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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm +03

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exposing deep flaws in denmark's adoption system. a girl in return a witness documentary on al-jazeera. traumatized and exhausted hundreds of boys abducted in nigeria are freed almost a week after they were taken from school. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. u.s. vice president mike pence gets the covert job as the u.s. comes coursers approving a 2nd coronavirus vaccine. ethiopia's government offers a reward to help catch the former leaders of the region who are on the run after
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weeks of fighting. and a call for help a quarter of a $1000000000.00 needed for humanitarian aid in mozambique. but 1st hundreds of school boys arrived home a week after they were kidnapped in northern nigeria they were barefoot clutching blankets as they set off buses in the city of katsina now they've been having medical checks before going on to be reunited with their families the boys are being held in the vast rugova forest since gunmen with apparent links to boko haram related their school last friday the mass abduction of what memories of the kidnapping of 279 in schoolgirls from chibok in 2014 well just here is one of the addresses in katsina and he describes how the boy
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seems as they arrived. so today what happened the 344 of them walked past all of them none of them had any shoes on they limp pastas some with blisters on their feet some with really really trauma and fear despise them regaining freedom you can spell trauma and fear on their faces because these are children who have gone through what nor ordinary child must be allowed to go through they are really traumatized and shortly after the arrival they walked into the building bizarre behind me now and then they met the governor of the state along with security officers from the military the police part of military organizations and other officials and now they are getting ready to be shipped out from this location the governor's office to a safe location why they will be checked physically mentally and they will be
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assessed we understand that the president is going to meet them before he finally leaves for the federal capital in abuja at the end of his 7 day vacation here in cats in a state so a lot of parents are really looking forward to reuniting with their wards they've missed for more than a week but the expediency i can tell you is really traumatizing for this young children i pushed the governor yesterday to give us an idea of 2 exactly what happened what he can say what he told me yesterday was that the 1st day they know when the boys were taken there was a really an engagement between nigerian security forces and these bandits after this excessive force was located them in a particular forest and then pin them down for a period of 6 days that was when negotiations set and the government was actually afraid that continuous fighting or fights changes between the 2 sides will result in casualties on the part of the students they don't want collateral damage and then they fall into media is to go between the government and the bandits holding
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them and the biggest success of. this story the biggest leap to this story was how the security forces and who were able use involved in this process what able to stop this from degenerating into what we saw nearly 7 years ago in 14 so deaths every 20141 there was no immediate action when 207 to go is what they can promise to come to school in chibok. here is vice president mike pence and his wife karen got their cool that 19 vaccination on live television at the white guys and says he took the fison job because he wanted to demonstrate that safety and effectiveness so the public karen and i were more than happy to step forward before this week was about. to take the safe and effective coronavirus vaccine that we have secured and produced for the
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american people and as we reach this extraordinary and historic moment in the life of our nation let me urge every american to continue to do your part but the health of your family your neighbors and your community 1st practice good hygiene wash your hands practice social distancing or wear a mask whenever it's indicated. well that's cause life that's alan fischer who joins us now from washington d.c. and on the vice president that really putting himself out front when it comes to pulling out this vaccine. that's right he says that the trumpet ministration cut red tape but did not cut corners and he wants people across the united states to be aware that as far as he's concerned the vaccine is safe of course he's still got the 2nd doors to get what is interesting is that donald trump who might pence refer to several times was not at the ceremony in fact just a minute before mike pence got his injection live on network television right
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across america this morning he tweeted something about what he calls the russia hawks the donald trump has been asked whether or not he is going to get the vaccine his press secretary just a couple of days ago said he is very open to the idea but that decision will be taken by his doctors and the white house medical staff and he wanted to make sure that frontline workers got that injection 1st we also know that the supreme court and members of congress will start to get the vaccine next week this is all about the continuity of government on the stage with mike pence and his wife catherine was also the surgeon general this is trying to reassure the american public look these vaccines are no being ruled out there's millions of doses being made available in the 1st instance largely to health care workers and those in the most vulnerable groups and that the are safe dr anthony folks he was there as well he said that they're beginning to see the light but it will be several months before
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america will get back to normal interestingly enough my parents again seeing that as the president said they're rounding the corner something don't talk has been seeing since august and of course in the last few days we've seen a record number of deaths here in the united states well quite but this is the pfizer vaccine isn't it alan what about the 2nd vaccine that's being talked up for midair and where are we in the approval process here. well there was a hearing on thursday and the committee that was listening to the evidence here voted by 20 dizzier to recommend emergency used authorization for that to the f.d.a. the food and drug administration will make the decision we think in the coming hours and probably some point in the next couple of hours we will hear that it has been given emergency years or 3 days ation that means that millions and millions of doses will then be available to be shipped out across the country the. vaccine is interesting because it doesn't have to be stored at such low temperatures which
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means it can then be taken to smaller places where they can administer the vaccine so around $6000000.00 doses ready to be sent out right across the country as soon as that authorization is given and as i say we're expecting that to come just in the next couple of hours the 2nd friday in a row we've had good news with a vaccine here in the united states ok alan fischer there bring us the very latest live from washington d.c. allan thank you. well germany has had a record number of corona virus infections just 2 days after and pulls in tighter restrictions there are more than $30000.00 cases in just 24 hours the 1st time since the start of the 8 break and there are more than $800.00 deaths pushing the death toll there to nearly $25000.00 the german government says it's stepping up its efforts with vaccinations set to begin immediately after christmas.
