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closure see their traditional revenue streams dry out. while the original gun used by the late actor sean connery in his 1st james bond film has now been sold for a quarter of a $1000000.00 the walther p.p. k. became an icon of the film franchise after appearing in the 1962 movie dr no it's old far higher than expected at auction more than a month after the actor died at the age of 90. that us is out of there and these are the headlines the foreign ministers of saudi arabia cattle and media to kuwait of all signals progress is being made on resolving the gulf dispute saudi arabia's foreign minister says a final agreement is now within reach cats or has been under an illegal land sea and air blockade by saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt since june 2017 president tom senior adviser jared kushner recently visited both riyadh and doha for talks we hope that. this
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progress can lead to outside of the agreement which looks in reach and i say i am somewhat optimistic that we are close to. an agreement between all the issues. to come to a resolution but we think will be satisfactory to all. the un's refugee agency says eritrean refugees in northern ethiopia have fled their camps because of the conflict in te gray there are more than 100000 living there and there are fears they have limited access to food if europeans army has been fighting regional forces in te gray now for about a month the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to stall the u.s. economy is recovering it added just $245000.00 jobs in november that's the slowest month of growth since may that followed it reporting its highest number of deaths in a single day as well as rising hospital admissions. british prime minister barak johnson
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says breck's at talks with the european union have reached a difficult point says opposed to trade deal depends on the u.k. committing to a level playing field for competition rules and standards germany says it wants an agreement but not at any price while france has threatened to veto a bad deal the un's refugee agency says bangladesh must not force or hinder refugees to move to an island off the coast which is prone to storms and flooding aid groups have expressed concern that people are being coerced into going then navy officials say more than 1600 range refugees are heading to the island of bashing china from cox. well those are the headlines i will have a news hour here on al-jazeera to inside story do stay with us.
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several more face closure is politic crackdown what officials call a separatism the government says is to protect the nation's secular values but some muslims feel they're under attack so how can this be result this is inside story. well welcome to the program on the wrong call and the french government stepping up its crackdown of what it's calling religious separatism 76 mosques being inspected nationwide they'll be closed if they're found to be a security threat. it's president emanuel marc wrong latest response to
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a number of recent attacks that is blamed on radical islam islamic organizations accused of inciting hatred have been raided and closed across is pushing for him arms to register and agree to a charter of republican values but his government denies it's deliberately targeting the muslim community really. there are 2600 islamic places of worship in france when you consider 76 out of the 2600 were far from so-called widespread radicalization but there are some very concentrated places of worship there are clearly anti republican where you moms are followed by intelligence services where the discourse runs counter to our values such as equality between men and women and where this hatred of jews catholics in france as well as dubious sources of financing. present emmanuel macross response to the crisis has created tensions with the muslim community in early october he said in
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a speech that islam is in crisis around the world he then laid out plans to tackle what he called radicalism 2 weeks later a french teacher was beheaded after he showed cartoons of the prophet mohammed during a lesson on freedom of speech mccrone defended the magazine charlie hebdo 3 publishing those same cartoons muslims in several countries protested and began boycotting french products and on october 29th 3 people were killed during a stabbing at a church in nice called it an islamist terror attack. i. let's introduce our panel in paris. head of the justice and liberties for all committee in london philip mallya professor of french and european politics at the university college london and in the moroccan city of a front in his armor sari associate professor of international studies at the university a warm welcome to you all and let's begin in paris with yasser at last he one of
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the things that is confusing to somebody doesn't really understand the internal workings of france is that instead of strengthening existing antiterrorism laws and make this about a policing issue say for example something that they did in great britain this law seems to be about protecting the name the values of the republic the idea of secularism i don't understand why the values of the republic need protecting in this way can use explain what's going on here. well if it nicholas sense it just the way to government is already in the 1st victims of terrorism abroad i.e. muslims or the suspect community of the holme we got in a connection to france a disastrous war is you know brother not over and to answer your question when we speak of french values this is a you know a loose term what are we really talking about if you're talking about the motu of
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the republic media. and fraternity where in that case where the freedom where muslims lose their riches freedoms and can't organize as communities like any other community in france the wherries equality when with these are all facing structure or discrimination and what's the connection between protecting friendship and values and to fighting terrorism not crosses a smokescreen in many ways mccall was to go hunt on the far right in a character or let alone the want to be put to position himself as the protector of the nation but he's just not not answering the question why he's friends getting attacked more people are dimes and why the government keeps failing to provide these attacks despite having all the measures he asks for him to prevent terrorism no the and the last point if i may i don't think it money when michael was not he's a government i meant being investigated for rent of a for a rape and sexual harassment can come to us because you know french of bad news when his own cabinet is filled of people being under investigation for government
