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protest is anyway, either the bottom of the i didn't depth analysis of the global clients as if it's really out there inside story on al-jazeera the arab civilians flee conflicts and atrocities in ethiopia. now there are fears neighboring eritrea could be drawn into the growing crisis. i'm alan arkin and this is al-jazeera my from doha. also coming up police confront angry protesters a week after peru's president is removed from office. one person has been killed in the unrest was,
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was supporters of u.s. president, donald trump called a mass demonstration in washington. as he still refuses to concede the election and egypt's makes a dazzling discovery, nation treasure troves dating back more than 2000 years. but we begin with a dramatic escalation in fighting in ethiopia. at least 3 rockets have been fired from ethiopia into eritrea, potentially whitening the conflicts diplomats in the region say 2 of the rockets hit the main airports in eritrea as capital as mara. it comes on the 11th day of fighting between ethiopian government forces and leaders in the grey region disagree and people's liberation front had earlier threatens eritrea. mr. it was
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help that will conduct missile attacks to foil military movements in a smart rwanda. take every other kinds of measures of formal efforts to subjugate the take rate people inside secretly, or other places. well, the sci fi, l.f. of also admitted that they struck 1st switch problem since ethiopia, to launch that offensive in the region. they've also said that they were behind the rocket attacks on 2 airports in the neighboring. i'm hotter region. both sites are accused of atrocities that sepia left domani said coalition politics in ethiopia for 30 years before prime minister came to power in 2018, may have a doubt so as in the city of gondar on the border of the t.v. region and sent us this update tell us about that list 3 missiles have been fired from the very region to the capital at
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a tray, or 2 of those missiles hit the airport the international airport, while another one, it's a tall building housing, the ministry of information on a number of local media houses, but i witnessed this said that the missile that targeted the ministry of information did not actually hit its target. well outside the building. we don't have any word on casualties, but what we do know is that this is a huge escalation of the conflict that has been restricted to the borders of ethiopia, and particularly to the ticket i rejoined. now international borders. and it is something that could bring in at a train into the conflict very quickly because of the calls from ship prime minister ahmed of ethiopia, science of corkey, the president of the trade enjoy also the fact that to greece have absolutely
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no relationship and a long history of animosity with not just the president of the trip, but eritrea as a whole. this is huge by every measure. the science is of refugees have crossed over the past. we have a more we can, has more from the sea done ethiopia, forger, hundreds of refugees continue to arrive here at the border reception center. now the center is just about 2 kilometers away from the sudan. if you appear border in sudan's state and hundreds of refugees have been pouring in here in 200, a perception center with the number reaching up to 1000 just over the past few days alone. now most of them live in conditions like this out in the open with no shelter and no proper sanitation. and this is raising concerns among aid organizations here, especially medics. that this would create a health crisis. medics say that most of the people who are right suffer from chest
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infections as well as malaria infections due to exhaustion from traveling for days, skipping the fighting in the tigra region. most of the refugees was hoping to speak of the same horror saying that they have seen people being slaughtered, that they've seen aerial bombardments, which is made them fear for their lives and flee here to sudan seeking safety and seeking humanitarian aid. now, medics say that they are quite concerned about the number of refugees and the influx. they say that they're expecting more than 1000 over the coming days. and that's just here. and one day it's what a reception center sudan says that it's putting a total of up to 200000 in the coming week between here in kosovo state and out of state with both border if european and it's calling out for the international aid organizations to help respond to what it's calling is turning out to be a refugee crisis. well, william lawrence is a former u.s. diplomat, a professor of international affairs at george washington university. he says the rocket attacks on eritrea are more serious escalation in the conflict. the 1st
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thing that come to mind when i think about this is 1st worse usually store for one set of reasons, escalated for another set of reasons and then are settled on different terms than the original. the original work was started and also in this part of the world, any war is immediately or syrian crisis because of the situation. a lot of the people in the way the words are of and you've got a lot of different ethnic groups here. the fighting immediately effects sudan or tree of ethiopia in sort of counter-intuitive ways in some cases. and that's always there. you've got ethnic animosities, reconsiders, so almost anything as soon as the killing starts and the atrocities start on can spread to other areas rather quickly. it is going to deescalate eritrea doesn't really have a dog that might. and even though they share ethnic commonalities with their region,
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they're not politically ally or also. so, you know, if i am eritrea, i want to stay out of this is much of possible and prevent spillover as much as possible rather than jews. thousands of people are back on the streets over peru, protesting the dismissal of former president. carter demonstrations have been going on for days and are among the largest seen in 2 decades of this one person has been killed in the latest. some rest has been banned from leaving the country just days after being impeached amid allegations of corruption protests to say his removal is politically motivated. it's well, our correspondents, marianna sanchez, is in lima with more on what's behind this some rest. this is really about the legitimacy of this new interim government led by, man, we'll maybe know who is technically still the congress president and who is now
