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bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. tunisia home game on a just. a step towards resolving the gulf crisis saudi arabia says a deal could be reached soon to end the 3 year land air and sea blockade of qatar. this and this is all to do a live from doha also coming up. the situation is urgent. if we don't act now the future will be very bleak a call for immediate action as u.s. job growth slows and soaring kovan 1000 infections threaten the struggling economy
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. president donald trump orders the withdrawal of most u.s. troops in somalia brazen questions about the fight against the on the group al-shabaab. bangladesh begins ascending ruhi refugees to an isolated island in what's being seen as a forced relocation. made of kuwait says he's happy with the progress made in talks to end the gulf crisis that's after saudi arabia's foreign minister said he's hopeful a deal could soon be reached to end the bitter dispute with qatar it's been 3 years since saudi arabia backed rein the u.a.e. and egypt imposed a land sea and air blockade on qatar for the fatah ministers say all parties want to reach a final agreement after holding constructive talks about reports. crucial
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days ahead for gulf nations talks aimed at and in the 3 and a half year blockade of qatar seem to have achieved significant progress kuwait's foreign minister whose country has been be generally mediating and and to the crisis says he's confident. a constructive and fruitful talks have taken place recently where all the parties have stressed their desire to reach a final agreement and resolutions to preserve the region stability and harmony maintain the interest of the peoples within this context we express our appreciation for the latest efforts by jared cushion or the us president's advisors about qatar's for him an assertion mohammed monoglot manner 30 says he also remains optimistic about the prospect of a deal we have achieved certain for certain point of time more than a year ago and then things has giordano and right now there are some more moments that we hope that this will put and thought of us christ because we see and we
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believe actually that gulf unity is very important for the security of the region for the stability of that region and for for the sake of our people this needless crisis needs to end a few hours after the kuwaiti and qatari statements saudi arabia's point minister also said significant progress has been made and all sides are close to reaching an agreement. we hope that. this progress can lead to a final agreement which looks in reaching back out and say i am somewhat optimistic that we are close to finalizing. an agreement between all the nations dispute to come to a resolution that we think will be satisfactory to or the gulf cooperation council has welcomed the news in a statement its server development reflects the strength of the g.c.c.
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german and its ability to overcome all obstacles the new developments come a few days after the us president's senior adviser jared questioner made a visit to the region he held talks with a meet of qatar shift i mean but hammered out thoroughly and saudi crown prince mohammed bin said man the visit was widely seen as a last ditch effort by the trump administration to end the land sea and air blockade that was imposed by saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt on qatar in june 2017 the blockade in countries sever diplomatic ties with doha and issued a list of 13 demands for qatar to implement. they include downgrading ties with iran closing a turkish military base and shutting down al jazeera qatar dismissed the demands as
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a violation of its sovereignty the us has been trying to and the blockade were reared it might undermine its efforts to contain iran's influence in the region in the last few months american officials had been hoping saudi arabia would open his space to the tide of flights and move the trump administration believes will deny iran an estimated $100000000.00 in and it wolf. these the top pays to fly over space the coming days and weeks which show is the gulf's rival nations of buddies to set aside the differences of the bones of the role kate might take even longer to heal. us president elect joe biden is calling on congress to urgently pos a covert relief bill to help millions of americans suffering during the pandemic biden says the situation is bleak with job growth slowing new data shows the
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economy still has 10000000 fewer jobs than before the pandemic christensen and he reports from wilmington delaware with colder weather on the horizon and the coronavirus surging in an already fragile economy the united states is bracing for a tough winter american employers sharply scaled back hiring in the last month adding just 245000 jobs the fewest since april president elect joe biden says quick action is needed to reverse what he described as one of the worst economic crises in modern history the folks out there aren't looking for a handout they just need help they are in trouble through no fault of their own nothing they did cause them to have hours cut or lose your job or drop out of the market but they need they need us to understand when
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a crisis need to come together as a nation need the congress to act and act now. biden has highlighted the plight of working class americans and struggling business owners speaking to those who have lost jobs in the service industry and public sector in a virtual round table discussion earlier this week like karen coffey who lost her job working in a sports stadium we do we have a lot of concerns mr but i think it's been i mean my last day we're march the 8th when everything shut down retailers shed jobs in november what would normally be peak holiday shopping season a reflection of fewer consumers shopping in physical stores restaurants bars and hotels some modest job growth but many continue to struggle amid the pandemic with parts of the country beginning to reimpose restrictions on businesses trying to state lines you know. if. you're going
