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tv   Up Front  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2020 5:30am-6:01am +03

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whether or not it will be in front of a capacity, $80000.00 crowns. depends on how quickly this pandemic passes. joining us rasika al jazeera you can find much more on our website. the address for that is out 0 dot com. and these are the top stories. republican party leaders from the u.s. state of michigan say they're not aware of any information that would change joe biden's electoral victory that they should a statement after meeting with president trump saying the state certification process should be free from threats and intimidation. ellen fisher has more from the white house. well, it's not a great couple of hours for the campaign and those around him. i hope they can overturn the results either by taking legal action or by getting legislators to
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not follow the normal procedure. so this meeting, we don't know exactly what happened in the meeting, but the statement afterwards from the 2 senior republicans from michigan certainly indicate they heard nothing from donald trump. that would change the result of the election in michigan. and that they are going to press ahead. the united nations is warning of a humanitarian crisis in northern ethiopia says more than 2000000 children are at risk from fighting in tikrit aid agencies in neighboring sudan are planning for as many as 200000 refugees. if european government forces, meanwhile, say they've taken 2 major towns, the u.n. secretary general has warned that yemen is inching closer to the world's worst famine in decades. and setting its arrows call for immediate action to stave off a catastrophe. yemenis are already suffering after more than 6 years of war. the terrorists reduce relief and currency are obstructing efforts to avert
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a famine. ugandan opposition politician bobby wine has been released on bail after being charged over actions likely to spread coronavirus. least 37 people have died in the protests sparked by his arrest on wednesday the united states recorded 2015 coronavirus deaths on it's the 1st time in its daily death toll has crossed the 2000 mark since may. meanwhile, pharmaceutical company and its german part, the biotech emergency authorization in the united states for the 1000 vaccine. the u.s. health secretary described the move as the light at the end of the tunnel. if the request is approved, vaccine could be available within weeks. those are the headlines. the news continues here on out as breaks through when people need to be heard. and this story needs to be told that having been in areas
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with a high infection rate, with exclusive interviews and in-depth, see people here tell us they are desperate. here at home, al-jazeera has teams on the ground what kind of lasting impact this 2nd lockdown would have to bring new movie, documentaries, and lightning last year. if the o.p.'s prime minister won the nobel peace prize, now he's waging war in the countryside, north. what happened to democracy and who's to blame allies? 2, senior officials from both sides of the conflict in this week's upfront special. and just a few weeks, a power struggle in ethiopia between prime minister and the rebellious teenager,
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a region of the country's north as escalated into armed conflict. earlier this month, the government launched air raids on t. gray after it accused its leaders to tikrit people's liberation front or p.l.f. of attacking a military base. the t.p.o. left denies the attack, but with communications down and video barred. it's impossible to verify claims made by each side. now 100 supported killed tens of thousands fleeing to neighboring sudan and t.p.s. missile attacks on eritrea's capital. there are fears the conflict could spill beyond borders and trigger, a humanitarian crisis. joining me to defend at explain the t.p.o., let's position is best to samer, an advisor to the regional state government of tikrit and former ambassador to the u.n. . mr. fess out to same. i thank you so much for joining me on outfront. thank you for having me. so you're a member of the people's liberation front, the t p l f, which ruled ethiopia for almost 30 years until 2018. when i became the prime minister. now your party has been basically feuding with him ever since then. or
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now the situation has deteriorated into war bombings, massacres, rockets fired into eritrea and deepening ethnic divisions. what happened to democracy for this show for did not rule for the city. for the last 30 years that has to be accorded to you or the dominant party though or if it was a dominant, it must stop being because it was a prime minister who was dominated the party because of his intellect and what have you. but that's a lot the whole world wants to believe that tippit and some minority under 76000000, people who are dominating if you up there. but i beg to differ that if it is not administering any part of the country except its own region, how to set of to did bad things happen for the 27 units. yes. i'd call that an