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and it's a after the french presence of mono mccrone tested positive for covert 19 the government scientific advisor says it could be a long time before life in france returns to normal the leading epidemiologist says normality can only be restored by ots and next year if 80 to 90 percent of the french population is vaccinated or france's finance of all out the 1st phase of its vaccine program in early january that has this update of president bankrolls health. but he was. he's not. a presidential. and he will remain until the 24th and. we had little news about. even. in
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a video for the end of the day so we did quite. have to see how. of course of the coming days. very closely as you can imagine for states and of course is the. time in which the virus continues to spread in frogs perhaps not a grades. but certainly still very much there. from one of france's top scientists . saying that we could be in this situation until at least 2021 say we will. have to maintain social distancing probably even though of course many people will be.
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christmas travel plans are in turmoil after a coronavirus cluster on sydney's northern beaches grew to 28 people several states of reintroduced internal border restrictions with new south wales concerned that could get worse people in the suburbs have been told to stay home and wear masks even indoors. these european governments is offering a reward for information that could help locate leaders of the tea growing regions ruling party the military's putting up a cash pot of $260000.00 regions leaders went into hiding since federal troops captured the local capital mccully nearly 2 weeks ago when paul ethiopia summoned the sudanese ambassador in a suburb or to protest what it described as trespassing and raids on his territory morgan has more now from khartoum it's been more than 2 weeks since they fear pm
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government announced that it has taken over the take capital mecca lay and basically it has resulted in more than 50000 to 15 refugees flowing into sudan but it still has not announced that it was able to get. its hands on the rebels or as i describe rebels or the leaders of the p.l.o. the tegra people's liberation movement which the government is fighting and the degree of people's liberation movement have repeatedly stated that they are still continuing the battle despite the government think that it is largely over and restoring for networks the parts of the region while many other parts of them remain inaccessible so it's not clear yet what exactly is happening in the tigra and where the leaders are but the fact that if you look at is offering financial compensation and shows how much they really want to get their hands on the leaders of the take people's liberation front leaders who have said that they will continue the battle of course they've been in power for nearly 3 decades and the to agree is their region so they know their territory and they know that tehran's and it is
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a mountainous area but at the moment there are no phone networks to know exactly what is happening in the ticker and where the leaders of the take group people's liberation front is. still to come here on al-jazeera 5 years after hands raised unanimously for peace talks in syria when luke and the still diplomacy and bloodshed that's followed. and i'm nicholas hoult deep inside it goes mukul of hearts join me next on an empty poaching producer all in with the us go describes as a world heritage site in danger. of . how i once again there's no less south in the record breaking snow that we're seeing across parts of central and northern japan a more that wintry weather continuing then and quite
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a bit of it as well as we go on through saturday the winds have fallen a little lights the snow not penetrating quite as far into west central parts of honshu and also into hokkaido but still plenty of it nevertheless and it still continues to come down as we go on through sunday cold crisp weather coming in behind one celsius in so positive around 5 degrees in beijing but for much of china at least here it will be fine and dry ice try to across much of china good parts of india also try to see some but some places a cloud across northern parts low clouds fog and smoke those problems will continue but with the northeast libraries we are looking at more in the way of showers in the far south of india as we go on through saturday shrank a stays wet right through the weekend more heavy showers coming through here the last showers that we will see make in the way into these off as we go on through sunday much of southern india by this stage she'd be lucky fine and dry much of
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pakistan looking fine and dry for the time big but a westerly disturbance is waiting in the wings and only 3 next week. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table the laws in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls dads often legitimize and legalize pedophiles on arrow online jumping to the quick section and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there a. rule.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories for you this hour hundreds of school boys have arrived home a week after they were kidnapped in northern nigeria they've been given medical checks before being reunited with family the boys were abducted by a group with apparent links to book her on the. u.s. vice president mike pence and his wife have received the call that 19 vaccine on live television at the white house plan says it took the pfizer job because he wanted demonstrated safety and effectiveness to the public. and ethiopia's government is offering more than a quarter of a $1000000.00 reward for information about the location of the gray region's ruling party they went into hiding after federal troops captured the local capital nearly 2 weeks ago. a politicians in the european parliament have been discussing the
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brics it talks after being warned a moment of truth is fast approaching the u.k. and either you have 2 weeks to seal a deal on their future relationship you could in an all important trade pacts britain formally left the bloc in january but remains in a transition period until the end of the month disagreements about fishing rights are among the big hurdles us to reproduce. it's the moment of truth we have very little time remaining just a few hours to work through these negotiations if we want this agreement to enter into force on the 1st of january as you were informed by our president on the line a few days ago there is a chance of getting an agreement but the path to such an agreement is very narrow. microsoft has confirmed it's the target of a hacking operation that's been described as the worst in u.s. history with a 40 organizations have been targets aides including the u.s.
