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al jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today blood and tears french to colonize a sham on al-jazeera. first and becomes the 1st western nation to start vaccinating as citizens against covert 19 but the w.h.o. ones that public health measures not vaccines will prevent further surges in countries like zimbabwe saying that cost and logistical challenges mean that vaccine rollout might not start until the middle of next year. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program ethiopia says a u.n. team visiting refugees in the to grey region was shot at after failing to stop at 2
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checkpoints. there are. opposition groups and unions join indian farmers in a nationwide strike is they step up their battle with the government. well it's almost a year after the 1st cases of corona virus are reported in the chinese city of will han the world's 1st fully tested vaccine is now being rolled out here in the u.k. a 90 year old grandmother was the 1st person in the world to receive the approved pfizer biotech job this on a day when the u.k. reported another 616 deaths 800000 people are expected to be vaccinated in the coming weeks with the elderly and health workers the 1st in line will u.s. public health officials of publish their 1st detailed review of the pfizer vaccine and they found an efficacy rate of 95 percent off to 2 doses and say the 1st job
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offers protection within 10 days were godless of a person's race weight or age but the world health organization is issuing a warning they say that governments are not to rely on vaccines alone public health measures like social distancing and mosques will continue to be the most effective defense of well into the future what british hell's chiefs are saying that the rollout of the pfizer vaccine will be a marathon not a sprint just tickle challenges mean the majority of vulnerable people will probably have to now wait until early next year before they get that job leave bach reports now from london. it is happening a turning point in the global fight against a virus that killed more than a 1000000 people around the world 90 year old grandmother margaret keenan made history becoming the 1st person to be vaccinated with the pfizer bio and take drug outside a trial she encourage others to follow her lead. through friends because it's
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free and it's the best thing that's ever happened and the moment you do please go for it in a somewhat dramatic turn the 2nd vaccine went to a man called william shakespeare a poetic star perhaps to a new chapter in the fight against corona virus more than half of the people who've died of the virus in the u.k. are over 80 they're getting the injection 1st along with the elderly in care homes and their carers unused doses are going to frontline medical staff the british government's call this a v. for vaccine day but the prime minister warned it's too early to call this a v. for victory in scotland and wales in england people are having the vaccine for the 1st time and it will gradually make a huge huge difference but i stress gradually because you know we're not. yet we haven't defeated this virus yet bunches of the pfizer by and take drug approved for
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use in the u.k. last week have been arriving from pfizer's factory in belgium the logistical challenge has been immense for the vaccine he's speaking to the around minus 70 degree celsius in england dozens of hospitals with facilities to store the super chill drug or the 1st places to administer it scotland wales and northern ireland have also begun similar programs the government sorted 40000000 doses so far and initial 800000 will be available in the 1st round of treatment this week capable of inoculating 400000 people with 2 injections 21 days apart we've shuttered our economies. and struggle through months of grief and anxiety lives who've been cut short and elderly people separated from their loved ones we've known for some time but the only sure fire way out of this pandemic is a vaccine and now a shred of hope that miller not too distant future things might start returning to
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normal its hope so full 1000000 people will be back soon 80 before the end of the year when boxes of the vaccine that come in packs of almost a 1000 doses we split up and sent to doctors' surgeries and care homes around the country the vaccine can be stored at normal fridge temperature but only for a short period it's a day of mixed emotions joy and hesitation most vulnerable people won't get the vaccine until next year but with infection rates going up here in london and elsewhere restrictions may have to get tighter before they get easier. but it is only a matter of some scientists set their minds on defeating this common enemy a process that normally takes many years and now against all odds a sense of the long march out of the pandemic of. the fark al-jazeera london. well the oxford astra zeneca corona virus vaccine has been deemed safe and effective in the 1st pair of u.
