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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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aminals are illegally filming and sharing people's most intimate moments one only needs to investigate south korea's spy cam demick on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. or the ira however here at the al-jazeera news are coming to you live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.k. becomes the 1st country in the world to approve pfizer and by own tax covert 19 vaccine for widespread use. several pro-democracy activists in hong kong are jailed for their role in last year's anti-government protests. another election on the horizon in israel
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a preliminary vote on dissolving parliament has just pants. humanity is waging war on nature this is suicidal and the u.n. issues another warning about climate change but with the global pandemic who's listening. in sports mick schumacher son of former world champion michael will race in formula one next season be 21 year old a son for the house team 3 decades on from his father's f one derby. well the u.k. has become the 1st country to approve the finds her bio on tech covert 19 vaccine for public use it will starts to be administered to high priority groups within a matter of days now this is a major breakthrough in the effort to tackle
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a disease that's killed nearly one and a half 1000000 people around the world brian and reports now from london. the approval of a vaccine almost exactly a year since coded 901st emerged in china is a triumph for science the final trial data for the pfizer buy on tech vaccine was only submitted to the u.k. regulator the m h r a a week ago but as a result of a process of rolling approval examining data even as the trials were taking place the regulator has been able to move swiftly and confidently to declare it effective and safe the safety of the vaccine has been scrutinized independently by our commission on human medicines and no stone has been left unturned so absolute confidence in the safety effectiveness and quality of the pfizer violent tech vaccine britain has bought 40000000 doses of the pfizer biotech job and the 1st 800000 doses will be available in the u.k.
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next week 10000000 doses will be delivered this year and the remainder will arrive during 2021 this is a monumental step forward it's no longer if there's going to be a vaccine when in our battle against the virus help is on its way there are still challenges this specific vaccine needs to be kept within minus 70 celsius and minus 80 celsius meaning that hospitals will almost certainly have to be the main hubs for distribution but it can be kept for up to 5 days a normal fridge temperature between 2 degrees and 8 degrees celsius individuals need to japs 21 days apart for full protection and in the u.k. a committee called the j c v i says elderly care home residents and their carers will be 1st in line in order to protect the most vulnerable we have prioritized the most vulnerable individuals 1st the other element is protection of the n.h.s.
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the health and social care system because by protecting the n.h.s. we protect lives. the challenge now will be to manufacture and distribute the quantities required to meet what will inevitably be extraordinary demand britain has a head start but the united states has ordered 100000000 doses of the pfizer biotech jab and the european union 200000000 to be that the much it isn't often said about the hope they'll be rolled out everywhere in the world as soon as possible because we really need it what england does and why i'm not sure i hope it comes to italy soon they're not fat they think if they don't know if they carried out the 2 tests and their results of the real results and not approximate ones then it's welcome anyway the english are not stupid they have a brain there are several other vaccines undergoing final stage trials and vaccine candidates by modena and oxford astra zeneca have been submitted to regulators with the u.k.'s approval pfizer bio on tech are leading the field the options for
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tackling this global pandemic are likely to get even wider within a matter of weeks paul brennan al-jazeera london. let's get more now from the barker he joins us live from london and neve how much of a game changer is this for the u.k. . when it comes to the race to regulate the u.k. appears to be leading the pack but the real question now is can it continue to lead logistically when it comes to rolling out this vaccine over the coming weeks and months we know that there are some huge hurdles some sticking points when it comes to the practicality of it all we know also that as of next week i need a small batch of doses will arrive around 800000 that will help 400000 people because as you heard that you need 2 doses 21 days apart we know that certain people across british society of being prioritise the elderly and care homes in the
