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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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it's. the in. the in. 0. hello and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes claims of voter fraud fraud contradicted from within the trumpet ministration the u.s. attorney general says there is no significant evidence to reverse the election result the race to roll out of court a virus vaccine that pfizer seeks european approval in the u.s. officials the side who will be the 1st to be immunized iranian lawmakers back
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a motion to boost uranium enrichment just days after the killing of a top nuclear scientist driven from their homes now living hand to mouth ethiopian refugees fight hunger and uncertainty in sudanese refugee camps and covering it japan's relationship with the face covering the new exhibit billed as a theme park for masks. and sport around madrid could be set for an early exit from the european champions league defeat against shakhtar don't yes has put reality on the brink of elimination. donald trump's bid to overturn the u.s. presidential election result has suffered another major blow with the attorney general saying there is no evidence. of widespread voter fraud bill barr told the
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associated press that the justice department investigation has in his words not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected at different outcome president elect joe biden be trumped 53062232 votes in the electoral college and more than 6000000 votes in the popular vote well alan fisher is following events for us in washington d.c. alan it's worth just reminding people that bill barr really is a trump supporter in a sense so what response says there have been from trump and his legal team. well nothing from trump himself bill bodies here he's actually on the white house campus don't trump was in the oval office to just a few minutes ago he's no longer there we can tell that because normally there's a marine in dress uniform just in front of the door so we know that when the president is in the oval there's a line of photographers probably no more than 10 meters away from where i'm
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standing waiting to capture bill barge departure from the white house he might be able to get away without being caught on camera at the department of justice tell is that this was a meeting that was shared jeweled anyway if that's the case that it makes billboards comments even more surprising saying that he saw nor evidence of widespread voter fraud you remember just after the election he told investigators that he should investigate any credible evidence that he was criticized for that many people believing that he was buying into what the president was saying about the possibility of there being voter fraud but now he's saying look we can't see anything there is nothing there i doubt want please the president we know he's already fired one passen because they said that this was the most secure election that there is ever been and there are people speculating that bill bodies know on some sort of political death watch in fact chuck schumer who's the leader of the democrats in the senate saying well he's going to be the next one fired then isn't a nice for rudy giuliani of course in his heading donald trump's legal team well he
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said that bill bob is speaking with the basis of no knowledge of exactly what's been happening saying there's been no substantive department of justice investigation no witnesses have been interviewed he said there have been nord it's all voting machines but saying with the greatest respect to bill barr he needs to do his homework a lot more interestingly enough in the interview that bill bards given he also said that the department of justice has essentially become their sceptical for people are not happy with this is you don't like something call on the department of justice to investigate so he knows that there's criticism coming his way he's aware that the president won't be happy but well but what he said but he still said it anyway. do you think that him coming out so publicly and saying it might need that to other republicans changing their minds perhaps when it comes to supporting donald trump's bid to overturn the election. well we know that bill barr is a big supporter of donald trump he's been fiercely defensive many people have said
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that in fact he's not america's main lawyer he's actually been donald trump's main lawyer he's intervened in cases of trump suit been up in court such as michael flynn former national security advisor and roger stone when he wrote to the court and said look the sentence that you're proposing to give him is way too much he's also intervened the department of justice has asked if it could become the defendant when it comes to a case that is being brought by a woman who claims that donald trump sexually assaulted her he is saying that because he was president when she made those allegations then the department of justice should act and donald trump's defense it's a convoluted argument that's already been thrown out of court once but bill bonde is very much regarded as donald trump ally but we know that over the last couple of months as we got closer to the election donald trump wasn't overly pleased with bill barr or the department of justice because he was suggesting that there should
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be criminal investigations of joe biden and also barack obama particularly when it came to what donald trump said was spying his in his campaign and 2016 and when there was no evidence that that actually happened then when there was no grounds for an investigation donald trump got very angry at bill barr because he was looking for this month to give him a bit of a political leg up essentially in the run into the election many ways in the way that james komi did in 2016 when announced that they were going to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails so we know that bill bot is perhaps on the list of people that donald trump would like to get rid of before january the 20th so that's why we're no on this so-called political death watch waiting to see if when bill barr leaves here he leaves as the attorney general of the united states or he leaves as a private citizen going off to the department of justice just down the road to clear out his desk i'm guessing that will all find out probably on twitter and the next 20 minutes or so. and you'll be there to bring us that update alan fischer