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of its phase 3 trials the lancet medical journal says more work is needed to prove its efficacy rate of 90 percent that was achieved when some trial participants were mistakenly given a half dose of the vaccine followed by a full dose less than 6 percent of participants got the smaller dose and all round the age of 55 the oxford astra zeneca vaccine is seen as particularly important for tackling coronavirus in the developing world because it's cheaper and it's also easier to distribute. oh in other developments health but health experts in zimbabwe a warning that it could be 6 months before a vaccine is available there because of the logistical and the economic challenges despite the country's proven capacity to carry out widespread vaccination programs . ports to us now from harare. nurses say more than 100 mothers visit this clinic in harare every day here their babies are inoculated against his eases such as polio and measles. children in zimbabwe
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have been receiving vaccinations since the early 1980 s. it's part of the government's nationwide immunization program and it's free of charge for children under the age of 5. i want my baby to be healthy so sore she grows up strong if she's always seeking she will suffer later on in life public health officials say access to vaccinations is good and zimbabweans are generally open to receiving them that's why health experts are confident they can manage a master a lot of covert 19 vaccinations when the doses eventually arrive in the country what worries them is misinformation about the vaccines so now we're having to focus in which has been tested in several countries. has been shown to be effective so really it's a problem should know about generally win votes and in this country we are following the procedures that. africa aims to have 60 percent of its population
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vaccinated against covered $1000.00 within the next 2 to 3 years that's according to the continent centers for disease and control prevention zimbabwe is part of a vaccine sharing scheme known as kovacs more than $100.00 countries globally have signed up to it but health officials say called with $900.00 vaccinations likely won't start until mid next year because of cost and logistical challenges. the scheme that the w.h.o. helped to create wants to deliver 2000000000 vaccine doses around the world by the end of 2021 but is struggling to raise the money it needs then there's how to keep the vaccines cold electricity supplies in many parts of africa are unreliable zimbabwe has at times exterior. 18 hour power cuts the cut include how to do for us sources of energy to do something that. we did
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before the war to. those areas which have required so when the close of 19 vaccines arrive how and where they are kicked during transportation and storage will be crucial in ensuring their effectiveness. al-jazeera. well pfizer says the united states turned down an opportunity to secure more vaccine doses even after interim data showed the vaccine candidate to be effective washington has purchased $100000000.00 doses of the pfizer biotech joint venture which is enough to vaccinate 50000000 people it was just 200000000 doses but declined meanwhile both the pfizer and compared to medina have refused to attend a vaccine summit has just got underway at the white house president donald trump is expected to sign an executive order ensuring vaccines prepared by the u.s. will give it be given to americans 1st before helping other nations all this of course as the u.s. has just reported its deadliest week since the month of april $15658.00 people died
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from the virus over the past 7 days that takes the total death toll there to more than 284015 1000000 infections have now been confirmed and health experts say a surge from last month's thanksgiving thanksgiving holiday is probably still likely to come while white house correspondent kimberly how joins us live now 1st of all what is the purpose of this vaccine summit kimberly. you know that's what a lot of people attending it are asking in fact some of the executives some of the top pharmaceutical companies pfizer and even some of the drug stores that are participating in the distribution that are in attendance here are somewhat irritated and wondering why they've been dragged into what appears so far to be largely a political summit but the white house insists this is not only to tout the successes of the vaccine and its production so quickly but also to reassure the public that in fact this vaccine is safe there are millions of americans that are skeptical
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about the science behind this vaccine in part because the u.s. president at times during some of his briefing has brought up issues that made many people reluctant to trust the science as well there are questions about the drug companies given the fact that in the united states many were already distrustful of drug companies with big names like pfizer like modernity and the feeling is particularly in communities of color that there hasn't been adequate testing for those populations so this is something that this vaccine summit is set to try and alleviate and we also know that the drug companies themselves at least in the case of pfizer have made some of the science public we also know the f.d.a. will be taking the extraordinary step of making its hearing the 1st of the 2 that will be held this month public it'll be live stream so that people can watch and listen as this science is presented so these are some of the steps that are being taken in addition to what is being done today fact the u.s.
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president speaking at this summit right now but there is a controversy with regard to these vaccines because well the white house has said repeatedly that those that want to need a vaccine will soon be able to get it we're learning that that is really not the case well we know that there is enough dosages the for the end of the year for those living in care homes and for frontline workers as you've reported there aren't enough doses after that so in other words. second wave even the 3rd wave the 2nd quarter the 3rd quarter we're hearing we may only have 50000000 doses and another 50000000 doses well that's going to only be a drop in the back that given the fact that there are more than 330000000 people in this country so there's a lot of problems already with the vaccine in the united states not just with availability but also those skeptical about just whether or not it is safe to take so these are some of the issues that the white house is trying to combat and of course the new administration will be trying to deal with as well and he will get to that now thanks very much our white house correspondent can really help get well
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so as kelly was just saying that us president elect joe biden is currently presenting his health team as he prepares to make the coronavirus his top priority in government california attorney general kara has been nominated as the next secretary of health and human services while america's top infectious disease expert anthony found she will serve as biden's chief medical advisor on the virus by ms olson and a coronavirus czar to oversee the entire pandemic response i know that out of our collective prairie we're going to farm to collect the purpose to control the pandemic to save lives and to hero as a nation today i'm pleased to announce a team of was going to do just that as a team of world class experts at the top of their fields crisis just defined by our deep sense of duty honor and patriotism. cassar joins us live now from his hometown of wilmington and
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a great deal of anticipation about around president elect biden's remarks in light of these developments and the rising number of deaths and infections there in the u.s. . that's right and. president elect joe biden started his remarks saying that he has an ambitious goal of having 100000000 americans vaccinated within his 1st 100 days in office and he had a stark warning to the trump administration saying in order to make that happen these negotiations and purchasing more doses of the vaccine must happen now he also had a word for congress saying that the economic recovery of the u.s. is going to stall without immediate action to bail out more americans as well as more local governments and biden says that within his 1st 100 days in office he would also prioritize opening the majority of american schools but on to his pick for the secretary of health and human services javier basara he's an interesting
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pick in that he doesn't have a medical background he's the current. attorney general of the state of california and has plenty of experience in immigration and legal and criminal justice however he has also been on the forefront of defending president obama's affordable care act in fact the leading a coalition of some 20 states in trying to defeat republican efforts to undo the affordable care act and that gaining in the credibility to be biden's pick to lead the health and human services department during this very critical time of course he will be the person overseeing the remaining of the development and the distribution of the vaccines and it is also notable that basara if confirmed would be the 1st latino to occupy that position diversity being a main priority of the president elect thanks very much from wilmington delaware.