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care workers that look after them and then progressively down the age groups but different levels of vulnerability people will eventually receive the vaccine let's not forget also that perhaps by the start of next year when the bulk of people will be able to receive this pfizer biotech vaccine there may well be other vaccines available as well the british government is very much trying to frame this as a win of course for science but also a political win as well but the reality is that the hard work is being done by the regulator and behind that all the real work by german scientists box by an enormous us pharmaceuticals giant the focus now is whether or not the british government come a call if they swoop work all of this achievement in research stand up in practice and you mentioned the logistics there what can you tell us about it this is going to be a challenge for the u.k. government not least because these vaccines need to be stored at something like
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mine the 70 degrees or so so is the u.k. government prepared for getting this mass rule light up and running or are they anticipating any challenges. well the government says yes it is ready and most importantly the regulators say that they have done all the checks and balances to ensure that they have not cut any corners that it is safe for use but it is an emergency rollout let's not forget this so if at some point during the process of vaccination there are unwanted side effects we may see a situation where the whole vaccination program grinds to a halt as this is an emergency rollout too when it comes to the vaccine that's currently being produced in a plant in belgium every single barge that is shipped from that plant will individually be checked quality control to make sure that it is safe for use and then of course as you mention the fact that it needs to be kept at minus 70 to 80
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degrees centigrade is called a cold chain fact scene and that means it may need to be kept at that temperature throughout its journey from factory to places where they come where it can be stored and held at a reasonably better temperature of minus $45.00 degrees centigrade before it can be administered all of these huge considerations for the or thirty's it is a major public health operation bob's the biggest in modern times and it's set to begin next week. barker there bring us the latest from london thank you need let's get the view from europe now and we can join dominic cain now in berlin dominic we've just heard there from the barker u.k. is moving ahead with this american c. rule light at speeds are we seeing similar moves and similar intense from european governments. certainly the
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european union institutions but also the constituent parts from a countrywide perspective that means that health ministers from the e.u. all of whom met today digitally because of the coronavirus restrictions and agreed on what they consider to be the way forward which is not quite the same speeds that they see the british government having moved forward with the minister who presided over the meeting that took place today yan spahn is the federal health minister here in germany for him what masses' he says is that rather than having a piecemeal approach in the sense of different countries introducing the vaccines to their populations at different rates he says that solidarity across the e.u. is what matters that vote therefore means that all $27.00 release vaccines at the same time to their populations also says mr spawn and this isn't a view endorsed by the european union institutions that it's not just one specific vaccine that they have been prioritizing that the view has been here in berlin but
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also in brussels that a series of the different vaccines that have been going through final trial should be the ones that are released to the populations when the time comes and they say time here is critical of course they say but he said it doesn't matter being 1st what matters is being fast but safe but the sorts of side effects that all vaccines bring are clear and that the risks can be well managed now the thing that gives a certain degree of urgency from the german perspective is that in the course of the last few days there has seemed to be every day has been a further record in the sense of death toll today more than 415487 people analysis having died in the previous 24 hours that's the urgency the german government sees but they say fast but not necessarily 1st but safe is their watchword in so far as vaccines is concerned ok dominic kane that live from berlin thank you. well russia's president has ordered officials to begin mass covert 1000
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vaccinations next week vladimir putin said his country will have produced 2000000 doses of its spirit nick v. vaccine within the next few days it's sent to be 92 percent effective against the virus vaccination campaign will be fallen tree with over $2300000.00 reported infections russia is the 4th worst hit country in the worlds. there's lots more still ahead on this news hour including we'll speak to one ethiopian university student who's struggling with life in a sudanese refugee camp. nearly 4 months after the catastrophic explosion at a port in beirut there's little faith that top officials there will be held accountable. and in sports we'll hear from one of basketball's biggest stars and heads of his long awaited return.
