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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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'd 3. al jazeera. hi there i'm kevin l. this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes one by one european governments announce the christmas lockdowns they resisted with no other option to control surging coronavirus infections. days out from elections rebel groups in central african republic to join forces saying the president plans to revote. u.s. secretary of state my phone post says it's pretty clear russia is behind an
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unprecedented cyber attack on government agencies. and bringing sesame street to cox is bizarre the children's show creates new markets for education in sports the world's biggest refugee camp. and i'm peter finn i have all your supporters india slumped to the lowest total interest cricket school in just $36.00 of the crushed adelaide. less than a week before christmas families across europe a face of what's supposed to be a festive season separated and confined to their homes governments trying to get back in control of infection rates see lockdowns as the only answer in italy shops bars and restaurants will close travel between regions is being banned even going outdoors will be limited neighboring austria goes into its 3rd lockdown on december the 26th germany and its 3rd day of tough restrictions has seen another 24 hours
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with more than 30000 new infections elsewhere india has become the 2nd nation to record more than 10000000 infections of the us is all has been done as covert 19 vaccine allowing a 2nd jab to be shipped across the world's worst affected country i'll speak more about that shortly with hide your castro in washington d.c. 1st let's go to henri chalons and a european broadcast said to rory as you mentioned there is tightening its restrictions what's the picture like across the rest of europe. yeah each day we seem to be hearing of new countries bringing in tougher restrictions as you outlined there is going into a new national lockdown across the whole country for select parts of the christmas and new year period where yes you will still be able to see relatives etc with certain within certain limits but there are other things that you can
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do you know only be able to travel for work for health or emergency reasons so that country locking down its early has the worst death figures in europe at the moment snooty 68000 people have died from corona virus we've heard from france and the updates on president macro lens and condition he adds coronavirus has been releasing greece or yesterday we saw a video that he had put out talking about his symptoms and how he was doing and how the country should be on its guard and if he could catch it then anyone could catch it well is dead his condition has been described by the elysee palace as stable at the moment and we've heard from survivor slovakia as well that country is going into lockdown as well with non-essential shops closing at 5 pm the prime minister that ego motto which is also said that he's contracts it's coronavirus
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a year across europe as the 2nd wave really starts to bite. you as you said before countries and now doing what they hoped they wouldn't have to do and locking down before or in the immediate aftermath of christmas what about the u.k. rorion or the plan is to relax the rules for a small window of a christmas is that still the clients. well yes but i wouldn't stake any money on that staying as such the big news out of the u.k. is that there's a new strain of corona virus which does seem to be spreading particularly fast in the south of the country that health secretary matt hancock told parliament about this at the beginning of the week on monday so it's not exactly new news but the government's met all the ministers met for a crisis meeting late on friday night to talk about it and wonder whether they had
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to change the advice change the rules they are giving about mingling amongst family christmas and whether christmas can go ahead in its limited . but relaxed way most many people in the u.k. are living under the hot the highest possible tear of covert restrictions there is a possibility being talked about that those searches may be toughened even more and that say travel across the country might be outlawed for a brief period of time. i think what this new news does about the the this new strain is gives the government an opportunity to correct what they might have been thinking was a mistake anyway and relax in the regulations over christmas now they can turn to the country and say the situation has changed this new strain alters our calculations and we think that actually christmas card go ahead as planned but for
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the moment they haven't yet made that announcement ok thank you for that roy tomlin's there live from a european broadcast center in a london how did your tester now joins us live from washington d.c. so heidi 2 vaccines now have approval in the u.s. with the madonna vaccine getting the green light what happens now. well as of this morning kim the c.d.c.'s advisory group will be meeting to discuss whether to recommend this vaccine they almost surely will given that on friday as you said this was the 2nd vaccine to receive f.d.a. emergency authorizations so today's meeting followed by the bigger recommendation coming from the c.d.c. with screen light of approval seen more as a formality that almost assuredly will happen when it does and that is that is expected to happen possibly today if not tomorrow morning and that will result in a drastic expansion of the vaccine supply in the united states with almost 6000000
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doses expected to be shipped out of the medina laboratories and warehouses on sunday more vaccinations occurring on monday now what are the best what are the differences between this approved vaccine and the pfizer that we've long talked about well they are both 95 percent effective which is great news and another thing that makes this modern of vaccine slightly easier to handle as far as distribution is that it does not require an ultra cold storage and it ships in smaller batches that means that these that will have an easier time making it to more remote places also this distribution of the durned vaccine is being overseen by the federal government under the authorization and money of operation warp speed that was not the case with pfizer all said and done this could not come any sooner for americans
