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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2020 2:00am-2:31am +03

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challenging assumptions and the official line we all decided we need to tell our story we don't want to rely on authority and if the listening post on out is the right. 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days. president elect joe biden outlines his plan to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control. but hardly one i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera the work is well underway in britain as a vaccination drive for the most at risk citizens begins in the fight against covert 19 but there's a mammoth task for mexico's authorities outlined their strategy to immunize over 100000 people by the end of this year and in other news ethiopia says a u.n.
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team visiting the takeaway region has been shot after not stopping it to check points. all over and was starting in the united states work over 100 cases have now passed 15000000 with no slowdown in science and even with the pfizer vaccine rollout beginning across the atlantic in the u.k. any response in america is still a long way off but leaders current and future are promising a way out 1st of all president elect joe biden has pledged to get a grip on the pandemic once he's sworn in january 20th is announce his medical team to tackle it and he's got a plan for the 1st 100 days. this team this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 19 vaccine at least 100000000 covert vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the 1st 100 days 100000000 shots in the 1st
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100 days now the u.s. has already secured enough doses of the pfizer shot for 50000000 people but the drug makers actually save the trumpet ministration had the opportunity to double that order after clinical trials have proved to be effective if the less the president promise to make sure americans get banks needed 1st before aid goes to other countries who are working with the world we have great companies and we're working with the world in just a few minutes self signed an executive order to ensure that the united states government priority is the getting out of the vaccine to american citizens before sending it to other nations these immunizations being immunizations i should say being seen as something of a savior for the united states which has failed to turn around the spread of the virus in just the last 7 days more than 15000 people have died it brings the total to almost 300000 health experts say worse is still to come with that expected
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surge from the thanksgiving holiday i have been through many public health crises before but this is the toughest one we have ever faced as a nation the road ahead will not be easy we have got a lot of hard and demanding work to do in the next year so let's talk to the team this hour in wilmington delaware which is the headquarters for joe biden's transition team heidi i'll be with you shortly i want to start with mike hanna in washington d.c. for us mike 1st of all the president we saw a brief clip of him there speaking in front of signs saying operation was speed the vaccine summit what was actually announced. well it's just days before the f.d.a. announces its decision on whether to grant emergency use or thrice ation and president clearly attempting to claim credit for the unprecedented speed with which
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these vaccines have been produced president trump implying that it was him and his administration that got this whole process underway he bulled this meeting as a vaccine summit however conspicuous by their absence where representatives from the 2 major drug companies producing vaccines pfizer and the minturn are pfizer in particular have been at loggerheads with president trump particularly after his administration to climb to go for another 100000000 doses of the vaccine earlier on this year now of course you've got a situation where the drug manufacturer is at odds with president trump as they've been for much of the time pfizer representatives to saying in the past that they received no government funding for their development efforts and basically it was up to the companies themselves to get these processes underway the trumpet ministrations role has been to putting stream pressure on the f.d.a. to come to a decision as quickly as possible making no bones that it wants
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a positive decision the f.d.a. though a fiercely independent body or has been in the past when it will have the final say perhaps later this week might this executive order that donald trump talks about for making sure that americans get immunized 1st how might that play out given we know donald trump likes an executive order how might have actually worked. well firstly it's clear that this executive order comes from the differences between pfizer and his administration and the refusal of the administration to commit to buying more than 100000000 doses at the time that it could the executive order ports to insist that all americans must be treated before any doses go internationally well this is simply and in forcible it would appear has signed a large number of international contracts as has the other company mcdonough these company contracts already in place in some cases doses have already been shipped
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internationally so certainly this is something that would be very hard to legally enforced president tran claims that he may invoke the national procurement act seldom used. to force companies to actually comply but it's very unlikely that any court will uphold this particular executive order trying for america 1st to the very end as any might canadair in washington d.c. thank you and now heidi castro in wilmington delaware take us through president elect biden's announcements today how his health team will look come january 20th. sure kemal well 2 more cabinet picks have been announced the one who was showcased here a moment and today is president president elect joe biden's nominee to the u.s. health secretary javier the sarah now this area is the attorney general of california and his background really has been from
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a legal standpoint in topics like immigration or criminal justice reform so him being chosen as the leader for this very pivotal time of vaccine distribution's as leader of the health and human services to some came as a bit of a surprise however he has been leading the charge to defend the affordable care act from a legal perspective leading 20 states plus the district of columbia in the courts on that effort also just announced in an op ed that president like biden wrote in the atlantic is his selection for the secretary of defense and he has chosen lloyd austin retired 4 star army general who was the 1st black american to lead the u.s. central command he was pivotal in the troop withdrawal of american forces from iraq and biden cited that saying that austin was not only a very able commander on the battlefield but also