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leading the country and who has now named a new cabinet, a very conservative cabinet. does that people feel that it does not represent them, and people feel that this group of legislators, 105 who voted for the impeachment of discover, have really stolen the presidency. they say that they did not vote for this new interim government. and people are very angry. also because a lot of these congressmen, 68 of them are facing criminal investigations that go from homicide to abuse, to fraud, to money laundering. so people say that there's a group of, of thugs, really, that have taken over the government, that there is no independence of powers between the executive and legislative and that democracy is, is on the line. thousands
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of supporters of u.s. president donald trump have held a demonstration in washington. d.c. the courage, the protests and many echoed his claims of fraud jaring the presidential election. but as al-jazeera as rosalynn georgian reports, it's unlikely their enthusiasm will impact the results of the briefest glimpse of u.s. president donald trump just blocks from the white house props . motorcade drove past thousands of people gathered on pennsylvania avenue on saturday morning for what they called their 1000000 more. the protesters goal overturn the result of the november 3rd presidential election and give tromp a 2nd, 4 years in office. these demonstrators believe the media,
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the democratic party, and other sinister forces conspired to steal the vote from trump. my mission is to let the pretty country and especially people on board should we have not given up on the fact that there's irregularities in voting in your being picked every patriot who can hear my voice. it's a conspiracy being spread by some of the president's closest allies and lapped up by millions who have no control over our own destiny anymore. and so if there is a big corruption by finding and no media, and i say, oh, i mean literally on a.b.c.,, n.b.c. c.b.s., you know, going down the line. and just as quickly, being denied by elections, officials from coast to coast in georgia, officials say they've already reviewed about 20 percent of the ballots and have yet to uncover any evidence of voting fraud in pennsylvania. no plans to hold
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a recount because joe biden's victory is wide enough to avoid one. it may have felt good for trump supporters to rally for an end to the vote counting, but with 51 percent of the popular vote and at least $306.00 electoral college votes. it's going to be joe biden, who takes the oath of office at noon on january 20th. whether or not trump supporters like it. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera, the white house armenian state security says it's folden, assassination attempts on prime minister nicola police have arrested the former heads of state security and 2 others in connection with the plots. well, millions are angry with him for signing a cease fire with us or by chance and 6 weeks of fighting question, younis refusing to step down despite its large process, the peace deal gives up territory in lead to speech a region of the corner back to the as aries or ethnic armenians have been destroying their own homes,
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as they leave nagorno-karabakh before sunday's handover of lands to azerbaijan. still to come here on al-jazeera, a pandemic, a hurricane and endemic file. and smacks of course struggles in the face of multiple crises and the election that could say it's a new direction for moldova. hello, it's raining and snowing fairly heavily in afghanistan, but that's on its way through. and then if you follow the trail back to where it all started, it's always eastern med because from this part of the med right across iran into afghanistan, the flailing showers on the bottom end of these front systems that for example, in western india also produce showers down through the gulf. now at the moment
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they're very light, but they'll be around in kuwait, i think in particular during monday. and the light breeze suggested 27 degrees and our feel actually interestingly, huber's not been the case recently, but the seasonal rains are being pushed south all going south, big followed by the northeast monsoon, which means somalia is now a lot of dry place. same is true of ethiopia, whereas if you're in your study further, south toria, uganda, the rain is fairly heavy. the moment that's true, further west as well. it's the wet time of year. doris represents the coast to tanzania. been raining here for i think almost 2 weeks solidly, the light or moderate. that's correct for this time of year as well. for the size, seasonal stuff comes and goes at the moment in cape town's not very warm, sunny, 19 degrees for a disappointing but
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do you feel validated in south way? isn't it performative activism? let's go back to specifically you calling white supremacy. the lights are on. there's nowhere to hide. join me, richelle carey, is that the question? so my special guests challenge them to some straight talking political debate from britain on al-jazeera the earth or the or the or the the or our this is al-jazeera. our minds are over top stories. this hour, at least 3 rockets have been fired at every tree is capital in
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a major escalation of the conflict in northern ethiopia. earlier an official in ethiopia, stingray region, threatened eritrea and admitted its forces carried. there is an attack that spawn fighting with that is out of the protests on the streets of peru's capital return. violence follows the dismissal and replacement of former presidents. marty discard a demonstration. it's been ongoing for days and thousands of supporters of u.s., president. donald trump have been demonstrating in washington d.c., many echoes strums claims of false sure. in last week's election, multiple news outlets declared joe biden, as the projected winner european nations continue to struggle with the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic fronts in more countries to introduce even tougher restrictions. it's of the house reported more than 37000,
