actually see going 90000 irish and it wasn't everything just went up in the air and the 1st lockdown destroyed a dream despite government help the 2nd may prove lethal for livelihoods i'm still shocked and still. it was it's a show. it's been so quiet since we were just trying to reach everybody and now for the last few days is just so many people used to see us and we hoping it's only 4 weeks we're going to be close and loving is no more than that so we can try. everything we can to really is it something the government said wouldn't happen and repeat national lockdown just last week the prime minister said it would be disastrous for the economy. but new modeling predicted soaring hospital admissions and many thousands more deaths he was persuaded otherwise we have to face the
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reality that in common with many other countries in this part of the world we are now facing a surge in that virus which this house must now tackle with the measures we've outlined they will expire as all of the members know on december the 2nd so ho by night the optimism of summer long wrong the gloom of a winter lockdown setting in the mood one business owner told me is one of panic many people don't believe these restrictions will be lifted as promised in a month's time raising the prospect of lost revenue all the way up to christmas the hope is that lockdown will bring the virus reproduction rate down and lift pressure on the national health service buying time to build better coping strategies in the northern city of liverpool for instance a pilot program from friday will offer every person regular testing with new rapid turnaround tests a possible pathway back to normal life. and there is
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a glimmer of hope for the arrival of a new vaccine the n.h.s. sees putting local doctors on notice to prepare for vaccine distribution by christmas or early in the new year jonah al-jazeera london. international pilgrims have begun performing for the 1st time in 7 months after completing a compulsory 3 day quarantine planes carrying $400.00 pilgrims from pakistan and indonesia landed in saudi arabia on sunday under the new measures only pilgrims aged between 18 and 50 can enter the grand mosque in mecca for the ritual. the son of brazil's president has been charged with corruption prosecutors say flavio boss an aura of illegally taking money out of the staff salaries when he was a state politician in rio de janeiro boss nora denied any wrongdoing calling the allegations a badly orchestrated evil tale and then mark will call its entire herd of minkow after a mutation of corona virus found in the animals has spread to humans prime minister
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met frederick's on announce that up to $15000000.00 ngs will be killed she said the cole is necessary to rule out the virus mutation posing any risk to the effectiveness of the future vaccine outbreaks linked farms had been persistent in the nordic countries despite repeated efforts to cull infected herds since 2. watching officer with the whole run a reminder of our top stories democratic nominee joe biden is pulling ahead in the race for the white house he's now won the state of michigan giving him $264.00 projected electoral votes just 6 shy of the 270 required earlier biden said that he was confident of securing enough states.


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