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i.v. didn't come out of nowhere. he was a member of the leadership, he was a member of the central committee executive committee, head of the national security. what have you before including that took care of and the other affiliated parties. and i'm going to say the idea if i did accept that responsibility and they wanted to do for me, we stick with taking the development out for it in a feat. but what he just said earlier, the shortcomings in the problems that we have. why did i view, do he believe? is the program of the country on the ticket? if he demolished the fair that allowed him to mint egypt eyes in multinational country. we have an out of intimate affair that i listed. even if you want to do that, you have to go through the corners to should he divided his political thinking among what you call us friends that are to make versus you need to state it so that if you had a fuse to participate in this kind of what you have going for the last century or
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so, and so you can sense it. ok. and some of these things that you are saying are valid concerns. and we plan to put that to the other gas that we have and speaks on behalf of the government. i have more questions for you in the meantime. so the team p.l.s. had an opportunity to join the unity government and december and, and you did and you turned it down why? because the political party is pro sort of the party you need to appeal. this policy is a unique to the state. he is getting read off the faded out of enjoyment. again, it's just you should that to feel if paid over 60000 feet is due to young people. i guess it does to getting avalos. the fear that i didn't order mission and nationality should big have an exam. so the 4 weeks ahead of both is how yes, you know them are either you have just photocopied what he wants to be. no free that or not and you meant so there's a bit of said no, it's not me,
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we're not. so you're saying i have 40 people i say are saying that he felt that it wasn't in your party's best interest. i'm actually glad that you brought up eritrea . let's talk about that right now, because there is a concern that what is happening between abby's government and the t.p. left could spiral beyond ethiopia's borders. this past weekend that spokesperson pataki read it confirmed that the team had fired rockets on quote, military targets. not anything, but in eritrea on the capital asmara. that certainly seems reckless. what is the goal. 'd what is too great trying to accomplish, doing this to eritrea? let me tell you about the background to a fair trial and the current situation in which you appear to it could be for us to see 1st answer. the question just what it was. i am going to answer the question, but you have to have the background. what has happened is, you know, the current and the period if you did fight side by side
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to get rid of the court order to move to a city jim into war. and in 1908, is how yes opened a war against you. taking a border issue as an excuse. he was defeated and he has a good idea is that they're going to be put in the to be in if, because that time. but i missed it was in each of the defense forces where mainly the how of the 100. so i said i could afford it. you're giving, let me finish. so for 20 years he has said, i hate to destabilize and didn't know they would you that i side by side, what we have thanks. crossing the border before that to fear. if there isn't, i was thinking closer party seeking regime change and to destabilize eritrea. it is not, it is not there to feel if it's business secure. that is human. i was, it is protecting itself. i do, you know, it's only what we say. yes. yes,
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i just did it because you can confirm it from the sources of the south sudan government. he has asked the 450000 soldiers to defeat, to go to the border that the forces into that incited to go back. they had to destroy the border town number. so i guess it added into so them ok, so eritrea, so i would, i get you have your time. so just a moment eritrea does deny that i want to talk now more about the human toll about what is happening. amnesty international confirmed that likely hundreds of people were either stabbed or hat to death and make in the region almost 27000, people have fled the country. hundreds of people are dead. families are being traumatized. thousands of people are homeless. is all of this worth it for the fight for autonomy? enough not to single last resort us into so few months or so. but it is the target
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and people are defending themselves against to a tyrant. ready. they didn't of course no border. they did not fight, they did not to be you completely one just people and this is if it should be, it should be in the cushions of the people based on national community desire to have a license to own citizens. so it's very good to decide is a very strong word in a lot of what's happening in the region. unfortunately, it's very difficult to confirm because the region is so is so cut off. but just to be clear, when you say something like that, you talk about the outside world. what happens at the t.v. left cannot count on khartoum to facilitate links to the outside world as it has in