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with more than 300 people killed from this pandemic and projections of another 200000 americans dying within the next 3 months of according to the university of washington overall of course 17000000 cases in the united states vastly more than any other place in the world kim. how did your pastor there live for us in washington d.c. thank you protests are expected in sudan to mark 2 years since the uprising that eventually led to the removal of president obama of a shift from office thousands of people in the city of a took to the streets in december 28th to protest against high unemployment poverty and corruption within days the demonstrations spread to other cities including the capital khartoum by april 29th teen president omar bashir was overthrown by the military 4 months later and after accusations of excessive violence against protesters the military agreed to form a civilian led transitional government. ever morgan is live for us now on the
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streets of cult sume haber how are people marking the day. well it's a bit of a celebration but it's also mostly people angry about the fact that the economic situation which has led people to take to the streets 2 years ago has not improved the inflation was a around 50 percent when people took to the streets in december 28th. 4 months before former president i want to pursue was also there but now it's up more than 240 percent so a lot of people are saying that this government has not fulfilled its promise of improving lives for the people unemployment is still high poverty is still hard so they're saying that their main cause of sitting to the streets better economic conditions better living conditions has not been achieved yes there has been new legislation but have been passed by this transitional government which came to power in august last year in a power sharing deal between the military and the civilians there they say that this has created some kind of optimism in this and in the. transition.
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they haven't felt any changes in their day to day lives and therefore they are taking out to the streets right now to protest against the government but they're saying that's largely because they feel like the military is still in charge of this government right now the transitional government is led by civilian and military and. with the military believe for the 1st half of the transitional period so people are saying that the military is largely tired of the economy of the day to be affairs and that is why there are families and is not complete. can you can see obviously the people out there on the streets behind you i'm wondering if some of the perhaps positive developments for sudan like getting off the u.s. state sponsor of terrorism list to people feel like that anyway has that at all affected the mood in the country. well in the 1st days of an ounce america 1st time. around dollars.
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have group in the 1st time it was quite. you know it's all him and her from the prime minister at the time in fact improvement. and that people lived through but then again at the on the current day to day affairs this has not reviewed and not for years and it's kind of ok to be nice to losing and to follow your confidant it's still dropping like a pleasure austin increasing so people are saying that well they know this is a good step while they're not at the transitional government has really worked hard on back and with other legislation that has provided more freedom and more rights for women and people generally that has not changed their day to day affairs that has not improved their economic situation the very things i am as much as they are glad that there has been improvement there has been changes business not mean that their demand for freedom justice and stick them out to the streets in december 2820
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. 5 i'm all going there in costume thank you. u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has called on groups in central african republic to put down their weapons peacekeepers were deployed ahead of elections on december 27th president. addenda has been accused of planning. to secure a 2nd term it will talk is covered the situation in central african republic extensively he joins me now from senegal for an update nicholas 3 of these groups have now come together to form a coalition why have they done that and what impact might it have. well it's not just 3 armed groups that were taught we're seeing 11 armed groups together some that were fighting each other in 2013 and i'm referring to to some of the select the armed groups and also the arms dealers that were close to 4 presidents. people that were fighting each other as a united under one coalition they call themselves the coalition for patriotic
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change and right now 11 of them were told. they are headed towards the camp. it's all gone now with the reason why they're they're angry and upset despite a peace agreement and put in place in 200-1000 is that much of the peace agreement they say had not been put in place where they're looking for is positions and government positions of power and the current government of iraq who's running for reelection in days to come but also funds to start the militarization or did you know the dropping of weapons of these armed groups and that's what they're looking for and that's what they say hasn't happened they don't trust the current government who are taking steps towards peace in the meantime the spokes person of the government has come out he calls this. a movement or this statement. a coup attempt to destabilize
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a democratically elected government and has called on the central african republic people to stay united and to come out and vote in a week's time. as you mentioned there a lot of a lot of people a lot of organizations voicing concern about the upcoming election won't set stake here. but we've got more than 2.12.8000000 people that have been displaced from this ongoing conflict and what the norwegian refugee council described as the most neglected conflict on earth that most people in the central african republic a country that's the size of texas rich in minerals and diamonds well most people there live in dire poverty and are need or dependent of humanitarian assistance and there are large swaths of the country came that are in the control of armed groups we've been in places where we've seen nor the u.n. forces nor the government presence there but really armed groups many entire regions holding. hostage and for them the return of the government is what is at