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a diplomat in ensuring that that happened smoothly and that is what gained the retired general biden's confidence in this nominee for u.s. defense secretary but there are some hurdles specifically because austin is only 4 years out of the military and there is a federal law that says you have to be at least 7 years before becoming the defense secretary so this requires a congressional waiver which just happened for jim mattis who of course was trump's 1st secretary of defense but there have been some even democrats on capitol hill who have already said they are not they're more hesitant to go. yet another waiver because of the president sets however nancy pelosi the speaker of the house just released a statement saying that austin has her full support for confirmation that is what is your castro with all the updates from the biden transition thank you heidi over in the u.k. health officials are saying the rollout of the vaccine will be
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a marathon not a sprint logistical challenges of course mean the majority of vulnerable people will have to wait until early next year for the shots we've barca with this report from london. it is happening a turning point in the global fight against a virus that killed more than a 1000000 people around the world 90 year old grandmother margaret keenan made history becoming the 1st person to be vaccinated with the pfizer bio and take drug outside a trial she encourage others to follow her lead. over it because it's free and it's the best thing that's ever happened and the moment you do please go for it in a somewhat dramatic turn the 2nd vaccine went to a man called william shakespeare a poetic start perhaps to a new chapter in the fight against corona virus more than half of the people who've died of the virus in the u.k. are over 80 they're getting the injection 1st along with the elderly in care homes
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and their carers unused doses are going to frontline medical staff the british government's call this a v. for vaccine day but the prime minister warned it's too early to call this a v. for victory in scotland and wales in england people are having the vaccine for the 1st time and it will gradually make a huge huge difference but i stress gradually because you know we're not. yet we haven't defeated this virus yet bunches of the pfizer biotech drug approved for use in the u.k. last week have been arriving from pfizer's factory in belgium the logistical challenge has been immense the vaccine needs to be kept to the round minus 70 degree celsius in england dozens of hospitals with facilities to store the super chill drug are the 1st places to administer it scotland wales and northern ireland have also begun similar programs the government sorted 40000000 doses so far and
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initial 800000 will be available in the 1st round of treatment this week capable of inoculating 400000 people with 2 injections 21 days apart we've shuttered our economies. and struggle through months of grief and anxiety lives who've been cut short and elderly people separated from their loved ones we've known for some time that the only sure fire way out of this pandemic is a vaccine and now a shred of hope that miller not too distant future things might start returning to normal its hope so full 1000000 people will be back soon 80 before the end of the year when boxes of the vaccine that come in packs of almost a 1000 doses will be split up and sent to doctors' surgeries and care homes around the country the vaccine can be stored at normal fridge temperature but only for a short period it's a day of mixed emotions joy and hesitation most vulnerable people won't get the vaccine until next year but with infection rates going up here in london and
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elsewhere restrictions may have to get tighter before they get easier thanks but it is only a matter of months since scientists set their minds on defeating this common enemy a process that normally takes many years and now against all odds a sense of the long march out of the pandemic of. the fark al jazeera london. university astra zeneca corona virus vaccine has been deemed safe and effective in the 1st peer review of its phase 3 trials but the lancet medical journal says more work is needed to prove its 90 percent success rate that was achieved when some trumpeters events were mistakenly given a half dose of the vaccine followed by the full dose fewer than 6 percent of its participants got a smaller dose all of them were under $55.00 as well the astra zeneca vaccine is seen as particularly important for tackling coronavirus in the developing world because it's cheaper and easier to distribute. on to other news in donald trump's
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quest to overturn the election results suffered another defeat as the u.s. supreme court rejected an appeal to throw out votes in pennsylvania the republican party wanted to dismiss up to 2 and a half 1000000 ballots arguing the state's 2900 expansion of mail in voting was illegal under state law the nation's highest court didn't explain its reason for denying the emergency request that officials had already certified that president elect joe biden is the winner biden has nominated retired army general lloyd austin as his defense secretary's you saw castro talking about earlier if confirmed by the senate austin would be the 1st black chief at the pentagon he has decades of experience and head of the u.s. central command under president barack obama biden's promise to choose the most diverse cabinet in u.s. history if european security forces have shot at and detained u.n.
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security officials trying to reach the region the u.n. says the 4 officials who are assessing roads for delivering aid to refugee camps a government spokesman says the team drove through 2 checkpoints and ignored instructions not to be in the area or the 950000 people have now been displaced by the conflict in the northern region of ethiopia since early november you know some of the u.n. staffs were actually did in some way showed that when that happened. this country is not no man's land it has a government it only has difficulty in the roads so they are entitled to some of you know as new in mosul post move but then that is a. in kind of an intimacy expedition more now from admiral who is in sudan's capital to. lots of reports about the situation being are getting more difficult inside to grace up there are 3
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criticisms leveled against each opens by international aid agencies and the other groups basically that to continuous blackout of information coming from site to great. difficulties to get access or to grant access to n.g.o.s or bringing aid to people who might be victimized or victims of this conflict this report about about each open army opening fire on one aid convoy that has been confirmed by the beach opens themselves they said because those convoys did not to adhere to the rules they did not make they want tripartite to go beyond the the line that was drawn for them so that means there are areas that they can't reach and this is they're subject to criticism by the aid agencies and looked at the top stories in a moment and then rights groups criticizing abu dhabi for buying a stake in a notorious is ready for pull out.
