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tv   101 East Chinas Activist Artist  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2020 5:30am-6:01am +03

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these will be the world's 1st transplanted coral populations to start reproducing on their own. and it's hoped they'll start to really grow what's been lost on the great barrier reef alexandra byers al-jazeera. you're watching which is there of means the whole raman a reminder of our top news stories president elect joe biden has told americans that democracy prevailed soon after the electoral college fully validated his victory in the november presidential election all states serve already certified the results given by the wind and the electors are reflecting that outcome she has more on the president elect joe biden's speech from wilmington in delaware this was a positive a positive species 0 point was look the system worked monday's certification by the electors in the electoral college the latest example of that before that as you
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mentioned the states of certified biden's win where he had won the courts have thrown out most of the legal challenges even republican appointed judges even judges appointed by donald trump even supreme court judges appointed by dog trouble rejected them the system has won so now it's time to turn the page not only that he was praising the american people for coming out to vote for the victory of democracy u.s. attorney general william barr is resigning him a double trump psyche's ations that he hasn't done enough to investigate the president's false claims of election fraud he'll leave his post just before christmas and the number of covert 970 s. in the united states is the past 300001 the day the largest vaccination campaign in the country's history got under way medical workers an elderly care home residents are being prioritized jury in the rollout. most european countries are struggling to contain a new wave of covert 19 cases germany's president is warning the cave in 1900 to
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ation has become bitterly serious but all essential businesses will have to close in germany from wednesday until january the 10th and london has also been moved into england's highest level of restrictions the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey over its purchase of russian missile defense systems increasing tensions between the 2 nato allies washington had already removed turkey from its f. $35.00 jet program because of the deal he bought the russian s $400.00 ground to air defense system last year and it says it poses no threat to nato present one can then sanctions targeting turkey's weapons procurements sector those are the headlines more news in half an hour with nic clarke next al-jazeera it's what i want east do stay with us. what is and we've been doing it with the money that it's boring we bring you the stories and developments the rapidly changing the world we
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live in argentina's congress is debating a bill seeking to raise millions of dollars from the super rich poor families hit hard by pandemic counting on al-jazeera. smoky skies polluted waters and margaret workers pacing a beach in a just a few of the issues facing chinese society today but drawing attention to the masses in china can be risky even through performance artist i've heard about or not. yes or no pain wish you. knew you don't wish it was the most of the. process also a deeply personal battle. so the kids. let you know that you. made them up with johnny fully applying to johnny. tunes on syria. along giant russian. one o one
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a scholars one man's struggle to see confronts china's biggest problems and its art . museum budgets open each other where i was a good old saucedo at my age i came to know just enough out of that i mean i see john she also told me that body doesn't believe in the all in all the. future love of money love for the life of the benefits of full look at it you can sell it out it would all with $18.00. kids 2015 his fortune turns to with a young man who shoes an industrial vacuum cleaner along the streets of beijing.
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may see not problem one of the most active performance artists in china today though which will show made into another is from inches. the solution is. that his owner. will have a. machine gun. today he's trying to enter one of the capital's most iconic buildings beijing's allude to so and. slayer players playing the 1st song i. played there was not only. not proud that attracts attention everywhere he goes. after
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$100.00 days of vacuuming up small he makes a brick out of the docks he's collected. player. played by the good son real salty good so i mean talent for that so i go for. it and show me both that the you just saw it i don't know it is yours shelby on the issue issues in my this is more than that it's. cut. costs what do you get it's a deposit on a street to say. that all of the attention. with these op projects
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not brother has shown a lot on one of the biggest issues facing china today live coverage of it or not is out of pocket any on the in the dollars. their normal. days honest the funds audience here on the subways here. want to know that i usually on one is a bush. 3 years later a village in china is shot she province catches not brother the tension. local so you can see barmouth has been severely pollution by coal and gas mining the a bomb. will cheer now both sides are saying what about. you and also me all the each other and those only because. you want to hold this shit
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out of funny what out while we're on samoa mission and how you sound like the from the middle to the shias so you won't hear the say what now when the leader which of the 4 hamas you will say kim wants all be all knowledge and solution idea. so it doesn't. just. give me your word cling to what i have told you see. the villages tell not brother and their livestock have drunk polluted water for more than a decade. have
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to rename our. own sort of us answer if we're going to. start being one the here that i argue the further. last year the truth which. really i put. it to. you you were or who you are where you are showing your true cause you feel the hope is your money for a few months you're. going to stay there. but others are the.
