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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. hello, i'm sam is there than this is the news hour live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes degrades. leaders vow to fight on this by the theo, korean government saying it's taken control of the regional capital. dozens of farm workers killed in northeastern nigeria in the worst attack in months, blamed on concerns in bangladesh as many migrant workers hit. hard by the pandemic arrive back home without wages,
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physically tortured or in coffins. scientists warn a lack of satellites could leave the world blind to changes in the arctic and antarctic because of global warming. and how much and i have all the sport. former world heavyweight champion mike tyson makes his return to the boxing ring at the age of $54.00 fighting out a draw against fellow legend jones jr. in an exhibit that we begin this news hour with the conflict in ethiopia is to grow a region where there are contradictory claims being made by opposing sides. you see the head of the to gray in people's liberation front, or t.v. . l.f. is vowing to fight on despite the prime minister declaring victory in a 3 week military operation. on saturday, the theo, p. n. army announced it had gained full control,
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the regional capital mccallum. but the government says it's still searching for 2 p.l.f. leaders. in another development, the u.s. state department says 6 explosions were heard in the eritrean capital. as mara, it's been no claim of responsibility to graze forces could firm firing missiles at the city just under 2 weeks ago. the u.n. says it's concerned about unconfirmed reports of violence against nearly 100000 eritrean refugees living in gray. they're also set to run out of food by monday. so you is the spokeswoman for the ethiopian prime minister's office. she joins us on skype from this out of the good to have you with us. so we understand the prime minister, of course is victory. is this conflict over though? so one thing that we have to understand is not, this is not necessarily a victory that this is a conclusion of the military aspect of the rule of law enforcement operations that
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have been underway for the past few weeks. so the rule of law measures in other components will continue as well. now, this is over to the federal police to seize an apprehend those that are perpetrators and culpable for the gross atrocities that have been committed over the past 3 weeks. all right, but does that mean you're saying if i can just break down some of the terminology or using there? are you saying military operations? not operations by police. military operations are over, as far as you're concerned, is the government. part of the declaration of the prime minister was the commander in chief of the armed forces. he did announce yesterday that the military intervention is concluded. and now the reports that we're getting as of this morning within michaela's city, is that people are being highly cooperated. and there has been a full control of key public infrastructure is including the airport, as well as the regional government offices, hospitals as well. so right now,
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the national defense forces and their security, their compatriots are colleagues, are in the process of stabilizing the city and doing checks, just to make sure that there is not any elements who are utilizing the smallman to create any of the controversy. let me just show you quoted, you said as part of the announcement by the prime minister military operations are over, but the t.p. leaders are still at large. they say this fight goes on. can you put your hand on your heart and say, you're sure these guys have not been storing up weapons or hiding somewhere in the, mountains, or going to launch a guerrilla kind of warfare. while at the p.p.l., it is quite renowned for saying a lot of fabricated issues, so i cannot corroborate, on their behalf what they have been skewed to the international community. i'm saying all unusual that are you sure that you are not, that this is not going to turn into a guerrilla warfare. they could be hiding out in areas within the vicinity of
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mckinley saw part of the clearing process going to be done within the outskirts of mckinley and nicholas city. as of today, as well as for the next few days, is ensuring that these checks are going to also be looking at any of these people that have a lead. but with the national defense forces and the security sector, having taken control of the gray region and states, there is enough security forces that are able to apprehend whoever might be on the way. so if i translate what you said, it sounds like you're saying this could still, the region could still witness some kind of hit and run guerrilla warfare by these guys, right? that's not what i'm saying. so governor warfare component of this is part of the history that they have enjoyed with all guards as well. there is a popular support for this kind of thing within the region that people have to go to have been exhausted for so many years. and in fact, over the past 3 years,
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what you would see is that there's been quite an economic devastation and social know the station is one because the p.l.f. a click has been gearing them for this moment. a lot of services and a lot of attention that needs to be paid in terms of provide for lazing. the people whose lives in the region has not been paid do with attention to saw there. isn't that that initiation for anybody to charge the reward for what you're saying, but at this point, we don't believe that there is any chance of that. and if there was, it would be also wild with the national defense forces and the security imperative that's being set up. what you say to allegations government shelling has killed and wounded a lot of civilians. that's not something that's corroborated because as you can see, the entry into the belly has been with the least amount of civilian damage. and in fact, a lot of civilians have been, as i stated earlier, supportive within mechanistically and as well as all of the other cities as well. one thing that we have tried to make clear before as well is the reason that this
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operation has taken a little bit more time than it was supposed to is because the national defense forces, strategically have been avoiding towns and cities to avoid civilian casualties. so they've been weathering rough to raise, and anybody who's familiar with that region does understand that it's quite a heavy terrain in the area. so they've been cutting across all of that. and also with all of the public infrastructure and other forms of infrastructure, you're all out here, look at destroying what will you be their way out of harm's way for civilian sake, right. so if that's the case, it sounds like from your perspective, the government has nothing to hide. will you allow journalists into the area, journalists that we have not been not allowed to go in. one of the things that we have to be clear about is that while the so this is an area that's under a state of emergency, so there is a security threat. that's why a state of emergency was an act that constitutionally so a security threat to means that the federal government,
