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tv   All Hail The Algorithm Click Me The Algorithm Made Me Do It  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2020 6:30am-7:01am +03

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he writes the woo but case is an old decreasing and restrictions. it's been quite complicated for all of us who work in tourism the city basically lives off it and it's been a very hard blow many shops are closed many people lost their jobs now the gates have reopened provings of hope food prices are here shell of dallas. with headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president elect joe biden has outlined his administration's priorities including the coronavirus pandemic he and vice president elect are pushing ahead with transition plans on it has named 2 members of a covert 19 working group he's expected to announce the others on monday for a 4th day u.s. reported a record number of infections. president donald trump is still refusing to concede defeat he was again seen playing golf on sunday his team is preparing legal
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challenges to some state's results but fellow republican and former president george w. bush says the vote was fair and congratulations biden as i white house correspondent kimberly options in the coming weeks the legal challenges will continue in fact the u.s. president wants to remind it was tweeting today that joe biden while claiming victory is the projected winner by a number of media outlets on twitter he said when does the lame stream media as he calls it call who our next president will be so until that vote is official and certified in mid december the true campaign believes it has a window of opportunity so it is continuing to receive funds soliciting funds in order to finance these legal challenges that are taking place across many states. saudi arabia's king saul mana and crown prince mohammed bin salma have joined world leaders and graduating joe biden and come to the house they were the last of the gulf leaders to do so ties between riyadh and washington have been exceptionally
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close on the trump who chose riyadh as his 1st overseas destination as president palestinian president mahmoud abbas pictured here with biden in 2016 says he looks forward to working with the new administration he has refused to deal with the white house since trump's decision to break a nice drusilla as the israeli capital and move the u.s. embassy there as a by john's president and it says his troops are now in control of shoshana the city is the 2nd largest in the disputed region of the corner kind of back well as a by john is fighting against all media officials deny that the city has been captured. well those the headlines the news will continue here on al-jazeera right after all hail the rhythm.
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around the world powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence us you've heard about it trolls boughts fake news their algorithms at work behind each of these algorithms that have been developed and designed to push specific types of content to us content that says click me. mexico is probably not the 1st place that comes to mind when you think of online manipulation sure it's happening everywhere but the countries we often hear the most about are the usa and russia. mexico has been a testing ground for some of the most insidious online tactics we've seen unleashed around the world. there's a blogger turned activist called alberto
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a school zia here in mexico city who i'm on my way to meet now alberto has been deeply involved in investigating political bots trolls and artificial trends in mexico since 2010 and he's received significant blowback because of his work death threats have forced him to leave the country 5 times. is more important to me he called. the most bloodiest bustle. of what are also the north what's the draw. the sun in vietnam in tokyo. and witches and. george will give us windows to them we're going to be the most doomy on the current us the time in the facebook time in instagram. thought of the us a dollar store of produce at the top of the money people are like i'm not so sure just element of limb in this only little studio where you can there are more to the enable you can there are more showing fluency one of the most effective and
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powerful tools for those who want to push an agenda online is the draft now bots are essentially just pieces of software algorithms that run whatever tasks you set them and a lot of the internet runs of them however they've also become synonymous with fake social media accounts pushing political agendas or generating artificial likes shares will fall as the days of these fully automated spam bots a mostly over their actions were simply too obvious making them easy to detect by filters which meant they got purged and easy to spot by you. which made. so now literally armies of people paid to act like bugs they're also called trolls or dicks i also learned or don't know spin to me but it's honest and i'll handle the addict i'm in there and that's a successor to what's going to start me on as a quintus. and she bell telephone. consent of quintus the truth that. they are offering you
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a dex and this is the number of accounts. by 4 and in one hour do can build up during topic in this quantity over guns. decks are the secret tools used by marketing agencies publicity manages political parties and governments to boost topics and people online or to divert and distract from unfavorable attention the advantage of having nice human blood says that while they behave more human on line so the chances of them being eliminated are dismissed a lot. however alerter says activity even if done by humans has an miscible characteristic and doses. of what's going there are known to more. than a look at the commission a conversation. about race as an article for my sort of. got a contest on the contest. of the most grandmas from the. start and then under.
