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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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that america has been a force for good in the world. from the american people get inspiration from him and the other half cringe your weekly take on u.s. politics and society that's the bottom of. this al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for again this is that live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a call for calm by joe biden as he nears the 270 electoral votes needed to become the next president of the united states still a 1st to come together as the nation. just like in b.c. we have to try. as president trump threatens to double up a legal challenge the supreme court orders the separation of postal votes arriving after election day in pennsylvania. to send in troops and imposing
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a state of emergency ethiopia's president moves to replace the regional government in the troubled north. of ivory coast opposition leader is arrested for forming a rival government challenging president alassane ouattara as reelection for a 3rd term. and sport the german bundesliga gets ready for its biggest game of the season so far anyway rivals barring the dortmund showdown on saturday. so it is just after 1300 hours g.m.t. the u.s. east coast and democratic nominee joe biden says that he will emerge victorious after one of the most divisive elections in u.s. history but the votes are still being counted and president trumps campaigners last while to pull legal child. jesus here's where we stand by is ahead in pennsylvania
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and nevada and georgia he's predicted to have won 264 electoral college votes trump has 214 don't forget the number required is 2170 byte needs to win only one of the undecided states to get over the line. in pennsylvania is ahead of trump by more than 28000 votes the remaining mail in ballots mostly from the democratic leaning cities of philadelphia and pittsburgh a win there will propel by impost that 270 block biden is leading in georgia by more than $4000.00 votes in an unusually tight race but officials in georgia say they expect a recount there as per the lore of the state a candidate can request a recount of the margin of differences within north point 5 percentage points we have correspondents across the united states covering that story for us tomorrow is how is it joe biden's home state delaware alan fisher is in washington d.c.
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and kristen salumi is across that crucial county in pennsylvania we'll hear from them all in just a moment but 1st rob reynolds begins our coverage with this report from los angeles . joe biden took the stage looking weary but full of confidence we don't have a final declaration. of victory yet but the numbers tell us it's clear to us a clear and convincing story we're going to win this race. by now leads donald trump in pennsylvania by a significant margin and a narrow one in georgia he also remains ahead in nevada and arizona as vote counting continues and what's becoming clear each hour is that record number of americans of all races faiths religions chose change over more of the same they've given us a mandate for action on covert economy climate change systemic racism.
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biden called for healing after a bitter and rancorous campaign let's put the anger the demonisation behind us it's time for us to come together as a nation to heal it's not going to be easy we have to try the trump campaign launched a barrage of lawsuits seeking to halt vote counting or to toss out mail and absentee ballots tabulated after election day but the president's lawyers provided little if any evidence of fraud no i think what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on he needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost and he needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did just as george h.w. bush did and frankly just as al gore did and stop this and let us move forward as a country that as attorney general called the trump campaign's voting fraud complaint in his state garbage multiple studies over the years have concluded that
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vote fraud in the u.s. is extraordinary rare in georgia biden's lead is so slim a recount is being planned as we are closing in on a final count we can begin to look toward our next steps with a margin that small there will be likely a recount in georgia pro trump demonstrators continued to protest around the country convinced that foul play was underway it raises the hair on the back of your neck where they're trying to plan where they're planning again they're going to they're going to steal this election. meanwhile biden supporters celebrated in the streets of several cities after days of painfully slow vote counting most americans are eager for this election to finally be over but given trump's apparent determination not to concede defeat the legal battles could stretch on for weeks robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. or import. encounter in philadelphia as soon
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as christensen to me is that we can expect another batch of votes to be released another bunch of numbers in well any time now they say. that's true the vote count does continue but it is load to a crawl as some of the most contentious and contested ballots are now left to be counted as you said earlier about 28000 votes in the lead is joe biden this morning but there's still an estimated 150000 ballots still to count it's hard to know exactly how much but these are the estimates from what we are receiving around the state in those 150 or so 1000 we have mail in ballots that have yet to be counted as well as 85000 provisional ballots so let me break down the difference there the mallon ballots some of them the majority of them apparently were received before
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election day a smaller percentage were received after election day between the 3rd and the 6th of november by laws of the state those are allowed to be counted but that's being contested by republicans who say they shouldn't be allowed to be counted and so they have filed a lawsuit and yesterday judge alito of the supreme court ordered that those ballots be set aside he didn't say that they couldn't be counted but that they should be segregated in the case of further legal action so we may hear later today exactly how many of those ballots there are. estimates are that there in the low thousands the secretary of state here said that they don't think there are very many for example philadelphia here received 500 ballots after election day i should point out that they had to be postmarked by election day so even though they can