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government's energy defense state and homeland security departments the attacks still said to be ongoing suspected to be linked to russia it was uncovered last week but investigators believe it's been going on for months mozambique's governments and the un are asking the world for a quarter of a 1000000000 dollars to help people impacted by years of violence 500000 people have been displaced in the northern province of kabul the gardot says 2017 un is worried the crisis could spread beyond mozambique's borders the conflict has been blamed on armed groups have been linked to i so giuliana garcia works with the un's refugee agency in mozambique she says help is urgently needed. we are talking about more than $530000.00 people who have already been displaced and they're going to the south of the province and couple that gado but also to labor in provinces such as the ass off. them as many of them have been forced to flee
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multiple times and to abandon their homes without knowing if or when they will be able to come back access to some areas and couple that god will also remain limits it due to the violence and insecurity and although the international community has been really general our needs they are growing as attacks continue as people are moving multiple times our needs our own growing terms of order 20 patients share of shelter in terms of protection we as unique g.r. the un refugee agency are trying to respond to identify the main needs in terms of protection and for this we need humanitarian. response and for us to be part of it effective it right there with sponsors we need support from international community the fiance old jamal khashoggi is called on us president elect joe biden to release the cia's classified reports into the journalist murder once he takes office there
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are reports that the investigation concludes with medium to high confidence crime prince mohammed in salon ordered the killing has showed she was murdered inside saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul 2018. there's been an explosion as a religious gathering in central afghanistan's cousinly province government official says at least 15 people have been killed 20 others have been injured. it's been 5 years since the u.n. security council adopted a resolution and to pave the way for a political solution in syria european diplomats from the said government a stalling on purpose inserted the mascots to james base now reports. 2015 was arguably the year that changed the course of the war in syria russia got involved militarily bombs from its jets changing the for choose of the assad regime
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. earlier in the war according to international inspectors the regime of used chemical weapons on number of occasions a red line had been crossed but the u.s. leader president obama did not act in response to a growing crisis the international community came together unanimously around the un security council resolution that's been quoted by world leaders ever since where the united nations resolution 2254 times the security council resolution 2254 resolution 20 to $54.00 did on a resolution of understand on the demeanor rid of. it was supposed to deliver a cease fire and peace talks in reality though december 25th is when russia took the upper hand diplomatically with the rest of the world taking a back seat. with both turkey and iran russia organized the new peace process in
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a stana and such it didn't lead to peace areas declared safe zones were retaken by a sad helped by russian bombardment break 2 u.n. envoy is continue to work diligently trying to pursue talks but the latest effort setting up a committee to draw up a new constitution for syria could become bogged down many suspect this was russia and the sides plan all along. it is increasingly apparent that the assad regime is durang the committee's work at the time as it prepares to carry out his sham presidential election in 2021 and washingtonians of the year in solitary the political process let's be honest of them nearly a decade of conflict the political process has not delivered for the syrian people and they continue to suffer and deeply vote in 5 and old sides syria only a political solution m.b. suffering historians a lot of judge russia's diplomacy over this period as both cynical and masterful
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they've used their power in syria and their veto power in the security council to change the course of the war for the assad government they now could be less concerned about the international dynamics of the situation but they must be deeply worried about things inside syria the economy is now rock bottom their own supporters are increasingly unhappy they may have almost won the war but they risk losing the peace before it even starts james bows out just era of the united nations. hundreds of protesters in indonesia demanding the release of a controversial muslim cleric busiek she had was arrested for allegedly breaching covert restrictions i hold in mass gatherings jesca washington has more now from jakarta. hundreds of protesters had gathered here in the city center in chicago to protest against the detention of rethink shihab who is the leader of the islamic
