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the vice president it's very unprecedented what is it going to mean to the many minorities in america today. yes it was a very strong speech from color heiress and she's making very clear that she's breaking the ceiling here becoming as i said the 1st female vice president of the united states are just getting no that she paid tribute to the old woman who has come to the party. everybody here and all those little girls she said spoke about who are watching tonight they can see in the fact that she is now the vice president that anything is possible she says so very much a master stroke somewhat argued by joe biden to bring harris on to his ticket as breaking the norm to take the ring after a break from the past and it's liberating in many ways all the women the majority
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of the skun trees who have played such a role as a commoner harris says as the backbone of the society now with a woman in this position it gives so many millions of women and does a couple of her a says the little girl see her standing on the podium speaking as a vice president elect but also the parents paying tribute to joe biden for having the courage as she put it to break the mold to go beyond what others have done before and to go make the step of making a woman despite the president is absolutely a tenant in terms of the struggles that they are going to face together and he predicts this well back she would be a vice president joe biden as joe biden was a vice president to barack obama loyal she said but she will also speak but please when it's necessary it is refreshing situation here to hear the good stuff.
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both joe biden and probably their parents 2 people who throughout this campaign have to stop the bob dole a sense of decency the absolute insistence that it's time for this country to me again that said so decency to repeat what joe biden says to fight to the bitter angels and joe biden she said that this is quite the comment has brought out the best in this country she hopes 75 attempts obviously about this that given the stick out of the 4 years must be beyond these hopes will become tangible for real but it was a barmy speech from popularity says by a little to put up. with the spot to be critical by probably got to be a separate set of books to become president of the united states.
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many thanks for that mike speaking to us from wilmington in delaware the same town that joe biden has just completed his biggest victory speech many hundreds of thousands of his supporters that gathering to watch the. part of joe biden's speech where he pledged unity the people of this nation have spoken. they delivered a clear victory a convincing victory a victory. for are we the people we've won with the most votes ever cast on presidential ticket in the history of the nation 74 marrying a 100 odd well i must admit it surprised me tonight we're seeing all over this nation all cities in all parts of the country indeed across the world an outpouring of joy of renewed faith in
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tomorrow bigger better than a law that i'm humbled by the trust and confidence you placed in me. i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. dudu sees red states and blue states only sees the united states are our. before. we had from coming to harris as america's 1st female vice president elect and 1st black woman of south asian descent this was her message to future women leaders what it testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his vice.
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but while i may be the 1st woman in this office i will not be the last with. ok let's go to our guests polacheck he joins us live on skype from tuscon arizona executive director at pima county democratic party we're still looking at those live pictures from wilmington delaware many people celebrating on the stage the. president elect joe biden gave his victory speech he also had of course from there she is with members of her family looking very glamorous in that cream suit joe let's start with vice president elect's. very very interesting speech from her very inspiring. many people from
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immigrant background. in the indian mother who arrived in the u.s. at the age of 19 what do you think her election is going to mean to the many minorities that make up the u.s. . well it was just an incredibly inspiring speech i just want to say to my fellow americans we look forward in the democratic party to being a party and administration for all americans and i'm personally i'm i'm the son of an immigrant i'm married to an immigrant my daughter is a daughter and grand daughter immigrants and it's just so amazing to to be able to see somebody like that up on stage just last week. i was going to say senator harris but rice president elect harris came to tucson and had
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a rally and i brought my daughter to the rally my daughter. wearing her girl scouts uniform and we got called up to the reception of mine after the rally and vice president elect terrorists stopped and talked my daughter and told my daughter . i'm doing this for you so that one day you can be president and. i just thinking about it it's it's it's a change for america we are working to fulfill our promise our promise that we made was a flawed promise we made all those many centuries ago that. men and women are created equal so this is just one more step on filling america's promise joe biden is going to. interrupt you just. joe biden in his speech talked about how this was
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the time to heal america he was a proud democrat but he was going to govern as an american. we can't forget the challenges that he is going to face i was 17000000 people came out to vote for donald trump how does he unify the how does a unified a very divided nation. i think by focusing on the vision that he presented during the election a vision of an america based on compassion and america where everyone gets an opportunity at the american dream where we base our policy on on science on what's best for the everyday american and i think we focus on that future where we can come together where he will be governing for all americans and not just for his base i think we're going to see a future where people are polled to that where there is