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accept them afterwards they still had to be mailed by election day but a. of course the president and his legal team are fighting to get those out of the count the tricky part then is the provisional ballots so some $85000.00 provisional ballots in these are ballots that are given to people when there is some question about their eligibility to vote so for example if i asked for a mail in ballot but then decided that i wanted to vote in person went to the polling station and didn't have my mail in ballot with me well officials there would need to know that you're not voting twice so they would give you a provisional ballot and then that ballot has to be. individually checked before it can be counted by election officials in that county so it's a much more tedious and a much more arduous process so that's why we're seeing the vote counts low this is also where republicans seem to be putting some hope on making ground on joe biden
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here getting some ground back in pennsylvania because as you may recall prior to the election the president was casting doubt about voting in person and encouraged about voting by mail and encouraging people to vote in person so it could be that more of his supporters at the last minute change their mind and vote it in because of the scenario that i described had to get a provisional ballot that said the mail in ballots so far have been skewing heavily for joe biden 3 to one particularly in the urban centers where most of the ballots remain so this is really coming down to a squeaker here in pennsylvania the biden camp as you say seems very hopeful that they are very xpect and they do expect to get a victory here but nothing's official yet all right chris somebody thinks indeed kristen salumi there live in philadelphia let's go to joe biden's home state of delaware all of the jamal ohio is in wilmington delaware so the biden
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campaign still pretty hopeful that they've got this in the bag what are we to make of last night's speech less of a victory speech more of a sort of a. speech. well yeah i mean that's something that maybe is disappointing some of his supporters who are really eager to essentially let loose and celebrate there's actually some agent who've camped up in their cars have slept overnight they came yesterday in anticipation that biden was going to take to the stage and declare himself the next president that didn't happen they are expecting it to happen at some point and therefore decided not to go back home and sleep in the trucks here but one of the more important things that came out of that speech was maybe the tone and the messaging that came out we've been saying it for a few days that biden has been calling for calm he's been calling for respect of the democratic process but maybe there was a little more detail in terms of what's he will give us an insight into in terms of
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what his priorities will be if in one he is announced as presidents we heard there he believes that he has a very strong mandate if indeed all the votes are what the numbers have been telling god he has received more than any candidate in the history of the united states and that mandate he believes will make him focus on 4 things primarily with obviously the pandemic which was a huge decider in when people went to cause the ballots the economic crisis that has been as a result of covert but also other issues and as well as like during boil prices and so forth he spoke about the environment maybe not as strong as those true in terms of voters' minds and systemic racism so his agenda at least in the interim period once it starts you could say at least the headlines of it. yesterday he
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did speak about this idea of a need for healing how quickly that could happen whether indeed it even could happen people are skeptical about it because we're hearing some very very strong views on all sides of this. there are those who genuinely believe that there is some foul play going on they genuinely believe that their democratic right has been taken away from them that the democrats or they are essentially trying to steal this election away from them whether he's going to be able to convince them or whether that's view is going to be actually further entrenched by donald trump and the rhetoric that's been coming out from the white house were yet to find out but biden so far just stopping short of announcing himself victor people are waiting for that victory speech to take place once that happens maybe it's what provides some sort of closure but there is still anticipation here in wilmington delaware i was a shell in joe biden's home state delaware many thanks indeed let's go to washington
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then i'll just who is alan fischer is there i don't apart from a few trump allies including lindsey graham the campaign the president himself have been pretty quiet the president hasn't tweeted since a retreat at midnight last night is this is signed perhaps the president has at last decided to put on his big boy pants. no i don't know and conceived this election there are those who are close to him are saying that he's got to be more visible that he's got to do the things that a president does so that he can send a message to the country that it's business as usual that he believes that not only is he the president he will continue to be the president but the forecast on saturday you're in washington is for a beautiful day it's going to be relatively warm for early november so i would suspect we might see the president but probably heading out to play golf there are those in his orbit who believe that it could be a couple of days before the president realizes that he's not going to when the
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selection but if you look at how he lead things out it's really gone the way that donald trump said it would only on in the summer he was decrying mail in ballots he was telling his supporters that there was the possibility of fraud that could be tampered with not to do that then as we get closer to the election he said look there's going to be a red wave even though as observers were telling him you can't tell them not to vote by mail that's going to heart is in the end and then when they started counting in places like pennsylvania arizona nevada even georgia you saw there was a red wave as all the on the deed ballots were counted and then suddenly his vote totals started to go down and why did they start to go down because they started to call and mail in ballots and that was because the democrats from very early on prioritized that in the time of covert so this is all happened the way that donald trump said it would of course what happens next is likely to be what donald trump said it would be and that he will dispute these ballots he will try to get them to
