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now you take it out just to. read the news and current affairs that matter to. counter 0. 0. their income from al this is the use our lives for dog coming up the next 60 minutes india becomes the 2nd country with more than 10000000 recorded coronavirus actions. the u.s. approves a 2nd vaccine but the family's coverage of christmas doctors warned surgery infection rates will get even worse. in the park ranges in zimbabwe using drones to protect animals from coaches. and bringing sesame street to cox's bizarre children's show
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creates new bumper to education and support in the world's biggest refugee camp. m p discriminant all over your sports for india slumped to their lowest innings total interest cricket score in just $36.00 of the crotched one strain in adelaide. we begin this news all with the latest developments on the coronavirus scientific as the global number of cases continues to rise in india the number of reported infections has now passed 10000000 that is the 2nd highest figure in the world behind the u.s. but the government says infection rates have fallen sharply in recent weeks in the united states a 2nd corona virus vaccine has been approved tests showed the jab is more than 94 percent effective when administered in 2 doses 4 weeks pass europe has entered the final week before christmas with many countries imposing new lockdowns germany seen
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another 24 hours with more than 30000 infections despite a 3rd day of tight restrictions while that's all more about india we're joined by ron. desk of the in new delhi he is an epidemiologist and professor at the center of social medicine and community health at joel highland their university thank you for your time sir so the 10000000 mark is obviously concerning but there are apparently some bright spots encouraging signs in terms of the trajectory talk me through that with the bride's foresaw as follows the notification of daily new cases which was $90000.00 plus is now down 223000 range which is a 70 percent decline from its peak this is equally true of all the states that were hotspot areas reducing by anything between 50 percent to 90 percent. the other good news the natural production number which ought to be below one is
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now in the 0.8 trains which is a marker of things slowing down and the test positivity rate which ought to be below 5 is now somewhere between 2.5 and 3 varying across the states so these are the great sports however as we have seen a bit other countries both in europe and in the u.s. there have been resurgence of cases and therefore the surveillance and visual needs to be maintained but as my next question how vigilant is india in its response and also in planning for a potential 2nd or 3rd wave whether all the states are in a state of preparedness on the plus side there haven't really been any indication of even at its peak the health system getting overwhelmed by any measure.
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however the supreme court did come out with a certain advisories on friday that yesterday in response to a mortar case on disposal of dead bodies and it did alert both states and the central government to maintain the alert. it did emphasize on roping in the private sector in case the government is not able to provide the full complement of services and it certainly alerted the government that the advisories for preventive measures for preventive behaviors in specific are followed including to impose pay no measures as it may deem fit speaking of the government response the governor wants to rollout 300000000 doses of vaccine 600000000 if you consider people need 2 of the of the jabs of the shots that all of the 1st phase the plans for the 1st phase how prepared is india for that kind of
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undertaking that's right this is the phase one which would be completed by july 2021 according to current plans that's a total of $600000000.00 those across the country it to those as per person there is an elaborate mechanism of preparation going on in a cascaded manner national state district and down to the block. india is strong on its immunization program the fundamentals are good there is. enough preparedness on the vaccine logistic side. teams are being trained in other words a whole range of preparations is going on the choice of vaccine is expected soon and to avoid any confusion because there are 2 of those as each district would be assigned one particular vaccine the brands will not be mixed and there is
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also a. range of measures for strengthening the surveillance system for adverse events that may follow the immunization which is going to be very crucial a massive undertaking thank you so much for a time epidemiologist. think in the us a 2nd vaccine has got the green line i said with mass an occupation expected to stop within days its approval came just after the vice president was given the pfizer back saying on live television reports from the white house. right this was a very public would have confidence in the coronavirus vaccine. the vice president his wife and the u.s. surgeon general getting an injection live on t.v. they want to assure americans that the vaccine works and it's safe the american people deserve to know that we've never been more prepared to combat the coronavirus than we are today and even when we see cases rising in hospitalizations
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rising and heartbreaking losses will continue to marshal the resources that we've secured as a nation including a safe and effective vaccine to meet this moment. senior members of the white house coronavirus team were also at the event the most recognizable dr anthony insisting the vaccines are finally providing a light at the end of what's been a very long tunnel as we get into january february march and april that light is going to get brighter and brighter and of bitterness is going to be replaced by the sweetness and we all hope and i think this is doable that by the time we get several months into this year we will have enough people protected that we can start thinking seriously about to return to normality not at the event in the old executive office building right next door to the white house itself the president instead he was tweeting out allegations without proof that the presidential
