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tv   101 East Chinas Activist Artist  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm +03

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and garment experts say the 2015 parry segment is still the best hope to contain the facts of global warming but for bangladesh the impact of climate change is already a harsh reality and dealing with climate induced internal migration has become one of its biggest challenges. cox's bazar. with al-jazeera these are our top stories the european union leaders meeting at a summit in brussels have agreed to cut carbon emissions by at least 55 percent by the end of the decade the reduction compared to 1900 big step up from the current goal. an advisory board to the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the fines
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a corona virus vaccine should be authorized for use it's another step towards rolling out an immunization campaign in the worst affected country in the world argentina is poised to become only the 3rd country in latin america to legalize abortion as politicians prepares to decide on a bill before congress for abortion rights campaign. outside libels who oppose changing the law and the house is expected to approve the law before it moves in the senate an even closer vote is expected. hong-kong pro-democracy activists and media tycoon jimmy lies being charged under a controversial security law allegations include that he's colluded with foreign forces law is already in jail after being denied bail on a separate charge to pick up paul and his will from hong kong. this is the most serious charge against him and the only one under the national security law several
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a couple of dozen people have been already arrested under this national security law but only a handful have had charges against him in this particular case he was arrested in august and a massive police swooped on his media headquarters now he's the founder of possibly the biggest and only pro democracy media out a local media outlet left in hong kong one of the men found guilty over the murder of lebanon's former prime minister is being sentenced however my ashes and him course nor was he when he was convicted earlier this year he was found to have played a leading role in the bombing that killed rafik hariri and $21.00 other people in 2005 will be sentenced in absentia by the special tribunal for lebanon which is in the netherlands those are your headlines to stay with this one a one east is next. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a let's start with some of the on the ground realities of speculative news coverage what's the lay of the land challenging assumptions and the official night.
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listening post on al-jazeera. smoky scars polluted waters and margaret workers pacing a beach in a just a few of the issues facing chinese society today but drawing attention to the masses in china can be risky even through performance artist i've heard about or not. yet all day and wish employment. you don't wish it was the most of the. process to also a deeply personal battle. so good to. know that your that your. measurement was johnny really applying to johnny. to the. giant fashion. one o one a scholar's one man's struggle to see confronts china's biggest problems and is on
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. budget or put each other in the job where i was a good old saucedo my age are ok my mother knows i don't know how to act so i mean i see john she also told me that body doesn't believe in me all in all the. love of money love for their life of the benefits will live look at me you can spell it out what i will with 18. kids 2015 his fortune turns to with a young man shoes an industrial vacuum cleaner along the streets of beijing. maske not brother one of the most active performance artists in china today though
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which will show made into another for lunch is no solution. well how the video feed on the machine what. today he's trying to end to one of the capitals most iconic buildings beijing's allude to pop so. slayer her pearls. i. thought there was not. enough drug that attracts attention everywhere he goes. after $100.00 days
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of vacuuming up small he makes a brick out of the doll he's collected. playing but a good son real saw a good time in style for that so i go falling for. it and show me both that they used to talk it out i don't do is use shelby on the show issues if my this is more than not it's. time. to do to get. on the street. and let all of the attention. with these op projects not brother has shown a lot on one of the biggest issues facing china today if pollution and it not is
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out of bounds it any on the on the dollars. the. in normal. days honest the fans audience here on the subways here. want to know that i usually are ones i wish. 3 years later a village in china's shot she province catches not brothers attention. local so you can see barmouth has been severely pollution by coal and gas mining live on. both sides are saying what about. you i'm also me although each other then goes on to be those. who want to. do what i call the shit out of funny without well without samoa and shinier now you sound
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like the from the middle to the shias so you went you. say it would help with the leader which of the 4 promise you will say can once all be all knowledge and solution idea. and i mean it's all down to. just. the very cultural feel we're going to. have to do you see. the villages tell not brother and their livestock have drunk polluted water for more than a decade. well point out. these are really my. own sort of those answers we're going to check.
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in when the hear the why aren't you the. true. much of. the morning on your side it will. produce. you you are or who you are where you are sure in your choice you if you hope is your mom who is you what you're. going to stay there. what others are there. that actually. seem to hold in the thought that it was because i did not feel or told it was.
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closer to home or something. she knew that your shoulder. didn't feel all about with. more of her and this you could use a pursuit to try to took part of my. heart that could be me when i'm home. owners are. engaging in the. syrian army even those of. us and. they say they complaints
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to the government have gone nowhere. the artist is determined to draw attention to that i watched. you last night. the way. the whole book was to want to show us to so. you want more such. moments are going . to mean john saw all about so you obviously. now listen to these are not. your moods i mean. you don't know what us. then you had since i mean. it's. just so you just the you can millions and you have them you see that you're not going on so good of you know good or no no mustache and you're waiting for you know to yes
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that you will and. so is all going to want to go so long so we're going to say you know it's on to all. men and it's an image you know sonny and cher kind of ginger on hallucinogens. are curator home is here to help not brother with these projects but they've struck resistance. groaning the good jim was. just working men and women to get. them back. meanwhile the village chief says the artist will be arrested if he continues his work but it doesn't stop people. and local villages help fill up the bottles of one of china's most populous gringotts of brands with their own local water and unwilling to change i think
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highlighting it. they're not answering your wish it turns out it was on long. island they are many of them. with local pressure mounting not brother knew he had to act fast. when you get caught then you get the blues you are going to die i mean by saying a whole lot of guns it means to. kill it all it all shell more money. that all its all when you all got to know him very much are there for us to do that are not much i love going out of the night was not going. after a baiting the old fart the secret cargo finally arrives in beijing not brother can
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now prepare his exhibition of 10000 bottles of polluted water. it quickly it tracks visitors. to the area. oh dear to me you look up yellow all the time to minister to those in your home all the cities with the personnel. but just over a week later the exhibition is forced to close before and after complaints by the water brand and the lamp will work. but then you're not reading all that not trying to fuse up didn't want to go to the obvious you need to cut your dog you're on good behavior got how long do you know it's identifiable dogs i want to hear. it all but all i've heard they all go there iow it's all nobody will answer. to most often.