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stop counting either the mail in ballots and he's tried that in a couple of states unsuccessfully or he will go to the courts to challenge those mail in ballots which is what we're seeing now and this could well end up at the supreme court and of course that is why he talked about putting 9 justices on the supreme court with a. 60 conservative majority because he believed that the with 3 of them having been appointed by him would have a loyalty to him and the republican party and therefore they would make sure that he won a lot of people have drawn parallels with florida in 2000 was a couple of differences there 1st of all george bush was ahead in the provisional counting in 2002nd thing was he had a high profile team of election lawyers ready to go including being headed by james baker former secretary of state the man who for many years was it was said to be the man who run washington he made everything tick he made sure that everything what they were meant to what donald trump doesn't have the high profile team he
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didn't have the lawyers ready to go the man he's appointed to head this team isn't even a lawyer so he's we're arguing on the political side of it and he's trying to do the p.r. but what you really need as a legal and for sir to push this through the courts so we get a concession from donald trump is about was a very long answer to a very short question the answer is not in the next couple of days what we might get to see that is going to be a peaceful transition of power but given that just before the election he was talking about how many votes he got last time that he was talking about hillary clinton's e-mail you can be certain that he will continue to talk for the next few years about how this election was stolen from al jazeera alan fischer there live in washington many thanks indeed lincoln mitchell is a political science professor at columbia university he joins us now live via skype from new york good to have you with us how long then before but if things stay as they are before the president realizes that he has indeed lost what will the
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country have to go through before he does. well when the president realizes when he's lost it's a question of his psychological condition and i don't feel fully qualified to speak to that he may never fully internalize that he's lost it doesn't matter the constitution doesn't say the president has to say i lost or can see the biden will win the electoral college will vote in december 14th and then will move ahead and drink will he may fight this to the very end eventually and i think it will be necessary you can be escorted out of the white house he doesn't have the legal case he thought he would have partially that's because the victory was so clear it's so clear for biden and partly because he didn't do his work by putting his lawyers in place early by documenting things the way our court system works here you can't say there was massive election fraud that's a political argument a legal argument has to be here of the cases here are the examples that we can prove and they have nothing additionally his political support isn't what he thought it would be you're not hearing
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a lot of noise from flight level of what you're going to ted cruz is but you're not hearing for example bill maher standing by his side right you're not hearing mitch mcconnell mitch mcconnell is not going to hide right now because he's got the senate and he can live with present by the senate so trucks are pretty that place right now a one way to make of the fact that as you say there's there's been this this deafening silence from some pretty big republican beast at all so. the media the the outlets that have been traditional trump supporter has appeared to be softening up his supporters for a loss. i think for a lot of people around don't trump a lot of not around him but people republican leaders whether that's in the senate whether that's in the kind of permanent government in washington various state governors or the republican propaganda outlet box news this week where he's done what donald trump would have to do to stay you know that would be so destructive to the country it would really tear the country apart and while donald trump may be willing to do that for donald trump not
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a lot of other people are it's one bridge too far exactly mitch mcconnell across even that is asking bachmann. who runs the country in the 2 a bit months between this election and the inauguration of the next president whoever that might be obviously if it's going to be donald trump it'll be business as usual but but obviously there's a there's an agenda that the biden campaign team will want to be getting on with. yes and the constitution and the norms that we have here are clear about that there's an expression we only have one president at a time here and people should really understand that donald trump is president until the 2nd job i can take that of any if another supreme court justice retires or dies if we have an international crisis managing the economy managing quote any logs any piece of legislation will be signed into law any presidential responsibility even think of it as 100 percent donald trump until his term expires even if biden is the winner now we also have things for example biden will begin
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getting security briefings right the transition team will begin liaising with those in the truck operation not the president himself but in the agencies that are willing to do that it will be security measures put around couple of carrots and joe biden because it will be an ever present vice president but they will have no authority or power other than the power that carmel howard says as a sitting u.s. senator until they are sworn in running ads to you professor many thanks indeed thank you michel that in new york. a top u.s. supreme court judge as you've been hearing has ordered all mail in ballots arriving in pennsylvania off to election day to be kept separate that's how the votes were already being tallied anyway republicans that os justice samuel alito to keep them unk counted but the judge ignored the request while legal challenges were pending. well president trump has been threatening quote a tremendous amount of litigation against the vote counting process in several states his campaign has filed suits in georgia michigan pennsylvania and nevada