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election had been stolen from his spokesperson says he's open to getting the vaccine that are just no plans to do that at the moment for the 2nd friday in a row regulators in the u.s. approved a vaccine the food and drug administration giving americans to use authorization to moderna that'll mean 6000000 doses being sent out in the coming days and because the drug doesn't have to be stored at extremely low temperatures it could be used in more locations more than 3000 initially but while the vaccines provide some good news the scale of the problem in the u.s. is actually growing more than 3000 deaths a day in recent days hospitalizations a record numbers health providers across all 50 states warning their close to breaking point and with families planning to gather in a week for the christmas holiday experts are worried that will create another deadly spike that will cast a shadow into the new year alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house ok dial for
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the situation in the u.k. let's speak to rory talents who joins us live from london rory just update us on the situation there. well not good news and fred there is growing alarm in the u.k. about a new strain of the corona virus which seems to be spreading pretty fast in the south of the country and it's alarming politicians so much the boris johnson called an emergency meeting of ministers late on friday nights to discuss it it's been known about for a little while now because matt hancock the health secretary briefed parliaments about it back on monday and it has been seen in other countries the questions that still remain about this new strain are is it more dangerous than the existing strains of corona virus the early indications suggest that it isn't necessarily but
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that it does transmits more easily what impact might this new strain have on vaccinations and the ones that have already been developed we don't know that yet and then also what does it mean for restrictions in the united kingdom and and christmas now if the government is so minded to take it this new strain does give them an opportunity to roll back on the relaxations regarding social gatherings that have been announced for christmas people are allowed to gather. with family members from different families over christmas within limitations. this new strain gives the government an opportunity say actually is our let's let's go back on that without looking like they change their minds they can just say that the facts shifted things the red warning signs have been flashing for a while now about rising infections across the country and the burden that this is
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putting on the national health service in england some 90 percent of beds are already full and rising so the government might already have been regressing relaxing the rules over christmas anyway and the picture is i have to say similarly grim in many parts of europe and i can go through some of those countries now in in this report you can watch. in the german city of hanau they've run out of space for bodies in the hospital morgues the shipping container is being used to temporarily handle the overflow i know existed a card a diesel unfortunately the situation on hand now has changed we now need to make use of our containers that we have had here since april initially as a precaution since yesterday to cover the deceased are hidden and total $25.00 to $6.00 can be stored in the container on sadly we had to start using the container from yesterday. germany has lost its position as
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a role model for how to handle the pandemic well they vaccinations are set to start after christmas the 1st in the imminent probable approval of the 1st vaccine naturally gives us hope that's obviously it wasn't solve the problem and realistically we need to be prepared as months of january and february be the hottest months of this pandemic several european countries are deep in the grip of a 2nd or perhaps even 3rd wave of coronavirus french president emmanuel macron continues his isolation after catching its. continued from our hearts he continued to be careful on thursday i tested positive which shows that the virus can really affect anyone because i am very protected i'm very careful i respect distance and i wear a mask i regularly use hand sanitizer and in spite of everything i caught the virus surely due to a moment of inattention or a bit of bad luck but that's the way it is. in your french government scientific advisor says vaccine rollout could take longer than thought don't expect to return
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to normal before late next year francois tough race he has warned with more than 15000 people in the u.k. currently hospitalized for coronavirus the country is approaching the 1st wave peak of $18000.00 hospitalizations. in any normal year central london would be teeming with christmas shoppers but this as we know is no normal year londoners are among the $38000000.00 people across the united kingdom currently living under the its toughest of the 3 coronavirus restriction tears yes there's a temporary relaxation for christmas itself so families can get together but in many parts of the country after that the shutters are coming down again and they're coming down harder. the chair generated by being the 1st country to administer the pfizer biotech vaccine has one of the ready stopping the national health service becoming overwhelmed has again become the top priority george allen's 0 london.