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well the u.s. state of texas has filed a lawsuit against the states of georgia michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin and the supreme court saying changes made to election procedures amid the pandemic were not lawful president elect joe biden won all 4 states last ditch attempt to append the results come on what's called safe harbor day in the u.s. that means all states must have certified results by the end of the day to avoid any interference by congress in all states already set to find their results to secure joe biden's win. you're watching out there live from london still ahead it seemed on their own and a long way from a growing number of unaccompanied refugee children heading to the canary islands. and then he starts signing the israeli football team for my sinus now by an average japanese shane.
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the orientation of the weather patterns of europe is changing but it's of twisting a bit like this so many places been sitting in funk for a while in eastern europe even the british isles alyse that changes the wind picks up the stormy weather we've have through italy and particularly in the northeast that's moving a bit further south for the next tranche so wednesday sees the wet is where the light being greece so those must tonia for example still some more snow to come through the alps and it's creeping up too low in parts of germany as well but the next thing is diving into the bay of biscay of the snow throughout southern france most of the high grama not entirely so and then we see development over but for the south as sardinia sicily and towards greece i think beyond thursday century or plain european plain still disappointing the cloudy and cold but there's a sort of change taking place warsaw for example sees
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a slow warming trend as some of the down here gets tucked up through eastern europe that in the immediate future we still got the cooling trend for places like robots in algiers and tunis with on shore wind clouds and rain it does improve some degree of thursday. lagos at $34.00 degrees is surprised me warm for this time of the year . i'll just are a wild tales to intrigue a story behind for classic songs from palestine enjoyed social snapshots of different times and places from the british mandate to 19 fifties jordan and the palestinian diaspora today musical expressions of their cultural identity and the yearning for the homeland that many were forced from in 1988 songs for the love of history on al-jazeera.
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the a. welcome back watching al-jazeera live from london a reminder of the headlines world's 1st fully tested coronavirus vaccine is being rolled out in the u.k. 800000 people are expected to be vaccinated in the coming weeks with the elderly and health workers 1st in line meanwhile the u.s. drug maker pfizer has revealed the trump administration turned down an opportunity to secure more vaccine doses even off the interim data showed the vaccine candidate to be effective number of reported cases in the u.s. has just passed 50000000 and the president elect joe biden has unveiled his health
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team as he prepares to make the crowd of viruses top priority in government america's top infectious disease expert and sniff out she will be biden's chief medical advisor on the virus. now a report by an american university says the number of afghan civilians killed by u.s. airstrikes has risen by 330 percent since 2 101-7700 civilians were killed in 2019 alone which is the highest number since the 1st years of the war in afghanistan after the $911.00 attacks in 2001 the cost of war project at brown university says the rise in deaths is due to the rules of engagement being relaxed in 2017 report costs lie on u.s. president donald trump's aerial warfare policies in the middle east. now if you know piers government has admitted that federal troops shot at and detained u.n. staff trying to access the northern take grey region the aid workers were trying to visit account for eritrean refugees when the shooting happened the un previously
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reached an agreement with the government allowing access to territory under federal control according to a spokesperson from the government the u.n. team drove through checkpoints ignoring its instructions not to be in the area you know some of the u.n. staff when i actually did in sandwich know that when that happened. this country is not no man's land it has a government it only has difficulty in the north so they are entitled in some of and as they were not supposed to move but then then it is them sentenced to. in kind of advantage of the expedition they were as far as i understand they were trying to kind of do a cement of roads. before obviously this needs to be done before the larger u.n. aid convoys go in or we getting unfettered clear humanitarian
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access. at this point no right and that's why we're still in discussions with the government to try to get to where we want to be now more than 2000 children are among the refugees and migrants who arrived in the canary islands in the past 2 months save the children says it it's very concerned about a physical and mental health from gran canaria smith reports. it's not much of a red carpet welcome but for this boy it's at least the 1st time he's touched dry land in 5 days you have spent that time in a fishing boat with around 25 other people crossing rough atlantic seas from west africa. the canary islands is experiencing the largest wave of migrant and refugee arrivals in 15 years with it what the regional government calls a significant upturn in the number of children international aid group save the
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children is concerned that the authorities here are struggling to provide for the specific needs of minors even overcrowded conditions to making this a life threatening. or. would have. long been for example have seen people dying on board and be turning tuesday. and on might have experienced violence. on it and all these years the biggest fear is that in a line there but this is where we were at sea for 6 days tells me 6 days he and his friend mahdi a 16 years old from mali who. in mali there's a war now so we came here my mother and father over there and they are getting old
