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old towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is. unprompted, uninterrupted success comes with a physician. if you're not upsetting people you're not seen in f one needs any. oh, there is not a family in britain. i believe that has not been touched by empire studio. b. unscripted on al-jazeera claims of voter fraud, contradicted from within the trumpet ministration. the u.s. attorney general says there's no significant evidence to reverse the election result. barbara starr, you're watching al-jazeera live from london, also coming up the race to roll out a coronavirus vaccine finds or seeks european approval in the u.s.
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officials decide who will be the 1st of to be immunized. you raney and lawmakers back a motion to boost their brain human richmond, just days after the killing of a top nuclear scientist driven from their homes and now living hand to mouth. ethiopian refugees, fight, hunger and uncertainty in sudanese refugee camps. donald trump's bid to overturn the u.s. presidential election result has suffered another major blow with the attorney general saying there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. bill barr told the associated press that the justice department investigation has in his words not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome. where president elect joe biden be trumped 53062232 votes in the electoral college. and more than 6000000 in the
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popular vote. well, alan fisher is following events from the white house considering what a big supporter of the president bill barr always has been. what has the response been from the trumpet ministration and his legal team? well, there are people thing, the billboard is going to get fired because donald trump has since the election been talking about widespread voter fraud. he said in an interview on sunday that he believed the department of justice billboards, the partment and the f.b.i. could have been involved in some sort of conspiracy to steal the election away from him. bill barr was here at the white house in the last hour or so we're told by the department of justice. it was a routine meeting. if that's the case, then it makes comments even more interesting, particularly the timing of them that he was about to go and face the president in the oval office and tell him, look, we've looked into this and we don't think there's any widespread fraud. no,
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don't trump hasn't tweeted anything about this in the last couple of hours. he continues to read tweet a number of articles and people talking about how they're possibly could be fraud. his legal team have made a comment. they said that the department of justice has ignored, substantive investigation into the allegations of voter fraud. you remember just after the election, bill barr told investigators that they were to look at any significant allegations . bill barr says that the phone, nothing at all. rudy giuliani said, well, you haven't spoken to any of the witnesses that we have brought forward to have spoken under through a subpoena. we've also produced evidence of where the machines might have changed votes and you haven't looked at that. you simply haven't done your homework, but bill barr was aware that sort of thing was going to come because he told the associated press that many people know what the department of justice to investigate any time. they think there's something wrong as if this is some sort of
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catch all. but he seems to be saying, look, we looked at it, there's nothing there. and so we can't really do anything about it. so be interesting to see what don't trump reaction will be. you remember, of course, the man who is head of his cyber security protection unit, as part of the department security came out and said this was the more secure election in american history. donald trump said yes, it was apart from the fraud that the democrats perpetuated on it, and they fired the man who was in charge of the unit. so even chuck schumer, who's the leader of the democrats in the senate, was suggesting when told of billboard's comments. well, looks like he'll be the next one to be fired. well, we'll see in the next few hours because we were told beforehand that donald trump, before the election, the donald trump was getting less pleased with. this would be a good reason to get rid of him and alan, i know that this happened in the past 90 minutes or so. so perhaps the question is a bit speculative. but what could be the reasons behind bill buys?