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a sense of hope and a sense of unity in the country and we have some hard work to do we have a pandemic that has killed over 200 i believe 15000 americans at this point we need to get that under control joe biden has a plan for. once we get the pandemic under control we can work on repairing the economy so that delivers for the everyday american and not for the plutocrats and so i believe we have a platform and a plan that's going to deliver for the every damn american and i look forward to seeing that place stay with us we just want to play some of joe biden's plans to he takes in office he mentioned this in a speech just a little while ago let's have a listen. a merger of calling upon us to marshal the force of the decency the forces of fairness to marshal the force of science and the forces of hope the
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great promise of our time. the browser control the virus the battle bill prosper the battle to secure your family's health care about our chief racial justice and root out systemic racism in this country. in the battle to save our planet by getting climate under control. how does joe biden manage the transition because we still have a president president who has not even accept and. what has happened except a defeat yet well i think what joe biden and kamel harris are going to need to do is to build a team of experts well which they have and work with the dedicated civil servants and foreign service and military personnel in the american government to make sure that we have
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a smooth shift in power that is america's great transition that we have peaceful transfers of power we've been doing it for over 2 centuries and i don't believe. this administration is going to stand at the way of that there are millions of people working in the government who serve not a president or a political party but they serve the american people and we're going to call on those dedicated public servants to ensure that we have a smooth transition of power it was an incredibly close election is this a moment of reckoning for the democratic party. i think what we saw is that america continues to have a sharp partisan divide but that america still has a vision for the future of our country where we can agree on the direction that we want to go and that's the an america where and americans regardless of the color of your skin regardless of the language that your grandmother spoke regardless of who
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you live or your background that is that america where everybody. deserves a chance at a fair shot and joe biden and conall harris are going to work to ensure that everyone you know my my daughter to somebody in scranton ohio we get a fair shake at the american dream and i think if you offered that vision for america people are going to come along it doesn't matter who you voted for over or you know whether it's on election day or beforehand just a really good to talk to you and hear your thoughts joshua public speaking to us live via skype from tucson arizona executive director at pima county democratic. tend to washington washington d.c. in our white house correspondent can they help get many thousands of people will see gathered outside the white house to celebrate this donald trump victory what is the reaction been from been to joe biden's speech. well
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there was a lot of cheering there was a lot of applause even fireworks as the president was speaking. but you know 2 as a person who's watched a lot of these speeches and more than 20 years i don't share the optimism quite of our democratic guest you had a moment ago or even sort of some of the analysis we've heard so far about joe biden's speech well it certainly was hopeful and the words were definitely hopeful the challenge of getting that divided america together. there is going to be more than just one speech. and also with the transition you know we talked about dedicated civil servants we saw you know a large number of those civil servants actively and openly resisting donald trump's agenda so will you see the same thing from some of donald trump's supporters now that is
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a very real and open question i don't think that these fissures in society will be healed you know generally between now and inauguration day in january so there is some real work that has to be done what the celebration that we're hearing behind me is out by would supporters but the supporters that live in the rural areas tend to be more in favor of donald trump so their voices are not really being heard in very large numbers right now because they are scattered and they are spread out but in terms of their voice out the ballot box more than 71000000 voted for donald trump when we look at the numbers for poor joe biden also historic the most ever but not that many more when you think of it in terms of millions so this is still very divided as a united states and there's no question that joe biden extended his arm and said that it's time to work together i think it wasn't just talking to americans he was
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also talking to the politicians on capitol hill that for decades not just double terms presidency but decades have refused to work together and have stuck to partisan lines and it's going to be hard to see how that's going to be overcome at least in the short term donald trump has been noticeably silent we're still waiting to hear from him but i looked at my phone just before we came on air and the last tweets that we have from the president are that he believes that he won this election he says he won it by a lot that is the state and he is living stand even as the country is now trying. he'll as the president elect and vice president elect team try to heal those divisions it's going to be a daunting task you're absolutely right i can't believe president trump has not conceded at all how do you think he's going to conduct himself in the next few few few weeks months he's still got quite a bit of time before january and he has an extraordinary powers pounce upon people