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to representatives from libya's 2 rival parties are preparing to see meets for their 1st joint session since 2014 parliament members are traveling to the city of . western libya for the meeting which sets take place on monday at the highly anticipated session follows talks in morocco where the bible's a green zone a framework to end the years long division in the country well to discuss is some joined now by stephanie williams the acting united nations envoy to libya and she joins us from bordeaux in france it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news are now this conflicts has prevented the libyan parliament from sitting thus far how significant would you say it is that the libyan parliament
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says planning to sit in gated or united fashion. well good afternoon hello and it's good to be with you we have always encouraged the parliament come together as you know be in institutions writ large have suffered these crises division and certainly with the political process now moving forward unified parliament is going to be needed particularly you know should there be and we very much hope that there will be agreement on unification of the executive in advance of the national elections which were decided upon by the libyan political dialogue. in november 15th in 2 minutes and that was significant decision and now all of these institutions need to produce the conditions in order to make those
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elections a reality that they do if we could focus on the libyan parliamentary session that's about to happen the with what role would you say the u.n. has played in making this happen because we have seen that grain breaking deal that was signs with the libyan political dialogue forum helping to get these discussions back up and running but in terms of the actual libyan parliament is this a positive development and something that the u.n. has helped to play a part in or assess a separate move that's been happening. we have most certainly encouraged the parliament to come together there are representatives from the house of representatives 13 you know aleck to it representatives from the house of representatives another 13 from the higher state council who are months the $75.00
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representatives and that will be a political dialogue forum which is a broad and inclusive gathering that goes frankly beyond that to these. institutions and it really is a much more of a big tent representation geographically in terms of also representing the diversity that different ethnic groups. political party. youth and tribal elders as well so the libyan political dialogue form is a broader and more inclusive a group it is a broad group that has a certainly that big tent supports that you talked about but that the have big concerns within libya that. it's certainly there are 49 members that have been handpicked by the u.n. to take part in this and there are worries that the elected elected representatives have been sidelined i mean. why these individuals why the 49 into vigils
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that you picked to represent libya why are they being given this power i mean you don't worry it's that again percentage rival pirates structures in a marriage the p.d.f. and though the libyan parliament which suddenly decided to come together. i don't see the 2 together in says mutually exclusive in fact they can in a way compliment each other let's be really clear so you know these institutions have been given ample opportunity over the last 9 5 to 6 years and in my case of a higher state council even longer than that you know to produce solutions toward the libyan people and yet what we saw was gridlock and then part that would speak because there were important constituencies who were left out of the conversation who were not present for the. agreement the libyan political agreement that was
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brokered. and that is why we have built a much a much broader and more inclusive groupie in fact 35 representatives and the libyan political dialogue form have in one way or another been elected to the house of representatives to the higher state council to the g.m.c. prior to that so. and then beyond that we have these other you know constituencies who very much need to be at the table because you know you've been exposed to that range mentions it's not going to push the country poor it in the ways that we need to and in terms of being me needing to recover libyan sovereignty ok that's that's the political angle let's talk about the military track which is also incredibly important russia is refusing to acknowledge any kind of presence in libya is the u.n.
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planning to ensure that foreign fighters leave the country one of the key goals that was a key. things that you wanted to make happen how will you ensure that these fighters leave the country if the countries are not acknowledging that they are actually there. so it's it's not a u.n. request it is in fact a libyan request and that's what's reflected in the october 23rd agreement that cease fire agreement that was signed in geneva between the 2 sides to the joint military commission this was a libyan led process that produced a libya in decision and a request a clear request for the departure of foreign mercenaries foreign forces from libya within a 90 day period. what we have seen and i find this again that's mourning the dangers of the present situation to the members of the libyan dialogue form because
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time isn't on anybody's side here we now have something like 20000 foreign forces and or mercenaries in the country now we have 10 libyan military bases which are either fully or partially occupied by foreign forces this is a blatant violation of libyan sovereignty and a blatant violation of the u.n. arms embargo it is the incumbent upon all of the actors to respect libyan requests for them to depart their country so the libyans can come together so that the ceasefire agreement can actually be implemented that military forces can withdraw from these areas in central libya where the civilian police forces can enter where civilians can feel safe where the threat of war and violence. at
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what given the syfy time is on the one side does he say and given the volume of troops that and fight as a medicine is in the country how optimistic are you that this effort to bring libya together what will prevail. well i am optimistic in the sense that i seen now and i say i saw it today in the libyan political dialogue forum and i've seen it really over the past 4 or 5 months there is now a constituency of change in the country there is a desire to come together to acknowledge that and there are well justified fears and there is justified lack of confidence between the different the different parties but you know the country is slipping away they're losing the country the socio economic conditions are deteriorating in the memoir making manner we are expecting now come january 2021 for there to be 1300000 libyans and need