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is a bit of a change the weather taking place in the immediate future in the u.s. 1st of all the story was going off the east coast that's a cold tukey in bihari and there is some stirring encounter but the quiet weather still give you fog in the northwest and some parts of the upper midwest and the red flag warnings have been with the dry weather throughout much of california increase me going back down to southern california once more in our quick look at that for you spot if you didn't but the temperature in denver's 18 degrees that seems to warm for december so it is the average is 6 denver's 18 the more in 16 kansas city 80 much of the playing in the moment to the plain states far more this should be it won't last we'll change we're down to 6 degrees or 9 ish on thursday as that next tranche of cooler weather comes down. now the original cold front we've just seen
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cause in a story weather of the east coast is this one here as the tail end goes through jamaica haiti and dance or costa rica and panama will spawn some pretty big showers and it will funnel the potential for a really big shouting at palomar costa rica leaving behind rather cool weather this time yet again 4 or 5 degrees below average in for example have a. in 1958 charles de gaulle made a famous speech in algeria. but take the don't hold back the tide about jury and independence all keep france's colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series al-jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today in large intense french to
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colonise ation on al-jazeera. moonroof. oh. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories this hour the world's 1st fully tested coronavirus vaccine has been administered in the u.k. this is not a year old grandmother margaret keenan who made history as the 1st person to be vaccinated 800000 doses of the finds a biotech vaccine are now available in 70 homes says u.s. president elect joe biden has pledged he'll get a grip on the pandemic in his 1st 3 months in office announced his medical team and promised to provide 100000000 vaccine injections in the 1st 100 days i'll visit
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ministration. current president trump pain while has signed an executive order to prioritize vaccines for the united states before sending aid to other countries signing it comes amid reports the president actually rejected an early offer from 5 to double the order of the medication. with us now from an album michigan dr ali to me is vice president of vaccine research and development at blue willow biologics so. and an adjunct professor at the university of michigan dr always good to see you 100000000 vaccinations in 100 days now with the logistics involved in that not to mention the fact it has to be kept at such low temperatures do you think that is doable. it's a breach in go to a major achievement which is a great. to hear about this and i think that the president elect the by that is not
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speaking from vacuum i think that he has been following the field and in discussion with different manufacturers and different organizations and i think if he put the $100000.00 those $1000000.00 there's a target for it is on the days it is possible because it's coming online in next week probably and then and there would be adding a whole lot of those just to the u.s. market so therefore you would expect that they would be that significant that this should in addition to their probably he knows from his advisers would sure are well you know who are really experts in this field they have their connection they know there may be. more manufacturing and because the enhancement in some places would help a lot in in getting that gold it's ambitious but definitely it's doable and
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achievable and needs to be driven by the federal government doesn't it a whole mark of everything we've seen in this trump administration's reaction to corona virus has been to throw to the states and then you get these very disparate and different ways of dealing with the virus surely this now has to be coordinated at a federal level. definitely i think that the voters for such a national. been demick and are a bit demick it is very important to have a one but the that treat it and deal with it in one way. across the country and not . a governor or 3 state to deal with it the different ways so if you have a centralized operation that simple as a bridge will be much more efficient been in achieving the goals compared to each state will deal it differently and also you know in each state you will have
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different policies and different priorities you have to have a centralized operation and this is what's happening with the team that the others are going to his or put together by. president elect by then and giving the priority to experts in the field to particular the officials and to institutions like me you know and the c.d.c. and the f.d.a. and the department of the human services all these the go there really is that quote a comprehensive approach to the this problem dr can you tell me just on a on a very simple level about manufacturing facts same so they're talking about these 100000000 doses just in the united states alone but in the u.s. across the whole world there will be no shortage of demand for vaccines can the companies keep up with the manufacturing thank you. no ill will we are talking about to
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a vaccine that will be approved very shortly in near the war in good days and in next step next in next week if you look at the manufacturing no capacity it will learn a lot really and some of the measure of the man that we have on the market these days and they need and different countries but you have to look at that also different ways that there are other vaccines are coming on board now like the us that a cynic a vaccine which is the probably going to be approved shortly there is also the vaccine from the russian backed scene and psion or back to vaccine from china all of these really contributing to the different countries and to the. and sort of that need we will be able to you know address all the need to very shortly it's going to take time but definitely we are on the right. track number one number 2 is that i thought of getting the at risk. population the main thing you know