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whoever that they're sending into the region needs to be protected as one journalist international journalists have been also going to the areas under federal commitment have been reporting in those areas. all right, but our correspondent, i believe, has been in touch with you will you let him in? because as you just said, the conflict is over and you don't think there's any chance of guerilla warfare. so it sounds like security is not a major concern with you. our correspondent, as i mentioned to you, the state of emergency has got its own command chain as well, that it's under a command post at the gregg region as well. so entry to that area is going to be something that's administered through the command post. so these requests are coming in. the government has got a clear request mechanism that they're handling through that your print broadcast authority, as well as relevant government entities. so through that process, within due time and ensuring the security of people going to that region, there would be no reason not to allow journalists, as well as humanitarian assistance actors to enter the area. i can interpret what
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you said. so basically, you don't know, you can't tell us when you're allowed journalist, i'd say about a charitable, i mean, i did not say that you are misinterpreting what i said. what i said is the area and humanitarian area that's in the area that's under a state, the former agency within a federal, within the command structure. when we've got a state of emergency, i'll be listening in as i'm seeing there in the process of securing the area as well. so once that is through, within the next few days, i can't specify and tell you this because this is something that's waiting to be entertained and approved by the state of emergency command post. this is an area that is under a high security threat. that's why there is a skater from urgency, so we need to follow the new procedures and not expand this into other issues. final question, have eritrean troops ever been involved in the fighting? this is an allegation that has been made by the t.p.s. . as i tried to make to clear to you earlier on, as one were very familiar with various kind of fake propaganda that has been spewed
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. one of the key factories that is close by to mckinley city is one which is called textiles. there has been intelligence from military intelligence showing that there has been military uniforms, including the national defense forces. i think you're going to retrieve that have been manufactured there. now this factory for the past 20 something years has been the sort of provider and manufacturer of military apparel within the country. so military intelligence is indicating that they might have already been manufacturing these uniforms to insinuate that there is for an engagement in the celtic ation. or thank you very much for your time and for your particular elements, not me. so you let's get more now from malcolm webb is monitoring developments from the kenyan capital nairobi. and i'm sure malcolm, as you heard there, the government side is saying military operations are over. they don't think
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there's any chance of this turning into a guerrilla warfare. what are you hearing? what is the world hearing from leaders at large? who are to be allowed to said that it's going to continue the fight. and then there are certainly questions about where the t.p.a. left leadership are now. and also what's happened to the reportedly tens of thousands of fighters that until at least just a few days ago, they controlled and also the substantial military resources they controlled as well . but this conflict has been brewing for several months. that certainly potentially could have given them time to hide some of this military hardware in the mountains, in the region in these mountains. certainly they know very well. their existence began in the 1970 s. when they formed the insurgency and successfully overthrew ethiopian government of the time in 1991. so they know this, terry, well, certainly is concerned that they could wage guerrilla warfare from their time is going to tell thanks so much malcolm where funerals have been held for
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dozens of farmers killed while working in rice fields in. nigeria's north east. local officials blame boko haram fighters for murdering at least 43 people. some were tied up before being slaughtered at least 6, others were injured. 8 are missing after the attack near my duty. nearly 2 and a half 1000000 people have been displaced by more than a decade of violence in the region. appen addressed joins us now live from the capital and 1st of all. this is being blamed on bucket. have we heard any claim of responsibility though, from anyone and no claim of responsibility yet, but the way the victims who are cured, of course showed that boko haram probably be, is the main suspect in this the or was about a mighty start very far from my degree and in all cases in over the last 10 years,
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what we've noticed with boko haram, when they were losing ground to the nigerian military, attacking a community coos to a military base or close to a very heavily populated area. would subtly draw attention with the choice of weapons. that's anti aircraft guns and make it $47.00 in this case. but what i would go into a community use nice and machetes and cut down their victims, and that's exactly what happened. and that's the reason why civilian or the local militia that's been supporting the military and realize that this could be boko haram and with 8 missing book quote, i'm has recently lost a lot of members and they are under recruiting drive both in the lake chad region and in nigeria, and particularly i don't buy the area and make a great solve that been known to abduct highways and picked up passengers from buses and taxis and run into the bushes with them. so basically,
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from all indications, it looks like the act was committed by boko haram. any idea of why and farmlands might be attacked well, but what i mean is never distinguished between civilians and military targets. yes, at the start of the cup being 11 years ago, they were aided to fight security forces and government officials attacking them. but of recent we've seen retaliatory attacks and what's, what's curious or what's interesting about this latest development is that those people who were killed by book kwara in the latest round of violence, actually not from my degree. they traveled more than 1000 kilometers to get to a degree, to earn a living, to, to walk in the fields, to, to get money to send to their families. and then they ended up being killed that way. so boko haram has targeted both civilians and community and the security