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these include allegations of late and invalid votes and campaign observance being denied adequate access to 2 cases in michigan and georgia have been dismissed for lack of evidence none of the complaints provide examples of what trump claims is massive voter fraud bruce fein is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general he joins us now live via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us bruce you throw enough mud at the wall some of it is will eventually stick to any of these lawsuits that the president is threatening have any chance of changing the numbers that we currently see in the various states no i think the only possibility that he has would be pennsylvania and it wouldn't be on account of vote fraud which is largely been optical illusion
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. when you go into court you have facts not political oratory and when confronted with that allegation that republicans have completely defaulted on showing a single illegal vote count but pennsylvania has a different kind of issue doesn't relate to fraud it relates to some kind of a contest between the pennsylvania supreme court and the state legislature. justice alito yesterday issued an order for himself one out of 9 justices doing what was already being done basically in order to preserve the possibility of a supreme court education between the pennsylvania supreme court in the state legislature to segregate and tabulate separately the vote was received between november 3rd and the 6th as opposed to the votes received by election day and this is a very abstract element of constitutional law that at work here it's never been finally
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educated in 230 years. the u.s. constitution provides the words state legislature and identifying the authority to decide how presidential electors shall be selected. and in pennsylvania the state legislature made it clear by law that votes needed to be received by election day even mail in or absentee votes to be counted the pennsylvania supreme court however failed that under the pennsylvania constitution that's a higher authority than the state legislature in pennsylvania that there was a 3 day window after election day that was required in order to accommodate a fair franchise exercise in light of covert 19 and the pennsylvania supreme court decision has prevailed so far when it got to the supreme court the 1st time they divided 4 to 4 on deciding whether to disturb it as an interim measure so it stands
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. but we still have the possibility i think it's remote that the u.s. supreme court could marshal 5 votes to say oh it's the state legislature that has the final word not the pennsylvania supreme court as to how the votes ought to be tabulated and counted ok remember this that in the u.s. supreme court you need 4 out 9 justices simply didn't get a case heard it's not clear that you could marshal that 4 votes amy komi barrett who has not participated in any of these election cases and was nominated and confirmed just before election day ok has not indicated whether she my recuse herself because of the socio in with president bush i mean excuse me president trump so close the after her confirmation moreover in all of the supreme court's cases the most number of justices who've ever voiced sympathy for the view of mr alito is 3 and 3 as far short of the majority of 5 that you need so i think even in
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pennsylvania again which is not a question of voter fraud that you are very unlikely to get the u.s. supreme court to enter scene and there's a last point to be made as well on. the voters in pennsylvania relied upon the pennsylvania supreme court decision in casting their mail in or absentee ballots that were received between the 3rd in the 6th you can hardly expect that voters should be knowledgeable about these arcane aspects of constitutional law and recognize the hazard that might occur if a later court decided that that 3 digit window was invalid and so that reliance on the state law at the time is likely a work very very strongly in the scream courts to simply state changes and let the matters play out in the in the ballot box rather than a courtroom brute force which went out of time here very very brief on so you've got to get a hick up it any election of this size with the with the mammoth number of votes
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that you do you know counting but there's no evidence then of what the president claims is massive voter fraud none whatsoever and the hiccups haven't been shelling even to be necessarily in favor of biden or truck pick ups or kick ups ignorance is ignorance and it might easily favor trump is fight correct bruce many thanks indeed really good to talk to you as always bruce fein thank you right going to get a weather forecast now is evident. however there well the weather's having its own battle between the red sun the blues at the moment we've got some cooler diving out of canada across the pacific northwest behind this weather front over towards the east is still a little bit the heat around we should see temperatures still getting up into the low twenty's for new york and for daisey but it's that cold up towards the
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northwest western parts that is going to win out even in l.a. and san francisco temperatures struggling to reach 16 celsius that's good news in fact as far as the wildfires are concerned of course the cold turning blue to purple now that's going to dig its way a further southwards and he switches to go through sunday and going on it's a monday the committee applets 19 celsius on monday grab a cold weather gear we're looking at 2 celsius the top temperature here as we go through chews day still just about getting up to 23 celsius there they say but that cold air definitely having an impact across a good part of the country it does bring with it clouds rain showers and also some wintry weather to some snow we'll see some of that wintry weather pushing across the mountains and as we go on through the course of sunday going on into monday sinking further south with some heavier showers coming in across the plains is sinking its way down to central parts everybody thinks this is the news are still
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to come on the program fears that foreign workers in lebanon are at risk of abuse as a new contract to protect their rights is suspended. will be the south korean couple who are taking the dream of owning their own our home to new heights that in sports rafa nadal stays on course for a career 1st details coming up a little later. hand in hand with granting all. refusing to be defined by their age mexican women and bringing. dancing machine. and rediscovering. hotham part of the viewfinder latin america seeing. is there.
