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gear's tower contains family heirlooms dating back 8 generations he lost patience waiting for experts to protect the building from collapse so he did the repairs himself. appears frozen in time in reality it is falling apart without a plan by the government for this community its uniqueness may not survive another generation. robyn 1st year walk in al-jazeera. and in the next part of the series will be in senegal was near color cobar park home to a unique species of wildlife will join those patrolling to protect it that's from 10 hours g.m.t. throughout the day on friday here on al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello adrian try to get here in doha the headlines
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on al-jazeera more than 300 school boys abducted by an armed group in nigeria last week a been released gunmen stormed the school in the northwestern city of kut seen a last friday has been increasing pressure on the government to improve security they. have so far. given 340. schoolchildren later we also understand 4 have joined so we have to leave 344. children that. are now they said they have surrendered or that is with them so find out. parents whether that still some left like i said even the figure we gave was not to stick because we were looking at city $30.00 to $400.00 and now we have $344.00 so exactly about tomorrow. a panel of experts
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advising the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the approval of a 2nd coronavirus vaccine the committee indorse the vaccine a week after backing the pfizer a big tech jab which is currently being administered across the u.s. france's president said mariel mccall has become the latest world leader to test positive for covert 19 several other european leaders devise elation because of contact they've had with mccall in recent days it was president donald trump has spoken with king solomon ben abdulaziz al saud of saudi arabia a white house statement says the 2 discussed regional security issues including the gulf blockade on kasa others the headlines monies fear of 0 after inside story next.
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turkey and u.s. sanctions is punished but missile defense systems from russia if you find president says the action is an attack on his country's winds so how will this play out between these nato allies this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. it's been flattened with u.s. sanctions over the deployment of russian as 400 defense weapons turkey has set its evaluating reciprocal action against what is considered as
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a hostile attack has also insisted it won't turn back east but chase of the missile system took his military procurement agency has had its export licenses and authorizations banned by the u.s. they organizations top officials will also face asset freezes and visa restrictions the long delayed move comes as president elect joe biden prepares to take office and it's expected to increase tensions between washington and uncaught a turkish president has said the sanctions won't stop his country from building up its defenses. i know they're not all from our nato allies the united states we expect support in our battle against terrorist organizations and forces they have plans for the region of not think that we are never a country that chases after conflict or tensions with its neighbors or any other we
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are fighting for the prosperity of our entire region and the world but this situation does not mean we will remain silent against our rights laws and sovereignity been trampled just like we don't want anyone's rights we will not allow anyone to take our rights either u.s. secretary of state by. nato ally turkey to resolve the as $400.00 disputes in a statement he said turkey is a valued our lie and an important regional security partner for the us and we seek to continue our decades long history of productive defense sector corporation by removing the obstacle of turkey's s 400 possession as soon as possible washington considers the s 400 incompatible with nato systems and the potential threat to allies security and car rejects that claim and says it was forced into the chase because the us refused to sell it american made petria thomas and turkey brokered
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a multi-billion dollar deal with russia for the as $400.00 system in 2017 and accepted the 1st delivery of the surface to air missile batteries last year the us responded by cutting turkey out of its f. $35.00 fighter jet program turkey test the missile defense system in october for the 1st time drawing condemn a nation from the pentagon. joining us are our guests in washington d.c. lawrence korb is senior fellow at the center for american progress and a former assistant secretary of defense in suntanned fabric this is the chief strategy officer for russ muslim global and the former director of policy planning at nato in uncle are you surf a lot of the his security and defense analyst and retired turkish colonel
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a warm welcome to you all lawrence these sanctions should we describe them as lights or have be and have the potential to hurt turkey's military capabilities or ministers military industry are they do have the capability to do that because the united states is concerned that where turkey piny yes or 'd 100 it will compromise the security of the united states and then a nato ally winds and basically make it who want yes a call for nato and the united states to deal with a potential threat from russia if they should for example the site to go into the baltics are going to. war into ukraine so i think that's what they're trying to do is say send a signal got to stop this because if you don't you're going to undermine the whole
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purpose of the of the alliance as well as u.s. security fabrics could we talk about a defining mood moment that's good redefine turkey u.s. relations. i think it's an important line that has been crossed by the united states those sanctions are targeted there mostly focus on the turkish defense procurement agency but beyond that it will obviously have consequences for what the turkey's trying to do in terms of building its all 'd defense technology and defense capabilities because to do that it needs access to some u.s. and western technology and expertise and we've got sanctions clearly there's going to be a much more direct aren't western counterparts willing to share technology and to form basically under the u.s. sanctions so yes we did cross the line but it's not the point of no return and i