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forces. and in this case we've, we've seen and heard of boko haram imposing levies and taxes on farmers who who are planting their fields or harvesting crops. and in this case, they were harvesting rice from applied to field outside my degree, not far away from a degree some 2530 kilometers away. so basically, what book or i mean straight to do apart from killing security forces is trying to ground economic activities in the northeastern areas they are attacking or where they are. if their presence is my friend. all right, thanks so much. i did research there from a butcher. is an analyst at the tony blair institute for global change. he joins us on skype from london. good to have you with us. so about this lady think we're seeing in nigeria does it indicate to you if it is responsible, as it seems, a lot of people are drawing that conclusion from the type of attack it would
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indicate the bucket is far from defeated as officials have claimed in the past sure. the identity of the target, so yes, all the hallmarks of a book, i don't until it is the prime suspect. and maybe most supposition that we might see a clip of what tomorrow and you are right about this. if this is facebook, i don't, it is very likely to be it is and that's ip mind that what we're continuously, emulated. red x., which any communities in nigeria government keeps claiming that it is but and has on ground continuous contradict the government's claim that i don't feel that what i say also say about security forces and their ability to control the situation. are they losing control of the duty forces are
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obviously losing this war and this particular attack and others we have seen in the last 8 months also went out at a time where i doubt that the product of the security forces constructed last year, which is strange 19 was the deadliest year for security forces. it seems the more such about $800.00 security forces were cute, must be in the 1st outlets. i'm going up against competing forces. they're not even military. in particular, i responded by changing so activity in the war and into these what they called the super construct it by which they withdrew soldiers from remote communities and rural areas. and concert he did to them what they called super comms, would have to use many to fit toilet seats. undistracted the sexy get in, reduce immediately get toiletries. but decided to get rid of that is that in
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nigeria, the military effectively seize control and said, i never controllable. who are not true or imaginary article. i don't fight it. i'm doubtful. they mount points. we'll know when we saw one farmers yesterday. we'll, i'm just as midnight areas. so effectively, if not in control of the river, it is because of the nigerian government constructed. and unfortunately what we have seen in the last few months was deliberate getting found as low as the sharp end. and now, i mean labor has found their burgers, and this has to do bust it in effect, not just the economy because no out what must be present areas. and majority of those farmers being displaced from their farms and what
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we could see in the horizon unless something is done quickly, is the food crises in the northeastern part of nigeria. we want it, you have of food prices, maybe an exacerbation of crises. but this is not good, he did not. is there not where you have a criminal on food? it is not that you need to go to the last human and in that book, i mean you have a criminal gangs. now libyan targets communities into communities where you know, is that nigeria and criminal gangs, most western nigeria communities are not western or judea. and i got to tell you this last night. you can let me in the thank you very much for your analysis of that. thank you plenty more still
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ahead on the news hour, including concerns remote communities in latin america could face major challenges accessing coronavirus vaccines. protesters opposed to a new security bill in france that seem to restrict reporting on police brutality in sports, spanish clubs, pay tribute to football legend. now donna at least 23 people have been killed in a service side. bomb attack in central afghanistan, the attack a detonated explosives inside a car in the city of injuring at least 16 others. no group has claimed responsibility yet. a u.s. appeals court in pennsylvania has thrown out donald trump's latest attempt to contest the presidential election results. judges unanimously dismissed the lawsuit
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that sought to challenge the state's malin voting law. they also say, trance lawyers failed to prove a single name in ballot was fraudulently cast or counted. joe biden won the state by more than 80000 votes. the trump campaign has now lost or withdrawn dozens of similar cases. corona virus infections in the u.s. have doubled in november compared to last month. more than 205000, new cases were confirmed on friday, but many are concerned. those numbers will rise significantly in the next 10 days following the thanksgiving holiday weekend. more than a 1000000 people traveled through u.s. airports on friday, the most in a single day. since the start of the pandemic is a doctor and coordinator, or co-director of rather of the texas children's hospital center for vaccine development. she says frontline workers are exhausted where definitely
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a little bit worried. the good news is that i think that we're starting to hear the possibility of having the state of texas being one of the 1st locations of new vaccines that are being evaluated, including for example, the pfizer. and the more dare nestle will, will definitely hear about that pretty soon. but in the meantime, you know the hospitals, there are getting worried. our 1st responders are getting worried. and i think that we should all try to raise our awareness that we have to be a little bit more conscious about how we can protect our community. i think that in the last, certainly 11 months or so, we have learned a lot more about how to clinically manage these. we know a lot more from what we knew at the beginning of the year. that is certainly not an excuse to write, but i think we, we have our primary care providers knowing you know, how to really manage it
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a little bit better and how we have been, of course, testing and trying how to be prepared. but it is a, it is a big burden. you know, you have to remember our health care providers are on liners, you know, are just exhausted. and i think that as of respect, i think we all have to put a little bit of our own individual contribution to protect not only ourselves our families, but also those who are really act, ending to those who really get sick. my camera has more from washington d.c. . the pandemic is spread out pretty evenly throughout most of the united states, and certainly these figures are utterly horrific. in november alone, there were 4000000 new cases of corona virus reported. now that is double the number in october, which in itself was an all time record for the month in all on average, some $170000.00 plus new cases are being reported every day. the
