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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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in a description for a novel, the publisher would send it back and say it's too unbelievable. trump versus biden, the race to the white house on a just 00 . hello, i'm barbara starr, you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from london. thank you for joining us . coming up in the next 60 minutes, alarming numbers from europe as italy reports on another, 623 coronavirus related deaths, and the u.k. is death toll passes 50000. this is the u.s. shatters records, again, reporting more than 130000, new infections in just 24 hours. ivory coast's president and main opposition leader
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meet to calm election tensions which have now claimed that least $85.00 lives, plus the armenian prime minister's future hangs in the balance after thousands them and his resignation, branding him a traitor over them, and corner cutting back ceasefire. deal with your support with less than a day until the delayed masters golf tournament. tiger woods is on the prowl as he looks to defend these green jackets we'll hear from the world health organization has described europe as a cautionary tale of the dangers of easing. coronavirus restrictions the continent is experiencing in aggressive surgeon infections with daily fatalities steadily raw,
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ising towards the peak of the 1st wave back in spring or than $50000.00. people have now died from covered 19 in the u.k. alone. and initially, once the epicenter of europe's outbreak, $623.00 people have died in just the last day. andrew symonds reports for the u.k. . it's another landmark in the spread of covert, and it's causing a lot more than $50000.00. people who tested positive have died. britain's total of dead is now the highest in europe. nearly $600.00 deaths on wednesday overtakes figures since may in the 1st wave. every death is a tragedy. i mean we mourn everybody who's gone and with their families or friends as well. we're not out of the woods yet. it does still require everybody to follow the guidance elsewhere in europe, the spread is on the increase too. in italy where hotels are now being used to cope with an over spill of patients. the number of cases has now passed 1000000. that's
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despite increased lockdown restrictions, such as here in florence. spain's number of dead within 24 hours has increased to more than $400.00. it's the highest since the 2nd wave began. france is now using mobile units to treat non covert patients because of demands on its hospitals. germany as well continues to struggle. now we have 2 awards that are pretty much at full capacity. and while we are barely able to do our jobs, hungary is the latest country to increase its lockdown measures. its parliament has called a 3 month state of emergency that imposes an overnight national curfew on the ground counter measures in the fight against covert increase. and the race to introduce vaccination programs is also exaggerating. the european union has signed a contract with pfizer,
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which has developed the front run of vaccine with bio tech. the e.u. says it's buying 300000000 doses, hundreds simmons' al-jazeera. well, iran meanwhile has recorded its highest daily coronavirus death toll. since the pandemic began, 462 people died over the past 24 hours. the health ministry also confirmed a record number of daily infections at almost 12000 cases. more than 39600, people have now died from the virus in iran, which is the worst hit nation in the middle east. coronavirus restrictions are being reimposed in several states across the u.s. says infections a shatter more records there. according to the covert tracking project, $131000.00 new cases were confirmed on tuesday, and texas has become the 1st state to record more than a 1000000 cases. almost 62000 people are currently hospitalized with the virus
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that's more than ever before. measures have been tightened in california and several midwest states after the onset of colder weather threatens to overwhelm some hospitals. i tell you this in all sincerity, oklahoma. we are in trouble. our local and state health care resources are approaching their limits. and if nothing is done soon to slow the rise in cases, our hospitals will be more overwhelmed than they already are. and we won't be able to be there for all of those who need it. well, lisa america case is the senior director of infection prevention at the johns hopkins health system. she joins us via skype from baltimore. madame, thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera. well, we're just hearing the situation in europe where obviously the was very inspiring then lockdowns were slightly ease that now we're seeing a 2nd wave that threatens being forced worse than the 1st. are we seeing, a similar situation in the u.s. or how would you describe the situation there?