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of interest corruption charges and even for lying under oath let me bring in funny my head in london phillip once again in the u.k. when there was a problem with terrorism eventually the communities had to be enlisted into the fight it did take a very long time to grieve the most famous cases the friends report mosque which eventually was taken over by people from the community and all the extremist elements were kicked out is france following a similar method here or is this something that's a bit more extreme to use that word. i think on the face of it and you have to be very cautious because this new bill is and prepare a should only and it's going to be put to the council of ministers next week only but if you look at some one of the provisions it would seem that yes there is according to the government a kind of threat in different various places and mosque in france and those places
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would be under threat and all that being overtaken say by radical islam is that remains to be seen because part of the problem in this national discussion is that there's very little evidence put forward by the government to really substantial 8 its claims as to why that there is actually a threat or not but let's assume there is a threat it's i i i most astonishing that in order to combat terrorism and there is indeed terrorist threats one should ask you know the overall population and we know when we see the overall population in fact we are targeting they are targeting indeed the muslim population why one should ask them to india to socal republican values which are very loosely define why is that in what way is it going pretty to make any difference in the fight against terrorism so that's really a big really puzzling and i think in france when this debate is being at is
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happening you know a lot of people also come to understand so the conclusion which can be drawn at this stage is that probably the government is pushing that kind of thing forward for political reasons not really to fight terrorism but it's for political gains but you also a lot in paris this could backfire if it's the muslim community the muslim community are key to stopping these attacks because they are the ones who are in those mosque they can see that behavior early they can see criminality quicker than most they risk at the fronts risk alienating those people in. it well it only shows a best at the newstand themselves when islam has been hijacked by terrorists in 2014 and there was a you know elites report from domestic intelligence called the joint reports and ducked reports ask the government to stop with this repressive response and his repression based strategy and to reach out to communities and and bring them to the table to find solutions and have
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a permanent dialogue an atmosphere of trust this is not happening today and if the government says you know they want to crack down organizations. on the acquisition of separatism for us and there is not a new definition of separatism or what you can a zation the 2nd point to all the studies show that what you can as asian takes place outside of the mosques of some of the organizer communities but he jenna's online in. recent american communities are no really in no direct apartment no emanuel michel and there's little sort of i'm the issue and he does not care whether he's our unity and muslims are not we when we see for example that yesterday alone the minister of interior ordered that 70 mosques get it checked and at a year prior to that the previous minister of interior said that there was a crackdown on last using all available of his mission be it fire protection you know ahead of you know standards except to up to shut them down and that very same day the minister of interior was due to appear in court for his reply negations and
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sexual harassment charges and so when you have a minister of interior mobilizing degrassi of means of the state to avoid going to court and on top of it you have the president who wants to or violent place you did it by getting involved in kerik and i fear is a and then it creates a problem when there is none yes i mean look you cannot use the communities and of the already lost some when you should them to n.g.o.s on accusations and refused to the mother to court i'm sorry their will of the law is what is gone and today emmanuel mccoy is actually quitting a much bigger problem let's take the international perspective here and if iran. i'm sorry associate professor of international studies traditionally france has had a very good relationship particular when it comes to intelligence sharing with north african countries. do you think that given mccrone is language islam is in crisis around the world this crackdown on muslims that he's doing that international relations might be affected and therefore actually make things
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slightly more difficult when it comes in things like intelligence sharing. in general generally speaking in terms of international relations i think that this can have an impact on. france's prestigious around the world the role of the muslim or we saw this with the different boycott in french problem so we saw in the reaction of some leaders in particular or the gunman in turkey so this. this kind of attitude can we certain have an impact on french prestige. or the chaos there they exist. has been cultivated for decades if not centuries. in terms of. intelligence sharing. i'm not sure this. will have and in fact remember
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that when. the boycott of french products or the call for booklets in french products took place the. minister of the freshness of foreign affairs came to him visited with his morgan colleague and they said that in times france looks for its friends. he was here in for the moroccan support for the french government francis does entanglement from this imbroglio in which it found itself after those declarations of michael so and in terms of and so this is to say that in terms of intelligence sharing and. this is a. this is. a jury and moral code particular deal with france. cultivates there are a close relationship with friends this is how france appreciates. the
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support of its counted. interdictions. in these 2 countries these 2 mcgreevy countries so i'm not real question. we haven't any substantial impact on delusions sharon fully has already had an impact on domestic politics is this yet another example of the penalize ation i want to say of french politics the politics in france are being dragged to the right. i think probably yes because look we've got here a young presidency he was 39 when he was elected in 2017 it was seen by many i think to start with in the u.k. where labor is a young modernized liberal economically liberal but also politically culturally parole and on that sign of the argument clearly that's not what it turned out to be