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205000 cases reported on friday the slightly skewed because a number of states didn't report on thursday, which was thanksgiving day. so that was 2 days data. but this is offset by the fact that a number of testing centers have closed for the holiday period. so the amount of testing being done is down, so the figures may well be even higher than they appear at present. so of great concern to health workers and health officials and pointing to to the fact that the impact of the massive travel during this holiday week can only be properly gauged in a week to 10 days. and they are fearing that these horrendous statistics are likely to get even worse. there's been nothing from president directly seeing the situation for a period of time. now. friday he spent playing golf and then went to the weekend retreat at camp david for the holiday weekend. he has been tweeting in the course of the day, but this is continue all baseless charges about election fraud. no mention
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whatsoever. about the coronavirus epidemic. or calvin sun is a physician and professor of emergency medicine in new york. he says the rest of the u.s. is now experiencing what his state went through in march united states of america, operating like 50 different countries, with their own plan and their own ways of handling code in 1000. so really depends . i mean, i think there overwhelms everywhere. and i think the idea that you have new what new york city went through every cross, all 49 other states as the new york city where i am now, i think we learn fast and we've been through things like 911 and the world trade center bombings. we do recover quickly and we do learn from our mistakes and we do adapt. so i think right now we're managing and it's not as bad as it was in march when the bombs are much higher. now we're pushing somewhat like a 2nd wave. i don't want to speak on behalf of the entire country, but i do know what they're wrestling with. outside of new york city is as if they
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were going through the 1st time. so patients come in too late with a little a drowning in their own fluids on their own, long as they're coming in, maybe in cardiac arrest or with a stroke or things where they feel ok. but the offer was sent in by the doctors because their oxygen saturation with below 92 percent of the people who have signed hypoxia cope in 1000 creates this phenomenon where you look great one minute and then you drop dead because you've been under 90 percent options after the last one week without knowing but new york city, when what i'm saying is that it's higher health literacy. we've been through so much in march and april that people coming in a lot earlier than anticipated. they're just testing and testing. they know how to well as hope grows for a covert 19 vaccine. so are warnings about accessibility and availability in latin america, remote communities in the amazon jungle, in the andes mountains have been hit hard by the pandemic, and experts are facing further challenges and how to get any vaccine to those who need it. most. daniel shriner reports from one of the 4 covered
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19. many indigenous communities in the colombian, amazon have developed eco friendly tourism to supplement their traditional hunting and fishing. when the pandemic hit business died, the tourists came mostly from europe. europeans came in a visit. he did jungle and came to our community. and when the pandemic of right everything collapsed, they struggled on and now with a vaccine on the horizon, they're planning for a new start, a better tomorrow. but we are preparing for the future. organizing as a community, as is our tradition, to welcome our visitors. but for us, this pandemic has been a pose for us to reflect. but it's also been very important because it helps us to protect everything that we have been working on in terms of tourism. however, health experts have warned it will be difficult to get the vaccines to some of
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latin, america's more remote corners, where conditions might not exist to store them. that's not what these potato farmers working high in the peruvian andes. want to hear the best thing? personally, i have some savings from the potatoes i've sold. so with that, i'm maintaining myself. if my savings dry up, how will i sustain myself as i hope that the pandemic goes away? the coronavirus is hit remote peasant and indigenous communities, particularly hard with economy struggling. they seen the price of their produce tumble. studies show that 90 percent of those living in remote rural areas are eating less well off in the main impact is pizza cured. and if there is that at unemployment and the poverty levels will increase, peter curity will be complicated for pre and the rest of latin america. latin america has recorded nearly 30000000 cases of covered 19 me more government
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measures to contain. the virus are coming under increasing pressure. a future beyond the pandemic is in sight, but it's strewn with hope and obstacles. when osiris, it's time for the weather. here's rob. the last 2 days, been pretty stormy in the western med from heavy rain in eastern spain, southern france to read yesterday for sardinia for the potential of flash floods and landslides. now they were both realised in this town of british, which is in more or less north and central sardinia. that is the street there. got the worst of it. there were fatalities the kick up a still going on. now the rain actually has moved on. so luckily the days looking much better, but it's now almost the grease rain having gone through italy overnight. the circulation is here and as he took the potential of flash floods in central or southern italy and heavy rain moving to greece suddenly has better most to spain
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and portugal. likewise, the story for the bulk of europe has been a cold one off for you on some snowed mislead. you can see the unfailing cold front here, so there still cold behind the it's cold. and frankly, this is the moment just a bit of a disturbance. the snow is generally speaking light, but it will be there in eastern europe from germany. eastwards with low single figure temperatures by day. not much colder by not to be quite honest. the significance of any toys going to be on the frontal system. so book arrest shows, at least on monday, then we're back to focus for tuesday and wednesday still ahead on al-jazeera. i'm just saying is how we can help people right now are in a crisis. they've got skills was using to fix that. laid off british theatre workers take their skills to a new stage to help climate change. and the german who hopes to stay top of the ski jumping world cup families. that's on the way in sport.
