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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2020 8:00am-8:31am +03

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tunisia. ahmed just. the u.s. attorney general says there's no evidence of widespread election fraud while anger grows among election officials over threats to staff. mr president. you would not condemn these actions with this language. all over and i'm come all santamaria here in doha this is the world news from al-jazeera 3 prominent hong kong pro-democracy activists face time in prison for
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their role in last year's anti government protests also in the news israel's alternate prime minister says his party is ready to vote in favor of dissolving parliament it would set the stage for a 4th election in 2 years and the un issues an urgent appeal to allow aid in the 10s of thousands of refugees facing hunger and ethiopia's to a region. where it's come directly from the u.s. attorney general william barr he says the justice department has found no voter fraud certainly on any scale that could change the outcome of last month's presidential election his comments to the associated press contradict president trump's claims that the vote was rigged a vote which joe biden won 53062232 electoral college votes one hour from alan fischer. william barr got the job as america's top law enforcement officer
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because he was loyal to donald trump no the president might be questioning that loyalty just hours before a routine meeting at the white house the u.s. attorney general told the associated press he couldn't back up the president's claims of widespread voter fraud in 2020 saying we've not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election william barr became attorney general after jeff sessions was sacked donald trump didn't think he was loyal enough during the days of the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 26000 election since he took over bar has often been accused of acting more as trump's top lawyer rather than america's his department of justice got involved in cases involving trump allies it dropped charges against a former national security advisor michael flynn even though he had method lying to f.b.i. agents and it intervened in the sentencing of course trump ally roger steward. attorney general barr also announced the findings of the miller prove into russia
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interference but was accused of misrepresenting the final results to make his boss lose a better investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities i am sure that all americans share my concern about the efforts of the russian government to interfere in our presidential election. a concern here by robert miller himself but there was a growing rift between the white house and the department of justice donald trump wanted a pre-election investigation into barack obama and joe biden on the rules in the russia probe an f.b.i. announcement into hillary clinton's e-mails weeks before the 26th you know election gave him a boost he was hoping it would be the same again but had nothing to work with and couldn't deliver just weeks ago the man in charge of election cyber security said the 2028 presidential was the more secure in america's history that angered the
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president who claims without evidence that the election was stolen from him so he fired his official when news of bars comments hit capitol hill other suspected what might be coming in response to attorney general bill barr i guess he's the next one to be fired since he now too says there is no fraud. trump's legal team says there's been no substantial department of justice investigation into any allegations of voter fraud the vine covered the sea they have substantial evidence of wrongdoing in 6 states evidence they've yet to make public or present in court alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house and an election official in the state of georgia has lashed out at president trump election staff they received threats george was carrying out a 2nd recount at the request of the trump campaign it has to stop.
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mr president. you have not condemned these actions or this language senators you cannot condemn this language or these actions. this has to stop we need you to step up and if you take a position of leadership show some. on to other news in just weeks before the 1st covert 19 vaccines are potentially distributed in the u.s. health experts are recommending just who should get them 1st divisoria committee on immunization practices as health care workers and the elderly need to be a priority more in this report from andy gallacher. in hospitals across the u.s. medical staff are making preparations to receive the 1st branches of the coronavirus vaccine currently to drug makers pfizer and medina seeking emergency approval for their drugs as the u.s. averages 150000 new cases a day the death toll according to johns hopkins university stands at close 227-0000
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the advice from health experts to the c.d.c. is that the elderly and frontline medical staff should receive the vaccine as a priority it's estimated that close to 900 health care professionals have died after contract in the virus. 50 concerns of prompted health care workers to strike in illinois we pack our workers die from coal that we have health keeping laundry dietary worker's activity a everyone all of the partners have died from this disease and so we might have to pay for our workers the elderly and those who care for them have also been hit hard by the pandemic the doctors say they'll be prepared when the time comes company has not yet told us all the details but we do know there's maybe a little bit ahead a. after the vaccine but that's good because that means you're now getting a response and certainly i mean a side effect is better than getting. ready the food and drug administration will
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meet with drug manufacturers later this month to discuss emergency authorization if vaccines are approved salt they'll be ready to ship within 24 hours ultimately it's up to individual states who gets vaccinated 1st but logistical challenges remain some vaccines require refrigeration at great expense others need more than one dose in all for a 21000000 health care workers across this country and 3000000 people living in long term care facilities despite the challenges many states have been preparing for months for people who are in michigan as an example and we're going to make sure that they don't get left out. the state is doing a lot of that and figuring out you know. how many people where and they're going to distribute it that way health experts say the general population may not get the vaccine until spring next year warning that people will still need to wear masks and practice social distancing the next few months are expected to be brutal as