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despite the exhibition's short run it attracted nationwide me your attention and prompted. your thorazine used to start an investigation into the villages water policy. one year later not brother returns to the village in shaanxi province although the government gave the farmers water purifiers and dug them deeper wells he believes the root cause of the pollution has not been addressed and. neither the gas wells and not probably waves a white flag in a symbolic act of surrender to highlight the company's power. the muslims almost kills us in the slides in a gun john donoghue and cheney and so the.
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real young i logged on with her and you sure you saw it you cheering you. off with all of them and i look here look there your boss is a. telecom. college tell them a lot of talent but you look all the way home but. i do not learn not to give you something good enough. said on the pay. you don't wish as you are the was a most of the most and all. customer
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good hard work is not only followed not brother but also same intermediaries who he says often he would dry up. here it would be very good though if you've got. you know you. you know well you know we all. love you know. there's a way to go but so it's almost like you know that. we're going to have the super bowl. so i want to see in those she weighs only a mere. you know. so i was on. earl lawson.
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it didn't take long for not braga to become involved in another issue that was causing a stir. to get. to the right. tell me what the. vast majority of the answer. to this is cause i. was one of those. scenes in was once the quiet fishing village in southern china meeting just a few decades it's become china's blooming silicon valley with 13000000 residents most of the migrant workers live in a densely packed apartment building. but now the residents of shin's in buy shoes
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or district face eviction the government plans to demolish their homes to make way for lucrative new development. in the areas moderate families a giving not brother toys belonging to their children when they are addicted this sums and daughter will be forced to drop out of school the response the whole country to know what's going on. in. unison well it doesn't feel as a lot of n.p.r. . not values only. and why is i'm. nuts when he says i miss israel not so you've got a. little while you also judoka telling me is this young one with the words up i
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was a with tool. not always as in a yes i know them song using their music awards on your children's. song. no i don't play with it so the concussion she got it i want to. go you'll notice me don't look towards leo's there's a. new baby goes on. tranny i'll be going on. the issue well you know the. true god says he is yeah her. favorite you know that's anything else yeah sure that's the ox and i will be. so this is all about is all. of us. don't send it to. me will simply go. down and i'm going.
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to. see the minister. this is a mission possible to hurt. him and how you know it's about. not brother and he's team plays hundreds of the donated toys across an r.v. spice and used an excavator took road them one by one over the sea border. to the us the ghost towns and so she. said those in the way you want to tell of a sentence or polish. well you know sentence like.
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that doesn't tiger wrongful lauren foresman to ride. on american always you know want to solve. hey hey hey hey hey there's about 32 years you know that you got it in the minds of a lot. of appeal you know you know what i want. to tell you the most if i go to sleep something. you. can take us all to the time we choose. when the men. in school. leave if you do not like something a name. go to without. putting me on and on and on knowing about.
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this i was on our home until i saw. you get what. you know me. to say. but without the necessary permission from the village community not brothers project is shut down they didn't do a sound as a child do not use an. i did so i thought. he's not performance shinji doles only lasted 4 hours a week later not brother with ty kid in the for police questioning he was released without charge 24 hours like. the power. outcry slowed down the demolition plan for by. the government also promised to make arrangements for the area's children to continue their
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schooling. a year later some of the students still attending school but most have already been forced to leave. to lay low for a while not brother heads back to his hometown in a small village in he bay problems southeast china. and saying this is the cure you feel you are you 100. dollars your own. homes i hear. this and say. it's in no one's in.
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today not brother he's hoping he's baba tried chile but it's a business week family reunion. tin tin as you know that your. journey is on its terms anemia. will form up. to be it how will somebody mishandles you some as you know him isn't turning this. into a war make. johnny mine to the opponent get johnny. to than say yeah now this is. d'antoni fashion his father used to shard to speak on camera but now rather nervous he's worried about.
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joe sunshine on. the home is there will always be a way by those with. the. will of the radar. so to speak in what was once you know no. bounds to the reality of the. kid thing going to go to you and yours. not brother's family like you. are happy to see him hina but i struggle to understand his life as an artist. what are you oh yeah. yeah yeah you used to be you know i.
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think you should have been more. no problems art has brought attention to some of the biggest issues facing china's and the perhaps his biggest challenge is barring a way to balance his work with the responsibility he feels towards his family. who you know. me you know suzanne you know losing. your cool losing your we're going to. see.
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john so oil. that's reality joy joy just on others on the show what's. going on here for near the capitol or for the mail. i mean it's all of those die. hard and you knew why you were shelling shit sorted out us that. even though he's been threatened and obstructed not problem hasn't stopped creating us to shine a light on controversial issues he continues speaking out about society's ills the best way he knows how all move brush and define it.
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the code 19 president britney one of singapore's most beloved tradition its famous straight story the fragile used 1018 investigates bookers to innovate to survive on al-jazeera i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security this is a political impasse here's the flick are we telling a good story. merely if you didn't take new into a place that you'd like to visit otherwise and to actually feel that you were there . i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us of. the 1st of
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a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable timing. the father the son and the jihad. one on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. another i'm having my head same with the al jazeera news are coming to you live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes after a long night of wrangling e.u. leaders agree to a much more ambitious emissions cuts 55 percent by the end of a decade's anticipation builds among pro-abortion rights supporters in argentina with a vote imminent on legalizing terminations. hong kong media type.


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