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certainly al-jazeera london broadcast center to special guests in conversation people think that racism is having personal vitriol towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is. unprompted, uninterrupted success comes with opposition. if you're not upsetting people, you're not saying anything while her needs ennio. there is not a family in britain. i believe that has not been touched by empire studio. be unscripted on al-jazeera. the latest news, while not all of those displays how when the others recount, they say the stories they heard from family members and relatives were enough to make them come here. rather than think that detail coverage challenge. the government faces is aware that it can persuade people to keep abiding by restrictions when they need to work from around the world. the so-called swedish model may be under some pressure, but
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a full lockdown is unlikely and perhaps even impossible. welcome back. you're watching our time to recap the headlines now. if he appears government says it's gained full control of to grace kept and they will continue to look for members of the 2 grown people's liberation front for valor into fights on the prime minister declared an end to the 3 week military operation on saturday. thousands of farmers have been killed while working in rice fields in nigeria's northeast and local officials say boko haram fighters killed at least 43 people before sorcery them. at least 23 people have been killed in
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a suicide bomb attack in central afghanistan. the attack a death in a explosives inside a car in the city of krasny, injuring at least 16 others. no group has yet claimed responsibility for in our top story. now the theo, military offensive in the region. tens of thousands of civilians displaced by the fighting. have taken refuge in neighboring sudan is live for us in the camp for displaced people in sudan's get out of state. so tell us what the conditions are like at the camp there. what i stand now is called refugee camp. it is one of 4 refugee camps, hosting people fleeing the conflict in ethiopia. there you see our guys behind me registering these refugees told me that up to now they have hosted here 10000 people and it is continuing. some of the people behind me have been standing here
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for hours since the early morning waiting their role registration. some of them told me that they have been here for 12 days and they try to register every day. so that tells you an idea about to what extent you and other n.g.o.s are stretched out here trying to cope with the situation. developing situation where understand that the numbers have come down a little bit during the last few days. we don't know whether it is because the fighting has subsided and that some of the cities have now fallen under the control of the federal army or beach opiah or the roads are blocked. and that's something that some of the people here allege they said they said their relatives have been prevented during the last few days from crossing the border. and that's exactly at the border crossing in the home town into the inside the tikrit region. but it is controlled now by the army and the me, the militia, the are horribly shia. people here are also waiting for humanitarian aid. the u.n.
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a.c.r. is doing what it can and they told us the head of that organization has been here to day to assess the situation for himself. we have just seen them distributing food and of so there is an ongoing building of shelters around us. if you look at these shelters, some volunteers and n.g.o.s have helped bring the material here and it is the refugees what are building their own homes. mostly a school of thought is being set up will see that later today. so the situation is being, you know, improved, and the prospects that these people are going to stay here for a long time. were asked a few of them whether they want to return. now that the government says it has control of the capital city and major towns. they said no, they will not be able to think it can't be happy to return until they see the control in, in the hands of people who are elected inside ukraine itself. thanks so much.