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i guess change of heart perhaps, or lack of support for the president or how would you put it it's hard to say because of course, bill barr has been such a huge supporter of donald trump. he was, of course, the man who knows the results of the miller report, and many people say, well wait a 2nd, you completely misrepresented what robert mueller said in the report. even robert mueller said a 2nd, that's not exactly what i said. there is also the issue when the department of justice got involved in the case of michael flynn when it came to sentencing and also withdrawing the charges. you remember, he was the national security advisor that pled guilty to lying to f.b.i. agents. and the department of justice also got involved when roger stone, a close trump aide, was going to be sentenced. he said, hold on. the sentence is much too harsh. you need to tone back and of course roger stone ended up getting a pardon from donald trump as well. so he's been by donald trump side on
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a lot of occasions. he's actually been accused of being more donald trump's personal attorney than someone who actually is the united states main law man. and so he's a huge ally of donald trump's, but there was a falling out in the run up to the election because donald trump really want to build bar in the department of justice to investigate barack obama, and particularly joe biden, over allegations of spying on the trump, campaign, and 2016 d.o.j. looked at that didn't find anything, but that really didn't please don't all trump, he needed that investigation, trying to replay what happened in 2016 when you remember the jim comey, then the head of the f.b.i. came out and said he was restarting, the inquiry into hillary clinton's e-mails, donald trump, think he got 40 got a bump from. he wanted to see bill barr do the same for his campaign. this time around. that didn't happen, didn't please donald trump. and so when we were talking about a list of people that donald trump might fire before he steps out of office on
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january the 20th would mark asked for the department of defense secretary right at the top of that, he's gone. and of course, bill barr was on not list as well along with the head of the cia and also the head of the f.b.i. . so that's why many people think that bill barr is no on political death. watch that donald trump might be able to see. thank you very much. there's the door. yeah, we may well find out in the next few hours. alan fischer with the latest on the white house. allan, thank you. well meanwhile, u.s. president elect joe biden has formally unveiled the economic team that he says will deal with the crisis caused by the pandemic. he said, no one is better prepared to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus than janet yellen, his nominee as treasury secretary, and the pick from the obama administration. she was a former chair of the federal reserve under the previous president. lost law. it was lost jobs, small businesses struggling to stay
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a lawyer for clothes for good. so many people struggling to put food on the table in pay bills in rent. it's an american tragedy, and it's essential that we move with urgent save the u.s. drug from pfizer, and its german partner by your own text, say that they hope their vaccine could be launched in europe this month. if it gets the sign off from regulators. they've asked the european union's medicines agency for emergency approval, and the review could be completed by the 29th of december. but that could mean that at least 2 vaccines approved in europe and the united states are with us by the end of the year. well meanwhile, a u.s. health care watchdog me seeing has heard that most states expect to give health care workers a vaccine within just 3 weeks. the centers for disease control is holding an
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emergency meeting to decide who will be giving an inoculation 1st. an independent advisory team made up of 15 medical and public health experts is expected to vote in the coming hours. let's go live now to andy gallagher in miami. so, so what are we hearing about this u.s. health care meeting? well, this isn't advisory panel that will formally vote on the recommendations in the next hour or so. i've been listening in on the call and it's not unexpected. they're saying that health care workers, those on the front line of this pandemic should be given priority along with the elderly. so what we're talking about here is about 21000000, health care workers and 3000000 people living in long term care facilities. those recommendations will then go to the center for disease control, and they will then recommend to the states what to do, but ultimately it's up to each individual state to prioritize who they think should get these vaccines 1st. but there are many logistical challenges in the next few
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weeks just for this small amount of the population here. some of these doses require more than one injection. some of them require being refrigerated to very cold temperatures. that's an expensive process. and i've already been reading reports about refrigeration units being in short supply. but overall, this is good news, especially for those on the front lines of this pandemic who have overwhelmingly been hit very hard by this. but there are a lot of other questions going on here. someone like dr. anthony found, she is saying, look, the general population may not get this vaccine and told the spring of next year. now that means we're going through the winter through that christmas vacation period. and the prediction is that that will be a very brutal time for this country. remember, we're reporting about 150000 cases a day here in florida, we just hit a 1000000 cases. so there are many challenges ahead, and we're still waiting for these vaccines to get approval from the food and drug
