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tv   Blood And Tears French Decolonisation  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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impossible. from the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around mosul i would job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. i know i maryam namazie and on them quite look at the headlines this hour a record number of people have been hospitalized with the crying of virus in the us you knock down or does have now come into effect in parts of california impacting more than 33000000 people restaurants a close to in person dining in many other places like hair and nail salons museums and playgrounds have been completely shot rob reynolds brings us more now from a sajan he's it's really all about hospitals and hospital capacity and that is running out frankly in large parts of the state of california the rule
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imposed is that when. the region's hospitals fall below 15 percent of intensive care unit capacity then these restrictions kick in and here in southern california which includes los angeles san diego and many other cities the i.c.u. capacity has been dropping steadily on saturday it was 12.5 percent on sunday it was 10.3 percent we don't have the figures for monday yet but it looks like that's going to that trend is likely to continue there were 10500 new cases of cold 19 on sunday so with hospitals being overwhelmed they have no place to transfer up patients and if i see you capacity runs out it's not only. 1000 patients that we're talking about anyone who has a heart attack a stroke you know be ill with cancer or anything else an auto accident they need to be transferred to the i.c.u. and if the i.c.u.
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is full. you know it's it's obviously it's a it's a health disaster as well as an economic disaster for many people in this part of the country in other developments the u.k. is less than 24 hours away from beginning a mass coronavirus vaccination program the 1st doses of the vaccine made by pfizer bontoc will be given out on cheese day those over the age of 80 and frontline health workers will be the 1st in line with up to 800000 jobs expected to be administered in the 1st week we are very excited about it and then we heard their deep core direction about. the threat of it to lead to crises is going to come to an end. when we heard dividends are going to start to do is get here have. been i have received a telephone call i was really excited i go do opportunity for joining in and taking part in. i feel you know that it's good you know that the opportunity of doing that
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and so i don't know boss or or anything like that are looking forward to. a french president has been accused of failing to challenge egypt's president over human rights abuses president sisi is in france for 2 days on an official visit has confirmed he'll allow the sale of weapons to egypt because they have a shared mission in fighting terrorism in region. u.k. prime minister barres johnson is to travel to brussels this week in a bid to thrash out a last minute post brecht's that deal boris johnson and the european commission president of underlying spoke by phone from 90 minutes before releasing a statement confirming that significant differences remained on 3 critical issues iran says a satellite controlled machine gun was used to kill its top nuclear scientist last month the deputy commander of iran's revolutionary guard says an advanced camera was used to zoom in on the same fact that iran has given contradictory details around as all this death which to iran is blamed on israel though israel hasn't
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confirmed or denied any involvement unicef is asking for 2 and a half $1000000000.00 in new funds to help children in the middle east and north africa the aid agency says $39039000000.00 children have been impacted by war poverty and the virus yemen syria lebanon and sudan have the highest number of children in need most of the funds requested would go towards education your tradition and health care and the coalition led by the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has won the country's parliamentary elections that was expected after the opposition boycotted the vote the u.s. and e.u. say the vote wasn't free or fair they don't regard the outcome as opposition to one quite oh is planning to hold his own referendum blood and his french decolonization is the program.