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the u.s. state department has said 6 explosions were heard in the eritrean capital as mother late on saturdays, in no claim of responsibility. but to grain leaders have accused eritrea of providing military support to the ethiopian government. the un has warned 800000 eritrean refugees into gray, could run out of food by monday. in 2019. a theo appears prime minister abu ahmed won the nobel peace prize for ending a long running conflict with eritrea. the country's leaders are now allies, however, animosity between t. grey and eritrea runs deep as it was ethiopia's frontline in the 1998 border war that killed tens of thousands of soldiers on that. bryden is a strategic advisor and so hungry search and the former director of international crisis group's horn of africa program. she joins us on skype from nairobi. good to
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have you with us. so 1st of all from the kind of information you can get and analyze. that's coming out of 2 gray. can one say the t.p.s. has been defeated? i don't think anyone can provide a definitive answer to that question. in part, as you, you suggested the information coming out of today's very limited because of an almost complete blackout on communications. and a denial of access to media and humanitarian workers. but i would be very surprised if, if this is the end of the conflict, it may be the end of the 3 week law enforcement operation, the prime minister declared. but by all accounts, there has been some fierce fighting. and yet the forces and leadership seem to have
1:38 pm
withdrawn without presenting major resistance to the federal forces. they seem to have left the major towns intact. and i think we should expect them to now begin an insurgency phase of the conflict from rural command posts and using more guerrilla tactics. how easy will it be for the federal forces to wipe out the cause? the rebels have been, they fought the previous government for many years, didn't they? i think it's going to be very difficult indeed. as you say, that t. p.l.f. has waged this type of struggle before. but they enjoy a great deal of popular support throughout to grey. as your correspondent mentioned, many to great ends are not willing to go back under a regional administration that is directly controlled from madison to grey was
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essentially the architect of ethiopian federalism. and so i expect there will be considered popular support for the t p l f. and that is going to be bolstered by reports elsewhere in the country of profiling about nick to great ends in the military in the civil service. and even civilians being targeted by the author already is because of suspected or legit affiliation with the t.p. . a lot of this is quite a dramatic development in modern the theo is history right. what happened to the democratic path and the more federal inclusive paf that the prime minister's seemed to put the country on and won a nobel prize for i think it is. it's a very disturbing setback for ethiopia. it may be a temporary milestone or a success for prime minister abby to have effectively dismantled or displaced his most vocal opposition and the tea p.l.f.
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. but in ethiopia as a whole, we are seeing a retreat from the sort of democratic reforms that abby himself promised upon taking power. we have seen growing numbers of political prisoners, including some of his closest allies, muzzling of the media and independent voices. climate of fear and self-censorship in much of the country. and it's worth bearing in mind that there are also very active rebel groups operating in other parts of ethiopia. and who have been looking to, to great to see what direction prime minister abbie's government would take. so this heavy handed sort of approach is likely to send a signal to others that they are not going to find accommodation with the federal government either. thanks so much bryden them. thank you.
1:41 pm
rights groups say thousands of migrant domestic workers in the middle east face poor working conditions risk of physical and sexual assault. the human rights agency brack says a number of bodies of female workers have been sent back to bangladesh from the gulf in the past 3 years on their child reports from bangladesh. the cries of relatives as another coffin arabs from the middle east at the doctor's international airport terminal in september 2019. mongo khan's wife for him. a carton was found hanging from a selling friend at the home where she worked as a domestic helper in saudi arabia. her body has still not been returned. home alive, be more disciplined. this is the employers paid for her 1st 8 months of work, but since then she worked without any salary. she even complained to the saudi police about not getting paid and being abused, but they took her back to the same employer. in september 29th,
1:42 pm
i was informed of her death in november last year, dozens of bangladeshi female workers sent a video message from saudi arabia, pleading for help to be rescued. lord john used to work as a domestic helper in saudi arabia, unable to cope with debuts last year. she managed to escape back to bangladesh. a model does a little work over there. they would frequently abused me, never gave me enough to eat. i suffered a lot, i worked in that house for 10 months. whenever i demanded my salary, they used to beat me up. once they hanged me by a ceiling fan with a rope. i almost died but got saved by the children. many women are also victim to human trafficking, gangs, and unscrupulous recruiting agents. a recent study has shown more than 50 percent of paid money to go abroad with jobs that this by the woman not being required to
