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but here in london and across the u.k. there is a great fear the. coronavirus will come back with a vengeance russia that's banned from major sporting events reduced to 2 years after an appeal hearing the world anti-doping agency wada gave them a 4 year penalty last year it believes the handed over by russia during a doping investigation was tampered with and even with the punishment being russia still won't be officially represented the next series tokyo olympics or a qatar is $22.00 football world cup. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour more than 300 school boys kidnapped last week in northwestern nigeria have now arrived in katsina states you're looking at live pictures from the city and the governor of could see in
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a state where it happened says they'll be back with their families after being checked over by doctors the boys were taken when gunmen thought to be linked to boko hard stormed school. germany has hit a record number of corona virus infections just 2 days after imposing tighter restrictions it recorded more than 30000 cases in 24 hours for the 1st time since the start of the outbreak it's also counted more than 800 s. a panel of experts advising the u.s. food and drug administration has recommended the emergency use of a 2nd coronavirus vaccine the committee endorsed moderna one week after backing the pfizer bio intact vaccine being administered across the u.s. more than 17000000 cases have been reported 310000 people have died and the u.s. is set to have its 1st native american cabinet secretary president elect joe biden has nominated hollande to be interior secretary it would put her in charge of a powerful department that's wielded influence over native american affairs for
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generations. a supercycle. killing at least 2 people one of them a 3 month old baby tarantula rains and hurricane force winds are preventing aid groups from reaching the worst affected areas the pacific island nation assessment so far shows cycling has destroyed scores of houses it's blocked roads and flattened crops the government's also declared a state of emergency software giant microsoft has confirmed it's a target of a hacking operation that's being described as the worst in u.s. history more than 40 organizations have been targeted including the u.s. government's energy defense state and homeland security departments the attack is suspected to be linked to russia we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour on al-jazeera for now it's the stream. american people have finally spoken america is i split when america is off balance the world becomes more dangerous the world is looking at us little mixture of sadness and. with the election behind us
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will the republican party dump truck with the fuel we can take on us politics and society that's the bottom up. high after the ok you watching the screen home edition today we're going to look at the many trying to is that lie ahead of president and watch joe biden and his parents face 1st few weeks in office this is what curtis morrison who is an immigration lawyer told us a little bit. from our point of view the 1st 100 days of the bike mayor's administration needs to be about reversing this america 1st policy and we're placing it whether we care about our neighbors policy. it's a mental illness to think that other countries other foreign nationals have to suffer in order for us to thrive and we need to replace that with
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a more compassionate approach to government take immigration if we accept refugees and immigrants that is the best diplomatic tool we have to have peace with their neighbors and so that's the transition i would like to see that is kind of see if you want seals today's a chance for you to unleash international political pundits if you need to you know today jump into the comments section and be part of today. i am going to say hello to guess the guess who is decent sense to you taking the temperature literally and that much foot 3 in washington d.c. alan fish aren't you just south to it's and you know how time is. oh sister i'm a senior correspondent for al-jazeera english based in washington d.c. i covered the trial campaign 4 years ago and covered the biking campaign all the
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way up to election day i was here or no election night just outside the white house unfold all the results as they came in and the eventual winner of course being joe biden thank you and i'm wolf just a moment now welcome back to the stream remind our audience here you are what he did. high think here this is an hour well make 4 and i am ally here from palm beach and florida and i am a national all our republican strategists and raised there at the er and in america . welcome and brianna great to have you on the string tell us really who you are what you do. i'm a former national press secretary for the bernie turning 20 campaign on the coast of bad faith casper fertile texas and also a contributing editor i current affairs magazine i guess let me take you back to
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november the 7th when joe biden made his feet to speech it almost seemed in the speech that he was outlining who these teams would be come january 2021 that's coming isn't. i'm proud of the campaign we built ran a product coalition we put together the broadest and most diverse coalition leaders are democrats republicans independents progressives moderates conservatives yano erna subvert her gay straight transgender warrior to know as you may have rare ha i'm reading especially those mothers and especially those moments when this campaign was as low as their the arab american community should get when i was shy. i am wondering and that was almost a pension i was appointed as a thank you and now i'm going to do good by here brianna how's it looking so far
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with biden speaks. unfortunately not so good one of the groups that he mentioned was progressive. bernie sanders coalition then additionally people at the list before and represented something like 30 to 40 percent of the democratic party and yet man not a single one joe biden's ministration pics are reflective of the progressive movement the naacp from progressive movements nobody from the bernie camp has been managed managed to be given a single appointment another group that he nodded to specifically was african-americans black leaders are perceived to have really put joe biden over the line namely in south carolina where jim clyburn a black congress spent that particular stature gave him a last minute endorsement that was able to help fight and win that state and turn around a string of embarrassing primary losses where he came in 4th and 5th place and yes