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in need of some humanitarian assistance and distance for a population of 6500000 that's immense down the number of people who are going to require assistance today there are long lines in front of. partly because the. quiddity crisis has returned ok certainly a critical situation i'm sorry to cut you off but we are out of time stephanie williams acting united nations envoy to libya great to get your thoughts thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera thank you very much hallo. now 3 prominence hong kong democracy activists have been jailed for their role in last year's protests joshua wall agnus charo and ivan land were found guilty of unlawful assembly one received a 13 and a half month sentence all child were jailed for 10 months and 7 months respectively edgy and brian has more from hong kong it's become an end of the day ritual outside
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west magistrates court a crowd chants defiant slogans as prison vans take away those convicted on trial over last year's unrest but the throng was bigger on wednesday so it was impossible to see which of the vehicles contained the 3 high profile activists among the more than 2000 people prosecuted since last you joshua one agnes char and ivan lamb avoided a heavy a sentence after pleading guilty last week the trio's detractors celebrated with champagne in spite of tightened covert 1000 restrictions banning public gatherings of more than 2 people for the activists supporters though it was another blow and this is their choice our off law. yaphet we have very disappointed but we are at all clear where or they are not rightist one of the one
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who is our writers to govern the last one is no stranger to prison he's already served 3 jail terms the activists were convicted of offenses that took place last june when protesters late siege to the police headquarters marking the start of months of unrest agnes child who turns 24 on thursday burst into tears as the sentence was read out joshua one was in characteristically defiant mood shouting tough days are ahead but we will hang in there cho is due to return to court next year she was arrested in august under a harsh new national security law on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers but has yet to be charged. nixie lamb is a former local politician and a supporter of that law there all lot of people some of us such as joshua one and it's childless actively. trying to promote in the home going to penzance and that
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is a fact i know some of them are just trying to say well we didn't ask for it but look at the look at the facts and look at the evidence hong kong's leader kerry says she's restored order after last year's unrest part of that process the almost weekly prosecutions of young protesters including now its best known ones adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. israel could be heading towards its 4th general election in less than 2 years after lawmakers passed a preliminary bill to dissolve parliament one of the people backing it is the alternate prime minister benny gantz he says he's lost patience with this coalition partner binyamin netanyahu and is ready to break their alliance if a long overdue bunch it isn't passed immediately well the bill needs to pass another 3 votes before it becomes law lawyerly are slow yet because.
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i had no illusions in regard to netanyahu i knew his record as a serial promise violator but i thought that the citizens of israel are more important than any leader and that netanyahu will rise to the occasion it didn't happen netanyahu promised unity he promised netanyahu said there will be no tricks he promised responsible management of the corona crisis and the public is paying the price he didn't lie to me he lied to you. well harry fawcett joins me now live from west jerusalem just talk us through this development here i mean netanyahu and dance is supposed to be paris sharon but it looks like it's on maneuvers and another election could be on the way. well you know i mean certainly if you don't lose a lot of money predicting new elections recently in israel it's been happening with
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extraordinary regularity and certainly looks more probable after this this preliminary reading of the bill getting the support of israel's ultimate prime minister and defense minister benny gantz i'm not sure if it's so much that he is deliberately on maneuvers as much as he's been backed into something of a corner both by the decision of the opposition to move this bill for a dissolution of the israeli parliament the knesset and new elections leaving him with a choice either to endorse benjamin netanyahu and his continuation in coalition with him or to say that's enough it's time to dissolve the coalition in the end he's kind of done neither he has said that he will support at least the preliminary stage of this bill but he's also leaving open the prospects netanyahu of potentially doing enough to retain dances blue and white parties support what gantz
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wants him to do he wants spend with netanyahu to make good on the original coalition deal he signed which would see a 2 year state budget signed up to and that would guarantee that there would be no fresh elections automatically triggered by the lack of such a budget which would mean that he would therefore take over as prime minister as he should yield to do under the agreement in the event but 2021 the problem is that netanyahu has shown no sign of wanting that to happen there's only been one extension to the budget and so it's very likely that he will not make good on that offer from gantz but netanyahu himself has another track to think about that is the expiration of that extended deadline for the budget that falls on the 23rd of december at that point he'll be the one who's been painted in something of a calling. after decide either that he will allow for that to happen and for guns to take over or to go to elections him self and if that happens in march next year
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well his corruption trial will be in full swing with evidence 3 hearings in february he's already lost a lot of ground in the polls over his handling of the pandemic and election isn't a sure thing for netanyahu either ok harry fawcett that live from thank you. i mean native nations says cite a deal with ethiopia's government to get unrestricted humanitarian access to the to gray region the agreements will owe aid workers to access federally controlled areas more than a 1000000 people are thought to have been displaced by the fighting which began nearly a month ago or some people have left the country fleeing across the border to sudan al jazeera spoke to one university student who said he had no option but to leave home. my full name is the cost incurred to our guy. 25 cities or world i came from to 1000 or more a. i was happy when i was there with my family and i was helping my family but i
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was playing with my friends i was playing with my brother even my mother having a you know when you are far away from your family you know. you maybe you become unhappy it becomes hard i pray to god to see my family when i go to church i pray to god to make sure my family and. i feel sad when i think of the future of this all people as well because. there are so many people there was there out of the family like father like mother like sister brother i mean there are some. people as there was on good life like the civil servants in the house the salary payments they can make their lives good but this wire it becomes bring to the bad life think of this one special the sick of this one so many people they go to the refrigerator.