1:43 pm
pay for government sponsored jobs overseas. and most poor woman from rural areas take along with a high interest rate to pay for the cost. and social advocacy groups are trying to help improve the situation for the workers. what the mood to receive like domestic work must be recognized as a legitimate form of employment. workers' rights must be respected. many women are dying, committing suicide or being abused, there should be 0. tolerance for this. at the beginning of november, bangladeshi woman's body of us found in a garbage dump in amman, she worked as a domestic helper for saudi embassy staff in jordan. jasmine sold victim to south asian sex trafficking gang in the middle east. she returned home 7 months pregnant. what color the bigger return home with a head injury now she suffers from post-traumatic disorders like just being in color, the bigger many others who manage to survive through these odell's also face social
1:44 pm
stigma. and in some cases their families do not want to accept them. while others face long term mental health issues, 3, money gone bangladesh. india's government says it will meet farmers union leaders next week following days of demonstrations. thousands have been staging a sit in the of the capital new delhi to protest against the bill. they say could devastate crop prices. farmers haven't agreed to the talks and say they don't plan to leave until the war is scrapped. more than 100000, people have joined demonstrations across france against a controversial new security law. the proposed legislation aims to limit people's right to take video recordings of police officers in paris. police fired tear gas at some demonstrators who lit fires and built makeshift barricades. anger against
1:45 pm
the proposed law has been fueled by a video showing police beating and racially abusing a black music producer. one industry that's been hit hard by a coronavirus is live theater. more than half of the theaters in the u.k. will close permanently leaving thousands out of work as a project in the city of manchester is helping form a backstage workers to retrain. and this jonah, how reports could also help the u.k. cut carbon emissions when coded 19 brought the curtain down on live entertainment, thousands of stagehands technicians and set builders found themselves out of work. some have made their way here because my partner was also made redundant and i had to bring in the money for the families so that we could be able to eat for it or it's in the northwest of england. former theater workers are turning their hands to a pilot program with government support could create energy efficient homes across
1:46 pm
britain and jobs to replace many of those lost our housing isn't up to the worst performing in europe. if we're going to get 27000000 houses to enough of a reduction energy demand for us to be able to fill the space of what we can count of the supply. usually we need an awful lot more than our current construction workforce. i estimate that if we're going to bring houses to this kind of standard nationally, we need about a 1000000 people working over the next 18 years to get us to 0. when charlie met, former theatre technician and drew glass, would he knew where to start looking for that enormous new workforce? i see people build sets every day of our lives when i was working, you know, building, beautiful, magical things that entertain people also have to be structurally strong because you know you've got to do a tough number on it. it's got to lift people, but this guy, i just thought, well, i bet they could at least have a go at this and call a silver lining. maybe is a bit mccard. situation is i'm just seeing as how we can help people right now or
1:47 pm
in a crisis. they've got skills, let's use them to fix this. i was alarmed for 16 years and i feel i feel as though i don't live in theater if you like. it's all right, it's similar to what we used to do billing stuff. but what's different about what we used to do in theater, instead of on a trailer with a piece of set that's only built when you're just putting stuff together with physically making things for a property which is night. it really is nice. no one could be quite sure when theaters and live entertainment venues will reopen and play to capacity, audiences, nor what levels of funding may exist to help save the arts after the pandemic. what seems clear is that not all those who worked in the sector before could afford to wait and find out some of put their skills to good use of the tip of a new green economy that they hope will help save the planet instead. jonah, how al-jazeera manchester still ahead on al-jazeera in sports,
1:48 pm
we hear from the baddest man on the planet after his return to the ring in the age of 54. frank assessments, you got colleagues on the ground in the canaries. what is the situation? there's only one doctor and one nurse for 2200 people and in-depth analysis of the date, global headlines inside story on al-jazeera december on al-jazeera. it's 10 years since of revolution in tunisia ignited the arab spring. al-jazeera looks back at the uprising and asks what really changed across the middle east. the stream is where al jazeera is global audience becomes a global community. a year after the 1st coronavirus case in china will examine the devastation caused by the virus and the efforts made to eliminate covert 90 people in power is back with more investigative documentaries and in-depth stories.