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stake in this election they're looking for someone that can deliver peace and stability in a country that has been really rocked with instability the u.n. forces on the ground have been accusing the but in the past of sexual violence against the people that are meant to protect the armed groups are we're told hold some of the population round them and then there's the involvement of outside players the russians recently have been increasingly involved in. training the central african republic forces to try to regain ground this summer they've launched operation against the armed groups and that has really angered some of these. leaders of armed groups that signed this document against the government but also we've seen. friends of former colonial power also very concerned about the situation there especially that we've seen that the former president. kim who is
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under u.n. sanction for for men saying ethnic and religious violence back in the country and the government accuses him of being involved in this latest attempt to destabilize the situation so there's a lot of pain because the neighbors of central african republic so we're talking about countries like cameroon. well they are the consequences of this conflict in their country with large numbers of people from central african republic fleeing the country kim thanks for that update there across developments in central african republic. coming up in the news are a look at how the park rangers in zimbabwe using eyes in the sky catch punches. kids get past 15 bodyguards to shoot the former governor mexico. and the boxing world gets ready for one of the most highly anticipated fights of the year
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details coming up in sports. at least 15 children have been killed in an explosion in afghanistan the reason for the blasts in girls me presence is unclear but local residents suggest the children found a piece of unexploded ordinance and blew and blew up when they tried to sell it to a vendor around 20 others were also sell just there has reported in the past on what aid organization save the children says is a widespread problem on average 5 children were killed or maimed every single day in afghanistan for the past 14 years we spoke with some of these young victims and 2018 found a bomb and stored the plane with that one it exploded i saw blood everywhere i didn't feel anything at the time when i looked at my leg it was cut off and then i fell to the ground. you can see all 7 of us are amputees if the peace comes in our
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country won't bring us back our legs but it will benefit other people. but speak to christopher there monday in kabul he is the afghanistan director to save the children thank you for your time this is such a sad story 15 children killed in an explosion and unexploded ordinance i mean how common are stories like this one children being injured or killed in these types of circumstances you know thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to talk to you as i think this is not turning on we have seen a lot of instances similar to the one that she you know we're talking about today where because of the diversity of nature of the. arms unexploded ordinances children are forcibly being me and and cute in afghanistan you have to remember that just this year the u.n.
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is an order of 1800 children were casualties in this conflict imputing 553 children who died and this is information only after september so this is quite common in afghanistan unfortunately a very dangerous place for children to i mean there's the conflict element but afghanistan also is 2nd in migration only to syria and wondering with so many people who are trying to flee or to move what does that type of disruption do for children and for young people what other kinds of dangers do they face. so the children including young adults. are desperate some of them are trying to cross. some of the some of try to cross into europe is you know with the. crisis in the military and in a lot of the. your children from afghanistan so it's difficult you know to mysie of. you know traffickers and
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instances recorded of children who are being trafficked into. being used to traffic trucks. into looking countries towards the east so it's a difficult environment for children and for young adults the economy is struggling and with the crisis now it be exacerbating the core of the economy conditions we think that children are becoming even more harder of what is even from shoes shock u.s. troops are slowly being withdrawn peace talks between the taliban the afghan government are ongoing how does the current climate bode for the safety of stans young people do you think. so it's we hope that the peace talks would succeed we think. the is encouraging signs calm coming out of 2 are because the bunch is if not agreed to some agenda you know from where for how these discussions are going
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to go we hope that the ease in established segment when i go to different communities and i was in general but last week when it did speak to children who are in a primary schools that are being supported by. our programs there and all children who would like to see a peace through environment enough crimes to be are you a fair number of you know the killings and the assassinations that are happening in explosions and we would like to see that mr. withdraw of the u.s. forces is a concerning. issue for afghans and what is even more concerning is that the ease in agreement between the taliban and you've got me to find you must use a solution to this conflict. we really appreciate your time christopher now monday there they of course on director for save the children thank you. u.s.
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secretary of state mike paul says it's pretty clear that russian hackers are behind an ongoing cyber attack described as the worst in american history or than 40 organizations a big target killing 6 government departments cyber security experts are unsure of how long it'll take to undo the damage the full extent of the cyber attack is still emerging and it could be months before hackers are removed from the systems that have accessed members of the u.s. congress have been given a classified briefing afterward some said the trump administration is failing to respond properly. national security is the number one challenge the 9 number one responsibility of a government is to protect our people every government agency is compromised our national security is compromised i disappointed that he is not. bringing the government together to respond to it we spoke to velvet pritchett former deputy head of the u.k.