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their become hopeless. then but when i look over the hub of the river this oil company there is not good food. still now some of them they sleep on the ground some of them the slip through. on the plastic sheet evil. you know. this is not good still no 2024 to go people this is a bad you know. i don't remember family in my life. for the future out of the thing but it's become paul. died on the blog why because there is not any sort of. by doing the condition or the season work. out of the things he said. if you look at the start of go if you look at the system. not have us. you know if the. people ate both and they live on the
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agriculture. for harvesting like. like they like to swim you know. if they can not how to how they can live or i do i don't want to go back there right because. there is not freedom if there is not peace. i cannot go if there is freedom wherever that's my country. still to come on al-jazeera a breakthrough in the afghan peace process find out what it means for talks between the government and the taliban. and anger in thailand after the prime minister is quitting is of an ethics violation places where he lives an assault last season's champions league one example face a fight to stay in this year's competition and he will be here with more later this needs are.
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how low we still got right in the full cost for the middle east yeah unusual i never got that band of cloud stretched across saudi arabia it's a the gulf pushing up well points north isolated say some west of weather coming into the levant syria lebanon jordan sings and west the weather showers there through iraq pushing over towards the caspian basin west whether you see this line of right just coming out to ciaran q.h. riyadh pushing right down towards mecca we've seen some flooding just to the northwest of riyadh recently i think over the next couple of days we could see the flooding coming through here the right when he quite widespread so that will cause some problems over the next few days difficult travelling conditions to the south of that it is generally fine and dry here in qatar temperatures getting up to 28 celsius in doha with plenty of sunshine that sunshine stretches down across the whole of africa we have got the usual showers across central parts of africa and
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you see how they slide their way further south was right down towards southern parts of mozambique so we got some western weather sticking around the rift valley some big and heavy showers continuing to come in here so we see those showers stretch anywhere from around well southern kenya tanzania right the way down into zimbabwe. al-jazeera well to meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. swimmin street sign that is on al-jazeera.
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held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent must move to saying his crime journalism. to demand news release and voice solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. 'd to say. the all the world. this is al jazeera create mind over headlines for you this hour. the u.k. government has approved the pfizer and biotech over $1000.00 vaccines will it's
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within days a committee said it expects to start inoculating those most at risk next week. 3 of hong kong's a well known cruelty moxy activists have been sentenced to prison joshua one will spend around 13 months in jail agnus child and i've seen shorter sentences and this rule could be heading towards its 4th general election in less than 2 years after lawmakers passed a preliminary bill to dissolve parliament all of those backing that bill salton a prime minister benny gantz. of the united nations secretary general has warned the world's on the states the climate's speaking in new york and tonio good tariffs said the that's humanity is waging what he describes as a war on nature he later writes the un's plan to build a global coalition for carbon neutrality next year the state of the planet
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is broken we are friends humanity is waging war on nature this is suicidal nature always strikes back and it is already doing so with growing force and fury. biodiversity is collapsing when 1000000 species are at risk of extinction eco systems are these appearing before our eyes there's a thaw spreading wetlands are being lost every year we lose $10000000.00 ector's of forests oceans are overfished and choking with plastic waste the carbon dioxide they absorb is specifying the sea coral reefs are british than buying air and water pollution are killing 9000000 people annually more than 6 times the current call of the pandemic. or go late our town is the director of the i.g. 80 climate protection and application center he joins us now from nairobi good to
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have you with us on the new server we've just been hearing there some strong words from the u.n. secretary general but in the middle of a pandemic when countries have other very pressing concerns do you think anyone is listening to this i i hope so because climate change is here or are asked who are all those who. are last year 21 who was the woman. since records began maybe. 2 and the 19 was the 2nd warmest. just 0. degree celsius behind the warmest year on record of just $2162020.00 is not that far behind. i think that. the window. very fast.