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with the latest from just outside the white house allan thank you. staying in the u.s. the u.s. struck from fines or and it's german partner partner by own take say they hope their vaccine could be launched in europe this month if it gets the sign off from regulators they've asked the european union's medicines agency for emergency approval in a review could be completed by december 29th that could mean that at least 2 vaccines approved in europe and the united states are done so by the end of the year well meanwhile a u.s. health care watchdog meeting as heard that most states expect to give health care workers a vaccine within just 3 weeks the centers for disease control is holding an emergency meeting to the side who will be giving an unlucky in the occupation 1st an independent advisory team made up of 15 medical and public health experts is expected to vote in the coming hours states will that have until friday to decide how many vaccines they need. let's go live now to end the gallagher who joins us
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from miami so what is the c.d.c. advisory panel been considering. well nothing that we didn't expect essentially saying that this country's health care workers those on the front lines of treating this pandemic should be treated 1st along with the elderly so that is really what we need to bear in mind here is this is an advisory board and it's ultimately up to each individual state as to who gets treated 1st but it seems like most of the states are falling in line with the center for disease control and prevention advice of course on the back burner or 2 vaccines that are waiting for emergency approval from the federal drug administration those meetings will happen in the next couple of weeks and the vice president has reportedly said these vaccines should be going out within the next 2 to 3 weeks but there is a bigger picture here because logistically this is a very difficult operation there are more than 20000000 health care workers in this
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country about 3000000 people living in care homes and some of these vaccines need to have 2 doses to be effective they need to be refrigerated which is very expensive i'm already seeing reports about refrigeration units being in short supply but nonetheless this is good news i think for people on the front lines of this pandemic who have really been hit hard by this but there are still questions remaining about when will this get to communities of color who have also been hit very hard and when will it get to the general population they're talking about perhaps spring next year but the warning from officials now is very dire because we're heading into that christmas vacation period we're heading into the winter months they're saying these next few months may very well be brutal and people cannot let their guard down and gallagher with the latest from miami in florida andy thank you neal. well let's speak to professor jeff lasser a cell research at the barcelona institute for global health in joins us by skype
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from copenhagen in denmark sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so what do you make of the way that i guess these vaccine vaccines are in the process of being rolled out of and we really are talking weeks now aren't we. we're talking weeks as we heard but the f.d.a. and the european medical agency are carrying out well the review says they're analyzing data in real time which will allow them to make a decision much quicker than they normally would at nih yet speaking to us from copenhagen obviously you mean you do a lot of you work at it in barcelona what do we know about the way that the vaccines will be rolled out even within europe within. the european union will purchase the vaccines together then divide them according to the key they developed for example in spain they expect around $10000000.00 people to be covered in in the 1st rollout and then like in the u.s. they want to be prioritizing the elderly the health care workers then those with
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underlying risk factors like respiratory disease or diabetes and then start to that to the general population i'm speaking to you from the u.k. we're coming to the end of a national lock that and we're going into a different sort of tier way of doing it the u.s. is just finished thanksgiving weekend of course christmas is around the corner many people planning to travel to see their loved ones d. saying that this talk of vaccine is perhaps a little bit premature in the sense that some people may be lowering their guard to do you think that there's a risk. i think there is people here vaccine and they think everything's going to be better it hopefully will be better but that's going to be a long time from now there's a lot of logistics 1st we have to get the approvals of the vaccines then they have to be let out to the populations who are talking months and months probably not until the spring that the general population sees a vaccine and in the meantime we're going to be inside it's cold in copenhagen it was also in chile and in barcelona when i left people are inside more not able to
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ventilate which is one of the key measures we can take to reduce risk unfortunately one of the other issues around the vaccine is that we do know from studies in various countries that some people are just a little bit reluctant to trust something that has come about so quickly usually takes years sometimes decades to come up with certain vaccines what would you say to those people. i would say all of the axioms are undergoing extreme scrutiny i'm not sure vaccines ever been scrutinized so much both by the companies by independent regulatory agencies by independent experts the way we're able to move so quickly is because of these willing reviews normally all of the data has to be collected and then submitted and i can be a long process and a vaccine that submitted for review can be at the end of the line of other drugs and vaccines being reviewed all eyes are on the vaccine that will in reviews are already started in october with preliminary data and as we heard the european
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medical agency will work through the christmas holiday we're in a global merge and see their work as quickly as they can to leap to the vaccine if the if the benefit outweighs the risks i mean we're obviously talking about these vaccines because they are among the 1st to effectively pass a lot of the testing phases but there are many many more that are in the process of being tested and potentially becoming available. that's correct there's there's over 150 vaccines being developed many in very early phases right now all eyes are on the on the big 3 but others are still in phase 2 the moving along and we hope and we think that we're going to need additional taxes depending on how the current vaccine and the success of the current that says professor jeff lazarus researcher at the barcelona institute for global health speaking to us from copenhagen thank you thank you. or before a vaccine is widely available testing remains the best route to getting many