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administration that should happen in the next couple of weeks. and the manufacturers say if they do get emergency approval, they'll begin shipping within 24 hours. and the gallagher with the latest there from miami, in florida, and we thank you. well before a vaccine is widely available, testing remains the best route to getting many countries operating in any way like normal. now a u.k. developer says its rapid test could provide a result on the spot within 10 minutes. but as john howell reports from manchester, economic concerns are still coming up against privacy worries. it's tempting to think the arrival of a vaccine will mean the end of all this students being tested before returning home for christmas, whole city populations trying to reduce transmission. but it won't. we don't have many long term. we don't know people need and there's
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a lot of things we don't know. so using diamonds that moment and that you know, in the media and the law is going to be really important. fast, accurate testing remains a vital goal. 5 from which it will be actually looks at. this is a do it yourself test delivering results in 10 minutes. the mideast certain 19 test is being trialled in spain. it's u.k. developers say it's faster than existing alternatives using nothing more invasive than a saliva sample. just partnered with an app, a unique q.r. code. there is the potential here for a digital immunity passport system as a timer allocated to the test that you've actually undertaken in terms of days, hours and minutes. and then to view your actual passport of freedom. you have your q.r. code, which has been bonafide from the device. you have a q.r. code that tells you i've had a test, my test is negative,
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i'm good to go correct. and all of that information is then burned is put together . once the test result is confirmed, there's much speculation, but the u.k. government insists it's not considering a system of immunity passports to determine where people can go or what they can do, depending on whether they've had a test or taken a dose of the vaccine. it's an idea that offends libertarian sensibilities, but given uncertainties about the pace and the long term effectiveness of any vaccination program, it may well be a necessary evil. i think. back around. do you need to be, did we think so that we now whether they have nation where they were really in the world is holding its breath, expecting an imminent return to normal life of normality may not be quite as we remember it. drawn out al-jazeera still to come on al-jazeera big oil on
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trial. royal dutch shell is accused of not doing enough to protect people and the planet from climate change, deported to a country. they barely know anger in the u.k. as it prepares to forcefully return 50 people to jimmy carter. how that will after a record breaking heat across australia, we are seeing the temperatures beginning to but there is an elevated fire risk as a result of all that heat that we have seen around things. a little showery down, swartz, a southeastern corner for a time in that west. the weather was pulling away towards new zealand. that one difference that we do have in terms of the bushfire as last year's bushfire swished the particularly bad year, cause that kind of the back of 3 year drought. now we've had some very early rain
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because the grasslands, which have grown for lifing plea as a result of the spring rains. and that brings with it the problems that we are now looking at. want to see showers into central parts of australia. of course the top end as well, but that aside slushy triumph, but at least temperatures about where they should be mid $27.00 sydney adelaide 22 celsius for melbourne while me off in perth with a hive around 31 degrees on the other side of the day. it is generally dry bits and pieces of fair weather cloud coming through, but some places a fair weather cloud, so it's a good part of japan. what's the weather now in the process of pulling away with the eastern side of japan, could see some showers. disease will ease away as we go on through thursday, wetter weather coming into the western side of japan. they strive but cool for china. captaining a leading youth team at 16 years old takes determination to that. staying on
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top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer by tunisia. home game on a forward in the old welcome back. here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera. u.s. attorney general bill barr has been quoted by the a.p. news agency saying there is no evidence of fraud in the u.s.
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election. 2 drug firms have applied for european approval for their coronavirus vaccines. the american firm pfizer and its german partner by own tech, have joined the modern that asked for emergency consent. iran's parliament has passed a draft motion to halt, unrestricted access by monitors to its nuclear sites. the motion also allows iran to resume uranium enrichment at levels of 20 percent, a violation of the 2015 nuclear deal, or such a bar of reports from tehran and urgent motion passed during an urgent session in parliament on tuesday. $251.00 parliamentarians are demanding that the government stop unrestricted access by inspectors to rein in nuclear sites. this draft bill would also oblige iran's atomic energy organization to take you radium and richmond to 20 percent. it is now at 4.5 percent. and under the