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but i can see the reaction from some countries. by. may in minutes from the. oil and coal producing. another country to underestimate their motivation climate change. what you point to some of the evidence that climate change is real that it's a pressing concern that we've been covering the the stories of the warmest temperatures on records the bushfires that the devastating impacts of climate change this evidence is there it's there given that why do you think countries still aren't putting these climate policies frontin censored. or i think in some countries is mostly economic looking from the economic sector or
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and as a lawyer the the law from the. companies is quite a strong. commission are a lot going. on in some countries to basically the terms of climate change are also some what it is. but for our policy when. our plans change us or. are here in the stuff we go out of bottling with there's a rock institution started in. insula more than a year ago some 7. or leagues. are . flooding something where once you. were seen.
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from. last year at the brightest are. everywhere on. when the. who went. from one to right. i'm hopeful. that the one in missions is the number of the government. as well where we can we can't lay everything at the door of the oil and gas industry though because there are countries here will argue quite openly that you know they need to lift their populations ites of poverty and the quickest way they can do that is with the actions they take it costs far too much to implement the sort of policies that would help to negate the effects of climate change how do you think countries should resolve this tension between ensuring economic development and
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lifting people out of poverty and protecting the environment in against climate change i don't think. our energy from solar and wind are. so all in my opinion that look with a little you can go green and we have all of. that and i understand that some countries. are. some. of the barrel. to you. but i think that. going to be using technology. for. good it's our time great to get your thoughts and your expertise thank you
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so much for joining us there live from nairobi. now after months of deadlock there's been a breakthrough in efforts to restart peace talks between the afghan governments and the taliban representatives from both sides say they've agreed on a framework for negotiations and who this agreements only covers procedure both sides will begin discussing the agenda for talks which would include a cease fire agreements live there it's been jeff joins us from doha where those talks are being held some how much of a breakthrough is this are we expecting concrete progress to follow. well it is very interesting that this has been in the making for months the gun government led side and the taliban have never actually fallen off the bandwagon of talks when they reached that landmark breakthrough in september but since then
6:43 pm
there has been very little progress so we have to remind our viewers that this is again a procedural agreement which will make them go to words talking about the agenda the real bare knuckle fight in negotiations which are going to see whether the afghan government is going to see of going to stand as an emirate or of the taliban are going to accept it as a republic the 3 major sticking points in this 1st round of talks was the issue islamic jurisprudence the taliban insisting that the hun if you school of thought needs to be prevailing in terms of the decisions as well as disagreements that seems to have been agreed upon and then there was the issue of inclusion of minorities including the shia muslim minority in of going to stand as well as other religious minorities that is something that the afghan government side seems to have been able to include in this preamble and also the most important point was that the taliban wanted this to be
6:44 pm
a continuation of their deal that they reached between them and the united states and that is something which was not acceptable to the afghan government which said that they were not party to that agreement so that seems to have been resolved as well as the of the government's insistence on including the loya jirga as well as the united nations has also been agreed upon so yes there have been progress in this 1st round but the reality on the ground is that the of gun people continue to suffer this has been one of the bloodiest year in spikes in violence in afghanistan and both sides who have been here in doha for months have agreed to continue to talk. they're joining us live from doha thank you. now nearly 4 months after the beirut airport blast investigators have almost completed their task but the families of victims survivors and human rights groups fear high ranking officials will escape any blame senator reports who are in the
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front line of the explosion and from 4 months ago nobody to help us on august who are a powerful explosion believed to be caused by ammonium nitrate that caught fire ripped through port. its impact was felt kilometers away 200 people were killed thousands were wounded and tens of thousands made homeless peers meals extended family used to live in this 8 story building still displaced how can we come back in the state i didn't believe thousands of lebanese have been struggling to rebuild their homes the cash strapped government has largely been absent and geos can only do so much piers family didn't just lose their homes they lost a brother jacob what's happening grief is now compounded with anger towards a political class that acknowledged knowing about potentially explosive material