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countries operating in any way like normal now where u.k. developer says it's rapid test could provide a result on the spot within 10 minutes but as jonah hill reports from manchester economic concerns are still coming up against privacy worries. it's tempting to think the arrival of a vaccine will mean the end of all this students being tested before returning home for christmas whole city populations trying to reduce transmission but it won't we don't have many long term. we don't know people we need and. there's a lot of things we don't know. so using diamonds at the moment and that you know in the medium term. is going to be really important fast accurate testing remains of vital goal 5. from which it will be actually looks at. this is
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a do it yourself test delivering results in 10 minutes the mideast certain 19 test is being trialled in spain it's u.k. developers safe faster than existing alternatives using nothing more invasive than a saliva sample just. partnered with an app a unique q.r. code there is the potential here for a digital immunity passport system as a timer allocated to the tests that you've actually undertaken in terms of days hours and minutes and then to view your actual passport of freedom you have your q.r. code which has been bonafide for the device you have a q.r. code that tells you i've had a test my test is negative i'm good to go create and all of that information is then bond is put together once the test result is confirmed there's much speculation but the u.k. government insists it's not considering a system of immunity passports to determine where people can go or what they can do depending on whether they've had a test or taken a dose of the vaccine it's an idea that offends libertarian sensibilities but given
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uncertainties about the pace and the long term effectiveness of any vaccination program it may well be a necessary evil i think. back around do you need to be did we think so that we now. whether they have nation where. they were. really in. the world is holding its breath expecting an imminent return to normal life of normality may not be quite as we remember it jonah al-jazeera. still to come on the news hour joe biden unveils the teenie hopes will lead the u.s. out of a coronavirus economic crisis with big oil on trial royal dutch shell is accused of not doing enough to protect people and the planet from climate change in sport the formula one world champion won't be competing at sunday's grand prix in bahrain
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farah will be here with that story and more. iran's parliament has passed a draft motion to halt unrestricted access by the international atomic energy agency to its nuclear sites the motion also allows iran to resume uranium enrichment at levels of 20 percent another violation of the 2015 nuclear deal there are reports now from tehran. and urgent motion passed jury and urgent session in parliament on tuesday 251 parliamentarians are demanding that the government stop unrestricted access by inspectors to rein in nuclear sites. this draft bill would also oblige iran's atomic energy organization to take you rein him in richmond to 20 percent it is now at 4.5 percent and under the 2015 nuclear
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agreement iran should be producing enrich uranium at only 3.67 percent. the much least indeed sends the message to the enemies of iran that this one sided game is over. this motion will now have to go to the guardian council for approval but all the citizens about iran's nuclear program are made by another body as the supreme national security council but this move by the conservatively controlled parliament comes at a critical time on friday 63 year old nuclear scientists most and factories are there was assassinated near to her on when his motorcade came under attack in broad daylight in a rare move the government released these never before seen photos of the receiving the order of service for his role in the 2015 nuclear deal a fact which was not public knowledge until now in 2018 u.s.
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president dollar trump withdrew from the deal and imposed a series of crippling economic penalties on iran as a result iran reduces commitments to the deal in phases and the access to international atomic energy inspectors is all of what remains as part of the deal there is a lot of pressure on the government inside iran to respond to the sas a nation of one of the country's top nuclear and defense officials i think it's quiet telling indicating the fact that iran or the when ian debates on the j.c.b. your way moving to a are for you know situation and rhetoric i think will best well have an effect on the future. negotiations on the j.c. you're right and compliance with the. tuesday's motion allows the government one month to implement these demands. i asked this other after the article $176.00 of
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the iranian constitution states it is a matter beyond the 3 branches of government or the legislative body which is the magnus no political body or branch of power could act beyond that the latest report which came out in november said that iran now has 12 times more than the permitted amount of 300 kilograms of enrich uranium putting its stockpile at nearly 4000 kilograms. the killing of most and factories out and now this motion in parliament are all just adding pressure to their honey administration in the last few months that they have left in office president summer heidi has already said that iran will avenge the death of the high ranking official but what's clear now is that he doesn't want to be the remans to do so for such a party out 0. the ethiopian government says a senior to graham politician has surrendered to federal forces this comes after prime minister ahmed claimed victory in the months long conflict over the northern
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region but the take rate people's liberation front which has been in control in the area says the fighting continues the claims from both sides are hard to verify because of a media blackout that continues on meanwhile tens of thousands of people have fled the fighting in ethiopia for refugee camps in neighboring sudan but adjusting to the sudden lifestyle change is proving difficult vald now reports. but even by hunger refugees cure for lunch at the camp the food is prepared and served by relief groups with the help of refugees but the choices are limited. and this these people have been living on lentil soup with a portion of sorghum par age for 20 days this type of food doesn't necessarily suit everyone and it could have a hug that i didn't hear. you know we have only this type of food that you see here i had it for 14 days now people are throwing it away they don't want it anymore.