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primes once had an empire covering enormous areas of the world and millions of people. but after the 2nd world war the countries that had colonized began to demand a french withdrawal and south for. france did not want to let go and was drawn into terrible wars in indochina madagascar and algeria. syria and levanon would granted independence and trouble scimitar in sub-saharan africa and the caribbean. however france could simply not hold back the tide and the 7 year war in indochina ended in
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a humiliating defeat. north africa was next and both tunisia and morocco left the french union while the battle for algeria raged on. this is the story of the end of one of the not just impious the world has ever seen . and how the blood and tears shed decades ago a still felt in the world today. by the summer of 1956 the war in algeria had been going on for nearly 2 years french troops met the forces of the national liberation front the lead with all mighty force and inflicted huge losses. effen and needed to regroup and to try and regain the initiative it completely change its strategy. it took the war to
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the very heart of the capital is and in september $956.00 it planned an attack that would have a. beaching in. his . ok to create a play less are going to get more serious. and if we can dunk city your new voice. over new city or hug don't pull moves up the don't really exist well up . with a table of. get it. is sitting on the wall of people to there when they often emotion glass the. castellan all play. on from sumi on to new diplomats on. and off site duplass the. early
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d.c. did to the fair harbor on the clare you know malt think least still hoodlum want to bomb in. the tongue. exclaimed as he knew that this was he saw tea. bagging and. pushed. on goes. on the sofa. miming it did. it did my boss she called. me on the shantanu julie expose you more of
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a cold peter there. into the pit that. city to post. did it work clearly see the. limited room a movie called me and all the small moslems who. algiers was the most french of all algerian cities and had never experienced such a violent attack several people were killed and dozens injured including children. listed on. the victim. so the. oh god they bombard the local. call on your alleged love your show all the leading
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up on the video shot at the palm. a c. well actually way or. the french authorities retaliated and in january $957.00 they announced martial law and ordered paratroopers to sweep the town the kasbah. the battle of algiers had begun ethelyn leaders failed one after the other as the paratroopers arrested and then tortured them. years on comedy coffee. is said film redeploys they are busy but are you all of the them was a vegetable. here and there are no more than your knitted on. remission i
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think. a lot. of sense from the did new show simo. if know you don't understand family survived through t. do peel once you will stop the path to the pub the police is clear most of it will pass through. i. gather is it from. me if you don't then if i missed it ill timed it is to be on the. same walk 11. lummis that if. the. i've. been given over the desert been emotional taken it through not only forces are is
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also. a pompon is omitted. the moment comparing. him home perry in a nontraditional city veneer back to. remember this it's too early you don't read if you're 50 times you can put. it on them on their own this will he does. can hold up. to me very point normally it's a tell you don't please. don't. reply should be useful for a doctoral measurability other top job you're not to go to if you're not on your committee your grief she told you could stop them all coverage of the move goes cooper kishore no one i think provoke you very often if we suspect dark celebrities
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. see she sunk in their school she does reflect she brought up generally to. the french army knew it could behave however it like because it would be supported by the french authorities regardless. the number of ethylene attacks decreased and its leadership was gradually eliminated. among the arrests was that milk bob balmer zoraida drink. is a tells a pretty. shitty if. he. does the. too early for. it is that creamy. in the belly book of the do need. to know cook open it up it to me if i see it pointed to let off to. but. it is for
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sure. if i. move left east. i. but the crackdown in algiers osu triggered a french crisis of conscience. intellectuals like. openly expressed their outrage despite media censorship. the french people could no longer close their eyes torture would damage france's reputation at home and abroad permanently. even as the algerian war continued it provoked a major political and constitutional crisis in maine 1950 s. schild the goal was brought back as prime minister and he immediately terminated the 4th french republic. only 3 days after taking power he flew to r.g.s.
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. he said daddy's algeria is dead and if we don't understand it will die with us. again. in the form of. nominal i simply go on to the horn to get more a phonecall this myth that economy. was in front of a huge crowd the goal gave one of his most famous speeches but also one of the most and b.b.'s i really did read being was i knew those 2. turkeys shipmaster it usually.
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was i from this for me jews accompli. a saw. like a chicken little. it can won't you see i'm not thinking like a pig. to see if. it. said he saw me he could have helped hong. kong words to bring the f.l.n. to the negotiating table. to be freed christmas and announced a major economic development plan while maintaining military pressure.
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many algerians believed in him including the lucky muslims had said as auxiliaries in the french army. on the 23rd of october 1958 to gold took a historic step by calling the f.l.n. for what he called a deep peace on the brakes every day and that faded. yell out all stiff us all creation if you're looking real a certain respect. if you don't like your own song your millions feel. i'll claim you are. for bid them ha. film quote unquote this home all sittin on call of. hope in her own kiva new loser to law school. to 2 new miniscule the news
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we've f.l.n. for tonic and that is to separate the f.l.n. and ordinary people the french colonial authorities moved nearly a quarter of the algerian population into counts over 2000000 people in shocking conditions. a young socialist graduate michelle went to algeria and wrote a report on the camps which was leaked to the press. it forced the government to urgently release funds to feed the interne population and care for the weakest. the f.l.n. meanwhile was in terrible shape its leadership decimated and its troop numbers hard but it remains resolute despite the prospect of yet more bloodshed.