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what do you think he's going to do. yeah you know and this is really the open question if i had to speculate looking into my crystal ball i think that donald trump is going to continue to fight the short term that is what he's done for decades he has done this as a real estate mogul in new york city and he's done this this president he uses the courts and he's live again but once those opportunities how thin exhausted there will be enormous pressure on donald trump to concede for the good of the country this is the bedrock of democracy in the united states it's a tie voter tradition and donald trump that says that he loves his country if he does really mean those things that i believe he does he will in fact concede but he may not do it quickly and he's not doing it the way we've seen in other presidents do he has said repeatedly he's not a politician he's not going to act like one now either so there's still time the
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inauguration is not till january the the election results don't 2 actually become more official until mid december there is still a lot of time between that and now more than 4 weeks for this novel to get worked out of the course but also to get worked out in donald trump's mind before he feels comfortable to be able to to leave the white house ahead and make sure that peaceful transition occurs there have been fears of many of the united states that donald trump would have to be forcibly removed i really don't believe that it's likely. for us with the reaction or lack of reaction from washington d.c. we can turn to passy called pain in philadelphia in pennsylvania at one of those crucial states biden's victory we've seen people that celebrating for the last many hours what's the reaction been there for a biden speech. well i can tell you it is starting to
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die down right now there just missed it there was a drum circle and there's about maybe 100 biden supporters following just dance and chants but really this is where for days now we've seen a fair handful of trump supporters and also dozens and dozens and dozens of biden supporters saying every vote needs to be counted because they count what's happening in the building right there in that building that they've they counted the final votes they gave joe biden basically the presidency philadelphia's been very excited about noon when the networks local started to call it you heard howard horns up and down all around philadelphia you then you saw police close streets there was dancing in the streets there were a lot of signs you know it was a festival atmosphere for the last 9 hours i think a lot of people one home in order to watch the joe biden speech couple her speech but there was a lot of pride expressed here in philadelphia because they feel like they played
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a unique role in this very unique collection ok many thanks for that. we can turn to natasha and i'm. in atlanta georgia where the numbers of still being crunched bring us up to date. yours is really a microcosm of divided electorate in this country as the months and the final tally in georgia has yet to be announced at last count it appeared that biden had now edged past by more than 9000 votes secretary of state has already said because the margin between the 2 candidates is so small less than half a percent. as of yesterday there would be a recount and you know this is something that is quite momentous when you consider
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that for 28 years. the republican presidential candidate in this state had been supported so 192 was the last time that george and dave there are 16 electoral votes to a democratic presidential candidate in 26. trump one in the state of georgia by 5 percent so the margin between the 2 candidates is quite close the 2 senate seats here in georgia razor thin margin that's why georgians will return to the polls in january for a runoff to determine whether the democrats or the republicans will pick up additional senate seats put a lot of discussion by the president since yesterday he was saying you know i will fight for americans i will work as hard for americans who didn't vote for me as those who did he repeated that sentiment is even he also said i'm a proud democrat but i will be an american president and this is something that
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georgians i would imagine did not vote for biden this might be something. it would resonate earlier today when the results for when it was called that biden harris had won i heard several people who were tongue supporters expressed disbelief one woman said that she did he was he's not our president this is not true another man says the media doesn't decide the election the voters do so it's just a reminder i mean i spent hours here in freedom park watching the biden supporters it was obviously a very boisterous joyful experience for them but it's a reminder that a good chunk of not just your job but the united states through their support behind trump and might in many respects his message that there was voter fraud even though not a single secretary of state in the united states including here in georgia has said
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that there was any credible evidence of voter fraud so they all pledged to investigate if such a thing arose that their idea has been planted in trump's supporters minds and this may be difficult for biden going forward that said we cannot discount the historic moment that was felt by people in georgia particularly with the mala harris breaking down gender and ethnicity and racial barriers i spoke to several african-american women who told me they were so emotional they cried one woman said that she sat down with her daughter and said this shows you that you can dream that you can be what you want to be that you can have opportunities that maybe weren't available to you before because of the color of your skin so there's a lot of hope and optimism quite honestly it's the same type of hope and optimism