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the world food programme is the main provider of aid relief in the camps it says every registered refugee gets enough to eat this is the main food store of the w.s.p. program inside the camp they say what is available here is enough to feed $8000.00 people for an entire month and more is coming soon so according to them there was no shortage of food in the camp. russians include bread sort of gum lentils cooking oil salt and food supplements for newborns and nursing mothers this is early days hopefully we'll get all of these people off the porridge as quickly as possible the key is we get them registered and then as soon as that's the case then we will be giving them monthly russians will be able to manage it themselves. 75 year old tara key barely starts eating when he abandons his meal. but a few in the camp are being creative this woman was
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a government accountant in home ala she's 6 months pregnant she has boycotted the porridge and started a little food business of her own then. never ate this type of food back home we simply don't know if we can take it since i had a little bit of cash i wrote some meat flour to make bread and so that suits my taste little makes bread and soup for her family and sells what's left over using the money to buy more supplies supplying the demand for food people here want to eat while aid groups do what they can to manage a humanitarian crisis. are dizzier the account for if you open a few g.'s in sudan. u.s. president elect joe biden has formally unveiled the economic team that he says will deal with the crisis caused by the pandemic he said no one is better prepared to
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deal with the fallout from the coronavirus then janet yellen his nominee as treasury secretary another pick from the obama administration she was a former chair of the federal reserve under the previous president lost law it was lost jobs small businesses struggling to stay a lawyer or closed for good so many people struggling to put food on the table in pay bills in rent it's an american tragedy and it's essential that we move with urgency. course a salumi joins us live now from wilmington delaware what kind of tone do you think biden was trying to say when he introduced when he presented cheney and janet yellen. well from the comments he made to the people he chose to the stories he told everything was aimed at his recognition and sympathy for working class americans scuse me and the people who've
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been hardest hit by this pandemic he talked about his own father losing a job and what that was like janet yellen talked about growing up in working class brooklyn a hub for manufacturing and transportation they clearly seem to be saying to the people who are struggling the most in the united states that we we hear you and joe biden actually said help is on the way that really seemed to be the message that he was trying to send for all americans that we need to start from the bottom up and fix things here and while the team itself that he chose is racially diverse and gender diverse 4 out of 6 of his nominees are women the 1st black man to serve as deputy treasury secretary should he be confirmed the he did point out that they are all on board with him when it comes to doing more to
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promote employment and job growth and wage growth for people in this category these categories of people again who've been hit the hardest here so he talked about a number of priorities i'm looking here at my notes whether it's extending unemployment benefits. beyond just extending unemployment benefits he talked about having affordable health care and child care relief from student loans all things that people who've lost their jobs are worried about now in terms of being able to get back into the workforce. and start rebuilding their lives after this pandemic which has so many people lost their jobs unemployment at record highs and so many people worried about those unemployment benefits running out come the end of the year and he seems to be sending a message to them to say that we're listening and we're on this plan that he's talking about is building back better not just bringing back the economy but
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addressing some of the underlying issues that led to these inequalities in the 1st place chris salumi with the latest from wilmington delaware christine thank you. this is the news hour live from london still ahead deported to a country they barely know anger in the u.k. is it prepares to forcefully return 50 people to jamaica and in sports we'll hear what the world players union has to say about football changing its approach to call cautioning killings. high well 1st of december moxy stasi of the metro school winds and we've got some wintry weather coming in to central parts of here a big area cloud down across into the other the continent there across germany and
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continues to sink its way further south which with some significant snow coming in across the alps in particular southern posits the easing across switzerland's northern areas of italy somebody nasty weather to go on through the next couple of days to the south of that west little warmer of course into central areas live downpours coming in here could see some localized flooding into central parts of italy heavy rain there across c.a.g. assoc out of it was that western side of grace cold enough across eastern parts minus 2 celsius in the heat of the day with even further west well that is the single biggest sevens and ice there for london and for paris i must say that's colder weather coming back down across northwestern process we had was the latter part of the week as we will see some snow coming into the higher ground of the u.k. as we go on through the coming days so much the weather there into western parts of france into the sky more wet weather there into central parts of europe because see some showers just lapping on to the shores of northern libya elsewhere destroy fine
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and sunny. captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey. setting the discussions millions of americans feel disaffected by both political parties examining the headlines this group of activists and relatives are marching and clinton right now where they're calling for more of this in a narrow example or an abundance of world class programming designed to inform why