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the past. i mean land lot as landlocked, pardon me, between the rest of ethiopia, eritrea and sudan. the really is not a lot of connection to the outside world, but khartoum is not in the same position that it has been in the past to facilitate any of this. what happens to the tepee, a lot of it cannot count on khartoum to facilitate that. what's happening? first of all, if i am telling you, if you doubt, and if it is not true, you should ask the international community. the media like the b.b.c. to be out allowed to go into the ground to get our it is completely equal, not off. there is nothing that's come out that governments have the afghan hound because they have the media because international relation is. but this shouldn't come out one of the states, i am sure, including by international media. the international community should call for an immediate cessation of hostilities and all part of the should come to no wishing to have been there has to be a money set and quoted or suffer. are you concerned that this could erupt into
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a proxy war? it is already under, you know, war i just told to editor i was there, you have said that about eritrea. eritrea has denied that. are you still concerned that it could become broader than that? there is a possibility of gulf rivalries being ignited. how concerned are you about that? it is already there. you know, if you, if they're trying to deny, and i said, look, i am here to new york talking to many countries. they do have their own sites and i think they know many constitutional what's happening as of egypt, they guess want to look the other way. so editor is involved. he just sunk into if you don't take my word for it, i ask for they took piano government to allow you to go to 2 that are really going to tell me what they are. what is the end goal for the t.p. l.f.? what is it that you want for ethiopia that to get out of people who wanted to live in peace as you call it was a risk to 110000000 to a pianist no more nor less. they went to
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a new set of themselves. they were not accept that tight on the government dictating them like it was happening the last 3 days. snuffy. so it is out of me. they have been doing this out for 2527 years. they don't want to give up on that. believe me, that ryssdal, if you can't be honest, also want to do that, they guess don't to have this strong defense, that the guy people know for now has this government has weak killing the omo. so what life does for 2 and a half years it took to have been known for this before that a spiritual is to leave was in ethiopia, so long as they had a suspect, as if cultivators respected, they couldn't be satisfied in the state. ok, i want to ask you one last question. what is your message to the people? ethiopia beyond t, great people are scared, and some of them might even say that this conflict is about a power struggle between the elites and has nothing to do with them. what's your
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message to them? the foster my duty to you if you're a pianist, no venue where this is not the parser going to court, it's the violence that killing half the displacement has been you know, all part in all of that. if you're about to get out for the last 2 years, we've both to come to a negotiating table. people are suffering, people are dying and there for there to feel if he's ready to do that, government is ready, source that inclusion for their political thinking that has to participate. we need to go toward negotiations and come out of the political solution. otherwise, yes, this is good. i know by many standards just too strong. the national academies for special forces from a very stiff mobilized ivy, but they have no 2 exams to live that have a history that will be the final word. that's a to say my thank you so much for joining us on a project. next up,
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i'm joined by zytiga, prague. prime minister. i'll be at metz minister in charge of democratisation who until last year was actually a member of the t.p. l.f. himself. so take a broad thank you for joining me on up front. a year ago, it is obvious, prime minister blair was awarded the nobel peace prize at the time. this is what he said. it's very striking. he said, war is the epitome of hell for all involved. i know because i was there, and back. now he is bombing part of his own country. the country is on the brink of civil war. what happened? well, see years ago the people of ethiopia now spokeo, you know, if you have the kind of, you know forth, if you get it better, still to believe was given the chance to believe it was too good to be here. this isn't right in the city of joining the ruling party. and then you
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can use this go isn't, let's talk about how things have escalated so far and how to deescalate that. and so the u.n. secretary general and tony, good terrorists, actually called for immediate measures to deescalate tensions and ensure a peaceful resolution to the dispute. the t.v. regional president has publicly appealed to the african union to mediate this conflict. yet abhi outlet has refused offers of mediations. he says, this is an internal affair and it, and assuring the rule of law, why won't the prime minister allow mediators for one thing, we have to be part of this initiative. them to be forces of change for the past 3 years, to believe choice to be here. and i don't know that better let, well, let me out in that many of the families of the, just a moment in the day. you know, that was all of us just a moment though, why, why won't the prime minister allow mediators well, you know, who will, who,
