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closed extrapolate that across the country and the spread of coronavirus of p. is wider than anyone. in the u.k. becomes the 1st country in the world to approve fires and bio and text code at 19 vaccine. i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up hong kong pro-democracy activists are jailed for their role in last year's anti-government protests. thailand's constitutional court acquits the prime minister of an ethics violation meaning that he'll keep his post. and drilling on the moon scientists have their 1st few samples of lunar rocks since the 1970 s.
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. the united kingdom has become the 1st country in the world to approve the fires a bio and tech covert 19 vaccine for public use the 1st immunizations a set to begin next week 50 hospitals across england are ready and waiting for the vaccine to arrive and large scale vaccination centers are being set up 800000 doses are expected in the 1st in the very the u.k. health minister says the most vulnerable groups will be given priority that includes the elderly people in care homes and those who care for them. what it means for people is that from next week we'll be able to start rolling this out we'll start with those who are most vulnerable to corona virus and it will you need 2 jobs so 21 days apart so after that we will start protecting people
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as this protection comes with these these these 2 jobs and it will help save lives and then once we've started to protected the most vulnerable it will help us all get back to normal and and and back to all the things that we love the fires of bio intact vaccine needs to be shipped and stored ultra cold temperatures making distribution difficult for the british government says that it set up 3 routes to distribute the vaccine as quickly as possible let's go live to london now to seriously barker's there so need how and why has britain become the 1st country to approve fires as a vaccine for public use. well the british government has announced that it is poised to begin one of the biggest public health operations in
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a modern times starting early next week largely because of the speed in which its regulator has given the pfizer bio and vaccine the green light the go ahead now to be rolled out on mass beginning early next week for the treatment of course of covert 19 let's not forget that in only 10 months this vaccine has been developed and approved a process that would normally take possibly more than a decade so for monday morning the government's confirmed they're expecting a shipment of 800000 doses that can be used to treat 400000 people causes hancock the health secretary just said that you need 2 doses 2 injections 21 days apart to confer a degree of immunity we know of course from initial trials carried out by by and 2nd pfizer that the effectiveness is around 95 percent in advance of this green light the government has already asked for an order of $40000000.00 doses so
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we believe that in the coming months that will be available for public use being able to treat around 20000000 people 10000000 people that may be able to receive the vaccine before the end of the year and we also now know the list of different groups of categories of people that will be prioritized the most vulnerable in care homes at the top others with underlying vulnerable health conditions and then gradually going down the ange range to the least affected the least likely to suffer seriously from a result of getting covert 19 is a huge operation poised to begin the european union has said that it believes a more cautious approach is best and that the vaccine won't be available there until at least won't be approved there until at least the end of december british authorities absolute unsure of the safety and efficacy of this vaccine.
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well that's the message the health secretary my own call has been sharing this morning let's not forget that the british regulator is an independent body it has been carrying out safety checks rigorous safety checks much quicker than it normally does on what we gather is a much smaller sample group than usual of several 100 rather than several 1000 let's not also forget that there is a political side to this as well the british government very very keen to show now that the u.k. is no longer part of the european union that its regulator can be the 1st in the world to get things going to set the pace not to say that it's cutting corners but it is a real issue for the british government to show that it can move very quickly on this the european medical regulator will decide as you mention that bit later on in a few weeks time they're also working on whether or not other vaccines are safe for you so we'll hit back the start of the year as well as don't forget to the u.s.