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and safely stored for years they destroy not only this city not only in my houses and my brother houses and our building we lost everything we lost any hope survivors and victims' families and human rights groups believe high ranking officials including the president should be held to account so far the investigation has focused on port and customs employees like other explosions and assassinations were not locally tried and therefore we called for an international investigation there is little faith of lebanon's judiciary long accused the big politicized there's also little faith in the political class accused of decades of corruption and negligence now some accuse officials of wanting to bury the past by demolishing structures at the port that have come to symbolize what happened to beirut and its people the state says the grain silos
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risk collapse an assessment dismissed by some experts who say the structures should be kept as a memorial there is a similar situation that happened in hiroshima. when the hiroshima bomb explodes to. organize. a sort of flame war the park to recall the the memory of the tragedy in lebanon we used to raise all the way through the memorial to richard the grain silos are credited for absorbing the brunt of the explosion and limiting the damage to the western half of the city there also evidence of a crime many fear may go unpunished in a country with a legacy of impunity. well let's get more now from the scene as she joins us now from the bigger route ports area and we are expecting on an aids conference said to get under way shortly to try and supply much needed aid to the country to
6:48 pm
the people who we've heard seen your report but just give us a sense of how necessary this is likely to be what sort of thing are people facing and how are they coping with this ongoing tragedy. well it has been a difficult year it wasn't just the explosion at beirut ports the economy of this country is close to collapse of the states as close to bankruptcy people savings are trapped in banks there are an informal capital controls in place people are losing their jobs businesses are are closing so people are in need of assistance and the international community is point to meet in france or via video conference later today in a conference hosted by france to drum up some support for the people on the ground you stop here he's not able to rebuild his home so there are many many others like
6:49 pm
here the government has been largely absent but the conference in france is not about rescuing the economy or stopping the economy from collapsing because the authorities those in power will have to 1st carry out reforms economic for. forms of fight corruption that is a condition by the international community to unlock billions of dollars in aid so far they're refusing to do that because if they do that that means they loosen their grip on power it means they no longer have influence and state it institutions and the international community has no faith in the political class so what will be pledged in france or through france later today is that emergency assistance to help people but in no way is this going to rescue the economy which is collapsing in fact the central bank says into once time i will be no longer able to subsidize wheat fuel and medicine and when that happens there could be
6:50 pm
a social explosion very grim picture indeed thank you so much for bringing us overly to us from beirut. now n.c. government protesters have rallied in thailand after the prime minister was acquitted of an ethics violation and allowed to keep his job activists say they will continue to fight for reform scott harlow reports now from bangkok the. 16 year old patch was raised by his activist grandmother and he didn't hesitate in joining the student protest movement when it began earlier this year this week he took part in an act of civil disobedience organized by the group bad students many refused to wear official school uniforms to class this was the highlight inequality and a call for reforms in thailand's education system patch had a black uniform made and displayed rubber ducks which has now become a symbol for the protests after being questioned for 3 hours by teachers he was sent home but he's not only about the uniform rules head coach rules it's about
6:51 pm
party rights the expression of political opinions an education system and subjects need to be reformed these would be victims for as protesters were out in big numbers on wednesday after the constitutional court unanimously acquitted prime minister prio channel of violating ethics standards ruling that it was not illegal for the prime minister a former army chief of staff to live in a house on an army base while the protesters who would have welcomed a guilty verdict for the prime minister if thou to carry on their fight to see that their demands are filled and that is that the prime minister resign there's a new draft of the constitution and if there's before within the model of the d'alembert knotting my how what she wrote on corner has been the focus of more rallies this week 1st targeting his estimated $30000000000.00 fortune thousands gathered at the headquarters of one of the biggest banks in thailand the kings the largest shareholder personally owning 23 percent and then a protest was held in front of the world guard's barracks demanding that the king
6:52 pm
give up his command of 2 army regiments he took over when he ascended to the throne 2 years ago at the same time he also shifted the crown's well. to him personally for the 1st time in 2 years officials issued warrants to protest leaders under article $11.00 to harsh defamation laws designed to protect the monarchy. charged multiple times under that law but never convicted su lock see will lock has criticised action taken against protesters he has met with the king in the past and says that it's key for him to engage with the protesters his position is not as secure as he thought and he tried to be popular but so far he has not managed to confront those who supports to be against it. and i feel that if he would be reading tool 1000 or so who declared himself to be again a monarchy i think that would help people but so far the king has not taken that advice well he has been making public appearances they've only been with those who
6:53 pm