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a lot as awards of programmers or more sort of roles but i must go into. the news. if that's going to. be neck and then on the floor of my squad. and i. told him that i mean. all it's done in the small village for north. well the crowd let me go because you know so when they heard. from elections 2 big news events to political debates decks pile on and drive online chat and their alarmingly successful in skewing conversations and narratives a study by the oxford internet institute shows that between 20172018 the number of countries where organized social media manipulation of cars increased from 28 to 48
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the biggest drivers of organized online manipulation around the world political parties the realisation many of them the pad is that instead of trying to since the social media platforms it's much more effective to simply flood them with bots junk news and decide for the nation samantha bradshaw was one of the researchers who worked on the report advertisers have used these platforms to reach new audiences and new markets but now we're seeing political parties learned that these platforms can also be used to sway public opinion and so instead of selling us these goods they're they're selling us world leaders or political ideologies by using the advertising infrastructure and the algorithms to slowly start nudging hurst fact checking opinions about politics we're seeing the shift away from purely automated accounts to more human operators who are finding actual real people for hire to
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work on political campaigns to work with more repressive governments to target people online with this kind of speech to ultimately suppress their participation in politics and public discussion and. a lot of people don't necessarily participate and political discussions online anymore i even find myself withdrawing a little bit from commenting on politics just because of the enormous reaction that you can get and it's hard to know whether or not these are real people. genuinely have these views or whether they're just a paid troll sitting far off country somewhere just desiring to make me feel this way and to make me withdraw from participating in these discussions online dixon the exists to do so well because cliques have become the defector to receive the online world will become accustomed to the fact that for years the algorithms
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behind facebook twitter instagram and the others have rewarded big numbers mostly it was comments moshe is and moves use the rewards of groups and the lack of regulation have meant that if you want to have an impact clicks a what you need to go on. the drive to clicks isn't restricted to governments political movements or marketing agencies they're in it to shake perceptions many others are in it for the money but how do you make money online engagement the hot and science of keeping people looked it's what keeps the online money machine chinese and so algorithms have been programmed to push content that gets high and gauge what algorithms don't necessarily determine the veracity of content there are often more concerned with the buy reality of it so if more people are engaging with
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a certain topic the algorithms might say like this might matter to you as well that could be you know the new avengers movie could be a new viral video about cats but it could also be something of importance such as you know a new breaking news story and this is where we see doctors trying to manipulate the popularity metric and that's why we get descent from ation stories spreading like wildfire because if there are a bunch of fake accounts online engaging with a fake breaking news story that might get pushed into the new. feeds of real users from the real people will start interacting and sharing these distant permeation stories further and further. on up to us and. i'm on my way now to a cut plan in central mexico in august 2 10182 men ricardo flores was beaten and burned to death there because people thought that they were child
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snatches warnings on facebook twitter and whatsapp had gone viral with the news that gangs of kidnappers had been picking up children and selling their organs the news wasn't true but the stereo led to the most brutal form of more violence. more of the less but it's on the one yes just. list also does that get us it broadly must go to another service and sort of the local phrase walk. on the ice and well last a several more set i mean will. they actually have like i'm going to link with this i she's voting if they were going to get them on the 4th of the good i would also spiritual so they could get a bit of sonic strength to get us where most of the what i suspect are the sort of you are more mature than consent and we can. have a video camera was there have already been there
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was a back burner. on the day of the attack 22 year old when he's 43 year old. traveling together. they made a pit stop to buy a drink it happened to be near a school and with suspicion of child kidnappings in the area they became fatal targets to a mob galvanized by on mine. i meant would resign. and i'll go to. apple with. alarming us. but our knowledge gone bad. but i misunderstand the where this. happened say. the other law but i'm not going to have this up and say but only one more thing whatever us. army said it's not
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a battle. over. fact us. for france us. and they are not sent there by law or secondly so possibly even more shocking than the impact of this fake news is the motivation for it often ideology only plays a small part in a scam that's really all about money. the money we're talking isn't small change in mexico a website can in around a $1000.00 u.s. dollars for every 1000000 page views every time a person lands on a page the advertising algorithm kicks in and the website starts. creating a website isn't difficult and most times a single group of the administrators will have several on the go and what's generating around $2.00 to $5000.00 or more it doesn't matter if the content is