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government cyber security operations and it he says the attack is maintained as to steal as much information as they can i think that the damage is going to be more subtle and potentially more worse i suppose in the long term this was espionage it seems to be that the attackers are aiming to steal information that it's not right so why then are trying to lock out. but it's about you know if the system so the media impact of the sea is going to be caused by that that kara people have to sort all systems and put a lot of effort into recovering the access and kicking out the attack but the long term impact it's hard to quantify which is always the case with this kind of ashton are going objectivity and there's been a lot of talk about a lack of cyber norms which is that the phrase responded back to. a national security sickles this is i mean this is not the scale of it and the techniques that are used are very clever and it's very large scale and it's not actually particularly unusual activity and it's certainly well within the bounds of know in
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terms of the. organizations that are targeted for the what we because it is acceptable espionage that i think you know it's important that people keep a level head and what is the response we make it is it no longer a fact it's an act of war it's not intentionally disruptive it's espionage and you know the u.s. that paralyzed european countries and will do the same kind of activity. a hospital fire in turkey has killed at least 9 people it happened at a private facility in the south eastern province of ghazi and to hospital officials say the blaze started when an oxygen machine exploded in the intensive care unit a coronavirus patients are being treated more than a dozen people injured. with weather and freezing temperatures have worsened to the conditions faced by displaced syrians in northern italy province hundreds of in camps which have poor heating and drainage systems most were set up an agricultural land and water is the last rebel controlled area. a huge dust storm has covered
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parts of central argentina video shows the cloud dwarfing trees and everything else in its path and colonial power didn't cause major problems there was a tornado and damaging winds in areas not far away. but are now for more weather has evidence. however we got more wet weather into northwestern parts of australia and lost a little circulation just rolling away ahead of the tropical low that's going to feed some very wet weather in across the kimberley pushing down towards the interiors you go through the next couple of days this is push over towards the southwest we've got increasing heat coming into perth temperatures here could touch 37 degrees celsius by around where the states are it's like a warm christmas here well so weather into the interior then some clouds and showers some longer spells of rain all the way over towards new south wales and that rain if anything really gathering as it makes its way across the outback pushing it will save me as we push on into monday
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a possibility of some localized flooding as a result of that in a few shows sliding down into victoria porfiry for example could see some wet weather as you move through monday and tuesday just as some wet weather to ensue where new zealand's dry towards the north all that having said that try to across the korean peninsula and much of china but for japan i'm afraid the wintry weather the heavy snow continues to come down some more snow flurries coming in on sunday spot the difference as we go on into monday more snow coming in here hopefully signs of it turning to right take areas largely dry the 10 degrees the children's u.s. t.v. show sesame street has created 2 new constant as they are nor and as these 2 younger refugees who are joining other muppets in the world's biggest refugee camp a cox's bizarre bangladesh hundreds of thousands of running a muslim something living there for years off the fleeing a military crackdown in neighboring me and ma it's hope sesame street can help with education at the camp as some of how the play to learn program works and i
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apologies we don't have that bus we do have dr and he shook is the head of women and children affairs of the european council she says this move will help for him to refugee children cope with this stress. i think sesame street and their partners have done a great job they have made a clear cut leadership role approach towards there were children trapped in their refugee camps. they have created a park there for others to follow the same steps children in myanmar in bangladesh after the last exhibitors in 2017 there haven't been anything done for them their education has been ignored for many years so this is one of the 1st love life line for our iraq in your young children this will provide them in a court unity as a sesame street intends to to learn to read to write to calculate but also at the
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scene time free themselves scape to play from daily stress toes and also get the trauma they have endured in myanmar children they have a coping with mechanics and they are more resilient and resilient then adams and we have seen time and again and again that there were in your community is a very resilient community so the trauma they have endured in myanmar or the distress they are facing right now very basic stress they might in 10 years time in 8 years time in the future come up as post-traumatic stress disorder and i think as these and he will be vital role in healing. much more still to come from today we have from a libyan solver who has returned to the heart of the sled and fighting. for also improved for an ancient cities under threats from scratch it's. been in for what
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14 years and has not progressed. the f one world champion never misses an opportunity to speak his mind find out what's troubling him it's false. the birthplace of democracy but ethnic turks from the northeast tell a different story the. believe their religious leaders jailed journalists silenced schools closed and the far right. people in power investigates western contested space on al-jazeera. as the sun goes down. russia is a very challenging place to work. even. though you can do it it's not allowed.