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2015 nuclear agreement, iran should be producing enrich uranium at only 3.67 percent the much least indeed sends the message to the enemies of iran. and that this one sided game is over. this motion will now have to go to the guardian council for approval, but all the citizens about iran's nuclear program are made by another body as the supreme national security council. but this move by the conservatively controlled parliament, comes at a critical time. on friday, 63 year old nuclear scientists, most and factories are the, was assassinated near to her on when his motorcade came under attack in broad daylight. in a rare move, the government released these never before seen photos of the receiving the order of service for his role in the 2015 nuclear deal. a fact which was not public,
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knowledge until now. in 2018, u.s., president dollar, trump withdrew from the deal and imposed a series of crippling economic penalties on iran. as a result, iran reduces commitments to the deal in phases and the access to international atomic energy inspectors is all of what remains. as part of the deal, there is a lot of pressure on the government inside iran to respond to the sas, a nation of one of the country's top nuclear and defense officials. i think it's quiet telling indicating the fact that iran or the when and debates on the j.c.b. your way moving to a are for you know, situation and rhetoric,, i think will best well have an effect on the future. negotiations on the j.c., you know, a compliance with them to use these motions allows the government one month to implement these, the manse. i asked this other after the article 176 of the iranian constitution
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states, it is a matter beyond the 3. branches of government or the legislative body, which is the mag list. no political body or branch of power could act beyond that. the latest report which came out in november said that iran now has 12 times more than the permitted amount of $300.00 kill grams of enrich uranium, putting its stockpile at nearly 4000 kilograms, the killing of most and factories out. and now this motion in parliament are all just adding pressure to their honey administration in the last few months that they have left in office. president summer heidi has already said that iran will eventually death of the high ranking official. but what's clear now is that he doesn't want to be reminded to do so or such a part out 0. the ethiopian government says a senior to gray and politician has surrendered to federal forces. this comes after prime minister ahmed claimed victory in the months long conflict over the northern
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region. but the tikrit people's liberation front, which has been in control of the area, says the fighting continues. tens of thousands of people have fled to the area of 4, neighboring sudan. but adjusting to the change is proving difficult as mohammad reports. but even by hunger, refugees queue for lunch at the camp. the food is prepared and served by relief groups with the help of refugees. but the choices are limited. we are looking at this. these people have been living on lentil soup with a portion of sorghum par age for 20 days. this type of food doesn't necessarily suit everyone that they had died in here who live there and you know, we have only this type of food that you see here. i had it for 14 days. now people are throwing it away. they don't want it anymore. the world food program is the main provider of aid relief in the camps. it says every registered refugee gets
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enough to eat. this is the main food store of the w.s.p. program inside the camp. they say what is available here is enough to feed $8000.00 people for an entire month and more is coming soon. so according to them, there was no shortage of food in the camp. russians include red sort of gum lentils, who can go a little salt and food supplements for newborns and nursing mothers. this is early days, hopefully we'll get all of these people off the porridge as quickly as possible. the key is we get them registered. and then as soon as that's the case, then we will be giving them monthly russians, they'll be able to manage it themselves. 75 year old try to keep barely starts eating when he abandons his meal. and but a few in the camp are being creative. this woman was a government accountant in america. she's 6 months pregnant. she has boycotted the porridge and started
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a little food business of her own. that didn't really never ate this type of food back home. we simply don't know if we can take it since i had a little bit of cash. i wrote some meat flour to make bread, and so that suits my tastes. little brother makes bread and soup for her family is what's left over using the money to buy more supplies, supplying the demand for food people here want to eat while aid groups do what they can to manage the humanitarian crisis. 105, are dizzier the account for if you open to the fiji's in sudan. environmental campaigners in the netherlands are taking on one of the giants of the oil industry. 7 groups say royal dutch shell has known about the damage from climate change for decades. and they want to force it to change track as steadfast and now reports from the hague. the people versus shall. that's how environmental
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groups called the case after people donated more than half a 1000000 euros to help fund the court hearings before this legal battle against one of the world's most powerful corporations got on the way. more money was being plashed. the same court in the hague ruled last year that a dutch state should protect its citizens against the dangers of climate change. it ordered the nataline's to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for 25 percent compared to 1900 by the end of this year. and via mentalists, he did further based on a dutch law as a precedent for the case against royal dutch shell. and dutch lol no company is allowed to endanger the lives of citizens through its actions. that's a very legal and an ethical. and we're basing all good guys on the friends of the earth. say that more than 30 years ago, chale had secret knowledge about the sea level rise caused by global warming. and as a result, raised the legs of all crap from troll norway by 2 meters. despite this,