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algeria monopolized the goals attention but he realized he also had to deal with the future of sub-saharan africa it's overseas the bottom up and whole nation. in 1958 involved on a major african tour to try and avoid the disintegration of what was left of french schaaf ruka. his plan was to unite the colonies into a community of states under french control through iraq friend. first top model gas car to a warm welcome. then on to ivory coast where felix with whiny controlled political life on france's behalf. in madagascar are an ivory coast to goal had nothing to fear. but. there was a glitch in guinea however
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a sickly touring his mom's. group here in the had a good laugh in the movie. leading man didn't even hear the end of the gong was humiliated and again in the senate capital de kock with placards calling for immediate independence put to goal for once on the box where very few have all got a. good crack up to a letter. but despite these protests french colonial africa generally bronnie to the goals called france was accused of electoral fraud and of neutralizing opponents. in the referendum only guinea voted no to the new colonial french community on the 2nd of
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october 1958 guinea became the 1st french colony in sub-saharan africa to gain independence. but guinea's independence traded a rapid chain reaction other african countries also started demanding full independence and the goal realized that he was losing control and that is great dream of the african union was dial. 960 was a gear of great change. in less than 10 months 15 new african states joined the movement for independence. many african former members of the french parliament now governments their own countries. like felix afraid whiny in ivory coast only posted a single thing sending. africa experienced
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a collective euphoria of freedom hope and joy. i am. i i. i i. the. dollar dog you give a dollar about badly. i. mean initially not confident or quite sure tony i can of richard dent one way. to go before nathan. well gushes you. look at the
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earth could lift their over to look at your flag within a few. friends had no choice but to let go of this once glorious empire in sub-saharan africa. only a handful of territories remained and their 2 nationalist movements were increasingly gaining ground. in algeria things were different the french didn't even officially refer to the conflict as a war but simply as events however this nameless war now entered is final and most of violence fades the goal had already given way to the inevitable in sub-saharan africa and when he spoke on the 4th of november 960 he knew that the days of french algeria were number 6 in all 3 decades. only shade. revision
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a little. fisher american dream you know. you know here if i make a call it means energy i didn't get. the 132 year link between france and algeria was about to be broken and anxiety spread among the french living in algeria. who did burst. more barrett into 2nd. city hall. divides pitou particularly. french people who wanted desperately to stay in algeria went on the offensive. in february 961 they founded the secret organisation the oas. oh yes
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attacks over several months were violent and bloody in algeria and in france. on the 18th of june 1961 the oas bombed the strasbourg to paris express killing 24 people. france went into shock. to go had thought the algerian situation was under control but it was slipping from his grasp france was at the mercy of the combined threat of the oas and algerian f.l.s. and the police in paris began to take the law into their own hands. on the 17th of october 961 they attended a peaceful f.l.n. demonstration near the shah on metro station in eastern paris with bloody consequences. that dark night the police killed
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algerian demonstrators and threw their bodies into the river saying. the death toll remains unknown but some algerian estimates say over 200 people were killed. for the french government something had to be done the goal is leadership and the f.l.n. had been negotiating the basis for algerian independence for some time in the spock town of adrian only. to set it up again he also told me does it take a few days is all needed to be sure you see me in your shoes as you see they can something to do with. fun don't be sure i have you only men said in a men's esther's it's all going to be a big little matty's modality to really. discuss it up anybody who does we nux a meal of sauce was on to do let me guess you all says as you did come should we shucks a good deal miss you i can preach. the a.v.m. accords were more than a year in the making. the $93.00 page agreements included clauses about france's
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military rights in the so hard. in return the evidence demands for self-determination were accepted along with a package of financial and economic gains. but in the cafes of the shows in the day the regions focus on the headline the ceasefire or no these are called if you will and his decision to ditch the box board is a. city that among benevolent. so john boehner when i was called birdsville i call the honey a shingle. but the violence took a new turn the o.e.s. stepped up its attacks to try and sabotage the courts. the goal is government however would not tolerate the o.e.s. violence and on the 26th of march 1962 shooting broke out on the streets of algiers the french army fired on o.e.s.
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supporters. was. 80 oas supporters died in these clashes with french police for the colonial settlers in algeria it was a very deep wound indeed. they finally realize that they no longer belong in the new algeria. algerian independence was not simply the end of a political era on a human level the lives of many thousands of people were turned upside down.