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but more ahead on the news on including a happy homecoming boys kidnapped from their school in nigeria reunited with their parents. we'll tell you about a high profile killing in mexico former governor is shot dead despite having 15 bodyguards. and the boxing world gets ready for the most highly anticipated fights of the year details coming up in school. the u.s. congress has managed to temporarily avoid a government shutdown has approved a 2 day extension of funding to keep agencies operating until sunday and says republicans and democrats try to resolve sticking points on a 900000000000 dollar coronavirus relief package hoping to approve it of the weekend after months of stalemate. u.s. secretary of state my pump a.o. says it's pretty clear that russian hackers are behind an ongoing cyber attack
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described as the worst in american history on than 40 organizations have been targeted including 6 governments government departments cyber security experts say it could take months to undo the damage the full extent of the cyber attack is still emerging but it's thought to have been going on for months. members of the u.s. congress have been given a classified briefing about this afterwards some said the trump administration is failing to respond properly national security is the number one challenge the number one responsibility of a government is to protect our people every government agency is compromised our national security is compromised. i'm disappointed that he is. bringing the government together to respond to it protests are expected in sudan to mark 2 years since the uprising that eventually led to the removal of president obama al bashir from office thousands of people in the city all thoughts are took to the streets in
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december 28th to protest against high unemployment poverty and corruption within days the demonstrations spread to other cities including the capital costs and by april 29000 president omar bashir was overthrown by the military 4 months later about accusations of excessive violence against protesters the military step to cite in favor of a civilian led transitional government. ever morgan is live for us now from ca to sudan's economy is continuing to get worse obviously people are struggling so today's event of a celebration or more of a protest. welcomed today's event or for here for people here and for them is a bit of both people say that they're quite proud that their revolution was able to oust a president who was in power for nearly 3 decades and they say this is something that was not easy to achieve but because they were determined to do it they were able to do it now they also say that one of the reasons that took them out of the streets was the worsening. crisis in the country economic crisis health crisis
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educational crisis so they say that they wanted better living conditions but we hear from people here on the streets and people elsewhere saying that the situation has not improved much inflation was at around 50 percent when the revolution started in december 28th now it's over more than 250 percent so people say that things are not getting better but getting worse and they're saying that that's not because the current transitional government is not working because the military is still in control they say that when they took to the streets they wanted a civilian led government but they say that they feel like the military is still in control and that's one of the reasons why they say they will take to the streets and the next few hours to demand that the disability inside of the government take control as it should be in the power sharing agreement that was signed in of course 2019 there have been some positive developments haven't for sudan like getting off the u.s. state sponsor of terrorism list how's that affected the mood in the country.
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well in terms of economy that has not changed a lot of things the sudanese pound is still continuing to lose value against the dollar so there is no concrete change in terms of economy people here say that that is an achievement and that is something that is that has happened because the former government led by i want to be sure has been answered and there's a civilian government in place and that there is a democratic democratic transition that is currently happening they say if not for . that would not have been possible sudan would still be on the list that it's been on for nearly 3 decades so they said that's an achievement that has changed moods here to a certain degree that it was something that's happened just last week so the mood here is quite positive people saying are saying that they're happy there has been achieved months as well such as. criminalizing female genital mutilation and there have been laws against that women have gotten more freedom and more rights so there has been achievement of people saying that has not impacted the country's economy which is their main concern but has not improved access to health care which is also another concern for them so they say that they are going to take to the
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streets in a few hours to make sure that they let the government know that they are behind this transition they're backing this democratic transition but they want to see concrete change something that they've demanded sense data through the streets 2 years ago ok thank you so much for that have a morgan there live from. a u.s. congressional report has found boeing officials manipulated tests of the 737 max which may have contributed to 2 plane crashes there poor shows boeing worked with regulations to rig pilot testing and avoid raising awareness of a flaw in the safety system testimonies from 50 whistleblowers were taken 2 of the planes crash in 2018 killing 346 people led to the grounding worldwide of the 737 max a hospital fire in turkey has killed at least 9 people it happened at a private facility in the southeastern province of gaza and tip off spittle officials say the blaze started where when an oxygen machine exploded in the
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intensive care unit the coronavirus patients being treated for them dozen people were injured. the children's us t.v. show sesame street has created 2 new cast members who are young working the refugees called nor and the joining of the muppets in the world's biggest refugee camp it's called is bizarre and bangladesh hundreds of thousands of really good muslims have been living there for years after fleeing violence the military crackdown in neighboring me and ma here's some of how the play to learn program works. ok let's bring in dr and he should she is head of women and children affairs at the
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european council and joins us live now from salt on in switzerland thank you for your time i know it's a small thing but what do you think all of these sesame street creating characters who live in a tent city who are scared of of loud noises what's your reaction to that. i think sesame street and their partners have done a great job they have made a clear leadership role approach towards their war here children trapped in their refugee camps. they have created a pocket for others to follow the same steps to get children in myanmar in bangladesh after the last must exist in 2017 there haven't been anything done for them their education has been ignored for many years so this is one of the 1st love lifeline for our eroding your young children this will provide them in