support him and the monarchy and there's been no official palace statement on the protests scott either al jazeera bangkok. well if i'm there for the sport here's andy thank you so much i will make sure mac a son of former world champion michael sets a race in formula one next season the 21 year old has been signed by the house team she back in june yet leading the formula 2 championship this season which is heading into its foreigner run in bahrain the journal got his 1st taste of f one action for house during the 1st practice session at the finer i said this season that's in abu dhabi now she is a product of ferrari driver academy and the house car is powered by a ferrari engine his father writes to the italian same for a decade shiamak is full f one day he will come 3 decades after his father's 1st start in sport that was at the 1991 belgian grand prix michael's medical condition still unknown he suffered severe head injuries during a skiing accident 7 years ago and hasn't been seen in public since really looking
6:54 pm
forward to next year's challenge and makes his work it's really been a dream that i'm always dreamed about in and now it's finally come true some really really happy and is emotionally exploding really so i'm really looking forward to it and then you take it when you pull for the great messages and great support and williams' driver george russell will step in for lewis hamilton at the upcoming 2nd grand prix in bahrain will champion hamilton aside to pull out after a positive test for corona virus 22 year old russell was a miscellanies reserve driver in 28 scene before joining williams last season. paris sun john face a pivotal game in their champions league season the french side need to win against manchester united to stay in control of their european fates united lead the group they need just a point from their remaining 2 matches to secure a last 16 place p.s.g. are 3 points behind if any want 2 of their last 5 matches the quicker you can
6:55 pm
qualify the better of course with a win will win the group saw of course that's our intent we want to go out there with who in our style tucking into and defending well against a top team with some top individual players of course both our mindset is win this game and we won the group. of chelsea and severe have already qualified for the last $168.00 matches and all coming up this wednesday down there at the bottom both barcelona and events are through to the knockout rounds from group g. barcelona will secure 1st place if they can beat foreign virus of hungary around $100.00 had courage sin against it and says he's not going to resign after a science shock defeat against shakhtar donetsk last night's the 13 time european champions are in danger of elimination after their 2 no away loss their fate is still in their own hands however real can guarantee progress the knockout rounds by beating. back in their final game. now where they beat you to put on
6:56 pm
a no not going to resign or move keep going in the 1st half we were good but we couldn't get the 1st goal that would have changed a lot because the goals did a lot of damage we played well at the home and person high with the ball we had 2 or 3 chances and hit the post then it got complicated or united states women's soccer team have won their battle for better working conditions apply a spokesperson said the deal with the us soccer federation is long overdue give them the same conditions as the men's team when it comes to travel how it sells and training facilities but that seems a legal fight to get equal pay that is still ongoing. us cable star kevin durant's says he can't wait so make his return from injury the 2 time n.b.a. champion ruptured his achilles tendon 18 months ago now hasn't played since the 2019 m.b.a. finals at that time he was with the golden state warriors since moved to the brooklyn nets the new n.b.a. season will begin on december the 22nd just looking forward to this of new energy
6:57 pm
source for. the all to play with the honestly person you're looking forward to. we're actually. talking about experiences that i would do honestly and hopefully kind of shapes hoekstra as they go to work this leagues are looking forward to step into this position as rule you know i'm excited about taking them and some good news for boxing fans 1000 spectators will be allowed to attend and see joshua's upcoming world heavyweight title defense the fight in london against her love was meant to happen in june but it was possible and due to the pandemic the bounce of december the 12th follows an easing of restrictions on crowds at live sports events in the u.k. ok most sport for me throughout the day but that is how we are looking at them thank you very much indeed and say well that's it for this new start to keep it here on al-jazeera though be back with the in just moments with more the day's nice
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. played an important role in checking in with. her face. off to world war 2 fronts as great empire began to unravel vietnam to most people it was throwing themselves into the streets bursting with joy kissing each other and algeria 2 years until she must if the indochinese manage to beat the french
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army why not try. the decline continues in episode 2 of blood and tears french to colonise a shot. on al-jazeera. so may al-jazeera london broil constantine 2 special guests in conversation people think that racism is having personal vitriol towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with a physician if you're not upsetting people you're not saying anything f. 100 meets any oh. there is not a family in britain i believe that has not been touched by empire studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take a al-jazeera we're bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to you.
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down to 0. the u.k. becomes the 1st country in the world to approve the findings or biotech covert 1000 vaccine for widespread use. of imo however he did and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up after months of deadlock a breakthrough in efforts to restart peace talks.


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