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december on al-jazeera it's 10 years since of revolution in tunisia ignited the arab spring al-jazeera looks back at the uprising and asks what really changed across the middle east the stream is where al jazeera has global audience becomes a global community a year after the 1st coronavirus case in china will examine the devastation caused by the virus and the efforts made to eliminate covert 90 people. the power is back with more investigative documentaries and in-depth stories climate leaders will gather online to press ahead with a new stage of the paris climate agreement and examine the possible flaky solutions december on al-jazeera. frank assessments you go colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse for $2200.00
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people and in-depth analysis of the dates global headlines. inside story on al-jazeera. the on the on. world. oh i maryam namazie in london a quick look at the headlines now a record number of people have been hospitalized with the corona virus across the united states parts of california new lockdown orders have come into effect and the having an impact on more than 33000000 people restaurants a close to in person dining in many other places like hair and nail salons museums and playgrounds have all been completely shot meanwhile an 87 year old man from the northeast an inner city of newcastle upon tyne will make history on tuesday when he becomes one of the 1st people inoculated against the virus using the pfizer tech vaccine it'll be the largest vaccination program ever undertaken in the u.k.
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we are very excited about it and when we heard that we've got direction now and we've heard of do if you need a crisis you're going to come to an end and really hard to go there it's going to start to do is do you have. overnight received a telephone call i was really excited i got the opportunity for joining me. in all the headlines the french president has been accused of failing to challenge egypt's president of human rights abuses president abdel fatah sisi is in france for 2 days on an official visit back on is confirmed he will allow the sale of weapons to egypt because they have a shared mission in fighting terrorism in the region. u.k. prime minister boris johnson is to travel to brussels this week in a bid to thrash out a last minute post breaks it deal johnson and the european commission president sort of on the line spoke by telephone for 90 minutes before then releasing a statement confirming the significant differences on the 3 critical issues this is
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now the 2nd phone call in 48 hours as they try to reach a breakthrough before the u.k.'s transition period ends at the end of december. and iran says a satellite controlled machine gun was used to kill its top nuclear scientists last month the deputy commander of iran's revolutionary guard says an advanced camera was used to zoom in on. the iran has given contradictory details of his death which to iran blames on israel israel has not confirmed or denied any involvement or program blood and tears the french decriminalisation continues but then they'll be the news hour after that in about half an hour's time 2100 g.m.t. i'll see you then bye for now. so she's mental disease because 50 percent of the deaths of children.
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staff. but. lacking to save and childhood education. do you. believe you see that this needs to. be. done. such as the cease. fire.
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the aids year algerian war ended on the 18th of march $962.00 when the french government and the algerian national liberation front the f.l.n. signed the treaty known as the a.v.r. accords it included an immediate cease fire and pave the way for algerian independence. when groups of french colonial settlers who fundamentally opposed the deal clashed with the french army on the streets of algiers on the 26th of march 1960 to 80 were killed. many europeans living in algeria had to face the reality that they were not part of the new country. in the next few months between $8.10 people per day left the country when many of them were born hastily taking with them they most
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precious possessions. go. but cucolo go there. but i see phineas and said to gilmore the polish side of your marriage is if you need. people of european origin born in algeria were known as the peen walk the blackfeet over a 1000000 of them across the mediterranean. when they arrived in france many landed in a country where no one was waiting to greet them it would give them a future going to look at the mail to be able to name a ship. can you come to their membership. in the results is harmless. to
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look at google for you are not to let me go. but. you know just to leak it tonight you couldn't resist thinking. here is sort. of horse issues just to make it is. a shift in the sun a very. negative give it up but it was everything you wanted if you're going to have it in people who'd been uprooted had to start completely afresh to rebuild homes find work they also had to try and integrate into a country that was sometimes hostile often indifferent to them and did not seem ready to welcome back so many at once. on the
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5th of july 1962 algerians finally flew their own flag the french estimates that around 300000 people died in the 80 a war but algerian figures are as high as 1500000. of them in the. divide. or the bois shunted elsie but you know what i like on that act of the local male will avoid the volta there judy and the abundant well psychotic talk out to the alarmism eleanor account is. still here but i guess she's off if you don't to go through your. shit i know. i'll have. to algeria ends it was
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a jubilant small. but their joy was soon tempered by yet more bloodshed at. the a.v.r. accords provided for the protection of various groups including the european king walk and the asking muslim auxiliaries in the french army but despite this f n n radicals launch a systematic massacre of thousands. many europeans who wanted to stay in algeria were brutally made it and for the aki this was the beginning of a non nightmare. the french government banned their return to france. in algeria they were at the mercy of the f.l.n. . on an estate on bases all on the occupation on none do not want to leave the play it only evolved to shirk erudition in the us they are not bound by.