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when the news breaks and the racism protests continue when a number of cities across the united states when people need to be heard in this tulsa area $1000500.00 with destroyed about 80 percent of this land that al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar is it that's going to solve the problem if want to bring a moral mood when documentaries and light moves on a sunday online. it is good terry with a slow adrian for going to here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera the headlines stomach radek presidential nominee joe biden has addressed his supporters
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in his home state of delaware he's still not declaring victory but says he will eventually win the election. the race remains too tight to call president donald trump is behind but is promising to challenge several results by peers increasing his lead in the battleground states of pennsylvania georgia and nevada. early celebrations have been held by biden supporters across the country and several rallies have also been held to back president donald trump biden supporters of the responding to the president's false claims that democrats are trying to steal the white house. president trump's chief of staff mark meadows has tested positive for coke at 19 it's unclear when he contract with the virus or if he has any symptoms several white house staffers including president trump have been criticized for failing to consistently wear mosques in the white house. the u.s. a scene of another record jump in corona virus infections widespread testing has
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confirmed more than 132000 cases on friday the death toll now stands at over 236000. well as the world battles a 2nd wave of corona virus cases europe is the new epicenter 300000 people have now died several countries are imposing tighter measures to try to tackle the spread francis registered a new record of over $60900.00 cases within 24 hours after. going into lockdown a week ago in greece the government there is imposed a 3 week national lockdown people can only leave homes if they make an official request by phone supermarkets pharmacies kindergartens and primary schools though can stay open and in the u.k. england went into its 2nd lockdown on thursday non-essential businesses will be closed for a month at a mask testing program has begun in liverpool the trial encourages anyone living or working in the city to get tested even if they don't have symptoms how does is just
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how is it liveable with more now all the massive effort that's on the way that. there were large queues formed outside the 6 new testing centers that were established on friday want to which we visited people in the queue saying that this is the right thing to do we need to take part in this it points the way essentially to a better future and the prime minister boris johnson heralding a new age of mass testing well we'll see it's of course intended that this will be scaled up nationwide it's starting here in liverpool liverpool one of the worst affected cities up in the north by the huge surge in cases that happened over the course of the last month as the 2nd wave descended its hospitals close to capacity was already in tears 3 the highest risk rating when the lockdown happened on thursday the whole country of course in lockdown england that is non-essential business is closed people told to stay at home as much as possible the police
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warning of stricter enforcement this time around against people venturing out without good reason and here in liverpool this testing regime part of what the government or parties are trying to use the lockdown time for not just to ease pressure on the national health service but critically to improve those mitigating measures test trace and isolate systems make them better try to get this mass testing off the ground try to provide ways to allow society and people to live with the virus much better than they have done as they wait for who knows how long for the arrival of a vaccine. they must have been listening to me ill remember when i spoke to an official around 20 minutes ago i said that the presidents have been uncharacteristically quiet not even tweeting well president trump has begun his saturday with a series of tweets in the last 20 minutes or so containing unfounded accusations of voter fraud he claims that tens of thousands of votes in pennsylvania were received
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after the deadline on election day which would change the result there and in other states he said he also claims that his election observers were prevented from watching counts twitter has removed many of trump's recent tweets for containing untrue information we'll have more on that shortly here on out of syria in the meantime ethiopia's parliament has moved to replace the regional government in the northern region of gray it's the latest move between the federal government and to graze leaders amid growing concerns of a possible civil war in syria charlotte dallas reports the ghosts of ethiopia's past linga integrity home to a powerful minority the tigre a people's liberation front dominated ethiopian politics for 3 decades until prime minister came to power in 20 a saying they were allies now they preparing for war. political.