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a court unity as a sesame street intends to to learn to read to write to calculate but also at the same time free themselves scape to plane from daily stresses and also forget the trauma they have endured in myanmar in the back stories of these characters a much less traumatic than what some of the real life rugged children have been through what are some of the flow on impacts that you see in children as a result of what they've been through. in tutoring they have a coping with mechanics and they're more resilient resilient and then added as. we have seen time and again and again that they're here community is a very resilient community so the trauma they have endured in your mom or a distress they are facing right now very basic stress in my 8 in 10 years time in 8 years time in the future come up as post traumatic stress disorder and i think
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these an enormous whiter wall in healing that walt you mentioned it there you know when children don't have access to a school where they can't learn to read or to write or to do basic math i mean will that have an impact you know years down the track when you have a generation of children who have missed out on the on this very basic education education is food to the soul being we have physical needs like food water to live to survive are protected shelter but education is food for our mind for our saw so board should be provided and rangar to not have been denied of the right the basic basic right to education and i think this is one of the very important steps what stude has done so in the future to education be are very much
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sure that these children will not be victims of child abuse will not be victims of human traffickers will not be exploited in many ways particularly girls you know i was reading girls are particularly vulnerable because you know take being taken out of if they are do have access to education being taken out of school because their families are struggling are girls in particular vulnerable from what you're hearing on the ground. girls are. very much. it's because they haven't been provided the right tools to develop themselves and one of them is education and the running are women or girls who have had the approach unity to dev of themselves to education they are not privy to such. crimes like human trafficking sexual exploitation home abuse or
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domestic abuse so i think education or anything education will be and change. in an enormous the beyond education what other things can be done to begin to address the kind of trauma that these children have faced and to be able to help them as they continue their journey on to help their development in such a crucial time in their lives and community must realize what they're all in your community what they're looking at children have thought me amar in 2012 and 0 in early years they have to really realize that something horrible has happened to them therefore it is very important that accountability is adverse at the same time access to not only education but quality education is very important here we are talking about. early child education but we should not forget children who are above the age of 1213 are our
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youth they also need access to education to higher education that's why it's very important only if we provide access to education many problems can be solved so our continuity access to education access to freedom of movement even inside the camps in bangladesh thank you so much your time we have to leave it there dr and you to shop there live from seoul a town in switzerland thank you very much. it all seen as a relatively new development in zimbabwe some national parks are using drones to patrol vast areas and deter would be poachers which also has more from long in the northwest of the country. with zimbabwe's economy further damaged by the pandemic patrolling its biggest game reserve is a challenge to make up shortfalls in funding. drones are now being used in
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rangoon national park it covers an area of more than 14000 square kilometers approximately half the size of belgium game warden say these drones are proving effective where there aren't enough boots on the ground we are green the treeless of those drones the weak and the quality of the picture of the event that we find in the go to riches is crystal clear and in terms of iraq origin of increased coverage always came through in a way that can be done member 3 for several years in this brutal flick 20 to 30 minutes one challenge faced by rangers is the limited flying time of the drones they can only stay in the air for about half an hour with a range of or at least 16 kilometers conservationists home to about 800000 elephants that's around a 5th of africa's total population in recent years poachers of cyanide to poison elephants birds and other animals in this national park wildlife officials say push
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nativity have declined this year thanks to the use of drones the introduction of tougher sentences on poachers and the shift to kill policy covered 911 restrictions have also deterred local and foreign poachers i think there is directions in terms of movement of people but as a whole played a big role in terms of full. pushing. care flows. movement rather blocks. the number of people who come to the same was normally most of the people come they came long long long long long distances from various places according to statistics from the government agencies in parks this year 20 elephants were killed by poachers down from 30 killings recorded last year and only 8 rhinos down from 29 to 2019 officials say that's a big step towards conservation efforts not just in zimbabwe but the whole region how to meet us al-jazeera wangel. some of the weather has evidence
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however we've got more snow in the forecast for japan over the next couple of days the winds continuing to drift across the sea of japan coming in from the northwest direction picking up that moisture that sea effect snow something more outbreaks of the white stuff then across the good parts of the honshu and also into hokkaido i showed above the mountains not too bad in tokyo should be largely dry here temperatures around 10 celsius spotting some shot across the korean peninsula into a good part of china china just a lousy drive and not just some what's a weather just around taiwan and that wet weather continues to push down across the philippines where we have the potential for a developing tropical storm coming through here it is locally known as a vacay here we go that's spinning away now pushing across into the south china sea and the legacy of this is the problem that's coming in across lose on more heavy rain here as we go on through tuesday on into wednesday as well and by that stage
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we'll see some wetter weather also affecting the far south of vietnam west of where that will eventually this system will eventually push its way down towards the southern parts of thailand now to southern india you could see some showers longer spells of rain coming through here and a city looking wet over the next couple of days with the possibility of flooding as frank. still ahead on al-jazeera a look at how crowded virus restrictions have left hundreds of thousands of seafarers stranded from the pandemic. and we take you to prove or an ancient city as i just read from this court sets plus. plane. wreckage from biological and chemical agents more weaponized through out history a lot more for the 1st reared its head one man started fighting the way it
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developed by nation states there could be another trip that every child can know within reach of those seeking the compound the most toxic substance in the world over the internet and man made invisible threat on al jazeera when the news breaks the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be hurt no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar in indian administered kashmir people here say they're living in fear al-jazeera has teams on the ground they never ate the sky for food that we simply don't know if we can teach you to bring you more award winning documentaries and life needs on air and online. in the on. the in the one.