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is the only solution for this young the 10 month to they come to inspire you see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. the the on. the comeback is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. attorney general bill barr has been quoted by the a.p. news agency saying there is no evidence or fraud in the u.s. election despite that president trump who appointed him continues to tweet allegations that the election. 2 drug firms have applied for european approval for
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their coronavirus vaccine the american firm pfizer and its german partner take have joined mature enough to ask for emergency consent at the could come within the months. and iran's parliament has passed a bill to ignore restraints on the country's nuclear program it calls on the government to enrich uranium far beyond the provisions of the foundry nuclear deal with western powers. environmental campaigners in the netherlands are taking on that one of the giants of the oil industry 7 groups including greenpeace and friends of the earth say royal dutch shell has known about the damage from climate change for decades and they want to force it to change track vasant reports from the hague. the people versus shall that's how environmental groups called the case after people donated more than half a 1000000 euros to help fund the court hearings before this legal battle against
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one of the world's most powerful corporations got on the way more money was being planned the same court in the hague ruled last year that a dutch state should protect its citizens against the dangers of climate change it ordered the nataline's to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for 25 percent compared to 1900 by the end of this year and via mentalists he did further based on a dutch law as a precedent for the case against royal dutch shell and dutch lol no company is allowed to endanger the lives of citizens through its actions that's a very legal and an ethical and we're basing our old good guys on that new friends of the earth say that more than 30 years ago chale had secret knowledge about the sea level rise caused by global warming and as a result raise the legs of or threat from troll norway by 2 metres despite this the group say the oil giant continue to increase its production and paid international lobbyist to downplay the dangerous shall the client requests to respond on camera
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but in its paper sent to the court the company denies the accusations we believe the claims in this summons are inappropriate and legally without fung dacian for example they assert that the paris agreement is directly binding on royal dutch shell and they allege that shell had unique or special knowledge about c o 2 related to climate change these allegations are not true this court ruled last year that failing to reduce global warming is a violation of the right this type of company not the state of the file and by a month and from both the court and sound bite when we see its production of course i feel it's the little people think it will fly with this will have a major impact on the fight against climate. ok. and via mentalists i'm not seeking compensation from shell but want to force the company to change its actions instead of investing 95 percent in fossil fuels they want shell to increasingly invest in
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renewable energy it makes it easier for the claimants because one very controversial issue in climate change with a geisha is the issue of cows ality can you prove that there is a causal link between it on the one hand the behavior of corporations and on the one hand specific damage incurred by certain individuals whereas hair does not need to be proven as such the 2015 paras agreement states that a temperature rise of more than one and a half to greece will endangered the planet with this case which could take years and via mentalists hope to prove the child's actions are doing just that step fasten the hay. well the activists in the case against show want the court to order the energy giant to cut its carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030 and 20 by 2050 shell has promised to reduce its emission by 30 percent by
12:35 am
2035 this coincides with other high profile efforts to make corporations liable for their environmental impact that the french government has proposed that eco side be made on offense damaging the environment it would carry maximum fines of more than $5000000.00 or 10 years in prison the laws are specifically targeted of companies and businesses globally there are about $1800.00 laws related to climate change the grantham research institute says 1500 climate change court cases have been prosecuted more than 2 thirds of them in the u.s. so let's go to the u.s. the hour for more on this we can speak to nikki a rush she is that the rector of the climate and energy program at the center for international environmental speaking to us from washington d.c. madam thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera i mean focusing on shell but really broadening it out what do you make all of efforts to use the courts
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potential fines even prison sentences to hold these companies accountable for the long term damage. well thank you for having me i think the case in the netherlands against royal dutch shell is a part of a rising tide of litigation aimed to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable for their role in the growing climate crisis and it's truly significant because it doesn't just address the responsibility of shell one of the major fossil fuel producers for the climate harm it's already cause and is continuing to cause but it's really about inducing the company to take urgent action needed to align business models with the reality of the climate crisis and it's really part of a broader generation of cases that are built on the fact that companies like shell knowingly carried on dangerous conduct for decades conscious of the risks it posed to people in the environment and the key signals that companies can't continue to
12:37 am
get away with climate damaging action that contributes to harm in the field that really but the thing that that the threat so fines or potential prison sentences would make these companies change the change the way they behave. i do i would know that the case in the netherlands as you as you covered is not about criminal liability although it crucially really put shell in the spotlight for its ongoing and future contributions to the climate crisis and its duty to act accordingly but criminal liability is really crucial to indorse to excuse me to induce corporations to take environmental degradation more seriously and you know it's been said that oh if the crimes are to penalties are too small it will just be a slap on the wrist but then let's increase the penalties and get more than that it's really important that companies don't want to be implicated in crimes though the damages of that implication in association with criminal liability go far