4:35 pm
between the 2 but in no way that. frankly is. likely to lead into the greatest geopolitical nightmare for the whole of. rb mobilize troops after saying to graze leaders had attacked a federal military base an accusation they deny the an order that is strikes in north to grey bombing arms depots and military equipment the region is home to much of the country's military personnel and resources a legacy of ethiopia's war with iraq. you know that because you want. the airstrikes have been going on thursday and friday and will continue into the future as well the reason for these is to limit the capacity of the enemy in order to defend itself from foreign forces ethiopia has a huge stockpile of rockets into great which can travel 300 kilometers this selfish
4:36 pm
who could use these rockets to attack a lot of our cities it can destroy our people. politicians in addis ababa have approved a motion to form an interim government and to gray internation phone lines have been cars and airports and space coast people living near its southern border have started donating blood for government forces they are fighting for that's why we give so not only today for the next days and the next weeks we will support. the feud escalated 2 months ago after to graze leaders went ahead with regional elections despite the government ordering their perspire in meant to coronavirus people into gray make up 5 percent of ethiopia's more than 100000000 population but a politically and economically powerful they have complained of being sidelined in unfairly targeted by the federal government the u.n. and african union hope abby awarded the nobel peace prize last year tries to avoid
4:37 pm
a full scale conflicts yet it's unclear if either side is interested in mediation shallop ballasts 0. i've read coast's opposition leader and former prime minister. has been arrested opposition candidates in the presidential election have been warned that they could face charges of terrorism and life imprisonment for denouncing the result that's according to the public prosecutor the constitutional court has extended the deadline for objections to last weekend's election results president alassane ouattara has been declared the winner but opposition parties say they'll set up a transitional government to candidates boycotted the elections saying that a 3rd term for the president is unconstitutional. on the 30th of october 2020 i referred the medic to the chief magistrate to open a judicial inquiry into acts of terrorism attacks in conspiracy against the authority of the state. school lived out in abidjan al jazeera as our address is
4:38 pm
there so the former prime minister an opposition leader has been arrested what's the government and the opposition saying about it. while the government is quiet about this but the opposition including spokespersons of the 2 political parties have confirmed that often yes i was in fact arrested while he was trying to cross the border into gonna and one other person is being sought after this much worse and also by the public prosecutor when he spoke to the media i do. they're also looking for my very talk is who is also wanted in connection with the call for civil disobedience as well as the setting up of the transitional government but when asked about why the government is not interested in arresting former president clinton but has troops surrounding his house he said
4:39 pm
although the announcement for the formation of a transitional council was. videos house they have no cause to arrest him because he. it's not directly quoted to say people should go on the streets as well as setting up the transitional government but however because of the fact that these animals that took place at his residence they are continuing to blockade his house when this time but that blockade is going to be relaxed this afternoon when tribal leaders from biggest region will attempt to meet him later this afternoon and these rests this intimidation is it breaking the will dispirit of the opposition. well many of them have gone underground and it's difficult now to call an opposition leader to speak to the media a lot of them feel they are being specifically targeted by government forces and
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with the threat something arrest they feel the best way is to go underground however some of them we spoke to insisted that it was still maintain their course and ask for and demand for justice well as respect for the constitution for the time being they are gathering we understand to formalize or rather to discuss the way forward following the arrest of. and a lot of them feel that the other opposition leaders may get me arrested in the coming days it's just a matter of time so they want to find a specific direction ahead of whatever they feel will come that way so that they can move on their demands or move their course forward i was there as i would address them live in abidjan many thanks indeed on that. myanma holds its general election on sunday need to own some suit cheez policy is seeking a muslim majority she's facing creasing international criticism since the 27000 military crackdown on the hang the muslims but the sounds of syria scott high the
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reports now policy is still seen as the likely window. it's been 5 years since the people of myanmar went to the polls in a general election and only the 2nd time they will cast ballots since the nation emerged from 50 years of military rule but no surprises are expected the national league for democracy or headed by the high profile and one time symbol of democracy . is expected to maintain its ruling position but with reform slow and stalled economic growth and peace talks their victory is not expected to be a landslide as in 2015 the number. to change the whole system 5 year is just a short period we were under the dictatorship for more than 40 years and this is the start of the democracy we need more time i can give to and i'll be more time you know they couldn't change anything for us that's why i don't like the. for me personally i just don't like the n.l. day the turnout for the election is expected to be lower than the estimated 70
4:42 pm
percent 5 years ago because the nation is facing a 2nd wave of covert 19 but also because some ethnic areas won't even have polling the government citing security due to ongoing fighting between the army and armed ethnic groups this along with other rules and regulations have raised concern by human rights groups about the fairness of the election despite facing international condemnation for its 2017 military crackdown in rakhine state sending hundreds of thousands of ethnic muslim fleeing to bangladesh on song suchi is still very popular at home and broadly people live really. a kind of test on thanks popularity and more or less like a referendum on. ministration but actually i think obviously that came with things like the vera want wave of covert the country's now fighting even with the anticipated victory for the end of the end it's 75 year old
4:43 pm
leader there's growing concern about the lack of depth within the party's leadership on song suchi has not positioned anyone to be a potential successor so any sudden changes could lead to a political crisis scott hodler al-jazeera richard jose is a young on based political analyst and senior advisor for the international crisis group he joins us live from via skype from the richard no surprises tomorrow our correspondent says is that because basically there's there's no real effective opposition there and man. i think that's brought into the national level the main opposition is the ex military backed and it's really too soon not a military rule for very many people to vote so it's very negative experience and. so 5 years ago everyone got behind on san suchi when she won the election the election. star has been tarnished somewhat since then what happens when the next 5 is. you know i think the results will be very similar but this will be