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regulator the f.d.a. had to come back so also regulators in china and russia too but definitely what the british government wants to show is that they have moved quickly on the research on the data that the regulator is following all of the procedures necessary and now it's up to how quickly the manufacturer over in belgium can work to build up stocks and ship them over to the u.k. for use there is a word of warning from the british government though the people most people will have to wait until the start of next year to receive the vaccine it will slow start it will start to be introduced slowly and gather pace towards beginning of next year i was there as a buck a reporting live from london many thanks naif study house. is a molecular very much just northumbria university he explains how the vaccine was approved so quickly. the review process right now has not
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being a classical approval process. stated by many media this is what's known as imagine see yourself as a ship and an emergency use of horizon nation house certain. facilitations shall we say. the risk benefit proposition in this particular instance is looked out and the need for society and the economy is put up with safety however it's critical to point out thought and emergency use of the right station does not mean that the votes it's going to be out there on everything's fine it means that the every single bunch of the blacks in it will be tested to confront it's of the same quality not quantity and composition there will be a fair restrict monitoring system put in place to in show even the slightest of
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a record it and if there is anything point toward 'd the a measure a sellout to immediately and decisions are going to be taken very very fast probably faster than as they can to review the vaccine for magic's or use a phrase issue whether to stop oxygenating will continue just to highlight what i mean by this you will recall that early in the summer we had an incident with another boxing which had an adverse event in brazil and for that reason vaccination stopped with it for a few days worldwide so this kind of monitoring and this kind of safety comes 1st approach will be put in place. 3 of hong kong's best known pro-democracy activists have been sentenced to prison joshua one will spend around 13 months in jail and that this child was given 10 months for their role in last year's process another activist ivan lam was sentenced to 7 months demonstrations outside hong kong's police headquarters and 2019 were triggered by the introduction of
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a controversial extradition bill which has since been shelved al-jazeera is adrian brown reports now from hong kong. joshua one received 13 and a half months for organizing and inciting an unlawful assembly agnes' chow received 10 months for organizing and participating in an illegal assembly and of course ivan lamb received 7 months now the reason why their sentences were not as high as might have been expected they were facing the prospect of 3 years in jail is of course a week ago they pleaded guilty the magistrate said on wednesday that only an immediate jail sentence was the appropriate option now of course this is not the 1st time the joshua one has been to jail he has served 3 terms before he's been arrested 10 times when the sentence was read out in court agnes cho who's 24 on thursday burst into tears joshua one was in characteristically defiant mood he said the days ahead
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will be tough but we will pull through now in the past 18 months or so since the protests began more than 10000 people have been arrested a 1000 of those people were under the age of 18 and there have been almost 2300 prosecution so the courts here in hong kong really are getting clogged up with cases stemming from those protests which are now of course largely died out. hundreds of people are protesting in thailand after the prime minister was acquitted of an ethics violation and allowed to keep his job the opposition to challenge the form of john to lead us to sit and to continue living in a military residence despite being a civilian leader files channel seized power and 2014 and ended his career as an army chief to become prime minister protests calling for his resignation started in july that have since grown into calls for reforms of thailand's powerful when i
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came out to sara scott hired to reports from bangkok. they said that because he is still serving the country and he's a retired senior member of the military that it's ok for him to be living in on that property which is technically on a military base but they say also that this literal house that he lives in is there for guests for v.i.p.'s so that they say was not a violation of any of these ethics codes as stipulated in the constitution obviously you've got this protest movement that has really kind of swelled since july and 1 of the main goals of the protest movement movement is to see prime minister pro tentative go they obviously were hoping for a different verdict today they're holding a protest just a little bit from here the constitutional court they wanted to come here during this hearing today but they were barred by authorities so they're holding a protest nearby again they say after this verdict came out they say they're going to continue on they're going to continue with the fight to have him resign and for
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the reform of the monarchy and they have a new constitution drafted so you might see it as a setback for them but they say they're going to continue with the fight the u.s. attorney general william boss says the justice department has not found voter fraud on a scale that could have changed the outcome of last month's presidential election his comments to the associated press contradict president donald trump's claims that the vote was rigged president elect joe biden be trumped 53062232 electoral college votes robert is an associate professor at lancaster university in the u.k. he says that it's likely trump will lose the support of those close to closest to him. now you know i think donald trump grasping at straws looking for either states that will come to his support or his own justice department which really isn't his own justice department this might be the 1st time we're seeing bar operating autonomous leave from the white house actually well i think that you know if we if we look at how donald trump's acting and then and then measure that against other
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folks it's what we've seen all along with donald trump's acting the way that he acts that's beneficial for him but the rest of these people are career politicians right they want just to keep some sort of job or you know in government or on some sort of board somewhere a corporate board and that's where a lot of these people go this connection between industry private business and the public sector is immense and so people want to keep some form of credibility whereas donald trump can go back to his business whatever that may be and stick his nose and if you want into political movements but here we're seeing career politicians and civil servants holding a line and saying things are going to be very different come end of january we're going to have to work with a new administration we may want to have a role to play in that and so this is a maybe not so much about the constitution as it is about the south whether up type