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defendants prog he's currently in police custody for 20 days while they investigate allegations that he breached 19 protocol by holding a mass gathering. was why are you pushing us away we don't want anything we only want justice is it true our hobby violated the law they see that the crowd is very much one of the crowd all going home but the people i feel determined to stay on and protest against the detention are erratic now with the controversial individual here in indonesia now look the bathroom that is run into trouble from the law has previously been charged under the country's. laws the f.b.i. or the islamic the been described as a business owner of the controversial organisation in indonesia a group that it wants it will bottom violence against minority communities including religious minorities here in indonesia. a supercycle in his head fiji
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killing at least 2 people one of them a 3 month old baby the category 5 storm struck on thursday nights causing widespread destruction were in haiti reports from oakland in new zealand. this is just the beginning of the south pacific storm season and cycling yes it was a destructive stops the category 5 storm came ashore with winds gusts of up to 345 kilometers an hour houses and other buildings were destroyed and crops flattened and we will continue to assess the scale of damage in the coming days but we're looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in damages still it could have been much worse change of direction meant the capital suva avoided a direct hits as it was more than 93000 people were in the storm's path. and more than 23000 went to evacuation centers fiji and i used to cycle but the happening
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more often and becoming more dangerous and the prime minister blames climate change the world is getting warm on these storms i didn't struggle every one of us. is going to fuel could just refuse we did be the seriousness of this storm season could be particularly painful full fijian whose economy which is reliant on foreign tourists has been badly affected by the corona virus pandemic wayne hay al jazeera opens. you know asco is warning the wildlife park in senegal is in danger of losing its world heritage states as. a unique species of wildlife has been under threats from under legal gold mining and joined a security patrol in the park. it starts with a call deep inside senegal's park a poacher has been spotted. on board is the panther brigade deployed to protect
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with the u.n. describes as a world heritage site in danger 8 anti-poaching rangers for a park as big as the island of jamaica the mission appears impossible the jungle is dense disorienting and dangerous the rangers fear both the armed poachers and the attacks from the wild cats they are meant to protect making the animal they move swiftly and quietly towards a fire they can spell burning by a water spots. sergeant juve points to what is left of a camp they arrived too late yet again they are one step behind. it's hard to catch them finding coaches in both walking kilometers up to kilometers in silence to try to catch them by surprise. with the men cannot do 10 in jell-o. hoops a drone can from the air he may get a better view of where the poachers are but the immensity of the task he is rangers are faced with his huge preserving $450.00 species of animals and $16000.00 types
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of plants and precious trees the threat is not just poaching but industry human encroachment inside the park are small scale gold mining ventures destroying piano most habitat on the outskirts of the gold mining is of industrial scale and upstream international donors are funding the construction of several hydroelectric dams well this will bring power to millions it will alter the park's ecosystem putting more animals in danger tenant jello attaches a camera to a tree to get a picture of what is at stake here. and not on the does this give us an idea of what species they are in the park but also the movement so that we are better equipped to protect them they come out at night leopards chimps hyenas and the parks king the lion animals on the move in search of a safe place to live on this pathway aligned with the bald head and when it roared
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this part of the forest and all the animals fell silent and left these droppings now rarely do we have any sighting of this animal that wants to make its presence known because whilst it is the national symbol of senegal the lion of senegal is on the verge of extinction. a lion skin cells for anything from $9.00 to $35000.00 on the black market which is why the park attracts poachers from around the world the human exploitation of the park's precious natural resources the animals plants and trees is slowly decimating a unesco world heritage site and there are only a few people employed trying to protect it nicholas hawk al-jazeera park it senegal . and in our the last of our reports on the series we'll take you to peru where an ancient city is under threat from squatters more sat right here on al-jazeera and 10 g.m.t.
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on saturday. that qatar is celebrating its national day as it looks towards a potential end to the bookcase imposed by regional neighbors since 2017 kurds subban limits its cheats the pandemic but the stopping the military parades and air show the event is also ordered from time health care workers it's also understates to be close to ending the embargo by saudi arabia the u.a.e. . and egypt. i'm a little hazy an end to how with the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of schoolboys have arrived home a week after they were kidnapped in northern nigeria it in give medical checks before being reunited the family members the boys were abducted by a group with a parent links to boko haram al-jazeera zamudio dresses in cut scene a city where the boys have been right.


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