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tv   Viewfinder Latin America My Dancing Heart  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2020 5:30am-6:01am +03

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well, even if different seals are made in the same font, they carry the personality of each craftsman who spends a long time to create them while consulting with clients. that means that each hanko stem naturally is unique in the world. the effort to curb hanko remains a challenge for the government, and it's still unclear if society will give up using its customary seal of approval, certify that your child is there with means the whole robin. a reminder of our top news stories, the coronavirus death toll continues to mount in europe. the united kingdom has reported 595 deaths in 24 hours while 623 new fatal if he was recorded in italy. restrictions are being imposed in several states across the u.s. and its president elect. joe biden has named his white house chief of staff despite doubletons refusal to concede and allow
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a transfer of power planers. one of biden's most trusted campaign advisers they say to georgia, has announced that it will be recounting all of its votes by hand, which were requested by the truck campaign. biden secured the election without georgia, but he's also leading there by just over 14000 votes. the current margin stansted 13001 of them between the president and senator biden, vice president biden. this will continue to invest the group in every instance of illegal voting. that overwhelming feeling going over to you. if you play that, we were investigated, every little group vote will count. so we'll be counting every single piece of paper every single ballot, every single lovely cast legal ballot. libya is expected to hold elections within the next 18 months. the deal was agreed touring
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a un back political talks in tunisia. talks will now focus on a new transitional government to oversee the run up to the elections. the u.s. is warning china of further sanctions for what it calls is a flagrant violation of hong kong's autonomy. it's in response to a new patriotism resolution that resulted in the disqualification of 4 pro-democracy lawmakers. 15 of the opposition politicians are due to officially resign in protest. and a military operation in northern theo pure is threatening to spill over the country's borders. prime minister ahmed ordered the offensive of the 2 gray region last week, accusing local forces of attacking a military base. since then hundreds have been killed and several 1000 people have fled to neighboring sudan. those were the headlines, more news in half an hour here on ars their next it's viewfinder latin america. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get laid it at others and off i was just thrown here guy by the police on fire for the fires. there are no more
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normative. you read my mind the way that you can tell that story is what and make a difference. viewfinder, fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe. you never see a movie back. the same night. mucho macho movie,
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now. and then by the more loving, married, most known for my mate on song will read book and he will stick around. oh, and very serene. it's fall or not, you know anybody get on and dance on the sea. also, some interesting theme in you know, somebody has be guided, sustain me until you see what i mean is that,
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you know, when you go again you're, you know, you never can be a $50.00 going to be seen for those hoops when you down. but, and i mean, and you don't buy or owns florida there will be anything you keep going with that they've been sang was a simple one door service because the new president was you had this best look at 7 am already no one those same women. i see that i've been think
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of that that the devil number they live for. no other symbol deal is softer. you see miss in the war man. this is a local. she was the middle of ideas that most of the land that i guess is going to get the book at the new year because at that hour that mandela will be dead on something. that's a pretty good. yes, it's gone. this is what does that just say? how to
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mitigate, don't let me be that toxic. the subject of a public comment by matt, i'm afraid to give a fuller look, doesn't look to numbers. you can also take the jimmy fallon is still for this and muddy the law for this to be for never magenta. to be a tie to lefty, you let it run through today a new set up. but if you're not good enough, can you see close to 3 of us? if we saw my mom told them that one day you'll be a job that to me means face to maverick. look at the shit live in this great event. get right. laugh. he said, you know, this song being a bit, give us
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a little compiling into themselves and get out of the car listings. i will show a lawful order in gun song. being able to sklavos megajoules commute out on they've put on the announcer once. have i not compasses to keep those peoples to be so to get the nod for the end they want done, which will be on the old stockholders coming to grumpy and ask, are you nothing to say your own will instead that we're all going after long? simple, you stand the market rules, the good things will not take what you want because they're pointing and going to be on your members has gone where they're going through. this is my least bit of me for a 1000000 2nd nor can my little p.c.r. . both of us go south can during a big war, they could one day in the embassy, you've got it, the middle, nobody up in your community. also,
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the meanest of someone who most power you don't build widely. and if you think men did this with dollar bills by paying for your training, when the news person would, you know you're looking at them even now finally landed here. you mean me to hold up 2 of them and think not that you're going here to study to learn get me a me, you need just gone to the community where you don't need one least a month or a little with these are just some thoughts for us, it was but just gotten out of mine told by his dad is better than me. little it's as if god, i mean the rob, like that fulfills a little something for them as most romantic
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oysters and so say in ways that are more of a bad bad thing. told them all day in malls or little by their football to get in your home setting. looking to get into the business into a stress test. and you never get intimate enough just to complete, which it's a sign. it's based out of pain and always a number of nuisance, but you must. in fact,
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and by the from the phone. 4 feet, i thought eagle ford is the only one moved closer to me is given at least the new deal killer in that this pope said, among others it's been a must be do while list and make a list. but he made an easy knowledge of the food and is tickled last voyage. home rule your live bait was in the oil done by the end of a less safe way that the bowl of good will. yes. and give, take every student way up on this corner of their own. yes. just much so that b.s. teacher lets him down by a leopard kiss and moved me to
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a man that is deep. yes. will move, move forward up, but i need years. so you know, it was done much on the transporter must be a good blister open up or stop them at a diva. by 191 day, you had to keep it as read data. they were not mounted up at home, but in case your veil made that i have read of these, put them in thick luggage, beatin it back in a mess. yeah, me better burn up cancelling the suit would either know when you took your ticket out of your system. good book could be
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done with but have given up by a truck but he sees nothing was got to the side on the side of the face on the lap top. all that a man, but you got some of the other thread out there. never that seattle best song that your get local can see and yet it is what gets to the moment and it goes to
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the core of those who are sub does it end up on the other side of my call? mum will hear from it both. can look on the double shift in which also i don't have to add one, which was closer to me at the pattern of maps is going to be well known as spontaneous movement. this is not done. you know, since they're all those you don't see those are lies based on a wild kitty that knows
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a number the most getting worse and more. you could only consider that it's an easy to look at mask. you see, i don't know most of them want your undies truth out of their bit of that. they got a nice enough and didn't know me or not move ahead and just tell you that your kid will not be of them. and that can make you have them out of a good thing. i'm also nasty diving and mixed signals. if that is the focus on, is that a good thing for the my gut feel companion? if it gets checked out a piano, not that much from the top 10 most medicine this time from the moment say to get involved. i'm not calling. most have fantasies the most have us at about us.