12:38 am
beyond the penalties it concerns access to financing indorsement customers and really crucially the prospect of individual corporate directors being held liable personally responsible for dangerous conduct that they've signed off on knowing of the risks it poses to people in plan it is really a significant potentially game changing development and also helps to pierce this myth of corporate personhood and to make very clear that corporations are made up of individuals who have to be held responsible and who can be held responsible for the consequences of their actions that we've seen individual countries take action where we're seeing the situation in the netherlands and then france as i mentioned earlier the french government has actually proposing that eco side be made an offensive do you think we're going to see more of that or do you think that the netherlands and france for now are isolated incidents. i don't think they're isolated at all i do think that the french and michoud of is perhaps on the cusp of
12:39 am
a growing expanding movement in demand that's really coming from the public for urgent action to address the climate crisis and to hold corporations accountable in the united states we've seen over 2 dozen lawsuits on behalf of cities states and counties against the carbon major companies and increasingly those suits focused on consumer fraud and deception and conduct it really is indeed in many in many cases a borders on criminal conduct and although they're focused on the civil liability of those companies the the emphasis is really on the growing pressure and consciousness of the public to look at who can and should bear the cost of the climate emergency and companies that spent decades downplaying the climate crisis and whose business plans are just digging us deeper into the hole in which we find ourselves face
12:40 am
a growing likelihood that they can and will be held accountable i think this is just the beginning of an end an ongoing effort to increase the call for corporate accountability to demand an end to corporate impunity and to demand that businesses really step up their efforts to put a void dangerous climate change and put us on track to a safe you chair for all the key russian director of the climate and energy program at the center for international environment law madame thank you thank you very much dozens of people born in jamaica but who have lived in the u.k. for decades are to be deported on wednesday morning campaigners are trying to stop the flight saying that the session is racially discriminatory and rips families apart but the u.k. government argues that the parties are dangerous criminals or a challenge reports. behind the barbed wire on the grill covered windows of people
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spending by haps their last few hours in a country they call home barring a last minute change of heart from the u.k. government on wednesday they'll be deported to jamaica from inside colebrook immigration removal center one of the detainees spoke to me on the phone he wants to say anonymous. russian with the muntadhar. for depression. 18 years ago he fled gang violence in jamaica for the u.k. . is right. on the job. he says there's nothing left for him in jamaica that he's being punished twice for a crime he committed years ago in the u.k. i made a mistake in my life i'll try to make amends on my side. doesn't get one visit russia country entourage nominated the u.k. government disagrees by law a foreign national who's been in prison for 12 months or more can be eligible for
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deportation. the home office says we make no apology for seeking to remove dangerous foreign criminals to keep the public safe the people being detained for this flight include convicted murderers and rapists the u.k. only ever returns those who the home office and where replaceable the courts are satisfied do not need our protection and have no legal basis to remain in the u.k. colebrook has been criticized by the prisons inspectorate is largely indistinguishable from a prison is just on the outskirts of heathrow airport so that when the last appeals of the detainees fail they can be taken straight away put on a plane and flown out. was campaigners and that of it's of urge the government to cancel mass deportations saying they were products of racist immigration laws $82.00 black british public figures including model naomi campbell and actress tandi newton eros king airlines not to assist with flights some compare this flight to the wind rush scandal where hundreds of
12:43 am
commonwealth citizens invited to settle in the u.k. after world war 2 were wrongfully deported back after decades of living here it was a direct result of the u.k. government's 2012 decision to create a hostile environment for undocumented migrants i spoke to the director of a charity that helps people facing deportation about her concerns equal taishan is needed at. it priced any noncitizen it gets a state you sentence of 12 months or a that exclusion people get made to born in the cape a change of citizenship immediately became young children and including people that and lived in any case really don't try and have children and all of their family life established here and so it's really problematic it leads to real injustice in practice and it needs fundamental such reform comes it'll be too late to help those already thrown out of the country rory chalons al-jazeera london. well let's speak
12:44 am
now to set beer seeing here is the chief executive of the joint council for the welfare of immigrants here in the u.k. sir thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera so this flight is for you this flight is due to leave on wednesday morning so a few hours from now the government says these are dangerous foreign criminals are not citizens they should be sent to i guess where the good where the government thinks they came from other of course many have been here for many many years what is your argument against what the government is saying well 1st things 1st many of them aren't dangerous criminals they've committed offenses they've been found guilty of them and they've served their time in prison as as we just heard from the gentleman in your in your clip some of these people haven't really friended for many many years the government is not taking steps here that you know we would consider to be purely about security it's an ideological decision to remain
12:45 am