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the news from last week was a leaked call black think you're heads from all of the major civil rights organizations in america and which biden was largely dismissive but they're very you know just discreet considerate requests for their various. groups organizing groups right and it's not clear that even without public pressure and the embarrassment of that car being leaked that there's any indication he's going to turn it around. no what does a republican strategists make of the behind him what stands out for the people who stands out. or. i think one of the most important pick that i was folk and was the federal treasury and i was looking more at the economic side is what i have biden was going to do a lot of republicans are very very pleased as well i am for janet
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yellen janet yellen is exactly what she was doing when she worked under the obama administration if your member and hillary clinton were running against each other there and it was in august or i doubt right before the election she was in jackson hole wyoming and now there were. so i think you know of course she's doing very very well that one is as far as the rest of his picks. i think they're pretty reasonable and i can understand why the work for bernie sanders are those with gore and you probably would not be that pleased for some of the moves you know more reasonable picks that we feel like biden to has made the only one that you know i disagreed with pretty much was the john kerry. with climate i feel like they may have been. too
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but someone a little bit more per se of that would have been to the progressive base how joe biden going to like it i really feel like that was one seat that he actually could have put someone that would have been a progressive there that see. let me just holes for a moment i'm bringing janet yellen janet yellen would be if she. replied i called west to be the treasury secretary so listen to what she had to say. in a action will produce a self reinforcing downturn causing yet more devastation. and we miss we risk missing the album to redress deeper structural problems inequality and stagnant wages especially for workers who lacked a college education. communities that have seen industry disappear with no good
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jobs replacing lost one this racial disparity in job opportunities counseling food security. alan. j. when is it that he won t. have a cabinet that looks like a merica with. well i think he's getting closer to it and more hearing speculation that he may well appoint the 1st needs of american to a cabinet position to become the interior secretary and so that i think is a step in the right direction when he makes cabinet more reflective of what america is this like as a whole i think brianna makes a very good boy that that on progressives there a lot of these positions it's same old same old is people that's been around washington for a very very long time the norm a dramatic new names new great new thinking that you simply believe is going to
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change the face of the by the administration. i think real politics dictate. that you really have got to try and appoint people that you know will get through the senate and at the moment with the result still to come from their own office in in georgia the senate is controlled by the republicans so you've got to get through that and certainly hearings in the republican in the senate over the last couple of years of become much more contentious much more difficult but when you hear janet yellen speaking now that she's freed from the constraints of speaking from the fed she would be a surprise she might be a real surprise when it comes to progressive thought in a key position as well at the treasury so i think that there are certainly those who think that it's not as progressive are probably right but you've always got to remember that the cabinet will reflect the president he sets the place he says this
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is what we're going to do and they go in execute it so while there might not be progressives in the cabinet it's really up to joe biden to be more assertive than the people that are in his cabinet. brianna guided by may even though it joe biden says the tone that would probably indicate that you should get a moderate it to conservative democrat in these in the seat and yet joe biden is going so far as to put republicans on his transition team and now is gloating the idea of a republican for commerce secretary meg whitman at current c.e.o. is among these names so the concern here is fine if the expectation is that joe biden is a moderate to conservative democrat is that a quite moderate conservative democrats that's * fine but he's going to be making overtures to the people who he perceives to have helped him win the people who really helped him when where the 30 or 40 percent of democrats the democratic base who are progressive the disproportionate number of democratic voters who are black disproportionately vote for a democrat every 2 to 4 years and probably
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a lot of these progressive groups that did door knocking when the biden campaign decided not to door of op because a look at him right and instead what you had was the elevation of these never trying for public events for most most typified by the lincoln project which was a group run by the top republicans to raise or $70000000.00 for these anti trump ads with the idea that it was going to convince a significant number of moderate republicans and the suburbs suburban white women who are key demographic who are frustrated with trump's bombast that his uncouthness is a room in the lack of decorum and would be willing to vote for democrats but at the more registered republicans voted in 2020 than they didn't when he 16 and all of that money went to waste and yet that group is still being rewarded. i'm just wondering as a progressive base with what's looking like it will be the cabinet for 2021 and you
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really not. i don't know that i would describe it as fieri since there's no surprises about who joe biden is he ran explicit. telling a group of donors fairly early in the campaign that quote nothing works by the mentally change and that message has only gotten more galling as the world has changed dramatically for the worse in the midst of an unprecedented economic and how crisis if we didn't write overwhelmingly wotte policies like medicare for all of for you know america being the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't provide guaranteed health care or free a point of service health care to its population now people are clamoring for it and it's just disappointing is the word i would use but he still doesn't think that we need a fundamental change in this country and on you tube i've got william sanderson and send us and makes this point i'm just curious to see how you bounce off this this one the us doesn't unite over domestic matters it's not meant to it's not designed to so this should be some friction about who these peaks are not everybody's going