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new infections in the past 24 hours. another 544 people have died with the u.k. has reported nearly 27000 new cases, and another 462 deaths. and the death toll in poland has passed 10000 with a record high of 548, deaths reported on saturday, almost 2 thirds of the country's hospital beds are now all key points by covert patients. well, austria is moving from a nighttime curfew to a full lock zone for 2 and a half weeks starting on tuesday. more than one and a half 1000 new cases were reported on friday, a daily records 9 times the number at the peak of the 1st wave. mint bill. the sure usual, since you, nobody wants schools to be closed. nobody wants get strong army trade, tourism and culture to stand still, and nobody wants to be banned from meeting relatives, family members,
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parents and friends, especially up to christmas. but we must. and i am convinced of this, take this step together. so i ask you to help out over the next few weeks together, we can turn the tide because the more consistently we pull through this lockdown, the shorter we will need it to be summoned. the united states has set yes, another record for a new coronavirus cases, reporting more than 180000 infections in 24 hours. deaths are also rising fast, and hospital admissions are at their highest levels. yet some states have imposed a near complete shutdown in ahead of a major holiday. the u.s. centers for disease control has forecast that the death toll could jump by another 36000 in the next 4 weeks out to syria's role. reynolds is in los angeles with more on the challenges ahead. it's a very, very dire, very grim picture that we see all across the united states. as the
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winter weather begins to set in, people are no longer able to safely congregate outdoors in class, socially distance, distance manner. and it is the holidays coming up, which generally involve people gathering together in the family groups. and, you know, mixing households with that is also great concern and a lot of public health officials and political leaders around the country in the states and cities are calling on people to postpone or alter their traditional holiday celebrations. now all of this takes place as president donald trump has apparently walked away from any effort to actively manage the crisis or use the powers of the federal government to stem the spread of the virus. a newly published report in the washington post cites sources in the white house as saying
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that trump has not attended a meeting of the coronavirus task force in 5 months. this of course, makes the prospects for a president elect biden. much more difficult if the current administration does little or nothing to stem the spread, then biden will face a very serious and much more bleak picture. when he takes office as president, on january 20th, mexico has become the latest country to register 1000000, coronavirus infections, and saturday reported more than 5800 new cases, 675 deaths. officials in mexico city have imposed 15 days of tighter restrictions on bonus and restaurants reports in mexico, the staggering numbers. a reminder of the hue cost of the pandemic. more than 1000000 people have now been infected with the cobbett. 19 virus official figures
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say nearly 100000. people have died the 4th highest in the world after the united states india, brazil. i'm angry that after all we've lived through in this world, some still don't accept the reality. this really exists. we're not actors and the patients here are dying. having partially lifted restrictions, the authorities in mexico city have come down again, closing bars and restaurants for 15 days. the measures come after hospital admissions in the capital and surrounding areas rose from 20 to more than 100 a day. because it's important that everyone knows that the measures we're working with are vital in stopping this outbreak from growing in the the battle against the pandemic is being fought in the context of continuing violence across mexico. both criminal and political. these residents in better crews demanding justice after their mayor was kidnapped and killed because investigators were asking that they
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investigate this terrible murder the murder of our colleague, which should not go unpunished. we hold the national government directly responsible for this. while in the southern state of tabasco, they're clearing up and trying to rebuild their lives after being hit by hurricane eta why should i go to the shelter so i can get infected? no, it doesn't make sense. they don't think about that about the covert infections. many of us just want to stay with our family, us over some institutions are still open to the public, albeit in a limited way. they include mexico city's famous anthropology museum for performer, and we have to get used to the new norm. and we can't think things are like they used to be and getting used to it means that we should be very respectful of the right of others to be healthy. it's world renowned collection of ancient art and artifacts providing a poignant reminder of life as it was long before the pandemic struck. that
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al-jazeera thousands of protesters have again gathered outside prime minister binyamin netanyahu is official residence, calling on him to resign. protests have been going on for months now. i demonstrators say he's unfit to lead. why he's on trial for corruption charges. is also anger over his handling of the pandemic, which is hits israel's economy. as a yahoo has dismissed the protest as, as anarchists and leftists. rival factions in libya have agreed to hold nationwide elections in december next year. the decision was announced at the u.n. sponsored talks in tunis, delegates are negotiating the appointment of an interim government's military represent says, have also been meeting in syria, it's in central libya. they're discussing the implementation of a cease fire deal signed last month of the train ascends as this report from the libyan city of misurata. now we just heard that the head of the high council of