committed to this process of deportation and you're punishing not just the people themselves twice but their families people you've got children here you've got partners who you've got grandchildren here in some cases there's no need to punish their families in this way that is so i guess then we could maybe separated too so you're saying that not all of these you know that a lot of these people actually may have served their sentences yes perhaps criminal but not dangerous ones but what about the ones that presumably have been found guilty of very serious crimes what's the argument against sending them back in and why do you think it's happening now. well my question to the government in that case would be if you don't believe that when someone has come out of prison after serving a sentence that they have either been rehabilitated or that they no longer pose a threat to society i would advise you to have a look at your criminal justice system and start fixing it because you don't fix that problem by sending people away from it you don't fix that problem by putting
12:46 am
people on a plane and flinging them across the ocean if you don't believe that your criminal justice system renders people safe or rehabilitated you need to fix that 1st. we were hearing in that report that of course that the u.k. government will through the years has been talking about a hostile environment for immigrants of course that was a couple of years ago in the meantime we've had the covert pandemic without a break said which is literally weeks away we still don't quite understand what shape it's going to take what do you think all of that is having is an impact to this current situation. well covert has had unimaginable impact on many of the most vulnerable migrants in our society indeed on many of the most vulnerable people migrant or not migrant alike but what we've what we've seen over the last few months is a complete failure on the government's part to handle a pen demick and it's led to some difficult questions being asked briggs it as you say is only 4 weeks away and it's really not clear whether the government is going
12:47 am
to pull a rabbit out of their hat at the last minute it's part of their strategy it's a known part of the government strategy at this point in time to to distract people's attention they want things like the deportation of our national offenders to dominate public debate they want to go out there out there and use reductive blunt language like saying that all of these people are criminals so that anybody opposed to the government can be painted as on the side of dangerous criminals it's a clever political trick but it's ultimately not a very good strategy for running a country it's not very good way of making laws like that it's currently nearly 10 pm here in the u.k. so the flight is that if you leave wednesday morning i mean a matter of hours are you hopeful that anything could happen at this late stage to stop the deportations i always remain hopeful that families can be kept together especially this close to christmas but you know ultimately the decision remains with the home secretary who it appears is not going to move said piercing
12:48 am
a chief executive of the joint council for the welfare of immigrants so thank you for sharing your opinions and knowledge with us thank you. now 5 people including a small child have been killed after a car was driven down a pedestrian street in the german town of tree or a public prosecutor says it appears that the driver was drunk a 51 year old man has been arrested and officers say that there are no indications of a political motive as yet several other people were injured in the incident. india's farmers have vowed to continue their protests after talks with the government to end their without an agreement tens of thousands of farmers have been blocking roads into the capital new delhi with many travelling large distances for the protests they're worried that new regulations will put an end to minimum prices for their produce that they were guaranteed from the government on tuesday the government and farming unions held the talks but failed to end the blockade.
12:49 am
a month long exit bishan has opened in japan celebrating the facemask yes it's a nation that embrace the protective covering long before the pandemic and has been thanked for helping it avoid the worst bribed reports it's billed as a theme park for masks the mask is fashion statement a thing of beauty but also life preserving functionality requiring maintenance and accessories and available those festive offerings just in time for the holidays yes and i think everyone wears masks as a daily necessities but i don't think they have the chance to find and try something new we hope to provide that kind of opportunity there's mask chic in abundance but on this opening day not that many visitors perhaps on surprising with
12:50 am
japan tackling it's the wave of the coronavirus it's fitting the mask should be celebrated here with few countries embracing the face covering as widely as japan the practice was already well established long before people knew of kovi dainty. i've always worn masks especially around spring and autumn because i'm allergic to pollen and i change my masks depending on what i wear so i want to see what kind of masks i can find here but japan's record on dealing with the corona virus has been mixed. former prime minister shinzo r. bay was widely ridiculed for his national mask plan that was branded our benaud mask for its small size and poor quality the government was also accused of responding late to the outbreak to try to save the 2020 tokyo olympics which got postponed anyway. of course i understand the economy's in trouble but if the
12:51 am
government measures aren't effective against the virus then even holding the olympics next year will be difficult i hope the government can get it together with the postponement of the games the olympic rings floating in tokyo bay unceremoniously towed away but those rings have now been returned to public view raising hopes the ill fated games will eventually be held if they are it will be thanks in no small part to the humble mask and the nationwide willingness to mask up rob mcbride al-jazeera. china says it has successfully landed a spacecraft on the surface in a historic mission to retrieve lunar samples the country launched its china 5 probe last week the un crude vessel will attempt to collect about 2 kilos of rocks from a previously unvisited area if completed this plan that would make china the 3rd
12:52 am
