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just. think they're on the dark dark side who should extend their own home to enjoy the lloyds and the. now the world's tallest mountain is almost a meter high end than previously thought mount everest new official height is 8848 meters and 86 centimeters china in apollo made the joint announcement after surveys work together to calculate the new height until now the country's a disagreed over whether to include a snow cap. because the main stories this hour now the world's 1st fully tech tested coronavirus vaccine is being rolled out in the u.k. a 90 year old grandmother was the 1st person in the world to receive the a proof eyes upon tech job $800000.00 people are expected to be vaccinated in the coming weeks with the elderly and health workers the 1st in line for hours to
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furnish proof because food is free and it's the 1st in the search for hope and. the moment do please go for a specialist say you know. if i can do it. so can you will the u.s. drug maker pfizer has revealed the trumpet ministration turned down an opportunity to secure more vaccine doses even off the interim data show that the vaccine counted it to be effective it was urged to purchase 200000000 doses but only bought hoff that number the reported cases the figures around reported cases in the united states has now just passed 15000000 all this is us president elect joe biden is presenting his health team as he prepares to make the crown of ours his top priority in government california attorney general have yet to sarah has been nominated as the next health secretary while america's top infectious disease expert and he's been named as the chief medical advisor. i know that out of our
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collective pain we're going to find collect the purpose to control the pandemic to save lives and to heal as a nation today i'm pleased to announce a team of greece going to do just that is a team of world class experts at the top of their fields crisis tested defined by a deep sense of duty honor and patriotism. and he threw up his government has admitted federal troops shot at and detained u.n. staff trying to visit a refugee camp in the to gray region the government had agreed to allow the u.n. access to territory under federal control according to a government spokesperson the u.n. team drove through checkpoints ignoring instructions not to be in the area the stream is next looking at focusing on tensions in uganda.
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and. i have 3 ok you're watching this story to lead up to uganda election in january has been so coati it's ok i'll take it and so violent that uganda ease bleeding has been hotshot that has trended on social media in the next couple of weeks we want to see what may well happen so we have guests who will impact that what lies ahead for ugandans between now and generally the 14th which is election day you've been sending us your tweets and if your of your own you tube right now we would love to hate you from us or you have need to do is just jump into the comment section and you too can be part of today's program.
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i am going to say hello to the guest the guests will say hello to you and introduce themselves under it's good to see you welcome back to the stream remind everybody who you are what do you. for me i am underwear and money to be direct on the phone or we need to build a deeper and or so or the mind of the cloud. nice to have you we also have with joe joe please introduce yourself tell us who you are. hoping to get joe back introduce joe when he's a scumbag and rosabel good to have you welcome to the stream welcome back to the sea my street say tell everybody and remind them who you are what you do thank you femi glad to be here man in his roles philco community i am the editor of african feminism. was when i mentioned uganda is pleading as as an idea
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a campaign a social media trending hash tag what does that mean in reality from the last couple of weeks of campaigning in ganda. i think we have to go back a few weeks ago november 18th which was a very dark day in the history of uganda over 50 people were murdered in the city by security forces and we have no idea of like the reports of them are going to do . are there were hundreds of people saw a day such the reading out of that in this not in any plans talking of just these who was behind this accountability saw definitely sawing that to the lord's towards election on generics routine. there's not going to be much accountability for this band of. muscle it was
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a real muscle because there were different people from different backgrounds some people were just walking on the streets and there were some people are just that there are this is in the building soldiers were shooting through the roof with the windows so that is really how the hushed. tones to really bring a tension in smuggling to this was the largest killing indicates in the compiler a couple of countries so that's where that's what we have to remember. and you know i know you're always very aware of how the world perceives what is going on in gander so when the world hears uganda. how would you explain that. well i think that the government has landed itself in a public relations quagmire because it has look to be in a properly organized politically to deal with a challenge over and above the wind because it has been almost obscene on social
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media which is the biggest block from where educated a teacher looked and some about and i use some of the newest participate in the politics and discuss national affairs it was caught them by surprise when so many people rose in just under. up and under somebody's wind because. institutions for political mobilization or political demobilize issue an undercount the mobilization had to be destroyed because the government side the ruling party is lacking and desist or even the faith in what they're doing most of the activities of police are ended to secure this obvious is. when you have ms and the police and the what is running your campaign you are likely to get exactly what we we saw in november. new having to have joe sisto own who