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tens of thousands of iraqis were murdered in algeria. just to walk up to. can't get all the could go to donna do. and. it on funny off for it 3 on a few sent it. does a condo happy not one of you to fail. if law says. a pox you're the last to sicko. a tract.
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for the any asking the choice was a tie between a suitcase and a cough and. some ascii were able to get to france thanks to a few offices this abating orders but it was only a tiny minority. only count. to 300. 40. people. it. would be going to begin to deteriorate. to the middle to. really get in a bad beat up that's here. the propaganda of the time portrayed
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a warm welcome by the french authorities. in france the aqim were house together in remote camps far from prying eyes they were the undesirables invisible symbols of defeat but many aki were secretly sent back to algeria. a nurse or francis for market was only too late if. you. force. neither france no algeria emerged unscathed from the conflict. on both sides of the mediterranean 2 nations west cards for decades by what the french of the time called simply the events in algeria.
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the algerian independence was not the end of france's african colonial conscience. the goal was convinced that france's future lay in close cooperation with its former african colonies and in preserving what remained of the in part. as well as frank strategic interests these territories abounded in draw materials their independence must not threaten france's and a.t.v. sources. the president appeared on television. and that idea of a repeal usually reappear canarsie. year of the body it knows any. mall to head in. may set a. legal you only. learn
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a little. park called be a house you all. france did not intend these to be reciprocal arrangements with equal partners. to go wanted french speaking africa to become france's private preserve. this was also the time of the cold war and to prevent the spread of communism nato instructed france to become quote africa's policeman. jacques foca a former free frenchman in world war 2 and loyal goalie became the head of what was called like. his mission to ensure that the game of franco african friendship was played to france's rules. so in november
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1960 in cameroon the new leader of the opposition party felix was assassinated his killer was a member of the french secret service william head. this left president i hate joe with no opposition. he remained in power for 22 years. in togo 2 presidents in venue's olympia wanted to do without friends. he was killed by a group of soldiers supported by the french officer in charge of presidential security. in the 1960 s. and seventy's france intervened militarily more than 20 times to ensure that the right african leaders going place to serve its mess.
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up the delusional there's a. doggone ordered up of the guard to shield lenders and deadlines september wanted to end of the club in addition to do go all upper left in addition to a code of the do shorter. the discipline cautiously delegated led the clearings us try your. merely afrocentric a clue to what is written ladies of the chanel suit isn't a puts each. i think. the monopoly. on the men. 2 says i. hope. however the gold's $960.00 s. were not just about philosophy. over one and a half 1000000 people still lived in the french overseas territories. the camorra sent djibouti reunion island guyana and the caribbean polynesia and new
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caledonia many were worried that history may have passed them by. their call for a less colonial relationship with france independency then fell on deaf ears. between europe and america to go once said there is nothing but dust and we don't build states on dust. part of the french strategy in the overseas territories was the same as in africa to put its place men in power. in 1963 the goal even sent his former prime minister michel debate to be union islands . in the french column entry election.
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don't mean you couldn't have waited nobody ticked off why the question if only if we did not god said let it go if it was immediately if we were going to go back and rethink nubile need. to have. heard. that. unsurprisingly debray was duly elected as the member of parliament in paris school reunion islands a year later he had his main opponent and leader of the communist party. charged with undermining the integrity of the states. he knew could at. least not even the police darla. my mailman se and. the end of
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a crystal sucked. as it was on. their chest was arrested the communist party dissolved and re-union island fell into line. to gold also used investment projects to buy political deference. a rocket launch site in cool french guyana. and a move. a nuclear testing center to replace the algerian side of the gun that france had to evacuate. i was.