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state called initially welcomed a date set for elections. but i think a lot of libyans here are also skeptical that elections can actually take place. we saw elections the polity. elections take place here in misrata in september, others over 35 minutes, the polities scheduled to hold elections in western libya before the end of the year. but as far as national elections, there's, a lot of skepticism as in terms of if they can take place. now the u.n. the u.n. has, has said that this is a breakthrough. but also what, what the libyans have discussed so far is the general general kind of general issues coming up, for instance, you know, to stop the bloodshed, to unify all the state institutions to hold elections. but what they're discussing now is appointing a new government and presidential council. and this is where things are likely to get a little bit more a visit. because in western libya, after seen as
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a war criminal, he has failed military campaign, cause over 125000 homes have been destroyed. hundreds of thousands were displaced. many died in the fighting. so any government that is seen to be pro have to, might be refused here in western libya and vice versa. any, any government that's seen as pro western libya might be refused by eastern libya. so really the next day or 2 is as is really going to tell us whether or not the u.n. sponsored talks will be able to come out with a real political solution in libya. reporters without borders is cautiously welcomes a decision by egypt's released 5 journalists from prison. that says much more needs to be done, only to have them have actually been let go. dozens remain behind bars. last month, a group of american and european politicians cold on president of just sisi to
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believe activists, lawyers, journalists, and prisoners of conscience. one of those journalists says al-jazeera is mahmoud hussein. he has now been held in an egyptian prison for more than $1400.00 days without charge or trial. his detention is in violation of both egyptian and international law that rolled over is set for a presidential election runoff on sunday, after no candidate won a majority in the 1st round for a russian incumbent, eager to adorn as of the games pro e.u. opposition candidates. maya sons, who has been a bitter campaign and so the guy eagle reports now from the capital kiss, you know, a final cheer from the party faithful. the supporters of the socialists giving their candid it incumbent president in court on. 2 the reassurance that he has their vote from the old guard to the younger generation and mulled over that.
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don is moscow's man. and has campaigned on close relations with russia. he says the country will fare best united under his vision, problems and sisters. we have something to lose. moldova has something to lose. we must all be united together. ok, he sieve enough message, but not one for his political rivals. i want opponents got cocky and now they're gagging for a punch in the face. past the only language they understand, that's why we need to be hard on them. i mean, also i may be feeling a lot. i mean here you have them here. i miss ali, but he's also lost in the you have a lot of this question is do not vote for you. this is the candidate who has given cause for concern by a sound to the leader of the action and solidarity party in
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a campaign which has seen her being maligned for being among other things. a woman with pro-west and political ideals, she says what moldova needs is a marked change from the problems that have held it back. i hope that people will believe in it because there has been so much disappointment in the past. we have had such an opportunity to so i was a 9 when there was a massive support for european political parties. and then these parties, unfortunately disappointed people because they got into correction. reforming one of europe's poorest countries has been a challenge that has defied previous leaders, corruption and poverty are the main concerns. there is also a demographic crisis caused by tens of thousands of people leaving to work in other countries every year. but it means that the moldova diaspora is an important voting bloc, and it's reflected in the numbers of people who mostly live and work in the west.
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over the last 4 years, almost 150000, small citizens fled the country. because the way how this country is governed and the fact that this, despite the fundamental along felt motivated, their participation definitely shows the link with the country and that with the future of this country. this is a decisive election of moldova. it's a battle for its political soul, a choice that could see its ideals, staying east with all that russia can offer, or go west for a different view. so when i go al-jazeera, now archaeologists in egypt seminaries, the major discovery more than 100 years wooden coffins with well preserved mummies . well with dozens of gilded statues of ancient goats, or this is the discovery was announced in a car right next to a parent. as andrew shapiro reports buried
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beneath the sand for 2 and a half 1000 years. a breathtaking slice of egyptian history is revealed more than what the car is that you have bought from all of them. but how does that mean that all of you and more of the 4, whom are that you can open the door? with? with pride, archaeologists say the objects belong to the wealthiest of citizens. most of them are covered in gold. more than 40 statues of ancient gods and funerary masks were found alongside them, and it's thought the massive burial site just south of cairo, has far more in store in 5. and he was, the real surprise is that there is a workshop for making wooden coffins of mummies. where is it? we haven't discovered it yet, but we are expecting to find it by 2021. my fellow,
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archaeologists and i are working on this sucker is home to more than a dozen pyramids and burial sites. it was a cemetery for the ancient egyptian capital of memphis and is now a unesco world heritage site. the finds will go on display at 4 museums, including the granta gyptian museum, which is due to open next year. it's hoped the mummies will bring visitors for tourism sector left reeling by years of political unrest. and now the corona virus pandemic, and, or chapell al jazeera this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. at least 3 rockets have been fired at eritrea's capital. in a major escalation of the conflict in northern ethiopia. earlier an official in ethiopia, seagrave region threatened eritrea and admitted that.


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