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you actually are just there a reminder of our top stories this hour the number of reported corona virus infections in india has passed 10 maybe it has the 2nd highest number of cases in the world behind us i was has infection rates have fallen sharply in recent weeks. u.s. regulators have approved a 2nd coronavirus vaccine for about its use of olaf's and millions of doses of the but it's expected to begin this restrict. us secretary of state my pompei o says it's pretty clear that russian packets of private ongoing cyber attacks described as the worst in american history more than 40 organizations have been tog's its critics 6 government departments. some of the 344 boys who were kidnapped and northern nigeria have described more about their
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ordeal that are back with their parents in the state of katsina then raided their school and took the last friday holding them in a forest full details of their rescue still clear including whether a ransom was paid. to be honest there was no food or water for us no shelter no break and the friday we were taken we spent 2 days without sleep food was leaves and after 2 days without food we were given fresh potatoes and pieces of ground not cake. frankly speaking i feel like god is conscious me paradise because i'm so happy after spending 2 days without eating anything and that is more than 90 years old and i am lost and she stopped eating and drinking in addition my 3 sisters would matter to hospital. walking barefoot some of them limping the 344 schoolboys are led by
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a nigerian security force us to the save environment of the governor's office in it and after nearly a week in captivity instead of joy and exhaustion written on their young faces. in. the government says all the students abducted in an armed raid on a boarding school in the town of last week have now been freed but it's yet to explain the circumstances leading to their release a quick intervention prevented nigeria's largest muslim doctrine from turning into another type of disaster in 2014 security experts say nigeria's offer to act
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quickly when boko haram took more than 270 students from a girl 2nd to school in chibok more than $100.00 of them are still unaccounted for . for 6 days the students were forced to trick and hike until i joined in security forces pinned down their abductors in a forest in nearby some far state earlier hundreds more students either they skipped on their own or held by the military and many in a poor state of health 14 year old osama i mean managed to make his own way to freedom but the punishing trek across forests and rocky hills has left him now fighting for his life he's bedridden because of sickle cell anemia med worse by this experience his father is desperately worried about his health never to name him like you. do he said he was propped up and helped along by fellow students as they march for a fake forest when their group was rested for a few minutes he saw
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a chance to escape he crawled away and hid behind a tree he dragged himself to a village ways brought home on a motorcycle going to secondary school from where the boys were taken is now shut just like schools in 3 other states in nigeria's north west the authorities are taking no chances that they could be father such raids nigeria's security forces are overstretched and they are fighting many battles including against the arm group boko haram why against western style education but eventually the government would want the schools to reopen accommodate greece al-jazeera nigeria. u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has called on armed groups in central african republic to put down their weapons peacekeepers were deployed ahead of elections on december 27th president phosgene. data has been accused of planning electoral fraud to
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secure a 2nd term it was hard has covered the situation in central african republic extensively he joins me from senegal for an update nicholas now these armed groups have come together to form a coalition just give us the context here who are they why have they done this and what impact will it have. well kim they call themselves the coalition for patriotic change and it's it's a mishmash of groups that had signed the peace agreement in 2019 in khartoum. armed groups that once fought each other united now advancing towards the capital bank you know they're there hundreds of kilometers away but it's it's beyond a political movement it's really an armed group movement and they are in a house with the lack of movement towards that peace agreement remember. the president at that time had promised to give them more agency more roles into the government and also more money they haven't received any of that and so you have influential groups such as. who is one of the leaders of these armed groups.