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winter takes hold and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida brazil has also unveiled its plan for vaccinating nearly $110000000.00 people which is more than half the population indigenous people health workers those age 75 and above they will be top of the list then you will have those aged between 60 and 74 and people with prior health conditions and the final phase teaches 1st responders prison staff inmates and in europe the u.s. drug firm pfizer and its german bio partner biotech have said they hope vaccine could be rolled out within weeks i've asked the european union's medicines agency for emergency approval which could come by december 29th that could mean maybe 2 vaccines approved in europe and the united states by the end of the year israel holsten its prime minister and defense minister benny gantz says his party will back an opposition bill in favor of dissolving parliament dances lost patience with
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benjamin netanyahu and is ready to break their alliance if a long overdue budget isn't positive immediately move could force israel's 4th election in less than 2 years. no you really are slow yet because. i had no illusions in regard to netanyahu i knew his record as a serial promise violator but i thought that the citizens of israel are more important than any leader and that netanyahu will rise to the occasion it didn't happen netanyahu promised unity he promised netanyahu said there will be no tricks he promised responsible management of the corona crisis and the public is paying the price he didn't lie to me he lied to you. now 3 prominent pro-democracy activists are due to be sentenced in hong kong after pleading guilty to unlawful assembly during last year's protests joshua wong agnus channel ivan lamb they were all taken into custody last month this was after last year's protests which were
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triggered by the introduction of a controversial extradition bill which has since been shelved and check in with adrian brown on this one in hong kong adrian i'm hearing varying 'd numbers about how many years maybe even down to months that they could expect in jail what can you clarify for us. yes. that's right they're going to be appearing at west kalou magistrates court now the maximum sentence that a magistrate's court can issue here in hong kong is 3 years so that will be the higher level of the sentence that they would expect to get but most commentators seem to feel they're probably receive a sentence more in the term of sort of you know months now they are appearing in court as you say charged with unlawful assembly over events that actually happened more than 18 months ago when protesters laid siege to hong kong to police headquarters that was at the very start of the unrest but of course none of this
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trio are any strangers to being detained joshua warm has been arrested no less than 10 times and if he does go to jail today it will be the 4th time that he served time in prison ivan lamb has also previously been jailed but of the 3 of them in great sadness chow who potentially is in the most dangerous situation come out because back in august she was arrested under the truck konya new national security law and although she hasn't been charged if she is charged with colluding with foreign powers which what she's suspected of doing then she could potentially spend a very long time in jail potentially up to. a life sentence so this case is going to be watched very closely indeed by you know a number of countries around the world the united states included because of course the new incoming biden administration in the us has said that you know china is
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going to be a foreign policy priority for his administration and of course hong kong is part of all of that so commentators are dissipating but they will be sentenced today the question is you know for how long. what sort of state's adrian would you say that the whole protest and pro-democracy movement is in hong kong these days i just think of the number of things which happened the changes in the laws the inability to protest because of coronavirus the fact that legislators have resigned from the legislature as well it's sort of slowly chipping away at many different levels of it. yet there's been so much happening on so many different levels here in hong kong but it's no doubt that the national security law that was imposed on this city on july the 1st has had a very chilling effect as tyner china continues to tighten its grip on this former
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british colony but also we can't forget the impact of covert 19 because the administration here is still struggling to flatten the curve of that and in fact restrictions have now been tightened even further which means people can no longer gather in groups of 2 which means of course it's going to be very difficult for supporters of the street activists hoping to gather outside the court. later this afternoon thank you for those updates we'll talk to you again later adrian brown in hong kong. in the news ahead frozen meat uncovered 19 why imports from several countries are no longer making the cut in china. joe biden unveils the team he hopes will eat the u.s. out of its endemic economic crisis.
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how there was still got some wet weather in the forecast across the middle east at the moment a fair amount of cloud across northern parts of the region into the levant is the sort of the mediterranean things and western weather that makes its way right the way across into the caspian sea northern parts of iran standing with a chance of seeing some showers so well so whether that so just crossing iraq as we go on through awareness day and a line of western weather there through saudi arabia down towards mecca central and southern parts of the red sea a shower or 2 in the cards here and it's more of the same brady as we go on through thursday i suspect here in qatar it should be dry temperatures around 26 celsius with a good deal of sense of weather and hazy sunshine which extends its way down across the horn of africa well i may see want to see showers just creeping into that eastern side of somalia and wetter weather too into central parts of ethiopia that's certainly a possibility so right across the heart of africa just around the rift valley pushing a little further south is where we are seeing the wettest weather over the coming
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days those heavy showers stretching the way right across the democratic republic of the congo into northern parts of angola and beyond that wet weather actually slides down across want to see some showers that are in susanne bier with wet weather to the most happy. explosions when. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be a little different rewind silent. on al-jazeera.