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we saw when president barack obama was 1st elected but people here in freedom park the biden supporters were really trying to savor this moment. enjoy the moment but bear in mind that this took years in the making to even make biden be a contender to make it possible that the races between the 2 senate between senate races would actually be so close that democrats might have a shot at letting them miss one years of grassroots organizing to try to the voters of color to try to get people to the polls and to combat voter suppression and basically the message from activists is we will celebrate today but tomorrow there is work to do and one grassroots bitin activists in supporter told me the goal now is to try to register 30 to 40000 new voters between now and january to get them to the polls with the hope of flipping at least one of
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those senate seats if in fact the democrats could do this and that is a big if rather. they could possibly get a 5050 tie in the senate with homily here is a break any kind. of break or if it came to about so this could mean complete control by the democrats and the government nobody is really expecting that but again the fact that we're simply having this conversation is something that giving people a lot of optimism and activists are saying they understand they need to keep the momentum going. many thanks for that natasha going i'm speaking to us from atlanta georgia just looking at pictures of the moments off to president elect joe biden gave his vics victory speech from wilmington delaware his hometown we also had for him his running mates come on her as he will of course make history by becoming the
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1st female u.s. vice president-elect also becoming the 1st black person the 1st asian american to serve in that v.p. role she gave. a speech just before joe biden spoke we turn to world brunell's who joins us live now from los angeles which is of course come on harris's home state what has the reaction been there to her speech. well there were some fireworks going off for the over in the distance just a few moments ago so i guess some people are pretty happy about the speeches by the vice president elect and the president elect i thought that her speech was was very . poignant especially when she she said i may be the 1st woman to occupy this post but i will not be the last the reaction here in what is an
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overwhelmingly democratic state to the victory by the democratic ticket has been very enthusiastic the governor tweeted of the governor gavin newsome who is a democrat tweeted a picture of himself in casual conversation with with kamel harris saying this is. a day where californians are so so happy just a few other random observations on the on the speeches that we heard i wasn't surprised that. president elect biden did not refer to donald trump in any by by name but he did use a very interesting and powerful phrase i think when he said let this era of grim demon that this grim era of demonize a should begin to end right now and i think that was the characterization of the last 4 years that many course democrats would agree with and perhaps even many
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republicans who are tired of this. 0 sum game of politics where where the one party is considered evil and the other party is considered all good and on this theme of good and evil also it struck me that the the religious. content that that fight that the president. elect injected into his speech when he says he spoke of a favorite him you know let let him bear you up on eagle's wings and you know biden is a practicing catholic he will be the 2nd catholic after john f. kennedy to be elected president in ited states he is he takes his religion seriously and yet. the evangelical christians in the united states and the conservative catholics in the united states did not favor biden they favored trump
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a man who is. most good the closest he's come to a church that we've seen recently is to march across the lafayette square after clearing it with tear gas and hold up a bible upside down so it's another bizarre sort of aspect of american politics i'd say that. in this in this. religious aspect of things there's going to be a lot for biden and harris to take on over when they be when they're sworn into office and there's a lot that could go wrong over the next a couple of months while president trump is still in office we don't know how he's going to handle leaving office or conceding. or as you mentioned before pardoning and that that's that sort of thing firing members of his cabinet but when i was speaking with an infectious disease expert earlier today and she was saying
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that unless the trumpet ministration make some serious changes in the way that it has approached the coven pandemic there will be more misery there will be more deaths in the united states we don't know how what the figures are going to be will we know that we are in the midst of a spike which dwarfs the spike that we saw in the spring in terms of infections numbers of people infected so i don't think there's a lot of likelihood that the president trump is going to suddenly become a fervent advocate of mask wearing or is going to you know exceed to the advice of anthony 5. exclusively or anything of that nature so biden may have a very very grim see. to ation to face when he becomes president and this this doctor the infectious disease expert who's quite.
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eminent said that he has got to gather the very best people around him biden has got to get rid of the people who have been giving the american public bad advice and not following the course of science and he has got to use all of the powers of persuasion at his disposal to try to speak to the american people to try to get them to understand that this is a disease that is extremely deadly stream lee infectious and needs to be taken extremely seriously and that means wearing masks. doing all the protocols of social distancing that we've all heard of 10000000 times by now and that's as biden said his his task number one everything flows from that the.


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