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to. go. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour europe has entered the final week before christmas with many countries imposing new doc damages in italy shops bars and restaurants will close travel between regions is being banned and even going
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outdoors will be limited. u.s. regulators have opposed a 2nd coronavirus vaccine from urgency use the rollout of millions of doses of the dirt a jab is expected to start going out this week at. the u.n. secretary general and one of the terrorists has called on armed groups in central african republic to put down their weapons the president is accused of planning to rig the vote which have allied together ahead of the vote. a former governor of the mexican state police shot dead on the beach town of puerto vallarta it's the latest in a series of violent acts the country plagued by drug related gang activity john home and has more. this video apparently records the moment when the ex governor of the mexican state of her was killed in a restaurant but a man's land. was holidaying in the resort town of put to buy after he was out with 3 of the people and of 15 strong bodyguard team provided by the state who couldn't
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save him. the attack happened at 1 40 in the morning the x. governor got up from the table and went to the bathroom that's where nard man shot him in the back. killings have become common at local level emits kampala ticks but the murder of an ex governor is still very unusual. investigation into who was behind the attack is just beginning but it's not going to be easy that's because the state attorney said the staff from the restaurant cleaned up the crime scene took away evidence and even removed security cameras. police state in the south west of the country is the heartland of one of mexico's most powerful criminal groups the new generation cartel. this is one of the videos they've released showing their firepower and they've not been afraid to turn it on authorities to fool this is fascination could mark the start of a real season of political violence in mexico and that's because next july the
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country's holding its biggest ever elections and in the run up to elections in the country is usually the point where criminal groups try to position their own candidate and they often do that by murdering rival ones. are they still to listen the former governor of her lease coke will likely not be the last john home and how does it or mexico city some of the 344 boys who were kidnapped in northern nigeria have described more about their ordeal and are back with their parents in the state of can't see the man raising their school until the last friday holding them in a forest full details of the rescue still unclear including whether a van was paid. to be honest there was no through the water through it no shelter no break and the friday we were taken we spent 2 days without sleep after it was leaves and after 2 days without food we were given fresh potatoes and pieces
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of ground not cake. how do you make your comment when you see him or why frankly speaking i feel like god is conscious me paradise because i'm so happy after spending 2 days without eating anything a mother is more than 90 years old and i am lost and she too stopped eating and drinking in addition my 3 sisters would mete to hospital. about interests is in the boys hotel their families have told them the children won't return to school until the government guarantees they'll be safe the mood is festive in the home of muslim character over the city is muslim a worker and then the son in pink this is what we've been seeing in the last 24 hours labour's friends and well wishers coming in to congratulate and felicity with them on the safe return of their son and this is the mood or the scene repeated in almost every room impacted by the events of the last one week since the return of the boys 344 of them yesterday the mood in canberra has changed from
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a mournful mood to that of festive are beginning to learn faces are replaced with smiles and activities going on as normal in canberra but one thing they are talking about is that they need more security a lot of the children we've spoken to since our arrival here say they don't have the confidence to return to school now until they see tangible results on the ground in terms of security put in place by the government to protect them. a former french modeling agent an associate of late u.s. billionaire jeffrey epstein has been charged with sex crimes 74 year old john looked for who ran an agency in paris has been in custody since his arrest earlier this week a prosecutor statement says he's been charged with the rape of mine is and sexual harassment. and u.s. prosecutors a federal judge to reject in their $30000000.00 bail deal for delay maxwell the
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friend of epstein has pleaded not guilty to charges of helping him recruit and groom underage girls to engage in sex acts prosecutors say maxwell should remain behind bars because the evidence against her is strong they also fish she could flee the country. the u.s. congress has managed to temporarily avoid a government shutdown it has approved a 2 day extension of funding to keep agencies operating until sunday and says republicans and democrats try to resolve sticking points on a 900 $1000000000.00 coronavirus relief package hoping to approve it over the weekend after months of stalemate. the global program to secure fair access to covert 19 vaccines for poor countries has roughly doubled its supply arrangements for nearly 2000000000 doses have now been made as part of the kovacs alliance the 1st deliveries in the next year so far $92.00 middle and low income countries are eligible to receive vaccines as part of kodak's dozens of high income countries
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will assist the program by essentially pooling their vaccine buying power once the job gets regulatory approval that will be allocated to all participating countries at the same rate proportional to its total population so while this is a positive development the world health organization is warning the next 6 months will be tough as we wait for vaccines to start reducing transmission. well we're 3 quarters of the cases you know we're seeing globally now or are occurring in the americas it's a very very high and intense period there and it really does come back to being able to implement all of the measures that are needed. having strong coordination in governance. having to do it all approach in terms of both public health and social measures traced to people wearing masks and personal hygiene and i ring a very strong focus on surveillance and testing. mexico city is suspending all non-essential activities the announcement came the day after the president pleaded