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we are seeing a similar situation in the united states. unfortunately, we're having record numbers of hospitalizations and cases. and one of the most disturbing things is that it is really across our entire country right now. with the vast majority of states seeing increases in cases so obviously get some kind of easing of the lockdown. could be the reason what do you think the main factors are for the record breaking numbers that we're seeing now in the u.s.? well, as you've described, we too had relaxed restrictions in many of our states. and people quite frankly are fatigued. and we also have some that are quite angry about the restrictions and resisting recommendations to wear masks, and to practice physical distancing. so the combination of that along with the turn
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in the weather to colder months. and people gathering inside have all contributed as well. schools reopening and businesses reopening in europe. we've seen national health systems that were certainly under the threat of being overwhelmed and the, the health system in the u.s. is their friend. so what is a situation like there, are there any states where it looks like the health facilities might be overwhelmed then? i guess what precautions will there be in that case? you know, we are starting to see overwhelming numbers in certain geographic regions, and i think they the capacity of hospitals and our health care system is of primary concern. the sharp rise in the number of cases and hospitalizations is threatening to overrun and the available beds and staffing. so staffing shortages of health care workers are one of our most critical concerns at the moment. in the 1st wave,
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new york is one of the hot spots, one of the hot spots. now unfortunately though, earlier in the pandemic, we had different geographic areas in our country involved at different times. now it's widespread, really throughout the country. we do have some areas across the midwest that are struggling more than other states, but really the vast majority of states are seeing sharp increases in the number of cases hospitalizations and deaths. we are just really at the beginning of winter, which is quite worrying me somewhat. i got a senior director of infection prevention at the johns hopkins health system. adam, thank you. thank you. now at least 85 people are now confirmed to have died in the violence surrounding ivory coast's disputed election. that's double the previous estimate. the government updated the death toll ahead of
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a meeting between the president and the head of the main opposition designed to calm tensions. the clashes began in august when president alassane ouattara confirmed that he was running for a controversial 3rd term. what data won the election on october 31st with more than 94 percent of the vote. after an opposition boycott. we have agreed that peace is the thing that is most precious to both of us and to all ivorians. we've decided to work in that direction and this was a 1st meeting to establish the trust. we've agreed to meet again very soon in order to continue this dialogue which is started so well. now the trust has been restored and i don't want to go to i today's meeting, we broke the wall of ice the silence, and that we will in the days and weeks to come, we will continue to call each other meet in order to bring the country back to what it was before. and i think the dress has more now from our vision. it's more
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american on the branch and of course on a time to buy we work for government to ensure some form of normality across the country. i recon i'm brady, a former president was part of the movement to work through with a $21.00 presidential election. today he's met with president alassane. ouattara will go. that meeting lasted less than an hour. it was commanded by both sides and a progress of some form of progress. and of course, the groundwork for future negotiations according to the 2 leaders has been delayed initially before coming here. remember, since the election, how's of our economy and other opposition? leaders have been surrounded by security forces today as we were driving to this venue in france, where an awesome water was for the infant to turn during his fight for the supreme of the of the seat of president with laurent gbagbo. go for till we saw that the
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security forces have been moved away from a mr. bridges house and also away from the it's parties that quarters. so that's a significant development in terms of the only branch thing we're talking about. and also both leaders agreed that what is more important now for ivory coast peace . at least one person has been killed after angolan security forces used live ammunition to disperse antigovernment protesters. several others were injured when police and one that opened fire on the crowd of young men. demonstrations were held in the capital in several of the cities to mark the country's independence day. protesters had the fide coronavirus restrictions on large gatherings to demand the better jobs and local elections the conflict. 7 in northern ethiopia is threatening to explode into an all out civil war, which could ingolf the entire horn of africa. at least 11000 people have now fled
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the fighting in te great province for sudan. and officials there fear that number could swell to 200000 in the next few days, that they're fleeing a brutal air and ground campaign ordered by prime minister ahmed hundreds have died in communications and transport routes have been cut of the operation began after abby accused the tea great people's liberation front which controls the region of attacking a military base, but the t.p.m. left denies that calling it an excuse to deploy the military. that the p.l.f. dominated ethiopia's ruling coalition for 29 years until victory in 2018. since then, it says it's been sidelined when i view postponed this year's election because of the coronavirus, the region's leaders went ahead with local elections anyway. he but morgan is in sudan's capital hard to, she says there are concerns that some of the ethiopian refugees crossing into sudan are fighters fleeing the conflict. the bordering states, of course,
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already had camps that were housing or hosting refugees, even prior to the conflict that had broken out in the tigre region in ethiopia. last week there were already hundreds of refugees there waiting to be processed, saying that they want to be moved to a 3rd country and they were receiving humanitarian aid. and they were already saying that the aid that they were receiving is not sufficient for them. now the sudanese government is saying that the number of refugees that are flowing are just too much for them to cope with. they say that more than 1000 have already crossed over and have been processed, but there are more than 6000 that are still waiting processing. they say that that's because 1st of all they're worried about the health precaution. this is, of course, happening during a pandemic, the global coronavirus pandemic. and they're saying that they're concerned about those who could potentially be infected. they're also worried about how they would be able to cope with the number of refugees, especially the women and children who may be carrying diseases such as cholera.