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to be happy the democratic party you'll take is one. but you've got to deal with real politic which means you've got to get people who will get through the confirmation process and i think i mean we know what joe biden is we know or that he is a conservative democrat with some progressive traits and. has he been changed by conversations with the likes of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren well i think we'll find out after january the 20th but there is a call from the groaned of the democratic party that it has to be more radical that he has to take more chances and i think again talking about real politic and that's the 3rd time of use that phrase so gotta stop that. part sure anyone else in the race could have beaten don't trump. i'm not sure the elizabeth warren could
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have done it i'm not sure that bernie sanders could have done a not sure they would have got the white spread coalition that would be enough to beat donald trump remember donald trump got more votes than any sitting president has ever managed before he got 70000000 votes now use beaten significantly by joe biden but i'm not sure there's another democrat in the race that would be able to beat donald trump so the question progressives have to ask who would you rather have in office would you rather have joe biden or donald trump and i'm sure they would say joe biden because 4 years ago i think people thought that hillary clinton was going to win no matter war and they didn't go out and vote and they got donald trump and a lot of progressives and a lot of democrats who didn't vote were very upset with what came for the next 4 years now i got it as that. and it may well get fancy n.p.r. and you come off the back of me when you are going to have. well i will tell you
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that is exactly what i feel and i think that is actually that's exactly like watrous or did not win the nomination because i think trump would have be be a progressive i do not you know the republicans were touting and they're doing it in georgia right now with the georgia special election 'd runoff socialism and what the progressive represent to middle america is socialism you know we picked up a couple of house of representative seats in florida with cuban americans from the very idea they've been doing when 3 they came from a country more socialism it did not work i think that joe biden was the only candidate that have actually and he did don't because a lot of middle america and even him is reasonable you know he was with barack
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obama economy you know it's i think president they knew exactly what they were going to get. and i don't think people were really willing to nominate 'd someone like the laws of war and so on that's very affordable left like her and i think that you know you make have been tested by thinking that we came across probably would not have term if the wasn't for someone that appear who it will which was. before. let me just remind you see the national press secretary the burnet bernie saunders presidential campaign does you money when it's about that be on the go ahead. ok so certainly most democratic voters believe that the only person who could be donald trump was joe biden and that's why they deliberately biden majority the joe biden supporters didn't even like joe biden they just repeated the media talking point that joe biden was the only person
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who can beat trump their reality is that joe biden isn't reasonable or moderate when you actually judge what the policy preferences of american voters are majority 88 percent of democrats support medicare for all for instance and 50 percent of republicans approximately do as well overwhelming majorities of americans support marijuana legalization joe biden doesn't a significant percentage of joe biden voters actually misunderstood him but he did support it care all probably because he kept saying things like health care is a human right when he had no intention of providing it so the reality is bernie sanders in contrast had the largest donor base in the party without taking any corporate money more individuals went to dick grayson or any president in american history and more black voters gave to his campaign than ever in american history he won the 1st $3.00 primary contests including the battle with 70 percent of the latino vote a bushehr that was extremely instrumental in winning the election which a lot of moderates and conservatives had run and say bernie sanders that when
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florida ignoring the fact that he was the overwhelming preference of latino voters in florida what happened what we saw was a progressive ballot measures won and joe biden lost the democratic party in florida decided to distance itself from a $50.00 minimum wage because there's that even that was too radical that was too far left and a $15.00 minimum wage while joe biden lost the state and we had 2 weeks of uncertainty about the present mess isn't even going to be because the hard to this were so then and joe biden did such a poor job of managing to reset the country and when the country after job at the downturn had demonstrated himself to be a boring. well let me language bit to be abortion various med star we say for the country and that is not where we need to be. not to mention the horrible down ballot effects that joe biden generated by being an unimproved the ass to a candidate or a general they didn't generate a lot of enthusiasm and who actually works to pull more republicans out to vote and a way that really had cataclysmic effects down ballot how do you come to
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a progressive that there is a base that's struggling a base that's dying because of a lack of healthcare a base that i don't ploy and 14000000 americans thrown off their health insurance because in america if you don't have a job and don't have concerns that's cataclysmic that kind of get on the kind of margins but we could celebrate oh i'm going to go to everybody in europe so generously only and going to a mannequin they don't really have an idea of what socialism as i mean that the got this it of socialism and it's nor what we would consider the european model i think when when americans see or this is socialism the actually think of soviet union russia which is socialism for people you know you think more sweden the united kingdom under a liberal government france socialism that sort of thing certainly not the much more extreme view of that which you get in america let me just ask you if you guessed this just very briefly this comes from sensex to the truth on you tube they