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with the capital's residents to stay off the streets now only the sale basics will be allowed until january 10th hospitals are said to be 75 percent passable. they've been to india where record of cases have exceeded 10000000 despite the government saying infection rates of fallen sharply every day meola just rajeeb it does told us earlier he doesn't expect the right to rise dramatically again the notification of daily new cases which was $90000.00 plus is now down 223000 range which is a 70 percent decline from its peak this is equally true of all states that were hotspot areas reducing by anything between 50 percent to 90 percent. the other good news the natural production number which ought to be below one is now in the 0.8 range which is
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a mark of things slowing down. and the test positivity rate which ought to be below 5 is now somewhere between $2.00 and $3.00 varying across the states so these are the bright spots however as we have seen with other countries both in europe and in the us there have been resurgence of cases and therefore the surveillance and visual needs to be maintained india is strong on its immunization program the fundamentals are good there is enough preparedness on the logistics side. teams are being trained in other words a whole range of preparations is going on the choice of vaccine is expected soon and to avoid any confusion because there are 2 those this each district could be assigned one particular vaccine the brands will not be mixed. staying in
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india where there's increasing controversy over attempts to stop interfaith marriage and one high profile case a hindu woman says she had a miscarriage because police separated her from her muslim husband elizabeth prana reports from more out of balance and separate ish. is recovering at home after what she describes as a traumatic couple of weeks her husband and brother in law have been detained by police and she says she suffered a miscarriage while the government care even said their daughter that i had pain for 3 days so i was admitted to the hospital on the 11th i was given injections then my situation got worse there was a lot of bleeding and i had a miscarriage pinky and her husband rashid ordeal began when they went to register their islamic marriage ceremony with the state government they were harassed outside court by a group of hindu nationalists because pinky had converted from hindu ism to islam
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the couple married in july before the government in the state of wealth of pradesh passed an order which makes it illegal for people to change their religion for the sake of marriage police are detaining rushy than his brother selene while they investigate whether they forced pinky to convert and pinkie was taken to a government run woman's shelter. the hospital which treated her told al-jazeera they only gave her injections to help put her pain and light bleeding they get us out the intention was we didn't give her any injection that would lead to a miscarriage we gave her the best treatment we could according to her symptoms and manage the situation conservatively so it's wrong to say this. while it's unclear what caused pinkies miscarriage what is certain is she was separated from her husband because of the new law the other british government issued anti conversion order last month citing a campaign by muslim men to forcibly converted hindu woman. that's despite the fact
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no state or central government department including the national commission of women has found any evidence of such cases. human rights lawyer says the party o.b.j. p. passes such laws to divide indians she's preparing to challenge it in court the. project itself as a rightwing hindu party. what we're seeing here is that this is actually part of a political agenda an agenda both to polarize and terrorize communities pinki says she's worried about her future and also rashid's and saleem's so. i want my husband and brother in law to come back i ask the government to release them i'm really worried i've lost my child but please let my husband go. with other states in the process of passing similar orders more couples are
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expected to be criminalized for falling in love and marrying people outside their village and elizabeth. barbara's national parks are using drones to look for and deter would be poachers the government doesn't have the money to do the patrols themselves but also has more from one. with zimbabwe's economy further damaged by the pandemic patrolling its biggest game reserve is a challenge to make up shortfalls in funding. drones are now being used in rangoon national park it covers an area of more than 14000 square kilometers approximately half the size of belgium game warden say these drones are proving effective where there aren't enough boots on the ground we are green the treeless of those drones the of. and the quality of the picture out of taking the event that we find illegal activities as is crystal clear and the in terms of iraq coverage of
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increase the coverage so always came through in a way that can be done move right through forever and as in a split off like 20 to 30 minutes one challenge faced by rangers is the limited flying time of the drones they can only stay in the air for about half an hour with a range of or at least 16 kilometers conservationists a zimbabwean home to about $800000.00 elephants that's around a 5th of africa's total population in recent years poachers of use cyanide to poison elephants birds and other animals in this national park wildlife officials say parts nativity have declined this year thanks to the use of drones the introduction of tougher sentences on poachers and the shift to kill policy covered $911.00 restrictions have also deterred local and foreign poachers i think there is directions in terms of movement of people but as a whole played a big role in terms of full. pushing. care flows.