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that's something that they say they're concerned about. the ministry of health is saying that it's taking all precautions to make sure that they have access to clean water and that there is some kind of dense the distance between the refugees. the other concern is who among the amongst those refugees are militants. and one of the who amongst them are civilians, they are have been reports from local authorities. that some of those people who have crossed over into sudan are waiting to be processed are militants who have surrendered their weapons and are waiting to be housed in camps. the united nations has expressed its concerns over the humanitarian situation in the region. we are told that communications continue to be disrupted. there are also reports of inter in term and did electrical electricity supply shortages as well as shortages of basic commodities such as flour and fuel are also being reported. banks remain closed in the shortage of vailable. cash is becoming much more acute. we urge governments in the neighboring countries to keep their borders open for people,
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forced to flee from their homes and u.n.h. shores. also asking if you open a thora, has to take steps to allow the agency to keep providing assistance to the safety, safety for refugees, and internally displaced people who are in te great. the united nations is calling on the mozambique government to investigate reports of a massacre in the north of the country by fighters. linked to eisele. local media says as many as 50 people have been killed, many the capitated in cabo delgado province in the past few days. including women and children, the region is home to a multi-billion dollar natural gas project. well, thousands of people have been the splay since armed groups began operating there 3 years ago, seizing key towns for brief periods, and hoping to set up a caliphate. amnesty international is also accused mozambique and soldiers of committing atrocities during its crackdown on the violence. french president,
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the man who in mccrone has tweeted about the violence in french and portuguese. he recounted details of the attack and said it highlighted the threat posed by quote, barbarians, who hijack a religion of peace to sow terror. and he said, islamist terrorism is an international threat that calls for an international response. wasn't i that machado is a senior researcher at human rights watch and joins us now from mozambique's capital. i'm a put a madam, sank you so much for talking to us about this horrific crime and one that had some precedents a few months ago. tell us what more we know about this recent attack. what we know about the recent attack is that it took place in a district called movie doomed b. . it's very difficult for us for a good to know the details because my understanding is that people running away from what is like when do me almost seem either by or karma as seeking refuge in
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a place called mandeep. wish. while other people are seeking refuge in pemba, so we haven't really been able to speak to many people in one deployed by the few we spoke to explain to us that the insurgents have been attacking we don't since last week. it's believed that they have control of some of the areas of the district. and as they do in many areas that they attack, they have beheaded people also in the numbers. we can't really confirm the ones that have been reported so far, but they don't really surprises because unfortunately didn't have been using beheadings as a weapon or after of war. they appreciate you may not know exact answers and like you say, this is happening in very inaccessible areas. for example, very difficult to get any kind of images out of the area. but as far as you can tell why you would these groups target these areas and these people
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for 4 different reasons, one can speak with later, that is because those areas allow for conflicts to take place. these are people that have lived in poverty for many years, but in the recent decades, those areas have discovered the not of wealth, including guy as oil, and some precious stones like rubies. but none of those wells has benefited the majority of the people. so there is clearly a large number of people that the students that aren't happy, a large number of youth unemployment and they're ready to join any type of group. and this group is recruiting, for example, using money, which is what the us needs. it's usually giraud's ideology, which some of that's the majority of that population because my jollity of people in those areas that they're being at that are muslims. and the ideology that these
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dear describes, are using that unfortunately, somehow link it to islam. we've seen international pressure on this. the u.n. is calling for the government to investigate reports of the massacre. we saw the french president manuel mccrone tweet about how really it's an international problem. what kind of response has there been both to this attack and previous ones? by the government of mozambique, the government has been saying that it has made some military gains. but all came there have been various costs in terms of detail of those military gains. and even when, for example, there was a press conference to tell as that dean surge and serve, for example, killed civilians or be handed so many people. they still don't tell us who the people be had had. they don't tell us all those. how are they going to do to