4:44 pm
a much whole poda rising alexion than last time because many minorities feel. the government and not governing for them they governing for the majority and they become very disillusioned in the last 5 years so the result will please the majority in the country the buddhists but it will be very disturbing to many minority communities and that you know provoke folk a conflict. and division so one of the main issues facing. over the course of the next 5 years. look i think the new government which takes office at the end of monch next year it's a very long transition period will be dealing with the residual effects of the pandemic of security with the economic crisis that it's on the beach and i think that will be the main focus it's been a for it's been a very crippling situation for me i'm up at city for the poorest and most vulnerable the peace process constitutional or fall 'd 'd all of these things are
4:45 pm
important and priorities for the government but just see this too difficult they haven't made much progress in the last 5 years and i think they want me that's off priorities in practice in the next 5 years and what about the poorest and most vulnerable disenfranchised as they are what hope for them. look i think this is a problem because you know for the 1st time many people in myanmar have a government that they think has about them but this government has taken over a state which does not have the social safety net steve but that's it's a push in a cash province out of the population and so that's left the poorest in the country really left to face this crisis on their own and i think it'll be difficult for the government to change that they just don't have the tools to respond to this economic crisis in a way that helps the most vulnerable the election is on sunday richard richard good to talk to you many thanks indeed richard horsley that go. domestic workers in
4:46 pm
lebanon have been left vulnerable after a proposed contract to protect them was scrapped but none is home to around 250000 migrants who work under a sponsorship system that whites groups say has exposed them to abuse. reports. for these migrant domestic workers home is now the backyard of the ethiopian embassy in beirut they say their previous employers denied them their wages and were abusive their common complaint human rights groups have documented for years how levanon so-called system gives employers control over workers' lives. i had to escape because my employer constantly beat me she still has my passport and owes me 700. lebanon's laws are often criticised for failing to protect poor and domestic workers apart from providing food and at times shelter activists say they can't do much a few weeks ago the labor ministry approved
4:47 pm
a new contract that would have allowed the workers to keep their own passports and contracts among other changes but a court has since suspended it and there is no room for take so we're going to continue with the system for how long we need a solution so we have been crying going. we really need an answer for this i mean i'm not a woman being like you i am the court ruled in favor of recruitment agencies that bring in most of these workers it said the new contract failed to balance between the rights and duties of all parties but others believe this was about protecting financial interests this is a very dangerous precedent for any irish to be able to hold such a decision and to protect their financial basics. levanon is home to around 250000 migrants mostly from asia and africa many of them
4:48 pm
women who work in homes they are not protected by the labor law and their situation worsened as a result of the country's economic collapse. many were left without work others were not paid in abandoned by employers who can't be held accountable the heart of the problem at this stage is the nonpayment of wages and those in the midst of quakers who wish to return home but to do not want to return without compromising their rights in light of the current situation and all the exploitation of that are coming to surface and that reflects then the city to have. implemented activists say the attempt at labor reform had been a long battle but it failed and along with foreign domestic workers they are back to square one. beirut. young couples in south korea are finding it increasingly difficult to afford their own home
4:49 pm
a common problem in most of the world's major cities but as rob mcbride reports now from seoul one innovative architect has come up with a possible solution. newly married and wanting to own their own home in a city of escalating land prices architect joined in new york and his wife jungle young hit on a novel solution build a house that's narrow but tall tell me 1st people were curious about what we're building they thought that it was either a chimney or light ass with just one room floor it means a lot of stairs but with the bottom floors being the living areas mostly for day use and the top 2 more their personal space climbing up and down is kept to a minimum i don't like to. talk. so. joy is now designing similar tiny homes for others winning recognition from the
4:50 pm
city for his originality it's a concept already established in neighboring japan and it could provide a way for more young couples to own their own homes in seoul where the average apartment price has now risen to the equivalent of more than $800000.00 as property prices surge the mathematics of building small and tall become all the more persuasive the land this house stands on cost just under $100000.00 us dollars spend another $150000.00 on the house itself and you have a home for less than a 3rd of the price of a similarly sized apartment. and i think this could be a solution it's very challenging for young people to buy a home even if they think their entire lives. and even in congested central seoul it's a way to secure your own individual space when distancing has taken on a new importance the specially trained convict in a nightmare. is
4:51 pm
a very lucky pool asked to have this place because there is no knowing there is a very calming place a small haven to call your own bride al jazeera so. excellent. these world series celebrations will go unpunished by the fact one of the players in attendance at the coronavirus far right here with the rest of the race for just about. frank assessments american public opinion piece betrayed by social media platforms after november 1 would be because if you believe that there are corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break them up informed opinion. is not going anywhere the protesters aren't going anywhere either with a revolution. in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines who is it that's
4:52 pm
really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security is very much a political impounds here's the public how do we illustrate it are we telling a good story will people get what we're trying to hear in their living outside and make it count this is not the way any family wants to raise their children we're willing to get in take you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there.