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to close this is it will you not enough shelter and. food so there's a balance or a needle you know right there in all nearly 10000000 jobs lost since the pandemic have yet to return with a rising proportion of the unemployed describing their jobs as gone for good unless congress approves another aid package before the end of the year millions of unemployed workers stand to lose all of their jobless assistance and president elect biden says that should be just the 1st step he plans to introduce more measures to stimulate the economy as soon as he's inaugurated on january 20th kristensen looming al-jazeera wilmington delaware. the coronavirus on the rise in the u.s. hospitals are struggling to cope earlier we spoke to a doctor from baltimore in maryland he explained what the toll in the pandemic is having on health professions. currently running one of our intensive care units
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for coping 1000 patients and i can tell you that the situation feels a lot like the spring where we are becoming overwhelmed with patients many coming in not just from our city were hospital resides but so many hospitals from outside of the city hours away you know the smaller hospitals from rural rural areas become unfilled and they're sending us their patients and so forth while the patient here and so forth feels a lot like spring in the mood is much different that's that's the part that i'm most concerned about seeing my nursing colleagues my their physician colleagues. almost many of them seeming as if you're at your breaking points that's the one resource i'm most concerned about just now and moving forward knowing that there isn't an end in sight knowing there's going to be an ongoing surge i'm most worried about the human capital and the toll of what it's going to take and a lot of our health care professionals myself included in that in working almost 12
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hour shifts for several consecutive days that just doesn't feel like there's an end in sight so that's that's the one resource that you want to emphasize in order to allow the committee members to be conscious of this because your actions that are happening the community really are going to have an impact on those health care professionals who are moms and dads just like everyone else as well nearly all american troops in somalia will soon be leaving president sort of their withdrawal as part of his plan to reduce u.s. involvement in counterterrorism abroad it comes after a nun's wins last month to draw down troops in afghanistan and iraq with him lawrence is a professor at the american university school of international service he thinks they'll be no benefit to the u.s. or somalia. the troops will be there they'll be in kenya they'll be in the truck drawls will be there but i think the blow from the u.s. operational standpoint is that over time it will lose its ability to have american
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eyes on the ground to have more interaction with somalia small and jews who have not proven that resilient in the fight against terrorism and needed that u.s. backing and so it really is a blow to smile in that sense for no good reason. and there is no good military or strategic reason to do this and the reaction as you saw from the pentagon statement was going to be very negative in africa like it was when the u.s. was contemplating pulling out of the help they said well there's no reason blow this helen the u.s. didn't need to and they ended up not pulling out but the troops will be right there if there is another major terrorist attack i'm sure they'll be an opportunity for a redeployment within somalia so this again is i think necessary with negative symbolic implications the u.s. population is very new reactor 1718 years of war around the world fighting isis this is isis. affiliated group but the u.s.
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is all over africa they're all over the world there are some you know 40 or 50 countries with american troops and so biden will probably be able to get that level of troops back into somalia if he needs to the republicans will beat him up over it so americans will be upset but given the numbers of americans around the world i don't think it's a major decrease or increase in terms of deployments against terrorist threats. still ahead on al-jazeera a court ruling gives new hope to undocumented immigrants brought to us as children . as lines for handouts get longer in argentina the government turns to the country's richest citizens for help. but. hello there we've got high pressure dominating the weather across china at the
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moment so it's lossy dry and fine for the most part we have got a little bit of a what's the weather just moving towards japan and for a time not too much we'll see some showers just arriving on either side of honshu clearing story as we go on into sunday temp just picking up in tokyo to around 15 celsius around our high we have the winds coming in from a wealthy stay direction just and hans in the northeast the monsoon official is there in taiwan plenty of showers into the philippines and we driving that wetter weather towards southern parts of thailand towards the malaysian peninsula quite a rash of showers right across the region here then as we go on through the next few days we could see some wet weather coming into southern vietnam wet weather still moving across southern parts of india in the form all factual cyclon brevity that sin the process of weakening somewhat but still plenty of heavy rain over the next 24 hours will say we may well see another 100 millimeters of rain across parts of tumble not to more so into kerala it will eventually drift out into the open
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waters of the arabian sea pushed towards us madia chavez do come back aim high but not as wet as it has been recently but a risk of further flooding. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse or $2200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like get live get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al jazeera.