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make sure that nobody else is that kept on the same way? and again, when they talk about military gains, those ones contradict what we're hearing from the city where finally managed to find their way to our way out of those areas of insecurity. what they're telling us is that they have been running away from them for days, weeks, months they have been, i think, in the bush, and during the time they've been running away, they saw not presence of soldiers or any state apparatus whatsoever. senator machado senior researcher of human rights watch speaking to us from approach to the capital of mozambique, madam sank. you for sharing your knowledge of this case with us. thank you. coming up on this news hour from london, hong kong's pro-democracy lawmakers resigned on mass in protest of the dismissal of 4 of their colleagues. and president trump makes his 1st public appearance since
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losing the election to joe biden. while his team files a new legal challenge in michigan, and after nearly a year as the late because of coronavirus qualifying is back underway for the africa cup of nations. armenia's parliament has agreed to discuss protesters, demands that the prime minister step down over a truce in the corner. there's a huge anger at nicole over the agreement, which allows us or by john to keep a land that it captured during 6 weeks of battles in and around the disputed region . where the bill, hamid was at the main protest in the armenian capital i was, they stood in freedom square in europe, and it was from here that the 1st armenian pleads over nagorno-karabakh with voice
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to the final years of soviet rule. i. this time they were shouting, mean is prime minister nicola yan is a traitor. the rally was organized by his political opponents, including the 2nd largest party in parliament. the message, some of the opposition leaders gave to their supporters, is that there has been and national betrayal. the protestors defied the country's martial law under which demonstrations are banned, and the time scuffled with police calls for the prime minister to resign became louder throughout the day. this is fi agreements signed with russian, azerbaijan calls intermediate to pull out of borders every territory. it had occupied since 1904. well as are but there and keeps the land it has regained during the military operations. he has to appear in front of the military tribunals with all his team because he secretly in the middle of the night, sold the whole of nagorno-karabakh. he discredited the honor of our soldiers. a
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prime minister who has not seen in public yet appeared yet again on facebook. you know, the regional capital stop on a curt was on the direct threat. the army chief of staff said the city was well defended if it was captured, thousands of our soldiers would be in a blockade. we would have lost even more territory. the protesters went to the seat or the government to say they didn't believe him. this is not a nationwide protest, but the feeling that the prime minister gave away too much is shared, even among those armenians who have been going down to the streets marching further towards parliament. protestors try to convince others to join this woman says is for the sake of saving their own or karabakh and the self-proclaimed republic of the prime minister hasn't responded to that. there was traitors who are also demanding for the agreement to be cancelled. we are saying he has to go home
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because he is not our prime minister anymore because he cannot sign such an agreement on behalf of all of us. we're losing everything. we're living even out of the country, which is the border with iran. armenians were a unified world, the war was going on. since this ceasefire agreement ended the fighting national survey that seems to be fading away. but at that hamid libya is expected to hold elections within the next 18 months. after reaching a breakthrough during un backed political talks in tunisia, this comes after rival factions agreed to a plan to unite libya's institutions. many of them are split between the u.n. recognize government based in the west. and warlord have to libyan national army in the east. the talks follow a ceasefire, agreed between the warring sides last the months or more. now from the way in tripoli, i mean on paper, it sounds a good news. what more can you tell us?
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well barbara, the u.n. acting envoy to libya, stephanie williams seems to be optimistic, especially in her today. the most important or the most outstanding point she mentioned is that the elections parliamentary and presidential elections to be hilled after 18 months transitional period. but at the same time, she says we still have a lot of work to do it. this is the point because this t. called a meeting in tunisia. they have to choose a presidential council to be composed of 3 members. remember the current presidential council as can include 9 members and also
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a separate new government. this is the tough task that is facing 75 representatives of the libyan society meeting in tunisia and sponsored by the united nations. also, she says that the road map outlines steps for uniting institutions and transitional justice. this also one of the tough tasks facing the stakeholders. as you know, barbara, that there have been division and conflict in the contrary for several years now. and many people believe that it is not easy to end all these crises within a few months again. so the most important point now is to come to a common ground to have to reach a consensus on the names the names that will lead the
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transitional period. for 18 months before reaching parliamentary and presidential elections to be based on constitutional baby's mother who were hit with the latest in tripoli. as always, thank you lots more still to come in this news hour, including a respite for his role in this best all scandal at south africa's governing party. the a.n.c. will not ask it secretary-general to step down as hundreds gather to pay their respects to palestinian chief negotiator saeb erekat who was laid to rest in his town of jericho and english champions at liverpool's injury problems that were sent. peter will explain all of that in sport.