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think the real question now is how a by the un and ministrations going to use that to try to do a kind of reset with. the use of the s.s. b. which is the turkish procurement agency won't be able to deal with the u.s. companies no way it is going to get into transfer of technology no way it would be able in the near future to get any loans or financial support from any american financial institution this is an agency that is widely seen as the pride of the military establishment in turkey is this a major setback for dylan and for turkey. i do not think so because even though my friend does not know the real name of the turkish defense industry prison for this is not a particular month agency this is a stiff place that all projects are to be coordinated but the turkish procurement agency is separated in many different branches on their ministry it off the
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national defense forces isn't a strine of sanctions of course you have an f. back to do. agency but this is not at procurement agencies probably that will be ongoing projects which will not be affected such as in the case off the f. 16 programs but for the new cases if you assess the wants to buy some for exam procure some issues from the united states it is all name probably dos projects will be affected but i do not think that it will create too much problem for the turkish defense in dust in the next coming years especially in terms of logistics up live but for the large slot forms in order like turkish fighter jet programs will be affected but laws on all the long drunk programs for this year's m i can say that you will take a look at buffalo happen as michael leaks
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a be happen and of biden administration came to the pollard we would talk more in detail about what happens when joe biden takes over but for the time being lawrence i mean when you are a policy maker and impose sanctions which are considered other affairs of that kind against a nato ally aren't to risk in in a way or another to upset a political order or a consensus the has prevailed for decades. there's no doubt about the shock not this is not good for the nato alliance but the conflict between you not and states and turkey has been grueling or a while the trumpet ministration was very upset when we partnered with the turkish group called the wife teaches to drive isis i don't rock and out and out of syria and then the turks equated the wind p.g.
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took a peek at k. which is a terrorist group trying to overthrow the government and so it has made it more difficult for those people who are willing to fight and die to do the job defeat isis similarly in libya after nato went in to get rid of gadhafi and would put in another government the turks backed general and you know his attempt to well undermined the un and nato recognized the government the charts also claimed on a chart to show american pastor for an attempted coup against up there to why many had no role at all so there's been a lot of things going on and it does put the alliance in jeopardy so it's important i hope that what biden said that the sanctions will get the yorks back to the table and maybe who what if from by russia. fabricio can use this
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particular sanctions as a leverage against turkey but on the other hand many people are concerned that this is something that could have flown reaching consequences to the point that it could even of affect the veil of the nato alliance itself. well you are right and this is where the fair for my colleague an anchor sanction especially american sanctions have to sort of effect as a direct effect on the institutions of the actors who are targeted and put explicitly under the sanction and then you have a deterrent effect meaning that all the other actors in that business in in this particular case the defense sector will be deterred from basically doing business with their turkish counterparts for fear of having a primary a secondary effect of the u.s. sanctions so i think we should not underestimate the weight of the sanctions and the fed that they have been written by the u.s.
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congress this is not a white house executive order which can be changed with one pen this is been voted by the u.s. congress and would be quite difficult to undo so i do think that biden will have both leverage and something pretty difficult to undo unless and on these winning to give assurances that he will somehow realign with some of the u.s. interests and that i think there is some optimism at the ones response to the u.s. sanctions was 'd for his own stand out pretty much. use of the the the turkish establishment has been saying for quite some time is very simple which all the americas we would like to have petra systems we didn't get any answer from the americas and therefore we went for the russians for the $400.00 that's not what the americans are saying they saying this is completely wrong this is not what exactly happened between turkey under and the u.s. . ok let me remind you that turkey requested from united states that
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and said that he's ready to buy. i think misidentified systems but the 1st time the united states refused it down either turkey open that meeting in this meeting china france together with the united states and russia was on that meeting according to this lady turkey wanted to create taria one of them is that the price the 2nd one is that the technology transfers according to the meeting united states also refused the technology transfer. after that turkey decided to buy as for hamlet defense system also the s.g. 100 models that are being used by greece and thought any opposition by the nato and by the united states for decision i do not think that this problem is on the s 400 system because when you take a look at the past declarations and also james jeffrey statements in
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a couple of weeks you can easily understand because they say that. turkey is one of the united states allies in the good all days when it comes to now turkey is creating lots of initiate of see in the middle east and also in the mediterranean independently so be sure to take those steps abilities from the handoff to turkish government this is there really should that we should maybe discuss and other issue is that. my colleague from united states clearly stated that the turks and by k.g.b. just fighting iceland let me remind you that turkey is the contrie who often all that is basis for the on the ice and government more than $26.00 the 7 countries and 30 is the only country. i suspect in this on horses on the ground all of them came by and rock on our backs. the other job done by the $34.00 to susan b.