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they were members of the select group that took over power back in 2013 but you also have forces that were fighting them that have united with them which are you know the. because you also have the defense forces the full on the defense forces that force and you've got 7 armed groups in total and they've called in a communique for action so what that means is that their troops are moving slowly but surely towards the capital now they're not trying to take over power but they just want to put pressure on the president and on the governments just days before the presidential election speaking of elections a lot of people organizations the u.n. included a voicing concerns about the upcoming vote what. well you know the music it has a 13000 strong force remember in the past they've been accused of sexual violence
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against the people they are meant to protect now they have the difficult task to push ahead with this election this is a will from the international community and also the russians that play a key role in this remember the russians came in. training the central african forces and we solved the. central african forces by the russian take on these armed groups back in the summer of 2020 and that might be why we've seen this movement of these armed groups that no longer trust the government of. fulfilling the promises or the agreements of the khartoum agreement so the new scout force the u.n. force on the ground wants they want to see a peaceful election but already we've seen the former president. that was eliminated from the race so there's a sense of tension and as the statement by the u.n. secretary secretary general internet interest mentioned there is
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a real call for appeasement ahead of this vote remember this vote is taking place in a country where most people are dependent on humanitarian aid the norwegian roof refugee council calls as one of the most neglected conflict in the world we have millions of people displaced in a country that's the size of texas that's rich in diamond and gold and so this is where these armed groups come in play that they control a large swath of the country we've been on the ground inflates is where there is no un forces there is no government but just armed forces that are holding power holding hostage hundreds of thousands of people on the ground so this election is playing out in a difficult context for the central african republic and another piece of information came that's interesting we've seen a campaign of information or dissent from ation both by the russians and the french the former colonial power to intervene in 2013. facebook has removed several
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accounts accusing link to the french and also to the russians accusing them of spreading think news ahead of these elections that will be held on the 27th of december around a lot of tension back to you thank you for that necklace cost of elements from senator. a former governor of the mexican state was shot dead on friday in the beach town of atlanta it's the latest a series of violent acts a country plagues by drug related gang activity the home has. this video apparently records the moment when the x. governor of the mexican state of her was killed in a restaurant or man's land others start to listen the violence was holidaying in the resort town of put and he was out with 3 of the people and of 15 strong bodyguard team provided by the state who couldn't save him. when he attack
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happened at 1 40 in the morning he got up from the table and went to the bathroom that's where nard man shot him in the back. killings have become common at local level emits kampala ticks but the murder of an ex governor is still very unusual the investigation into who was behind the attack is just beginning but it's not going to be easy that's because the state attorney said the staff from the restaurant cleaned up the crime scene took away evidence and even removed security cameras. in the southwest of the country is the heartland of one of mexico's most powerful criminal groups the new generation cartel. this is one of the videos they've released showing their firepower and they've not been afraid to turn it on authorities to fool this is fascination could mark the start of a real season of political violence in mexico and that's because next july the country's holding its biggest ever elections and in the run up to elections in the
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country is usually the point where criminal groups try to position their own candidate and they often do that by murdering rival once. they start to listen for mcgovern or a police go will likely not be the last guy john home and how does it or mexico city. since the pandemic began hundreds of thousands of people working at sea have endured global restrictions used to keep the world to economy afloat now in the 1st ruling of its kind the international labor organization has found various governments are in breach of their basic rights risking their safety and mental well being pandemic restrictions are affecting an estimated 400000 c. for those who are unable to go home or get access to basic health care earlier this month the un general assembly urged all countries to designate seafarers and other marine personnel as key workers. or guy 10 is secretary general of the international chamber of shipping he says the changes are long overdue. this is
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actually ship owners want to replace a cruise ship owners need to replace a cruise because you know from a safety in a mental health point of view absolute imperative so it's not for lack of withdrawing we know ship owners have diverted their ships thousands and thousands of miles just to get to a port which allows crew changes the what's happened here is that essentially governments focus on their own national populations and and c. per's if you like were collateral damage and they weren't allowed to sure they weren't allowed to get the airports and they weren't allowed to go home so this is not to want to try and this is a global problem with governments around the world just not really recognizing seafarers as a key workers and we're pleased with the u.n. made a general assembly resolution last last month but so far today only $46.00 countries have formally recognized seafarers as key workers and giving them the priority that they absolutely deserve the ship to continue to trade i mean honestly there is a really been some of the heroes of this they've made sure that governments and