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hello, once again, western europe turning stormy. it's the atlantic feeling. it's also the british isles, getting the 1st hit or are and then the british isles. but we've seen stormy, was in the southeast corner tonight between the 2. it's settled weather, so if you're in austria or poland or briefly even in germany, it's been 40 in the morning in court overcast by the way, not to be slow to change. so whilst the wind picks up again, this is later on thursday now and, and the come stormy conditions are there in denmark and sweden and norway, but easing, if you like, this change is slow to come through on some sunshine, still quite nice. down in spain and portugal, start mediterranean, but there's still a few showers around greece, though, creates flooding probably won't be repeated. and here's a storm system. south of austin, spreading its largest its rain into western norway and disrupting the morning fog
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and the graininess in poland. but the rain falls and then the sky, clear, sunshine north africa is largely dry at the moment apart from libya where you got that on shore breeze and shot potential. and we have still seen seen showers in west africa, that's no longer the real focus of this still there. and i'm pleased to say that inside of sudan, the chance of showers in juber for example, was very low. a multimillion dollar online sex scam in the philippines is blackmailing men from around the world. one on one east. i'm covered as i was small time syndicate became a criminal. and i'm on al-jazeera dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic. let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage. what's the lay of the land there? stripping away the spin ripping story about presidential corruption. it is real
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reporting. it's not if you keep challenging assumptions and the official line. we all decided we need to tell our school, we don't want to rely on authority and it's media village post on al-jazeera. every local guy king is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera. coronavirus restrictions are being
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reimposed in several states across the us for more than 130000 cases were confirmed on tuesday. in europe, the u.k. has reported 595 deaths in 24 hours, while 623 new deaths were recorded in ivory coast's president. that less than what that i has met the head of the main opposition in an effort to calm tensions over. last month's disputed the lead. at least 85 people are now confirmed dead in the violence surrounding the vote. and armenia's parliament has agreed to discuss protesters, the man's that the prime minister step down over a truce in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. there is huge. i'm going to need called the end over the agreement, which allows us to keep land they captured during 6 weeks. of battles, excuse me. all of all kong's 15 remaining pro-democracy politicians have resigned
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from the city's legislature after china passed a resolution disqualifying 4 of their colleagues. the government says there are threat, threat to national security, but critics accuse china of silencing the sent the vigor. palin reports for hong kong. they say the fight is far from over. their resignations are a show of solidarity. we cannot simply afford to stay on because minus our full colleagues who are ousted the union, the 15 of us simply don't have the minimum number to a protest. they're also being unseated, eventually one by one by the beijing type. the group resignation came after china's highest decision making body disqualified for pro-democracy legislators. the reasons include seeking foreign interference in hong
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kong's affairs, promoting independence, threatening national security, and refusing to acknowledge beijing sovereignty over the territory. while hope to god jean rule to the every lawmaker must show that there was a possibility of supporting the basic law of hong kong and be loyal to china. so that we are able to have a political system dominated by patriarch. the 4 pro-democracy legislative councillors who at a meeting when the national people standing committee handed down the resolution, they were disqualified within minutes of the announcement. the role i have will be pumping difficult and challenging. and in fact, just like every winter, it will be extremely difficult. but i am in full favor of hong kong or hong kong years outside the government headquarters. some celebrated the news
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for politicians awful, abuse their power to manipulate and discard the general to go against our country is clear now about the betrayal will no longer be tolerated. hong kong operates under china's one country 2 systems model, which is meant to guarantee the city's government is given a high degree of autonomy. its legislature was a symbol of that divided between legislators pushing for closer ties with beijing and those fighting for democracy. this will be the 1st time hong kong's legislative council will have no pro-democracy representation. since the former british colony returned to china in 1997, half of the city's 70 member legislature is directly elected by the public with the other half chosen by industry groups. the departure of the democratic politicians close is one of the main avenues for opposition voices in the hong kong government . they've got palin al-jazeera hong kong
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the us president donald trump has made his 1st public appearance since joe biden was named. the president elect on saturday, trying to mark veterans day at a ceremony in arlington, virginia, but did not speak to the media. he still hasn't conceded defeat or spoken publicly since losing his bid for reelection. instead, he's launched a berridge of lawsuits in several key states. the latest in michigan to try to block the midwestern battleground from certifying its results. meanwhile, president elect joe biden marked a veterans day at a woman morial in philadelphia. before returning home to delaware, he's been unable to move into federal office space or use government funds to hire staff because of trump's refusal to cooperate. but he says his transition plans are moving forward and has tapped finance trade and banking experts for his team. well,