nation to have retrieved lunar samples after the united states and russia. and the giant radio telescope in costa rica has suffered major damage the 900 ton receiver platform platform fell 140 meters mashing into the radio dish below after cables holding it snapped it was the largest fish in the world when it was built nearly 60 years ago and was famed for discovering the 1st planet outside the solar system it also featured in the james bond film goldeneye but it had fallen into disrepair and was closed in august for safety reasons kids get all the sports news now here's father thanks so much barbara ramage it could be set for an early exit from the european champions league to nail defeat against shakhtar don't yes because put the 13 time champions on the brink of elimination the result means
12:53 am
or else fate is out of their hands heading into the final round of group graeme's rail's hopes of reaching the knockout rounds will end of shakhtar beat inter milan in their next match almost of tuesday's other games are just coming up to full time barn munich's 15 match winning run looks to be coming to win and liverpool are one up against i.x. heading through to the last 16. yokohama f. marinos are through to the knockout rounds of the asian champions league for the 1st time in their history the japanese side b. 2 time champion. motors 41 in their group game the result means the south koreans are out of this year's competition yokohama will have a chance to win the group when they play sydney f.c. on friday. china's going show ever ground missed a chance to guarantee their spot in the knockout rounds they came back from a goal down to draw 11 with suanne blue wings the south korean still have one group game left in the overtake wang share with the missile kopi by it to go margin on
12:54 am
friday. was forward ro jimenez says he hopes to return to the pitch soon as he recovers from surgery on a fractured skull the mexican was injured during a collision with arsenal's dad louise on sunday and as went straight to the hospital while louise continued playing until half time the incident led many players and managers to back the idea of concussion substitutes elise can apply to start concussion substitutes trials from january with the premier league expected to begin tests next season under the new rules teams would be given an extra substitute to if a player left the pitch with a head injury sort of system is already used in other sports including rugby and cricket we've been speaking to the chief medical officer at the world players' union 5th pro he believes football authorities have been slow to take the issue of
12:55 am
concussions seriously ill. unfortunately football is one of the most conservative sports where many people are not progress even off in order to explore all the same now you saw or yes it's very regretful that we are beyond as a sport when it comes of advancements to once a better completion recognition nevertheless 2021 we will be on the move we've been trying as we've got to time and then concussion should situation but again i repeat i'm not sure that it will solve the problem of on feel recognition of concussion we would like to see or tried to watch a temporary conclusion superstition as well manchester united manager ole gunnar so sure things players would benefit from diversity training united's you're going striker and sinker vonnie has apologized for a controversial spanish phrase he used in a social media post he said it was intended as an affectionate greeting he could be
12:56 am
banned by the english football association if found guilty of discrimination will support him but of course we we we support the f.a. it's important the f.a. will that they have asked him to explain and it's out there for for everyone to see because. we we we want to be in the fight against discrimination with everyone and apology wasn't enough to save argentina's rugby captain problema tara has been suspended for making discriminatory comments on social media a series of statements made by metairie between 20112013 have recently been highlighted by terror has just led his country to their 1st ever win over new zealand is now bound and stripped of the captaincy having a disciplinary process. it was hamilton says he felt devastated after testing positive for corona virus the 7 time f one world champion will miss this sunday's
12:57 am
grand prix in bahrain the briton said that he was feeling well with only mild symptoms a replacement driver will take his spot for this weekend's phrase which will be the 2nd consecutive grand prix in bahrain hamilton has already sealed this season's title. and tokyo olympic organizers have signaled their intent for the sporting year ahead the olympic rings are back in tokyo bay they were taken away 4 months ago when the games were moved to 2021 due to coronavirus the 12 month delay is set to increase cost by close to $2000000000.00 the overall budget of $15000000000.00 will make the summer games the most expensive in history ok and that is all your sport for now it's now back to barbara and london for a thank you very much for that and that is it for this news hour do stay with us though going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the day's news thanks for watching c in a sick of my. frank
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assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse or one to 200 people informed opinion as to how big this foreign policy in the early stages of a bomb ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like you live get a back seat when there's no money and all the rest the rich countries are fighting for inside story on al-jazeera. decades ago manila was
12:59 am
called the pearl of the orient the manila metropolitan theatre was once a testament to the city's grandeur but decades later the theater has become a symbol of moneyless dickie now the philippine government is changing their government buildings the universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures that were destroyed in manila during world war 2. but rebuilding a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts say manila has never truly recovered. from the al-jazeera london broil constanza 2 special guests in conversation people think that racism is having personal vitriol towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with a physician if you're not upsetting people you're not saying the f.
1:00 am
100. there is not a family in britain i believe that has not been touched by empire studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. claims of voter fraud contradicted from within the trumpet ministration the u.s. attorney general says there's no significant evidence to reverse the election result. the at the at cologne barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the race to roll out a coronavirus vaccine finds or seeks european approval in the u.s. officials decide who will be the 1st to be immunized you raney and lawmakers back a motion to boost their.


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