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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2020 7:00am-7:31am +03

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if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own. cuteness. i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. who doesn't says red states and blue states always she's the united states. joe biden pledges to bring a divided united states together risk president elect and makes history with his running mate connell how is becoming the 1st female vice president. what a testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his vice i.
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can put all this is there a line from dawn also coming up. in news of biden's win brought supporters out to celebration cities across the u.s. and outside what else. but donald trump and his supporters a defiant president is showing no sign of conceding as he prepares to challenge ballots celts several states. but that hasn't stopped leaders from around the world applauding joe biden including many who had booky relations from. joe biden has declared victory in the u.s. elections earlier he and his running mate called the harris addressed the nation from his home state of delaware he spoke of uniting
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a country that has seen deep divisions with a pandemic and racial unrest often dominating the headlines the people of this nation have spoken. they delivered us a clear victory a convincing victory a victory. for we the people. we've won with the most votes ever crash from presidential ticket in the history of the nation 74 married in the. well i must admit a surprise mary tonight we're seeing all over this nation all cities in all parts of the country indeed across the world are now current of joy of her renewed faith in tomorrow bigger better here in the i'm humbled by the trust and confidence you placed in me. i pledge to be
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a president who seeks not to divide but unify. we've done to seize red states and blue states only she's the united states the biden's running mate and vice president elects come the horses also making history she's the 1st woman and 1st person of color to hold the job she spoke to the crowd about the precedent that she setting and what a testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his vice. the. but while i may be the 1st woman in this office i will not be the last in
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the and these are live pictures of the same this is outside the white house has just gone i believe 11 o'clock at night there people have been gathering there for hours. ok we have to cross one it's with us this hour rob reynolds is in comma harrison's home state of california but let's begin with mike hanna who is in joe biden's home state of delaware mike let's talk about joe biden's victory speech previous president elect have come out and in their victory speech is really focused on their to do list joe biden's message seemed to be one of compromise of wanting to work together of of healing divisions. or very much so after a truly bitter and vitriolic election campaign and also 4 years in particular of deep partisanship joe biden making very clear that the people have got to start coming together now is the time to huey lewis what he said and for the 1st time in
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one of his speeches he directly address president trump sharing the disappointment as he put it of losing a presidential race joe biden has done that twice before but he said directly to president trump let's give each other a chance let's meet let's lower the temperature and stop treating our opponents as our enemies well this has been a constant theme of joe biden during the campaign and in the days since the polls closed and that is that he's going to be a president who says for all americans even those who did not vote for him a very much an attempt to bring a nation together a nation that is deeply divided but given the vitriol and the anger of the past 4 years and this campaign it's going to be a very tough task mike one of the biggest if not the biggest issue right now coronavirus record numbers of infection still across the u.s. what it joe biden had to say about that. well it is his
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immediate priority joe biden made that very clear that this is the 1st thing he and his vice president elect are going to focus on in fact it is something they've started immediately joe biden months ago drew up a plan to combat the pandemic and certainly this is something that he feels is absolutely essential there has been no national plan in place under the truck that ministration it's been left to governors to operate in a patchwork kind of manner but no overarching national directive in terms for example of testing of contact tracing none of this is being put in place and these are the type of elements that joe biden is going to employ but this is what he had to say about the issue of the pen demick or worry getting through getting program under control we carried out in prayer the economy restore our vitality around least life's most precious moments are going our grandchildren our children our
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birthdays weddings graduation all the moments that matter most to us until we get it under control. on monday i will marry a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisors. to help take the bright hairs colored fragment converted into an actual blueprint that will start on january the 20th 2021. but they are also going to be other pledges on policy joe biden making very clear that he's going to reverse the process of leaving the world health organization he's going to rejoin the paris climate to court he's going to reinstate some 100 environmental regulations that were put in place in the obama era and take that away and to try and get all this is going to be probably the most dramatic switch in a ministration in decades. ok thank you so much for that update there mike hanna
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live for us in delaware that's going to rob reynolds who is in los angeles california as if we thank all the house and home state rob joe biden received more votes than any other candidate in u.s. history but that doesn't mean it's going to be straightforward doesn't mean we don't know for example who's going to control the senate with this runoff and george. yeah that's absolutely true kim we don't know who's going to control the senate and if in fact the senate does end up under the control of the republican party then joe biden is going to have a lot of difficulty i believe in civi or fulfilling his promises that he made on the campaign trail for example raising taxes on the wealthiest earners in the united states extending the affordable care act and including a public option to give health care insurance to more and more americans.