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which government would see in the, which is we see don't in which it was a terrorist group that chose to kill our school. because we had to do it to defend it against people from any force for you know, the mission, is this government when it comes to peace cannot be questioned. we are the ones that are suited to get a loan, to maybe to eat it too good. it is the potential so to do this piece today of how this is normal and to question, oh, i'm going to go into a wedding, just a momentous madisonian. you call them a terrorist group. that's a very, very harsh language, a group of which you were recently just a part of. but are you saying that there's no way to have any type of dialogue? the prime minister is a nobel prize winner. are you saying that he cannot sit down with this fellow country men be at the, the t.p.s. later to sort out some sort of nonviolent solution. he spoke with eritrea and work things out. is there not a way for him to deal with, with regional governments that something that he has to tell if spokesperson is
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even called for this article out of her countrymen, the people choice to shoot him, the full head of household? yes, i do sleep. these people try to loot and how doing that that would have meant to put it off people from any place you put in addition, this season, it is in this act of maximum sort one that one can possibly imagine. you cannot sit down, you cannot be asked what i did, but in the sound that you had serious, serious allegations about that. but the un human rights chief has warned that the situation could spiral out of controls that war crimes may already have been committed. more than 2 27000 refugees have fled to sid and mc international supported large numbers, potentially hundreds of deadly hackings in an stabbings. integrate just last week,
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whichever side is responsible and a lot of this is very difficult to confirm from, from either side because of a blackout there. whichever side of responsible are you saying that that a dialogue to stop this is just completely off the table and that it has to be force to give it in order to move the party that believes even as a, as a form that he said i know this because a country and that is not going to be easy simply trying to bait so that it will be needed to have what is it going to be? so the military increases the citizens. but you know, this is a serious thing. is it's going to be disdained by any standard. you know, if you call that a terrorist group, and i do want to point out that you are not willing to sit down with the representative from the team for a debate on this program. that's why we're conducting these separate one on one
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interviews. but i do want to put some of the allegations against the prime minister from the t.v. tail off to you because they are very, very serious. so folks, per cent, call the prime minister, a violence entrepreneur who is using security forces to suppress dissent, kill and maim hundreds of people at will and to incarcerate and to jail thousands of opposition. members, what is your response to that claim that the lady is ok? these 2 to the family. so how do i should you know if you're going to be the one going to the house, you know, you can. how about for the past 70 years here against i thought for a while to see but, and they haven't created enough chances, but every chance it's got a bullet in me. can we say what mr. junta needs the sun?
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if you're, if you're going to determine, you know, how to make it what it was a bit democracy, a democratic sexes, what do you get into it? i said, is there a way to let you know he's ok? that's exactly becoming ok. hold on, hold on. well, but just a moment, it's not just a t.v. a left though. that is saying things like that that is concerned that abby is going pretentiously in an authoritarian direction. ethiopia's own human rights commission, said the country detained, more than 9000 people between may and august. after protests broke out on the road here, regent, a prominent activist, was dragged by police from his bed in the middle of the night as he slept next to his pregnant wife, abby's biggest challenger trauma hominess in prison on charges of terrorism. this is not just coming from the t.p. l f. well, this is if we don't, we would have brought in new willfully for this. we've got it. we were briefed on has brought about its losers and winners there. the people that's built on
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a democratic endeavor is not going to make the move and they're trying to become a roadblock to making it here. and it won't accept us, don't 100. if you see his case, it's because of who his b. day are presiding over the case. so we cannot make a full assessment. but if you see, once again, president easier and president journalists and opponents, it's not something that just happens because you're trying to do business on the phone. and this is a matter of the rule of law respecting, easy cues of those committed a crime, you're talking about one person. i said 9000. people were in jail. i said 9000. people die number has to be but still the, the forces were brought in this country. it is your own human rights commission. that is saying that 9000 number. this is this commission is on its own, this commission. but it doesn't mean we have to constrain the numbers. there's