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is the spokesperson for the national unity platform not as a the party that is headed up by pumping wind i'm not sure that we will be out to get him connected to beat back to the program but if you're on twitter tweet to him bring your tweets into the conversation just connectivity but i saw your interview that there would be a problem with his line didn't i did at the beginning. as well as highly suspicious that he i.j. . i opened this in my times that we all seem to come on to the net me in that we take hugh grant that joking a scientist is something that's very very nice and these are. own december the 1st this is the commune good distrait and this is what happened when we won to peace campaign that i went to have a look to see how things a rabbit's. gas
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canister that's land where we. are explosion. and then a day off to. these events this is where the rinds temporarily suspended his campaign and. that scene that exact cheapie call over a of a campaign event in uganda right now. what you saw is not out of the ordinary to be our nest what we're seeing or being done to paint has been done it was practiced and perfected on dr cheese abyss we know several times that amount of jail or you had to be flown to nairobi for treatment in the middle. of the pains this has been looked at elsewhere saw in many ways it's not new
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i think we have to remember that this kind of violence has been systemic and it's been happening in the country for the last all over the years so i think what concerns us right now is the sheer. disorganization i think that one brings in for their region of preston with 70 in the kind of. people that are drawn in by his campaign kind of building on to the historic think by people like it's a case of best in the opposition parties saw this is on our larger scale but it's not new we grew some violence before right even journalists being. victims of the stand of violence we've seen these images before . no doubt in that so we have we have to. to know that it's
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a system it is something that works for the for the incumbent to continue to unleash violence on his opponents in creates a very unleveled ground and create an environment of fear. and he's not just about the line because the stance he's cheap between press and 70 and probably why it's not just about but he when we show you why on here on my laptop from the daily money to. spain's campaigns of talent seen he's an independent presidential candidate i have mentioned several times now and i'm hunting i think that he's internet connection with the state when i joe. i'm hoping you can see me an immediate very loudly did it take you to hear that something is it's actually very dated but it i'm hoping it's notes it might get so you know so that i miss it gets to the out so yeah that's what i mean it's a nice faux pas that all of a new key part of the beat of their own was
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a certain and what's what's happening in uganda is very disturbing that you have a dictator was being forgotten for years now who does look went in the challenge to he'd mind i'm not hiding whole story about his g.p.s. hopefully it still took his every day and now here we have over which i would only send a robot popularly known as well the wife who had said i'm going to challenge you and the people at the hive and so there was this violence you know very high handedness you 5 being killers being brutalized. i mean some voice a way that's the supports you and so on but that's a good thing that media too i had my sister was that talk about that that's getting the media because that mediates is exposing them just last week. dictatorial government exports and deported journalists for endemic because they are exposing the brutality of this regime so that wasn't all of this made him drinking whole heating heating up your diamonds and they don't want you to go out there which is
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very disturbing. i'm just looking at something he was standing at and i think he. has sometimes the mistake we make. i think that it would be. is sufficient for us today automates the problem of uganda as a contest between the. devil my 70 and injure or position plus i don't think that the ugandan political elite have an agreed set over rules around which political contestation for power and in the absence of that shared basic agreement means that often times each side tries to go through or trick or station a means to seek power you see if you look at the behavior to the forces it is something. you you will need to toss out a lot to get behind it and that the logic is 'd that. the opposition have been saying they have to be elections cannot lead to the power source they have also
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a plan b. to promote subversion is that you the forces when they intervene it's not true that they are necessarily dealing with the small politicians but so depleted or subversives who have our agenda blue lections and they say to themselves so this under under hood. that they are not a system that is that i think that will be well a problem so you're going to go there now let's put it in a very good i'm getting a hell of a life and i've decided i'm just going to get out and i'll join the. unreactive sounds exactly what i'm saying it is. i don't know i actually i actually try not heed you both together the internet connection is not strong enough for me to keep us together usually i can do that so i can't today and engine issue time i finish my point. i get invited to sing to the point. or. so i was saying that the suspicion on the part of the state which is also grounded
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in reality that the opposition and look just opposition but they're also involved in political subversion lead to the kind of behavior you see with the state and i think that politics in a poor country is where the elite good not cover common agreement ok thanks sanjay i'm going over to joe in. andrew i'm going off to pick up this but. if you say the challenge with them with 70 propagandists like under windows is that they try to hide the truth of a puppet so he say that there's no i wonder when i'll have a constitution in that country it sets rules that should be played by you know of course addition places though i mean some where i'm not in our elections and all of that i do say that you know we have being brutalized we are being killed because apparently we might be subversive how do you explain under journalists that are being beaten up this we don't know is that i know it's because where they've been some of us if you're a little that i've been killed in our streets you know that innocent people is the