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frankly because by 1st of all appointing a number of hub linus in the government currently people are pushing very hard for the sort of agenda of a criminalize ation of people's thoughts and opinions because this is what it is in the end when you don't break the law in a democracy kountry the role of a state or any state is not to request its citizens to dia to certain values as long as you don't break the law you should be free to leave your life as you see fit and that's where we were going down that route in france and i think my core clearly and that's really what is quite fascinating is not producing a holt to it is clearly seemed to be going along that and how to explain that well as a political scientists i would say we're probably yes there's a is an election year to make into us time you wants to be reelected and e.c.c. looks around him he says to his left is no real serious opponent so he looks to his
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right the main conservative the main conservative policy letter purity is really disarray so what is is main opponent again that's the far right and money that then like in 2017 so that's probably one reason as to why he thinks that he can gamble by outbidding at 10 on a road in traditional seems an idea is it is a very risky move because in politics that. your opponent's idea if you're trying. those ideas there's a risk that it would backfire because people the voters will think in the end well if you didn't legitimated the ideas of his opponents then probably let's vote for him because you know if the opponents think the same probably we should we should bring the support of the people who flocked up those those ideas in the 1st place. yes or assume shaking your head there are some of the comments that felipe was
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making particular when he described the crown as a liberal well why we shaking at well because we heard the signals that emanuel like or was not really reliable are you with us everything and nothing at the same time let's say for example the the case of girl is asian so you go to a jury and speaks of crimes against humanity it catches here or the language or from the right and then back strikes and says the exact opposite one day he would say we should stop with this venture for lacey did targeting muslims and then he gets his heat from you know the people around the money said no we sure are up to we have to save muslim women or we can't wear lipstick during the month of ramadan so there has been a constant you know going left and right for that reason everyone which was a clear indication that emmanuel michel would be wrong to be influenced by the people around him that men would not call him when he got elected he lent it himself surrounded by advisors that say from what games you were either from the heart that right you know a staunch you know a new a liberal or a staunch
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a secular fundamentalist from the left or as an example he's minister of education mr brock if we don't know what he did up for education for us but what we know is he's waging war against muslim women wearing a headscarf listening girls wearing a long skirt and his obsession with applying his version of nice he did on top of it if you speak of race if you for example emmanuel mccall did not stand with the official body. that would support lace you see the observatory a place you do but he stood silent when john mission broke out set up a buddhist oreck a. empty shell court the sorry to disturb you yes i just want to i just want to share a question just pick up on one of those points is this then an n built xenophobe it racist attitude that france has or is this mccrone using this as a calculated political decision to gain popularity. what i think your question is right on point and i was coming to it is not we cannot say that this is only
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a political maneuver for emmanuel mccall to be elected that has been a 30 year or longer a movement to normalize a far right ideas that can go back to the years of course for me to hold being in power witness in the 1980 s. so when he said that maybe my court does what i call islam with a version you of we're talking about you know we had problems here but it was time for a problem to look at their version with public opinion no i mean i can but there are structural drivers for these moves and doubt what was being preached by your money not been the far right the the historic you know far right figure in france in the 1980 s. has been picked up by the mainstream right in the mainstream enough to enter the amendment michael and i agree with mr maher you know that when you know it's on the left there's nobody really serious about it which confirms that this is not when you ate your opponent you become lucky because of the socialist party it's hard to apply right wing you know but it takes living it became extinct and on the right side of the money when michael ware he's got money and up in arms most probably is 0 point which raises a question where our friends as you know
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a leftist liberals of the people who stand with human rights as an example if i may finish there is out we have seen a thousands of people marching against the global security bill last weekend but we wouldn't see the same amount of people to marching against the law or not on the separatism the target was closed especially with the problematic article 2 with the floor but prohibits thinning the police may be removed from the security billups and inserted it into the law against separatism which specifically targets muslims let's go back to the international reaction to hair in his armor sorry we've seen this often with then let's have religious communities of all he's not just the islamic community and countries when they feel that they are under attack they look for outside help they look for other countries other leaders come and help them defend their case and this. case we have a very outspoken you touched on this earlier very outspoken are the one of turkey
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really pushing mccrone and france quite hard this kind of language do you think it is useful coming from turkey well i'm. not a specialist in thirty's politics but. i think that this also on the. political domestic needs. and beef up his credentials. internally in turkey and also with the wider muslim community in reach he wants to be considered or he ends up being considered. a leader a leader at least among a good part of the muslim or. service serves. whether this this is he is considered a leader or this kind of reaction is what will.