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and a host of other things that as. mike just mentioned he can do a great deal through executive action but for the really big stuff. the you know immigration reform for example he's going to have to work with congress and if congress is under republican if the senate is under republican control that means compromises or deadlock and i just wanted to mention one other thing kim because we heard that very notable quote from. vice president elect camel harris about how remarkable it was that she that america has now elected a woman as as vice president and that certainly is something that many americans are congratulating themselves about but you know it's sort of our job as journalists is to look a little bit more critically at the at this and i was thinking well gee maybe
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someday the united states will elect a female head of government just like the u.k. and germany and japan argentina liberia new zealand and out of pakistan and india. have to have done in the past over even some decades ago so that that is less i think a. testament to. the courage of joe biden then it is to the remarkable sort of backwardness in this area of the united states. ok thank you for that rob reynolds' live from los angeles where president trump was playing golf and mr biden was declared the winner of the election but he has not conceded the race in a statement he said we all know why joe biden is rushing to falsely poses the winner and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him they don't want the
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truth to be exposed beginning monday our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully up held and the rightful winner is ceases our white house correspondent kimberly huggett has more now from washington d.c. . so many americans who didn't vote for donald trump are saying why does he just concede you have to remember when 74000000 people vote for joe biden but just more than 70000000 vote for donald trump and he promised to be their champion in their fight or they expect to see that so if he were to suddenly just give up when he thinks there's been some sort of irregularity that would not be delivering on that promise so donald trump is moving forward because he promised to do so but eventually that will come to a natural end so we'll have to see what happens i think the other thing we should really remind our viewers is you can probably hear the party behind me there is this when we talk the 74 to 70000000 voters the good the millions of voters
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generally live in urban centers and those that support donald trump live outside and the reason they like donald trump is because they felt they didn't have a voice in urban centers particularly this one washington d.c. and so they want to make sure their voices are still heard even if their candidate ultimately does not win this election. as i mentioned earlier there have been celebrations in cities across america people around launch numbers welcoming the news of joe biden's victory as on the is in new york city following the black lines met a mob that's been taking place there. these are rights matters protesters working on the streets of new york town manhattan new york city where i said to you now as you can hear you spine is. times square right celebrating your parent because many of you find it i'm never walk through the streets of manhattan these are plaquemines parish registers and attrition shows you how
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important the park rights matter movement was to mobilizing young people particularly to come out to vote for joe biden. they are now taking a meeting. here now taking the middle of the street to honor all of those black men and women there think you'll get states. still to come here on al-jazeera we will have all of the rest of the day's news in libya gets ready for a new president a former bank a look at the challenges he faced. prominent opposition politician in the ivory coast are arrested they are going to russia and make.
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signs this among several weather coming in across the middle east over the next couple days we see some showers recently around the levant some wet weather pushing across to will see some wet weather there between the black sea and the caspian sea just around the coaxes armenia azerbaijan julia seeing some showers long spells of rain and that's all sinking a little further south with so we'll see some western weather stretched across syria lebanon jordan israel in the palestinian territories in with a chance of seeing some of that wetter weather little cloud there just sliding its way to northern parts of saudi arabia that could well produce some showers along spells of rain as we go through monday but south of that is the fine and dry there does hot temperatures a very pleasant 30 degrees celsius lot whence for the pretty good as we go through the next couple days just notice one or 2 showers just around that western side of yemen chances some showers to into somalia just around the horn of africa as we go through the next few days ago the wind coming in from
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a general northeasterly direction driving the west the weather into the southern half of the somalia chance of some showers there into kenya maybe into towns in there as well and these showers if anything just peping up a touch as we go on through monday and of course to say the rain straits right across to the gulf of guinea. join me richelle carey is up at the front questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talk and political debate. out front row times on al-jazeera. in part 2 of a special investigation one o one days visits western australia's only youth detention center and travels to the remote outback towns where many of the indigenous inmates come from. on al-jazeera.
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you're watching are just there a reminder of our top stories this hour joe biden has celebrated his election to the u.s. presidency with a speech to the country spoke of uniting a nation that is seen deep divisions with racial unrest often dominating the headlines also appoint experts next week to help them tackle the pandemic once he takes charge. biden's running mate and vice president elect carla harris is also making history she's the 1st woman and 1st person of color to hold the job. president trump meanwhile is continuing to make unsubstantiated claims about voting for his campaign his valves to amount to more legal challenges the values not concede the race joe biden was golfing when the election result was announced.