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ugly either who was feeding me i saw the eyes were fussing by the streets and that's what's filming that dream that i'm showed being some sort of that's the chanting that there was i mean before that we want to justify. that you know this is what i've been beaten because deaths of us even though these different things innocent lives are being lost under under rule when you as there's very much in the media i fear that interested us i just always say joe you know big. joho tight and then i don't want to go into and use history because we don't have time for that i want our runs now can you have a new can we not to appear we are. in this to play this kind of president i will not be losing i'm losing this. ok arguing with cliff except for the home tie for a moment where i am wondering that in all of this back and forth are we losing what is a real issues that ugandans care about heading towards the general election we are
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an online what are the issues that you are looking at which is just trying to survive and then a more detailed response from talia to me are so good health care access to education job creation a system that is inclusive that is based on skills not nepotism corruption dictatorship and tyranny so that some a more in-depth agenda there for what tamiya would you hope to get. election issues and surplus issues to address are you seeing politicians addressing this or are they in their manifestos well spent. i think having a manifesto is one thing but making these issues articulated in every day it becomes difficult each have our own opposition politician or in stumping in wearing . a bullet proof vest to avoid any keyboards saw somehow because of the violence fortunately the cultural issues that we should be talking about for
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the mission talking about the fact that we have quantity. in the mission is. an economic crisis triggered by conjured millions of people are losing their jobs they can't afford i mean everything but it's covered when you have on your street because they're being short sort of take a back seat unfortunately but these are the issues i. talked about what we should be able to speak up about if not centuries that seven's government is the fact that my jet of ugandans in different parts of the country don't feel that the government represents their gen win because they don't. people who look like them carrying out on top government bodies so we need to talk about that but also i wanted to say under the only person in uganda who have come to power so of course you should i mean is this president was of any in really it's just so on so i hope
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that he can give us just about what i think the point i want to make here is that it is and we're still a single story about uganda because during his demonstrations many of which were there russian i remember that too many young people set up roadblocks bunch of cars in the middle of the road attacked supporters of government to loot to the property there of the government is this sure law and order once you censored your forces to issue an order it is very difficult to avoid mistakes because the looks of these mistakes. were not it is simple except that they're under a gun. and what i can tell us and i was only 4 of the 5 if you think people that you can talk the same policy reaction towards that when people are educated you come to them point blank that is not that is not a mistake it is up but it is a systemic response to anything that you've got and it's about there is of course there were some people who were attacking other supporters but the reality is that
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the people that are talking to supporters or is that in jetta of violence we have must've state sponsored violence which is the root cause of all of this that you have been in the streets i answered a good changes than just what i'm not against insurgents initially on so many and i do mean it's not for my own voice but i'm doing it because we have so many people on the ship i'm going to ask you to briefly respond to their questions and niece says and i'm going to see you joe one doesn't have any clear policies because he seems to only focus on telling people that the alliance would be better there's no serious platform for him joe briefly respond to nice nice watching right now. that the us actually looks through of course you know regime provide and this will keep trying to paint that image if they have been attentive we have been created articulating the issue of you know we keep raising this feast because it's 5 critical issues that we want to talk about and we've been talking about these
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things up or to sound like a broken broken record you know but in the void if people see that government that's important for us you're talking about inclusive economic development of the whole our land our natural resources getting to be used and what's been than the situation is the 4th being equal access to quality education and health care all right the other issue being international relations we will have quite a challenge with that metaphor as our national security so. these are part of our money food store which we have been putting out for those that can't produce in but some clearly keep vital you know what i want to save. i have another question i wanted to shave all right without what is on you tube i know you know that's an important audience particularly for you if their own social media i know that's an important audience the sophia be what changes will miss 70 make if he's reelected in the city 4 years that he has been that uganda has not appeared to progress even if unqualified isn't changing media and i'm not going to say to jump into the head