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a report from human rights watch and ethiopia's own human rights commission that says that to gray and say that they are being targeted based on their ethnicity. i'm not talking about the leadership that there are specific incidents of to great and saying that they are being singled out and targeted based on their ethnicity. what do you say about that? i don't want to, i don't want us 6000000 to gran's. only 10 or 20 of these people are brought to it immediately. and so go to a court of law on the on own ground solutions of corruption. so no, no, i'm not. and i'm not talking about being arrested. i'm talking about people saying that they are been suspended from their job that they're not being allowed to fly. the that's not the case. this government does not discriminate in one building and it's messy so that this government is going to use this. i guess this are you for a suspect? so are you saying that what they're saying is not true and can you not at least
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condemn it? you know, if i'm telling you there are people within hours, television and that are connected with the pair of it. and we've got to take a city many years without that there is no indiscrimination, disc, indiscriminate, the 2nd is the games business. what the government stands for. what action to be condemned for the time, stacey's, and same it is essential that has been done here in ethiopia. feet, but just to be clear, the ethiopian human rights commission has received what they consider to be valid complaints from people. and that they have learned that a justified risk or threat or fear of ethnic profiling. and discrimination has risen. that is directly from the human rights commission and her own country. you're still saying that it's not happening. i don't know, as i said that there are people that are connected with. it believes that she meant that if you mean you said it was people other ways, it is no indiscriminate. the 2nd experience. if that is,
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if you eat butter made it if easy, no trying to get it. he's trying to accuse us of it in the profession. so there are a lot of forcefully for to say, i would say, as i mentioned earlier, the prime minister is a nobel prize winner for has efforts in bringing peace to the region. the conflict that is happening now, not only threatens ethiopia, but also neighboring sudan, eritrea somalia. how worried are you and the prime minister about that? a prime minister who says he's about peace, that's wrong. this is a domestic issue that us, this is, you know, we need to sort of image is he can't, you know, when i'm out of it, what happens in ethiopia does have a trickle down effect on other countries in the region. yes, it does. but is the prettiest, but when it comes to this, why are we let me tell you, carry on. you know,
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the state of the proclamation that we live eat is only applicable in this conflict is not even politically known. so there is no, so it is in ethiopia because we are, there are thousands of people. there are thousands of people that are fleeing going to neighboring sabbat. this is something that we are going to, and this is sort of, you know, people, if is a reason behind the decision. and one of a good to be this was the reason behind this term. it between the 2 days due to be india for it for more than 2 kids today. what is your message to people? not just to gran's, to, to everybody. people are scared, they are living in fear, and some would even say that this conflict is about a power struggle between people that are not connected to their lives. this is another power struggle. this is trying to flow into
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that is resisting that is trying to me and i learned of it as something to change. and i don't know what are you don't have the constitution, which is the laws and that's the case. and all the people we all sat down part and parcel of the struggle. and the same things we saw with the south course of if you can, people including the people that will be the final word. so they can prop, thank you so much for joining us. on upright. thank you. thank you. and that is our show for now. i'll be back next week. frank assessments, if american public opinion pieces betrayed by social media platforms after november . what would be the bigger causes and if you believe that there are corrosive to
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our democracy, one obvious solution is to bring about informed opinion. look at checkers, don't go anywhere. the protesters all go anywhere, either with the bullet, with their revolution. in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines. who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera from the al jazeera london pool path and in conversation with the american state that they've completely unprompted uninterrupted. all of these, these divisions of the working class of working people, they keep us from realizing our collective power, morally crapola, need to make. then, if you obey the market for 30 years, you begin to work and believe it has power over the last few years beyond crypted on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you are bringing you the
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news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera republican legislators from michigan meet donald trump, but say there is no new information that would change the election results in their state. hi there, i'm just on the attack and this is al jazeera live from. also coming up. protests turned violent in brazil after a black man is based in to death by security guards outside a supermarket. as there is celebrating, taking back districts that armenia had controlled for decades. but that leaves tens of thousands of grieving the loss of land for.


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