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same kind of told you before i didn't want to tell you but you. always will do. this at home or something. cheney and george bush told. me. to feel whole about with the. more i've heard of this you could use a poseur to trot out the top of my. heart that could be me and i'm hoping. to. get it going in the.
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us and. they say they complaints to the government have gone nowhere. the artist is determined to draw attention to that i watched. last night. on the. way down. the hall what was he was to us to so. you want more such. moments ago. guns in the. internet i mean john saw all about so you obviously. now listen to these are not. your moods i mean. you don't know what us. then you had some of. it's. just so you just the you can millions and you have them
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you see that you're not on. the good end of a number such and you're writing for you know to us that you will and. so is all going to want to go so long so we're on the same song all. in and considering that you know sonny and cher kind of engine hallucinations. are curator jen home is here to help not brother with these projects but they've struck resistance. grounding the to him was. just working and going to ship. them back. meanwhile the village chief says the artist will be arrested if he continues his work but it doesn't stop people. and local villages help fill up the
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bottles of one of china's most populous greengrocer brands with their own local water and the willing to feed yeah i think highlighting and yeah. but i thought answering your wish it turns out he was on long. island there many of them. with local pressure magic not brother knew he had to act fast. to meet the top then he did the 1st movie are going to die by saying a whole lot of guns it means to. go all out all show my. head all it's all when you all got to know him very much are there for your good with the record not much i love what i love that i'm not i'm not going.
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after a baiting the orthorexic the secret cargo family arrives in beijing not brother can now prepare his exhibition of 10000 bottles of polluted water. it quickly it tracks visitors. to the area. oh dear to me a lot of you all come to minister to those in your home all the cities with the personnel. but just over a week later the exhibition is forced to close before and after complaints by the water brand at the lambeau water where. the yacht weaving all that not trying to fuse i didn't want to go to the obvious you need to cut your dog you are good to have a bag of how long you know this identifiable dogs i want to hear. it all but all
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i've heard they all go there diodes all know everything once you're. told to. just bite the exhibition short run it attracted nationwide be your attention. and prompted the all thor's east to start an investigation into the villages was a policy. one year later not brother returns to the village in shaanxi province although the government gave the farmers water purifiers and dug them deeper wells he believes the root cause of the pollution has not been addressed. near the gas wells and not probably waves a white flag in a symbolic act of surrender to highlight the company's power. the moslems on which shows us in the slides that many guy john. and cheney and some
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of the. river yup a lot all of which are under you sure so if you join you. often with all of the moment i look here look there your boss is a. telecom. politician in iraq. just watch out you look all the way home but. i do not learn not to get easily easily put in the. side on the day you wake up and you don't wish is your was
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a most of the most of all. custom work but hard work is not only followed not brother but also same intermediaries who he says offer he dry as. you go through the door when you go. you know you. you know well you know we all. love you know. there's a way to go but so it's almost like you know that. poor little bit of the people who doesn't want to see and those she weighs only a mere. so i
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was on. earl. i didn't take long for not brought to become involved in another issue that was causing a stir. to thousands of users will tell you what the. vast majority of the. calls i was one of those. sins in was once quiet fishing village in southern china meeting just a few decades it's become china's blooming silicon valley with 13000000 residents
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most of the migrant workers live in a densely packed apartment building. but now the residents of shin's in buy shoes or district face eviction the government plans to demolish their homes to make way for lucrative development. in the areas moderate families giving not brother toys belonging to their children when they are addicted this sums and daughter will be forced to drop out of school the response the whole country to know what's going on. i'll tell you. well it doesn't feel as a lot of n.p.r. . not value. and why is i'm. nuts when he
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says i miss israel so we have got to. know what you don't want us all a joke and telling me is this young one with the words out by those who are with soulful. not always as in a as you know them so using their music awards on your children's. song. no none play with it so the concussion she wanted i went to the ring and noble told me to look towards leo's there's a. new baby goes on. tranny i'll bet you go along. the way she would you know be. true god says yeah her. baby you know that's all you know about shit shit out of the ox and i'm not holding on. to this is all about is all.