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of precedent 70 but that my dear about change needed a study for yes and then and then more coming up the next year i was you respond to me are still who are on the list and anybody who wants a change in the president of uganda i am number one nobody believes in you and that somebody has to see that in a change that is in a change is or rather is going to change that is when the 2nd thing for me is that it's not true that you're going to if you don't like the news right now they help put it at least in the face best they can before economies in the world and uganda is number 2 in the one that are the number 5 in there what number 2 enough record uganda has sustained an impressive group of economy to grow over the last that if i look at my the traits it has been the 11th plus it's a good economy you know where you're going to play just this record in terms of g.d.p. growth but up and down the road of expansion of welfare is a matter of
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a base that has been you're going to start getting the opposition wants to deny this reality they were doing just don't understand you could explore a spirit in the they don't understand economics there is a great ad that i'm doing that has been abandoned you have to be open as good as you. yes assuming sunnybank your guy had got through i'm going to come under a little knot of armor and your general replies or at all it was under your plan not to mention. talk transformation just by looking at g.d.p. in cost it's above who inspire rowing is it more so if any of his cronies is it any for around a certain small titled private sector that starts the president and his family and his glands well it's growing or it's being left behind unfortunately this group up in. magnitude that also corrects to. inequality many a gun that's what every you gonna that's out of poverty to fall back on so we know
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that that is also on record in the us the longer term i want to protect going to church every sunday god wants another is what one class if that's true because they were in what tied a moment because i literally cannot hear you i'm going to take a course because we're almost at the end of the show but i want to bring in supreme and says you know we've been talking about finance who can buy our preschool manifestos be talk about different campaigns but safina has one idea for how you can demi's forward and this is what she told us earlier have a listen. me or just. as she runs this. industry. this is how we. put it this is how you favor them my time to vote and get enough votes in the region or the moderates. this really being i mean this seems the only
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yes this year. when mediation is where it's mainly. from regis to most so head of the show we did a very unscientific stream co and we said you can decide 2021 who do you think will win the 2021 presidential election this is unscientific present you erema 70 gets 30 percent but we wind get 69 percent in our very unscientific poll and any comments here in uganda will decide to vote for but we why but with 70 we just written notes a cynic's in the stream online community classy seriously i mean you very seriously asking this question talk about something else as cedric this is not a question to ask a 70 were never let go of his presidency you can look underneath that week that's on a.j. stream to see more of those responses let me go back to roseboro rosabel this idea
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about the can there be a free and fair election on january the 14th with the person gets the most votes actually become president is that possible in uganda today. from whence time it is almost in course above because we have into the course for the last 5 times i have for ted and most of the election since i turned 18 and these excellent some of them the courts of law have stayed though i don't see and we have seen that last exon 2016 that mentoring was deployed to that position the doe was what's on the house arrest to control any kind of response to the election so we have known for a long time that we don't have an impartial and actual commission and the process is not free and fair from the campaigning to write to the county so i'm wondering. someone like joel what pushes you every day you know i think right now homeless i
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will write it on the idea when you're going to show. we're writing a lot of. that stuff we're going to read it so i just thought it was very much you know what are the chances i can say you have to be seconds could you do that very important for me to say this or not to say the government's not understand the economy some thinking are you kidding me that's an economics when they don't have pocket money their pockets when the unimproved really it's just about have about but maybe how i'm going to work. with family not just me and now as he exited out there looking around everybody i remain friends and here is my last article you know the conversation hasn't ended yet had i behaved to my laptop let me show you that we will take a groundswell to instagram live at 2030 g.m.t. to continue to come to such attacks thank so much immediately i see next.
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business leaders just want to buy no bright spot. in the.
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business leaders just want to buy no bra spot. in 2008. travelled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can he be a muslim and america you know how to be american 1st i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that i mustn't be elected to the united states congress want has changed rewind and america on al-jazeera. i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security this is a political impounds here's the conflict are we telling
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a good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there. i know i maryanne demasi and on then a quick roundup of the headlines now thousands of people across the u.k. have started vaccinations against the corona virus 800000 vaccines are expected to be administered in the coming weeks means baka has our report it is happening a turning point in the global fight against a virus that's killed more than a 1000000000 people around the world 90 year old grandmother margaret keenan made history becoming the 1st person to be vaccinated with the pfizer pile and take drug outside a trial she encourage others to follow her lead.


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