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movement where the blokes. limit the number of people who can do the same was normally most of the people come to camp long long long long long distances or from very. according to statistics from the government agencies in parks this year 20 elephants were killed by poachers down from 30 killings recorded last year and only 8 rhinos down from 292019 officials say that's a big step towards conservation efforts not just in zimbabwe but the whole region how tiresome al-jazeera zimbabwe to endangered towns are back home in tunisia 3 years after they were taken by smugglers to thailand they're being kept for health checks before hopefully being released back into the wild between $2.30 times are killed every year and the coaches. fighting in libya has devastated entire communities well 125000 homes were
4:46 pm
destroyed in tripoli trying. to take over the city now many families don't have a home to go back to you spoke to a father who's trying to rebuild his family's lives it's honestly been say my name is faisal been sayed and this is my house and i'm an engine here and i have 2 little girls and who is after the fighting began i left my house i didn't return until the war was over all remember when we 1st left the house my family and i slept in the car for a few days we didn't know where to go so we stayed with different friends for a while now we are staying with my in-laws it was really hard for us especially my daughter fulla she was constantly crying she would say i want our old house and my old toys as a father that hurt me it was even harder for my wife when we saw the state of our home we were sucked personally i was devastated emotionally and mentally it took me years to build this home and i put everything i had into it we have besides being destroyed they looted everything it's not my fight i just want to live
4:47 pm
a peaceful life and provide for my family i speak with the thousands like me both sides spend billions on fighting but when it comes to the average citizen no one cares about us all they care about is their position now i wonder if i just start rebuilding what if i fix my house and tomorrow another war begins and my home is destroyed all over again my hopes and aspirations have completely changed i used to have dreams now i just want to feed my family i'm not optimistic but i constantly pray make god guide them all to leave their weapons behind and come together as libyans as brothers so we can build a better country for children. throughout the way cows there are has bought your reports about unesco heritage sites that could lose their stances next we go to provoke an ancient city is under threat from squashes sanchez reports from.
4:48 pm
the sacred city of the remains of the oldest civilization in the americas have been standing here for 5000 years almost unscathed until now. farmers in the super valley or so in crops on the doorsteps of these ancient ruins and squatters have moved in. archeologists who work here say they free sieved death threats government to relive an uncertainty this is far away if we called the police they take long to get here we don't know if the squatters will harm us. illegal land seizures are common and look pretty and squatters are often in conflict with police are killers just route shot he was shot in the chest in 2002 she says she received more death threats and when she tried to evict squatters from at least 9 sites she got little help i mean. we went to the police but they told us it wasn't their priority that we could not count on them we asked again and they
4:49 pm
sent one officer with one is impossible to victim. land disputes have been going on for decades since being named a unesco heritage site in 2009 land prices around got rocketed from 6 to nearly $50000.00 protector since the pandemic the archaeologists left the site and more squatters have moved in this is how close farms and urban areas are to ruins not only in cattle about throughout the coast of peru filled with vestiges of pre-columbian cultures the area is so vast it's nearly impossible to protect it all this archaeological sown is dispersed across hundreds of square kilometers families living close to it say they built homes here before it was discovered and they defend newcomers that i am i we need a place to live if they pay us what we invested in our homes we can leave but they just come to victor us. police seldom supervise the 11 sites now occupied by
4:50 pm
squatters to evict them now they will have to go to court and that can take years some say those delays risk the future of this engine site survived earthquakes climate change and generations of peruvians who revered it and yes on just i'll just see that i'll be too. it is here in a minute with force including the dr a in indian cricket or the reaction to an historic defeat. colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or $1.00 to $200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bomb ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global
4:51 pm
headlines how will a place like you live get the vaccine when there's no money all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al jazeera setting the discussion millions of americans feel disaffected by both political parties examining the headlines this group of activists and relatives are marching clinton right now where they're calling for the morning edition. explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform. the only solution for a child as young as 10 months if they come to. see the world from a different perspective on mountains near 0.