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you want to know just a reminder of our top stories this hour the emir of kuwait says he's pleased with the progress of talks aimed at ending a blockade of qatar by neighboring countries the saudi foreign ministry says all the nations involved are close to finalizing an agreement. u.s. president elect joe biden is urging congress to pass a coronavirus aid bill to help millions of americans struggling during the pandemic he's warning the 12000000 people could lose their unemployment benefits if it's not approved by the end of the month. president donald trump sort of the withdrawal of most american troops from somalia about $700.00 of base there advising local forces in the fight against al shabaab the drawdown as part of tom's plan to reduce u.s. involvement in counter terrorism abroad. a federal judge has ordered the
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trumpet administration to fully restore an obama era initiative protecting undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children in 2017 the trump white house tried to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca prompting angry demonstrations the administration's case was blocked by the superior court and in july trump officials tried to stop the scheme from accepting new applications friday's ruling clears the way for the nest emitted 1000000 undocumented teens and young adults to apply i do you know castro's life for us in washington d.c. heidi just give us a little bit more about the background to all of this. sure rabble we know that trump still has more than a month left in office but certainly the court ruling today is a death knell to one of his signature hardline immigration accomplishments of his time in office now we know that trump won office partly by his promise to undo
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this obama era program that trump had called amnesty to young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the united states as children at its peak that obama program called dhaka assisted about 800000 immigrants and it gave them work permits as well as temporary protection from deportation will as soon as trump took office he his white house attempted to cancel the program altogether only to have that effort stopped at the level of the u.s. supreme court but as you said that didn't stop the administration's attempt to diminish the programs as much as possible only to confront now this latest hurdle from a federal judge ruling today that the program must be fully restored which means new applicants must be accepted as early as this coming monday course this is
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a victory for immigration advocates but it's one that they had foreseen for a while it's come earlier than expected given that president elect joe biden had already promised to help these so-called dreamers but the timing of it coming now before trump is even left office certainly it's a symbolic blow to the president's legacy when it comes to immigration rob heidi thanks very much indeed hi joe costal talking to us from washington d.c. . story is prime minister says he's looking to constructively engage with china i made a growing diplomatic and trade drum in recent months china has imposed a number of targets and other restrictions on the strategy and products sparking a war of words between the 2 countries but it's unclear if the change in tone is going to be enough to repair relations as nuclear gauge reports growing tensions between china and australia were laid bare with these tweet of a fake image depicting a struggling soldier holding a knife to the throat of an afghan child alluding to
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a recent report on alleged war crimes by some astride the ins what followed was a war of words with beijing refusing to apologize and the stage back to global times newspaper doubling down with another cartoon of australian soldiers at the moment either p.s. a both sides are not willing to stand back and both sides are quite willing to escalate it's been escalating for years the strategy has legislated over concern that china was too involved in politics here and it became the 1st country to ban chinese take giant huawei from its 5 g. network it's also spoken out about china's handling of hong kong and the coronavirus by using hits back with bans in tariffs on a struggling industries clearly a strike is taking economic punishment for taking a political stance that china does not agree with us now with years taking beijing to the world trade organization threatening legal action over its tariffs on bali
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allies have rallied behind a strong leah with campaigns to buy a strategy in products let's throw in politicians are traditionally taken i bipartisan approach to china a bit and i read a lot on foreign policy the opposition labor party has accused the prime minister of presiding over i can point breakdown of relationships the government is now paying for recess. the question is how to reset relations when china even kohls business is caught up in the tensions are hoping for a diplomatic resolution in terms of immediate. brevity's or panna ses there are none i don't think but what we have been saying to government is that we do need a reset we do need to focus on you know working through the challenges the challenge will be navigating a path between voicing what is strongly believes to be legitimate concerns while maintaining lucrative markets and also opening new ones gauge al-jazeera camera
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and saying it is a china political analyst is joining us live via skype from beijing as always it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera scott morrison does seem to be king to repair relations is china interested in doing that do you think. rob well it's a kind of true track situation i was mentioned in the earlier report china is reacting to the kind of political pressure that australia participating in the quad saying that they need it and you know it's basically for some against the china criticizing it on what they consider internal issues whether it's hong kong st john it cetera so you know their race basically reacting the way they see it is uncomprehensible why australia which was able to of void the worst of even the economic meltdown because of trade with china would want to you know basically put that on the line you know you can't go up to somebody yell at them scream at them and say oh now let's be friends you know australian trade as in
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a relatively short time and it literally doubled from $87000000000.00 to over almost $170000000000.00 a year in trade so you know it's kind of a very definite stand off this latest move to go to the deputy over over barley it's kind of interesting because it obviously you know has no final adjudication process because the united states has blocked any judges being appointed to the final appeals panel so there's only one judge there any 3 to hear a case so it's unclear what this would mean and it would take 3 years and about so right now it just doesn't look very good a lot of. emotion being put into what should be just a trade relationship we will ask you about this picture that was tweeted by the the member of the foreign ministry and the picture in south is widely regarded as having been faked nevertheless it looked shocking in the initial stages it's almost