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climate leaders will gather online to press ahead with a new stage of the paris climate agreement and examine the possible global solutions december on al-jazeera. hullo, old back scientists are calling for urgent action to replace to keep satellites saying their breakdown could hamper research on climate change. the satellites measure the thickness of the bottom and top of the world. scientists have called them witnesses to global warming, but they may be decommissioned before any more of launched. i mean, thomson is
1:50 pm
a science writer and contributor space dot com. she explains why the current satellites are passing their sell by date. there are only designed to last a certain amount of time. so i sat launch and 20 team. its mission was for 3 and a half years, but it has enough fuel onboard to make it to 2020 pack. so it could record measurements until then cryo sat. 2 has been in space for 10 years now and it's running out of fuel and it's having some battery issues. so in order to continue these types of crucial measurements, scientists need to start now on the next generation of satellites are going to do this job. well, let's catch up with all the sports news here. thank you very much, samuel mike tyson made his return to the boxing ring on saturday at the age of 54, the former. well, the heavyweight champion,
1:51 pm
it took off and of boxing legend 51 year old boy jones jr. exhibition match in los angeles was the 1st time tyson had fought for 15 years. about itself was essentially a safe sparring session of the authorities ended in a draw one to go to this distance. and that's what i wanted to do, really. and really interested in, i've been training for and i got was i'm training for duration now. and i really found that in the not when i was jammed. it was, you know, my body feels splendid. i want to be that spain's top football league have been paying tribute to legendary forward diego maradona who died on wednesday. one
1:52 pm
of his former team, there were number 10, head of the match on saturday, also observed a minute's silence along with a number of clubs including real madrid and on the argentinian cup winner. well, real madrid themselves didn't have the best of nights. they were beaten at home 21 by this. the result means los blancos 4th in the league after 10 games. 6 points behind surprise leaders real. so this is not a question of attitude and it's not a question of football because you saw what we did midweek by beating into milan in the champions league where we played well, this was our worst start this season. and we couldn't change the dynamics of the game. that bothers me and it worries me. the italian champions event has dropped more points on saturday despite taking the lead. thanks to our vital morata you. they were held to 11 troll by
1:53 pm
a benefit to the newly promoted club scoring in 1st half injury in time. the result means that the holders have now drawn 5 times this season and sit 5th in the table . riyad, maurice scored a hat trick on saturday to help manchester city crush. burnley. 5 nil in the english premier league, the algerian scored twice in the 1st half. but with his coming in the 2nd, it win means city moved up to 8th in the table. 6 points behind leaders. liverpool who drew 11 against brighton. yeah, of course of course, hopeless special for me i thought. so for the other ones, you know, it's nice to score goals. the other one has to score of those sterling work. he plays, he goes to score goals, and the going to score much. you have to score goals, you know the reason why they are here to play a pro. now one of prue's oldest and best supported football clubs, lima have been relegated from the country's top division for the 1st time in more
1:54 pm
than 80 years to a new home last sealed, their fate prompted clashes between fans and the police that have won the peruvian league title $23.00 times however, they endured a turbulent year in which they were coached by 5 different managers. the club have apologised to their supporters promising to make the changes necessary to revive the club. now some of the world's best long distance runners have taken pods and the delhi health marathon for the 1st time at the traditional course wasn't open to the public as the indian capital struggles to deal with a surge in corona virus cases. but those wanted to take part were given, tentative. our correspondent elizabeth was at the race in new delhi india. this is the smallest of the delhi half math and 16 year history. it also contains
1:55 pm
some of the world's fastest $52.00 athletes around the 21 kilometer course through central new delhi, the female world record holder for the math and told al-jazeera, it's been a difficult year because of the pandemic. she hasn't been able to train in a group and has had to race without fans. there are funds to stay in the athletes are travelling and staying in so-called. biosafety bubbles with a have no interaction with anyone who hasn't tested negative for twice before. the run on sunday, and members of the public want allowed on the main
1:56 pm
racecourse. this year. as the indian capital struggles to deal with the surgeon coronavirus cases bought amateur took part in the 5 and 10 kilometer and half marathon at locations of their choosing, using a mobile app to record their time. more than 13000 people from all over india registered for the app based on a 3rd of the number who the deli course last year. he actually lives that year. and all that happens during the race and during the expo in which people from all the states and countries come together and we get a good time doing that. are the more people darting was missing, we missed it a lot. but actually, this was the goal of the times. but despite the challenges, both amateur and professional vonn has achieved personal bests. the pandemic may have prevented spectators from attending, but it hasn't stopped
1:57 pm
a reckless from being broken. the female winner has just broken the record for the delhi half now than and the top 3 men also beat the course record, running the 21 kilometers in less than 59 minutes. elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi who has some action from the ski jumping well cup event in rocha, finland. this is the reigning champion of marcus. i speak her of germany as because a jump here is in the hof slonim 142 event. the germans 2 jumps combined total $313.00 metres, which was enough to give him victory and to keep at the top of the wall cup standings. and that's what it's for. we'll have more for you later on, but for now i hand you back to sammy. thanks so much for this news. loris back in a couple of minutes with another full bulletin. so stay with us here on al-jazeera
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dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic. let's start with some of the all the ground realities of back in the news coverage. what's the lay of the land there? stripping away the spam eclipsing story about presidential corruption. it is real reporting. it's not and your team challenging assumptions and the official line. or this type of agreement because our score, we don't want to do a lie on the authority and listening post on al-jazeera. i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, national security. this is a political in. here's the conflict. are we telling a good story? we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feels that you were there in afghanistan and the taliban is renowned for its violent repression. and now a new deal with the u.s. could see the group return to power one, o one, a stew,
2:00 pm
best to gates of afghan women who paid the price for peace on al jazeera police hunt for any remaining fights as high as ing in the to gray in capital, after the military seized control on saturday night of them or a tile. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up dozens of farm workers killed in northeastern nigeria and the worst attack and months blamed on concerns in bangladesh. as many migrant workers hit hard by, the pandemic arrive back home without wages.


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