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planks to i was harold then running for their lives we'll hear from residents of indonesia forced to flee from an active volcano. and so they have a legal precedence the story of one mother's fight for her daughter as official cause of death. but. hello we've got some bits and pieces of cloud and rain coming into japan over the next couple days but nothing too much to speak of the worst of the weather the heaviest right well off shore with this weather system out into the open waters but we have got a few showers rolling into western parts of honshu maybe some wintry showers too into. it cold into the korean peninsula northern parts of china central southern positron in general dry as well but i would say also west you could see some
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showers and over the high ground a lot of wintry in the nature we got a northeasterly breeze of course in ne be some showers down to taiwan that could be heavy at times and some really heavy rain see now making its way across sri lanka heading towards the fos out of and they've got another tropical cyclone which is developed here that's going to bring copious amounts of rainfall there will be widespread flooding there into parts of thailand flood risk and also a landslides a possibility that red warnings in force into the into carol as we go on through the next couple of days as this system just runs across the far south of india it will cause my to problems as one would expect further north it is a good deal dry but notice a few showers just draped along the fos out of the himalayas over the next couple of days. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands
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increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such 2 mountains as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against east amounts we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and fire mentally sound energy solutions for future generation the british pioneering future energy. well again this is al-jazeera made news this hour the u.k.'s government has approved the fire as a bio and tech covert 19 vaccine to be rolled out for next week it's vaccine committee says that it's expected to stop of those most at risk including health
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workers and residents. 3 of hong kong's best known pro-democracy activists have been sentenced to prison joshua one will spend around 13 months in jail at this child and ivan lamb received short of sentences but hundreds of people are protesting in thailand up to the prime minister was acquitted of an ethics violation and allowed to keep his job the former army chief is still in military housing despite resigning from his army post 6 years ago. the prime minister of s. one teeny has been transferred to hospital after testing positive for corona virus 2 weeks ago a government statement released on social media says that ambrose meany will be taken to a better school facility in neighboring south africa it says that he's responding well to treatment by jury of m.p.'s of someone president mohammad who bihari to parliament to answer questions about last week's mass killings in borno state at least 67 people were killed by boko haram fighters on saturday senators have
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criticized biharis government for failing to stop the attacks they want security chiefs to be sacked the president's spokesman caused anger after blaming the farmers are putting themselves in danger. the united nations says that it signed a deal with ethiopia's governments to get unrestricted humanitarian access to the to gray region the agreement will allow aid workers to federally controlled areas more than a 1000000 people of thoughts have been displaced by fighting which began almost a month ago. tens of thousands of those displaced of left the country fleeing across the border to sudan al jazeera has spoken to one university student you have no option but to leave. my full name is the cost in q do our guy. 25 cities or world i came from to grab a 1000 or more a. i was happy when i was there with my family and i was helping my family i was
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playing with my friends i was playing with my brother even my mother you know when you are far away from your family you know. you maybe even come and happy it becomes a time i pray to god to see my family when i go to church i pray to god for this year my family and. i feel sad when i think of the future of this all people as well because. there are so many people there is that a family like father like my that is like the star bradley i mean there are some. people as there was on good life like civil servants in their house salary payments they can make their lives good but this wire. he can't bring to the bad life the sick of this one special the sick of this one so many people as they go to the refrigerator. their become hopeless i have stayed for 10 days but when i
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look over now that i have observed this oil company there is not good food. still now some of them they sleep on the ground some of them this little. plastic even. this is not good still the 1000 to any particular people this is a bad year and all the i don't remember family in my life. bad you know for the future out of this little existence become poor. even died on the drugs why because there is not any sort of. by the doc the condition or the season was. harvesting season if you know that's not a go if we live and this would. not have us. you know if the. people ate both and they live on the agriculture. for harvesting like. start again
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like they like to see him you know. if they can not part of it how they can live on idea i don't to go back there right because. if there is not freedom if there is not this. kind of growth and if there is freedom. wherever that's michael. peru's former president is refusing to testify before the parliamentary commission that removed him from office last month martin discolor attended a closed door session on tuesday but told reporters he made use of his legal right to remain silent is under investigation for corruption which he denies this covers removal in november led to a political crisis the source 3 presidents in 9 days of violent protests across the country and around $8000.00 people in a remote community in indonesia seeking shelter from an active volcano authorities have raised the alert level on mount illy level talaq jessica washington reports from jakarta. on the boat island in indonesia's southernmost province says mt.