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should understand also that the united states should be an ally turkey or should a pro out hundreds of thousands of trucks of deference to the terrorist organization the start he claims laura's joe biden will inherit this extrusion really delicate issue do you see the potential for a reset of the relations between turkey and the us and joe biden. i think there is a potential when you have a new administration to start over and basically you have people coming in who had worked for obama and so not going to have to start a new guy have already built up relationships with turkey and i'm sure that they may get a chance to tonight because the united states wants to end the by not ministration want to. have less impact or less involvement than the beliefs who want to or
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dealing with stuff with which china so that they can do with these issues are all solvable you know they just talked about transferring the technology for example of the patriot system i think that that can be done. under under or by a stray shot so i think there is a there is something that can not that they can say yes they can not they can work out they can offer to buy administration can also decide what they want to do in syria in terms of. us u.s. presence up presence there so yes i think they can start anew and hopefully given the fact that you have different people will be able to work out their relationship with the turkey because it's important to be stability by europe and the and the effectiveness of nato fabrice's with the press a building up on turkey from both the americans and the u.s.
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and nato you don't just see this as a tactic that could potentially backfire in the future driving the turks more towards the chinese and the russians. i think that's already the case and i could. say that basically started to embrace the russian proposition on this as 400 as it went to basically make up between though i meant putin following a pretty tense moment when as we remember turkish fighter jets. had to basically brought down a russian one and that was the way to add though on and putin to come back to a dialogue and to some kind of troops so there's $400.00 it's not just a technological choice it's a job political choice but on your question i do think that it is a very fine balance and even though we have to put pressure on there the one we also have i think the only way out will be if we do meet some of his genuine
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concepts such as we see area and what lawrence was saying is that the obama administration officials will be in the biden mistress i thinks a good thing but it's also this very administration that made a lot of mistakes in syria and actually created a lot of means that misunderstandings between washington and ankara it's in my view lead to a new leader langar on the anchoress side and the wind to actually work with the russians rather than with the americans use of you do understand that when joe biden takes over and his team is in charge one of the 1st things they will address with us they will tell you and you have 2 options here we non's ownership of it as 400 or allow for a joint monitoring committee where we have to be pretty much in control of what happens and how do you deploy the 400 will not accept these. i do not be that out of the on going accept the 1st choice i mean getting
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a 400 systems. turkey. but the 2nd choice turkey already offered the united states that lets wouldn't that be a picnic a comedy if s. $400.00 missile defense systems are passing some secrets off the nato systems to the russian side or not but that has now going to be constitute from the from this perspective economics that that the technical issue is not correct this is a particular issue but turkey will not increases the conscience in between night states and turkey because by connecting the station me try to ease the by going it in the station and to resolve the problem but that does not mean that tokyo give up it is all over in the rights and will take up for hundreds of uk this country and i also want to say one word that we are talking allies think the issues should be shouldn't say you must pressure added on you must pressured by going to yeah i'll i.z. the street here we are not the whole tickler geist was discussing this issue in our
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fundaments already now congress on this isn't talking like me should press on to that don't adminstration is giving some clues that you are not biased analyst you are right lawrence when you look at the both administrations the obama and the trump administration they clearly took a backstage position when it comes to the middle east and north africa i wish pave the way for countries like russia and turkey to take over expanding their geo political clout you come too late to say you know what we need to implement some sanctions here don't you think that it's about time to reach out to turkey in particular for the next administration to move forward. yeah i think so you can work out a deal where they are sharing up the intelligence or the it's a yes or 100 and allowing turkey to get out into the f. 30 class program but you're right i mean d n a and it states basically wants to get out of the middle east and there you know
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for a long time the main emphasis of the biden administration has to be getting dish to see a red nuclear deal back on track i'm not of course it will involve working with russia and china as well as our european allies so i think that would like to put this issue aside and who wants to do other things given the fact that it is a best ratio and that gives them an opportunity to do this and come up with a face saving compromise that involves some sharing of the technology of the u.s. war on going along with letting turkey back into the up 35 program because in addition to everything else we've been talking about the u.s. they should insulin is very very important to u.s. security in europe and in the middle east we're talking about it kicks truly into connected issues here and fabricio like to go to you about native him particularly