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real or not as long as readers flock to the site then making a buck. how do you get people to your website well that's with facebook comes in with over 2000000000 uses it's one of the most powerful distribution to use for sharing content yes you do you. have it out but of course it is literally meant in africa news because put and set in motion if they are to us and there are going to mental issues that are with the guy so use him in the middle corners. of the scene to spur him as a facebook get a person in the this is be the list with him but it's a little notice of locals you know mentor the lynch i mean toss in a successful you learn up a little more of the style in this but it's in the way life is a problem unless you're not going to sort of mental impairment to simply let them you know more to see intent or something of that place but a fellow by he knows can see in simple he can the figures. but i had
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a clue to put it in there at the end of the way in which social media platforms to distribute all kinds of fake news or dissent from a show about politics or conspiracy theories about politics or any any other aspects of life is really really important because most people today use these platforms to find news and information and it's often a trusted source of news and information not as much as traditional t.v. or mainstream media but it's trusted in the sense that it's our friends and our family who are sharing this content and we tend to trust information that comes from people who are like minded there's all kinds of research from the field of psychology that you know talks about confirmation bias and that's why facebook can be such a powerful platform for spreading falsehoods about politics because we do inherently trust this information a little bit more than than other kinds of information getting facebook on the
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record isn't easy. the company is battling a lot of justifiably bad press around the world but listeria the strategic manager for news at facebook mexico did agree to meet without pay and most of us here limbo see less important than the spectacle and then they move on to the toast be on your guinness i know there are other think that it's the people there. the former focus will focus on other sources going to the platform i can look at him because they're i mean he's the most of them we don't do the single. most of the of this story so i will source is who sets it up that is it went that's francis doesn't have also forgot the chalk and they're calm but they're important that they last quintets files as a facebook closest to my looks like thought it was that was kind of him but he is getting in systemic. responsibly that is what only a dad is a continual bit of water logged off. us aside us here and most of us include some
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of those enormous connie that yes. most of the law here yet procure a little bit more but at the back of the court there are a staggering. luis's face book's that's a painting he gave us lots of millions of fake accounts taken down and thousands of millions of spam posts cleaned off the site by artificial intelligence algorithms sweeping the. trainee algorithms to recognise misinformation is incredibly complicated no wilder of them can easily determine what's true or false after all there are cases where even human stone agree so in an effort to curb the spread of misinformation the company has begun to collaborate with external factor is. the number one project book again the most important mother if you've got a lot of it there sales are you that most clinics parables but if you got all these you could maybe because they're going to because you. said you another thing that accompany your vendor that appropriate but the form of facebook and i don't maybe flag in your news feed if it has been disputed by an independent 3rd party fact
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checker outside of facebook exists here you'll see that. it's called the needle so here we go. yes and more you see the sawdust going to the needle he is this he look at if you go fight so bored with a guy was. that he can see if you see he looked a little he had wished that i. could then you know put those he had with the studs . in to him. report this little purpose why do you get more than they used to the. good that he is from coal i see him do it well known that he sees that this woman. you see this woman died is the. other that it is you are these this equipped to deal with this received little huddle structure most of the responses that we've seen from the platforms just far have gone to tweaking their algorithm to how downgrades and certain kinds of this information
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from being shared online we're seeing companies like facebook or google work with fact check or invest in media literacy programs so that citizens can be a little bit more educated about how to find and challenge information that they find and discover online i don't think a lot of the changes have really addressed the heart of the issue in the real nuts and bolts of why dissent from ation goes viral in the 1st place going back to their business models and going back to the algorithms and the way that they still incentivize certain kinds of content to go viral a poster is there is real systemic challenges in the way that these platforms are governed and operated operated and there hasn't been enough attention or rethinking about how these baker structure or is actually are contributing to the
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problem. facebook says avoiding misuse of its services is a big priority i contacted twitter in mexico as well and they said the same thing but for someone who is not just seen the misinformation was online but actually food in them these if it's by the social media platforms a little more than window dressing the former assistant assumed the order less than this but we girls if they look too and look what distant in them which up but assume that let's assume that it's made us you're going to assume this is just a little because she put out this in this at the when the rodeo. normally did in. the leprosy on the left and there's an ice cream or your it's just to go that is some of. it's a part of the cup it's your number but it's a look and make us will name up with them which obviously you're going to get are several mature particularly if you know livers portfolio.