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thousands usually live on the slopes of the volcano accustomed to its quiet grumbling close to their homes. but days ago a large eruption triggered panic among the local population ashot more than 4 kilometers into the sky people fled their homes and sought shelter to free that i was so scared i fed my goods quickly and took off to the town the volcano is still highly active authorities have closed the nearby airport and set up a safety zone the baggage was at the up but there were still eruptions this morning every time it happens this thick smoke coming from the volcano. emergency shelters are providing food blankets and medication and if that is not whenever we will keep evacuating people in accordance with the warning the closest villages could potentially be hit by hot lava and volcanic materials that local authorities are
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also having to deal with the ongoing health crisis and the added number that are diarrhea dengue fever and coated 19 we are implementing health protocols in a camp to stop your virus clusters forming. the alert for the volcano was raised to the 2nd tightest warning level and the experts on the ground warn against complacency. according to the docs that there have been intense volcanic earthquakes and there is the potential for more eruptions. indonesia sits on what's known as the ring of fire which makes it vulnerable to frequent seismic activity it has $147.00 volcanoes and several have been highly active this month. fulton knows of course different islands are now on the 2nd highest alert level prompting the evacuation of thousands of people authorities here in the capital say they are closely monitoring the situation after a census picked up an increase in volcanic activity authorities say the situation
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is normal you need yeah you want your army 10 to 12 will cain was corrupted. can be at the same time can be a different time on the boat island the streets are quiet and the houses empty people left not knowing what might remain when they return just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. a mother of a 9 year old girl from south london. attack is trying to make legal history and she's fighting for air pollution to be recorded as the course of something that's never happened before but it's not in barbara force the strong evidence to support . deborah was a key swimmer dancer and cyclist by the age of 9 she had the reading age of a teenager but she never made it to her 10th birthday over a 3 year period she suffered numerous seizures going into hospital 27 times with breathing problems an inquest in 2014 found ella died of acute respiratory failure
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after a severe asthma attack but that was quashed when new evidence emerged about local air pollution her mother wants air pollution recorded as the cause of death something that's never happened before in the u.k. . there is no warning of how everything was going to. end the impacts on health and governments everywhere. so we'll have to go through. the new inquest is also considering what steps were taken to reduce air pollution and to inform the public experts say pollution levels at a monitoring station hearing cat food near relatives home consistently exceeded legal limits in the years up to date. most of our walk to school was along this highly congested road 2 years after she died in a report concluded there was a direct link between her condition and levels of nitrogen dioxide and airborne
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particles in this area the inquest could set a precedent helping people hold local and central government to account for the they bring. deborah was never told about the risks of air pollution to her daughter but clean air campaign is say there's now plenty of evidence it's cutting short thousands of lives across the u.k. it cost. a whole host of diseases from. heart attacks to. people. local authority where rosamond lives has admitted it should have treated pollution levels as a public health emergency she's hoping the inquest into well is death can make everybody think about its impact and take action to save lives near 0 london business software giant sales force is buying team work platform slack for almost
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$28000000000.00 as one of the most expensive tech acquisitions of all time slacks messaging app is designed to allow colleagues to work together at a distance it seen a surge in users during the pandemic as millions of people switched to working from home giant or a c.b. radio telescope in perth or eco suffered major damage a 900 ton receiver platform fell 140 meters smashing into the radio dish below after cables holding it up snapped it was the largest dish in the world when it was built nearly 60 years ago and was used to discover the 1st planets outside the solar system it's also featured in the james bond film goldeneye a chinese spacecraft started collecting rocks on the moon the chinese have 5 touchdown on tuesday if it gets the samples back to successfully china will become only the 3rd nation to do so but important step and a much more ambitious space program under schapelle with force. shortly after
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touching down on the ocean of storms a volcanic plane on the near side of the moon china's state television showed pictures of yet another homegrown technological breakthrough in space. or long march 5 is on a historic mission to bring back rock and soil samples from the moon the 1st such mission in more than 40 years to go delusional meant to this movement is the 1st step it's steadily landed on the surface very steady and very good playing a very important foundation for the next steps into the lander has a number of instruments to make this happen including a camera as well as scoop and drill capabilities. to ensure that next is the drilling and collecting of samples on the surface and folding the national flag and making preparations for taking off. if all goes to plan 2 kilograms of rock and soil samples will be brought to earth later this month with hopes of learning more about the moon's origins formation and volcanic activity. but 1st another historic
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feat and unmanned meeting and docking with the return craft in lunar orbit 380000 kilometers away from earth it is the although we've done the landing twice before this mission the lender is heavier than the jade rabbit rover so it's harder to control and requires more precision and i don't know i only on that mission last year landed a rover on the dark side of the moon which has never been done before it's still roaming around exploring the surface and sending back images like these. billions of dollars are being poured into china's military run space program which has ambitious plans in store including building a moon base in the coming years and a space station with a permanent crew the mission is expected to wrap up when the spacecraft returns with its samples likely to land in inner mongolia later this month and are shipped home al-jazeera. an international sound art festival is giving indian artists a chance to shine it only shows off the world's best sound sculptors but this year
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foreign artists couldn't join the festival is from across india have crafted works based on the corona virus and climate change. is adolescence along with what's a video on our website take a look at al-jazeera dot com. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for the good here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the u.k. government has approved the fires and bio enteric coated 19 vaccine to be rolled out from next week it's expected to start with those most at risk including health workers and residents of care homes what it means for people is that from next week we'll be able to start rolling this out we'll start with those who are most vulnerable to coronavirus and it will you need to.


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