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introduce all 'd. fronts i'm not sure that that would be the case i think that. as my 2 colleagues here a agree with the fact that this. these moves respond these moves by more correspond to the message french needs and it's not the. of of the discourse of real stop france from acting the way it wants to. philip if this lorries if this bill is problematic and there are issues with it is there a better way of dealing with this what is the what is the alternative. i think to be fair the senate seat now would be probably no bill a toll i think there is clearly and i think legal experts judges come forward in front of the debate and say well we've gotten already those loads you know if you if you want really to criminalize online hate speech we've got that there's no
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need for you know and of course yes for be so the answer would be no no no i think probably the needs appeasement. the president systems we should be really addressing the whole nation should be are inclusive and where is this soup probably is also helping feed a kind of the sort of insidious. climates in which you know you tend to does ignite implicitly or explicitly and enemies with enemies within we that was an expression calling in the u.k. margaret thatcher in different circumstances but we know what it means when you start flying up enemies with and it's very very bad for the for the cohesion of a nation and that's partly we reached that point in france where people have to be very careful so far i think what is quite remarkable is that the population not
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launch has reacted very well whenever there's a terrorist attack people are refrain there's no who. in general people behave there's no there's no temper need for retaliation but of course if you have a government showing this what i believe is a very poor example setting very poor example of course things could changing and so and of course if if the fall rights would eventually come to power that would of course make make things worse as we know the program of the far right so i think john so your question will be able probably people and what france needs a moment it seems to me is appeasement enthuse even you know it includes even have sars sorry we are running out to tom i would like to get to yasser as well yes is there an alternative to this bill. no i mean like you know we have this bill it's really hard to be dumped the identity would be to audit our counterterrorism and totally over a whole route 'd and we think our friends it deals with the juries but by
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connecting the bombs it sends and serve as a broader and the bombs it gets idleness you can't be the promoter of the manufacture of death and then expect numbers in return so you really have to think about front as a rule or a broader and wise structure of the 40 years of counterterrorism have been a feature is a and of course you know a discourse of appeasement would be welcome to date we have to remember people that a 1000000 people have a cross the poverty line and 50000 people almost have died of course at 19 and 2021 would be even worse than 2020 so if michael really cares about his country it would actually bring it together and not divided further. let me finish one as are and fran is or is there any way any form of law that you've seen internationally that has dealt with this accusation that it's the nation's values are under attack by a religious community. i think that. what franz needs
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is to look at other examples. what comes to my mind immediately is how india for instance not current india but in the last in the puns dealt with the issue of circular is a secularism that is truly accept the bow versity offer illusions rather than. separates religion from public run thank you all our guests yasser the aussie philip myin and his art was sorry and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website or desire dot com and for further discussion as well facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter we are at a j inside story for me and around town in the entire team here and i hope i don't .
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on the deserted streets of they've become from your figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants they might go me so mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive messages on the i'm seeing that we are you know as i was
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a nurse back what i'm doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. we've never had a president who has literally for 4 to 5 years repeatedly attacked our democracy. you know blew through letter to them i don't have a narrative i have a question you're hitting there where people can't get treated and just feel sure even further join me richelle carey and up front is my guess from around the world take a hot seat and we debate the week's top stories in pressing issues here on al-jazeera . so many al-jazeera london broke. 2 special guests in conversation people think that racism is having personal vitriol towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with a physician if you're not upsetting people you know same thing means any oh. there is not a family in britain i believe that has not been touched by empire studio be on
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scripting it's on al-jazeera. the i am. i know that i'm just on the attack and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes. we hope that. this progress can lead to a sort of agreement a blockade breakthrough on the horizon saudi arabia and qatar say progress has been made and resolving the gulf crisis. the u.n. says food is running out for tens of thousands of eritrean refugees inside ethiopia's tikrit region.


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