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societies have access to the medical goods access to food to fuel to all those essential to keep life running they've kept on going what we want now is governments to reciprocate now to recognise some of the key and recognise the need to be a place you wouldn't expect a doctor to work indefinitely hours they need to be replaced and get rest the same philosophy thousands well so know that the ships haven't stopped and that's been the real plus of this pandemic and they will continue to operate what we need now governments to do to play their parts. throughout this week on al-jazeera we've been bringing you reports about unesco heritage sites that could lose their special status in toronto and ancient cities under threat from squash that's one of our sanchez reports from caught up in. the secret city of kut and the remains of the oldest to play station in the americas have been standing here for 5000 years almost unscathed until now. farmers seem disruptive and. so when
1:46 pm
crops on the doorsteps of these ancient ruins and squatters have moved in. archeologists who work here say they flee sieved death threats element relive an uncertainty this is far away if we called the police they take long to get here we don't know if the squatters will harm us. in illegal land seizures are common and look for it if squatters are often in conflict with police are killed just route shot he was shot in the chest in 2002 she says she received more death threats and when she tried to evict squatters from at least 9 sites she got little help i mean. we went to the police but they told us it wasn't their priority that we could not count on them we asked again and they sent one officer with one is impossible to victim. land disputes have been going on for decades since being named a unesco heritage site in 2009 land prices around got rocketed from 6 to nearly
1:47 pm
$50000.00 protector since the pandemic the archaeologists left the site and more squatters have moved in this is how close farms and urban areas are to ruins not only in cattle about throughout the coast of peru filled with vestiges of pre-columbian cultures the area is so vast it's nearly impossible to protect it all this archaeological sown is dispersed across hundreds of square kilometers families living close to it say they built homes here before it was discovered and they defend newcomers that i am i we need a place to live if they pay us what we invested in our homes we can leave but they just come to victor us. police seldom supervise the 11 sites now occupied by squatters to evict them now they will have to go to court and that can take years some say those delays risk the future of this engine site survived earthquakes
1:48 pm
climate change and generations of peruvians who revered it and yet a scientist are just that i'll be too. still ahead on al-jazeera we hear from a libyan father has returned to the honey said strings on. his horse a doctor a in indian cricket details coming up in just a minute. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or $2200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like good little get the vaccine when there's no money at all the rest of
1:49 pm
rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera. network to al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get the forces heard on the international news channel one moment i'll be very proud of was when we covered the whole earthquake of 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be there to tell the people story was very important at the time. some have sought his music became with all of cricket and india have recorded the
1:50 pm
lowest ever innings total in test match history on route to being crushed by australia in adelaide they scored just 36 runs in the 2nd innings australia's josh hazlewood it took 5 wickets for 8 runs with india going on to lose by 8 wickets after the all these overturned amiga victory target of 90 the home side now lead before match series until. joining us now is the e.s.p.n. cric info news editor nug pretty now i want to thank you for your time how much will this loss hurt indian cricket in particular the fans. it's difficult to gauge really how much this will hold but it is one of the darkest chapters in any cricket history and that who coming on the back of it deemed that who was captain just said that this is the new india which is very positive very very aggressive 2 years back they created history in 2018 in australia and they run when they became the 1st country. to test series in australia and it be us trillions to watch
1:51 pm
it was an adelaide where they started their campaign to us victory and now 2 years down the line lost absolutely and how. how did the collapse happen bad bad thing great bowling dodgy pitch what do you reckon. i didn't so to sum up in just one line australia gotten better and better than india picks started off really nicely after having wonder tossed coli $100.00 and decided to bat and for your viewers each time clearly the best captain has won the toss and you has won a test of this is the 1st time he's lost a test on preventing the toss in the actually in the 1st innings backorder were actually 90 dollars which is the highest in the 4 innings but this morning they can do even it capitally did in less than an hour or so combination factor that going into goalie himself in his own words it was a lack of intent from his batsman and really precise accurate consistent calling
1:52 pm
from straight and fast bowlers speaking of kohli india will be without the captain for the rest of the series for family reasons given what happened today how much he's absence hit the team. big time kohli brings a lot of intensity lot of energy to this team it was his batting in the 1st innings which actually was the backbone ostend years of forcing stuart. and without him now the of onus will be the responsibility will be on the shoulders of 2 key players to picture which are and ajinkya running with an outstanding as the captain for the remaining 3 tests unfortunately for them bad news is both a jar and rouhani today got. but having said that which are actually was a man of the series 3 years back and he remains the go to batsman for india so if dish to go batsman can succeed india's bowling. is