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the group say, the oil giant continued to increase its production and paid international lobbyists to downplay the dangerous, shall the client requests to respond on camera, but in its paper sent to the court. the company denies the accusations. we believe the claims in this summons are inappropriate and legally without fung, dacian, for example. they assert that the paris agreement is directly binding on royal dutch shell, and they allege that shell had unique or special knowledge about c o 2 related to climate change. these allegations are not true. this court ruled last year that failing to reduce global warming is a violation of the right. this type of company, not the state of the file. and by a month on from both before the sound bite, we see its production. of course i feel it's a little bit. but when people live with this will have a major impact on the fight against climate. ok. and via mentalists. i'm not
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seeking compensation from shell, but want to force the company to change its actions. instead of investing 95 percent in fossil fuels, they want shell to increasingly invest in renewable energy. it makes it easier for the claimants because one very controversial issue in climate change. litigation is the issue of, can you prove that there is a causal link between on the one hand, the behavior of corporations and on the one hand, specific damage incurred by certain individuals. whereas hair does, does not need to be proven as such. the 2015 paras agreement states that a temperature rise of more than one and a half to greece will endangered the planet with this case which could take years and via mentalists hope to prove the child's actions are doing just that step. fasten al-jazeera, they hate 5 people, including a small child have been killed after a car was driven through a pedestrian shopping street in germany. police in the southwestern city of trio
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are questioning a 51 year old suspect, who was arrested at the scene. the car headed down the street for around a kilometer before being forced to stop dozens of people born in jamaica, but who have lived in the u.k. for decades are to be deported on wednesday morning. campaigners are trying to stop the flight saying that the situation is racially discriminatory and it rips families apart. for a challenge has the story behind the barbed wire on the grill covered windows of people spending perhaps their last few hours in a country they call home. barring a last minute change of heart from the u.k. government on wednesday, they'll be deported to jamaica from inside colebrook immigration removal. center, one of the detainees spoke to me on the phone. he wants to say, anonymous. sure. russian woman tarbert, amid a turn for depression 18 years ago,
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he fled gang violence in jamaica for the u.k. is right on the job. he says there's nothing left for him in jamaica that he's being punished twice for a crime he committed years ago in the u.k. . love it a mistake in my life. i'll try to make a mention on my side. whole notion of iran says it was a contradiction. a large nominee to the u.k. government disagrees by lawyer, a foreign national who's been in prison for 12 months or more can be eligible for deportation. the high office says we make no apology for seeking to remove dangerous foreign criminals to keep the public safe. the people being detained for this flies include convicted murderers and rapists. the u.k. only ever returns those who the home office and where a particular cozza satisfied do not need our protection and have no legal basis to remain in the u.k. . colebrook has been criticized by the prisons inspectorate is largely
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indistinguishable from a prison is just on the outskirts of heathrow airport so that when the last appeals of the detainees fail, they can be taken straight away, put on a plane and flown out was. 'd campaigners and that of it's of urge the government to cancel mass deportations saying they were products of racist immigration laws. $82.00 black, british public figures including model naomi campbell and actress tandi newton, eros king airlines not to assist with flights. some compare this flight to the wind rush scandal, where hundreds of commonwealth citizens invited to settle in the u.k. after world war 2 were wrongfully deported. back after decades of living here, it was a direct result of the u.k. government's 2012 decision to create a hostile environment for undocumented migrants. i spoke to the director of a charity that helps people facing deportation about her concerns. equal taishan is
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needed, at least it priced any noncitizen, it gets a state you sentence of 12 months or a fact inclusion people get made to born in the cape didn't have citizenship immediately became young children and including people there and lived in the case for a real time and have children and all of their family life established here. and so it's really problematic. it leads to real injustice in practice and it needs fundamental bushell. if such, reform comes, it will be too late to help those already thrown out of the country rich. allen's al-jazeera landed and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera, donald trump's ongoing attempts to hold on to the u.s. presidency, have taken another blow. attorney general bill barr, who was appointed by trump, has been quoted by the a.p.
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news agency saying that there is no evidence of fraud. he says the justice department's found nothing to suggest of regularities that could overturn the.


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