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and now there's no money so i left and came here. there were more than 8000 migrants and refugees arrivals just in november breaking previous records spain's migration minister suggested transferring migrants to the mainland to relieve the pressure here but that's been rejected by other ministers saying it will just encourage others so new arrivals are being transferred to these military bases or being kept in hotels unaccompanied children are less likely than adults to be sent back to their home country mam shaken baby who runs an aid group that helps african migrants thinks this is why there are more miners making the trip. each person is a community project they're not coming on their own they've got their parents behind them they look for a strategy to make their project successful and they know that their children have more chance to be able to stay in europe because it's the law of the canary islands government says it's open $21.00 emergency centers for unaccompanied minors it says
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it's repeatedly asked the spanish government and the e.u. for more money 12000000 dollars has now been promised by the end of the year not as fast as the migrants and refugees keep arriving bernard smith al-jazeera gran canaria tens of thousands of people have joined a nationwide strike in india to support farmers protesting against a controversial deregulation law farmers have blocked most highways entering the capital new delhi for 2 weeks now they say the reforms all mean an end to the government buying their projects at a guaranteed minimum price elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. these crowds are growing at the single border crossing between the states of hyaena and delhi and so too is their resolve to occupy this national highway for nearly 2 weeks the road has been closed to traffic as thousands of fama scamped on it and their trucks they say the government's recent agricultural laws allow large
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corporations to set prices for projects when farmers are already struggling to make ends meet the government. being don't want to be predicting you know any more by the good lady in the market you can interferes with the markets all by you also and see what happens fine for years it is. single has been the epicenter of the protest movement attracted not just farmers but this supporters delhi state leader iron cage iran's political party says police barricaded him inside his home after he came here to sing good to express support for farmers on monday and a number of other opposition politicians who've spoken out in support of farmers also put under house arrest ahead of the nationwide protest on tuesday. but that didn't stop many other opposition groups and unions around the country from demonstrating in support of farmers in the states of maharashtra west bengal and
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odisha protesters sat on railway tracks and stopped trains that's not a fall as i asked everyone who supported them to shut down bottom urgency services . right. well it's not the country now the streets usually involve the right to come. in support of the big example of the business do on the commune leaders and soon go said the protests have resonated with people and the government is out of touch with what farmers need dhobi law you have. the government says it's brought these built in our interests of the government to tell does not know how they will benefit farmers it was the farmers who informed them about the flaws in the bids. the government has indicated it's open to amending the laws but farmers said they'll continue to block highways until
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the doors of repealed they came to delhi to protest off to so when they went to crops and say they don't have to return until they need harvesting in april elizabeth purana al-jazeera delhi. or not they on the brakes at negotiations now and the u.k. is removed clauses from a domestic bill that breaches the word droll part of the agreement with the e.u. this after the 2 sides reached a deal on border checks and trading rules for northern ireland u.k. prime minister boris johnson and e.u. commission president a set of underline a g. to meet in brussels on wednesday u.k. has until december 31st to secure a trade deal. to michel barnier reports in the believes that a no deal breaks it is more likely clearly to get creative force at the moment to be removed i would say one big obstacle from the way and i hope that. we will see the positive results also coming from these very
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complex negotiations even though we are fully aware how complicated and demanding. this process is. are you a shake says the door is open to ara play is off he bought a 50 percent stake in an israeli football club share has been highly for the hand that has committed to invest more than 90 $1000000.00 and over the next 10 years it's the only israeli cup that's never had an arab player spy arabs making up 20 percent of the population by terrorist fans have a history of anti arab racism and was founded by right wing zionists in the 1930 s. club is well known for a group of hardcore fans known as la familia. the job does google there on your own group so i think between 16 and 22 well i think the. brainwashed and i think they're on the dark dark side who should extend their own
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home to enjoy the lloyds and the. now the world's tallest mountain is almost a meter high as in previously thought mount everest new official height is 8848 meters and 86 centimeters china in apollo made the joint announcement after surveys work together to calculate the new height until now the country's a disagreed over whether to include the snowcap. main stories the sound now the world's 1st fully tech tested coronavirus vaccine is being rolled out in the u.k. a 90 year old grandmother was the 1st person in the world to receive the a proof eyes upon tech job 800000 people are expected to be vaccinated in the coming weeks with the.


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