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in a moment we're going to speak to john hendren, who is in joe biden's, hometown of wilmington, delaware to find out more about what president elect biden. this planning 1st though, let's go to alan fischer in washington. d.c. . so allan, who we saw the president out and about he didn't speak to the media. do we know what's coming out from team trump? these days seems to be the longest period. we've gone with the president speaking since he took his place in new york. all office, even including those days he was in hospital. there are those in the white house who believe that the president's position at the moment simply isn't sustainable in the long term. he himself has been tweeting more claims of ballot fraud. there was a video put out just in the last hour with no context. someone showing ballot workers picking up ballots. apparently it was after the election, but we don't know the circumstances. we don't know where it was. it just seems kind
12:37 am
of a random scattershot effort to try and discredit some of the votes. now, when it comes to the legal efforts, the campaign isn't doing much better there either, of course, alleging publicly that there has been widespread voter fraud, but in court cases, that's simply not what they're arguing in arizona. for example, they're questioning whether or not there was a problem with some ballots, and all the 180 ballots have been identified. don't trump as much farther than 180 votes behind joe biden, in arizona, in georgia. there's 53 ballots that are under discussion at the moment in michigan . that trumps campaign has been told to refile a motion because what he presented to the court didn't have the proper documents. and of course, we know that georgia is no going to go to a hand recount that doesn't always what go well for people asking for a recount. hillary clinton did the same thing in wisconsin. in 2016,
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she increased their votes by 713. donald trump increased his by 844 and therefore increased his victory in this state. so the public side, we're still get the truck campaign saying widespread fraud. but in the courts, they're not presenting that sort of evidence, which is why people think this is going to be a really difficult argument for. don't try to sustain much longer. alan fischer joining us from washington. d.c. alan, thank you. let's go to john hendren. now live for us from wilmington, delaware, so biden may not be operating from washington yet, but he already appears to be behaving very much like a presidential. certainly preparing to be one. that's right, increasingly, joe biden is taking on the mantle of president elect, so he issued a proclamation on what is today veterans day here in the u.s. on wednesday. and then he went to a wreath in philadelphia at a korean war memorial. just minutes after minutes before other jonell, trump laid
12:39 am
a wreath at arlington national cemetery. so if you squinted, it looked pretty much like the same scene. and biden is going ahead in picking his cabinet. one of these days will be among the most diverse in american history, in terms of gender and ethnicity. he's also been talking to foreign leaders,, the leaders of the u.k., ireland, germany, france, and he's been talking to them about substantive issues like climate change, the kinds of things they can do to cooperate. and he's been talking with his own staff and advisors about the things you can do for climate change here in the u.s., including reversing executive orders from the trumpet, ministration. all of that, those are things he can do on his own, but he can't do without the u.s. government services. administration issuing a proclamation saying that he is the president elect, if he can't draw on the $6000000.00 in money that's available for the transition staff. he can't go through the state department for formal relations with other
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countries. there are a number of things that he will eventually be able to do in washington. but meanwhile, he's going to continue operating from here in wilmington hometown until the trump administration. acknowledges that as president elect john hendren that with us from a very rainy wilmington in delaware. john, thank you. now the un's nuclear watchdog says iran continues to breach the 2050 nuclear deal. the international atomic energy agency's report says iran has increased and boosted the purity of its uranium stockpile. far beyond what it's allowed. the i.a.e.a. says iran is moving at vance. the centrifuges to an underground site apparently built to withstand the aerial bombardment, iran's nuclear deal with world powers as being unraveling since president trump withdrew from from it in 2018. well, the u.n.
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is calling it a countdown to catastrophe millions of men, women, and children in yemen. will face famine within months of more aid, money does not come in. the un's humanitarian chief says, an extra $1.00 and a half $1000000000.00 is needed to avert the crisis. our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from the un's headquarters in new york. the u.n. security council, we're told the warning lights were blinking red with the world food program, the winner of this year's nobel peace prize, talking of the risk of famine in months. i would literally like to be pretty clear, pretty blunt about the situation because i don't want person to leave here without any doubt about the scale of the humanitarian disaster that we're now confronting in yemen. so we're on a countdown right now to a catastrophe in yemen. his comments were echoed by the un's humanitarian coordinator, who made it clear this was
12:42 am
a manmade crisis. yemenis are not going hungry. they are being starved. all of us, artists, of the conflict purity, council members, donors, humanitarian organizations, and should do everything we can to stop this time is running out. that begs the question. who is starving yemenis? well, the u.n. is not saying, but in recent years, the bulk of the humanitarian funding has come from 2 countries. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates 2 countries that are also bombing yemen. some of called it blood money. but this year, they both reduce their funding significantly, something 2 months ago, mr. low, called the humanitarian coordinator, described as reprehensible jamesburg al-jazeera of the united nations. at least 3 people have been injured by a blast in saudi arabia during a ceremony to commemorate the end of world war one. diplomats from the e.u.