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leaders from around the world have been sending their congratulations to joe biden will start in europe german chancellor angela merkel has issued a statement saying she looks forward to future cooperation with president biden and that the transatlantic friendship between the u.s. and germany is irreplaceable if we're to master the great challenges of our time india's prime minister narendra modi also congratulated biden saying as the vice president his contribution to strengthening into u.s. relations was critical and invaluable that he looks forward to working closely together once again to take india u.s. relations to greater heights and the emir of qatar which hosts the largest u.s. military base in the middle east twitters about how he looks forward to working together to continue strengthening the friendship between the 2 countries while iran's supreme leader took a sharply different tone mocking the state of u.s. politics and calling the elections a spectacle and an example of what he called the ugly face of liberal democracy in
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the us and the political civil and moral decline of the us regime. well more reaction from tehran has said big well there hasn't been much of an official reaction however the vice president of iran is hot jane giving he's tweeted out saying that the era of trump and his adventurism and war mongering team has come to an end he said that his policy characteristics were violating international law from the environment to enqueue main sanctions against iran now officially iran has said that there is no difference to iran doesn't matter who the us president is iran's policy towards the united states will remain the same in fact the supreme leader khamenei just said the of the day that the united states have chosen iran enemy but there will be reformist politicians from president hassan rouhani and his reformist camp that would be cautiously optimistic that's because joe biden has
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said that he will return to the 2015 nuclear deal the reformist put in a lot of political capital and the political reputation they tie that to that deal and try to bring hope to this country but also there is hope that it will bring some sort of economic relief to this country because donald trump pulled the united states out of that 2015 nuclear deal and imposed some imposed sanctions against iran some of the harshest sanctions this country has ever seen and the economy has really been suffering. one major player on the global stage she has not yet commented china's data she's in pink katrina is in shanghai with more on what to expect with china u.s. ties when biden takes charge. we may not hear from them until we have an official election result from the u.s. in joe biden's favor but certainly there will be many people in beijing who are breathing some side of relief the past 4 years of the tremendous ration have been
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really tough on the chinese government we've had initiation of the trade war and those tariffs that the us had there is very tough technology restrictions that have put a lot of pressure on the chinese economy and of course this year especially we've had attack after attack from a truck that ministration everything from carpet 19 to the treatment we use and shin giant hole holes national security law and all of this has really brought the u.s. china relationship to the lowest point that we've seen in decades so many of us seeing biden presidency as a chance to reset the relationship between the u.s. and china they're expecting war a return to a more conventional style of diplomacy a less confrontational less unpredictable approach and also the opportunity for china in the u.s. to potentially going forward to collaborate on issues such as the environment and climate change with beijing and biden do seem to see eye to eye that being said
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that doesn't mean that beijing is likely to celebrate this indeed during my and it is likely to present more challenges to china. in the sense that he is expressing interest in strengthening ties with european allies for example they may build a bloc and use that bloc to pressure china to take some actions regards to the economy regards to trade so that could be a real big challenge for beijing going forward. bolivia's president elect we are say will be sworn in on sunday the former banco wonder landslide election last month but now the focus turns to whether he can jumpstart the struggling economy theories about what's the for the good and indigenous ritual to nag you wait bolivia's new president. this is the historic side of the one i'll call not far away from the capitol a pass the. chairman's from the a matinee indigenous group off for the traditional baton as a sign of good will to see and he's vice president that we joke
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a wanker i dressed in white to request the help from the mama or mother earth. it's all happening in a country that has been filled with political strife in the past year. after accusations of fraud led to the ricin nation of bolivia 1st indigenous president abel morales. outgoing interim president anyone yes who took office after morella's resignation said she was leaving the country in order that the whatever evidence shows bolivia has fared better than nations linked to the socialist tradition such as present day argentina or venezuela my request to the president elect is that he keep the living expenses allowance the family allowance and the universal one as well bolivia's new president he longs to moralise socialist party and would have to deal with a divided country that is struggling with the impact of covert 19. was economy
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minister while more dallas was in office and responsible for the enormous growth that empowered millions of people in the country now the former banker with a master's degree in economics will have to jumpstart at devastated economy i can support it we need to have a stereotype policy there is no other option if there is not enough income generation to cover the current spending and especially public investment we have to make adjustments in current spending not in public investment that is where we mark a difference from the monetary funds we're going to boost public investment and we have to be strict with spending but economy saying it won't be easy. when the mass party was in power in the past there was an economic boom that gave the money to help the population but latin american bolivia are in crisis bolivia has a 13 percent deficit in the past year racist discourse and region i rivalries have remerge in a country torn between i returned and white. and