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turkey anticipating any sanctions from the e.u. in the near future they said that they would never abandon their east mizzy to rein in. violence we've bracing for more confrontation here when it comes to a unity to relations with turkey. we are clearly still in some kind of escalation and power struggle between the e.u. and turkey are partly some of the e.u. sanctions which stop being implemented in the coming weeks with the main thrust of those sanctions kept for later in march of next year so i think there's still despite our game as to who is going to blink 1st but clearly president backhoe has managed to rally a large majority of the e.u. member states behind him and behind his claim that turkey's activities in the eastern med the attorney and i no longer acceptable so we will have to see how other one is going to manage that i think there was a clear intention on the e.u. side to have some briefing space between now and march meaning to wait for the new
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u.s. administration to come in and to see whether it's going to indeed lean towards ankara and try to kind of cool things off you sir if you look at turkey right now as we speak they're stretching their capabilities of the extent that they are involved in libya the east mediterranean the syrian conflict the problems with the with they too with the americans they have their own economic problems isn't this the moment of reckoning for president earlier than to say you know what druther negotiate 'd a decent dignified settlement with all those key allies instead of a confrontation and you know in a confrontation turkish economy could really pay a price. that's correct but adam is already giving a hand to the european union and to the nato and to the united states we should understand the problem clearly because turkey in libya many times stated and
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offered to the european union and nato that trance is opening an area for the russian air base and naval base for the half their site inside libya and that will should attractin the security of nato and the southern flank of the e.u. and turkey offered it for many times that turkish. government of national export was fighting together half that because supported by the france that you know on how to look out and talk nation elect course again let's take a look at the problem in the syria the syrian crisis is it the same party crisis for the european side you know that refugee is not that big problem for turkey but all said the problem for the e.u. in sight but on the russian 8 lanes are one being the turkish soldiers inside egypt the couldn't see any how from the e.u. the couldn't see any how wrong the nato and united states saw lady and putting some stamp that turkey is lurking inside shari'a orderly. exit door of the
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nato and for the better off the european union is not correct turkey is offering for many times to work together inside syria inside media training and insight also in cycle libya but that has never been accepted by going thank you it's interesting to see how this goes in the near future and whether. biden will have a chance to reconcile and set aside all those differences lawrence korb febreze put a and use of the i really appreciate your insight and years time. and thank you for watching you can see the program again and its time by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. and so story because so join the conversation on twitter our handle is a.j. incised body for me. and the entire team here in doha by phone or.
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i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security this is very much a political impasse here's the paul flick how do we illustrate it are we telling a good story will people get what we're trying to think here they're living outside and make it sound this is not the way any family wants to raise their children we're willing and fit in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel that you were there
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. in the biological and chemical agents be hard to deal with and honest throughout history alhaji warfare 1st aired its head when a man started fighting and developed by nation state so there could be enough to be faced every. now within reach of those seeking the compound the most toxic substances the world over the man many invisible friends on al jazeera. play an important role attempting it would. face. in the poorest suburbs of 3 european cities community tensions often reveal a shop cultural divides but they feel they have no future in our science lines as discrimination is a real problem in across the al-jazeera world meet some of those struggling with racism radicalized zeeshan and life on the margins of troy told this young man
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a week from the days than there distich the of the face of europe on al-jazeera. again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera more than 300 school boys abducted by an armed group in nigeria last week have been released gunmen stormed the school in the northwestern city of kut scene a last friday there's been increasing pressure on the government to improve security they have so far. given 340. we. have joined saw. 344. children that. are now they have.


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