12:43 am
and us were attending the event at a cemetery in the city of jeddah when the blast hit, the ceremony was organized by the french embassy. the motive of the attack is still unclear. the world's longest serving prime minister, shake bin selman. the highly thought of bahrain has died at the age of 84. he's the uncle of bahrain's king hamad and was receiving medical treatment in the u.s. . shakily fellow was in power for almost half a century and was accused of brutal repression during the 1990 s. and against protesters during the arab spring uprising in 2011. but supporters praised him for transforming bahrain's oil dependent economy into a banking and financial center. palestine's chief negotiator, saeb erekat, has been laid to rest in his hometown of jericho a day after he died. hundreds attended his memorial ceremony and funeral procession
12:44 am
which began in her ma in the occupied west bank. and a cat died from covert 19 related complications. he negotiated with israel on behalf of the palestinians for more than 20 years. neither abraham is in jericho. she says atika was a firm believer of using nonviolent means to achieve the 2 state solution. that accords family is mourning the loss of one for many palestinians here, the leave the big void in the political policy and fear there are mechanisms to replace some of the positions he was feeling. but it's hard to match his personality. and his experience with a firm believer in negotiations and in non violent means as the only path towards achieving a 2 state solution and freedom for the palestinians. but many here now say that this path has reached a dead and even though firmly disagreed with his politics more him,
12:45 am
him more never as a person who wanted the fall of the voice to be heard. it's really hard to envision a replacement. i think what he was able to start with being in his dream fulfilled of having and indeed in his final word, the eyes of the arab normal a nation and many here are saying very difficult south africa's ruling a.n.c.
12:46 am
party says it has not asked that secretary-general to step down, despite an arrest warrant being issued for him, over alleged corruption, will appear in court on friday over allegations linked to his time as premier of the free state province 7. others have already been charged in connection to the $16000000.00 best the scandal. they're accused of pocketing funds, which were meant to be used to remove us best us from hundreds of thousands of homes for me to miller has more now from outside the courthouse. well, these are race a very important for the government, especially which needs to be seen to be doing something against corruption. and this is a country with there seems to be an increase in food corruption. and especially in recent months, when it appears even funds that were meant to deal with fighting, covert, 19, pandemic seem to have been looted though, in this particular case,
12:47 am
the people who were affected by it space stores roofing in their homes across the spavins, hundreds of thousands of them are especially interested in this case and they say it's about time that something is done around the corruption in this particular scandal. we're talking about people who have become ill because of these as best of survivors in the rules, which often leads to things like lyme disease. they say this poor service delivery rather than spending up to $20000000.00 on health, think people on removing these weeds, replacing them, and ensuring that people have safe places to love. that money instead appears to have been looted the man accused of financing. the $994.00 rwandan genocide has made his 1st appearance at an international court in the hague. is accused of funding armed groups and propaganda before and during the genocide which he denies
12:48 am
the former business when his one of rwanda's richest men. he was arrested in paris in may, after 25 years on the run, as think hutus in rwanda killed at least 800000 mostly as think took seize in just 3 months, in 1994, thousands of people in the polish capital, warsaw have defied coronavirus restrictions to take part in an annual far right march marking independence day. this year's event was supposed to be a parade of cars to circumvent the ban, but people quickly spilled out onto the streets. there were isolated scuffles between police and riot gear and some marchers. but warsaw's mayor has accused the state police of being complicit, saying they could have done more to stop the march taking place. still ahead in this news hour, the world's biggest shopping spree wraps up in china with online retailers, expecting a boost from pent up pandemic demand. and the west indies are involved in coronavirus
12:49 am
controversy ahead of their series against new zealand that's coming up in sport in just a few minutes. the
12:50 am
world's biggest shopping spree has now wrapped up in china. analysts say sales on singles. they indicate how well the color me is doing this year. it will also show if china has made a good recovery from the pandemic. trini, you reports from beijing. millions of packages are making their way across china,
12:51 am
in an annual east shopping extravaganza. nov 11th mock singles day. china's version of black friday sales. e-commerce companies expect a bigger than last year, due to pent up demand from the pandemic from reader bills is a larger shopping for us of all or celebration for johnny's people. everyone of china is aware of it. in the lead up, there is a lot of publicity and the more and more brands are offering big the started 12 years ago as a contrast to valentine's day singles day sales are now spread over a number of weeks and involves several online retailers. this year. have spent more than $80000000000.00 on platforms belonging to china's biggest economies. companies, alibaba and home analysts say it points to a recovering chinese economy. the pandemic is now largely under control. manufacturers taking pot say they're focusing less on exports and on chinese buy is
12:52 am