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lose. the war. so this is al-jazeera these are the top stories u.s. attorney general bill boss says the justice department has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in last ones election president trump's team though says the legal fight will continue. panel from the u.s. centers for disease control is recommending front line workers and nursing home residents to get the coronavirus facts nation 1st states and other local authorities that will decide on the issue. prominent pro-democracy activists are due to be sentenced in hong kong after pleading guilty to unlawful assembly during last year's protests just one was taken into custody last month along with 2 other campaign is they could face up to 5 years in jail. on the mainland china is
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cracking down on imported frozen makes after packaging was found to be contaminated by corona virus in more than 10 cities authorities said traces of the virus have been discovered on imports from brazil india germany and several other countries many of them have dismissed the claim saying beijing's restrictions amounts to trade barriers the full story now with katrina you. lacey hall used to run a thriving imported meat and food business but the pandemic has changed that the chinese government says an increasing amount of furs and food being sent to china carries traces of coronavirus and its placed heavy restrictions on many of the products you cells are imported the me the undersea food now must pass our staff and customers a worry about the 50 dart of a chinese authorities say traces of the virus have been found in furs and chicken beef and seafood from nearly 2 dozen countries nearly 3000000 people were tested in
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the port city of tianjin after 2 warehouse workers reportedly contracted carbon 19 after handling german pork last month the findings have resulted in new screening measures and some imports being banned the government crackdown has affected vendors and wholesalers nationwide this used to be a busy hub and may just also this is an important phrase and sees it now this area has been completely shut down and closed experts say it's possible for current virus to be transmitted via cold chain products that are unlikely. to read. in english. and most important. thing and actually.
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the foreign ministry says frozen food transmission suggests the corona virus may not have originated in china do you want to work over there china was the 1st to report cases it doesn't necessarily mean that the virus originated in china tracing the origin of the virus is a complicated scientific issue. the world how. organization says it's highly speculative to argue the disease did not come from china the agency is conducting an investigation into han the original epicenter of the outbreak but will be given limited independent access to official records germany and new zealand are among several governments who have criticised china's crackdown on imported for years and fruit saying new restrictions amount to unfair trade barriers the chinese government says frozen packaging can be contaminated by the corona virus there have been no cases of people being infected by consuming imported foods. al-jazeera
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beaching. the united nations nuclear watchdog is urging iran to reconsider its plan to hold unrestricted access to its sites the parliament has passed a draft motion that allows iran to resume uranium enrichment at levels of 20 percent which is another violation of the 25th in your plea deal reports from tehran. and urgent motion passed during an urgent session in parliament on tuesday $251.00 parliamentarians are demanding that the government stop unrestricted access by inspectors to rein in nuclear sites this draft bill would also oblige iran's atomic energy organization to take you rein him in richmond to 20 percent it is now at 4.5 percent and under the 2015 nuclear agreement iran should be producing enrich uranium at only 3.67 percent. the much least indeed
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sends the message to the enemies of iran that this one sided game is over. this motion will now have to go to the guardian council for approval but all the citizens about iran's nuclear program are made by another body as the supreme national security council but this move by the conservatively controlled parliament comes at a critical time on friday 63 year old nuclear scientists most and factories are there was assassinated near to her on when his motorcade came under attack in broad daylight in a rare move the government released these never before seen photos of factories other receiving the order of service for his role in the 2015 nuclear deal a fact which was not public knowledge until now in 2018 u.s. president dollar trump withdrew from the deal and imposed a series of crippling economic penalties on iran as a result iran reduces commitments to the deal in phases and the access to
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international atomic energy inspectors is all of what remains as part of the deal there is a lot of pressure on the government inside iran to respond to the sasa nation of one of the country's top nuclear and defense officials i think it's quiet telling indicating the fact that iran or the when and debates on the. moving are for you know situation and rhetoric i think this will have an effect on the future. negotiations on the new way compliance with tuesday's motion allows the government one month to implement these demands. after the article $176.00 of the iranian constitution states it is a matter beyond the 3 branches of government or the legislative body which is the magnus no political body or branch of power could act on that the latest report
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which came out in november said that iran now has 12 times more than the permitted amount of 300 kilograms of enrich uranium putting its stockpile at nearly 4000 kilograms. the killing of most and factories out this notion in parliament are all just adding pressure to their honey administration in the last few months that they have left in office president has already said that iran will avenge the death of the high ranking official what's clear now is that he doesn't want to use the name reman to do so for such a party al-jazeera. the ethiopian government says a senior politician links the to people's abrasion front has surrendered to federal forces. had claimed victory in the month long conflict over the northern region but only to say it's not over there's a media blackout that's made claims from both sides difficult to verify the united nations eye has appealed to ethiopian authorities for access to thousands of our