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want to know do you think the meeting can unite americans and i'm just going to go brianna out no and. yes i actually think that biden can unite and especially if he does something like a net whitman which was you know our public good i think they're verse x. and including even republicans and meaning all kinds of diversity on that panel i think you'd hear us from. our own. mind in the. i think you need illiterate people towards the middle. but i think that you know american politics is just it's very divisive divided to see that there were next 4 years markedly brianna. he could by advocating for a new new deal to lift america out of the economic health crisis and right now but
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he won't because he was elected on the basis of being a corporate a corporate candidate. early on today. come in the house the 1st princeton and that was talking about the 1st 100 days of the new administration one of the issues is getting a stimulus package for people who are suffering from coronavirus on the 1st 100 days this so much that the next administration say they want to do is come in the how is 1st of all and i can love to hear your thoughts about that guest let's hear from the v.p. moratoriums on a victuals and foreclosures are about to end the people here in washington d.c. have got to stop living in a bubble the people have a right to expect that their leaders in congress see them and act in their best interest you know i can speak for joe and me we were elected to do
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a job and we intend to bring everybody along who wants to do the job with us. what is your priority brianna for what happens in the 1st 100 days. given the kind of bailout people across the world particularly in europe have gotten because of stay at home orders because of coke it might surprise until our own that in america we got one for $1200.00 check only if you met a certain income qatar and a limited $600.00 boost to our point it benefits but in that months ago and since then there's been nothing and even more importantly at no point during the campaign did joe biden or come here assuming she was running but joe biden has never advocated for restarting stimulus checks never and the press doesn't really ask him about it so there is a lot of i just comp and circumstances kind of rhetorical bluster but the reality is the democrats could be really running strong including in the storage races on
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the idea of getting stimulus checks to americans who desperately need them that's what i'd like to hear out of both leaders i have a minute left to wrap up and something briefly i have a day one agenda for president elect joe biden we join the paris agreement rejoin. a race corporate tax of 20 percent this is day one agenda what about the 1st 100 days what's possible. he's really got to look at all that and he's got to luke this financial stimulus and you've got to remember that when obama came in with biden this is one of me they had just to billions and billions and billions of money into the financial system because the banks are on the verge of collapse this is in the financial system was important but they're going to look at that level of stimulus to try and regenerate the economy and also to help people who will desperately need that level of help because of what's happened during cold. thank you so much i
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really appreciate you allan and brianna and noel bringing different perspectives to what will face joe biden administration and look like and how is it coming together have a look you know my laptop we waste ink i conversations a little bit further when we go on to instagram allied with doing that a little bit later so at 2030 g.m.t. starting from wednesday we will have a conversation you will be had after a conversation with dr cornel west he's offensive philosophy i know you know who he is he's going to be very candid about where we are right now which states vice president elect and president elect as they became to full what they want the new administration to be like if you on instagram like highly recommend can the section coming up very shortly but unhealthy wraps up this home edition epicenter of the streaming thanks of watching us a mixed take every putting. forward
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. setting the discussions millions of americans feel disaffected by both political parties examining the headlines this group of activists and relatives are marching band clinton right now where they're calling for morning edition and now also explore an abundance of quote class programming designed to inform why is the only solution for a child as young as 10 months of age come to inspire and you see the world from a different perspective on mt is iraq. ready for biological and chemical agent be more real with an honest throughout history a large source of persevered its head when a man started fighting brain and developed by nation states there could be nothing to be fixed everything the job. now within reach of those seeking sometimes the most toxic substance and a little over the. many invisible threats on al jazeera
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there is no channel that covers world news like we do the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen that cold air coming when we want to know is how do these things affect people we revisit places and stay even when there are no international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. we've never had a president who has literally for 4 to 5 years repeatedly attacked our democracy. you know looser literacy everything is you i don't have a narrative i have a question you're getting there really where people can get treated and just feel sure even through their join me richelle carey on up front as my guests from around the world take a hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and pressing issues here on al-jazeera. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic so let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the
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news coverage what's the lay of the land challenging the sun. the official night. listening post on al-jazeera. exhausted and shaken but relieved hundreds of boys abducted in nigeria are freed almost a week after they were taken from a school. you're watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha in derry navigator also coming up the u.s. moves closer to approving a 2nd career in a virus vaccine more than 17000000 cases have been reported. u.s. president elect joe biden nominates hollande to be the country's 1st native american cabinet secretary.


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