4:53 pm
are good times for his far thanks so much adrian all there is a huge game coming up in germany shortly where the top 2 teams in the bundesliga face off just goal difference separates byron munich and dortmund last season barring want to domestic double of trophies as well as the european champions league dortmund have only won 2 of the past handily meetings against fire i hope we haven't hit the pinnacle yet. the mentality of us players of myself and i'm sure i can speak about the team. is to aim for another trip of course who i know is going to be hard but we know we have a lot of quality and the motivation sometimes going to be difficult but so one of us. picks the other one up i'm sure we can achieve a lot more than just having one season that's been great. madrid players at an hazard and cast marrow have tested positive for cocaine at 19 all other players of
4:54 pm
their al team alongside staff members have returned negative results after a new set of tests were carried out on saturday but the casimir on answered well missed sunday's match and a lengthy emote travel with international teams during the upcoming international break. barcelona manager has leapt to the defense of club captain lino messy messy as faced criticism for his apparent lack of effort during wednesday's champions league match against him oki have our sadistic euro victory in that fixture but they'll be looking to end a run of 4 spanish league games without a win against real betis on saturday messi is yet to score from open play this season. at the key any player can be called walking in a few pictures i didn't see it and i'm not interested i have my thoughts regarding his attitude and they are positive if you need to create a controversy that's up to you but i disagree i think messi still has so much quality and he's showing it's still
4:55 pm
a key player. in the english premier league there are surprise leaders at the moment southampton taking top spot with a 2 no victory over newcastle they lead on goal difference ahead of liverpool who play man city on sunday the result is the moment very top position but only for a few moments and. it's but it's nice for the fans for the players. make it. enjoy it for meat important to stay hungry and we don't leave. people working doctors have sedated diego maradona to help him battle withdrawal symptoms there is a recovering from brain surgery and remains in hospital a 6 year old is in a clinic and one has areas where he underwent a procedure on choose day to remove a blood clot. one of the greatest players of all time married on
4:56 pm
a lead argentina to world cup glory in 1986 he has previously battled drugs and alcohol addiction. he will be looking out of that kyon we have seen a reaction that is basically a swatting reaction i one point anger and we have classified as that it is a syndrome the syndrome is a set of signs and symptoms based on what we believe is the withdrawal syndrome we are treating it and have not let him leave. rafa nadal has fought his way into the semifinals of the french capital as he stays on course for a made in paris masters title the 20 time grand slam champion lost 1st set against fellow spaniard public. but he came back to win the next to closing out the match 46756134 year old adel has only reached the final in paris once before 7. no doubt will now face german alexanders of rev in the semi finals the german beats
4:57 pm
swiss stamp of rank and straight sets to get there so rob is also aiming for his 1st title in paris but has only once in their previous 5 meetings won't sit through 37. a major league baseball will not punish l.a. dodgers star justin turner for returning to the field to celebrate the world series championship despite having coronavirus the dodgers had taken turner at of the deciding game after getting news of his positive test however he returned to the field later to celebrate with his teammates after the l.a. team beat the tampa bay rays to clinch the championship at least former members of the dodgers organization have since tested cost. ok and that is all your support for now and back here for many thanks indeed that is where we end the news hour but of course the news never stops i'll be back in just a few moments on al-jazeera to update you especially on president trump's tweets of
4:58 pm
the last hour see in just a moment. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage what's the lay of the land there stripping away the spin being story about presidential corruption it is real reporting it's not if you keep challenging assumptions and the official line we all decided we need to tell our story we don't want to they lie on the authority and if the listening post on out is the right. with jealousy they spoke she just exquisitely she's very glamorous it's part of our culture to look at our very very best for a special occasion and for people who spend money everything you see on the catwalk they do it here. if there is going to be longevity you'll have to come in
4:59 pm
and tell me things are going to be my my gears on al-jazeera. for 4 weeks america in goal in protest every day all over the u.s. even as the country faces the continued threat of a deadly pandemic. and it morphed into a movement calling for police reforms sometimes it was violent. but mostly it was peaceful we asked people to describe what america is now feeling i think people want change. and i think by willing to do whatever it takes to get there on friday bill. people in america are expected to celebrate what's called june an unofficial holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the united states this year in the wake of the nationwide protests there is a growing number of calls to make it an official federal holiday. as people see it
5:00 pm
as a great opportunity to take to the streets to continue to let their message be her . president trump makes new allegations of voting irregularities without giving any evidence he wants counting stopped in pennsylvania. a call for calm by joe biden as he nears the $270.00 electoral votes needed to become the next president of the united states it's time for us to come together as the nation to heal just like. we have to try. for them this is al jazeera live from though also coming up after sending troops.


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