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trained refugees in the region and then there's the 10s of thousands of people who fled to the camps of neighboring sudan and while aid agencies say there's enough food to go around many refugees say their nutritional needs are not be met and support for mohammed. different by hunger refugees queue for lunch at the camp the food is prepared and served by relief groups with the help of refugees but the choices are limited. looking i've been there i guess these people have been living on lentil soup with a portion of sorghum pards for 20 days this type of food doesn't necessarily suit everyone and i thought they had it why didn't he you know who live there and you know we have only this type of food that you see here i had it for 14 days now people are throwing it away they don't want it anymore. the world food program is the main provider of aid relief in the camps it says every registered refugee gets
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enough to eat this is the main food store of the w.s.p. program inside the camp place say what is available here is enough to feed $8000.00 people for an entire month and more is coming soon so according to them there was no shortage of food in the camp. russians include red sorghum lentils who can go oil or salt and food supplements for newborns and nursing mothers this is early days hopefully we'll get all of these people off the porridge as quickly as possible the key is we get them registered and then as soon as that's the case then we will be giving them monthly russians will be able to manage it themselves. 75 year old barely starts eating when he abandons his meal. but a few in the camp are being creative this woman was a government accountant and she's 6 months pregnant she has boycotted the partridge and started a little food business of her own that didn't never ate this type of food back home
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we simply don't know if we can take it since i had a little bit of cash i wrote some meat flour to make bread and so that suits my tastes. little brown makes bread and soup for her family and what's left over using the money to buy more supplies supplying the demand for food people here want to eat while aid groups do what they can to manage the humanitarian crisis divide. the account for ethiopia the few g.'s in sudan. meanwhile the united nations says almost a quarter of a 1000000 people have now died in yemen's war and aid groups are warning the humanitarian crisis is only getting worse tens of thousands of children are at risk of dying due to acute malnutrition years of fighting has destroyed yemen's economy back to the u.s. where president elect joe biden is urging congress to pass
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a coronavirus aid package that's been stalled for months he spoke while presenting his economic team to deal with the crisis promising to provide more relief for the faltering u.s. economy the supporters from kristen salumi president elect joe biden appealed to working class americans suffering disproportionately from the pandemic as he introduced his team of economic advisers the message help is on the way let's not forget who built this country working class and middle class people built this country and unions built the middle class. and from the most unequal economic and job crisis in modern history we can build a new american economy that works for all americans calling it the build back better plan called for immediate relief for those out of work in the form of affordable health care rent in student loan relief and child care and sick leave so workers don't have to choose between work and family vestment in infrastructure and
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clean energy he said will help create new jobs janet yellen would lead those efforts as treasury secretary in action will produce a self reinforcing downturn causing yet more devastation and we miss we risk missing the obligation to redress deeper structural problems inequality stagnant wages especially for workers who lacks a college education. communities that have seen industry disappear with no good jobs replacing lost ones racial disparities from the job opportunities housing food security and it's an ambitious agenda that will require buy in from republicans but yellen has your experience as chair of the federal reserve during the 2008 financial crisis to draw on yang is a well known figure in washington d.c.
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and that s early help she's also i think established a reputation as. relatively centrist moderately and will. it will it's only one who can work and both. skills that will be needed in a divided congress at odds over a 2nd relief package joe biden called on congress to immediately authorize funding to address the most urgent needs of the american people but predicted what if anything lawmakers agreed upon wouldn't be enough and promised to move quickly once in office kristen salumi al-jazeera wilmington delaware cuba is pushing ahead with economic reforms as it tackles a combination of u.s. sanctions and the pandemic it means the cuban peso will be devalued for the 1st time in more than 60 years actually cuba has 2 versions of the peso since $94.00
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but only one of which is changeable or interchangeable in cuba this is all part of efforts to loosen state controls over the economy. and the business business software giant sales force is buying the slack for almost $28000000000.01 of the most expensive tech acquisitions of all time you may well use slacken messaging app which is designed to allow coworkers to collaborate at a distance seen a surge in users during the pandemic as millions of people switch to working from home. this is al-jazeera these are the headlines u.s. attorney general william barr says the justice department has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in last month's election in response president trump's legal team has accused the justice department of failing to do enough to investigate allegations over.


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