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part against where most mountainous people can learn the most. i least also most who wins the snow in the morning by me. i both like it or i'll go out there. you go to live with, but they're really in the army. don't win a lot. that last but saw nothing but fun out there. he said, come with me, put us in numbered guns in there than those in need. little will believe still it was that that they sat guns in their lap, as i said into i must have there is a top of the set up. what's that not to say not to waste? no good will be the people has done. there's a lot up to no good, i'm no more like no, no i see, no kiddo is a move when up it's own it's everything else.
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and they don't know my various courses they come on here in the summer. he says beat the a minimum of policy and those 2 and this is on the internet. his committee name or you know, may put this in that he misses a lot of usage to put it on the aesthetics. but on the left yes, i quietly at least want to look at them. although they've been
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not wark, they own a body, they don't get into a lover's lane plan to see a number of the and that if you're on the news they may imagine nor i don't know, but it happened to me that is that particular city just said of you don't know, no more tells me this guy. no look here
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more on this fast enough to see that. so not much, but we don't know when you stop for just pull out just a gaggle and just wasn't just there to give it to me like they're getting off on these. all this in the last 2
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days is that it gets any good if you sit by me and has to be reinserted timidly connect to my just was received. yeah, i just, yes me, coming up on the government to intervene is the way you are not to be there. if you can put in the new good he don't mean a little name or make instead we have and also if you recall, you pretty baby on your thumb button,
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you could be nice to make the best of all that inside and also really mean 50 or less than regular soap or need more feet. he says a new series of good omens. messes in bed. you know, it's the muslims look, you know, i mean, there are billions that get us. yes. if we don't take it or we should get you to lose interest payments because they are you going to keep them going? same deal being kicked out in the basket that i think you get the kind of you need to play this. i said, are you going to be the nominee much more hoping for you all these to do and really last is to me to come. i still love his last but you know, my last book is coming apart. you see,
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my point in the schools are closed, he closed. the last post has been all that but he cut the meat down into said, you know, it's going to get us a busted him by the commode with it. but when particle news started, the party generally used to beat up opium, smoking, or finger governors, the whole reading percent. say yes, maybe they don't. let me get in there with this thing heating element. what are you proposing talked earlier, but i mean to answer to mr. perth, the last entry in this film disgusted center piece to cool an entire week of us having to come with a bit of new york to start in decent the little news business and making things sound good. so you know the least on my door.
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so you're almost a bank this just in those days and thanks. i'm sorry to tell me, tell you that it's a longer cycle. see all of us better. i mean nothing. almost the g.b. in the local media moment with no us a device that could be moved by the much the must have a look for the right thanks . thanks. thanks.
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this is life on the streets of an eye, out for the discovery of theater is an opportunity to school and become some amends for the tuition of a place that's perhaps a life time little princess. part of the viewfinder, latin american series announces the u.s. . it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert. 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close, extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. the u.s. is deeply divided. millions of americans feel disaffected and ignored by both political parties. and the political class is point scoring. the game is a dangerous game, but as the game of the sick list for klein's examines the political currents ripping through american society in a description for a novel, the publisher would send it back and say, it's too unbelievable. trump versus biden, the race to the white house on a jersey, you know, a multimillion dollar online sex scam in the philippines is blackmailing men from around the world. one on one east uncovers i was small time syndicate, became
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a criminal and on al-jazeera., u.s. president elect joe biden, names a long time and as his chief of staff, well, donald trump continues to insist that he will need election and i'm wrong. come, this is observer lawyer from the whole saga. coming up, the u.s. warns of new sanctions against china as hong kong's pro-democracy legislators announce their resignations after a full of their colleagues, a disqualified. the w.h.o. highlights the dangers of lifting restrictions as a.


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