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sure. i. don't. want. another friend strategy was to displace people. on reunion island martinique and guadeloupe the government. the office for the development of migration in overseas depok tamal done for short. organize the migration of young working people to france reducing the risk of a whole new generation calling for independence. from 30000000 people my son and i just an example of that time comes to see a young man who will be up there do some mending kind of see the process read your bible going on with them into the much needed i would look forward doorway what's going on there we're not on a point where israel we're going to come again you where there were not somebody
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always fighting there you know just when you were young i might have known we weren't really going to convert you we receive in your state the f.b.i. wanted to. come up and you could i would only one of them i did they did because i . don't have a theory about where you would be. but hope quickly gave way to dissolution. as they were known soon understood that they were doomed to doing only menial jobs. found out had to be damaging ties among. the few qualified to where they all. could have considered an event in the heart of new green those who got to take on the. seclusion of. the. panelled to profit from that every year or for the kids
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up in the dog. the buckets in the cellar by the sheriff's fair they also did this to. over 20 years tens of thousands of young people migrated to france the whole generation was uprooted and suffered the races in the us common in europe in the 1000 sixty's and seventy's. uncles met norco shouldn't equal field also. told them he had asian. pushed him a disc but also new company don't want anyone as if anyone in the office equipment just could have found her body. false little that she's made the call to her it coming. but in the 1960 s. france continued to cut down in the overseas territories.
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in march $967.00 in djibouti the crowd called for independence but the army moved in and several demonstrators were killed and. 3 months later construction workers in guadalupe demanded a pay rise. a riot broke out and the police fired into the crowd killing several demonstrators. recession nothing changes as the saying goes.
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for the. good of. you could official says it does it is all to yes it was all set work at a loss at sea fruit me to scream sea sick you said that feel that this chill they do that can touch so of has just left us i took it the. main 1967 it still haunts the people of guadalupe. and murell finally put up to commemorate what's widely considered to be the last french colonial act of violence. says the last visit to me p.z. . we are going to sell us from the park because it's a. bicycle pre-taped. don't go in for.
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a shitty shows. ted could see the creek. by gaining on going for. 2 years later in april 1969 the goal resigned as president. but the dust of empire as he called the overseas territories remained caught off france. they still gave the country an enormous sense of global power. in the next decades djibouti the come ours and the new hebrides all gained independence. but despite the crises attacks and referenda france managed to hang on to the islands of my yacht new caledonia polynesia and
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all its overseas depok tomorrow and regions. to go on successes never fundamentally questioned the general skill on your legacy. just won't be doing. the she's got this. and cost why miti are all feigns to revisit this in glorious periods in the republic's history. however after decades of silence the most violent and proven crimes were gradually denounced at the highest levels the bloody repression in madagascar and the cha a massacre in senegal as well as a violent colonial conflict in algeria were all after much debate ultimately condemned. but only official ceremonies tributes sent speeches could not overcome the nostalgia on one side and the frustration and resentment on the other . decolonized ation remains
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a contentious legacy that deeply device french society to this day. the wars of independence the hidden crimes in massacres have all left their mark on the perpetrators the victims and their descendants today. one of the crucial issues for those who suffered and still feel the impact of colonize ation now who tells that story and exactly what that story is. for totally. stresses. me. that if i could get young or dave to see digital success shit up. on
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a tip early straw they can go. finish 1st concert festival. improve it doubled or sit for most spew still kanu the provability book is see a preview a commish clear even. really the push is awful that is awfully pretty awful it imo professor at harvard your daughter bushnell in your ass need all see the publishers most of all. issue on her. account has been a place to out good luck at home p. do. you know use it to get all dirty and see the 7 party do not wish to.
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this is becoming an interesting start to summer the latest cold front this one here will drop the temps as it goes through breeze been it will take some rain with it he's on his way through at the moment so the temps will start off harbors and they will drop and some rain for phrase round the wind changes well the tail end of it disappears into what's a developing area of low pressure tropical weather significant rain coming in to brew and generally speaking the north west of australia the rain is gone off the east coast temperatures are rising victoria and south australia which is a nice change in the last few days and melbourne's reflecting that drop down to 27
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whereas perth is warming up to about 30 three's or shout they use well quite possibly broome there reflects the wettest part of australia and quite interestingly flooding seems likely wednesday thursday or friday 3 days a significant santa storms winter has shown its hand spotting was stowaway dancer china as far south were just south of the how the higher ground is not much more to come there is there a drop in temperatures is co-director comes out across the sea once more so tokyo's temperature goes down down to about 12 degrees. his memory and present reality is. that camera as a tool. and often. one of his most deprived areas children who have nothing. now have
12:00 am
a voice. part of the viewfinder latin america series on out to 0. 0. 00 watching the news hour live from london coming up on the program growing a virus cases overwhelm california's hospitals millions of people ordered to stay. or not is here due to board called i was really excited to go i got the opportunity . the equal rights campaign has become one of the 1st in the world to receive a coronavirus vaccine. a french president goes his egyptian counterpart in paris.


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