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equally shocking that it was actually posted by a member of the foreign ministry of china is this an indication that china is getting more confident more provocative in the way that it uses social media when it comes to this kind of tension between countries. ok so let's clear up 2 different issues one what was posted is called c.g. computer graphics young people this is a new kind of cartoon these are lab or at least you know. done the computer graphics they look very real but in no way was that's supposedly a real shot you could just look at it and if you examine it carefully you could see if it was just an artist's rendition of that now you know in most most times there is this kind of freedom of speech you're allowed to do that as artist has an essence created a career for himself because of the riots now in terms of the. department spokesman
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putting this on is twitter and making it seem as this is coming directly from the government that is there are real questions about that it's not clear what the benefit would be to china to put so much emotion into this particular issue generally with diplomats the idea is to hold the door open not to be controversial to let the governments themselves make statements about one thing or another but they they're there to calm the waters and figure out how to deal with these things so i don't know that it's necessary expression of the chinese government when an incident like this occurs but it does rear up this idea that somehow china isn't gauging and wolf warrior diplomacy i think for the last since the last time this happened. the chinese government has been holding back on that particular aspect i think they saw that that did not go over very well with friends partners and
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countries around the world so at this juncture it's not clear exactly what that message meant it was surprising i think even to some people in china but in terms of popularity and that distance of china are very very tired of being you know the bad guy. all of the time and they do in some instances you know they feel this fresh rationing need to kind of kick back this satisfied that but i don't think it's going to necessarily help solve anything i don't know is isn't mentioned it's good to have you on the show your thoughts on this thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. authorities in bangladesh have shipped the 1st group of rohingya muslims from the camp to remote islands despite pleas from some refugees to abandon the move more than 1600 people have boarded naval vessels to the isolated island of basilan charge but the u.n. is concerned the refugees will be moved against their will not a burden manning reports. these are injured refugees are stateless homeless
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and many have survived violence and now their future too is looking. more than $1600.00 to him to be moved to a family uninhabited island in the paper ankle but their destination bashan china is considered by many to be dangerous. the u.n. refugee agency born for the only emerge from the ocean 2 decades ago and it's produced still plotting it says no one should go against their will but some are hidden just say they have no choice. so a merciless li beat my brother and broke 23 teeth then they brought him here my brother didn't want to go to push on. it isn't forced my son in law didn't want to go they literally forced him to board a car they threatened to kill him otherwise. the refugee being both
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from here in coffins bizarre to the city of chittagong the island is about 40 kilometers by i think some people on the ship say it gives some hope to the army about how you know how the bangladesh government is giving us assurance of a better life they'll give us a good environment food and shelter and so we are going there in a coup to prolong camps there are 800-0021 1000000 people living in back in dish and so crowded to to get away from that situation we are going. we are not happy at the camps if we go back to me and more we may have a people but we don't have anything there to prove our citizenship so we didn't agree to go back. we heard from seniors as well as the television that will get much better facilities up to sean char bangladeshi authorities spent years building shelters on the island to accommodate up to 100000 people they say it will help to ease overcrowding in the largest refugee camp in the world cup 5th bizarre that's
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home to more than a 1000000 were hinge or. the majority fled 3 years ago in a military crackdown on the muslim minority. although me a month denies genocide the u.n. called it textbook ethnic cleansing. the u.n. says it doesn't have access to the island but rights groups say they want to know if the real hindu will receive appropriate medical care ensure their human rights freedom of movement education and what they are there are they able to come back more about a manly out of their a argentina is turning to its super rich to help people struggling because of code 19 the senate has approved a bill to large tax large fortunes with the hopes of raising more than $3000000000.00 but opponents say it's going to prevent future investment and slow down future recovery as to risible ports. hundreds of people come
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every day to this plus i'm front of congress i'm going to scientists to find food and i mean this is a pensioner who says it's the only chance she has to find a daily me what managing my time when i cannot find some work to make some money i come here to find food i work as a cleaning lady most of my pension goes to my rent this place saves me because if i have to buy all this food i cannot survive and what about the situation in the country. the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on this country. argentina's economy was already in the red but coronavirus has made it much worse protests like this one are happening almost in one of saddam's us poverty rates have increased in the past 2 years around 60 percent of our doing town children are now poor told us the distance so the government has increased for some cost on dollars but most people so it's not
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enough. argentina's struggling with inflation and recession it's also renegotiating its falling debt with the i.m.f. . the government now is desperate need of money and that's why it is imposing a special tax on those who have over $2500000.00 money raised by the tax is to be used to buy hospital equipment fund welfare subsidies and loans for small and medium sized businesses with the aim of increasing employment or to get the most of the new law is a request we make to the wealthiest people in the country people not companies and we say the richest because of the things they own in the country and abroad this also extends to residents in other parts of the world who keep their properties in argentina but some sectors in the country say they new tax will be terry investment and will promote capital flight when the prison was a cellular but when we come out of the pandemic one of the fewest resources will have is capital capital with the village to invest.


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