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thomas ford his speech came thank you very much will thought of cricket and india have recorded the lowest ever innings totally in test match history on route to being crushed by australia in adelaide school just 36 runs in the 2nd innings australians josh hazlewood took 5 wickets for 8 runs with india going on to lose by 8 wickets after the all these overturned amiga victory target of 95 now need the 4 match series one will. have to live played enough cricket to understand what needs to be done in different stages in a test match and. now it's just luck of execution it's just. the luck also. executing a plan that is all that situation which is a team game forward scored of the day in a day when they're going to lead off $62.00 and we had to do with a name we. should definitely have have. diminished on the batting forms
4:53 pm
so probably be more stunned as soon as we came off from boeing i guess. and obviously had a choice no money but we were pretty confident i guess the mood in chinese to master at how going to be shared and how about $50.00 after the 1st innings but those sort of the calmness amongst us we've been speaking through nuggets of gold are pretty of e.s.p.n. in cricket info who calls the result a doctor chapter for indian cricket. it's difficult to gauge really how much this will hurt but it is one of the darkest chapters in any cricket history and that will coming on the back of dean that who was captain and just said that this is the new india which is very positive very bold very aggressive 2 years back they created history in 2018 in australia and it was when they ran when they became the 1st country from asia to win a test series in australia and it be yours truly install one and it was in adelaide
4:54 pm
where they started their campaign 2 years back a real victory and now 2 years down the line lost at 1st and how you have lost this morning they can do even it capitally did in less than an hour or so combination factors according to kohli himself in his own words it was a lack of intent from his men and really precise accurate consistent calling from straight and fast bowlers the late diego maradona has been on and by the city of naples where enjoyed his most successful period in club football merit all the help napoli win to city are titles as well as the european trophy and on friday the walls of a local castle were eliminated with an animation of 100 pictures of the arjun time died on november 25 at the age of 60. former barcelona and cameroon striker samuel eto says african players were unfairly ignored in a recent ballon d'or vote 3 all time will dream teams were selected by journalists and fans and not a single african was selected that's not an option you have
4:55 pm
you have received you have cited the you have dropped but you have the luck to play it is was the best player in our team but you know this bet it up when you were told that. that is the problem has been going. 7 times formula one world champion lewis hamilton has also spoken out against racial discrimination hamilton was speaking at the sport's annual awards ceremony he says the sport has not progressed in terms of diversity 2020 f one season was notable for the drivers taking any before races to stand in solidarity against racism i've always walked alone in this sport i've never come across another we've never come across another black family and. i mean look i've been in for what for 14 years and it has not progressed in terms of its diversity world champion boxer going to the goal of can has made a middleweight boxing history in the last few hours the cover of stand fighter
4:56 pm
successfully defended his idea of championship against coming in florida the win means goal of concerts a new record for most middleweight title defenses at $21.00 meanwhile 4 division champion solo that is is taking on britain's callum smith in a super middleweight world title fight the mexican has lost just once during his career and that was to floyd mayweather in 2013 rather. than mental health and he's got a completely different fighter than all the other fighters have come up against he's a great fighter with all the abilities he has but i've got my boxing abilities as well and i need to use all of my experience it'll be a great fight but i'm ready for this challenge. the 3rd me to hobart yacht race has been cancelled because of a corona virus outbreak in sydney australia states each have their own covert $1000.00 restrictions and people entering tasmania would be required to quarantine for 14 days without exception making it impossible for the race to go ahead. 15
4:57 pm
times major golf champion tiger woods has been practicing ahead of the latest event on the p.g.a. tour that's the p. and c. championship but it is not all about the tournament all tiger on this occasion this is charlie woods the 11 year old son of the former world number one charlie's been seen a few times now recently practicing with his dad only time will tell though if he will be able to emulate his famous father's feet on the golf course if he's a limbic champion skier sofia has finished in 1st place in the super g. at the world cup event in their beat out her rival corinne souter who finished 1st in friday's downhill event the italian was 2nd on that occasion but finished 1st this time around winning margin was a slim to 0.24 seconds american breezy johnson completed the podium we'll leave it there for now i'll be here again later with more sports news jim thanks for that picture. that is news out of our way of our own have much more news
4:58 pm
to come in just a few minutes time. and the porous suburbs of 3 european cities community chanche and often reveal a sharp cultural divide but they feel they have no future and are signs of discrimination is a real problem in brussels al-jazeera world meet some of those struggling with racism radicalization and life on the margins the joy of this young man a week from this than they're listed the other piece if you're out on al-jazeera. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al-jazeera. following 2 fatal crashes and the path to bowen decided to brown the brand new 7 for 7 bags but this wasn't the 1st time that
4:59 pm
grounded a new aircraft back in 2013 the 77 dreamliner ran into trouble when a better record fire but as al-jazeera as an investigative unit discolored there was more to the problem than just smoking batteries. rewind of broken dreams the boeing 787 on al-jazeera. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that. keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. for everyone. heard
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. one by one here a peon governments announce the christmas lockdowns they resisted with no other option to patrol searching corona virus infections. and kid but al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up crowds gather in sudan's capital 2 years after president on the left office but some are angry that not much has changed since then. days out from elections that rebel groups and central african republic join forces saying the president plans.


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