little with its high. every country has handled a pandemic differently, and the chinese market is stable in comparison, this pandemic may last for a while. so focus will help us avoid risks, but the coronavirus has had an impact on how people are spending growing china sentiment abroad, and rising nationalism here has seen some move away from foreign labels unable to travel overseas. some wealthy, a customers are opting to spend more on luxury goods. others have become more price conscious because it doesn't, it has led to a major this in the sales of health related products, vitamin space, not the sporting goods. oh, the us is more lucky because it's easy to buy. fresh food on was hot but it's locked out. was to see it. but while many are enjoying singles, day shopping from the comfort of their own harm, john is more than 3000000. koreans are racing to keep up with the busiest time of
12:53 am
year. some in smaller cities are using the event to raise awareness about poor working conditions and unpaid wages. al-jazeera beijing. ok, now here is peter with all the sport for thank you so much. we're less than a day away from the start of the masters golf tournament with tiger woods aiming to defend the famous green jacket with one of in dramatic star back in 2900, securing his 1st major victory in 11 years and 15th major overall. he was supposed to defend it back in april this year, but the tournament was pushed back to november for the 1st time in its history because of the pandemic. to have it this long. it's not the way i want to have it back and a problem. obviously we don't have that, but we have an opportunity to play this week which, you know, early in the year we didn't think we'd have this opportunity. so robert fortunate
12:54 am
bill will compete. most of pre-tournament talk about bryce in december, who won the us open back in september. he's bought up 18 kilograms in a year and is driving the ball incredible distances. one drive at home recently carried more than 400 yards. i really don't know where the end game is on this, but i will say that i am hearing it further now that i was a shriners amputee further than the u.s. open. and i'm trying, you know, a driver this week that may help me a little, it will be further. so we'll see, i don't know. still up near argentine football legend, diego maradona will be released from hospital later on wednesday, according to his lawyer baritone. i had emergency surgery last tuesday for a blood clot on the brain, the 16 year old. busy will be taken to a recovery clinic where he will be treated for alcohol dependency. marijuana won the world cup with argentina. in 1906, english premier league champions, liverpool have been handed a fresh injury concern they defended joe gomez has been injured while on
12:55 am
international duty with england. liverpool already without their star defend a virgil van dyke who is expected to miss the rest of the season. and trent, alexander arnold is also currently out with a cough injury england, or getting ready to play a friendly against the republic of ireland. meanwhile, scotland or england old scotland are hoping to qualify for a major tournament for the 1st time since the 9098 world cup. they're in belgrade to take on serbia for a place in the euro 2020 tournament, which has been pushed back to next year because of the coronavirus pandemic. their coach steve clarke was still playing the last time the scots appeared at a european championship in 1996. qualifying for the africa cup of nations resumes this week after nearly a year's delay because of the pandemic covert 1000 protocols were in place for media attending to his ears training session. so his, they won their 1st games that way. back in november, $29006.00, top of the group and on friday they're up against tanzania. numbers are much out of syria. we've had a long time away from official competitions. last month we had opportunities to
12:56 am
play to friendly's, to prepare ourselves for these 2 games in the cup of nations, which i hope all of the squad will be ready for this challenge. we're determined to do our best much. meanwhile, teams in the asian champions league are set to resume inside a bubble in cutter, using some of the stadiums that have been built for the world cup. but malaysia's champions johor will not travel after they were refused permission to leave the country by government officials. that's because of covert restrictions on the west indies, cricket teams preparations for their series against new zealand have been dealt a blow after several players violated quarantine regulations. the when days are 12 days into a 14 day mandatory quarantine period for teams touring new zealand. but that could now be extended if they are any concerns from the local health officials. the series against the kiwis is sure dual. to start on the bimble, the 27th in rugby whales are looking to bounce back after a disappointing 6 nations campaign in which they lost 4 of their 5 matches.
12:57 am
starting on friday, they will be playing in the autumn nations cup at a tournament that's been arranged to help combat the financial losses due to the coronavirus. 1st up for the welsh is an away match against ireland, georgia and england. all the other teams in this group, you know, we believe we can remain, we take the field against any opposition. the fact that we haven't done that in a series of games, you know, obviously, is not something that we can through with. we make sure that we were very, very hard trying to eliminate the errors in your game, which is putting as under pressure sydney. this tournament is official that unity. ok. that's all sports news for now. bob respect here in london. peter, thank you very much for that. and that is it for this news hour where you can get the latest on everything we've been covering on our website. there it is a 0 dot com or stay cue that we can be back in just a few minutes with more of that day's. thanks for watching
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revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al-jazeera alarming numbers from europe is italy records another, 623 corona virus related deaths. and the u.k.'s death toll passes 50000. this is the u.s. shatters records, again, reporting more than 130000, new infections in just 24 hours alone . barbara starr, you're watching al-jazeera live from london, also coming up ivory coast's president and main opposition leader meet to calm election tensions which have now claimed and.


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