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that's needed. it will set you. down and i'm going. to. see that understood. system is. possible to me. how you know it's about. not brother and he's team place hundreds of the donated toys across an r.v. spice and used an excavator took road them one by one over the seaboard. to use the ghost towns and so she. said listen to it and you want to tell if a sentence of paul should. play your sentence what.
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do. you think. a dozen tiger wrongful lauren foresman tour ride. home are going to say you know i want to solve a lot of. hey hey hey hey hey there's about 32 years you know that you got to 20 mins of that. little meal you know what i want. to tell you to see if i go to sleep you suck. and. take us all to the time we choose. when the men. in you talk about. the legal because you don't like something i mean by. go
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without. including me i don't know knowing about. this i was on our home until i saw. you get water. to the south. but without the necessary permission from the village community not brothers project is shut down that they didn't do so much as a child do not use an. i did so i thought. his performance should see doles only lasted 4 hours a week later not brother with ty kid in the for police questioning he was released without charge 24 hours like. outcry slowed down the demolition plan for by. the government also
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promised to make arrangements for the area's children to continue their schooling. a year later some of the students still attending school but most have already been forced to leave. to lay low for a ball now brother heads back to his hometown a small village in a problem southeast china. and sing this is the cure you'll you'll get your you $100.00 you'll. hear. this and see. it's in the ones in.
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today not brother he's hoping he's baba tried chile but it's a business week family reunion. tin tin or jupiter. to the news on its terms anemia. pull him out. to be a. somebody mishandles you some as you know on tell him isn't turning this. into the wall or maybe make them up with johnny to the appointed johnny. to dance to the l. now. d'antoni russian his father is too shy to speak on camera
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but now rather nervous he's worried about. shows on china. is there will always be a way by those who. will have the radar. to listen in what was on the no no no dodging. to the reality of the. kid think on both you and your. not brother's family like you. are happy to see him hein but i struggle to understand his life as an artist. what are. you assuming.
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things to happen with. thing. no problems art has brought attention to some of the biggest issues facing china's a perhaps his biggest challenge is bonding a way to balance his work with the responsibility he feels towards his family. who you know. to me in the sudan you know losing. your cool lose you wouldn't. see.
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it john so oil. that's reality joy joy just on others on this record. sales occupant in the capital or through the mail. i mean it's i would always die. hard and you knew why you were shot and shit was it out us that. even though he's been threatened and obstructed not brother hasn't stopped creating us to shine a light on controversial issues he continues speaking out about society's ills the best way he knows how almost brush and defiance.
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the coded 19 pandemic is threatening one of singapore's most beloved traditions its famous straight story the badger used 1018 investigates it focused to innovate to survive on al-jazeera. a mad no moved out of his parents' house after he got married he says he found more space to begin discussing after a run of eating it last year it's now his home along with his wife daughter and health but there's really governments at the cables be constructed to be tough to permit an issue that the militia ordered last month our interview with cut short as he hears that the israeli army has arrived in the village with the bulldozer residents face will just give them one minute to get home it took the found me months to build their brick house and just then an hour to see it get demolished.
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it's a position short story we've never seen it before but zation they refused to respect the will of the people refuse respect the rule of law and refuse to honor our constitution joe biden criticizes dole trouble for falsely claiming vote fraud at the electoral college formally confirms his election victory. u.s. attorney general william ball has resigned amid tensions with principal trump over his baseless claims of election for.


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