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a poor indigenous highland west small protests have been on the rise in recent days . for most people are says presidency is a fresh start for bolivia's democracy and a chance to leave at turbulent here behind. italy has. at its highest ever single day tally of new coronavirus cases nearly $40000.00 interactions france has also seen another record daily rise despite a national lockdown is one of several european governments imposing strict measures to reverse the surgeon cases and take pressure off hospitals. with covered 19 infections surging these are worrying times for hospital staff around europe france recorded more than 60000 new cases on saturday a daily record at this private hospital in the city of santa t.n. they've made changes ahead of any 2nd wave but they're still nervous that. we've
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managed to order equipment we've requested some stuff which is very important in terms of organization and things are going better at the moment but it is nevertheless more stressful because we know that we are going to reach a level that we didn't reach during the 1st wave. fronts is currently a week into one of europe's tightest lockdowns and police have been stepping up checks on the roads people can only venture one kilometer from where they live that's unless they have a permit to travel for work that can't be done from home family obligations or medical visits greece has become the latest european country to enter lockdown for the next 3 weeks people can only leave home if they make a request via mobile phone and get approval non-essential shops have to close the move will be on the market i believe people understand the urgency of the moment and will respond to the situation from the very 1st day they have been moving around the city i hope this will continue britain has imposed a ban on non u.k. citizens coming from denmark because of concerns over
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a new coronavirus strain linked to minks mutations of the virus that causes the covered 19 disease have been detected in more than 200 people in denmark most cases were connected to mink farms in the country's north deja thora he's avoided the cull of all mink thought to number around 17000000. in neighboring germany a week into a so-called lock down low. right thousands of people demonstrated in the eastern city of light seek their own grief about restrictions aimed at slowing down copied 1000 transmission germany's reported a new record in daily cases more than 23000 a reminder of the challenges much of europe faces as it tries to avoid reaching the death tolls seen back in the spring the al-jazeera. a car bomb explosion has killed at least 3 people in afghanistan's capital bangui casualties as a former television presenter for tolo news a 24 hour channel hours claimed responsibility apollo's last week's attack on kabul university which killed 22 people it is top court has confirmed president
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afrikander is victory in last month's election means he can begin his 3rd term which is opponents argue was unconstitutional conduct campaigned to change the constitution earlier this year to circumvent a 2 term limit there were violent protests during his campaign which dozens of people were killed opposition candidates say the election was rigged but the constitutional court say they have produced no evidence of this the former prime minister of the ivory coast has been arrested. was detained by security forces are attending to leave the country it happened just hours after the government announced plans to charge a group of opposition leaders with terrorism and their interest reports from abidjan they don't. think a song is the phrase of ivory coast opposition it wasn't a song who announced a boycott of the presidential vote and called for a campaign of civil disobedience as a result of the presidential election were being created he announced
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a transitional council headed by former president horror economy betty. the government calls this treason but i've also been here we're focusing on those who incite people to violence before the calls to boycott civil disobedience and the so-called transitional council there was no violence these actions by the opposition changed everything. although former president appeared at opposition press briefings the government has no plans to arrest him at least for now but he's only surrounded by police the police say that's because it was there that the transitional council has announced the arrest of leaders and members has struck the opposition especially here in the economic capital abidjan many have gone underground to continue what they say is that demand for justice and respect for the constitution. the secretary general of f.b.i.
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party rican for a country where everyone should respect the law or one should not have you know some right but also also some obligation of 5 years for. indecent safety or if i think. we're fighting for justice. the government has declared more position leaders wanted and said more arrests will follow in coming days ivory coast presidential election was marred by violent protests as the 2016 referendum and president alassane ouattara announcement that he was running for thought. the opposition says it's illegal but his supporters assessed the constitutional amendment following the referendum cleared him to run again i am a decrease al-jazeera abidjan. we have to take you back now to our top story the election of joe biden as the next president of the united states these are live
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pictures from los angeles as you can see people are out there celebrating there have been celebrations in cities across the country since the announcement that biden won. i'm convinced an adult with headlines on. joe biden has celebrated his election to the u.s. presidency with a speech to the country spoke of uniting a nation that has seen deep divisions racial unrest dominating the headlines the people of this nation have spoken. they delivered a clear victory a convention victory a victory. for we the people we've won with the most roche ever crash of presidential ticket in the history of the nation said.


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