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with billions of pieces of content being uploaded to the internet every single day it's no surprise that tackling online manipulation is such a challenge digital deception is now a global game so no matter how many searches of blogs sort of tweaks to the algorithm that might happen nothing's going to actually change until after clicks a scene is more than just insurance and revenue generators in an internet environment where engagement and clicks and viral 80 s what drives the spread of content i don't think it's fair to cut users off the hook in this problem because democracy is something that's hard work at something that we as citizens have to work towards and invest time and to find accurate information and not something that's easy you know the real power in the internet is that it can bring us together and we we've seen not time and time again so going back to that more often
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mystic view of what the internet can and could be for a democratic society and political participation and i think it's something we need to remind ourselves of and work towards as individuals. so i was going to go home to. thinking about some of these big questions around social media and democracy and what it means to be not only a user of technology but a citizen in our digital public sphere the 1st thing i would do is request all of the data about me from these big social media platforms from facebook from twitter from google it's really important that we have an insight into actually how vast this data collection system is and how to ensure and how details this kind of information can actually be about us and i think that's one of the 1st real eye
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opening things users are are shocked by the fact that these platforms might have conversation and your private messages the fact that they might have even accessed the phone numbers on your found if you installed the facebook app these are these are really big question and underlying all of the big questions around social media democracy is are our rights of privacy and what that actually means in the digital age. when said we since used. to be said most. if we've got a lot of the supposed to see the you communion crucial. role sort of. these 2 we enlist the call did you. see this. look at that. they must see how well your book because he that must. be explosive about a sort of skill. level that. maybe you'll get.
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maybe a little so you'll have to go without. me and you have this little thing says he. believes claim which is part of. the idea of a pickle merely by the siegel. but he. was. in the canyon i want to. look at them when we put them and the level that. a fellow. and those of us on the hurtle of this event warts. on board and on the top of us them out as a service. to on a us sort of almost no year going just going circles down the list research on. you know. sort of them you. look at the stomach but it's not going to hurt them but you have this mean young girl and so they're left with
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a string. of them in circles for 90 minutes from the most old of us but it's on us . in the outer. court that i thought i must look good without medicine out of it that's on us some person that's going to tell us. what a month was for mustard on a scale in the cement and. on the left but from the look up about us to look about and that simple. since 2013 wish the world innovation summit where health has gathered health care leaders practitioners and research just together to larry interact and engage with innovative organizations. this year wish will take place spiritually under the banner of one world our health.
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registered wish dot org dot q a. the story of lolo family and fredo go into my living years old you were at school we heard the sound of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me at midnight they told me to leave my son i said how can i find him i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. in the our pricing. on al jazeera. frank assessments if american public opinion pieces betrayed by social media platforms after november what would be the good causes if you believe that there corrosive to our democracy one obvious solution is to break them up informed opinion just look at checkers don't go anywhere the protesters aren't going anywhere either it's ability of the revolution people in-depth analysis of the
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day's global headlines because it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. to drive their industrial expansion and european powers colonised huge areas of the world rich resources so free labor and fast lads were exploited in the name of civilization and wealth until the colonies decided they'd had enough in a new 3 part documentary series al-jazeera explores the district suffering and legacy of france's imperial posture. not in tears french decolonization coming soon. goes hand in hand with growing old. refusing to be defined by their age mexican women and bringing out their dancing machine. and rediscovering my youth in one step at a time in. my johnson hot part of the viewfinder and latin america seeing.
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is there. a moment of reflection at church for u.s. president elect joe biden as he put it to building a plan for his incoming administration. but donald trump after another day on the golf course is still refusing to concede defeat citing legal challenges and recounts. i'm kim burrell this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. as aries celebrate after their government announces the capture of a city in the disputed region.


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