1:53 pm
a good subject to one people who got hold today on his arm an active moment chani if he comes back when an indian batsman do well india can still keep the head high or not good scholar pretty thank you very much for your time really appreciate it thank you. former barcelona and cameroon striker samuel eto'o says african players were unfairly nordin a recent ballon d'or vote 3 all time will the dream teams were selected by journalists and fans and not a single african was selected that's not not you have you have you have cited you have dropped you have the luck to play it is was the best player in our team but you know this that is up only what problem is. that is the problem has been going. 7 times formula one world champion lewis hamilton has also spoken out against racial discrimination how one was speaking at
1:54 pm
the sport's annual awards ceremony he says he sports has not progressed in terms of diversity the 2020 f one season was notable for the drivers taking a knee before races to stand in solidarity against racism. i've always walked alone in this sport i've never really come across another we've never come across another black family and. i mean look i've been in for what for 14 years and it has not progressed in terms of its diversity world champion boxer good night eagle of can has made middleweight boxing history in the last few hours because a stand fighter successfully defended his i.b.m. chairmanship against a coming shadow matter in florida the win means a goal of can set a new record for most middleweight title defenses at 21. meanwhile for division champion solo that is is taking on britain's callum smurf in
1:55 pm
a super middleweight world title fight later the mexican has lost just once during his career that was to floyd mayweather back in 23. but i meant he hadn't he's got a completely different fighter than all the other fighters have come up against he's a great fighter with all the abilities he has but i've got my boxing abilities as well and i need to use all of my experience it'll be a great fight but i'm ready for this challenge. 15 times major goal champion tiger woods has been practicing ahead of the latest events on the p.g.a. tour that's the p n c championship but it wasn't really about the tournament all triger on this occasion this is charlie woods the 11 year old son of the former world number one charlie has been seen a few times recently practicing with these dead only time will tell if he will be able to emulate his famous father's feats on the golf course. that will leave it for now i'll be here again later with more sports news thank you for. fighting in
1:56 pm
libya has devastated entire communities more than 125000 homes have been destroyed in southern tripoli since war holy father launched a military offensive last year although the fighting has ended so now many families don't have a home to go back to we met with a father who was trying to rebuild his life. since then they've been saying my name is faisal been saeed and this is my house and i'm an engineer and i have 2 little girls that hellish after the fighting began i left my house i didn't return until the war was over are you remember when we 1st left the house my family and i slept in the car for a few days we didn't know where to go so we stayed with different friends for a while now we are staying with my in-laws it was really hard for us especially my daughter for the she was constantly crying she would say i want our old house and my old toys as a father that hurt me it was even harder for my wife when we saw the state of our home we were socks personally i was devastated emotionally and mentally it took me
1:57 pm
years to build this home and i put everything i had into it we have besides being destroyed they looted everything it's not my fight i just want to live a peaceful life and provide for my family i speak for the thousands like me both sides spend billions on fighting but when it comes to the average citizen no one cares about us all they care about is their position now i wonder if i just start rebuilding what if i fix my house and tomorrow another war begins and my home is destroyed all over again my hopes and aspirations have completely changed i used to have dreams now i just want to feed my family i'm not optimistic but i constantly pray may god guide them all to leave their weapons behind and come together as libyans as brothers so we can build a better country for children but it's for make himself this news hour we'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news for suggesting the vice. on
1:58 pm
the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants they might go amiss a mother of 4 says contagion is always on our mind not of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive
1:59 pm
messages on the i'm seeing that we are you know as i was a nurse back who what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others the american people have finally folk in america is i slid off balance or become more dangerous the world is looking to defend us live next year of sadness and. with the election behind us will the republican party dump trucks to the fuel weekly take on us politics and society that's the bottom line. and the poorest suburbs of 3 european cities community tensions often reveal a shop cultural divides but they feel they have no future in our sideline discrimination is their real problem in a brussels al-jazeera world meet some of those struggling with racism radicalization and life on the margins of detroit this young man a week from the days than there are listed the of the face of europe on al-jazeera
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. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. india becomes the 2nd country with more than 10000000 recorded corona virus infections. that i have my head in and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. approves a 2nd coronavirus vaccine but with families gathering for christmas doctors warn surging infections will get even worse. days out from elections armed groups in central african republic join forces saying the president plans to bring the votes
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