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politically also and practically is the reduce the fatalities viewable to reviews they've had that it is significantly that you are talking about a disease that you are addressing but it's not because the numbers but staggering with regards to the number of fatalities in the u.s. and other places in the war so if you're really equipage that number by mean izing this part of the population you know if you are in a bit of a ship in your fifty's up to feel more optimistic and see the light at the end of the tunnel and we need some optimism that we docked at a phantom i always enjoy talking to you thank you for your time but think about. or mexico says it plans to vaccinate 125000 people before the end of the year so that's an e 3 weeks also the country's deputy health minister unveiled their you vaccination program on tuesday health workers and the elderly will be prioritized when the
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pfizer and biotech jab is administered this month officials are hoping to roll out a number of different vaccines as the doctor was just saying there through 2021 man while has more from mexico city. with one 125000 doses secured health officials happen now nst phase one of mexico's national vaccination program they say despite initial shortages of the vaccine everyone in the country can expect equal access and supplies permit told us he told us that in the one x. is one of the one everyone will have access to the vaccine everyone perceives vaccines do not arrive in a single blow it will be cannot be given at the same time talk some will be prioritized over others such as the most vulnerable and health workers who are at the front lines. the announcement take over $1000.00 vaccinations will begin at the end of december comes at a critical time for mexico in the capital at least 7 hospitals are operating at full capacity and more than a dozen others nearing their limits according to international health observers or
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even as you know this today the city is in a critical situation this increase in hospital. and that is why we call on the population to stay at home and go out only if they have to. head of mexico's busy holiday season authorities have issued guidelines asking people to avoid large gatherings gift exchanges and to postpone their travel plans on christmas in the new year although there is resistance they must get the rubber going if we have to activate the economy i know that there is a lot of fear but really people also need production they need to sell they need to produce we can't just stay home waiting with our arms crossed. even traffic appears to be nearing prepared demick levels as hospitals in the mexican capital continue to fill up so do streets and department stores health policy experts warn people should not be lured into a false sense of security just because
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a vaccine is on the way. to limitations on social gatherings or recommended state and federal authorities have stopped short of influencing any major restrictions many here expect the announcement of a partial lockdown could be inevitable before the end of the year when al-jazeera mexico city. waiting the outcome of the general election the electoral commission there is expected to release preliminary results soon the incumbent president non-local father his main rival is the man he replaced 4 years ago john dramani mahama governor is regarded as one of africa's most stable democracies and both men have signed a pact saying they will accept the officially declared winner. a royal from the united arab emirates says the door is open to arab players after he bought a 50 percent stake in an israeli football club say hamad bin khalifa has also committed to investing more than 92 $1000000.00 over the next decade despite the
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club being the only top club in israel never to have signed a palestinian israeli player and also has a group of fans known as the family has been openly abusive towards palestinian israelis more from harry for set at the football club stadium in west jerusalem so this is a big deal financially in terms of the nearly $100000000.00 investment that the new coalition. being khalifa on my own is pledging over the next 10 years it's a big deal politically because this club is very much linked to right wing jewish nationalist politics in this country to the likud party of prime minister benjamin netanyahu who himself on tuesday endorsed this deal saying that it showed how quickly arab israeli normalization was progressing but above all it's a really big deal in terms of the really toxic culture of racism that is so long attached itself to this club there was an attempt to change that in the early 2000
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with the signing of an african muslim player he was hounded out by the hardcore right wing supporters there was another 10 to 2013 to chechen muslim players who signed those a mass walkout from the stadium when one of them scored his 1st goal and just last week there was another protest at the training ground with nearly 100 supporters invading the pitch disrupting training and chanting anti arab anti muslim slogans in protest at this very deal there also be protests from the other side of the argument palestinian israelis who are opposed to normalization also saying that this deal is another sign of just how wrong that process is but as for the relatively new owner as of 2018 a cyber currency tycoon he says that this is another way. he wants to try to shift the perception of the cloud he says that he of north african parentage is an arab jew himself that he doesn't want. to retain its racist image and indeed that is
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something that's also been added by his new owner the shakers saying that the door is now open to the signing of an arab player that would be the 1st time in this football club's history another unprecedented move. finally the italian city of venice has been flooded yes after heavy rain and strong winds took authorities by surprise tuesday's downpours arrive before officials could activate the huge flood barriers which are only introduced 2 months ago the system of $78.00 gates guards the entrance to the venetian lagoon and protects the city from tides of up to 3 metres they need 48 hours notice to be activated in the way the bulldozers had forecast such high times. they are and these are the top stories u.s. president elect joe biden's introduced his new medical team and pledged to get a grip on the coronavirus pandemic in his.


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